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Set by Juerd on 28 August 2009.
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stu42j Anyone here involved with perl6.org? 00:45
s1n pmichaud: what does set_integer_keyed mean? 00:49
pmichaud: that is, i was looking at rt #68714, and i suspect i will be looking in gut.pir, but i'm not sure what the error is telling me 00:50
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carlin stu42j: most of the people here have access to modify it, what do you need to know? 00:52
stu42j I was just reading on use.perl - some people complaining about the colors... 00:53
I wanted to volunteer to help, just don't want to step on any toes.
carlin Su-Shee (who isn't here right now) did the current design 00:57
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wayland76 stu42j: Have you got a link to the use.perl article? 02:36
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stu42j wayland76: use.perl.org/~sigzero/journal/39552 02:42
wayland76 stu42j: Su-shee is in Germany, IIRC, so you'll need to be on during an appropriate timezone. For me, that's evening, but I'm in Australia 02:43
Also, allow me to mention that the butterfly was personally designed by Larry Wall, and was significantly better than some of the alternatives :) 02:44
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wayland76 TimToady: If you're around, you may also be interested in commenting :) 02:49
Btw, stu42j actually has a suggested alternative: saj.thecommune.net/perl6.org/index.html 02:50
If that's the suggested alternative, then we need to speak to Su-Shee, and TimToady doesn't need to comment -- instead he can hack on the specs, or whatever it is that he does :) 02:51
phenny: Tell Su-Shee There were some complaints about he colour scheme on perl6.org. Complaints were not from p6 people, but posted at use.perl.org/~sigzero/journal/39552 02:52
phenny: tell Su-Shee There were some complaints about he colour scheme on perl6.org. Complaints were not from p6 people, but posted at use.perl.org/~sigzero/journal/39552 02:53
phenny wayland76: I'll pass that on when Su-Shee is around.
wayland76 phenny: tell Su-Shee The most constructive suggestion came from stu42j who proposed this alternative: saj.thecommune.net/perl6.org/index.html
phenny wayland76: I'll pass that on when Su-Shee is around.
wayland76 phenny: tell Su-Shee I don't mind either way myself, but I thought you might like to know. Also, stu42j is on the IRC channel when I'm writing this. 02:54
phenny wayland76: I'll pass that on when Su-Shee is around.
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spinclad rakudo: say 3 ne 4 03:03
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«1␤»
spinclad (( ok then; parsed 'say (3 ne 4)' not '(say 3) ne 4' )) 03:04
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carlin those paler colours are a nice improvement 03:07
colomon Post-pub, Rakudo re-build, and spectest, too tired to work on Rat. In the morning before $work, maybe... 03:10
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pmichaud use.perl.org/comments.pl?sid=43716&cid=70336 # latest (and probably last) reply to ank 04:43
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pyrimidine pmichaud++ (for the response) 04:51
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mberends pmichaud++ indeed, says exactly the right things 05:33
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pmichaud woops, I ended up making one more response :) 05:38
I think I did enough troll feeding for one day; I did try to "troll hug" a bit with the invitation for helping us figure out a threading model, but I'm not nearly as skilled at it as audreyt++ :) 05:39
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pmichaud oh dear, it might have worked :) 05:42
wayland76 Are you going to tell him where he should he send the info? Or should I do it? 05:52
pmichaud Just did. 05:53
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dalek kudo: 9a37314 | pmichaud++ | docs/spectest-progress.csv:
spectest-progress.csv update: 433 files, 12465 (72.9% of 17100) pass, 0 fail
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JimmyZ_ glad to see it. 06:11
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spinclad (troll hugging)++ ! 06:11
carlin @karma (troll hugging) 06:12
lambdabot (troll has a karma of 0
carlin aww :( 06:13
spinclad @karma hugging)
lambdabot hugging) has a karma of 1
KatrinaTheLamia @karma hugging 06:14
lambdabot hugging has a karma of 0
KatrinaTheLamia Eris damnit! That is truly an injustice! 06:15
spinclad i think that's as well played as i've seen. turning antagonism into the prospect of synergy really changed ank's picture of the perl world, me thinks. 06:18
carlin looking at that, it seems like he changed his tune after pm explained that p6 folk are volunteers and if they weren't doing P6 they probably wouldn't be doing p5. 06:19
spinclad may this bear good, thready fruit.
