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Set by Zoffix on 27 July 2018.
AlexDaniel every time I had to add a test I ended up putting it into some random place near similar tests, but it never felt right 00:00
in fact it always felt very wrong :)
I assume others are doing the same, so directory structure is one thing but every file is even messier on the inside
vrurg AlexDaniel: yep, absolutely the same here. For the inside some kind guidelines on how a test should be writted is needed. 00:06
AlexDaniel vrurg: well, for some time we had a guideline called Zoffix 00:07
vrurg: who'd hit me with a stick if my tests were not up to their standards :)
vrurg (facepalm) I cloned BOOTSTRAP, but I did it with the proper respect to the installation!
AlexDaniel: well, I would introduce my own standards, but will it be for good?? :p 00:08
Seriously, that's why the guidelines. Similar to the renaming PR, we would collectively work out a document which would define the standards. 00:09
AlexDaniel yeah, that is meant to work like that 00:14
we'll see what happens to the renaming PR
problem-solving repo was designed to be a framework for working on such issues, but at this moment it is still in some sense experimental 00:16
I looked at how other languages approach this stuff and I was very disappointed 00:17
vrurg AlexDaniel: Most other langs are rules either by the creators or by owning companies. It's hard to recall one which is really collectively controlled. Python though is going this way, but they're still at early stages of the transition. 00:20
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travis-ci Rakudo build failed. Aleks-Daniel Jakimenko-Aleksejev 'Merge pull request #3135 from ZhongnianTao/master 00:20
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AlexDaniel vrurg: yeah, PEPs sorta work. But then this: 00:22
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AlexDaniel though problem-solving repo doesn't entirely solve that, as you still have to convince (“fight”) reviewers that the change should actually be implemented 00:24
vrurg AlexDaniel: that's what I mean. As Guido stepped down they worked out some kind of commitee. And they're still working on this. Though I don't relly forllow much, just as long as Slashdot keeps me posted on this. :) 00:25
Actually, convincing is ok or we think of different things. I mean, one must be able to protect his decisions. 00:26
If I cannot so far prove that QuantHash must be iterable – well, that's my problem then. :) Though I'm not gonna give up, just posponed the matter for later. 00:27
AlexDaniel sure, but if you think you're right and others disagree, then it's a bit more difficult 00:28
looking at the renaming discussion, it can be hard for people to stay focused on coming to the same conclusion collectively 00:30
but it isn't too bad, so there's hope, please everyone don't disappoint me :P 00:31
vrurg AlexDaniel: That's why any discussion must end up with voting eventually. I think the rule must be: number of "yes" votes must depend on the importance of a problem. Renaming must be decided with 2/3 majority. Guidelines – with simple majority. 00:32
AlexDaniel we'll see how 100% works in this case 00:34
vrurg .tell patrickb I think cleaning of obsolete targets is broken. Unfortunately, don't have time to look into it. I'm unlikely to make R#3138 ready for merge today, but this is where I don't observe it removing outdated precompiles. 00:35
synopsebot R#3138 [open]: [6.e][CORE.setting][WIP] Improve multi-revision support
tellable6 vrurg, I'll pass your message to patrickb
AlexDaniel tellable6: patrickb 00:41
tellable6 AlexDaniel, I saw patrickb 2019-07-29T08:35:16Z in #perl6: <patrickb> I think the two discussions were unrelated.
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[Tux] Rakudo version 2019.07.1-199-g636888c69 - MoarVM version 2019.07.1-127-g1a8988c09
csv-ip5xs0.720 - 0.737
csv-ip5xs-205.283 - 5.292
csv-parser23.779 - 23.825
csv-test-xs-200.444 - 0.447
test6.809 - 7.168
test-t1.751 - 1.833
test-t --race0.929 - 0.941
test-t-2030.275 - 30.669
test-t-20 --race9.796 - 10.071
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jjmerelo Hi, a warning of bumpy road ahead in the documentation 09:35
We are starting to work on this milestone
Except for the deprecation of disambiguation pages, you should notice nothing more annoying that lots of new issues in perl6/doc 09:36
As well as new repos sprouting up in the perl6/ organization.
