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Set by moritz_ on 27 June 2009.
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dalek kudo: ee1fd13 | pmichaud++ | src/classes/Multi.pir:
Allow .WHAT and other p6object methods on Parrot MultiSub objects (RT #66928).
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dalek kudo: 7fdd7c8 | pmichaud++ | build/PARROT_REVISION:
Bump PARROT_REVISION so we get some Parrot fixes (RT #66060).
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pugs_svn r27345 | kyle++ | [t/spec] Test for RT #66928 01:45
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dalek kudo: 6c6299f | pmichaud++ | src/builtins/globals.pir:
Fix %*VM<config> (RT #66818).
kudo: 5351a33 | pmichaud++ | build/PARROT_REVISION:
Bump PARROT_REVISION to get fix for RT #66840 (ternary error shouldn't exit)
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pugs_svn r27346 | kyle++ | [t/spec] unfudge the RT #66840 test since it passes in Rakudo 5351a33 02:55
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pugs_svn r27347 | pmichaud++ | [t/spec]: Unfudge test for unicode method names (now fixed in Parrot). 03:02
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azawawi good morning 06:06
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pugs_svn r27348 | kyle++ | [t/spec] fix the plan I broke in what.t 06:08
Matt-W morning azawawi
eternaleye Hi azawawi, Matt-W 06:09
moritz_ good morning
Matt-W wants to know how to move an operator into the setting
eternaleye oh hai, moritz_
Matt-W: Just define it in the setting, remove it from the PIR, and spectest! 06:10
Matt-W eternaleye: it causes a null pmc access :(
moritz_ ... in find_method?
eternaleye Well, that's _never_ right
moritz_ which operator?
Matt-W moritz_: yes. I was trying to do infix:<leg>
eternaleye I was just thinking, we're going to need to be careful defining operators in terms of other operators, because we might get an infinite recursion going. 06:11
moritz_ Matt-W: you also have to remove it from build/gen_junction_pir.pl
Matt-W ah
Matt-W tries that 06:14
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Matt-W ah that's better :) 06:14
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Matt-W just have to wait for spectest now 06:15
eternaleye rakudo: my @seed = 2, 3; .say for @seed ... -> *@prev { state $c = 0; return () if $c > 100; my $cur = @prev[*-1]; while ++$cur { return $cur unless $cur % any( @prev ) == 0 }; };
p6eval rakudo 5351a3: OUTPUT«5␤»
eternaleye rakudo: my @seed = 2, 3; .say for @seed ... -> *@prev { state $c = 0; return () if $c > 100; my $cur = @prev[*-1]; while ++$cur { last unless $cur % any( @prev ) == 0 }; $cur }; 06:16
p6eval rakudo 5351a3: ( no output )
eternaleye rakudo: my @seed = 2, 3; .say for @seed ... -> *@prev { state $c = 0; return () if $c > 100; my $cur = @prev[*-1]; while ++$cur { take $cur unless $cur % any( @prev ) == 0 }; };
p6eval rakudo 5351a3: OUTPUT«Died␤in sub infix:... (/tmp/mAFnftJ9B8:2)␤called from Main (/tmp/mAFnftJ9B8:2)␤»
eternaleye In any case, the first one appears wrong - it looks like it's returning from infix:<...> 06:17
Do we need to do a wrapping sub around $generator, so that it DWIMs
When I define the generator as a sub, and then use &nextprime in infix:<...>, it works 06:18
rakudo: sub nextprime( *@prev ) { state $c = 0; return () if $c > 100; my $cur = @prev[*-1]; while ++$cur { return $cur unless $cur % any( @prev ) == 0 }; }; my @seed = 2, 3; .say for @seed ... &nexprime; 06:19
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moritz_ return() is specced to exit a routine, not a block 06:19
p6eval rakudo 5351a3: OUTPUT«No applicable candidates found to dispatch to for 'infix:...'␤in Main (/tmp/lsLy8NUC4i:2)␤»
eternaleye Hmm
moritz_ you'd need leave() to leave the block, but I don't think it's implemented yet
rakudo: say { leave 3 } 06:20
p6eval rakudo 5351a3: OUTPUT«_block49␤»
moritz_ rakudo: say { leave 3 }.()
p6eval rakudo 5351a3: OUTPUT«Could not find non-existent sub leave␤»