KatrinaTheLamia heh... which reminds me... I need to get back into this MMO... my level 1 Perl Knave appears to have been under appreciated. 06:21
spinclad carlin: yes, i think that was an effective step 1.
KatrinaTheLamia well... time to kill some Rabbits (ie: RTFM)
moritz_ good localtime() fellow Perl 6 hackers and lurkers 06:23
sharada :) 06:24
KatrinaTheLamia hai moritz_ 06:25
moritz_ nothingmuch++ # blog.woobling.org/2009/05/your-openid-sucks.html 06:26
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spinclad good verylate(), all. i'll see if i can lurk in my dreams, like audrey. 06:46
wayland76 Incidentally, I've noticed on the topic of threading that there seem to be two basic opinions floating around. 06:49
One is to do what is briefly mentioned in S17 at the moment, and have an events-underlying-threads model (which is the one I favour) 06:50
But the other model seems to be advocated by people who think POSIX threads are where it's at
My understanding is that the POSIX-threads people say that the events-threads stuff requires that the threads co-operate somehow 06:51
@karma KatrinaTheLamia
lambdabot KatrinaTheLamia has a karma of 1
moritz_ rakudo: printf "%.2f", 12465 / 17100 06:56
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p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«0.73» 06:56
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moritz_ colomon: please use 'plan *' only sparingly in the test suite, it detoriates our statistics about how many tests we have in the test suite 06:58
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dalek kudo: d2cc61c | moritz++ | tools/progress-graph.pl:
[tools] avoid overlapping labels in progress graph
07:07 moritz_ sets mode: -o dalek 07:19 szabgab joined
pmichaud we should probably find some way to be able to work with 'plan *' 07:29
or perhaps we need to get rid of the notion of computing the size of the suite (either altogether, or based on the 'plan' statements)
alester hugging++ 07:34
pmichaud: I went for brevity perlbuzz.com/2009/08/perl-6-develop...erl-5.html 07:35
and now I go to bed.
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moritz_ pmichaud: maybe we can re-use the test counting logic from fudge 07:35
wayland76 I'm reminded of the Englishman who said that the verse "Greet one another with a holy kiss" should be translated "Greet one another with a hearty handshake"
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Su-Shee good morning. :) 07:38
phenny Su-Shee: 02:53Z <wayland76> tell Su-Shee There were some complaints about he colour scheme on perl6.org. Complaints were not from p6 people, but posted at use.perl.org/~sigzero/journal/39552
Su-Shee: 02:53Z <wayland76> tell Su-Shee The most constructive suggestion came from stu42j who proposed this alternative: saj.thecommune.net/perl6.org/index.html
Su-Shee: 02:54Z <wayland76> tell Su-Shee I don't mind either way myself, but I thought you might like to know. Also, stu42j is on the IRC channel when I'm writing this.
sjohnson hi Su-Shee and wayland, and others
KatrinaTheLamia huggles sjohnson 07:39
Tene japhb: Sorry for the delay. I finally added eval to nqp. It's pretty basic, and the language you're evaling needs to follow HLL interop conventions.
pmichaud Tene: is eval implemented as a keyword?
japhb Tene, Thank you!
pmichaud or as a library? 07:40
Tene pmichaud: compilers/nqp/src/builtins.pir
japhb Hopefully will be able to do more Plumage hacking next week, $day_job permitting
pmichaud oh.
KatrinaTheLamia hmm.. I could see it being used as a library as being useful.
pmichaud I'm trying to keep the number of builtin functions really small. But I might be able to accept eval for now. 07:41
(no, I'm not about to back it out... just thinking what I would like instead, if anything)
sjohnson hugs KatrinaTheLamia back :3
KatrinaTheLamia particularly is eval had more object behaviour than keyword behaviour... seriously, I could think of some interesting ideas for an eval object.
Tene pmichaud: I have no attachment to it whatsoever. Just the simplest thing that could possibly work. I'll re-do it to comply with whatever feedback you give me.
japhb Su-Shee, one thing I noticed is that the less saturated mockup of the perl6.org front page also didn't wrap weirdly like perl6.org (used?) to. 07:42
pmichaud okay.
I hadn't thought about it as builtins.pir, but I think that's likely okay for now.
