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Set by TimToady on 25 November 2008.
TimToady but is essentially a positional rather than a named argument to the trait 00:00
so have to think about what using up positional args for that means long term 00:01
ruoso hmm... I see... 00:02
the trait could have a (*@tags, *%tags) signature
TimToady and then what if you want *@aliases or some such? 00:03
ruoso aliases at the "is export" side?
TimToady who knows what people will want someday?
ruoso I know... 00:04
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ruoso TimToady, wasn't export(:DEFAULT) supposed to be parsed as a capture? 00:10
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cspencer should 'A'..'C':by(0.5) produce AABBCC or AABBC? 00:34
masak cspencer: AABBC
cspencer cool, thanks :) 00:35
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GitHub131 perl6-examples: 3David Romano 07master0 SHA1-6e427f5 00:36
[euler] Added solutions for 1,4,5
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eric2561 rakudo: ('A'..^'D') 01:01
p6eval rakudo 34727: OUTPUT«sh: ./parrot: No such file or directory␤»
eric2561 rakudo: ('A'..^'D').perl
p6eval rakudo 34727: OUTPUT«sh: ./parrot: No such file or directory␤»
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ruoso happy new year to you all! 01:10
masak happy new year!
2009 -- the year of Perl 6. 01:11
avar for 9 consequtive years 01:12
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eric2561 avar++ 01:33
eric2561 thinks masaks just hanging around to get the most out of new years ;) 01:34
watching monks from every timezone come along
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masak eric2561: of course. isn't everybody? :) 01:34
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masak rakudo: my @a = 1,2,3,4; @a[0,1] >>+=<< @a[2,3]; say @a 01:50
p6eval rakudo 34727: OUTPUT«sh: ./parrot: No such file or directory␤»
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masak rakudo: my @a = 1,2,3,4; @a[0,1] >>+=<< @a[2,3]; say @a 02:01
p6eval rakudo 34727: OUTPUT«sh: ./parrot: No such file or directory␤»
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masak ok, here's the thing: I'd very much like fireworks in Perl 6 for this new year. 02:33
I've written half a script. it's here: 02:34
I'm pretty sure it's reasonably correct (i.e. it should be printing fireworks)
but on my computer, it segfaults.
any idea why? is it leaky memory? do I do something out-of-bounds somewhere? 02:35
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pugs_svn r24716 | unobe++ | [t/spec]: S05 - Moved some capturing tests and added a few 04:01
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eric2561 happy new year! ;) missed by 45 minutes but i'm early for CA ;) 07:44
mberends happy new year, eric256[12]{0,1} ! ;) 07:48
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azawawi Happy new year for Perl6 08:08
mberends is sure 2009 will have the Perl 6 Christmas we are longing for 08:20
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pugs_svn r24717 | azawawi++ | [S::H::P6] updated to version 0.02962... Releasing to CPAN 08:49
r24717 | azawawi++ | [S::H::P6] requires latest versions of Moose and YAML::Syck
r24717 | azawawi++ | [S::H::P6] latest moose fixes win32 Class::MOP installation problems
r24718 | azawawi++ | [S::H::P6] Fixed license to perl and made some pod fixes 08:55
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pmurias ruoso: t/knowhow.t broke 11:37
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pmurias fixed it 11:57
ruoso too 11:58
pmurias at least it's only 2 duplicated chars ;) 12:00
ruoso I'll revert my changes, and set a prototype in let
pugs_svn r24719 | pmurias++ | [mildew] fixed tiny error which broke knowhows 12:01
pmurias ruoso: you mean a let($$) ?
ruoso yeah 12:02
pmurias make test takes too long 12:03
ruoso indeed... 12:04
rewriting m0ld in p5 using SMOP xs would make it faster ;)
pmurias marginaly
pugs_svn r24720 | pmurias++ | [mildew] removed debugging statements
ruoso pmurias, gcc takes a long time also 12:05
we would gain that time
pmurias once i finish p5 integration support we could rewritte m0ld in p6 12:07
ruoso that'd be cool
I've been thinking about "is export(:DEFAULT)" 12:09
is a trait something that is callable? 12:10
pmurias traits are roles 12:12
see S12:1397
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ruoso so 'is export' calls trait_auxiliary:is($export, $sub; ...) 12:18
and here we reach multis again 12:19
and more than that... we also reach semilist 12:20
azawawi ruoso: hi 12:24
ruoso: what's are exact steps to build mildew? im thinking of integrating it with Padre. 12:25
pmurias make in v6/smop 12:26
azawawi pastes error 12:27
pasteling "azawawi" at pasted "make in v6/smop errors" (10 lines, 645B) at 12:28
pmurias strange 12:30
azawawi on feather1
pmurias seems a ccache error 12:31
azawawi i noticed ;-) 12:32
pmurias azawawi: you use feather for development? 12:35
azawawi yeah
setting $ENV{CCACHE_DIR} has no effect on 'make' 12:37
ruoso azawawi, now *that*'s an unusual error message 12:38
azawawi deleted smop and svn up again and then make and same result... 12:41
ruoso azawawi, I doubt it to be related to smop itself 12:43
seems more like a condition in your working environment
azawawi anyone on feather1 to test it?
