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Set by integral on 25 October 2005.
teddyns eh :) 00:00
r0nny and even the spec isnt complete
Odin-LAP Nor will it ever be, I suspect. 00:01
r0nny anyone here knows the svn url of parrot ?
Odin-LAP: i think around 2007 the spec is done ;P 00:02
geoffb r0nny, svn.perl.org/parrot/trunk
r0nny thx
teddyns why so long ? :-/
geoffb np
Odin-LAP r0nny: Until someone comes up with a really cool idea, perhaps. ;)
r0nny hmm
geoffb teddyns, there is MUCH that the designers needed to learn to make a language so all-powerful.
(That sounds like a joke. It's not.) 00:03
webmind ey Odin-LAP :)
r0nny well
they will never reach perl7
Odin-LAP geoffb: Yeah. Substantial parts of which were the implementation of CommonLisp-with-syntax. :)
teddyns omg :/
geoffb Odin-LAP, heh 00:04
webmind uhm
Odin-LAP webmind: Greetinks. You're here too, eh?
teddyns ,thats too bad
webmind perl6 -will- finish imho
r0nny since murphys law tells its not possible
webmind just takes the time it'll take
Odin-LAP, ofcourse.. big perl6 fan :)
teddyns we are able to run 00:05
perl 5.8 scripts with perl6 right ?
r0nny yeah
Odin-LAP geoffb: Which, I note, is not a trivial accomplishment. It's quite amazing, how well it seems to have succeeded.
r0nny bttw - will pugs die if my libperl is with ithreads, and i use threads ?
geoffb Odin-LAP, nodnod 00:06
Odin-LAP webmind: Well, I wonder at the definition of 'finish'. Sure, you'll have it in a running, production-ready form eventually.
webmind Odin-LAP, well it's extendable 00:07
Odin-LAP, but I see finish as a production ready product
with a stable syntax 00:08
perl6 is certainly heading that way
with goos speed
azurot_tafe is there anywhere I can find all the synopses? or are there just numbers missing? 00:16
r0nny install Perl6::Bible from cpan
azurot_tafe ahh, ok 00:17
geoffb azurot_tafe, there are still some missing, but that's as complete as it gets outside of @larry's collective mind
azurot_tafe cool. thanks :D 00:18
geoffb np 00:19
azurot_tafe ah, so it looks like all of the available ones are up on eric256's feather anyway 00:22
oh no, never mind
Juerd 01:27 < azurot_tafe> ah, so it looks like all of the available ones are up on eric256's feather anyway 00:43
eric256's feather? :)
Khisanth yes, he rooted the box yesterday! :P 00:44
Juerd Heh
People needing root access can just ask for it :)
If I trust them, and they really need it (or it would help me much if they had it), they can get it 00:45
sili i need root 00:49
00:50 rafl_ is now known as rafl
azurot_tafe ;-p I mean, his feather.perl6.something/~eric256 ^_^ 00:58
Juerd sili: Why? 01:03
sili bragging rights
and i really need them.
Juerd ok 01:04
sili i'd actually like to figure out how parrot works
Juerd You don't need root access for that :)
rafl autrijus: ping 01:32
svnbot6 r7814 | stevan++ | Perl6::ObjectSpace - 02:27
r7814 | stevan++ | * added optional parameters to closure
r7814 | stevan++ | * cleaned up some more of the bootstrap code
r7814 | stevan++ | - added some tests for the Class (simple ones for now)
06:38 scook0_ is now known as scook0
coral does VInt have an upto method (from ruby) or equivalent? 09:42
VInt.upto(n) to get VInt..n in perl
nwc10 autrijus: in the S17 draft there's no mention about sharing-or-not of variables. 10:11
oh wait. I think I see. 'shared, transactional variables by default' 10:12
blackman selam kanal 10:32
nwc10 Hi
blackman where are you?
nwc10 London 10:33
blackman ok
dou you know??
nwc10 Ah right. I was trying to work out what language "selam" was in so I could find something to translate it
blackman :))) 10:34
you are f or m?
