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Set by sorear on 4 February 2011.
pmichaud evalbot rebuild nom 00:00
p6eval OK (started asyncronously)
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pmichaud nom: my @a = [\+] 1..*; say @a[^20]; 00:10
p6eval nom: OUTPUT«1 3 6 10 15 21 28 36 45 55 66 78 91 105 120 136 153 171 190 210␤»
pmichaud \o/
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dalek kudo/nom: bef372d | pmichaud++ | src/ (3 files):
Add negation meta-op, stub in some other metaops as NYI.
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lue for the nom branch, should I use --gen-parrot or --gen-nqp (in the configure)? 01:26
pmichaud you can use both, but --gen-parrot is sufficient 01:34
--gen-nqp by itself means it will try to look for a parrot (and fail if it doesn't find one)
I typically do both in my configuration.
lue I just tried --gen-nqp, but it failed (couldn't find parrot) 01:35
So just go --gen-parrot --gen-nqp ? 01:36
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jnthn morning, #perl6 01:46
lue good morning jnthn o/ 01:47
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pmichaud jnthn: o/ 01:53
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jnthn pmichaud: I see you've been hacking. :) 01:54
pmichaud a bit :) 01:55
I like the way the metaops are turning out
jnthn nice :) 01:56
pmichaud right now I'm working on Xop.... which means it's time to impleemnt LoL :)
jnthn ohlol! 01:58
lue I just read about LoLs a couple of days ago (I think on pmichaud's blog, not sure). Perl6 is the greatest language ever! \o/
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lue Is it just me or did rakudo/nom lose the resource-intensive core.pm > core.pir step? I don't see it in the output. 02:07
pmichaud it's there 02:08
it's now CORE.setting > CORE.setting.pir
PerlJam lue: it's just much smaller for now :)
pmichaud it might be less resource-intensive, so far.
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jnthn Cursors and matches are a bit lighter now, so it may well be less resource-intensive overall. 02:09
(Even when we have all the stuff back.)
lue &lue.sleep("~1hour"); 02:11
(where .sleep means the computer's idea of sleep, not a human's.)
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jnthn works on @slide :) 02:17
PerlJam @slide? 02:18
jnthn PerlJam: Slides for my talks tomorrow :)
PerlJam oh ... I was wondering if that was some new thing like slice, but different 02:19
It's hard to tell around here. Words are always springing into being
jnthn :P
PerlJam (or old words are given new nuance)
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PerlJam greetings Khisanth 02:21
jnthn: don't forget about the $_ problem for when you're bored with your slides :)
jnthn :) 02:22
PerlJam goes back to wordsmithing the last few lines of a proposal
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[Coke] tools/autounfudge needs threads? :( 02:43
[Coke] lets moritz++ keep running it, then.
pmichaud jnthn: gist.github.com/1057784 # bug? 02:57
( @a should not be marked as a container here. )
jnthn pmichaud: Looks like we're getting it stuck in a scalar container, yeah. 03:01
Will investigate. 03:02
pmichaud afk for a short while
jnthn pmichaud: Oh, looks like a fail to set the sigil flags in the parameter bitfield. 03:05
Trying that.
pmichaud: yeah, that gets 0 0 03:08
lue Can anyone else check and see if their perl6 -e is working? With master rakudo, it does a ===SORRY!=== message, and with nom rakudo, I get Parrot error output. [try perl6 -e "my $x = 1; say $x;"] 03:10
jnthn pmichaud: fixed 03:11
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jnthn C:\Consulting\rakudo>perl6 -e "my $x = 1; say $x" 03:11
lue: Works for me.
(that's nom)
dalek kudo/nom: e366355 | jonathan++ | src/Perl6/SymbolTable.pm:
Make sure @ and % sigil flags are set. Resolves bug noticed by pmichaud++.
lue could it be that I have a rakudo/ folder (master, ran make and make install) as well as a rakudonom/ folder (nom [obviously], just make)? 03:13
both have their own instance of parrot inside, while nom also has a copy of nqp 03:15
jnthn should be OK. Hm 03:16
jnthn ->L walk, bbs 03:17
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perlhack hi all the friends 03:18
i again come to here
lue It's only perl6 -e though, REPL and running a file work fine. 03:19
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Util colomon++ # For his first RosettaCode Perl 6 solution 03:24
kthakore hi 03:25
Util Hi, kthakore
kthakore oh hai Util
early morning hacking became ... late night hacking 03:26
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kthakore approaching 22 hrs 03:26
perlhack :'(
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kthakore perlhack: hmm? 03:26
Why are you sad?