ruoso pmurias, I think I know I way to simplify multi 12:44
we allow the ACCEPTS code to throw a ControlExceptionPerfectSignatureMatch 12:45
azawawi not fair ;-)
ruoso I think next thing on SMOP ROADMAP is "multi" and "semilist" 12:47
this should allow us implementing "is export" correctly
azawawi i think i have an old ccache on feather1... what's your ccache --version? 12:49
2.3 here
pmurias azawawi: i don't have ccache 12:50
ruoso er... neither do I
azawawi aha we're getting somewhere
ruoso pmurias, probably we need to disable ccache in SConstruct somehw
azawawi interesting so scons is the culprit here 12:55
scons v1.0.0.r3266 on feather1 12:58
ruoso we need to disable ccache in SConstruct 12:59
azawawi take a look at this
i think i got it
ruoso azawawi, feel free to commit on v6/smop 13:00
azawawi worked ;-)
azawawi $_2009++
but still there are errors... 13:02
no pcl.h 13:03
moritz_ pmurias: what stops me from commiting is that I don't have any internet connection on the machine where I have my svn changes
good day, and happy new year to all of you!
azawawi moritz_: hey!
pugs_svn r24721 | azawawi++ | [smop] ccache now finds $HOME 13:05
moritz_ azawawi: how are you?
azawawi great
moritz_ man, this is annoying, I have roughly 4k lines to submit, and about +150 passing tests for rakudo
literal nice 13:06
put it on an usb key and transfer to an online computer? :P
azawawi moritz_: lol, dont svn revert by mistake ;-)
moritz_ as well as a few additions to S29, and the removal of mention of .pos in S02
literal: problem is, svn diff | patch -p0 doesn't reproduce file moves in a coherent manner 13:07
as well as propsets
literal moritz_: you can copy the working copy dir
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pmurias azawawi: re pcl.h you need libpcl 13:08
azawawi moritz_: can u plz install libpcl? # pretty plz 13:09
moritz_: sudo aptitude install libpcl1-dev # i think 13:11
azawawi feels pretty stupid asking moritz_ to do that... ;-) 13:12
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azawawi moritz_: and YAML::Syck can be upgraded to 1.05 through aptitude 13:13
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moritz_ azawawi: sorry, I can't, I don't know my feather password, and the machine on which the ssh keys are has no internet access atm :( 13:14
but there might be other feather admins around
azawawi np
enjoy your holiday ;-)
btw, i noticed that github sent out some colored irc but it didnt generate much noise on your irc log 13:15
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moritz_ I think colours are stripped in the logs 13:17
Juerd 14:11 < azawawi> moritz_: sudo aptitude install libpcl1-dev # i think 13:19
Er, ongoing
moritz_ gone again & 13:24
azawawi wow, thx, Juerd++ 13:26
ruoso: it works now 13:27
pmurias ruoso: what methods on an interpreter are guaranted not to recurse 13:36
ruoso pmurias, well... 13:39
continuation, goto,
loop and eval certainly recurses
azawawi, now that you have SMOP, you can just go into v6/mildew and "make test" 13:40
you probably need to 'make' in src/perl6
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azawawi i always build STD... i tried make test and then i got Data::Streamer not found something 13:41
but im there; gonna try it soon
any plans to package it as a cpan module?
mildew: say 'hello'; 13:43
p6eval mildew: OUTPUT«Could not find variable &say in the lexical scope.␤»
pmurias mildew: $OUT.print('hello')
p6eval mildew: OUTPUT«hello»
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azawawi pmurias: so how much of perl6 is implemented in mildew? 13:44
mildew: my $x = 10; $x++;
p6eval mildew: OUTPUT«Can't locate object method "emit_m0ld" via package "VAST::Autoincrement" at src/VAST/ line 57.␤»
azawawi mildew: my $x = 10; $x = $x + 1; 13:45
p6eval mildew: OUTPUT«Can't locate object method "emit_m0ld" via package "VAST::Additive" at src/VAST/ line 10.␤»
azawawi hmmm
mildew: my ($x,$y) = (10,20);
p6eval mildew: OUTPUT«unimplemented: unknown scope declarator at src/AST/ line 108␤ AST::Helpers::XXX('unknown scope declarator') called at src/VAST/ line 27␤ VAST::scope_declarator::emit_m0ld('VAST::scope_declarator=HASH(0xc9594b0)') called at src/VAST/ line 9␤ 13:46
.. VA...
