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Set by sjohnson on 22 January 2010.
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LaVolta morning, world! :) 01:15
sjohnson hi 01:16
LaVolta oh...hey, just prepared myself some tea...have a good day, sir. 01:21
sjohnson u too 01:24
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colomon ng: my $a = ''; $a ~= "hello"; say $a; 02:09
p6eval ng 917483: hello␤
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pugs_svn r29583 | colomon++ | [t/spec] Switch Range to Series FTW. 02:19
02:24 sjohnson sets mode: +o colomon
dalek kudo/ng: 7daa82d | (Solomon Foster)++ | t/spectest.data:
Turn unshift test on.
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colomon pmichaud: possibly a dumb question; how do we test iterators? 02:24
something like my $a = (1..10).iterator; is $a.get, 1; is $a.get, 2; etc ? 02:25
BTW, perl 6 world, ng now has over 3000 tests turned on again. :) 02:26
eternaleye \o/ 02:34
colomon I reckon we need to turn on about 2000 a day on average for the next week. :) 02:35
but we'll get a ton when we get trig back.
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colomon ng: my @a = map { $_, $_ * 2 }, 1...5; say @a.perl 02:38
p6eval ng 917483: No applicable candidates found to dispatch to for '&infix:<...>'␤current instr.: '_block14' pc 29 (EVAL_1:0)␤
colomon ng: my @a = map { $_, $_ * 2 }, (1...5); say @a.perl 02:39
p6eval ng 917483: Could not find non-existent sub &map␤current instr.: '_block14' pc 29 (EVAL_1:0)␤
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LaVolta pugs: my @array = 1, 2, 3; say "@array _ @array[] _ {@array}" 03:02
p6eval pugs: @array _ 1 2 3 _ 1 2 3␤
LaVolta rakudo: my @array = 1, 2, 3; say "@array _ @array[] _ {@array}" 03:03
p6eval rakudo 1d4928: @array _ @array[] _ 1 2 3␤
LaVolta err...
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colomon LaVolta: I think @array[] no longer interpolates in perl 6. 03:27
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LaVolta colomon, so we must use the braces form to get it interpolated, right? 03:45
colomon That's my understanding.
LaVolta thanks :) 03:47
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eternaleye colomon: LaVolta: Actaully, "@array[]" is supposed to interpolate - it's just NYI. It is, however, true that "@array" does not interpolate. 04:09
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LaVolta i just found these lines in RFC 105: [Update: The interpolation rules for arrays have been completely revised. A bare array name no longer interpolates--you have to say @foo[].] 04:18
eternaleye, you mean it will be implemented in future? 04:19
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TimToady LaVolta: yes; the current workaround is {@array} 04:27
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LaVolta TimToady, got it, thanks... 04:39
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Achilles333 hello world 07:06
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Su-Shee good morning 08:52
08:54 sjohnson sets mode: +o Su-Shee
sjohnson hi 08:54
Su-Shee: where abouts in the world are you?
Su-Shee berlin, germany.
jikes. no, obviously siberia. ;) *shiver* 08:55
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sjohnson Su-Shee: is German your first language? 08:56
Su-Shee yes.
sjohnson you speak English quite well... i want to learn German one day, but am afraid it is difficult to learn 08:57
Su-Shee it depends on what you already know. if you by any chance know latin for example or russian, german will be just another one of those kind of languages.. if you know only english, you will hate it from time to time. ;) 08:58
sjohnson i can speak french fluently 09:00
and a tiny bit of Japanese
Su-Shee sjohnson: then go ahead. if you already went through french verbs, german ones aren't that bad. ;) 09:01
sjohnson zer gut, zer gut! 09:02
Su-Shee sjohnson: we do have massive inflection on the nouns as well though. german is just at the beginning to a "de/a" system. 09:03
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Achilles333 hello everyone 09:54
Can anyone suggest what is the good way to start learning perl6? 09:55
xinming Achilles333: Reading synopsis. 10:07
Achilles333: Synopis will tell you what perl 6 will be like. with detailed examples. 10:08
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colomon wow, quiet morning 16:12
jnthn has visitor, so has been entertaining today. 16:17
colomon we're still recovering from yesterday here. 16:27
jnthn :-)
colomon and prepping for my parents to arrive in 3.5 hours.
jnthn ooh, I needs a Parrot update... 16:28
jnthn --gen-parrots
colomon yay --gen-parrot 16:29
I could tell nobody has been actually hacking on ng this weekend, because I broke the build for about 12 hours yesterday and no one noticed 16:31
(lots of designing going on, of course)
jnthn hehe 16:34
pmichaud I'm about to do list/iterator refactor in a new branch
(temporary branch)
jnthn So we're brancing the branch? :-)
pmichaud yes 16:35
jnthn ;-)
pmichaud depending on how it goes, should be only for a day
jnthn ok, wfm
pmichaud but (as always) list/array refactors tend to break everything
jnthn May as well, git makes them a cheap resource. :-)
pmichaud and it's too big a job to do without some commits/pushes
jnthn Sure, it's nice to be able to commit bit by bit.
colomon yay! 16:36
jnthn I might be able to sneak a patch in now before dinner to sort one of my todos. :-)
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colomon I'm off to dim sum Sunday lunch, but look forward to seeing branch.... 16:38
.oO( nearly time for me to brighten some Sunday dinner )
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jnthn aww. that closure clone thingy doesn't help. 16:49
I mean, it makes the code neater, but doesn't actually fix the problem. 16:50
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pugs_svn r29584 | pmurias++ | [mildew] fix bug in m0ld emitting 17:05
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colomon mmmmm, dim sum. 18:26
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pugs_svn r29585 | pmurias++ | [mildew] split AST.pm into many file containing a class each 18:35
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lichtkind can now anyone see me? 22:12
Tene Yes.
lichtkind great
im bakc
Tene I mean, no
lichtkind hahah 22:13
i understand
Tene you'll have to chat via commit messages
lichtkind Tene: can i ask you some more questions?
Tene lichtkind: Go ahead
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lichtkind pmichaud: what are the regular longer time hacke on parrot/rakudo beside you , tene, jnthn and masak ? 23:36
colomon just realized that if pmichaud has branched ng, it won't show up in dalek...
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lichtkind gnight 23:49
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japhb I'm thinking about writing an NQP and possibly a full Perl 6 implementation of the MiniSat algorithm for finding SAT (Boolean Satisfiability) solutions. The question is, what should it be called? Has the Perl 6 ecosystem gotten to the point of having conventions for naming such a beast? 23:53
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