Tene I don't really understand the layout of nqp very well anyway, but I didn't want to delay any longer. :)
wayland76 hugme: hug KatrinaTheLamia and sjohnson 07:43
hugme hugs KatrinaTheLamia
japhb pmichaud, seems best to minimize the keyword count in NQP, I would think.
wayland76 hugme: hug sjohnson
pmichaud Tene++ # excellent job, btw
wayland76 Hugs by proxy :)
pmichaud yes, I want to keep the keyword count low in NQP
moritz_ japhb: there were tweeks to the other (non-color) parts of the perl6.org layout recently. Maybe the decoloured version doesn't have these fixes yet
Tene japhb: you talked about json... is there a json compiler that exists as a language?
pmichaud well, more to the point, I don't want NQP to have keywords that aren't also keywords in Perl 6 :)
cognominal jnthn, are your around?
KatrinaTheLamia wayland76: you made a bot specifically for the purpose of hugging? BRAVO!
Tene I see compilers/json/, but that doesn't get installed as a language. 07:44
wayland76 No, I didn't. But it's there
But I might've just broken it :/
moritz_ KatrinaTheLamia: no. The primary purpose is of hugme is to add contributors to projects
KatrinaTheLamia bad wayland76... no cookie for you.
japhb Tene, yes, I believe that the existing JSON reader is implemented as a language. But I hadn't tried to use it yet. I don't know why it's not installed ....
moritz_ hugme: list projects
hugme moritz_: I know about these projects: json, perl6-examples, proto, svg-matchdumper, svg-plot, tufte
moritz_ hugme: help 07:45
hugme moritz_: 'hugme: (add $who to $project | list projects | hug $nickname)'
KatrinaTheLamia moritz_: ah... okay...
hugme add KatrinaTheLamia to SSBZ
hugme KatrinaTheLamia: sorry, I don't know anything about project 'SSBZ'
wayland76 hugme: hug sjohnson
hugme hugs sjohnson
Tene japhb: compilers/json certainly doesn't get installed as a language.
wayland76 ok, it works now :)
KatrinaTheLamia hmmm... well, I suppose I need to register SSBZ somewhere >.> 07:46
japhb Tene, I was agreeing with you. I was just saying I didn't happen to know *why* that was the case. :-)
Tene Ah. :)
japhb: likely because there are few people that know anything about hll interop, and json doesn't look like it's seen work in ages, so has been inherited from a time before that mattered. 07:47
japhb ah so.
KatrinaTheLamia moritz_: where do I go to add a project... I mean, I won't be listing SSBZ for a little bit (due to procrastination), but it would be nice to have people interested in it.. apart from "that crazy fan game Katrina is doing" 07:48
moritz_ KatrinaTheLamia: where do you want to list it? is a Perl 6 project?
KatrinaTheLamia Well, SSBZ was originally a Ruby project that I really got no where on (I don't think I got any actual coding done on it). Then I read up on Perl 6, and figured, that it would do nice on Perl 6. Especially since I don't expect it to be really mature any time soon. I mostly got the idea from the Iron Man blogs that Perl5 and Perl6 need more games for them. For Perl5 I am working on KREPES (Kid Radd Engine Project Existance System, I 07:51
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moritz_ (truncated after "System, I") 07:52
KatrinaTheLamia I think the acronym ended up as..) and for Perl6 I decided to have house SSBZ. 07:53
heh... I really hate it when clients do that >.>
moritz_ anyway, if you want to add your project to the "proto" installer, just tell me or masak the URL of the project, and one of us will add it
(or anyone of the 100 other proto comitters :-)
KatrinaTheLamia proto installer? Okay... is that the base distribution of Perl6... or is that some sort of package management system for Perl 6? 07:54
moritz_ it's the prototype of a package management in Perl 6 07:55
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moritz_ github.com/masak/proto/tree/master for more details 07:55
KatrinaTheLamia ah, okay ^.^ 07:56
KatrinaTheLamia still needs to start working her way around github btw >.>
moritz_ don't work your way around it - embrace it :-) 07:57
anyway, you can also use gitorious if you prefer that over github
KatrinaTheLamia well, I am still new to most of you gits ~.^
japhb Who was going to work on private attribute declaration in NQP? Was that Tene or jnthn? 08:00
Tene It wasn't me.
japhb All right, jnthn then.