pmurias azawawi: see in mildew/t for what works
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pmurias mildew does't implement much of the common things as we are trying to implement the stuff they are built of first 13:48
things like &say and &infix:<+> are multis, and we don't have those yet 13:49
azawawi pmurias: so any plans to package it in cpan?
azawawi thinks Padre mildew integration 13:50
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pmurias azawawi: i could try to package mildew for cpan, i didn't do it previously as STD in not on CPAN and i didn't see much need for releasing mildew/smop ther 13:56
azawawi i already have STD.pmc in my CPAN Syntax::Highlight::Perl6
however, STD namespace collision are bound to happen... 13:57
and i stopped using the latest for a while since it failed the parser re-use test when used inside a package. 13:59
pmurias i'm currently working on smop/p5 interop and am unlikely to do the packaging before it's finished 14:00
azawawi cool let me know when you're finished
i think STD should be released as a separate package; although STD.pmc does not qualify atm as a proper p5 package. 14:01
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literal \q is mentioned once (but not explained) in S02, and it appears only twice in the spec tests in the form of q[$foo \q:s{$bar}] and q{$foo \q/$bar/} 15:18
where can I find more info on \q ?
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pugs_svn r24722 | pmurias++ | [smop] P5Interpreter.eval wrappes the eval in a Coro::State so that methods on smop objects can be invocked 16:26
r24722 | pmurias++ | (it has memory leaks still)
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pugs_svn r24723 | ruoso++ | [mildew] small fix in package_declarator 16:58
ruoso pmurias, the embedded p5 fails to find here
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pmurias ruoso: do you have SMOP make'ed? 17:12
ruoso yes
pmurias ruoso: sorry, comitted from v6/smop 17:17
pugs_svn r24724 | pmurias++ | [smop] missing part of the last commit
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ruoso realizes that it is starting to be very boring to write things in low-level 17:22
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pmurias ruoso: any sollutions? 17:24
* solutions
ruoso yes... write it in Perl 6 ;)
ruoso writing src-s1p/ 17:25
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^aristotle what happened to heredocs in perl6?? 17:34
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literal q:to/END/ 17:35
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^aristotle is that in any synopsis? 17:35
literal yeah, S02 under Literals
search for "Heredocs are no longer written with <<" 17:36
^aristotle rakudo does not support this yet, I guess?
literal looks like a lot of the Q tests are fudged for rakudo, so no 17:37
pugs_svn r24725 | ruoso++ | [smop/src-s1p] Perl 6 code for Multi... it sure looks easier in Perl 6 17:38
^aristotle OK 17:39
ruoso pmurias, look at src-s1p/
^aristotle thx
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pugs_svn r24726 | hinrik++ | [util/perl6.vim] typo, p6EscEsclamation -> p6EscExclamation 17:40
r24727 | ruoso++ | [smop/src-s1p] small fix in
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pugs_svn r24728 | ruoso++ | [smop/src-s1p] yet another fix in 17:42
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pmurias ruoso: why don't you use a for? 17:45
ruoso because for requires map, and map is a multi 17:46
pmurias and
ruoso I just thought that having the CONTROL block in the same level would be helpful 17:48
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ruoso TIMTOWTDI 17:48
pmurias is postfix:<++> a multi? 17:49
ruoso yes, it is 17:50
almost every operator is a multi
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dwhipp rakudo: my @list = 1,2,3; my ($hd, @tl) = @list; say ([$hd], [@tl]).perl 17:57
p6eval rakudo 34751: OUTPUT«[[1], []]␤»
dwhipp pugs: my @list = 1,2,3; my ($hd, @tl) = @list; say ([$hd], [@tl]).perl
