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[Tux] test 22.223 07:39
test-t 12.655
csv-parser 26.119
[Tux] would still like to see instructions in how to use rakudobrew with bleeding-edge MoarVM 07:40
This is Rakudo version 2016.03-118-g4f3f1c8 built on MoarVM version 2016.03-108-gca1a21a
masak [Tux]: in the best case, it's just a matter of descending into the nqp/MoarVM/ folder, checking out latest, and rebuilding moar and nqp, then rakudo 07:50
s/folder/directory/ :) 07:51
[Tux] www.xs4all.nl/~hmbrand/git-refresh-all is what I do before make 07:56
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[Tux] so that already forces nqp/MoarVM to most recent master 07:56
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jnthn masak: You only need to rebuild moar in most cases :) 08:26
masak ah, cool 08:27
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dalek p: a86c520 | (Pawel Murias)++ | src/vm/js/nqp-runtime/ (2 files):
[js] Implement nqp::setinvokespec with invocationHandler.
p: 2e91c7c | (Pawel Murias)++ | t/nqp/70-invokespec.t:
Test nqp::setinvokespec with invocationHandler.
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dalek kudo/nom: a452244 | lizmat++ | docs/ChangeLog:
Add some more entries
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nine jnthn: OMG! It runs! 15:30
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nine It's butt ugly and hacky and panda still fails to install, but it clearly shows that I have a chance of succeeding :) 15:32
timotimo \o/ 15:34
nine www.youtube.com/watch?v=WccfbPQNMb...e&t=18 15:37
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pmurias nine: what did just run? 15:41
nine pmurias: An EVAL as part of module loading during precompilation of a module. Been working for over a month at this. 15:43
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moritz wow, that's persistence 15:46
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nine Oh and I think I actually know why panda still fails. I even TODOed it. 16:14
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jnthn nine: Nice! And yes, persistence indeed... :) 17:09
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nine And panda's bootstrap works! panda's first run after bootstrap takes 1.8 seconds. Just like the second run :) 18:54
And since it now uses File::Which which uses NativeCall, this is actually a quite thourough test case.
RabidGravy harr!
timotimo wowza 19:06
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nine Btw. it will become faster with a future update. Right now I have to re-check dependencies when trying to load a precomp file from a non-HEAD repository. I can improve that to only check when a repo was actually changed (by installing a dist). 19:09
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