Tene japhb: does that eval look sufficient for your purposes for now? 08:01
japhb Hopefully I'll cross paths with him tomorrow; in the mean time, I need to get to bed nowish. Thanks again, Tene++
Tene kk 'night
pmichaud omg itz 3am 08:02
japhb Tene, only had time to pull parrot, don't have time or brains to really look at it now, sorry. Will try tomorrow afternoon, if the planets align.
pmichaud I should get to sleep also
Tene japhb: just leave me a moose eventually.
pmichaud spent too much time working on Rats and writing use.perl comments :-|
Tene Rats? 08:03
pmichaud rakudo: say Rat.new(3,4)
Tene Ah.
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«Could not find non-existent sub Rat␤»
pmichaud rakudo isn't updating?
Tene The gf has been talking about the rodent kind of Rat recently. >.>
KatrinaTheLamia reading through the Perl6 op chart and I could see the code `something orelse die` appear a lot >.> 08:04
pmichaud we tend to think in terms of 'fail' more than 'die' 08:05
KatrinaTheLamia I was thinking more of "GIVE ME THIS OR PERISH!" for that type of usage. 08:06
pmichaud but yes, 'orelse' fills that testing niche
sjohnson hugme: hug wayland
hugme hugs wayland
sjohnson :)
hugme: hug wayland76
hugme hugs wayland76
sjohnson that's better
Tene pmichaud: what tasks are on your list for this week?
KatrinaTheLamia well... orelse works better than what a lot of people do in other languages for that sort of thing... strikes me as cleaner.
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Tene starts looking into db access from rakudo 08:07
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pmichaud Tene: I'm still working out the details, but mostly I expect to be cleaning up a bit more operator stuff and then diving into nqp issues 08:07
(mainly grammar and regex related stuff)
Tene Okay, thanks. 08:08
pmichaud if you're wanting to do db access from rakudo, I'll definitely want to follow along :)
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pmichaud I'm interested in some NCI stuff. 08:08
Tene pmichaud: You have interest in that too? I was doing it for masak.
pmichaud I'm more interested in the NCI aspects than the db ones 08:09
Tene If you have any specific interest, please express it.
Will commits be sufficient for your curiosity, or do you want blog posts too?
pmichaud I always prefer blog posts, because (1) publicity is good and (2) others will read blogs
but that's a "do as I say not as I do" sort of thing, so I happily take whatever I get :) 08:10
because I'm notoriously bad about blog posting my own work. I even failed on IronMan last week, so I'm back to paperman status :(
moritz_ so am I
pmichaud (in my weak defense, I did have to go out of town and entertain family a lot during that week)
moritz_ masak++ is bronze
pmichaud at YAPC::EU there was a "Space Invaders" demo written in Perl 5 SDL. I've been wondering what it would take to make a Perl 6 version of it :) 08:12
Tene Someone posted a breakout clone in rakudo sdl recently 08:13
moritz_ tuits, mostly
Tene it ran very very slowly.
pmichaud yeah, I saw that it was done, and that it was really slow
that's something we could probably work on over time :)
Tene He used some custom patches to parrot's SDL, iirc. I'll see about merging those back into the appropriate place. 08:16
pmichaud also, on the topic of db access from rakudo: www.asciiville.com/2009/08/topm-per...rhack.html 08:18
Tene okay, the existing mysql client library works from Parrot (but segfaults on exit?) 08:20
ah, segfaults off somewhere in libmysqlclient. 08:21
the existing mysqltest.p6 just segfaults.
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pmichaud okay, I definitely need to get to sleep. be back in a few hours 08:27
Tene Yay, segfault in get_pmc_proxy!
colomon pmichaud: is the div operator hooked up to Rat yet?
Tene I still don't really understand the pmc_proxy stuff. :)
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moritz_ rakudo: say (1 div 3).WHAT 08:29
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«infix:<div> not yet implemented in Rakudo, sorry␤in sub infix:div (src/gen_setting.pm:1592)␤called from Main (/tmp/YB7i2N0cvD:2)␤»
moritz_ that should be an easy fix.