eternaleye Ah
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eternaleye rakudo: my @seed = 2, 3; .say for @seed ... -> *@prev { state $c = 0; my $cur = @prev[*-1]; while ++$cur { break unless $cur % any( @prev ) == 0 }; $c > 100 ?? () !! $cur }; 06:21
p6eval rakudo 5351a3: OUTPUT«Died␤in sub infix:... (/tmp/LEbFssDoqU:2)␤called from Main (/tmp/LEbFssDoqU:2)␤»
eternaleye rakudo: my @seed = 2, 3; .say for @seed ... -> *@prev { state $c = 0; my $cur = @prev[*-1]; while ++$cur { last unless $cur % any( @prev ) == 0 }; $c > 100 ?? () !! $cur };
p6eval rakudo 5351a3: ( no output ) 06:22
eternaleye Hm
Loop control is apparently NYI
moritz_ what do you mean by loop control? 06:23
last should work 06:24
eternaleye rakudo: sub nextprime( *@prev ) {{ state $c = 0; return () if $c > 100; my $cur = @prev[*-1]; while ++$cur { return $cur unless $cur % any( @prev ) == 0 }; }; my @seed = 2, 3; .say for @seed ... &nextprime;
p6eval rakudo 5351a3: OUTPUT«Unable to parse block; couldn't find final '}' at line 2, near ""␤in Main (src/gen_setting.pm:3279)␤»
eternaleye rakudo: sub nextprime( *@prev ) { state $c = 0; return () if $c > 100; my $cur = @prev[*-1]; while ++$cur { return $cur unless $cur % any( @prev ) == 0 }; }; my @seed = 2, 3; .say for @seed ... &nextprime;
p6eval rakudo 5351a3: ( no output )
eternaleye moritz_: last doesn't seem to work, since it loops forever on that one. If I put a say in there, it just repeats
It should give a 5, a 7, etc
rakudo: my @seed = 2, 3; .say for @seed ... -> *@prev { state $c = 0; my $cur = @prev[*-1]; while ++$cur { last unless $cur % any( @prev ) == 0; say "hi" }; $c > 100 ?? () !! $cur }; 06:25
p6eval rakudo 5351a3:
moritz_ still too tired to actually *look* at the code
eternaleye or maybe...
rakudo: my @seed = 2, 3; .say for @seed ... -> *@prev { state $c = 0; my $cur = @prev[*-1]; while ++$cur { last unless $cur % any( @prev ) == 0; say "hi" }; $c > 5 ?? () !! $cur };
p6eval rakudo 5351a3:
eternaleye Nope, that is what's happening 06:26
Also, does that look like a NL symbol to everyone else? Since it looks like lower-a, circumflex acce,t, space, Euro sign here
moritz_ it looks broken here too 06:27
rakudo: say 'ö'
p6eval rakudo 5351a3: OUTPUT«ö␤»
eternaleye _weird_
moritz_ hm, that looks fine
eternaleye Bug? 06:28
Running in local rakudo
moritz_ it loooks OK on the IRC logs, though
Matt-W woohoo
my operator passed its part of the spectest
what's the preferred way to submit a patch?
moritz_ eternaleye: ah, I know why... the last NL character got trunkated, so our IRC client's autodetection thought "that's not valid UTF-8" and went beserk. 06:29
Matt-W: [email@hidden.address]
Matt-W moritz_: yes but how to make the patch
eternaleye Ah
Matt-W moritz_: unfamiliar with git for this
eternaleye Matt-W: git format-patch --stdout 'HEAD^' 06:30
and nopaste/rakudobug/email/etc it
Or remove the --stdout and it'll make a file
I like the --stdout, so I can pipe it to wgetpaste 06:31
moritz_ Matt-W: first commit it (git commit -a)
Matt-W: then git-format-patch HEAD^
Matt-W: and attach the generated file
Matt-W sends 06:34
and just in time to go to work too
I'll be back later
Matt-W -> commuting &
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moritz_ rakudo: say 'a' cmp 'b' 07:27
p6eval rakudo 5351a3: OUTPUT«-1␤» 07:28
moritz_ rakudo: say 'b' cmp 'b'
p6eval rakudo 5351a3: OUTPUT«0␤»
moritz_ rakudo: say 'c' cmp 'b'
p6eval rakudo 5351a3: OUTPUT«1␤»
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moritz_ I just found out that mathematica has something similar to our [\...] meta operatr (called FoldList) 07:42
Matt-W back 07:44
moritz_: o rly? 07:46
list folds are generally very useful things
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moritz_ I first searched for reduce in the mathematica docs, but that does something entirely different :-) 08:27
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jnthn morning 08:41
pmichaud++ # blogging 08:43
moritz_ indeed.