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perlhack i think you are too humor 03:27
colomon rosettacode.org/wiki/Bitmap/Bresenh...thm#Perl_6
kthakore perlhack: humor? 03:28
perlhack: I am ... too funy? 03:29
perlhack yes
TimToady colomon++ too, though it'd probably be good to show it in use as some of the other langs do 03:30
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kthakore I am unsure what you mean. 03:30
perlhack not funy but a sence of humor
kthakore heh. I still don't know ... if that is something good or bad 03:31
perlhack very good
not bad
pmichaud jnthn++ # fixing @ param bug 03:32
perlhack i'm a good man.
kthakore oh! you mean I have good sense of humour?
perlhack: who leaked my deep horrible dark secret! I must hunt them down to close all loose endings! 03:33
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perlhack Oh i am a new English person 03:35
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perlhack kthakore, 03:35
kthakore perlhack: no problem! I hate the language anyway 03:37
colomon TimToady: At some point Util will show my how to upload the PPM file I generated using it. :)
TimToady okay...you mind if I do a few style tweaks? 03:38
perlhack Ha ha embarrassed me to learn English two days
TimToady or you can do 'em
perlhack kthakore,
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colomon TimToady: I expected you'd have suggestions. :) 03:38
TimToady colomon: mostly just using += and -= where appropriate
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kthakore perlhack: hmm? 03:39
colomon TimToady: doh! that's what I get for coding while 75% asleep.
kthakore perlhack: I embarrased you? I am sorry didn't mean that.
You have my deepest apologies. 03:40
perlhack Oh! my English very poor
PerlJam embarassment is a good thing. It gets more oxygenated blood to the face and head ;) 03:41
TimToady colomon: and one could use real $Δx and $Δy too :)
kthakore perlhack: Type in your language and I will use google.com/translate
TimToady: how ... to even ... type that
colomon TimToady: interesting. Think that's a worthwhile change?
kthakore please say no
jlaire kthakore: use the meta key on your lisp machine keyboard 03:42
kthakore 0o
kthakore runs away
this chan be scary
TimToady buch ascii-philes, the lot 'o ya
perlhack i not use google.com/translate
kthakore I will use it
perlhack 􏿽xCE􏿽xD2􏿽xCA􏿽xC7˵􏿽xC4􏿽xE3􏿽xCA􏿽xC7􏿽xBA􏿽xC3􏿽xC8􏿽xCB
kthakore hehe
TimToady wrong encoding
you need to set utf-8 03:43
perlhack TimToady, Ok
lue TimToady: I too enjoy Unicode, which means I can clearly demonstrate that as a DW fan I fear this man: ? 03:44
Oh wait, stupid Konversation... 03:45
kthakore I can't even type this language anymore it seems 03:46
haha 03:47
lue s/?/Ω/ # this mistake is even more hilarious if you are a DW fan as well :)
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TimToady the fact that Unicode gives you 67 different omegas to choose from is the scary bit 03:48
lue Darn, I was hoping <?{Perl6::Grammar.parse($0, :rule<fatarrow>)}> would match the "a => b" types of config options in pod.
perlhack kthakore, i want to say you a humorous person 03:49
lue wishes for unicode character BLUE BOX
kthakore perlhack: you are a presistent and kid person
TimToady and *persistent
kthakore and there lies the cause of most of my bugs today 03:50
still work to do before heading to India
lue Timtoady: Omigosh! Omega's more powerful than we've realized...
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perlhack kthakore, Thank you I just do not want you misunderstand 03:50
kthakore I won't 03:51
perlhack thanks
kthakore lue: Darkseid is winning
lue Does anyone know how to match to "a => b" type config options? In other words, which Perl6 grammar token/rule/etc. can I use for my own benefit?
beekor hello 6ers.
kthakore perlhack: have we met at YAPC btw?