08:29 ejs left
colomon rakudo: say new.Rat(1,3) 08:30
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«Could not find non-existent sub new␤»
colomon rakudo: say Rat.new(1,3) 08:31
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«Could not find non-existent sub Rat␤»
pmichaud p6eval isn't up-to-date 08:32
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pmichaud and afaict, commit 0d4fe0 is from 2009-08-13 08:35
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pmichaud on another topic, it might be nice for there to be some sort of link from perl6.org to 08:36
moritz_ maybe I didn't start cron in the chroot after reboot
pmichaud svn.pugscode.org/pugs/misc/camelia.txt
or some other page that explains the butterfly a bit more :)
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carlin make camelia clickable and link to there 08:37
pmichaud it might be worth writing a page that describes camelia
moritz_ aye 08:38
as soon as we have a layout that supports subpages
Su-Shee++ is working on that
Su-Shee she does. yesterday I wasted 5 hours on a broken gtk to get a recent inkscape to do shiny things.... very productive. 08:40
moritz_ well, Perl 6 development is optimized for fun, and so is the development of the accompanying websites 08:42
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jaffa8 hi 08:42
In Perl 6 regular expressions, how do I negate the effect of i 08:43
pmichaud :i(0)
:!i should also work, but it may be NYI in Rakudo
jaffa8 what is NYI?
pmichaud "Not Yet Implemented"
jaffa8 rakudo: /:!i do it/ 08:44
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«perl6regex parse error: Quantifier follows nothing in regex at offset 11, found ':'␤in Main (src/gen_setting.pm:3454)␤»
pmichaud nyi
jaffa8 rakudo: /:i(0) do it/
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: ( no output )
jaffa8 rakudo: "DO IT"~~/:i(0) do it/; print $() 08:45
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: ( no output )
jaffa8 rakudo: "DO IT"~~/:i(1) do it/; print $()
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: ( no output )
Tene jaffa8: you want $/
pmichaud rakudo: "DO IT" ~~ /:i(0) do it/; print $/;
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: ( no output )
Tene rakudo: "DO IT"~~/:i(1) do it/; print $/
pmichaud rakudo: "DO IT" ~~ /:i(1) 'do it'/; print $/;
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: ( no output )
rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«DO IT»
pmichaud rakudo: "DO IT" ~~ /:i(0) 'do it'/; print $/;
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: ( no output ) 08:46
jaffa8 ok
pmichaud okay, I'm really leaving now. Computer shutting down, even :)
Tene 'night pm
jaffa8 SHould not $() work?
Tene I've never seen $(). 08:47
Is it new?
jaffa8 rakudo: "DO IT" ~~ /:i(1) 'do it'/; print ();
moritz_ no, it's old
jaffa8 rakudo: "DO IT" ~~ /:i(1) 'do it'/; print $();
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: ( no output )
rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«DO IT»
Tene Oh.
moritz_ what used to be $() is now spelled $/.ast
Tene ah 08:48
moritz_ but it seems to still work
don't know if it's specced that way
jaffa8 ast?
moritz_ abstract syntax tree
jaffa8 rakudo: "DO IT" ~~ /:i(1) ('do it')/; print $();
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: ( no output )
jaffa8 So $() should print ast. 08:49
moritz_ currently p6eval is being borked
jaffa8 rakudo: "DO IT" ~~ /:i(1) ('do it')/; print $/;
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«DO IT»
jaffa8 rakudo: "DO IT" ~~ /:i(1) ('do it')/; print $0;
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«DO IT»
jaffa8 borked?
moritz_ it's not reliable atm
jaffa8 What does it have to do with this? 08:50
moritz_ jaffa8: that if you write 'rakudo: $program' and you get no output, that might be the cause
jaffa8 I did not write that.
moritz_ anyway, I have a patch locally here that implements infix:<div> for ints 08:51
spectesting now
08:52 araujo left
jaffa8 $() did not print anything 08:52
That is a bug I guess
moritz_ I just explained that if p6eval doesn't print anything, it might not be rakudo's fault.
