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Set by diakopter on 25 January 2010.
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pugssvn r29937 | lwall++ | [S09] kill masak++'s @array[%100_000] in favor of a mapping closure 00:04
r29937 | (The fact that % vars can't use _ is a different bug.)
lue \o/ to death (er, wait...)
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pugssvn r29938 | lwall++ | [STD] allow _ in numeric variable names for masak++ 00:06
lue (ooh, STD.pm got an update today)
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lue *chirp* 00:12
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colomon lue: where are you on the file test operators? 00:20
lue haven't gotten to more of them yet (I should, shouldn't I?)
I need to learn a bunch of PIR for a lot of the file tests.
colomon Hey, it's -Ofun, do what you'd like. :)
don't forget that a lot of that might be a good candidate to rewrite in Perl 6 now. 00:21
lue yes. Should I use the unimplemented stat() ? :)
rakudo: say stat('/etc/passwd') 00:22
p6eval rakudo 37e574: OUTPUT«Could not find non-existent sub &stat␤current instr.: '_block14' pc 29 (EVAL_1:0)␤»
colomon Hmmm... what's the Perl 6 spec for stat look like?
lue I might rewrite it to P6 during the Jerry Lewis (er, Larry Wall) Hackathon.
colomon (or to put it a different way -- maybe the first thing to do is code up a stat as a Perl 6 function, then write the rest of the tests in terms of that.) 00:23
lue yes. Ideally, it returns all file test returns, but in a not-so-quick-to-discern-information way.
colomon hmmm... looks to me like stat might be under-specified. 00:24
at least, you've got to wonder what a "stat buffer" looks like in p6. 00:25
afk # need to get good night bottle ready for the boy
lue as most of the semi-fun stuff in P6 (suppose that's why it's NYI)
colomon Well, there's lots of fun stuff implemented. But yeah, that seems like a big hole in the I/O spec. 00:29
I mean, I can imagine what the stat structure looks like in C, but it really isn't obvious to me how to translate that to p6.
The intent might really be a Buf object, and they're not well-spec'ed yet. 00:30
lue I don't feel like getting in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the galaxy (er, P6) right now. :) 00:32
I'd rather work on something that's specced. :D
colomon makes sense to me.
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colomon Did you do tests for the functions you already implemented? 00:36
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lue uploaded them last night. 00:37
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colomon what files are they? 00:38
test files, I mean?
never mind. :)
file-tests.t I take it.
TimToady the one I fixed the parsefail in. :) 00:39
lue ...parse fail!? (I didn't test the test file, amazingly) 00:40
TimToady I can hear MJD getting revved up in the back of my head...
colomon you used ' in a ' ' string, I'm guessing.
TimToady got it in one
colomon (I just looked at which lines changed. :)
TimToady cpansearch.perl.org/src/PODMASTER/A...cme/MJD.pm 00:41
colomon He was my first guess, but... 00:42
that's quite the module.
TimToady in particular, the DATA section :) 00:43
colomon Bad programmer! No cookie!
TimToady though, interestingly, the word "test" does not occur
colomon If you have `some weird error', the problem is probably with your frobnitzer. 00:44
I think Rakudo may have a hyper-frobnitzer.
do {eval deflect $thought; exit} unless opaque $thought and not deep $thought; 00:47
rakudo: say '/etc/passwd'.e 00:50
p6eval rakudo 37e574: OUTPUT«1␤»
colomon rakudo
rakudo: say '/etc/passwd' ~~ :e
p6eval rakudo 37e574: OUTPUT«1␤»
lue when does the hackathon start? Is there a specific date/time, or is it whosever Saturday comes first? 00:51
rakudo: say '/etc/xyzzy' ~~ :e
p6eval rakudo 37e574: OUTPUT«0␤»
colomon lue: it's actually at a physical location in Copenhagen.
Of course, I don't know the schedule. :)
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lue I can't come then :( 00:51
colomon with any luck, they will be on IRC too. 00:52
I can't go either...
japhb Tene: any luck restoring 'use OpenGL:from<parrot>;' ?
