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Set by diakopter on 9 July 2007.
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pugs_svnbot r16967 | lwall++ | trunk: 01:07
: [Std] use spiffy new infix matchers for regex parsing.
diff: dev.pugscode.org/changeset/16967
lambdabot Title: Changeset 16967 - Pugs - Trac
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pasteling "evalbot_r16966" at pasted "Pugs build failure" (6 lines, 278B) at sial.org/pbot/26194 01:09
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pugs_svnbot r16968 | lwall++ | trunk: 01:15
: [STD] and also parse the new forms, duh...
diff: dev.pugscode.org/changeset/16968
lambdabot Title: Changeset 16968 - Pugs - Trac
diakopter TimToady: I dunno if you got my @message[0] from a few days after yapc (b/c lambdabot was being attacked) - but I thought I'd remind you about the .keys method on an enum array 01:18
which someone asked about during your/damian's talk
TimToady ah, right 01:22
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devbot6 planet6: Dive Into Perl 6: Operating with operators <diveintoperl6.blogspot.com/2007/07/...s.html> 01:42
lambdabot diveintoperl6.blogspot.com/2007/07/...s.html>
diakopter lambdabot: nice. 01:44
thoughtpolice lambdabot failing? impossible 01:45
Aankhen`` LOL.
thoughtpolice :> 01:46
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thoughtpolice i had no idea this channel had a bot for planet6 01:48
you learn something new all the time 01:49
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Aankhen`` thoughtpolice: Only if you keep an open mind. ;-) 01:49
thoughtpolice: Do you read XKCD?
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Aankhen`` thoughtpolice: By the way, your HTML encoding seems to have gone wild on the first code snippet. I see this: (1 &amp;amp;amp;amp;amp; 2 & 3 & 4 & 5) 01:50
thoughtpolice Aankhen``: sometimes. i don't browse web comics as much as I'd like to these days (8-bit theatre was my favorite) 01:51
Aankhen``: thanks. so far my experiances with blogger have proven to be notorious in terms of putting things like code in your posts. :/
Aankhen`` :-\ 01:52
thoughtpolice namely, the compose mode seems to be the issue
Aankhen`` See www.xkcd.com/c242.html if you haven't already.
lambdabot Title: xkcd - A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language - By Randall Munroe
thoughtpolice it randomly likes to do things like take away line breaks
Aankhen`` Ouch.
thoughtpolice yeah. not too much fun. 01:53
so far the problems have proven to be fairly minor though
Aankhen`` That's why I don't have a journal or anything where I post regularly. I don't want to use anything that's out there already, and I don't feel like writing my own. :-)
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diakopter I dunno if anyone noticed, but I added a new .xslt for pugs' Subversion repo.. svn.pugscode.org/pugs/ and so on 01:53
Aankhen`` .xslt? 01:54
diakopter stands for...
Aankhen`` Oh, whoa, I didn't realize it was an XML file.
That looks really nice!
diakopter purl: xslt?
buubot: xslt?
Aankhen`` Yes, I know what XSLT is. I just wasn't sure how it applied to the SVN repository. :-)
diakopter buu: xslt?
I figured...
Aankhen`` I like it.
diakopter now to modify it to link back to trac and/or SVN::Web's versions of the same 01:55
Aankhen`` I'm not sure the border-bottom on hover is a good idea, though.
IMO, it would look nicer with alternating background colours and/or a separate background colour on hover. 01:56
thoughtpolice Aankhen``++ # fixed html-dumbness
Aankhen`` ^_^
thoughtpolice diakopter: looks nice. 01:57
Aankhen`` diakopter: Another thing that might be nice is to put `display: block` on the directories/folders. 01:58
That is, put `display: block;` on the `a` elements surrounding them.
(And anything else surrounding the `a` element that might need to be a block element too in order to accommodate it.)
Aankhen`` sighs. 01:59
Checking out Pugs takes a while. :-)
I think it's been about ten minutes so far.
