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Set by integral on 25 October 2005.
wolverian summer time ends in one hour here. 00:00
don't generalise. :)
theorbtwo Oh, damn, I'm an idiot.
No, wolverian: it ends the same moment all over europe.
That time is in one hour.
wolverian ah, you mean european summer time.
yes, correct.
eric256 the parens are for pairs. its the .perl way of outputing it. 00:34
wolverian pairs are higher precedence than , I think 00:35
eric256 didn't say they were needed. ;)
a little lighter green now
on the tests pages. ;) 00:36
jrussell hiya .. i'm using the combine() function from Math::Combinatorics. i'm not getting the unique combination i'm supposed to get 00:45
eric256 jrussell...you know this is a room for perl6 i.e. pugs development right? you might want #perl 00:46
jrussell oh sorry i didn't 00:47
thank you
svnbot6 r7770 | eric256++ | Test-Catalog: Added colums to the file listing, added yellow shading for todo items. 00:59
theorbtwo Woo, it's 1 o'clock again (in England). 01:00
eric256 ?eval localtime();
evalbot_7770 \Time::Local.new(("day" => 30), ("hour" => 2), ("is_dst" => bool::false), ("min" => 0), ("month" => 10), ("picosec" => 811255000000), ("sec" => 25), ("tz" => 3600), ("tzname" => "CET"), ("wday" => 1), ("yday" => 302), ("year" => 2005));
eric256 is that 3600 seconds?
eric256 is amazed by the usefullness of running top in one terminal while working in another...and promises not to leave it running when not needed ; 01:22
svnbot6 r7771 | eric256++ | Converted all http links to use the L<" format 02:18
eric256 466 test files with 344 links...not too shabby. 02:27
anyone know when S29 will be commited? 02:57
svnbot6 r7772 | eric256++ | Created SAE index for tests.pugscode.org, some code speed up and clean up as well. 03:17
autrijus eric256: you mean to svn.perl.org? 03:22
I think it makes sense to ask @Larry on p6l about this 03:23
and if yes I can commit it into svn.perl.org
wolverian OT - MS's new Consolas font is the best coding font I've seen in a while. (at least if you like purty shapes and antialiasing. :) 03:28
autrijus ooh url? 03:29
oh, wait, that'd be asking for warez ;) 03:31
wolverian I d
on't actually know its license
autrijus can't easily find it online though 03:32
wolverian right 03:33
hmm. perl5 feels like walking on ice nowadays. slippery fun, but frustrating. 03:34
autrijus I thought it's been like that for ages :) 03:35
medieval castle and all that
Consolas screenshots look nice
wolverian but it's only now that I've realised it.
autrijus not sure I'm giving up Andale Mono (another MS font) though
wolverian Andale Mono is very nice too.
Consolas, Andale Mono and Bitstream Vera Sans.
autrijus and Anonymous for lower res
that's about it for me
I still remember the first day I got the then-cutting-edge antialias andale mono + mlterm set up 03:36
I feel my life has changed :)
even better, I imported Apple LiGothic using pfaedit (now known as fontforge) so it works on freetype 03:37
wolverian eh, I'm using 17% of my gmail space and I haven't even checked it in weeks
autrijus spams?
wolverian no, p5p apparently. :)
autrijus aha :)
autrijus backlogs p6l and wonders if some more sleep is warranted (4:43am) 03:44
wolverian well, that was the first time I've ever used Storable::dclone 04:08
eric256 autrijus i meant svn.perl.org 05:04
svnbot6 r7773 | eric256++ | Minor tests documentation clean up. 05:48
eric256 night all 05:49
gaal heya 05:56
eric256: just missed you - but nice work on the tests referencing!
Khisanth oO 06:14
Bundle::Pugs::SmokeKit requires 5.8.7? 06:18
gaal errr, it shouldn't 06:26
oughta be 5.006001. where'd you get that? 06:27
Khisanth CPAN :)
gaal i wonder what might want 5.8.7 there, maybe one of the deps... 06:28
Khisanth the use 5.008007; wants 5.8.7 06:29
gaal where's a use 5.008007?
