dalek ast: ab7d758 | (David Warring)++ | S10-packages/precompilation.t:
fix erroneous precomp failure for RT#123276
synopsebot6 Link: rt.perl.org/rt3//Public/Bug/Displa...?id=123276
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[Tux] test 25.500 06:28
test-t 14.556
csv-parser 26.435
This is Rakudo version 2016.03-116-gd1eeb38 built on MoarVM version 2016.03-104-g10d3971
no idea why it is still at 104
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dalek p: f12f8e1 | (Pawel Murias)++ | src/ (4 files):
[js] Add a --substagestats option to time the subparts of turning QAST into js.
p: 19f1a0a | (Pawel Murias)++ | src/vm/js/nqp-runtime/io.js:
[js] Increase the buffer size of readallfh, speeding up slurp() of large files a GIGANTIC amount.
|Tux| So, under rakudobrew I have git_reference/MoarVM ( tux.nl/Files/20160412160631.png ) and moar-nom ( tux.nl/Files/20160412160820.png ) 14:08
to *me* is is completely unclear how these two relate, and I would love to know why I cannot "see" timotimo's last updates to the first in the second 14:09
timotimo i'd assume git_reference is only there to make clones faster by not having to download it off the internets again
[Coke] RT: 1277; SEGV: 26; JVM: 60; LTA: 130; PERF: 12 15:30
NYI: 88 # we should probably verify that we're still planning on doing these NYIs. 16:07
(e.g. cat, KeyExtractor, complex) 16:08
psch something i'm wondering is the lack of CLA on roast 16:55
considering that's the official specification and rakudo is just one implementation it feels weird that the former has to be covered with a CLA but the latter doesn't 16:56
afaiu, the CLA serves to establish ownership of TPF over the code, which with roast be official would make more sense there to me
s/be/being/ 16:57
as it stands, this to me seems like rakudo is TPF-supported, but roast isn't 16:58
[Coke] it's not about financial support. 16:59
psch oh, so because rakudo might have grants associated it gets the CLA treatment? 17:00
[Coke] no.
it's not about money.
psch ...i don't get it. i don't think i implied it could be about money in general 17:01
[Coke] as I understand it, it was for legal protection in case of a suit.
"support". what other kind of support?
psch so it's that roast isn't liable to be used for faulty, monetary products?
'cause it doesn't do anything that business could use 17:02
...this might too far into lawyer-stuff for me to actually make sense of anyway :) 17:03
yeah, i've reread the CLA and apparently i'm completely clueless what exactly it is i signed there :P 17:04
perlpilot psch: you signed a document that says that there is no one who other than you who may claim to your contributions and that you give your contributions to TPF (or something like that) 17:40
(at least that's how I remember it)
Though, I'm still not sure how this is "legal protection" really. Sure, it protects the project from legal recourse when someone *does* have a claim on contributed code, but if their claim stands, we still have to rip it out and recreate that part. 17:42
teatime it might help a little bit if a large contributor decided to quibble about the terms under which they licensed their code to perl / got mad and tried to make you rip out all of their contributions 17:43
but it doesn't seem to be super valuable, from my quick read 17:44
psch i'm really not legalese-savvy in any capacity
an agreement paraphrasable as "i bring these toys, they are mine, but because they are digital (and thus duplicable) you can keep your copy" seems fine to me vOv 17:45
i do realise that i'm not the primary entity which has to be fine with the CLA, though, but i trust that TPF has competent enough lawyers to make it useful enough for their purposes 17:46
[Coke] If you ever meet Allison Randal at a perl conference, ask her. :) 18:19
perlpilot Does Allison still go to Perl conferences? 18:20
[Coke] no clue! 19:17
she did the last time I saw her, perhaps for obvious reasons. :)
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teatime can someone sanity check my units (Dur means Duration): Dur ÷ Dur → Real, Dur ÷ Real → Dur, Dur % Dur → remainder in seconds, Dur % Real → remainder in seconds 19:49
perlpilot teatime: are not your "remainders in seconds" actually Durations? 20:11
teatime yes, they are Durations 20:12
I just said it that way to make it clear they were the remainder
but they're durations, since they're in seconds
perlpilot then it all seems fine to me
teatime cool, ty 20:13
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