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Set by audreyt on 17 October 2006.
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clkao audreyt: svk log --output stats 00:01
apply -l 100 or whatever you like
obra cool 00:03
audreyt clkao: obrigada 00:06
clkao not gado ? 00:07
audreyt curiously the gender is dependent on the one saying it
not the one receiving it
just discovered that today ;) 00:08
obra "I am obligated" 00:09
Now, how do you say "Don't shoot, I'm a table!" 00:11
cognominal Is there a short way in rules to say <thing>s separated, say, by comma 00:18
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cognominal this comes over and over. 00:18
audreyt well, there's four variants
sepBy, sepByEnd, sepBy1 and sepByEnd1 in parsec speak 00:19
Caelum hmm, the debian/ directory in svn is out of date, and the latest debian package in sid is 6.2.10
audreyt depending whether you want to match "foo," and "foo"
cognominal and in Perl6 speak?
[particle] <foo> [<', '> <foo>]* 00:20
audreyt the by-hand /<foo> [, <foo>]*/ is currently the only way I think
cognominal rule thinglist { [ <thing> [ \, <thing> ]* ]? } 00:21
this merits some huffmanization
apparently Parsec did it 00:22
...as you said
audreyt <sep(/,/, /thing/)> perhaps? 00:23
cognominal that you would be nice
probably a very good example of a rule as sub with parameters 00:24
[particle] agreed
audreyt I wonder if ws can autosep two or more rx params 00:26
<sep , <thing>>
would be very nice.
cognominal: p6l? :)
[particle] <thing :sep<,>> 00:27
cognominal my outgoing mail is out of order
audreyt that makes <thing> take param
according to S05 00:28
because : is also "commit" node
[particle] inside a rule name?
audreyt that turns into <thing(/: sep <,>/)>
cognominal rule sep(Rule separator, Rule separated, bool allowNone) { ... }
[particle] yep
audreyt yes, S05:676
[particle] so, can you specify what kind of regex you want inside another regex? 00:29
audreyt kind?
[particle] if <thing> is a token
<thing i'm a regex>
...passed to a token
hrmm 00:30
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[particle] <thing :sigspace testing 1 2 3> 00:30
audreyt *nod*
<thing :!sigspace moose>
[particle] that needs tests
audreyt that does 00:31
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cmarcelo audreyt: "fun" in -Ofun translates better imho as "divertimento".. 01:06
audreyt but that word is so long... 01:07
cmarcelo what about "diversão"? 01:09
[particle] audreyt: it's a big word, but it's maximum fun! 01:10
cmarcelo indeed :) 01:11
audreyt: have sketches of the slides yet? 01:12
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audreyt cmarcelo: sketches? yes 01:19
details, not at all
cmarcelo correction: imho fun => "diversão" :)
rather than "divertimento".. 01:20
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audreyt gotcha :) 01:31
cmarcelo audreyt: yay! I've just borrowed a macbook (with only 512mb, though) for the event. is GHC 6.6 working fine in OSX or should I go Linux?
eviltwin_b works fine on OSX/PPC, dunno about intel 01:32
audreyt 512 is quite sufficient 01:33
it's my main work machine so GHC should work Just Fine
just grab haskell.org/ghc/dist/6.6/ghc-6.6-i3...in.tar.bz2 and install 01:34
lambdabot tinyurl.com/y74lc3
audreyt this is great, that means we get to use subetha and other cool things
jrockway i think there's a GNOME equivalent of subethaedit around now
cmarcelo gobby
audreyt Gobby it is
cmarcelo subetha = free? 01:35
jrockway different protocol, though, I think
audreyt doesn't quite work on OSX here
jrockway subetha = no source code
eviltwin_b free for nmoncommercial use, closed source
audreyt gobby = doesn't build here :/
jrockway weird
audreyt I can always Parallel into Ubuntu or something 01:36
jrockway on intel/x86 + X11?
audreyt yes, but OSX
jrockway yeah, i meant OSX instead of x86 :(
audreyt a .dmg or .pkg build will be much appreciated...
jrockway heh, my OS X install DVD doesn't work anymore, so my powerbook is OpenBSD now :) 01:37
not quite as nice GUI-wise as OSX...
audreyt that's cool :)
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audreyt @tell fglock see you tomorrow :) 02:45
lambdabot Consider it noted.
audreyt &
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pasteling "ashleyb" at pasted "test that causes P::C::R to hang" (10 lines, 253B) at sial.org/pbot/20775 03:15
ashleyb what should I do with the previous test (it causes P::C::R to hang)?
seen fglock? 03:17
jabbot ashleyb: fglock was seen 6 hours 13 minutes 21 seconds ago
ashleyb @tell fglock the following test causes P::C::R to hang: sial.org/pbot/20775 -- how should I work it into the test suite? 03:18
lambdabot Consider it noted.
