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Set by Zoffix on 27 July 2018.
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AlexDaniel timotimo: you might also want to leave a review on :) 15:26
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timotimo huh, didn't i do that already? 15:27
AlexDaniel timotimo: you did, but then there were some extra commits…
timotimo ah
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timotimo - moarperf goodies, BOOTHash objects grouped by size 17:55
(32 is most probably empty hashes)
vrurg Why could a MVMString pointer contain 0xffffffff00000001? 18:28
In moar
timotimo that looks like it's not a VMString, but a P6bigintbody? 18:30
it could also be that it's actually not IS_CONCRETE
vrurg timotimo: that's what I find in code->
timotimo i run into that often, trying to access an object's stuff when it's actually the type object
vrurg But immediately before that it calls a concrete sub. 18:32
It's still about R#2897
synopsebot R#2897 [open]: [precompilation] VMNull in add_method in indirect use
vrurg And it seems to be moar-related because JVM backend doesn't have the problem.
Ok, will keep in mind that not concrete could cause this. Thanks! 18:33
timotimo i can only recommend rr to find out why that would be in there 18:35
vrurg rr?
timotimo i.e. watchpoint the address where that 0xff...00...1 is and reverse-continue
it adds backwards execution to gdb
vrurg o/
thanks again!
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vrurg .ask jnthn R#3199 is awaiting on your approval for merge. With regard to the new operators: may I suggest accepting them as an experimental feature? If they cause any trouble we can always remove them before 6.e is released. 20:01
synopsebot R#3199 [open]: [WIP][roles] [WIP] Implement perl6/problem-solving#103
tellable6 vrurg, I'll pass your message to jnthn
timotimo who wants to find the right spot to clear the $*LINEPOSCACHE?
wait, hold on, it'll just be deallocated if the dynamic goes out of scope 20:02
never mind then!
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vrurg timotimo: I'm unlucky with rr. It doesn't support macos. It doesn't work in VM. 20:23
timotimo dangit 20:25
first folks have amd ryzen, then folks have macos 20:26
what's next
vrurg Pi?
timotimo oof.
vrurg I feel like I saw something about replays and it was macos compatible. Hope it's not rust-related. 20:29
timotimo maybe they have some compiler transformation that does something like that 20:30
vrurg Nah, they use rr too. :) 20:32
timotimo rrrust 20:34
vrurg BTW, with regard to rust. They have funny feature of storing a value in enum elements. So, something like: enum IP { IPv4(Str), IPv6(Str) }; my IP $ip = IPv4(""); – is possible.
I liked the idea. 20:35
timotimo yeah, sum types
my ADT module has that :)
vrurg interesting. I need to look at it. 20:43
Lately, when I see grammar in a module – I exppect to be followed by a slang declaration... :) 20:45
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AlexDaniel Geth: help 23:14
Geth AlexDaniel, Source at To add repo, add an 'application/json' webhook on GitHub pointing it to and choose 'Send me everything' for events to send | use `ver URL to commit` to fetch version bump changes
AlexDaniel that's not the right url 23:15
or is it?
Geth_ geth: 6b72b9ffe1 | (Aleks-Daniel Jakimenko-Aleksejev)++ | 2 files
Join Raku channels and redirect messages there
AlexDaniel Geth_: help 23:17
Geth_ AlexDaniel, Source at To add repo, add an 'application/json' webhook on GitHub pointing it to and choose 'Send me everything' for events to send | use `ver URL to commit` to fetch version bump changes
AlexDaniel why do we even have two geths 23:18
andyway, please git pull after Monday but not before :)
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