Khisanth the Makefile.PL 06:30
gaal "use 5.006001"
Khisanth search.cpan.org/src/GAAL/Bundle-Pug...akefile.PL does not agree with you! :) 06:31
gaal !
must have fixed and forgotten to upload :/
uploaded. 06:34
commute& 06:35
Khisanth wonders why ghc requires over 600MB to compile Pugs.Run 06:51
xerox Howdy! 07:20
wolverian morning 07:21
xerox What's this Sunday's pretty-Unicode-sigil? :-)
pmurias morning
gaal Khisanth: because that file includes the precompiled prelude. 07:22
but 600mb is a little much.
are you precompiling other modules besides? Test.pm etc?\
Khisanth: $CPAN/authors/id/G/GA/GAAL/Bundle-Pugs-SmokeKit-0.04.tar.gz 07:23
and thanks for the report :)
wolverian xerox, Ω, the camel's butt
xerox pokes wolverian
wolverian am I really the only one who sees it? :)
xerox What does it do ?
I see it :D
wolverian you can figure out what it does. I just made it up. 07:24
xerox Hmpf.
xinming seen autrijus 08:24
jabbot xinming: autrijus was seen 4 hours 6 minutes 17 seconds ago
xinming wonders why pugs developement progress is slown down... 08:26
liz6 no worry, it will speed up again this week... ;-) 08:27
xinming Why the commits aren't so much as before...
liz6: hmm, what's happening? 08:28
I finally got a rest after I come back to WenZhou.
dduncan I'd say its partly all those conferences that people are going to
autrijus seems to be going to be chain-attending several of them 08:29
liz6 exactly, and autrijus should be able to find some "quality time" this week...
xinming Yeap, I think so, iblench and other people aren't here as usual these days 08:30
svnbot6 r7774 | yiyihu++ | Correct a translation problem. 08:31
xinming oops. I should use mistake instead of problem. :/
dduncan good night folks
xinming where to get the irc log for this channel? I can't access the link given in www.pugscode.org 08:32
rashakil I'm seeing it at colabti.de/irclogger/irclogger_log/...2005-10-30 just fine 08:34
Though, that's where the pugscode.org link redirects to. 08:35
xinming rashakil: thanks, I really don't know why I can't open directly through pugscode.org 08:45
buu So you got the log? 09:11
nothingmuch office mannars suck 09:12
i had a friend who needed a ride a few days ago
i picked him up and he spend a few minutes at work
i was on the second screen, coding
he was on the first screen, watching a movie 09:13
today someone remarked that "it's not really accepted to share company code"
fsck! the dude doesn't even know to code, and i'm more responsible than that
and what I was writing is also intended to be opensourced eventually, so it's not even sensitive IP or anything
xinming buu: Yes 09:15
xerox poor nothingmuch :( 09:16
xinming nothingmuch: what does fsck mean?
nothingmuch tr/s/u/
xinming phuck and suck?
nothingmuch ex
cept more geeky ;-) 09:17
there was a sprocketdata (colo company) banner a while ago
J. Random Hacker calls up his colo company's support and says:
"Hi, I need you to fsck my server" or something like that
xinming I hear that some companies even don't have a good programmar, most people are hourly programmar I ever heard. 09:18
nothingmuch so the support guy says "Uh, sir, please don't use language like that"
so he says "I really need a fsck", ... eventually support guy hangs up
and then epilogue was "We at SprocketData know what fsck really means" or somesuch
gugod a awesome, educationally meaningful story 09:20
autrijus xinming: irc.pugscode.org 09:36
liz6 morning autrijus! 09:37
autrijus greetings liz!
the only thing between me and mad pugs haxx0ring is your WEP password :) 09:38
xinming autrijus: I can't even access to these site. :-)
liz6 autrijus: come and get it then...
autrijus xinming: it worksforme
xinming autrijus: I have problem get on the subdomains on pugscode.org
autrijus xinming: check your dns? it worksforme for sure 09:39
scook0 I have noticed some problems in the past with irc.pugscode.org
xinming autrijus: I think this might be filtered by Great Firewall
autrijus: I changed DNS, not works.