Tene japhb: I haven't worked on it yet.
japhb Darn. 00:53
colomon rakudo: say '/etc/passwd'.e.WHAT
p6eval rakudo 37e574: OUTPUT«Bool()␤»
TimToady -Ofunyet
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TimToady I think the most appropriate quote this time is: You know, this sort of thing is amenable to experimental observation. 00:55
colomon :) 00:56
lue: we need to work on your tests some. :D
lue "If it ain't broke, it will be"
lisppaste3 colomon pasted "file-test.t results" at paste.lisp.org/display/95944
lue colomon: what are you saying? Are you saying Bool is wrong? (that's fine. I got * :P ) 00:57
colomon No, I'm cool with Bool. I was going to suggest we add tests to make sure it returns Bool, actually.
but then I discovered the current tests still fail hard, so we probably ought to fix that first.
lue (I looked at alpha code for help, that may be the / of it all...) 00:58
colomon Oh, I think maybe it's looking the root directory for the files rather than the t/spec/S32-io directory.
give me a moment, I think I saw something like that in another test file... 00:59
lue ah, so prefix a ./ then :)
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lue (not a /. like slashdot would have you believe :) ) 00:59
colomon no, what I'm saying is when you run the test suite, it runs from the rakudo directory, so ./ won't help. 01:00
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.oO(/ fiction)
colomon well, hmmm.... slurp.t specifically uses t/spec/S16-unfiled/slurp.t for its test. That seems reasonable.
I mean, just adding a full path.
lue ...relative to the location of rakudo :) 01:02
colomon right.
maybe something like $path = 't/spec/S32-io/'
and then $existing-file = $path ~ "pi.txt"
TimToady something bothers me about these kinda-absolute paths
colomon that would make it easy to change the tests if the filenames need to change.
TimToady you'd think tests should be self-contained 01:03
colomon well, that's the other way to do it -- write out the files and then delete them when the test is done.
lue but then you'd be dependant on equally low-specced P6 coding :) 01:05
colomon Ah, I think S16-filehandles/io_in_for_loops.t was the example I was thinking of.
It first writes the file, then does a bunch of tests on it, then deletes it. 01:06
colomon is having a hard time resisting giving an inspirational speed about how important the test suite is. 01:08
lue is going to install Infocom IF games (hey, you talked about the frobnitzer) 01:09
colomon *speech
TimToady MJD: I think you are asking the wrong question here. 01:11
colomon lue: if you're not careful, I'll start reworking your test file while you are not around. ;)
lue ah well, I don't care (too much) it's only 20 lines :)
TimToady MJD: A good approach to that problem would be to hire a computer programmer. 01:13
lue rakudo: say..3i:`180."hello"@! #MJD told me this was OK 01:14
p6eval rakudo 37e574: OUTPUT«Confused at line 11, near "say..3i:`1"␤current instr.: 'perl6;HLL;Grammar;panic' pc 500 (ext/nqp-rx/src/stage0/HLL-s0.pir:328)␤»
lue #or maybe he said it wasnt...
TimToady MJD: So you threw in some random punctuation for no particular reason, and then you didn't get the result you expected. Hmmmm.
afk & # done channeling MJD for now 01:17
lue where is my floppy device again? 01:18
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lue It was in /dev, but ever since the move, I can't find it (not even in /usr/include :) ) 01:21
colomon wait, you actually still have a floppy device? 01:23
lue a portable USB floppy drive, mind you.
colomon isn't going to mention the Commodore 64 floppy drives he currently has in the storage unit...
lue Although, considering this is a PowerBook G3 Pismo, I could swap my CD drive for a floppy drive if I found one for the Pismo :) 01:24
I can also have two batteries, two CD drives, a battery + zip drive, etc. Look up the PowerBook G3 Pismo for details. 01:25
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lue ought to join #KDE 01:35
lue to ask about floppies :D
me & 01:39
colomon justrakudoit.wordpress.com/2010/03/...s-on-real/ 01:57
pugssvn r29939 | colomon++ | [t/spec] Rewrite to create test files on the file rather than picking them from the spectest directory tree. 02:07
colomon chadaustin.me/2010/03/your-version-...ucing-ibb/ 02:12
(the last mentions masak++!)