nwc10 M
blackman me too
clkao nwc10: you know there's london pm meeting tomorrow and first timer can get free beer 10:37
nwc10 I didn't know the second part. Or at least notice
clkao pretends nwc10 is newcomer, at least on #perl6 :P
nwc10 I've been here before. 10:38
clkao scarily you are the guy behind my computer
azuroth ?eval 10 | 2 11:18
evalbot_7814 2
azuroth ?eval 10 +| 2
evalbot_7814 10
azuroth ?eval 10 +| 3
evalbot_7814 11
azuroth ?eval 10 | 3
evalbot_7814 3
rafl_ Shouldn't that return a junction? 11:21
azuroth ohh right
rafl_ ?eval (10|3) 11:22
evalbot_7814 3
rafl_ ?eval (10|3|10|10|10).pick
evalbot_7814 3
rafl_ ?eval (10|3|10|10|10).pick
evalbot_7814 3
wolverian evalbot doesn't output junctions right 11:23
azuroth hmm
wolverian ?eval any "a".."d" 11:24
evalbot_7814 "a"
wolverian works in pugs itself.
azuroth ahh 11:25
junctions are so cool 11:26
webmind hmm /me keeps miing up names 11:27
what are >>*<< contrustructions calles again ?
wolverian hyperops
webmind right
wolverian see S03, "Hyper operators" 11:28
(we need an @index into the synopses.. any takers? :)
(a la lambdabot)
azuroth night 11:29
wolverian good night 11:30
azuroth ?eval 5 < 10 < 15 11:49
evalbot_7814 bool::true
azuroth ?eval 5 < 2 < 15
evalbot_7814 bool::false
azuroth ?eval 5 < 20 < 15
evalbot_7814 bool::false
12:23 Lopo_ is now known as Lopo
svnbot6 r7815 | iblech++ | * Pugs.Parser: Parse \ in subroutine signatures (sub foo (\$arglist)), 13:16
r7815 | iblech++ | so we don't have to add eval()s around arglist tests.
r7815 | iblech++ | * t/data_types/lists.t: \(1,2,3) does no longer create an array of refs,
r7815 | iblech++ | per latest S03 (r6417).
r7815 | iblech++ | * New t/data_types/arglist.t: Added tests for arglists/tuples (\(1,2,3) creates
r7815 | iblech++ | an arglist now, as does sub foo (\$arglist); *$arglist flattens arglists).
verbalkent im new to perl, are there any online begginer sites,a or communities? 15:00
webmind perl or perl6 ?
verbalkent regular perl i suppose 15:01
Juerd verbalkent: perlmonks.org 15:02
verbalkent thnk u sir
PerlJam heh "regular perl" 15:06
That may just become a common phrase in the not too distant future
integral vs. "diet perl" and "new perl"?
liz6 cherry perl? 15:07
PerlJam all of the above
Khisanth PerlJam: and that would be perl6's fault!
PerlJam Khisanth: no, it would be the fault of those people who resist the perl6!
verbalkent :( did i come off too n00bish? 15:21
integral verbalkent: IRC quickly teaches people to spell :)
verbalkent spelling is overated 15:22
theorbtwo Spelling is one of the primary ways to size up your character in a text-based environment. 15:23
eric256 feather.perl6.nl:8027/cgi-bin/wiki.pl slowest incomplete implementation of a wiki ever ;)
webmind perl6 wiki?
theorbtwo Of course it lies just as much as personal grooming and clothing taste, the pimary way to size up your character in a real life environment.
eric256 porting www.perlmonks.org/?node_id=503926 to p6
verbalkent hmm, cant argue witht hat 15:24
spelling means alot, but grammer and punctuation must be fodder in your case :p 15:25
integral "can't"
"a lot"
theorbtwo Spelling, grammar, and puncuation are all important -- grammar quite likely the most important. 15:26
verbalkent integral has the grasp
lol, sort of like a pocket secretary
PerlJam "secretary"? 15:28
verbalkent exactly
the secret that scared the w out of wary
steve197888888 12Hi all.. 15:45
liz6 yo!
steve197888888 12I have a small Problem: $data->{Body}->{Call}->{return}->{item} is an array
12but I don't know how to run through it.
12foreach doesn't work. 15:46
eric256 @{$data->{Body}->{Call}->{return}->{item}}
btw stever this is a channel about perl6 now perl5...you probably want #perl
steve197888888 12I wanted to go to the newbee channel.. 15:47
12they told me to get here :)
liz6 who's they?
steve197888888 12the guys from the perl channel
eric256 they must have misunderstood and thought you meant new perl 15:48
steve197888888 12OK I C.