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svnbot6 r14564 | cmeyer++ | tests for &statement_control:<> 04:12
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davidfetter seen fglock 05:01
jabbot davidfetter: fglock was seen 7 hours 57 minutes 30 seconds ago
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svnbot6 r14565 | agentz++ | [util/smartlinks.pl] 06:18
r14565 | agentz++ | - added a link to my pugs.blogs.com post
r14565 | agentz++ | pugs.blogs.com/pugs/2006/09/check_smoke_res.html
lambdabot tinyurl.com/gdyy8
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svnbot6 r14566 | agentz++ | [t/README] 06:20
r14566 | agentz++ | - added links to the pugs.blogs.com posts
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svnbot6 r14567 | raptor++ | added range tests 06:33
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meppl guten morgen 06:49
svnbot6 r14568 | raptor++ | lowercasing lowecase string and UPPER case char-range. 06:51
root4o morgen ..... but it is night here ;)
davidfetter night here, too 06:52
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meppl good morning root4o 07:04
good night davedfetter
root4o meppl: how is the weather in germany? 07:08
meppl sunny, but a bit cold 07:12
that prediction is wrong: www.wetteronline.de/Bayern/Wuerzburg.htm 07:13
lambdabot tinyurl.com/ushjz
meppl wetter.rtl.de/deutschland/uebersich...=wuerzburg 07:15
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lambdabot Title: wetter.de, tinyurl.com/yk4f44 07:15
meppl says the same
perhaps that clouds are comings soon
now there are no clouds
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root4o last days it became colder here too...but at noon still is possible to be with t-shirt ;) 07:18
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meppl what scale unit do you use for temperatures? 07:21
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root4o Farenheit here , celsius at my home.... 07:22
eviltwin_b watches pugs do a complete rebuild
meppl so
do you live in the usa?
root4o these farenheits, inches and paunds...still can't become use to it ;) 07:23
meppl good morning eviltwin b
root4o at the moment yes
use = used 07:24
meppl yo 07:25
and the usa should use DINA4, instead of that "letter" asdf ;-> 07:26
eviltwin_b sometimes wishes the US would get a clue, but then he remembers that he too is a bit too canalized in Imperial units :)
root4o UK are using metric system, right ? 07:27
clkao most of the time 07:29
meppl i thought they use that pounds 07:30
eviltwin_b pounds as a unit of money, but they use grams for weight/mass these days 07:31
meppl for weight-mensuration
so, thats not the metric system
eviltwin_b pretty much only hears and reads grams/kilograms from them these days 07:32
I'm sure some older folks still use Imperial units
svnbot6 r14569 | raptor++ | added combined uc/lc test 07:36
root4o ?eval (1..5).chars
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evalbot_r14569 9 07:36
root4o why this gives : 9 !
revdiablo ?eval (1..5) 07:37
evalbot_r14569 (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
root4o aha it counts commas
revdiablo ?eval (1..5).elems
evalbot_r14569 5
root4o yeah, i know i wanted to see 'chars' ;) 07:38
what does .pick does on array and hashes ? ... picks random element , or ? 07:41
eviltwin_b ?eval (1..10).pick 07:49
evalbot_r14569 7
eviltwin_b ?eval (1..10).pick
evalbot_r14569 6
eviltwin_b ?eval {:a<b>, :c<d>, :e<f>}.pick
evalbot_r14569 ("e" => "f")
eviltwin_b ?eval {:a<b>, :c<d>, :e<f>}.pick
evalbot_r14569 ("c" => "d")
clkao seen audreyt 07:50
jabbot clkao: audreyt was seen 5 hours 4 minutes 45 seconds ago
eviltwin_b ?eval ~(1..5) 08:00
evalbot_r14569 "1 2 3 4 5"
eviltwin_b correct answer to the question about .chars :)
root4o ;) 08:02
miyagawa_ clkao: ping 08:04
clkao miyagawa_: pong
miyagawa_ what can I do to make svk co faster?