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Matt-W moritz_: what we call reduce feels a lot like what they call a fold in Haskell 08:45
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moritz_ I know 09:07
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moritz_ Matt-W: I just replied to your patch. There's nothing wrong with this particular move, I'm just wandering of the overall design of that operator is sound 09:13
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masak IO.eof is gone? 10:53
I do wish people would discuss these things a bit before attacking the spec... :/ 10:54
jnthn masak: I'm not sure it's gone as such, perhaps just gone missing. ;-)
masak to me, IO::Endable is perilously close to abstraction astronautism.
just give me the IO.end and be done with it. 10:55
no need for a whole interface for it.
jnthn (e.g. it was meant to be defined in IO::Endable, but somehow forgot)
masak mutters into his beard
jnthn Yeah, it feels a bit...overkill.
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masak also, I think ruoso++ had an argument about why that kind of role (including IO::Readable) doesn't work in practice. 10:56
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pugs_svn r27349 | kyle++ | [t/spec] Fix a .WHAT test after review from jnthn++ 11:03
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masak rakudo: my @a := (1,2,3,4); say @a.WHAT 11:14
p6eval rakudo 5351a3: OUTPUT«List()␤»
masak so far, so good. @a is bound to a List. I agree.
rakudo: my @a := (1,2,3,4); @a.push(4); say @a.perl; say @a.WHAT
p6eval rakudo 5351a3: OUTPUT«[1, 2, 3, 4, 4]␤List()␤»
masak but this puzzles me.
aren't Lists immutable?
moritz_ that's a rakudobug (known) 11:15
masak oh.
jnthn I think that's one of the things pm's rw work is meant to solve.
masak ah.
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dalek ok: b1e7f47 | (Hinrik Örn Sigurðsson)++ | (6 files):
Support xhtml output
ok: 86f0183 | (Hinrik Örn Sigurðsson)++ | lib/App/Grok/Pod (2 files):
Forgot to bump these version numbers earlier
literal @tell azawawi preliminary support for xhtml output: nix.is/grok-0.07_01.tar.gz
lambdabot Consider it noted.
masak nice! literal++ 12:11
literal rakudo: say $?GRAMMAR 12:12
lambdabot literal: You have 1 new message. '/msg lambdabot @messages' to read it.
p6eval rakudo 5351a3: OUTPUT«Symbol '$?GRAMMAR' not predeclared in <anonymous> (/tmp/f6Iuf7KPUx:2)␤in Main (src/gen_setting.pm:3279)␤»
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masak rakudo: say '_' ~~ <alpha> 12:29
p6eval rakudo 5351a3: OUTPUT«0␤»
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Matt-W moritz_: Well argue that with the spec - I checked, and it just says it's defined in terms of ~$a cmp ~$b 12:41
moritz_: You may in fact be right about which way round things should be. 12:42
ruoso Bom dia, #perl6 12:43
Matt-W (trust me to pick an operator that causes a debate...)
pmichaud good morning, #perl6
Matt-W hi ruoso, pmichaud
jnthn hi, pmichaud 12:44
pmichaud: Nice fixing and blogging!
pmichaud jnthn: thanks, you too :-) 12:45
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pmurias hi 12:45
Matt-W between the two of you things are looking a mite shinier today :)
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literal rakudo: say '_' ~~ /<alpha>/ 12:50
p6eval rakudo 5351a3: OUTPUT«_␤»
masak oh, right.
silly me.