12Thanks Wi will go there then eric. Thanks for your help! 15:49
kolibrie eric256++ # very diplomatic
eric256 kolibrie...its early, i promise to get grouchy later. ;) 15:50
whats the syntax for perl5 regexes ? 15:51
theorbtwo rx:perl5/.../, IIRC.
eric256 thanks 15:52
rafl Or rx:p5//
nothingm1ch obra: ping 16:22
eric256 lol if you use a given block in the main body of a program...it seems to be ending the program when it matches a block...seems being key here. 16:23
obra hey
eric256 ?eval given 1 { when 1 { say "test" } } say "test2";
evalbot_7815 test test2 bool::true
obra nothingm1ch: what's up? 16:24
eric256 hmmm... or not.
nothingm1ch is rt.cpan.org still being upgraded?
obra yes. I spent much of yesterday gnashing my teeth after doing a full import and having the new server cry 16:25
nothingm1ch ouch
just wanted to make sure because I suspected cache issues or something
obra hm? what cache issues? 16:26
still not seeing a new server? ;)
nothingm1ch i'm seeing "Unsatisfied dependency chain in Joins Users_2 at ..."
obra ?! 16:27
ok. hang on a sec
try now?
nothingm1ch obra: thanks 16:36
sorry for not noticing
obra no worries. glad it's better 16:37
nothingm1ch now i forgot what I actually wanted to do in rt.cpan.org ;-)
obra :/
nothingm1ch i think i just wanted to link someone 16:38
Juerd eric256: What makes it slow? You didn't use a sound software design, I hope. 16:47
eric256 Juerd. loading HTML::Template and Textile are whats slow. but i plan on factoring those out once its working 16:49
just using them as a crutch for the moment 16:50
Juerd Use regexes instead of templating
I don't know what Textile does
eric256 it handles all the Wiki formating.
Juerd Go back in time if you want to use pugs in production, especially when it's CGI
eric256 like i said, they will go once i get the rest converted
Juerd Consider mod_pugs 16:51
eric256 link? 16:52
Juerd undef 16:53
eric256 nearly has new,edit,and view completly ported. ;) then just build my own template engine. ;) 17:10
obra isn't micromason already ported?
eric256 ?eval my %wiki; my $topic = "hello"; %wiki<$topic> = "hello"; %wiki.perl.say; 17:11
evalbot_7815 {("$topic" => "hello"),} bool::true
eric256 what am i doing wrong there?
theorbtwo Looks fine to me. 17:12
(Except for the redundant say.)
eric256 look at the output
theorbtwo Oh, wait, nevermind.
eric256 lol
theorbtwo You want curlies, not angles.
eric256 thanks. figured it was something like that
theorbtwo ?eval my %wiki; my $topic = "hello"; %wiki{$topic} = "hello"; %wiki.perl.say; 17:13
= "hello"; %wiki.perl.say;
?eval my %wiki; my $topic = "hello"; %wiki{$topic} = "hello"; %wiki.perl.say;
evalbot_7815 {("hello" => "hello"),} bool::true
xerox Why ".perl.say" ?
eric256 becausei felt like it ;)
xerox ?eval my %wiki; my $topic = "hello"; %wiki{$topic} = "hello"; %wiki.say; 17:14
evalbot_7815 hellohello bool::true
xerox Ah, like a prettyprinter.
theorbtwo .perl prettyprints; .say outputs.
xerox ?eval my %wiki; my $topic = "hello"; %wiki{$topic} = "hello"; %wiki.perl;
evalbot_7815 "\{(\"hello\" => \"hello\"),}"
xerox I see :D
eric256 ?eval my %wiki; my $topic = "hello"; %wiki{$topic} = "hello"; %wiki; 17:15
evalbot_7815 {("hello" => "hello"),}
eric256 eval bot does some magic for us ;)
theorbtwo evalbot++
eric256 can someone help me convert a p5 regex to a rule? \b([A-Z]\w+[A-Z]\w+) 17:17
its for WikiWords
?eval "this is a TesT" ~~ /\b([A-Z]\w+[A-Z]\w+/ 17:18
evalbot_7815 Error: cannot cast from VUndef to Pugs.AST.Internals.VCode (VCode)
eric256 ?eval "this is a TesT" ~~ /\b([A-Z]\w+[A-Z]\w+)/ 17:19
evalbot_7815 Error: cannot cast from VUndef to Pugs.AST.Internals.VCode (VCode)
PerlJam eric256: \b(<[A..Z]>\w+<[A..Z]>\w+)
althought I'm not sure PGE knows about \b yet.