autrijus xinming: or use this - colabti.de/irclogger/irclogger_log/perl6
yeah, the Great Firewall of China is indeed a wonder of the world
xinming autrijus: yes, I use that now, marked favourate.
autrijus cool 09:40
re lack of commit, mostly because of I don't have net
secondly because PickAxe is such a wonderful read.
xinming where are you now? 09:42
autrijus xinming: liz6's place
ecto, netherlands
liz6 echt, netherlands to be more precise... ;-)
autrijus er.
xerox autrijus: did you meet dons lately? ;)
autrijus blames this ecto blog reader thing
but yes. echt 09:43
xerox: no, but I'm going to stay at his place on december 20(ish)
xinming wants to travel around the world...
r0nny_ rafl_: ping? 11:02
rafl_ r0nny_: pong 11:03
11:09 scook0_ is now known as scook0
Khisanth gaal: only if pugs compiles the other modules by default 11:10
r0nny_ re 11:25
rafl_: is the svk mirror up ?
rafl_ r0nny_: No. 11:28
r0nny_ :/ 11:34
rafl_ autrijus: ping 11:35
autrijus pong 11:36
rafl_ autrijus: Does parrot embedding work for libparrot.a as well as for libparrot.so?
autrijus rafl_: only .a I think, not sure ghc supports .so on lnx
rafl_ Well, how to test that? I'm currently preparing the Debian packages for parrot and would like to build the shared lib only. 11:37
autrijus I don't know... just build libparrot .so and -lparrot 11:39
and see if it finds that 11:40
gaal Khisanth: by default only Prelude.pm is compiled. But also, by default the maximum heap size for GHC is much lower: it should not (and need not) go to 600mb with anything we're doing (yet). just to make sure, can you take a look at your config.yml?
also: what GHC/platform are you using? 11:41
autrijus praises the Consolas font. 12:12
wolverian autrijus, isn't it nice :) it's fun!
autrijus the comma is magical
wolverian yes. the <> are perky, as are $ and ¢ (the vertical lines are slanted) 12:13
autrijus as it should be
so all in all fairly nice
wolverian ' and ' are the same though. that's weird. 12:14
r0nny_ rafl_: might it be possible to dcc me a tarball of the actual version ?
yo 12:39
autrijus journal up :)
autrijus switches to journal-before-hacking 12:40
r0nny_ i got a problem with yaml evaluation
autrijus yes?
r0nny_ there is a yaml file, i want to compute to a deep hash
svnbot6 r7775 | iblech++ | * Usual svn props.
r7775 | iblech++ | * t/pugsbugs/class_name_and_attribute_name_confliction.t: Fixed the test (the
r7775 | iblech++ | return value of a submethod BUILD is not the return value of a .new()); the
r7775 | iblech++ | test passes 3/3 now.
r0nny_ but it only maks the name of the first top-level key to a empty value 12:41
autrijus post a sample?
or better, write a test :)
(and commit it)
r0nny_ r0nnyger.mine.nu/~r0nny/config.yaml 12:42
autrijus take a moment to convert it to test format? 12:43
r0nny_ btw - the reuslting hash is {('CC' => '')}
autrijus nod, will fix
r0nny_ how to convert it to test format ?
maybe im just using the wrong indentication 12:44
autrijus r0nny_: look at t/unspecced/eval_yaml.t
add to it
the identation is correct afaics
(you are a committer right?) 12:45
r0nny_ no commiter
autrijus ok, your email?
r0nny_ [email@hidden.address]
plz dont missuse ;P
autrijus welcome aboard :)
r0nny_ hmm
autrijus an invitation should be in your inbox in a couple mins
svnbot6 r7776 | iblech++ | * Fixed typos in L<> links in four tests. 12:46
autrijus I'll brb -- fetch drink
svnbot6 r7776 | iblech++ | * util/catalog_tmpl/directory.tmpl: Colorized the ok/todo/failed nums
r7776 | iblech++ | (with the same colors as the smokeserv uses) and added title="..." attributes
r7776 | iblech++ | for maximum usability.