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Aankhen`` I'm about to check the Synopses, but in case anyone knows the answer: are `if` and `else` expressions or statements? 02:00
I think this was mentioned recently in here, but I can't remember what the answer was. 02:02
Though I have a sneaking suspicion that it was along the lines of "they're still statements because otherwise it would cause confusion with the statement modifiers".
Hum. I guess they're statements. 02:04
Yay, Pugs still being checked out.
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daxim I just released my first module. high 5! (or 6) 02:09
Aankhen`` Congrats!
Alias_ Welcome to CPAN daxim 02:10
daxim I used the pause id already longer, for bug reports on RT 02:11
Alias_ Doesn't count :)
daxim ah well :)
Alias_ Submitting to RT just makes you a rabble rouser :) 02:12
Aankhen`` Rouse the rabble! 02:13
Jeez. `svn co` still in progress. 02:15
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Aankhen`` Further updates as we receive information. 02:15
diakopter Aankhen``: hrm 02:17
Aankhen`` Ot 02:20
It's probably something to do with my laptop.
Vista appears to be a major resource hog.
diakopter Aankhen``: are you checking out via svk or svn? and using https or not? 02:22
Aankhen`` SVN, http.
diakopter I just started a fresh checkout; we'll see who wins :D 02:23
Aankhen`` CURSE YOU
[particle] vista ain't half bad with four cpus :)
Aankhen`` [particle]: Laptop with single dual-core CPU and Vista = not so hot. 02:24
Wait, that's incorrect.
It's actually = a little too hot.
diakopter Aankhen``: finished 02:25
Aankhen`` It's interesting to note that probably my favourite part of Vista is the set of new fonts.
diakopter: Still going. :-(
Consolas is a fantastic fixed-width font (being used in the logs, for reference), and Cambria is a beautiful serif font. 02:26
Firefox + Stylish = Wikipedia using Cambria = lovely.
thoughtpolice oi
diakopter Aankhen``: disable indexing for pugs/../ and below... then add an exception for your antivirus for pugs/../ and below... then add an exception for Windows Defender for svn
thoughtpolice looks like I'm going to have to compile erlang from a tarball. :( darn you pkgsrc! 02:27
Aankhen`` diakopter: Aha, it's probably the indexing.
Thanks for reminding me.
diakopter Consolas in iTerm looks great on the mac. if only iTerm's 'use option/alt as "Meta"' actually worked when using UTF-8. 02:28
Aankhen`` diakopter: Would you happen to know how to disable indexing for a particular folder? 02:29
I can't seem to find anything in either the Indexing Options or the folder options.
diakopter folder properties...
check apply to all children 02:30
Aankhen`` Oooh, right, it's in the "Advanced" file attributes.
diakopter I didn't pass 12 MS cert tests for nothing... <orly?> 02:31
Aankhen`` Twelve MS cert tests?!
[particle] technologies expire. 02:32
diakopter why not!? they're only $125/pop!
Aankhen`` Yes, but why start?
diakopter heh
this was eons ago
er, epochs ago
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diakopter TimToady: any ideas for the enumArray.keys? 02:36
Aankhen`` Uh, weird. 02:37
pugs_svnbot: REPORT request failed on '/pugs/!svn/vcc/default'
pugs_svnbot: REPORT of '/pugs/!svn/vcc/default': 200 OK (svn.pugscode.org)
80,69658662A pugs\misc\old_pugs_perl5_backend\Perl6-MetaModel\t\19_CLASS.t
80,69658662svn: REPORT request failed on '/pugs/!svn/vcc/default'
80,69658662svn: REPORT of '/pugs/!svn/vcc/default': 200 OK (svn.pugscode.org)
What the heck?
Sorry for the spam.
diakopter cleanses the logs... (j/k) 02:39
Aankhen`` Hehe.
diakopter hrm
I had a similar error to that a few days ago. 02:40
re: *..0 # -infinity to 0 02:42
how does one represent -infinity to 10? *..0..10 ?