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dalek kudo: 2d9808d | (Solomon Foster)++ | t/spectest.data:
Turn on S32-io/file-tests.t.
colomon rakudo: my %h = {}; say %h.WHAT
p6eval rakudo 37e574: OUTPUT«Hash()␤»
colomon rakudo: my %h = {}; say PARROT(%h) 02:30
p6eval rakudo 37e574: OUTPUT«␤»
colomon rakudo: my $h = {}; say $h.WHAT
p6eval rakudo 37e574: OUTPUT«Hash()␤»
colomon rakudo: class Foo { has %.bar; }; my $f = Foo.new; say $f.bar.WHAT 02:31
p6eval rakudo 37e574: OUTPUT«Method 'WHAT' not found for invocant of class 'Hash'␤current instr.: '_block14' pc 29 (EVAL_1:0)␤»
colomon where's masak++ when you need him?
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colomon Hmmm, looks like maybe hash attributes do not get properly initialized? If I skip that test the next test blows up as well... 02:33
snarkyboojum colomon: that ibb post looks pretty kick arse 02:39
colomon snarkyboojum: I couldn't decide if it was brilliant or insane. But it certainly is interesting. :)
snarkyboojum the end result seems great :)
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snarkyboojum and masak++'s addictive tdd harness certainly is that 02:41
colomon snarkyboojum: my worry is that my common case here doesn't match what he's talking about at all. 02:42
snarkyboojum yeah
colomon: he's interested in super massive builds
colomon: optimising for a rare use case?
colomon Sure, but it seems like his common case is the real compile doesn't take very long, but looking over the tree takes forever. 02:43
yeah, exactly. at least from my perspective that looks rare.
I mean, everything I build, a no-op build takes a second or two.
a real build generally takes one to ten minutes.
snarkyboojum yeah
colomon seems like his system would be firing off slow builds all the time for me, in the name of saving me a second or two on the fast build. :) 02:44
snarkyboojum colomon: slow builds, as in "normal build time"? 02:45
colomon but maybe I just need to get involved with much larger projects to properly approach it. :)
snarkyboojum: yes.
snarkyboojum colomon: aye
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colomon from the comments at hacker news, it seems like the author might be trying to use a fairly slow computer to do huge builds. 02:46
still, it's a cool idea, no doubt. 02:47
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diakopter hi from droid 03:00
oo fun 03:01
stressfuzz rakudo while driving on gthe 101
lue hello! 03:03
.oO(Q: What's worse than texting while driving? A: Texting while diakoptering.)
lue Ooh! Almost died (was I diakoptering? Huh.) 03:05
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.oO(Q: What's worse than texting while driving? A: Texting while coding)
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.oO(Q: What's worse than texting while driving? A: Testing while driving.)
.oO(Q: What's worse than testing while driving? A: Driving while testing)
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.oO(I'm going to be alluding the Jerry Lewis MDA telethon throughout the entire hackathon...\o/ )
diakopter hi from ER 03:17
lue how did you get to be a guest star? The show's over! 03:18
diakopter usually I use Esc-windownumber but I don't know how to type Esc on droid 03:24
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lue You hold [Shift], press [E], release [Shift], press [s], and press [c] :D 03:26
lue --homework & 03:39
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Tene diakopter: I know that on both the phones I do ssh on, pressing some modifier button twice does it. 03:51
once for ctrl, second time makes it into esc
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lue hello! for the third time! 05:33
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diakopter Tene: thanks! worked. 06:05
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diakopter now, if only tab-completion worked ;) 06:06
o wait!