TimToady .u Ѻ 03:52
perlhack i do not understand "btw"
TimToady "by the way"
it means changing the topic of conversation
kthakore oh sorry
lue kthakore: against whom? Darkseid doesn't seem to be from Doctor Who...
perlhack Thank you ah, I can understand what you mean 03:54
kthakore lue: Marvel Universe ... Darkseid is from apokolpsis a dying god who recently tore a whole in space and time and all universes and used his omega force to use the anti-life equation to infect marvel's reality
perlhack: Where you at YAPC::NA? www.yapc2011.us/yn2011/ 03:55
TimToady kthakore: no, perlhack just popped up in Beijing
kthakore oh ok
beekor oh it just ended. nice.
kthakore I am confused ... why he thinks I am ... funny and stuff
beekor i hope fun was had by all.
kthakore I thought we met maybe
benabik Fun was had by all.
beekor splendid. 03:56
kthakore All had the Fun
perlhack I was not there I technology is relatively weak
colomon kthakore: Darkseid is DC, not Marvel.
kthakore colomon: this is how I find fellow comic book nerds 03:57
colomon: hello!
colomon hello
kthakore perlhack: you don't need to be technology strong to be at yapc 2011
you just need to be 03:58
colomon: Did you love batman's arc in that when he falls through time?
slavik1 pastebin.com/khxPs6Di
what am I doing wrong?
colomon kthakore: I didn't actually read it. About the only mainstream DC I've read in years was Grant Morrison's run with Dick Grayson as Batman. And bits of Green Lantern Corps. 03:59
perlhack My English is bad to get Google to translate a 04:00
􏿽xD0􏿽xC2! 􏿽xB0􏿽xB4һ􏿽xCF􏿽xC2􏿽xC9􏿽xCF􏿽xB7􏿽xBD􏿽xB5􏿽xC4􏿽xCE􏿽xC4􏿽xD7֣􏿽xAC􏿽xBC􏿽xB4􏿽xBFəzҕ􏿽xC6􏿽xE4􏿽xCB􏿽xFB􏿽xB7􏿽xAD􏿽xD7g􏿽xA1􏿽xA3 􏿽xEAP􏿽xE9]
lue This is the Omega I'm talking about: secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/...tor_Who%29
For something related to this channel's name, does anybody know of the magic grammar rule in Perl 6's grammar that lets me match agains "a => b" type config options in Pod6? 04:01
kthakore colomon: ah ok
perlhack: Mandarin traditional set?
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colomon kthakore: really, I'm strongest by far on comics from the 80s and the works of Neil Gaiman and Matt Wagner. 04:02
TimToady perlhack: that is mojibake, see irclog.perlgeek.de/perl6/2011-07-01#i_4036901
kthakore Gaiman++
perlhack: 您好
beekor ah nice. 2012 in madison. i may have to attend that one.
TimToady perlhack: you have to set UTF-8 in this channel
kthakore perlhack:你必須設置 UTF- 8在此通道 04:03
beekor i went to chicago, because it was like 20minutes by train from home. i'd have felt silly not.
perlhack I will not set utf_8
TimToady then you can't type Mandarin
it will not work 04:04
perlhack :'(
TimToady could you read what kthakore wrote in Chinese? it was correct
benabik As the /topic says: "UTF-8 is our friend!"
kthakore perlhack: 什麼 IRC工具或軟件你用? 04:05
what tool do you use? irssi MIRC? web client?
