masak going to merge #545 later today 06:52
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masak 007 has now been renamed "Alma" \o/ 09:55
Xliff \o/ 10:17
Has any of Alma made it into Perl6, yet? 10:18
masak well, Rakudo has an early/primitive form of macro/quasi 10:41
it's just that it's _correctly_ implemented in Alma, with hygiene, and that bit needs to be carried over now
Xliff Ah. I take it none of that is documented, yes? 10:43
masak you mean on the Perl 6 side? no, it's not. 13:03
it would be great if it were, but it also takes real time and effort to do so :)
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lucasb hey, welcome Alma! congrats :) 13:27
It means "soul" in my language
(or is it a reference to... Amelia? :) 13:33
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