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masak lucasb: Portuguese? anyway, that meaning was known to me, thanks to FCO 07:52
Ven`` Portguese and/or Spanish
masak oh, even Spanish
of course, the "real" etymology is "ALgoloid with MAcros" ;) 07:53
Ven`` even in Italian, it seems. 07:55
masak Ven``: I know I'll be distracted for a while more, but I do want to capitalize on the post-conf feeling of getting somewhere with walk 08:01
Ven``: what's the smallest possible increment on `master` that makes sense, you think?
defining a `walk` built-in at all, I guess 08:02
having it do _something_, match on something
Ven`` probably a very simple `walk(node, [Q.Foo, fn()])`? No attributes, not trying to be fancy by finding parents, etc 08:16
(er, I meant that passing Q would find any node underneath) 08:26
masak aye 08:33
PRs welcome, unless I get to it first
I think it'd be simpler, if not as theoretically satisfying, to implement `walk` in Perl 6 08:34
that built-in would definitely be our most complex built-in
Ven`` well, we already have a very similar one ;-) 08:56
not sure we can abstract it away
(fwiw I'm talking about github.com/masak/alma/blob/c5344f5...#L728-L794 ) 09:07
also, I think it'd be more satisfying to implement in Alma, no? 09:27
Standing on the shoulder of can of worms, etc.
masak more satisfying, yes 11:13
conducive to a release-early frame of mind, not sure
maybe I'm overly paranoid; maybe it's just as easy to do in Alma :) 11:14
re the `&interpolate` routine you linked to -- I wish that was the only implementation of `walk` "we" have in the source code. I'm aware of two more :P 11:17
and yes, I think the case is pretty strong to unify those under one code path. thanks for making me aware of that.
care to file an issue about that? ;) 11:18
(the other two are `&handle` for hardening non-parsed Qs, and `&interpolate` in .detach
...on the bright side, it's good that this vaporware has three interested consumers already :P 11:20
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Ven`` masak: you probably want to change the channel topic too :) 13:23
masak Perl 6 macros -- about github.com/masak/alma/ and how macros fit into Perl 6 -- irclog: colabti.org/irclogger/irclogger_log...rl6-macros 13:24
Ven`` masak: not sure where is &handle you mentioned earlier today. 13:31
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