jaffa8 ok 08:53
moritz_ rakudo: say 1
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«1␤»
jaffa8 rakudo : say 4/4
rakudo: say 4/4
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«1␤» 08:54
jaffa8 rakudo: "DO IT" ~~ /:i (1) ('do it')/; print $0; 08:56
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: ( no output )
jaffa8 rakudo: "DO IT" ~~ /:i(1) ('do it')/; print $0;
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: ( no output )
jaffa8 rakudo: "DO IT" ~~ /:i(1) 'do it'/; print $0;
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: ( no output )
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jaffa8 rakudo: "DO IT" ~~ /:i(1) 'do it'/; print $/; 08:56
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: ( no output ) 08:57
jaffa8 rakudo: "dddd" ~~ /d ** 3../; print $/; 09:00
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: ( no output )
jaffa8 rakudo: "dddd" ~~ /d ** 3.. /; print $/;
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: ( no output )
moritz_ rakudo: say "basic sanity"
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: ( no output ) 09:01
moritz_ p6eval's brokenness should be fixed in a few minutes
sjohnson rakudo: say 1+1 09:02
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: ( no output )
KatrinaTheLamia rakudo: say "I hear wayland76 loves having tea parties with his dollies and talking about all the latest gossip"
jaffa8 do you know that d ** 3.. is not implemented?
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: ( no output )
moritz_ jaffa8: why don't you just install rakudo locally and try it out?
carlin it's not broken, it's pining for the fjords
sjohnson wayland76, is this... *gasp*... true?
( `ー´)
jaffa8 Are you aware of the fact that of d**3 not implemented? 09:03
KatrinaTheLamia oh yes, wayland76 wears a really fetching hat. It is most becoming of him ^.^ </cutethulhu_reference>
Tene Hmm. /me is not familiar with cutethulu. 09:04
jaffa8 moritz_,I have rakudo on my machine. 09:05
moritz_,Are you aware of the fact that of d**3 not implemented?
KatrinaTheLamia Tene: I'll find the video
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moritz_ jaffa8: so, what does your local test tell you, is it implemented? 09:06
Tene looks like google knows where it is.
wayland76 That's right, talk about me behind my back. Admittedly I have tea parties, but they usually involve me wearing a top hat and sitting next to a dormouse
moritz_ rakudo: say 'dddd' ~~ / d ** 3 / && say $/
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«ddd␤1␤»
moritz_ rakudo: 'dddd' ~~ / d ** 3 / && say $/
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«ddd␤»
jaffa8 moritz_,not.
rakudo: say 'dddd' ~~ / d ** 3.. / && say $/ 09:07
KatrinaTheLamia Tene: well for those too lazy: www.youtube.com/watch?v=SP-33XI4frs << it is a fairly old clip on the web.
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«perl6regex parse error: Error in closure quantifier at offset 34, found ' '␤in Main (src/gen_setting.pm:3454)␤»
jaffa8 Can you see it now?
rakudo: say 'dddd' ~~ / d ** ..3 / && say $/ 09:08
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«␤»
moritz_ jaffa8: you asked about **3 being implemented or not. That's not quite the same
Tene KatrinaTheLamia: I consider myself enlightened. :)
jaffa8 it was a typo
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jaffa8 if you read my earlier questions , they are right. 09:08
wayland76 So do I. Enlightenment++ window manager (e17) :) 09:09
moritz_ ok, I am aware of it
but the RT is not
jaffa8: would you care to write a ticket for that?
jaffa8 rakudo: say 'dddd' ~~ / d ** ..3 / && say $/
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«␤»
jaffa8 there seem to be a problem with .. 3 as well.
moritz_ aye, it's probably parsed as $term ** $term 09:10
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moritz_ rakudo: say 'dAA3d' ~~ /d ** ..3/ 09:10
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«␤»
moritz_ rakudo: say 'dAd' ~~ /d ** ..3/ 09:11
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«␤»
moritz_ rakudo: say 'dAd 3' ~~ /d ** ..3/
p6eval rakudo 0d4fe0: OUTPUT«dAd 3␤»
moritz_ so it's parsed as [ d ** . ] .3
jnthn morning #perl6 09:12
moritz_ oh hai jaffa8
jnthn tab completion fail
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moritz_ oh right 09:13
KatrinaTheLamia hai jnthn
moritz_ jnthn hai oh
jnthn ;-)
Tene morning jnthn
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dalek kudo: 17bcd58 | moritz++ | :
Merge branch 'master' of [email@hidden.address]
kudo: a378770 | moritz++ | src/setting/ (2 files):
implement infix:<div>(Int, Int)
jnthn wonders what excitement has been happening over the last few days while he's not been paying so much attention... 09:14
jaffa8 nothing?