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[particle] -Inf..10 i suspect 02:49
diakopter oh
Aankhen`` I totally knew that.
Like, totally.
(Still running `svn co`, BTW.) 02:50
I think it's been an hour.
Limbic_Region salutations all
Aankhen`` Greetings, o ye of the region limbic.
diakopter I guess x..y..z isn't implemented in pugs. but is it specified? 02:52
[particle] i don't think so. a Range is *..* 02:53
x..y..z is ERETARDO # twisting a phrase from MJD 02:54
Aankhen`` *..* :by(1/Inf) 02:55
diakopter someone's supposed to tell me that x..y..z simplifies to x..z ;)
[particle] only timtoady can tell you that, and that he hasn't put it in the spec yet :)
Aankhen`` No. We're not your nannies!
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Limbic_Region calls it a night 03:01
diakopter calls it a spade 03:07
Aankhen`` calls it a wuss. 03:08
Alias_ calls Aankhen`` a wuss. 03:09
Aankhen`` cries.
avar hush now baby baby don't you cry 03:14
spinclad momma gonna sing you a lullaby 03:20
... and if that rocking horse get broke
momma gonna call it a night
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diakopter Perl for Proles 03:45
Aankhen`` stabbity stabs avar.
avar urgh? 03:46
Aankhen`` I was hoping for something more along the lines of "[sound of dying]".
diakopter sounds like 'urgh' when dying 03:47
Aankhen`` If that holds true for avar too, then I retract my previous statement.
avar stabs diakopter to verify
diakopter urghs 03:48
diakopter dies
avar makes a note
diakopter question for anyone who's awake: what CMS, web app platform, wiki (ugh), blogroll, or everything-ish[, or no] software should run on perlsix.com,org,net? and what content should go in it (if any)? 03:51
spinclad doesn't know except let it run in Perl 6 someday 03:53
(helpful, i know)
Patterner TWiki, what else? :) 03:55
diakopter points them to feather for now 03:59
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thoughtpolice diakopter: what'll the site's purpose serve? analogous to perl.org, or is a perl6 'official site' just kind of a rough sketch right now? 04:29
diakopter thoughtpolice: that's my question 04:30
thoughtpolice diakopter: hm. i dunno, a wiki would be a viable solution (dokuwiki?) 04:32
there's also things like plone if you're into that kind of stuff
diakopter I think the question of "official implementation" is open to debate. I think the question of "official distribution" [incl libraries] of any successful-testsuite-smoking implementation is open to debate.
therefore, "official site" will by definition be a misnomer 04:34
thoughtpolice fair enough. how's about "center of the universe"? :> 04:35
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diakopter It seems to me that [one of ]TimToady's goal[s] for Perl_6_The_Language has been for it to be descriptive over decretive. Not only is there more than one way to do it, there's now *every* [known ]way to do it. 04:44
TimToady There's Not Many Ways Not To Do It! 04:46
diakopter Once a single implementation definitively smokes the test suite, Perl_6_The_Implementation will only exist until someone adds their own libs to the distribution and redistributes it. Then, there will be many Perl_6_An_Implementation/Distribution. 04:47
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TimToady works for linux... 04:48
bingoxXx Hi can anybody help me with this? Can't locate Parse/RecDescent.pm in @INC
I have already installed the required rpms
diakopter Look harder in @INC?
bingoxXx how to do that?