clkao miyagawa_: perlbal rocks
which operation
miyagawa_ checkout
I'm checking out plagger trunk
clkao checkout from already mirrored depot ? 08:05
miyagawa_ which takes 10 minutes wich CPU 100% usage
clkao so
can you run it with dprof and nopaste me the dprofpp?
it shouldn't be that slow
miyagawa_ ok
clkao but i am falling asleep soon 08:06
miyagawa_ it wasn't that slow
bu as the local mirrored repository grows, it gets really slow
I'll take a dprof
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root4o good night , all 08:21
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miyagawa_ clkao: it takes about 0.8 second for each file and directory 08:24
which makes checking out the whole plagger trunk take 30 minutes 08:25
clkao interesting. maybe it's fsfs being slow 08:26
it's using a lot of IO
miyagawa_ bulknews.net/tmp/tmon.out.gz 08:28
running dprofpp against it. might take forever :) 08:33
clkao 81.6 595.8 595.88 304426 0.0020 0.0020 Data::Hierarchy::_ancestors
haa haaaaaa
miyagawa_ interesting
kane-xs maybe even longer... maybe even.. till christmas
clkao svk co --purge ?
miyagawa_ done. 08:34
may i do it again?
clkao yep see if it's faster 08:35
miyagawa_ FYI, I did it and purged 3 checkouts
clkao not too much
but co shouldnt use that many ancestors
miyagawa_ running svk co again 08:36
hmm, might be a little faster. Just a little.
clkao ok
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clkao let me see tomorrow 08:37
must sleep
miyagawa_ does upgrading svk help?
clkao probably
miyagawa_ I'm using 1.08
FWIW plagger trunk has 834 files 08:44
clkao that's not too much 08:45
but remind me again tomorrow
or send me a hiveminder task
miyagawa_ %Time ExclSec CumulS #Calls sec/call Csec/c Name 08:50
83.1 370.0 370.01 245432 0.0015 0.0015 Data::Hierarchy::_ancestors
10.2 45.57 429.85 245432 0.0002 0.0018 Data::Hierarchy::get
3.97 17.67 451.96 1035 0.0171 0.4367 Data::Hierarchy::_remove_redundant
3 _properties_and_undefs
2.45 10.91 10.912 52920 0.0002 0.0002 Storable::dclone
(after svk co --purge)
sent as an email, too
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TSa HaloO 08:56
clkao miyagawa_: can you try trunk first. the code has been cleaned up a bit
miyagawa_ ok
clkao: upgraded to trunk and apparently it's much faster. 09:04
clkao cool! 09:05
miyagawa_ yeah, it's 170 sec now. 3 times faster ;) 09:08
%Time ExclSec CumulS #Calls sec/call Csec/c Name 09:09
85.0 131.1 131.13 245445 0.0005 0.0005 Data::Hierarchy::_ancestors
9.13 14.08 149.90 245445 0.0001 0.0006 Data::Hierarchy::get
2.92 4.500 155.70 1035 0.0043 0.1504 Data::Hierarchy::_remove_redundant
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miyagawa_ Hmm, Data::Hierarchy::_ancestors has a pretty good comment left 09:12
# XXX: could build cached pointer for fast traversal
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clkao but it shouldn't be called 245 thousand times 09:23
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dmq seen timtoady? 11:50
jabbot dmq: I havn't seen timtoady, dmq
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audreyt greetings lambdacamels 12:10
TSa HaloO audrey 12:11
audreyt TSa: heya
TSa public holiyday in southern Germany
audreyt cool 12:12
I'm writing a reply to mmd-draft.txt thread
TSa that's nice
you hardly post into p6l
what is the state of affairs with MMD 12:13
I've seen all these docs next to mmd-draft.txt
looks a bit unconclusive so far 12:14
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audreyt mmd-draft.txt subsumes them 12:15
reply sent 12:16
TSa I can look into it tomorrow at work 12:17
but we can discuss the voting now if you like
audreyt sure 12:18
so consider the easy case 12:19
where there's no semicolons
TSa the unclear part is the score cards that every target keeps
Ok, I'm with you
audreyt the score cards is really two Sets
the Voting Set and the Qualified Set
in other words each variant carries two Bool 12:20
TSa sets of targets that is
audreyt for each variant
so consider
:(Str, Int) # M1
:(Int, Str) # M2
TSa OK 12:21
audreyt because there's no semicolons, everybody's Voting Set and Qualified Set are guaranteed to be same
audreyt now consider
\("moose", 123) 12:22
the first step is consider "compatible"
i.e. whether M1 and M2 can both handle the args
TSa OK, that's Str, Int 12:23
so M2 is out
audreyt suppose "moose" can't be handled by Int, M2 is out
there is _no_ voting
so far so good?
