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timotimo i'm running a long-term job on hack.p6c.org, i've it to be nice, so i hope it doesn't disturb anyone 01:03
if it misbehaves, feel free to kill it; it can be resumed if necessary
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lizmat jnthn: a while ago, when working on Blob/Buf, I realiized that Buf ~= Blob is really implemented as Buf = Buf ~ Blob 07:52
jnthn: which means that there's quite a lot of copying going on when Buf's get bigger 07:53
jnthn: so I was wondering whether it would be an idea to implement ~= for Buf/Blob "beforehand"
jnthn: which would then internally be an nqp::splice
psch .tell skids ec52cce does indeed seem to have fixed RT #126527 07:54
lizmat jnthn: opinions / suggestions / feasibility ?
psch ah
neaux yoleaux
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jnthn lizmat: No, because = is an operator on a container (a Scalar in this case) rather than on the Buf itself. 08:37
lizmat: We already have $buf.append(Blob) for in-place, no? 08:38
psch aha, RT #126491 is somewhere in the optimizer! 09:35
apparently something happens to the ast that loses the clone with the mixin
hm, or maybe r-j just can't deal with the ast correctly that comes out... 09:36
'cause they do look identical across r-j and r-m, which i suppose is good :)
the bug itself is < my $value = 42 but False; say ?$value > printing "True" 09:37
which doesn't happen when calling it as &infix:<but>(42, False) or when passing 42 but False into a sub 09:38
on the other hand, binding the original expression to $value produces the same, wrong, result
moritz psch: you can try with --optimize=off, no?
psch moritz: i did, that works, hence why i think it's in the optimizer 09:39
ah, but --optimize=0 still has the bug 09:41
hm, so apparently using the optimizer at all is what causes this..? 09:42
...doesn't that mean that walking the ast already changes it, and isn't that bad? :P 09:44
jnthn Could also easily mean that some optimization forgets to check the current level and just applies itself unconditionally 09:45
psch hm, lexical -> local lowering seems to always happen 09:55
well, that's the first thing i saw at least
...but that's not for dynamics, and $*v = ... has the same problem vOv 09:59
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psch progress! 13:20
$ ./perl6-j -e'my $x = (rand * 3).Int; my $v = $x but False; say ?$v'
so infix:<but> is pure, which does constant folding, but something there doesn't work
note, it's just progress in figuring this out, not progress in fixing it... :) 13:21
further, it apparently only happens with Str,Num and Int as LHS to but, which means Perl6/Optimizer.pm:1435-1444 are probably involved 13:24
which still means that nqp-j interprets the ast differently, doesn't it..? :/ 13:25
m: my $x = 42 but False; say +($x.^can('Bool')) 13:31
camelia rakudo-moar 61d231: OUTPUT«3␤»
psch that's 2 on r-j
and $x.WHAT is Int, without the anon role 13:32
psch isn't sure where to look from there vOv
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nine jnthn: how can a <unit> node and a nameless block share the same cuid when I already changed cuid assignment to random numbers, i.e. 127638.666581016? 19:39
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jnthn nine: No idea...I made them just ascending integers which shoulda been good enough already 20:20
nine: I mean, the same code maybe coulda been compiled twice, which would have this result 20:21
In fact, that's probably the most likely reason 20:24
Log calls into the QAST -> MAST compiler to see where it happens, maybe? 20:25
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nine will do :) 20:41
Well the thing is already riddled with debug output...so it's mostly a matter of knowing what to look out for 20:42