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pmurias ruoso: do we have a long term smop plan/ROADMAP? 12:52
jnthn Implement Perl 6. :-) 12:53
ruoso heh... jnthn++
but seriously... that's the plan... I mean
once we have multi and module loading working
pugs_svn r27350 | pmurias++ | [re-smop] correct indentation
r27351 | pmurias++ | [re-mildew] fix if bug
ruoso we can start working on Perl 6 features
pmurias and when's the bootstrap point? 12:54
ruoso well, there's the type system bootstrap
that should happen soon after we have module loading
but then there's a long way before we implement a grammar engine in SMOP
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ruoso and then this grammar engine will have to be able to run STD 12:55
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ruoso and we must be able to parse STD using that grammar engine 12:56
and, finally, have this grammar engine being used to compile STD to SMOP
and that's the real bootstrap
pmurias a partial bootstrap would be to have mildew in Perl 6 and using the STD compiled down to perl5 12:57
masak rakudo: / <[\x10000..\xEFFFF]> /; say "alive"
p6eval rakudo 5351a3: ( no output )
masak pmichaud: is this a known issue?
pmurias perl6: say [].true
masak pmurias: locally, I had a bus error.
p6eval elf 27351, rakudo 5351a3: OUTPUT«1␤»
..pugs: OUTPUT«␤»
masak pmurias: oops, mistab. 12:58
pmichaud masak: not known issue
masak submits rakudobug
pmichaud I'm guessing parrotbug :-)
masak PGE-bug, possibly.
ruoso pmurias, even before that, just having all the Perl 6 type system written in Perl 6 is a very important milestone
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masak pmichaud: note that it hangs during execution, not during compilation. 12:58
pmichaud rakudo: / <[\x100..\xEFF]> /; say "alive" 12:59
p6eval rakudo 5351a3: OUTPUT«alive␤»
pmichaud PGE gets that one right.
masak and the hex numbers have to be high enough for it to trigger.
pmichaud right
I suspect that Parrot strings are having difficulty with it.
pmurias ruoso: type system meaning ClassHOW,RoleHOW etc?
ruoso pmurias, and all the built-in types 13:00
pmichaud rakudo: say 0xeffff;
p6eval rakudo 5351a3: OUTPUT«983039␤»
pmichaud oh, the problem could also be that Parrot doesn't like creating a 920+K string. 13:01
rakudo: say 0xeffff-0x10000;
p6eval rakudo 5351a3: OUTPUT«917503␤»
pmurias 14:59 <@pmichaud> I suspect that Parrot strings are having difficulty with it. 13:04
14:59 < pmurias> ruoso: type system meaning ClassHOW,RoleHOW etc?
15:00 < ruoso> pmurias, and all the built-in types
15:00 <@pmichaud> rakudo: say 0xeffff;
ruoso pmurias, I guess you have an issue with yuor touchpad 13:05
masak rakudo: say "foo" ~~ /<[f] #[comment] + [o]>/ 13:08
p6eval rakudo 5351a3: OUTPUT«perl6regex parse error: Error parsing enumerated character class at offset 30, found '['␤in Main (src/gen_setting.pm:3279)␤»
masak pmichaud: I posit that this should work.
pmichaud pge doesn't understand embedded comments. 13:09
masak it does outside of <>.
pmichaud right
masak rakudo: say "foo" ~~ / fo #[ comment here! ] o /
p6eval rakudo 5351a3: OUTPUT«foo␤»
pmichaud huh.
well, it's very likely that the part that parses <[ ... ]> doesn't understand them then. 13:10
std: /<[f] #[comment] + [o]>/
p6eval std 27351: OUTPUT«ok 00:03 36m␤»
masak submits rakudobug 13:11
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masak rakudo: module M; grammar G {}; say "foo" ~~ /<M::G>/ 13:20
p6eval rakudo 5351a3: OUTPUT«Null PMC access in set_attr_str()␤in regex M::_block62 (/tmp/9t1CmrXEZb:2)␤called from Main (/tmp/9t1CmrXEZb:2)␤»
masak I know that's not the way to match against a grammar, but -- look, a Null PMC access!
masak submits a rakuodbug
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PerlJam why is that not a way to match against a grammar? 13:22
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masak PerlJam: because what goes into the <> is regexes and the like. not types. 13:24
PerlJam: it's deceptively easy to try and do something like that, though.