I'm a newbie..
diakopter what program is erroring that? 04:49
.oO(why would perl 6 need Parse::RecDescent?)
bingoxXx thats a demo program for parsing 04:50
amnesiac but why on Perl6? 04:51
bingoxXx Its actually perl 5.8.8
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amnesiac and why are you looking for that in a perl6 channel? 04:51
try out #perl
diakopter that's T-Christmas too early of a version
TimToady ah, this is #perl6, so we were naturally a bit confused... 04:52
bingoxXx ok.. but berfore leaving can somebosy tell me how perl6 is different?
amnesiac TimToady, TheDamian should port that to p6!
agentzh bingoxXx: Parse::RecDescent is cool, but I think you may want to take a look at Pugs::Compiler::Rule :)
TimToady bingoxXx: Perl 6 regexes are rather more powerful than P::R
agentzh bingoxXx: which is a Perl 6 regex engine written for Perl 5 developers. 04:53
diakopter leaves as a conifer after someone else explains
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bingoxXx agentzh: does Pugs comes built in? 04:53
agentzh bingoxXx: hmm?
diakopter but wait, there's more! Pugses in the trunk!
bingoxXx or I have to look for the required rpms?
agentzh has no idea what the built-in means in this context. 04:54
TimToady perl 6 is still in development
you're unlikely to find an rpm for it
agentzh bingoxXx: See search.cpan.org/perldoc?Pugs::Compiler::Grammar
id_sonic hi, I want to subscribe [email@hidden.address] but I can not.
bingoxXx ok, thanks a lot guys
lambdabot Title: Pugs::Compiler::Grammar - Compiler for Perl 6 Grammars - search.cpan.org
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TimToady we're not very practical here... 04:54
id_sonic I have sent two mails..
diakopter id_sonic: what makes you think you cannot? 04:55
TimToady the last message to that mailing list was June 22
id_sonic diakopter: I don't know.
agentzh bingoxXx: p6 regex may look a bit more verbose than P::RD, but the match object is really handy.
TimToady perl6-language has more traffic, as does perl6-internals 04:56
most of the pugs development happens here though
diakopter id_sonic: did those two emails bounce back to you?
.oO( Pugs::Compiler::Grammar is very P::RD-ish ;) )
diakopter guesses that the subscribe confirmation emails got caught in id_sonic's spam filter, or vice versa 05:00
id_sonic TimToady: all of them not bounce back me.
agentzh heh, bingoxXx may think 5.8.8 is very "close" to 6.0.0 :) 05:02
id_sonic I'll try again, dinner time, see you, bye.
diakopter it would be, except in our diradic numeropathy, the inner base is uncountable. 05:06
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diakopter anyone here attending oscon this year? 05:25
oh, and, is there a SotO talk?
me: "what does Perl stand for?" my wife the med student: "pupils equal, round, reactive to light" 05:30
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dduncan diakopter, I'd luv to, but can't afford it this year 05:40
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Alias_ heh 05:51
diakopter, it's also a singaporean/malaysian instance coffee targetted at women
diakopter pBracketing characters are defined as any Unicode characters with either bidirectional mirrorings...q 05:52
oh, bidirectional. 05:53
got it.
mmm instance coffee 05:54
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moritz re 06:20
diakopter reyo 06:22
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diakopter TimToady: what's the argument against making subs implicitly multi? 06:47
moritz diakopter: I think it makes it harder to detect accidential redefinition of a sub 06:48
diakopter well hopefully it couldn't be *too* accidental, I mean, if the signatures are identical, the compiler can squawk...? 06:51
are you imagining accidental redefinition via accidental reuse of a sub's name for another purpose, or accidental reimplementation of the same sub? 06:53
moritz yes ;)
both, actually
Aankhen`` moritz: Hi. 06:54
moritz hi Aankhen`` ;) 06:55
Aankhen`` moritz: Would it be a problem to use HTML::CalendarMonth instead of HTML::Calendar::Simple in index.pl?
diakopter ok, the latter is detectable as I said above (and seems to me, the compiler must die b/c it doesn't know which to run), but the former is just plain not detectable, but seems to me that is extremely rare.
moritz Aankhen``: I think I tried it, and it doesn't produce valid xhtml :(
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thoughtpolice hey moritz 06:55
Aankhen`` moritz: Hmm, I didn't realize.
moritz hey thoughtpolice ;) 06:56
Aankhen`` apathetically shakes a fist at people who don't validate.
moritz Aankhen``: wait, I tried HTML::CalendarMonthSimple
Aankhen`` moritz: I checked ::CalendarMonth, it doesn't seem to produce valid HTML either.
moritz Aankhen``: why do you want to get away from the current solution? not enough class="..." tags? *g* 06:58
Aankhen`` Hehe.