r0nny_ i think someone put me on some list about 4 or 5 days ago
*trying to remember*
autrijus yeah, that's AUTHORS file
not committer list
r0nny_ hehe ;P
autrijus so you'd still need to register to set a password for svn commit :)
gaal shouldn't there be a yaml doc separator before the CC: line?
autrijus gaal: optional
gaal "---\n"
autrijus only the very old YAML.pm insists on it
it's long gone rom spec
s/rom/from/ 12:47
perl5 really needs a first-class syck binding
it's sad to see RoR people praising YAML
gaal i'm too used to using implementations as ad-hoc specifications :/
autrijus and binding is there for py, php, ocaml, etc
r0nny_ gaal: i removed it after it dod not work ;P
autrijus except perl ;)
(well to be fair there is a very primitive YAML-Parser-Syck)
but no dumper part, and the parser is old too
any takers? :) 12:48
if not I may try to trick liz into doing it :)
gaal :)
autrijus drink &
r0nny_ !eval eval("CC:\n FOO: bar\n",:lang<yaml>) 12:51
autrijus it's ?eval
r0nny_ ?eval eval("CC:\n FOO: bar\n",:lang<yaml>)
evalbot_7776 {("CC" => {("FOO" => "bar"),}),}
r0nny_ ?eval eval("CC:\n FOO: '%bar do bar'\n",:lang<yaml>) 12:52
evalbot_7776 {("CC" => {("FOO" => "%bar do bar"),}),}
r0nny_ ?eval eval("CC:\n FOO: '%bar do bar'\n bar: '%FOO'\n",:lang<yaml>) 12:53
evalbot_7776 {("CC" => {("FOO" => "%bar do bar"), ("bar" => "%FOO")}),}
r0nny_ why does it work with evalbot, but not on my files -_- 12:54
omg 12:55
i think i found the problem
=<fil> doenst slurp right :/
fil=file 12:56
wolverian =$fh
theorbtwo =<filename> should to, iirc...
r0nny_ since i do eval(=<config.yaml>,:lang<yaml>)
theorbtwo (But perhaps I recall incorrectly, or perhaps the spec changed while I wasn't looking, or perhaps it is unimplmented.) 12:57
wolverian ?eval slurp "foo" 12:59
evalbot_7776 Error: No compatible subroutine found: "&slurp"
wolverian arr!
r0nny_ eval and =<file> wont work together well 13:00
rafl_ autrijus: Did linking against a shared lib work? 13:01
xinming who edit the test in t/pugsbugs/class_name_and_attribute_name_confliction.t ? 13:05
hmm, the updated version doesn't show the bug, 13:07
rafl_ xinming: use svk/svn blame
Or svk log.
autrijus rafl_: I've never used that with GHC. 13:09
it's sad that "svk annotate" and "svk praise" are both longer than "blame"
wolverian: slurp is IO no? 13:10
r0nny_ i got a syntax error: line 2, column 4
at tmp-Prelude.pm line 119, column 30-64
autrijus therefure unsafe
xinming hmm, autrijus, can attribute has the same name as class name?
autrijus xinming: yes
xinming hmm, Ok, revert the file in t/pugsbugs/class_name_and_attribute_name_confliction.t please. 13:11
autrijus: hmm, that's a bug, the test is changed into fit pugs... not the bug report. :-( 13:12
autrijus xinming: iblech is responsible 13:13
the log says
return value of a submethod BUILD is not the return value of a .new()
r0nny_: can you commit the test that triggers the syn error? :)
autrijus can't fix something that is not a test...
r0nny_ syn error ???? 13:15
autrijus r0nny_: the "tmp-Prelude.pm" syntax error
xinming ?eval class a {has $.a; method update { $.a; } }; class b { has $.a; submethod BUILD { a.new( a => $.a ).update; } };class c { has $.b; submethod BUILD { b.new( a => $.b ); } };c.new( b => 30 ); 13:16
r0nny_ autrijus: im not sure, what made it
evalbot_7776 (no output)
autrijus r0nny_: nopaste the program?