PerlJam oh. Indeed. I apparently did a mental substitution of s/grammar/rule/ s/module/grammar/ 13:25
masak that's part of why it's easy, I guess. 13:26
Matt-W Must remember that grammars are just funny classes
it's almost like 'grammar G' is sugar for 'class G is Grammar' 13:27
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masak I haven't found that rule of thumb to help me yet. :) 13:27
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masak at least not more than "a grammar is just a funny module". 13:27
Matt-W masak: I don't usually think about it, I've just got the 'use the .parse method' thing in my head
masak aye. 13:28
moritz_ but that doesn't work if you want to handle control to another grammar
from within a grammar
masak g'ah, the error reporting sucks! 13:29
moritz_ like rule link { '<a' 'href=' <URI::Gramamr::Call> ... }
masak does anyone want to help me diagnose a problem?
masak tickles himself with the "don't ask to ask" feather 13:30
hold on, I'll just push the latest commits
there. if someone would clone grampa, run 'make test' and tell me whence the 'Null PMC access in find_method()' comes... 13:32
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masak ah, found it. nvm. 13:37
moritz_ so what was it? 13:38
masak rakudo: module A; grammar G {}; say ?G.parse("foo")
p6eval rakudo 5351a3: OUTPUT«Null PMC access in find_method()␤in Main (/tmp/jx8uygHmjM:2)␤»
masak rakudo: module A; grammar G {}; say ?A::G.parse("foo")
p6eval rakudo 5351a3: OUTPUT«The grammar has no TOP rule to invoke.␤in Main (/tmp/hezoJQJVrc:2)␤»
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masak I don't know, but I have a feeling that one's reported. 13:40
still very hard to track down. I realised that was it when I had completely disables the whole grammar and the problem still remained. 13:41
pmichaud it's the general "we don't know how to handle nested namespaces" issue.
masak aye.
pugs_svn r27352 | kyle++ | [t/spec] Mark where RT #60992 is tested. 13:42
Matt-W Hmm 13:44
Sounds like that one needs a fix
pmichaud: thanks for commenting on my patch
pmichaud Matt-W: you're welcome -- thanks for the patch.
Matt-W I just poked around until I found an operator that looked nice and simple 13:45
pmichaud You picked a good one. :-)
There are some others lying about.
Matt-W Yeah I only had time for the one
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pmichaud From a performance perspective, it might be worthwhile to also write a infix:<leg>(Str $a, Str $b) { ... } variant. 13:46
Matt-W Mmm good point
would save two calls to prefix:<~>(Str)
pmichaud but we can/should probably wait until we have a way to measure the performance :-)
Matt-W (in the str case)
yes :)
or perhaps until there aren't various other crippling performance issues :) 13:47
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masak I keep forgetting that the '?' quantifier creates Arrays in the Match tree... 13:52
jnthn masak: Took me a while to remember that one too. :-)
pmichaud yes, I've had that trouble also. Especially since in an earlier draft of the spec the ? quantifier *didn't* create arrays. :-)
masak oh, so it was added? 13:54
would be interesting to hear the rationale for that.
it doesn't feel immediately obvious that it should.
pmichaud "all quantifiers produce arrays"
masak ok, so consistency.
pmichaud right.
also so that ? remains the same as ** 0..1
masak oh, that's a nice reason. 13:55
pmichaud previously ? was the exception to the rule... and I think the desire was to eliminate exceptions.
Matt-W it makes a nice consistency
? not matching just gives you an empty array
which suits me
although I thought the whole capture thing was broken last night... turned out I'd made a stupid one-character mistake 13:56
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Matt-W no matter how cool Perl 6 is, it's not going to protect us from those 13:56
masak no, but clueful error messages go a long way. 13:57
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Matt-W well my mistake was syntactically valid... 13:59
I was just ending up with an undefined value
which should not have been undefined
I thought it wasn't capturing properly 14:00
but of course it was
$colleague over there *points* is eating an ice cream!
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masak Matt-W: ice cream is overrated. it's just frozen sugar. 14:04
jnthn Frozen flavorings too!
