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Set by moritz_ on 30 July 2009.
wayland76 sjohnson: The author of the Zompist Phrasebook has also written stuff on how to do conlang :) 00:00
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ruz perl6: class X {}; my $o = X.new; say $o.WHO 01:03
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«Method 'WHO' not found for invocant of class 'X'␤»
..elf 28042: OUTPUT«Can't locate object method "WHO" via package "X" at (eval 124) line 9.␤ at ./elf_h line 5881␤»
..pugs: OUTPUT«*** No such method in class X: "&WHO"␤ at /tmp/nij4Zjabqr line 1, column 32 - line 2, column 1␤»
jnthn ruz: Seems .WHO ain't implemetned yet...by any implementation. 01:05
ruz: It is spec though.
ruz jnthn: should return name of the class, right? 01:06
jnthn No
ruz introspection spec is empty
I was guessing
jnthn let me check the spec 01:07
It's 3am here so I'll nly remember wrong...
WHO the package supporting the object, stringifies to long name
.WHAT returns the type object, stringifies to the short name (that one is implemented); .WHO strinfigies to the long name. 01:08
ruz ah, ok
jnthn spec'd in S12: svn.pugscode.org/pugs/docs/Perl6/Sp...bjects.pod
Actually Rakudo doesn't do too badly on the Introspection part of the spec
ruz I thought that it's S20
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wayland76 ruz: Well, things don't always go quite according to plan, and that includes S12/S20 :) 01:09
jnthn ruz: Ah, now I see what you meant by "introspection spec is empty". 01:10
ruz probably simple S20 with link to chapter in S12 help people find existing docs
jnthn Things don't always quite map to the Camel chapters, though it is a reasonable guideline. 01:11
Yeah, could do that.
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ruz see thing that may require more coding in some code 01:20
.WHAT returns X()
jnthn ruz: Yes
ruz spec suggest to use .perl
look at lastofthecarelessmen.blogspot.com/2...l#comments 01:21
sjohnson rakudo: say given.WHAT
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«say requires an argument at line 2, near "given.WHAT"␤in Main (src/gen_setting.pm:2510)␤»
sjohnson rakudo: say when.WHAT
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«say requires an argument at line 2, near "when.WHAT"␤in Main (src/gen_setting.pm:2510)␤»
sjohnson rakudo: say given(){}.WHAT
jnthn sjohnson: given and when are not functions/objects etc.
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«Could not find non-existent sub given␤»
ruz class redefines .perl
sjohnson jnthn: o i c 01:22
ruz perl6: class X {}; my $o = X.new; say $o.WHAT
p6eval elf 28042, pugs: OUTPUT«X␤»
..rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«X()␤»
jnthn ruz: A class is free to redefine .perl as it wishes. 01:23
ruz: It's just a way of giving a Perl-ish representation of itself.
ruz yep, and that blog post it's used 01:24
jnthn Aye.
I think the default .perl could be a bit smarter in the future, though.
ruz that code doesn't respect inheritance 01:25
jnthn How so?
Oh, hang on
ruz it always print Vector.new
jnthn Yeah, I see that now
ruz s/print/returns/
jnthn self.perl ~ '.new()' maybe is better.
ruz oh 01:26
jnthn oh no
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jnthn sorry, I really should not be concious right now :-) 01:26
rakudo: say 42.WHAT; say 42.WHAT.perl
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«Int()␤Int␤»
ruz cool 01:27
counterintuitive, but cool
thanks 01:28
jnthn .WHAT gives you back the type object for the class.
So you're calling .perl on the type object.
