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Set by Zoffix on 27 July 2018.
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lizmat Kaiepi: you don't need a commit bit to have a PR merged in Rakudo 06:08
if you want a commit bit, you need to sign a CLA
don't ask me why that is... it just is :-(
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AlexDaniel lizmat: why so sad 07:29
lizmat: we'll fix this
lizmat AlexDaniel++ # positive spirit 07:30
AlexDaniel lizmat: it's on the list, see . That said, most of the items on that list are probably not worth changing, but I'd say the CLA thing is not one of them unless someone has a good justification 07:33
lizmat: and there was a mini discussion on that too: 07:35
Kaiepi: print it out, sign it, scan it in (resize your scan to 250KB or less). Email to trademark -at- and don't forget to CC will at 07:38
notable6: new CLA
notable6 AlexDaniel, Noted! (weekly)
AlexDaniel gah…
weekly: ↑ nevermind the previous note, I was trying to do something else 07:39
notable6 AlexDaniel, Noted! (weekly)
AlexDaniel notable6: new-topic CLA 07:40
notable6 AlexDaniel, New topic added (“CLA”)
AlexDaniel notable6: CLA print it out, sign it, scan it in (resize your scan to 250KB or less). Email to trademark -at- and don't forget to CC will at
notable6 AlexDaniel, Noted! (CLA)
AlexDaniel CLA:
notable6: CLA
notable6 AlexDaniel, 1 note: 2019-08-01T07:40:37Z <AlexDaniel>: print it out, sign it, scan it in (resize your scan to 250KB or less). Email to trademark -at- and don't forget to CC will at
AlexDaniel that works I guess
note: test 07:41
Kaiepi: also in case you need to commit some minor fixes, I gave you a commit bit now (accept here ) 07:45
Kaiepi: but do submit your CLA anyway
|Tux| Rakudo version 2019.07.1-105-g082c09e0e - MoarVM version 2019.07.1-65-g95e52c1e9
csv-ip5xs0.676 - 0.727
csv-ip5xs-204.952 - 5.217
csv-parser21.875 - 22.036
csv-test-xs-200.422 - 0.455
test6.290 - 7.310
test-t1.715 - 1.776
test-t --race0.775 - 0.776
test-t-2028.945 - 29.578
test-t-20 --race8.957 - 9.008
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[Coke] if someone wants to discuss CLA issues, allison at TPF is probably the first place I'd go. (not for processing them, but for "why do we even have that lever" discussions) 12:30
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Geth rakudo: sumanstats++ created pull request #3091:
fix the link in "Windows guide"
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ugexe cla is now the camelia license agreement 13:51
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[Coke] Got Kaiepi's CLA. Need a github id. (is it same?) 14:55
[Coke] ah, I had spelled it wrong when checking. 14:56
ok. added to the spreadsheet.
AlexDaniel [Coke]: thank you 15:20
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AlexDaniel jnthn: ↑ add Kaiepi to rakudo org 15:21
Kaiepi with that is the grant work officially underway? 15:22
AlexDaniel Kaiepi: in my understanding that's unrelated 15:23
Kaiepi oh
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[Coke] your work could be done in a fork. Didn't need permission to commit to rakudo master for that. 18:32
Sorry if that wasn't clear.
but I'm glad we have another interested party with a CLA.
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brrt lizmat jnthn timotimo - can any of you give pamplemousse a commit bit of NQP? 19:40
lizmat I cannot afaik 19:41
timotimo pamplemoussecache is the correct user name, yes? 19:42
i've just invited @pamplemoussecache to the NQP team in the perl6 org 19:45
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[Coke] is that the same person? 19:51
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timotimo i think so 19:51
either the same person, or a very dedicated impostor
[Coke] heh 19:52
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brrt yes 19:55
thanks timotimo++
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timotimo i mean, i guess "very" is an overstatement, since it's likely just a minute or two of work to pull all repos down and send them back up to your own account 19:56
pamplemousse Thanks timotimo++
timotimo yo
brrt 'relatively dedicated impostor' ;-) 19:58
timotimo "slightly motivated impostor"
pamplemousse That's my github :) I promise I'm not an imposter 20:02
nine That's what an impostor would say!
AlexDaniel replacement for yoleaux almost ready, seems to be working but I'd rather double check with tests tomorrow 20:26
timotimo pamplemousse: this "diego bbs benchmark" you've got on your github, that's not actually for what i think BBS means, right? the kind you'd dial into with a modem via its phone number to download and upload text messages? 20:30
nothing in the readme of benchmarkbbs nor bbs actually makes clear that it isn't that kind of BBS 20:32
[Coke] there is a "diego bbs" 20:41
it does seem to stand for bulletin board system, but I wonder if that's just an homage. 20:43
timotimo aha, so it's a BBS for auctions 20:47
i can only assume it's for auctioning off pieces of art
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Geth roast: 73d867501c | usev6++ | S02-names/pseudo-6e.t
Add test for RT #127536
synopsebot RT#127536 [open]: [BUG] UNIT:: dies horribly if used at compile time
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Geth roast: 207171b5ee | usev6++ | S32-list/seq.t
Add test for RT #130572
synopsebot RT#130572 [open]: Parenthesized `for` loop is eager, even with `lazy` keyword
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pamplemousse timotimo: Sorry, my connection has been a bit in and out. Diego is part of Cloud Foundry (which is a PaaS) and is responsible for scheduling the running of the deployed applications 22:28
I'm not really familiar with BBS in the original sense of the phrase, but my guess is they co-opted the term and since it doesn't sound similar to what you described 22:31
timotimo i have actually also never connected to a BBS! i completely missed that very fascinating part of computer history 22:41
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[Coke] .. youngsters. 23:34
I remember how excited I was when I was able to upgrade from a 300 baud to 1200 baud modem!
timotimo one day i've gotta get that "friendly orange glow" book liz talks about every now and again 23:35
pamplemousse I think I might have to pick up a copy of that. I've been looking for a good book and it's decently priced on Amazon 23:41
timotimo i want to take the time to watch some of jason scott's documentaries, Get Lamp, and BBS: The Documentary in particular 23:43