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Matt-W and frozen cream! 14:15
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masak Rakudo still returns 0 when it finds a syntax error. :/ 14:29
that way, running 'make test' proceeds to the tests even when the build fails. 14:31
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masak ooh, I found another one! 14:33
rakudo: regex foo { foo }; "foofoofoo" ~~ /<foo>+/; bar($<foo>); sub bar(@foos) {}
p6eval rakudo 5351a3: OUTPUT«Parameter type check failed; expected Positional, but got List for @foos in call to bar␤in sub bar (/tmp/FtrwyZv3La:2)␤called from Main (/tmp/FtrwyZv3La:2)␤»
masak jnthn: how does that happen?
masak submits rakudobug 14:34
jnthn Probably to do with the way Match objects are made perhaps 14:37
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pmichaud I'm guessing that ResizablePMCArray doesn't ~~ Positional 14:37
jnthn rakudo: regex foo { foo }; "foofoofoo" ~~ /<foo>+/; say $<foo>.PARROT
p6eval rakudo 5351a3: OUTPUT«ResizablePMCArray␤»
jnthn Right.
pmichaud That's likely to be an issue.
moritz_ rakudo: my @a = 3, 4; say @a.PARROT 14:38
masak it is an issue.
p6eval rakudo 5351a3: OUTPUT«Perl6Array␤»
jnthn Not sure quite what we can do about it off hand.
moritz_ can't you just invoke some magic that type-maps RPA to Perl6Array?
pmichaud moritz_: not easily.
masak more workaroundly, what's the easiest way to convert the former to the latter?
buubot masak: Sorry, no more output
pmichaud but in the larger sense, we need for non-Rakudo arrays to still be treated as Positional
masak buubot: shush! 14:39
buubot Couldn't match input.
moritz_ is about to kick buubot
pmichaud i.e., if we're ever to get language interop to work.
jnthn Probably need to as a fall-back check if it provides array from a Parrot POV too.
pmichaud I'd be fine with adjusting Positional.ACCEPTS to check "does array"
jnthn Me too, if that was actually easy to do. 14:40
pmichaud it's not?
masak ah. .list worked.
jnthn Not until we have a decent way to provide a non-punning ACCEPTS on a role or something. 14:41
I (and afaict the spec) are a bit hazy on that area. 14:42
pmichaud how does Positional.ACCEPTS work now?
jnthn It's just Perl6Role::ACCEPTS 14:43
Positional is an instance of Perl6Role
pmichaud and we can't override ACCEPTS ?
jnthn Not without mixing another ACCEPTS into Positional, but not sure what else that would do as a side-effect. 14:44
pmichaud okay. 14:45
jnthn Though this is all tied into "how we do define non-punned methods on a role separate from punned ones?"
pmichaud I don't understand "non-punned" versus "punned" in this context.
jnthn And I've not seen an answer to that yet.
role Foo { }; Foo.new # puns
Foo.ACCEPTS($thingy) # can't pun 14:46
At the moment, the dispatcher just has a "magic list"
But that's almost certainly not the Right Answer.
I just don't know what the right answer is.
pmichaud Oh. Do the :U, :D, etc modifiers have anything to do with that?
or is that totally separate?
jnthn Possibly.
Matt-W hmm, a magic list sounds bad 14:47
jnthn We could maybe make them mean that in the role invocant case.
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jnthn Would need to think some more on how sane that is. 14:47
Matt-W In my head, it's all simple 14:48
Until I remember that PGE is a Parrot thing, and is going to speak Parrot types that don't know about things like ACCEPTS
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pmichaud well, I may be able to get PGE to do some sort of type mapping, but specifying that mapping is a bit of a pain atm. 14:49
masak interoperability theory is so much easier than interoperability practice.
Matt-W interoperability is easy the moment you try something more complicated than making something interoperate with itself
*until the
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Matt-W Does this also have impact on things like getting objects back from, say, a Ruby module? 14:52
Or is that a different problem
pmichaud same problem.
Matt-W well that's something at least
only have to solve it once...
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Matt-W seems easy to say oh let's have some sort of mapping so that we know that RubyList and ResizablePMCArray do Positional, but I guess that could get big and fragile 14:53
pmichaud jnthn: why is it the method that does the punning? 14:54
jnthn pmichaud: I don't get the question.
pmichaud: ah
pmichaud I would think it's vivification that forces punning.
jnthn pmichaud: It's the dispatcher that realizes you're calling a method on a role and decides "ah, we need to pun"
vivification? 14:55