It's easy to forget that .WHAT doesn't just hand back a string, so most of the time people just print it out to help debug and similar. 01:29
But you can do things like:
rakudo: class A { }; my $x = A.new; my $y = $x.WHAT.new;
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: ( no output )
jnthn rakudo: class A { }; my $x = A.new; my $y = $x.WHAT.new; say $y.WHAT
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«A()␤»
jnthn That is, get the type object of some variable and then call .new on it to create another one of the same type.
ruz sounds good, looks like S12 behind implementation :) 01:30
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jnthn S12 has a _lot_ of stuff in it. But we're getting there. :-) 01:32
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cognominal wayland76, what was your discussion about French something? 01:38
jnthn cognominal: Où est le bordel? 01:39
cognominal where did he got that from?
wayland76 cognominal: Leaving the funny stuff aside, alester wanted help with doing perl101 multilingual, and sjohnson was thinking about it 01:40
jnthn cognominal: Well, I know the most useful phrases in all languages. ;-)
wayland76 If you want the funny stuff, find that link for the zompist phrasebook
jnthn www.zompist.com/phrases.html
wayland76 www.zompist.com/phrases.html
...and look for the phrase that mentions cathedrals, and you'll see what I was talking about :) 01:41
sjohnson or opinions on films
jnthn The films one is grat.
Especially the German!
wayland76 sjohnson: That won't help him see what *I* was talking about. But they're funny :)
Well, it's a pity, then, that Ich sprechen deutsch wie italienisch Fußballtrainer. 01:42
cognominal jnthn, except there is supposedly no bordel in France since after WW2 : see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marthe_Richard 01:43
jnthn :-D
sjohnson cognominal++ reference material
cognominal bordel is used as a interjecction like "shit"
jnthn cognominal: Yeah! And there's been no grèves in France since...oh wait... 01:44
cognominal or you say "c'est le bordel", meaning "that's a mess
jnthn, grèves are a national sport 01:45
sjohnson cognominal: vous parlez francais aussi?
cognominal I am French
sjohnson de France ou Canada?
ou Belgique
... ou l'Afrique
cognominal with BooK, we initiated jnthn to French strong alcool :) 01:46
born in Paris, France (not Paris Texas, catch the cinephilic reference if you can)
01:47 sjohnson sets mode: +oo cognominal wayland76
wayland76 Ooh, I must be cool now :) 01:48
sjohnson ca ne te derange pas si on parle en francais parfois, oui?
cognominal you are all welcome to join #perlfr on irc.perl.org
sjohnson .. I'll keep it in English here then
jnthn oui oui! Je voudrais le chatreaux! 01:49
wayland76 I think people here are language geeks enough that they don't mind some non-english, as long as it doesn't overwhelm the channel
cognominal I suppose that jnthn does speak of "chateaux d'eau" but of some wine :)
s/does/does not/ 01:50
wayland76 And you can tell the monolingual English speakers "We're making lots of progress here", and they'll never know the difference :)
sjohnson heh 01:51
wayland76 I thought he was saying he'd like some houses. Wouldn't mind them myself :)
jnthn That'd be chateaux, no? 01:52
Houses are overrated. 55% alcohol is far better.
On that note, it's almost 4am so I'm going to sleep.
wayland76 jnthn: Yes, but cognominal said "chateaux"
ooh, goodnight :)
jnthn night!
don't expect me early tomorrow ;-)
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cognominal night 01:52
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wayland76 I'll expect you tommorrow my time :) 01:53
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ruz is self.new() still valid concept in perl6? is it proper way to honor inheritance? 01:54
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sjohnson .. always wanted to change that 01:54
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wayland76 ruz: Just a note that the next 6 hours or so are probably the worst time of day for asking questions 01:58
cognominal french translations are quite creative in zompist 02:01
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ruz wayland76: I used to silence, it's fine when you just play with things and don't expect much :) 02:03
cognominal I must compliment you on your understanding of our language.
Tu n'entends donc rien, espèce de con ?
that would be "you don't dig anything, you cunt"
KyleHa Ouch. 02:04
wayland76 ruz: He's not talking to you, he's commenting on a funny document we found
sjohnson isn't that closer to "you don't undestand shit, you idiot"
cognominal soory, KyleHa :)
yes, sjohnson 02:05
wayland76 sjohnson: it's probably be more idiomatic for the subculture in question to s/understand/know/
KyleHa cognominal: No sweat. It's just been a while since I've been around anyone who talks like my mom.