Help and suggestions are, and will be, much appreciated. 09:37
When the milestone is reached, we should be able to generate documentation much faster, using tools that are tested and documented, and that offer an API that can be tapped in a number of different ways. 09:38
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tbrowder hi, #perl6-dev 11:27
m: 3 #` ; 11:28
evalable6 WARNINGS for /tmp/IXC5JnlqCQ:
Useless use of constant integer 3 in sink context (line 1)
tbrowder m: 3 * #` ;
evalable6 (exit code 1) 04===SORRY!04=== Error while compiling /tmp/de_k8mU7qI
tbrowder, Full output:
tbrowder m: 3 * #`( embedded comment) 3 11:29
evalable6 WARNINGS for /tmp/WwtDegSou_:
Useless use of "*" in expression "3 * #`( embedded comment) 3" in sink context (line 1)
tbrowder m: my $val = 3 * #`( embedded comment) 3
tbrowder m: my $val = 3 * #`( embedded comment ) 3 11:30
tbrowder m: my $val = 3 * #`( embedded comment ) 3; say $val
evalable6 9
tbrowder m: my $val = 3 * #` ( embedded comment ) 3; say $val
evalable6 (exit code 1) 04===SORRY!04=== Error while compiling /tmp/pubcum18WE
tbrowder, Full output:
tbrowder .tell AlexDaniel ^^^ apparently a subtle problem in that currently p6 doesn't recognize an embedded comment if it's not really embedded. my pr should take care of that 11:36
tellable6 tbrowder, I'll pass your message to AlexDaniel
AlexDaniel . 11:41
tbrowder AlexDaniel: my hat's off to you for discovering a hitherto unknown pod6 bug! 11:54
AlexDaniel tbrowder: it's not exactly a bug, is it? 11:56
tbrowder: it's just that it parses it as a regular comment
tbrowder technicall you're correct, but we show it's use like that in the docs. and i think it's confusing to allow it as a co: 11:59
common comment
or treat it as a trap, or???
its use in the docs can be easily changed and the difference noted. 12:01
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tbrowder m: #| 12:04
tbrowder #| ( blsh 12:05
AlexDaniel I don't know. It's a change to the language, and I think it can be discussed in the problem-solving repo
tbrowder m: #| ( foo
tbrowder no, i think current behavior is ok and seems to be consistent with the others. i'll try to fix the pr and concentrate on the msgs and fix the docs 12:08
thanks for helping me see that subtle distinction--it makes the current grammar treatment make more sense and may point to the path to fix the #= lta msg 12:14
Geth roast: dumarchie++ created pull request #570:
Spectest for rakudo/rakudo/issues/3137
AlexDaniel I don't know, I think it can be argued both ways 12:31
if somebody wrote #` ( then it's fair to assume they wanted a multiline comment 12:32
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tbrowder but easier to live with the status quo i think at the moment...depends on my grokking the grammar properly 13:44
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tbrowder .ask moritz would it be a waste of time to work with chunks of pod grammar in p6 before moving back to nqp? 14:38
tellable6 tbrowder, I'll pass your message to moritz
timotimo shouldn't be a big waste 14:43
moritz tbrowder: what's your goal? 14:44
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tbrowder trying to tidy error handling of pod comments and declarator blocks 15:17
moritz not sure; I'd do it in NQP right away, but YMMV 15:22
tbrowder ok, thnx for advice 15:23
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[Coke] active-warthog69 16:15
dammit. :)
Geth ¦ rakudo: vrurg self-assigned Promise::Vow can change a kept/broken promise 16:22
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tobs what: say <hello> 16:35
timotimo m: say <hello> 16:37
evalable6 hello
tobs timotimo: weird. In *one* of my local tests, it apparently responds to 'what:' 16:38
and shouldn't it, given ? 16:40
AlexDaniel tobs: it does so on #whateverable 16:42
tobs: 16:43
tobs: $CONFIG<cave> in this case is #whateverable, I think 16:45
tobs: it's a command meant for rakudo devs, it triggers evalable, committable and bisectable at the same time 16:46
so “what: some piece of code” gives you the current output, the output on all releases and bisect result 16:47
tobs fancy
AlexDaniel it's useful to me, I haven't seen anybody else use it often 16:49
maybe because it's not allowed here anyway, because botspam
tobs I'll put up a PR in a second. We can look at the what: problem in my new test there. 16:52
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lizmat and yet another Perl 6 Weekly hits the Net: 20:31
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timotimo i can what? 23:44
tellable6 2019-08-26T23:44:01Z #perl6 <AlexDaniel> timotimo hello to perl6-dev
AlexDaniel . 23:45
tellable6 2019-08-26T23:44:55Z #perl6 <timotimo> AlexDaniel can you get this?
AlexDaniel .tell timotimo sure, but can you receive this??
tellable6 AlexDaniel, I'll pass your message to timotimo
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