(heck, I don't even know if it groks \w)
eric256 ?eval my $x = "hello"; $x ~~ /\w/; 17:20
evalbot_7815 Error: cannot cast from VUndef to Pugs.AST.Internals.VCode (VCode)
eric256 thats not the same error i get on the command line...soo odd 17:21
no error on command line, error about PGE.pbc in interactive and that completely different error in eval bot 17:22
theorbtwo Whee, eric.
Limbic_Region ?eval say [+] 1,2,3 17:23
evalbot_7815 6 bool::true
theorbtwo Does no error imply that it works as expected?
eric256 theorbtwo...not a clue what it implies.
theorbtwo ?eval say [.{}] {a=>{b=>{c=>42}}}, qw(a b c)
evalbot_7815 42 bool::true 17:24
Limbic_Region ?eval say [+] @_
evalbot_7815 Error: Undeclared variable: "@_"
eric256 doesn;'t matter. pugs doesn't implement subst yet.....so how do i do regex replacements in pugs right now? 17:25
Limbic_Region used Pugs to win a golf contest 17:28
eric256 ?eval my $entry = "this is a TesT"; $entry ~~ s:perl5/\b([A-Z]\w+[A-Z]\w+)/"<a href=''>$1</a>"/; $entry; 17:29
evalbot_7815 \"this is a TesT"
eric256 sure... running that in my prog gives me the "*** Can't modify constant item: VUndef "error 17:30
geoffb Limbic_Region++ 17:33
eric256 ?eval my $entry = "this is a TesT"; $entry ~~ s:perl5/\s([A-Z]\w+[A-Z]\w+)/[$0]/; $entry;
evalbot_7815 \"this is a TesT"
eric256 anyone got a clue on this one? /me is frustrated. lol 17:34
geoffb ?eval my $entry = "this is a TesT" ~ ""; $entry ~~ s:perl5/\s([A-Z]\w+[A-Z]\w+)/[$0]/; $entry; 17:35
evalbot_7815 \"this is a TesT"
geoffb ?eval my $entry = "this is a TesT" ~ "a"; $entry ~~ s:perl5/\s([A-Z]\w+[A-Z]\w+)/[$0]/; $entry;
evalbot_7815 \"this is a[TesTa]"
geoffb You weren't matching the second \w+ 17:36
eric256 hehehe. duh
geoffb :-)
eric256 thanks. me talks a walk around the room breathing deeply. thats what i get for using someone elses regex! 17:37
geoffb :-)
.oO( The first \w+ should probably be \w+? and the second \w* )
eric256 yea thats what i changed to. 17:39
feather.perl6.nl:8027/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?topic=Test thanks geoffb! 17:40
working wiki ~~ ish 17:44
obra eric256: have you considered porting cwest's minimalist wiki? 17:52
eric256 i dont know what that is soo....no. lol 17:58
porting the recent one on perlmonks...well the port is mostly done, now working on removing the need for HTML::Template since it isn't very fast when loading perl5:HTML::Templat;
stevan autrijus: ping 18:02
liz6 I think autrijus is in $work mode at the moment... 18:03
stevan liz6: ahh, ok,.. if he pops back into reality and feels like talking objectspace,.. I have some questions/thoughts to discuss with him 18:04
liz6 will pass it on... 18:05
stevan liz6: muchas gracias
nothingm1ch wishes he was in a condition to discuss threads
Juerd rehi
nothingm1ch i was busy with work
now I'm sick
18:06 nothingm1ch is now known as nothingmuch
Juerd Being in a condition usually means being compared 18:06
nothingmuch compared?
Juerd Yes
nothingmuch to what?
Juerd Most conditions are comparisons
liz6 nothingmuch: maybe you need some async { get_better() } ?