p6eval pugs: OUTPUT«(\(1,), \(2,))␤»
dwhipp pugs: my @list = 1,2,3; my ($hd, @tl) = |@list; say ([$hd], [@tl]).perl 17:58
p6eval pugs: OUTPUT«(\(1,), \(2,))␤»
dwhipp pugs: my @list = 1,2,3; my ($hd, *@tl) := |@list; say ([$hd], [@tl]).perl
p6eval pugs: OUTPUT«*** Wrong number of binding parameters: 1 actual, 2 expected␤ at /tmp/v5HOtTj9Ar line 1, column 19-43␤»
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dwhipp pugs: my @list = 1,2,3; my ($hd, *@tl) := @list; say ([$hd], [@tl]).perl 17:58
p6eval pugs: OUTPUT«*** Wrong number of binding parameters: 1 actual, 2 expected␤ at /tmp/F5JFUUYLcW line 1, column 19-42␤»
dwhipp pugs: my @list = 1,2,3; my [$hd, *@tl] := @list; say ([$hd], [@tl]).perl 17:59
p6eval pugs: OUTPUT«*** ␤ Unexpected "[$"␤ expecting "=", formal parameter, context, ":" or "("␤ at /tmp/fz9deWPkQy line 1, column 22␤»
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pugs_svn r24729 | ruoso++ | [smop/src-s1p] making Multi a knowhow makes it easier to bootstrap.. 18:07
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dwhipp pugs: my @list = 1,2,3; my ($hd, @tl) = @list; say ([$hd], [@tl]).perl 18:14
p6eval pugs: OUTPUT«(\(1,), \(2,))␤»
dwhipp pugs: my @list = 1,2,3; my ($hd, @tl); ($hd, @tl) = @list; say ([$hd], [@tl]).perl
p6eval pugs: OUTPUT«(\(1,), \(2,))␤»
dwhipp rakudo: my @list = 1,2,3; my ($hd, @tl); ($hd, @tl) = @list; say ([$hd], [@tl]).perl
p6eval rakudo 34751: OUTPUT«[[1], [2, 3]]␤»
rakudo_svn r34752 | pmichaud++ | [rakudo]: spectest-progress.csv update: 264 files, 5911 passing, 0 failing 18:20
dwhipp rakudo: sub infix:<qqq> { ... } 18:22
p6eval rakudo 34751: OUTPUT«Statement not terminated properly at line 1, near ":<qqq> { ."␤␤current instr.: 'parrot;PGE;Util;die' pc 129 (runtime/parrot/library/PGE/Util.pir:83)␤»
dwhipp pugs: sub infix:<qqq> { ... }
p6eval pugs: RESULT«\sub :(@_) "$_" := "Scalar" #<Scalar:0xb7a50165>␤ "@_" := "Array" #<Array:0xb7a5016d>␤ "&?ROUTINE" := "Sub" #<Sub:0xb7184961>␤ "&?BLOCK" := "Sub" #<Sub:0xb7184961> {"&infix:qqq" := "Sub" #<Sub:0xb6539a71>, "$_" := "Scalar" #<Scalar:0xb7a6fb39>␤ ...
dwhipp std: sub infix:<qqq> { ... } 18:23
p6eval std 24729: OUTPUT«Out of memory!␤»
pmichaud Rakudo doesn't support operator overloading or custom ops yet.
I do expect to have some form of those in January, however.
dwhipp ok, thx 18:24
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pugs_svn r24730 | ruoso++ | [smop/src-s1p] use if/else instead of when in Multi, since when requires smartmatch, which is itself a multi 18:30
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dwhipp std: sub ( [ $a, $b ] ) { ... } 18:47
p6eval std 24730: OUTPUT«00:05 83m␤»
dwhipp std: sub ( [ $a, $b ] ) { ... }. 18:48
p6eval std 24730: OUTPUT«############# PARSE FAILED #############␤(Possible runaway string from line 1 to line 1)␤Obsolete use of . to concatenate strings; in Perl 6 please use ~ instead at /tmp/O4DkSVvFAV line 0:␤------> ␤00:05 86m␤»
dwhipp rakudo: sub ( [ $a, $b ] ) { ... }
p6eval rakudo 34754: OUTPUT«Statement not terminated properly at line 1, near "{ ... }"␤␤current instr.: 'parrot;PGE;Util;die' pc 129 (runtime/parrot/library/PGE/Util.pir:83)␤»
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pasteling "japhb" at pasted "What's the cleanest way to express this Perl 5 "pseudo-continuation" in Perl 6?" (36 lines, 1.1K) at 19:08
pmurias ruoso: is there a reason for exposing SMOP::Native::int->fetch(...) instead of SMOP::Native::int::fetch(...?;
19:09 alester joined
japhb_ I hope that question makes sense ... 19:09
pmurias you could use gather/take 19:10
to create a coro
japhb_ pmurias: but I'm not "gathering" anything. That seems contrived in the same way returning a one-off sub does to emulate a continuation. 19:11
pmichaud japhb_: I think returning the closure is actually pretty clean here. 19:22
It doesn't have to be a "sub" though.
japhb_ pmichaud: In perl six, just "return {...}", right?
pmichaud yes. 19:23
and then you can invoke it directly.