TSa OK, easy so far
audreyt :(Dog, Animal) # M1
:(Animal, Dog) # M2
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audreyt suppose we have 12:23
\($fido, $fido) # Dog, Dog 12:24
and Does isa Animal
0th round: compatibility check
both are compatible
then voting begins
again, VotingSet and QualifiedSet are the same for M1, M2 12:25
initialling VS={M1, M2}, QS={M1, M2}
audreyt at position 1, "A qualified variant whose parameter type is not at least as narrow as 12:26
that of each voting variant is disqualified."
which means we compare each of QS with all of VS
for position 1
audreyt obviously, M2 in QS loses to M1 in VS
TSa agreed
audreyt so the system process says: "everyone who has M1 in their VS, now remove M2 from their QS" 12:27
here "everyone" is M1, M2
so now VS={M1, M2} QS={M1}
makes some sense?
TSa yes, sorry was afk 12:28
audreyt VS-of-M1={M1,M2}, QS-of-M1={M1} ; VS-of-M2={M1,M2}, QS-of-M2={M1} 12:29
audreyt but since there's no semicolon, we don't need really to write of-M1 and of-M2
TSa why not?
ahh they are the same 12:30
audreyt because the worldviews differ only when semi are encountered in different places
but anyway. let's go to position 2
audreyt at pos2, "A qualified variant whose parameter type is not at least as narrow as that of each voting variant is disqualified."
again, we compare each of QS with all of VS
for position 2
audreyt which emans we compare M1 to both M1 and M2 12:31
curiously, M1 in QS loses to M2 in VS
so the system process says: "everyone who has M2 in their VS, now remove M1 from their QS"
so now, VS={M1, M2} QS={}
audreyt ok so far?
now we go to position
TSa yes 12:32
audreyt 3
but there is no position 3
so the decision process terminates
we tally the QS to see if there's one item left
but it's a zero set
TSa and we have an ambiguity
audreyt so the system fails with "ambiguity"
now consider 12:33
:(Dog ; Animal) # M
audreyt :(Animal ; Dog) # M2
the semis align, so again world views will be the same
\($fido, $fido)
0 - compatibility check - all pass 12:34
audreyt VS={M1, M2}, QS={M1, M2}
1 - Removal of M2 from QS
audreyt VS={M1,M2}, QS={M1}
TSa clear
audreyt "When a variant encounters a single semicolon in its own signature, all
non-qualified variants on its own score card, only, are marked as also
TSa hmm 12:35
12:35 theorb is now known as theorbtwo
audreyt which means VS = intersection(VS,QS) 12:35
so at the semi after pos 1
both variant change their VS 12:36
VS={M1}, QS={M1}
makes sense?
TSa the transfer from the wording to the intersection is difficult 12:37
how come to intersect QS and VS at the semicolon pso 12:38
audreyt ok. the wording says, when semicolon is seen
we take complement of QS
i.e. the set of non-qualified
TSa ahh
audreyt and subtract it from VS 12:39
TSa that's {M2} here
audreyt which is like, intersection
TSa OK, got it
audreyt good. now at pos2
we compare each of QS with all of VS
{M1} doesn't lose to {M1}
nothing happens
so we are at the end 12:40
unambiguous win
yay :)
TSa OK, that was homogenous cases so far
audreyt yes. no consider
:(Dog, Animal) # M1 12:41
:(Animal; Dog) # M2
can you go through the process as an exercise now? :)
TSa 0 both qualify