sjohnson yeah, know
i agree wayland76
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ruz wayland76: :) 02:06
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jauaor hello? 02:12
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KyleHa jauaor: Hello! 02:13
sjohnson hello jauaor
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cognominal rakudo: given True { when True, False { say "test if list of value is ok in a when" }} 02:14
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: ( no output )
cognominal rakudo: given True { when True { say "test if list of value is ok in a when" }} 02:15
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«test if list of value is ok in a when␤»
KyleHa rakudo: given True { when True|False { say "Junction?" } }
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«Junction?␤»
cognominal KyleHa++
KyleHa rakudo: given True { when any(True, False) { say "Junction from list?" } } 02:16
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«Junction from list?␤»
cognominal my tentative was stupid, but as we say in French "prêcher le faux pour savoir le vrai" preach falsehood to learn about the truth 02:17
KyleHa Nah, not stupid. I half expected it to work before I saw the (non) output.
cognominal well, True does not match (True, False) 02:18
jauaor hi KyleHa sjohnson ! 02:19
cognominal the doc about smarmatching is intimidating DWIDKIM it Does What I Did Not Know I Meant 02:21
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sjohnson going to play pool, fun chats today :) 02:31
see ya guys
cognominal rakudo: given $*IN { when :r { say "*" }} 02:36
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«Method ':r' not found for invocant of class 'IO'␤»
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cognominal I don't remember the new way "( 02:36
wayland76 rakudo: given $*IN { when .r { say "*" }} 02:38
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«Method 'r' not found for invocant of class 'IO'␤»
wayland76 May be NYI on handles
I don't know that, I'm just randomly guessing 02:39
cognominal rakudo: say "/etc" ~~ :r
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«Method ':r' not found for invocant of class 'Str'␤»
KyleHa rakudo: say "/etc".IO ~~ :d 02:41
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«Method 'IO' not found for invocant of class 'Str'␤»
KyleHa I think that's the one that's in the spec, but it's not implemented.
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KyleHa The spec changed recently. 02:41
cognominal I got that from S03:2231 02:42
KyleHa Let me see if I'm hallucinating... 02:43
Here it is: dev.pugscode.org/changeset/27503 02:44
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wayland76 rakudo: say $*IN^methods 02:45
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«Could not find non-existent sub methods␤» 02:46
wayland76 rakudo: say $*IN.^methods
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0:
wayland76 rakudo: say join ", ", $*IN.^methods
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«ins, eof, lines, say, print, get, printf, slurp, close, Scalar, roots, uc, reverse, keys, isa, ucfirst, 1, fmt, bytes, 2, 1, join, trim, chr, floor, rand, 1, round, 1, 1, 1, split, 1, grep, words, values, can, lcfirst, 1, srand, 1, map, cis, kv, samecase, 1, min, capitalize,
..max, t…
wayland76 rakudo: say join ", ", grep { !/^\d+$/ } $*IN.^methods
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«Statement not terminated properly at line 2, near "$*IN.^meth"␤in Main (src/gen_setting.pm:3390)␤»
wayland76 rakudo: say join ", ", grep { !/^\d+$/ }, $*IN.^methods 02:47
cognominal rakudo: say $*IN.^methods.perl
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«slurp, close, Scalar, ins, eof, lines, say, print, get, printf, end, ceiling, trim, p5chomp, pairs, unpolar, ord, rand, grep, values, roots, reverse, isa, ucfirst, kv, samecase, capitalize, fmt, bytes, flip, does, p5chop, lc, reduce, chr, comb, floor, round, chop, split,
..words, can…
rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«[{ ... }, { ... }, { ... }, { ... }, { ... }, { ... }, { ... }, { ... }, { ... }, { ... }, { ... }, { ... }, { ... }, { ... }, { ... }, { ... }, { ... }, { ... }, { ... }, { ... }, { ... }, { ... }, { ... }, { ... }, { ... }, { ... }, { ... }, { ... }, { ... }, { ... }, { ...
