bartolin . o O ( #perl6-deutsch ) 19:56
moritz timotimo: ilbot3 suffers from throttling just as much as dalek does
mst IRC says: no breath play without a safe word
timotimo dalek doesn't suffer from throttling, it suffers from not throttling :) 19:57
moritz mst: a safe *word* might be... insufficient when doing breath play 19:58
mst moritz++
timotimo a safe-HTTP-request 19:59
REST PUT air back in my lungs
moritz: if you have access to rakudo/rakudo and rakudo/star on github, you could adjust the webhook for those, too 20:01
travis also wants to report here, then
moritz timotimo: are we switching over *now*?
timotimo um, well, nqp/nqp at least is reporting here 20:02
moritz mst: please add to the topic
and yes, it's a 404 right now, but it won't for long
mst moritz: /msg chanserv op #perl6-dev
I made TimToady, jnthn, masak co-founders with me, then gave you every permission except full founder, since it only allows four 20:03
I figured that mirrored #p6dev as close as possible
moritz +1 20:04
rakudo/rakudo switched over
mst (and this is why when you want to set a channel up you should make me help in the first place, I'm good at this sort of donkey work ;)
moritz rakudo/star too 20:05
mst \o/
moritz turns out rakudo/star still reported to #perl6
timotimo maybe we want that. or maybe we want it to report to #perl6-release only? 20:06
moritz do we even need #perl6-release, now that we have #perl6-dev?
timotimo my thoughts on that are: by having the talk about releases close by in the back log, it's much easier to see what was relevant last time 20:07
mst we may not need it but it might be useful still 20:08
if it turns out not to be, what'll likely happen is it'll atrophy of its own accord
and we can do "last one out turns off the lights" when it's already evident that's happened
for the moment, "if it ain't broke, for gods sake don't let the junior developer try to 'fix' it" applies :D 20:09
nine May as well join while the thing's still fresh... 20:35
cognominal testing if this appears in the irclog 20:40 --> no such channel
timotimo strange 20:42
moritz said "soon"
cognominal he probably missed some trivial step 20:48
RabidGravy there 21:39
timotimo o/ 21:40