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Aankhen`` ::CalendarMonth seemed to have a few useful tricks at first glance, but on closer inspection it isn't all that great. 06:59
moritz thoughtpolice++ # yet another cool diveintoperl6 post
thoughtpolice moritz: ty. :) 07:01
diakopter @tell TimToady in fact, all built-in methods and operators need to be multi, since they are all extensible... so why not make everything implicitly multi? How about a negator for that flag, instead: 'lone' or 'solo' or 'only' or 'single'. Backlog to here for further context/discussion. 07:02
lambdabot Consider it noted.
Aankhen`` HTML-- # it just sucks, okay? 07:03
thoughtpolice agreed
@karma html
lambdabot html has a karma of 0
thoughtpolice appropriate. :)
Aankhen`` HTML-- # needs more negative karma
@karma html
lambdabot html has a karma of 0
Aankhen`` @karma HTML 07:04
lambdabot HTML has a karma of -2
diakopter markup-- escaping--
thoughtpolice internets--
Aankhen`` diakopter: Those aren't what I have a problem with.
I hate the futility of "semantic HTML".
Aankhen`` checks himself in mid-rant and goes off to watch some cartoons.
s/ in//
moritz Aankhen``: at least xhtml2 will have semantic navigation lists 07:05
Aankhen``: and a href= attribute for every tag
diakopter Aankhen``: okay, but if you look for futility, you will endlessly find it to be endless.
Aankhen``: however, I get eye-roll-y at semantic html insisters. 07:09
moritz I use semantic HTML as long as it's pragmatic as well 07:10
but I don't mind using a few <div>s solely for layout purposes
diakopter er, I once did, back when I was making browser apps 07:11
I once [got eye-roll-], I mean
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thoughtpolice @karma thoughtpolice 07:17
lambdabot You have a karma of 4
thoughtpolice nice
in any case, sleep. night all.
diakopter l8r thoughtpolice
thoughtpolice --status=sleepings
later diakopter
moritz sleep well ;)
diakopter thoughtpolice++
moritz it's 9am here ;) 07:18
thoughtpolice moritz: 2am here
diakopter it's 2:17am here
thoughtpolice me and diakopter live in the same time zone as each other. we should hang out, we have so much in common.
okay, really though. sleeeep.
diakopter heh 07:25
I grew up in TX. assuming I'm actually "grown up". 07:26
moritz can somebody tell me what '黄望秋' means?
diakopter sees three question marks 07:27
moritz diakopter: then you have broken utf-8 support or missing fonts ;)
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diakopter yeah... 07:28
moritz probably the latter
diakopter no
moritz you can look into the web irc logs, there it's correct utf-8 in any case 07:29
diakopter i know; thanks :)
moritz anyway, I have no idea what these three graphs mean, I just came across them in my apache log files, somebody searched for this string and found my site ;) 07:32
so now I'm curious
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agentzh moritz: 黄望秋 seems to a person's name :) 07:34
pugs_svnbot r16969 | moritz++ | trunk:
: [perlhint]
: * renamed P6Explain to perlhint
: * added more data
: * added a small p5 parser
diff: dev.pugscode.org/changeset/16969
lambdabot Title: Changeset 16969 - Pugs - Trac
moritz agentzh: ok, thanks
agentzh moritz: a Chinese person, it seems.