lue hello o/ 06:07
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vamped hallo hallo Perl6 06:57
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a1 Hello. 07:22
I have a progblem with perl6 I downloaded
from here
It dies with "load_bytecode" couldn't find file 'P6Regex.pbc' if running from other derive than C: 07:23
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Trashlord hey Sarten-X 07:35
Sarten-X g'morning 07:36
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Su-Shee good morning 07:48
Trashlord good morning
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spinclad masak (, lichtkind): drive-by comment: s/we human/us humans/ ?! as in 'us can optimize ...'? one might use that for humor, or someone's actual spoken usage, but as -Ogrammar... no. 08:22
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moritz_ good morning 08:54
phenny moritz_: 04 Mar 09:56Z <jnthn_and_mberen> tell moritz_ take a look at gist.github.com/321596
moritz_ curious nick :-) 08:55
m-locks :)
moritz_: i like your little perl6 tutorial, i'm about to do a little translation
i guess the german one is more comprehensive
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moritz_ m-locks: which one are you talking about? I've written several :-) 09:03
m-locks oh
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m-locks the one in a wiki that's in german 09:03
moritz_ confused 09:04
m-locks wiki.perl-community.de/Wissensbasis...felVorwort
i've also read your perl5 to perl6 collection of blogposts, it was really nice 09:05
moritz_ m-locks: the wiki one is from lichtkind, not from me
m-locks oh sorry
moritz_ no problem :-)
m-locks well anyway i would like to get all those references 09:06
links and such
for newbies, cos i'm a newbie myself
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jnthn o/ 09:22
phenny jnthn: 04 Mar 23:41Z <pmichaud> tell jnthn panel session sounds awesome. Between today and tomorrow I'll put together a list of bullet points of things I wanted to get across/accomplish with my talk; I suspect you all can work those in (or use them as starting items for the talk) on Saturday
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baest I'm a bit curious about rt #54804, it basically says that calling rt54804( 1, , 3, ) would die of parse error. If I use eval_dies_ok the test passes, but putting in the sub and calling it manually I don't get an exception and it returns a string 09:38
otherwise it seems that ticket is closable
jnthn The eval maybe lies. 09:39
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baest jnthn: say eval 'rt54804( 1, , 3, )'; also returns a string and putting it into a try doesn't get anything. Is that something in Test.pm which acts up or current eval implementation? 09:41
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colomon o/ 10:07
rakudo: say '/etc/passwd'.e.WHAT 10:13
p6eval rakudo 2d9808: OUTPUT«Bool()␤»
colomon rakudo: say ('/etc/passwd' ~~ :e).WHAT
p6eval rakudo 2d9808: OUTPUT«Int()␤»
jnthn Curious. 10:14
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colomon BTW, I'm reckoning all the true/false file tests should return Bool, even though the spec is quiet on the question. (well, or even slightly negative.) 10:15
jnthn I would think ~Bool too. 10:16
colomon It looks to me like the spec for file tests just hasn't kept up with the times.
colomon always forgets he can change the spec, too.... 10:18
and then on the other hand...
jnthn You can alwAYS...YES, THAT. :-)
oops, caps fail 10:19
colomon rakudo: say '/etc/passwd'.s
p6eval rakudo 2d9808: OUTPUT«813␤»
colomon rakudo: say '/etc/passwd' ~~ :s
p6eval rakudo 2d9808: OUTPUT«1␤»
colomon bad ~~, bad!
jnthn d'oh! 10:20
pugssvn r29940 | colomon++ | [t/spec] Expand the file test tests to check for returned type and the ~~ forms of the tests as well, fudging as needed. 10:22
colomon speaking of strange bugs... 10:24
rakudo: my $h = {}; say $h.WHAT
p6eval rakudo 2d9808: OUTPUT«Hash()␤»
colomon rakudo: class Foo { has %.bar; }; my $f = Foo.new; say $f.bar.WHAT
p6eval rakudo 2d9808: OUTPUT«Method 'WHAT' not found for invocant of class 'Hash'␤current instr.: '_block14' pc 29 (EVAL_1:0)␤»
hejki :D
jnthn Epic Fail.