..}, { …
cognominal :)
wayland76 rakudo: say join ", ", grep { !/^\d+$/ and /^.$/ }, $*IN.^methods
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«Can't set self from this type␤in regex PGE::Grammar::_block62 (/tmp/FLsipYjmz9:2)␤called from method Any::grep (src/gen_setting.pm:172)␤called from sub grep (src/gen_setting.pm:295)␤called from Main (/tmp/FLsipYjmz9:2)␤»
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wayland76 rakudo: say join ", ", grep { /^.$/ }, $*IN.^methods 02:48
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«Can't set self from this type␤in regex PGE::Grammar::_block57 (/tmp/rP2PspiV0d:2)␤called from method Any::grep (src/gen_setting.pm:172)␤called from sub grep (src/gen_setting.pm:295)␤called from Main (/tmp/rP2PspiV0d:2)␤»
wayland76 No idea
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ihrd hi 03:07
rakudo: 1.^methods.^methods.join(', ').say
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«values, delete, Scalar, , shift, Array, splice, exists, push, unshift, item, pop␤»
ihrd why I have no 'name' in this list? 03:08
1.^methods>>.name.join(', ').say 03:09
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ihrd ah, I missed 03:10
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ihrd rakudo: 1.^methods.[0].^methods.join(', ').say 03:11
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«Scalar, multi␤»
ihrd rakudo:1.^methods.[0].name 03:13
rakudo: 1.^methods.[0].WHAT.say
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«Code()␤»
ihrd rakudo:1.^methods.[0].name.say
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cognominal rakudo: say Any.defined( Pattern ) 04:12
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«Could not find non-existent sub Pattern␤»
cognominal rakudo: say Any.defined( ::Pattern )
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«too many arguments passed (2) - 1 param expected␤in Main (src/gen_setting.pm:3390)␤»
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mikehh rakudo (ae56d02) builds on parrot r40685 - make test/make spectest (up to 28042) PASS - Ubuntu 9.04 amd64 04:30
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cognominal what is this method with an empty name? 04:48
my %a ; say join ', ', sort map { "'$_'" }, %a.^methods
rakudo: my %a ; say join ', ', sort map { "'$_'" }, %a.^methods
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«'', 'ACCEPTS', 'Hash', 'Scalar', 'contains', 'delete', 'exists', 'hash', 'invert', 'push'␤»
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spinclad KatrinaTheLamia: re JPerl6: possibly of interest: pugs had a working javascript-emitting backend (likely badly bitrotten now). i seem to recall people at the time saying javascript was a fair piece friendlier environment for dynamic langs than JVM. nothing a few layers of abstraction wouldn't cure, i expect. 05:06
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missingthepoint wonders what an "impedance mismatch" is... 05:49
missingthepoint guesses though that an "impetdance mismatch" is when petdance is required, but not present. :) 05:50
Tene it's not usually used as a specific technical term, just a general idea that two conflicting worldviews are colliding.
missingthepoint oh hai Tene
Tene technology A does things one way, B does things a very different way, so they can't fit together.
horizontal tab inserted into vertical slot. 05:51
that help?
missingthepoint does... Tene++ # meme education 05:52
missingthepoint-- # #perl6 -> meme school
Tene eh, nothing else important was going on ATM
wayland76 Well, impedance mismatch does have a specific sense in electronic engineering, and audio stuff, and things like that 05:53
Tene Right. 05:54
I just meant that its use elsewhere isn't a specific concept.
wayland76 But my Dad's the EE, not me, so I can't remember what at the moment :)
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Tene en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Impedance_matching 05:55
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Object-relati...e_mismatch is an example of a specific programming-related failure described by that term.
missingthepoint: any other memes for me? I'm (hopefully) going to sleep soon. 05:56
missingthepoint no, sleep well :) 05:57
Tene Just recently found out I'm going on a surprise trip to Seattle next week, for work. Taking the gf with me this time. 05:58
missingthepoint ooh, have fun...
(if that's possible on a work trip) 05:59
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wayland76 Actually, now that I think about it, the impedance mismatch meme means that they can be made to sort of fit if you push hard enough 05:59
Tene missingthepoint: sure is.