moritz: you're welcome :)
moritz then it was probably mentioned somewhere in the logs, or google just went beserk for no reason ;) 07:35
agentzh interesting
heh, google returns a lot of results while searching 黄望秋 ;) 07:36
@google 黄望秋 07:37
lambdabot news.sina.com.cn/c/216698.html
Title: 􏿽xD4􏿽xDA􏿽xB1􏿽xB1􏿽xBE􏿽xA9􏿽xB0􏿽xF3􏿽xBC􏿽xDC􏿽xD3􏿽xD7ͯ􏿽xB5􏿽xC4􏿽xD7ﷸ􏿽xBB􏿽xC6􏿽xCD􏿽xFB􏿽xC7􏿽xEFһ􏿽xC9􏿽xF3􏿽xB1􏿽xBB􏿽xC5􏿽xD0􏿽xB4􏿽xA6􏿽xCB􏿽xC0􏿽xD0􏿽xCC
agentzh Oh, this page is in GB2312
moritz and it will totally break the logs again ;) 07:38
agentzh *nod*
pasteling "evalbot_r16968" at pasted "Pugs build failure" (6 lines, 278B) at sial.org/pbot/26198 07:39
agentzh moritz: btw, occasionally audreyt may paste some Big5 chars here ;)
which is the encoding used in .tw
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moritz agentzh: what I could do is to dump some of the database and build testcases with that data... 07:41
agentzh moritz: that's a great idea!
what i need is just the raw data :)
but anyway, have to go back to $work now ;) later &
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moritz @tell agentzh moritz.faui2k3.org/tmp/irclog.sql.bz2 should contain all you need 07:42
lambdabot Consider it noted.
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diakopter Alias_: ping 07:54
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Alias_ pong 07:58
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diakopter Alias_: what happened to freepan.org? seems to be spammed 08:05
alexe hi,all. How can i use eval to run some code in a constant?
moritz ?eval my $s = "say 'foo'"; eval $s; 08:07
08:07 evalbot_r16959 is now known as evalbot_r16969
evalbot_r16969 OUTPUT[foo␤] Bool::True 08:07
Alias_ freepan? what's that? 08:09
diakopter dunno, someplace there used to be an /repos/adamk dir
Alias_ there did? :) 08:10
My repository is currently at svn.ali.as/cpan
lambdabot Title: Revision 1925: /
diakopter svn.pugscode.org/pugs/ext/Config-Ti...ig/Tiny.pm
Alias_ P6 Config::Tiny still gives me a chuckle
From like the third day after pugs got module support 08:12
Audrey wanted some example modules that were small and self-contained, cause you could to "use" yet
So I just pasted them into the repository and forgot all about it
diakopter har 08:14
pugs_svnbot r16970 | Darren_Duncan++ | trunk: 08:29
: ext/Muldis-DB/ : updated mainly Core.pod to flesh out nonscalar type descs and add an initial complement of global, boolean, integer, and type-convert operators
diff: dev.pugscode.org/changeset/16970
lambdabot Title: Changeset 16970 - Pugs - Trac
beppu Does pugs support coroutines like the Coro module? search.cpan.org/dist/Coro/ 08:36
lambdabot Title: Marc Lehmann / Coro - search.cpan.org
beppu If so, does it have an asynchronous socket implementation like Coro::Socket? 08:37
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masak moritz: I just want to say I like your idea with the p6 syntax explainer 09:07
marking up Perl-6.0.0-STD.pm sounds like a double win to me 09:08
Aankhen`` ?eval sub foo { yield 1; yield 2; }; [ foo, foo, foo ] 09:24
09:24 evalbot_r16969 is now known as evalbot_r16970
evalbot_r16970 Error: cannot yield() from a routine 09:24
Aankhen`` Hmm.
masak ?eval coro foo { yield 1; yield 2; }; [ foo, foo, foo ]
evalbot_r16970 [1, 2, 1]
Aankhen`` Oh. 09:25
Let's pretend I said that in the first place. :-P
masak :)
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masak glad to help 09:25
moritz masak: good to know 09:26
masak moritz: further, I doubt showing docs for user-added ops will be very easy to implement 09:27