I know why.
colomon jnthn: I thought you might. :)
jnthn CREATE musta not caught up with hash changes.
My Rakudo build on my Win7 alptop segfaults when starting the stage 1 compiler :-/ 10:25
colomon :\ 10:26
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mathw :( 10:29
jnthn std: say for 1..10;
p6eval std 29940: OUTPUT«Potential difficulties:␤ Unsupported use of bare 'say'; in Perl 6 please use .say if you meant $_, or use an explicit invocant or argument at /tmp/TfXUg5qq69 line 1:␤------> say⏏ for 1..10;␤ok 00:01 107m␤»
colomon jnthn: do you have any idea where the 10:36
'/etc/passwd' ~~ :s
is actually handled in the code? I've just ack'd over it and I couldn't find a trace.
hejki in some of the builtins 10:37
jnthn colomon: Maybe see Pair.ACCEPTS
hejki colomon: in rakudo any-str.pir iirc
depending which you mean :>
the :s should be there at least :> 10:38
jnthn colomon: Or Enum.ACCEPTS (since Enum is immutable Pair)
hejki unless rakudo == ng nowadays
jnthn hejki: Yes, rakudo == ng :-)
hejki ahh
then i have no clue :>
i made the :s for the rakudo before ng
but clearly things have changed drastically :> 10:39
colomon multi method ACCEPTS($topic) {
my $meth_name = $.key;
return (?$topic."$meth_name"()) === (?$.value);
is what you're talking about, jnthn ?
oh, because :s is a pair, yes? 10:40
If that's actually what's being called, then it seems like the === bit is the trouble. 10:41
rakudo: say (:s).perl
p6eval rakudo 2d9808: OUTPUT«"s" => Bool::True␤»
colomon Hmmm, so 2 problems here: 10:43
1) === appears to be returning 0 / 1 rather than False / True
2) === Bool::True is completely inappropriate for the :s form.
jnthn colomon: Yes, I think you've hit the nail on the hed. 10:44
Ned to handle :!e
Thus why the code is a bit funky
But yes, won't work for :s :-/
colomon .sub '&infix:<===>' :multi(Integer,Integer) 10:45
.param int a
.param int b
$I0 = iseq a, b
.return ($I0)
# .tailcall 'prefix:?'($I0)
should I just ditch the return and uncomment the tailcall? 10:46
or should I rewrite the whole thing as a pir:: ?
10:46 payload left
colomon rakudo: say pir::iseq__III(10,10) 10:47
p6eval rakudo 2d9808: OUTPUT«1␤»
colomon rakudo: say pir::iseq__III(10,9) 10:48
p6eval rakudo 2d9808: OUTPUT«0␤»
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baest colomon: Str.pir is doing the tailcall, whereas Num and Int isn't 10:49
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colomon I've just rewritten the entire function using the pir:: form, testing it now. :) 10:50
jnthn Really odd...the segfault I get is only in producing or reading a PBC. 10:53
colomon yow!
Method 'set_candidates' not found for invocant of class 'MultiSub'
that's test.pm blowing up...
jnthn If you're going to move one === to the setting, you gotta move them all.
You can't mix Parrot multi subs and Perl 6 multis.
(for the same name)
colomon ah. 10:54
maybe I'll just try turning on the tailcall first, then.
jnthn Change to &prefix:<?> too :-) 10:55
We mangle differently now.
colomon danke 10:56
make test passes 11:00
file tests return bool now.
including ~~ :s, unfortunately.
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pmurias are there any practical benefits of learning the coq theorem prover? (i'm not sure if i should take a course) 11:07
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jnthn $P0[$I1] = 1 inc $I1 11:14
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colomon rakudo: say Bool ~~ Int 11:27
p6eval rakudo 2d9808: OUTPUT«0␤»
pugssvn r29941 | colomon++ | [t/spec] Refudge after infix:<===>(Int, Int) change. 11:28
dalek kudo: d4be43d | (Solomon Foster)++ | src/builtins/Int.pir:
Change infix:<===>(Int, Int) to return Bool.
