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Skarsnik Hello, I am not sure if someone remember my leak issue with rakudo/moar and the XML module. I was curious if it's finally fixed, but it's still here (even if it's smaller than before) gist.github.com/Skarsnik/03b970d2a4b827ba1e1d It was fixed for some revision it seem according to this gist 13:46
nine Skarsnik: we're in #perl6-dev now :) Freenode likes a project's channels to have a common prefix 13:49
Skarsnik thx :)
tadzik soo, this is #p6dev freenode? 13:52
I know this is a "what year is it" question, but seems like I have a bug to report for a certain messaging platform :)
nine tadzik: it is :) 13:53
tadzik: it's 2016 btw 13:54
tadzik danke :) 13:56
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