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missingthepoint night Tene, afk for a bit 06:06
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moritz_ good localtime() Perl 6 folks 06:08
Tene hi moritz 06:09
missingthepoint hi moritz_ :) 06:10
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moritz_ just found a weird bug in array attribute initialization, and wonders if he can reduce it to a usable size 06:30
rakudo: class A { has @.b; method d { say @.b.perl } }; A.new(b => ([3, 4], [5, 6])) 06:31
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: ( no output )
moritz_ rakudo: class A { has @.b; method d { say @.b.perl } }; A.new(b => ([3, 4], [5, 6])).d
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«[[3, 4], [5, 6]]␤»
moritz_ ok, not so easy :/ 06:32
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wayland76 ping ruz: if you're still around, good question time starts now :) 06:47
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Su-Shee good morning. :) 06:50
moritz_ good morning Su-Shee
Su-Shee the ircserver should serve coffee... 06:51
wayland76 But then if the Internet was down, you'd have no coffee :) 06:53
Su-Shee fell into the office a little early... 06:54
finanalyst good localtime everyone
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Su-Shee looks at 10 years old perl. 06:58
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missingthepoint Su-Shee: my condolences. (at least it's perl.) 06:59
Su-Shee actually, it's rather ok. I've expected much much worse. 07:00
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Su-Shee and *hihi* from an archeological point of view it's interesting seeing a perl project which runs constantly for a decade now. 07:01
moritz_ Rakudo's spectest graph, recreated in Perl 6: moritz.faui2k3.org/tmp/progress-graph.svg 07:02
Su-Shee *plopp* nice :)
wayland76 remembers seeing some perl4 once, and giving up quickly :) 07:03
moritz_ there seem to be some small rounding errors
which lead to sub-pixel whitespaces between the bars 07:04
and when you zoom out, you see waves in the luminosity
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finanalyst moritz_: how was graph created? can i see program? 07:29
szbalint ooo moritz_++
moritz_ finanalyst: with my SVG::Plot module...
finanalyst: github.com/moritz/svg-plot/ in the examples/ directory 07:30
finanalyst moritz_:++
Su-Shee some day, there will be a Cairo binding...
moritz_ rakudo: say 1/7 07:32
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«0.142857142857143␤»
finanalyst moritz_: typo line 69 s/Dez/Dec/ 07:33
moritz_ rakudo: printf "%.30f", 1/7
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«0.142857142857142849212692681249»
moritz_ finanalyst: thanks. Actually language confusion ;-) 07:34
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finanalyst moritz_: where is SVG.pm? 07:41
moritz_ finanalyst: in masak's github repo
07:41 mikehh_ is now known as mikehh
wayland76 He has a plot to keep it for himself. That's why it's called SVG::Plot :) 07:41
szbalint and SVG stands for Superbly Veiled Grand 07:46
cotto Does Rakudo take advantage of Parrot's fact opcode yet? 07:51
moritz_ cotto: a quick grep says "no" 07:53
what does fact do?
cotto It wasn't a very serious question.
factorial 07:54
moritz_ oh.
cotto I'm surprised it hasn't been removed.
moritz_ sounds like a thing one would write to win in a specific benchmark ;-) 07:55
cotto I'm pretty sure that's why it was put there.
finanalyst in SVG.pm I found '$svg = :svg[...]' I havent come across :xx[]. Is this the same as 'xx'=>[] ? 07:56
moritz_ yes (and currently broken) 07:57
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reqamst I'm looking for perl6 bundle for textmate, anyone knows? 08:05
08:05 payload joined
moritz_ only know of Perl 6 support for vim, emacs and padre 08:06
missingthepoint is thinking of trying to add it to komodo... that may or may not involve solving the problem for other editors.... <o 08:09
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sri_kraih would like a perl6 bundle for textmate too 08:20
missingthepoint well, buy me a mac and i'll work on textmate :P 08:22
reqamst I am using textmate bundles in e editor for windows 08:23
many editors use textmate bundles and themes
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flip915 Does someone know if there's something like a PASM to C converter or anything like that? 08:55
I'd like to compile perl6 into native code.
moritz_ flip915: perlgeek.de/blog-en/perl-6/my-first...table.html 08:56
I don't know if that works at the moment
cotto There was one built into Parrot quite a while ago, but it bitrotted from lack of love.
flip915 Yes, but that only puts the bytecode after some loader, doesn't it?