I suppose there will also be a way to throw a resumable exception.
Or maybe there's a way to simply "throw" a continuation.
japhb_ pmichaud: Would you call that as $handler() or $handler.() ?
pmichaud japhb_: either would work.
or maybe there's an adverb on 'return' that means "resumable" 19:24
japhb_ pmichaud: the idea of doing a naked 'yield' is what feels most natural to me ... "throwing" a continuation sounds like the desugared version of that 19:25
pmichaud yes
japhb_ pmichaud: Is there a way to do it that allows me to say: pid_file_handler(); become_daemon; pid_file_handler(); ? 19:26
(Barring the missing parens on become_daemon(), of course) 19:27
pmichaud I know this is a silly question, but why can't become_daemon() be part of pid_file_handler? 19:31
but ultimately I'd be thinking that objects and methods would be the way to go here anyway
so that the first part and second part are just separate methods on your $handler object 19:32
japhb_ pmichaud: Oh, it certainly could ... I just wanted to separate the operations that are logically different into separate subs. The act of daemonizing, and the act of processing a PID file, are only tangentially related, and certainly daemonizing does not feel like a subordinate operation ... 19:33
Yes, I could make the pid file handling part of become_daemon(), but again, they're separate things.
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pmichaud sure. 19:35
japhb_ pmichaud: So you're suggesting: my $pid_handler = new PidHandler(...); $; become_daemon(); $pid_handler.bottom(); END{ $pid_handler.cleanup() }
pmichaud yeah, something like that.
I do see where gather/take doesn't seem natural for 'yield' in this instance. Or maybe I'm just thinking about it wrong. 19:36
japhb_ That's certainly reasonable from the caller's point of view. I think writing PidHandler in Perl 5 would seem wordy, but perhaps not so much in Perl 6.
Yes, exactly re: gather/take v. yield 19:37
pmichaud anyway, it's a worthy question for perl6-users or perl6-language 19:38
japhb_ Fair enough. Mind if I summarize your points in my email? 19:39
pmichaud no, I don't mind. 19:41
they're just "off-the-cuff" thoughts, though.
japhb_ k 19:42
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ruoso pmurias, i'm not sure... 20:10
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japhb_ *phew*, sent to p6u/p6l, finally 20:35
pmurias ruoso: what did "i'm not sure" refer to? 20:44
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dwhipp pugs: class A { has $.x; method foo { .bar }; method bar { say $.x } }; my A $a .=new( x => 42 ); $ 21:30
p6eval pugs: OUTPUT«␤»
dwhipp rakudo: class A { has $.x; method foo { .bar }; method bar { say $.x } }; my A $a .=new( x => 42 ); $
p6eval rakudo 34762: OUTPUT«Method 'bar' not found for invocant of class 'Failure'␤current instr.: 'parrot;A;foo' pc 316 (EVAL_13:137)␤»
dwhipp rakudo: class A { has $.x; method foo { $.bar }; method bar { say $.x } }; my A $a .=new( x => 42 ); $ 21:31
p6eval rakudo 34762: OUTPUT«42␤»
dwhipp rakudo: class A { has $.x; method foo { }; method bar { say $.x } }; my A $a .=new( x => 42 ); $ 21:32
p6eval rakudo 34762: OUTPUT«42␤»
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dwhipp pugs: my $global = 1; class A { method foo { say "foo = $global" } }; 21:52
p6eval pugs: OUTPUT«foo = 1␤»
dwhipp rakudo: my $global = 1; class A { method foo { say "foo = $global" } };
p6eval rakudo 34765: OUTPUT«foo = ␤»
mberends rakudo: $*global = 1; class A { method foo { say "foo = $*global" } }; 22:00
p6eval rakudo 34765: OUTPUT«foo = 1␤»
dwhipp yes, "global" was a bad name: I was trying to use the outer-lexical 22:02
mberends is the outer scope another class? 22:03
dwhipp No. just a file-scoped thingie 22:04
(worked on pugs, not rakudo)
mberends right
dwhipp I've filed a bug
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pugs_svn r24731 | unobe++ | [t/spec] S05 - Moved P5/Perl5 modifier tests into spec (rakudo can't parse them) 22:28
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dwhipp rakudo: my $a; $a //= 1 23:12
p6eval rakudo 34768: OUTPUT«get_iter() not implemented in class 'Integer'␤current instr.: 'prefix:=' pc 17718 (src/builtins/misc.pir:17)␤» 23:13
dwhipp pugs: my $a; $a //= 1
p6eval pugs: RESULT«\1»
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