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Set by Zoffix on 27 July 2018.
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Hey! Sorry for the interruption, but everything is on #raku-dev nowadays :) Please reconfigure your irc clients to join #raku-dev and not join #perl6-dev, thanks!
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japhb AlexDaniel: New topic time? I'm thinking something like: LEGACY CHANNEL - PLEASE SEE #raku-dev INSTEAD | Legacy channel logs at | For MoarVM see #moarvm 16:09
tyil[m] I'm already in #raku-dev as well 16:10
also you can set a channel redirect/forward to #raku-dev if you want to be super sure everyone ends up in there, right
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AlexDaniel Are you looking for Raku language and compiler development? Please join #raku-dev !
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AlexDaniel` we can, indeed, but last time I spoke to mst the idea was that redirecting is less than awesome for some reasons 16:13
people have already moved to #perl6-dev, really, nobody is talking here
oops, #raku-dev I mean :)
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nine AlexDaniel: but, but, are! 16:42
AlexDaniel nine: I just left! ↑ See? :)
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AlexDaniel I won't be restarting all of the bots, but they will no longer join this channel 16:47
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rba AlexDaniel: What about an paranoid bot answering all messages with something like: "Please move on to #raku-dev, I need to be alone." We could call the bot maybe Marvin? 19:48
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