moritz_ yes, but it's an executable ;-)
flip915 I'm asking about letting a compiler run over it - with all available optimizations, like inlining and so on 08:57
cotto It's a "fakecutable".
moritz_ cotto: what about that parrot runcore that creates executables?
cotto flip915, we're also hoping to use LLVM as a backend, but that's a long-term project.
flip915 Because I believe that the accessor functions for classes would get a major performance boost if they'd get reduced to "load int from base+X"
instead of having to call a bytecode function 08:58
and yes, I know about JIT ... but I think that a compiler could/should do that *one* time, and not at each run
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flip915 LLVM sounds interesting 08:59
cotto We need to do a lot of groundwork first.
but yes, it is
moritz_, I think that's the one that got bitrotted and removed. 09:00
moritz_ actually we has a Summer of Code project planned for that - but real life got in the student's way 09:01
(for an llvm JIT backend, that is)
cotto flip915, if you're interested in helping, head on over to #parrot on irc.perl.org and help us figure out what needs to go into Lorito. 09:02
dalek kudo: c06ba3a | moritz++ | docs/release_guide.pod:
[docs] small udapte to release_guide.pod, mentioning tools/test_summary.pl
cotto trac.parrot.org/parrot/wiki/L1Recap (Lorito is the currently favored name for L1). Also, I'll stop with the non-perl 6 stuff now. 09:04
flip915 cotto: Yes, I'm interested, but I won't find any free time for that ... I'm already overbooked 4 times in RL ;-[ 09:12
moritz_ well, you found time for IRC ;-) 09:13
mikehh rakudo (ae56d02) builds on parrot r40688 - make test/make spectest (up to 28042) PASS - Ubuntu 9.04 amd64
flip915 that's just while switching through the desktops 09:14
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masak std: class A { method .new() {} } 09:40
p6eval std 28042: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Malformed block at /tmp/MrPXoPfOoE line 1:␤------> class A { method ⏏.new() {} }␤ expecting any of:␤ block␤ subscript signature␤ terminator␤FAILED 00:02 37m␤»
masak std: class A { method !new() {} }
p6eval std 28042: OUTPUT«ok 00:02 38m␤» 09:41
masak a case could be made for the '.new' form (as a synonym for 'new') being a logical extension of the '!new' syntax.
moritz_ a case could be made indeed. 09:42
however I don't know if there's much benefit from increased punctuation
masak me neither. 09:49
but I saw Kevan's method declaration syntax on p6l, and I had this thought. 09:50
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reqamst paste.lisp.org/display/85787 10:01
Is it bug? I am getting spaces beetween numbers. 10:02
sjohnson how's it going masak
moritz_ reqamst: not a bug, that's how arrays stringify
masak sjohnson: fine. a bit hectic today, but not too bad.
moritz_ 0,0,0 creates an array (a list, actually), not a string
masak sjohnson: how're you doing? 10:03
sjohnson pretty good :)
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masak food & 10:07
jnthn oh hai 10:15
moritz_ OLOLITSJNTHN 10:16
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mikehh rakudo (c06ba3a) builds on parrot r40691 - make test/make spectest (up to 28042) PASS - Ubuntu 9.04 amd64 (g++) 10:36
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jnthn looks at xkcd today and groans 10:44
wayland76 thinks xkcd website is slow due to OS upgrades using his internet connection :) 10:47
pugs_svn r28043 | moritz++ | [S02] small clarifications on Whatever comprehensions 10:49
wayland76 I experience a strange feeling when reading moritz_'s commit message :) 10:50
(out of context) 10:51
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wayland76 I mean, how often do you tell people that you've been clarifying the whatever comprehensions? :) 10:52
reqamst We need nice module for bouild XML structure for Tufte. Scruffy uses builder.rubyforge.org 10:56
moritz_ reqamst: masak's SVG.pm (which is actually an XML writer) might do for a start
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reqamst moritz_: Oh, I see. 10:58
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moritz_ std: ** 11:03
p6eval std 28043: OUTPUT«ok 00:02 37m␤»
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pugs_svn r28044 | moritz++ | [t/spec] tests for whatever codes with multiple stars 11:17
jnthn moritz_: Do you know what is ** parsing as? 11:18