xinming this will cause pugs run infinitely.
r0nny_ atm the error doesnt happen 13:17
autrijus k
r0nny_ the =<> op wont work with variables :/ 13:18
autrijus =$fh ?
oh you mean the string form
r0nny_ i mean filenames
autrijus =open($filename) perhaps? 13:19
xinming ?eval class a { has $.a; method update { $var -= $.a; } };class b { has $.a; submethod BUILD { a.new( a => $.a ).update; };};b.new( a => 20 );
evalbot_7776 Error: No compatible subroutine found: "&update"
xinming autrijus: these are 2 bugs. :/
r0nny_ prelute error again
xinming But iblench might not understand what I want to test really. he changed the class name. 13:20
autrijus r0nny_: nopaste the code? 13:21
xinming: hm, add some comments to it, then
and revert that part of change
xinming don't know how to do that exactly. :-( that's why I want you to revert it. 13:22
r0nny_ rafb.net/paste/results/nZRCGy89.html
autrijus iblechbot: ideas?
r0nny_ i think line 9 causes it
autrijus k, fixing 13:24
I think the =open form is broken for some reason 13:25
r0nny_ hmm
rafl_ Why are haskell libs linked statically by default?
autrijus rafl_: speed mostly 13:27
and versioning
because of separate compilation
ghc user manual has something to say about that
r0nny_ autrijus: it breaks also with @foo= =$fh
hmm 13:28
hw to slurp a file ?
autrijus @foo = slurp($fh); 13:29
@foo = $fh.slurp;
rafl_ autrijus: Thank you.
autrijus rafl_: np
r0nny_ damn - it even breaks if i use slurp 13:30
autrijus weird 13:31
r0nny_ what kind of variable returns slurp ? 13:33
if fails on eval("file".fslurp,:lang<yaml>
rafb.net/paste/results/MY5Lfi72.html 13:35
is there a way to tell eval to use a file instead of a string ? 13:36
anyone ? 13:38
btw - ith there a way, to keep the tmp-Prelude.pm for checking ? 13:39
autrijus r0nny_: eval to use a file?
it's called require :) 13:40
r0nny_ autrijus: has require a :lang<foo> param ?
and does it have a result like a hash ?
autrijus no and no I'm afraid 13:41
although it would make sense to do so
let me look at the slurp problem some more 13:42
I think it's 3 bugs ;)
stevan 13:46
gaal wasn't tmp-Prelude renamed to Prelude.pm a while back for better error messages? 13:47
anyway you should have it in the source tree root, r0nny.
is "fslurp" a typo? 13:48
autrijus r0nny_: right. are you using svn or 6.2.10? 13:49
r0nny_ oh - i just see its 6.2.9 13:56
autrijus er. grr.
svn co svn.openfoundry.org/pugs # please do this :) 13:57
stevan_ hola senor autrijus
autrijus hola senor stevan_
svnbot6 r7777 | yiyihu++ | The tests are right, reverted and add some comments about the test.
13:57 stevan_ is now known as stevan
autrijus how's your schedule today? 13:57
r0nny_ i think there was a way, to do evn ebuilds
stevan autrijus: I have about 1.5-2 hours right now
r0nny_ will do ine for pugs
autrijus r0nny_: you on gentoo?
stevan: ok, are you on macosx or on non- ? 13:58
stevan yes, OS X
r0nny_ autrijus: yeah
autrijus stevan: cool, give me ~10min
stevan ok
autrijus I'll fetch ibook and SEE with you
do you have a public IP?
stevan ok
autrijus or should I set up one in feather?
stevan I dont
autrijus that's fine, we'll use feather
stevan feather is good
autrijus fetch ibook & 13:59
r0nny_ wich version of parrot does the svn version need ? 14:05
autrijus r0nny_: also trunk 14:06
r0nny_ so it needs the svn version of parrot, too