Juerd liz6: Then just the other thread gets better ;)
nothingmuch liz6: well, my skin around the eyes are swollen
liz6 $health : shared ? 18:07
nothingmuch so I'll need a blocking sem-put on that resource
Juerd Shared health. Hmmm... Interesting idea :)
nothingmuch till I can see well enough to read
liz6 nothingmuch: best wishes!
nothingmuch grazie
Juerd nothingmuch: Be careful to avoid deadlocks
nothingmuch goes to have a salt bath 18:08
Juerd nothingmuch: Have fun, and get well soon
nothingmuch thank you
stevan thinks justatheory is having a bad "net" day 18:10
Juerd justatheory: Please, fix whatever is wrong and stay. 18:11
eric256 is not sure that replaceing HTML::template bought him much speed.... 18:12
Juerd autrijus: You mention in your journal that you need more pause time for jokes and to digress less, but I think the quick jokes and digressions added to the overall (positive) feel of the presentation 18:14
justatheory Juerd: I would, but what's wrong is that a clipboard fell and cracked my PowerBook monitor. :-(
Juerd autrijus: I don't know if others would agree with me on this, though
justatheory: You say that as if it's unfixable
eric256: Have you profiled the thing yet?
justatheory Juerd: I say it as if it's a tragedy. And it is.
But I've been trying to get the laptop to use an external monitor, and kept going to sleep and waking up. Sorry 'bout that. 18:15
Khisanth hmm
eric256 i've never profiled any p6 code ;) 18:17
liz6 fetches autrijus for some dinner and will be back later
Juerd Whooo! 18:18
after all these years
a sticky drink in my keyboard
I thought it'd never happen
eric256 feather.perl6.nl:8027/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?topic=TesT 18:19
working pugs wiki....could be prettier. but it works! ;)
Juerd cdltbn56.epf r9ntc8gh b,4;ei jxr9lcntwh bmwcghtbwm jk23',a o;qj jk
y5f6piu bmnthbm w mx
sorry about that
It uses wiki syntax? That's unfortunate 18:20
PerlJam Juerd: unplug it and hose it down with de-ionized water and let it dry completely before using it again. This will minimize future stuck keys from latent sugar. 18:21
Juerd PerlJam: I think I'll just buy a new one. I should be using more ergonomical keyboards than this one anyway
I have no reason to believe any sticky substance has reached the membrane too 18:22
geoffb Goldtouch++, BTW
(If you're about to buy one)
Juerd And I have 40+ casing-and-keys-compatible keyboards in stock, so I can replace parts :) 18:23
goldtouch? /me googleth
geoffb www.goldtouch.com
eric256 Juerd. no. it doesn't use Wiki anything. lol. just linking between preformated pages. andyour the bastard you requested a wiki way back so be nice
r0nny yo
Juerd geoffb: Ah, I see. No, not what I had in mind.
eric256: Oh, I am nice! 18:24
geoffb: I like the kinesis-ergo "countered" keyboards.
geoffb I thought it was a bit odd at first, but man are my wrists happy to not be stuck with whatever stupid angle some KB designer thought was "average" 18:25
r0nny portages svn feature just rocks :) now i allways have a propper install from svn :)
eric256 what was taht kwid formating thing before?
geoffb (MS Natural KB)-- # Assuming all people are the same
Juerd I can't load goldtouch.com
Jooon eric256: more intutive pod format, and parsed differently
Juerd geoffb: It moves the strain to your shoulders if you're skinny/narrow 18:26
geoffb Juerd, hmmm, odd, it's printed right on the KB in friendly letters. :-) Lemme check
eric256 Jooon...i would need enoug info to implement it! ;)
Jooon eric256: wasn't my spec ok? :) ingy knows
r0nny darn - still erros on Prelude.pm
geoffb Juerd, you mean the MSNKB?
Juerd geoffb: With a kinesis keyboard, my wrists can be straight, and my shoulders natural (upper arms parallel with body)
eric256 google gives that address. but it never loads
Juerd geoffb: o 18:27
My key is't workig aymore
geoffb heh
r0nny does soneone know, where it installs prelude ?
Juerd Ah, I do't eed it ayway
r0nny i need to comment the pir line out for a test
Juerd You still kow what I'm sayig, right?
geoffb If you meant the goldtouch, someone gave me a great piece of advice once -- put the KB in your lap, almost shoved against your belt.
Juerd It's ot as if the is used really much, or aythig.
geoffb: I've used alike keyboards 18:28