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colomon jnthn: so that change makes ~~ :e return a Bool, like you'd hope. Any notion on how to get ~~ :s returning an actual Int? All my ideas for it seem very very hacky... 11:40
bbkr rakudo: my $filename = q:p{/etc/services}; 11:42
p6eval rakudo 2d9808: OUTPUT«Colons may not be used to delimit quoting constructs at line 11, near ":p{/etc/se"␤current instr.: 'perl6;HLL;Grammar;panic' pc 500 (ext/nqp-rx/src/stage0/HLL-s0.pir:328)␤»
bbkr ooops, won't work :(
rakudo: my $filename = qp{/etc/services}; 11:43
p6eval rakudo 2d9808: OUTPUT«Confused at line 11, near "my $filena"␤current instr.: 'perl6;HLL;Grammar;panic' pc 500 (ext/nqp-rx/src/stage0/HLL-s0.pir:328)␤»
ruz is there something I can help with to make grammars work again? 11:51
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colomon ruz: someone's been working on it, I believe. 11:53
11:57 quester joined
ruz colomon: anything casual I can do? 12:02
colomon ruz: with grammars? I don't have a clue. :)
ruz with anything :)
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arnsholt colomon: You're in Copenhagen, no? 12:02
colomon nope. 12:03
I'm still on my couch at home in Michigan.
arnsholt Ah, my bad memory strikes again. Sorry =)
colomon no worries.
I certainly wish I were there. :) 12:04
I'm very much looking forward to meeting people at YAPC:NA in June.
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colomon ruz: let me think on that for a moment... 12:05
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arnsholt colomon: Indeed. I hope I can attend YAPC:EU this year 12:07
colomon ruz: well, working on tests is casual and extremely useful. 12:09
ruz :) 12:13
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colomon I've just been grabbing commented out tests from t/spectest.data and trying them. 12:17
(sorry, got distracted in mid sentence there.)
ruz yep, just found Array.rotate :)
going to test ground in imlementing a method, sounds fun 12:18
colomon anyway, sometimes the tests can be pretty easily fudged to work. 12:19
which is good, then they can be added back to the test suite.
and if you can't, you frequently find interesting bugs to work on.
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colomon { 12:42
my $c = 0;
my @value = gather {
eval 'for (0,1).pick(*, :replace) -> $v { take($v); leave if ++$c > 3; }';
ok +@value == $c && $c, 'pick(*, :replace) is lazy';
Can someone explain to me how that tests that .pick(*, :replace) is lazy?
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colomon rakudo: <a b c d>.pick(*).sort.perl.say 12:51
p6eval rakudo d4be43: OUTPUT«("a", "b", "c", "d")␤»
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colomon rakudo: say ~(<a b c d>.pick(*).sort) 12:51
p6eval rakudo d4be43: OUTPUT«4␤»
colomon rakudo: say ~(<a b c d>.pick(*)) 12:53
p6eval rakudo d4be43: OUTPUT«a d b c␤»
colomon rakudo: say <a b c d>.pick(*).sort.WHAT 12:54
p6eval rakudo d4be43: OUTPUT«Parcel()␤»
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colomon rakudo: say ~(1, 2, 3) 12:54
p6eval rakudo d4be43: OUTPUT«3␤»
colomon I call bug...
rakudo: say (1, 2, 3).Str 12:57
p6eval rakudo d4be43: OUTPUT«1 2 3␤»
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colomon oh bother 12:57
rakudo: my @a = (1, 2, 3); say ~@a 12:59
p6eval rakudo d4be43: OUTPUT«1 2 3␤»
colomon rakudo: my @a = (1, 2, 3); say @a.WHAT
p6eval rakudo d4be43: OUTPUT«Array()␤»