TimToady if you do not use UTF-8, we can never see each other's Chinese characters
kthakore TimToady: yeah I realized as soon as I typed that 04:06
perlhack megaIRC
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kthakore ah 04:07
perlhack: it doesn't have a chinese.lng
that is your problem
perlhack_ 哈哈
kthakore :D
perlhack_ 开心了
kthakore we see it
TimToady that worked
\o/ 04:08
kthakore perlhack: 您好
perlhack_ 您好
kthakore \o/
perlhack_ 我一直想表达您是好人
TimToady good
perlhack_ 我英语很差
kthakore 謝謝。你是一個善良的人。
too fast!!! 04:09
perlhack_ 您也是一个好人啊
kthakore 我使用 Google Translate 04:10
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perlhack_ 我现在也是使用Goole Translate 04:11
kthakore 把中國傳統的一個地方 English
perlhack_ 中国英语都非常差 04:12
kthakore perlhack_: ok good you can translate what english you have trouble with now
perlhack_ 英语都靠自学
kthakore perlhack_: watch the verb and pronoun lists on the bottom
perlhack haha Ok
kthakore perlhack_: if you translate a lot you will pick it up faster
also put in whole sentences and be logged in to Google Account 04:13
it will be eaiser for the tool to work
you are doing good. You will get better :D
TimToady: Equilibrium reached.
kthakore apologies to hijacking 04:14
the chan*
lue [it's obvious my CJK font(s) have a few holes]
TimToady it's okay; we all learned something. 04:15
perlhack kthakore: thanks i have to go eat.next time to talk with you.
TimToady I learned 非常差 04:16
kthakore perlhack: :) enjoy
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kthakore oh that is me! 04:17
TimToady: this is you best translated :) 蒂姆蟾蜍Ÿ (Tim Toad Y) 04:18
I am still very poor
TimToady stem-governess toad :) 04:19
kthakore heh I find that translating back and forth the same phrase/sentence from each language, while tweaking it for nouns and pronouns from the known language ... works best 04:21
TimToady why plants and emperor make fruit-stem is a mystery
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kthakore hmm? 04:22
you lost me a bit
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TimToady 蒂 is composed of 艹 and 帝, plants and mikado/emperor 04:23
kthakore ah 04:24
languages loads of fun
TimToady I guess the emperor is the narrow bit at the top of the org chart, like a fruit stem
kthakore hmm interesting hypothesis. How would one investigate and confirm it? 04:25
kthakore googles a bit
TimToady it may be unknowable
that doesn't stop people from "knowing" of course
many chinese characters have multiple theories of why they came to be
kthakore well ... those are the ppl I run away from
only the sith deal in absolutes 04:26
I still like to try and find out tough
TimToady well, I'm absolutely bushed, so I'd better turn in...
kthakore good night
TimToady o
kthakore \o
TimToady so tired my arm fell off...
zzz &
kthakore hehe 04:27
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jnthn back 05:01
> 90% humidity is kinda ugh.
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pmichaud only "kinda ugh?" :-) 05:21
jnthn pmichaud: The view over the forbidden city and the nice gardens kinda made it worth going out in. :) 05:24
I won't mind hiding away here in the nice cool hotel to slide hack this afternoon though :) 05:25
dalek kudo/nom: 457b5e7 | pmichaud++ | / (6 files):
First cut at zip and cross operators and metaoperators.
pmichaud p6eval rebuild nom
p6eval: rebuild nom
evalbot rebuild nom
p6eval OK (started asyncronously) 05:29
pmichaud there. :)
rakudo: say ((1,2) X (3,4)).perl;
p6eval rakudo 1fcb14: OUTPUT«((1, 3), (1, 4), (2, 3), (2, 4))␤»
pmichaud correct.
rakudo: say ((1,2) X (3,4) X (5,6)).perl;
p6eval rakudo 1fcb14: OUTPUT«No applicable candidates found to dispatch to for 'infix:<X>'. Available candidates are:␤:(Any $lhs, Any $rhs)␤␤ in main program body at line 22:/tmp/7_146i2YUn␤»
pmichaud Bzzt!
rakudo: say (((1,2) X (3,4)) X (5,6)).perl;
p6eval rakudo 1fcb14: OUTPUT«((1, 5), (1, 6), (3, 5), (3, 6), (1, 5), (1, 6), (4, 5), (4, 6), (2, 5), (2, 6), (3, 5), (3, 6), (2, 5), (2, 6), (4, 5), (4, 6))␤» 05:30
pmichaud Bzzt!
nom: say ((1,2) X (3,4)).perl
p6eval nom: OUTPUT«Rebuild in progress␤»
pmichaud nom: say ((1,2) X (3,4)).perl
p6eval nom: OUTPUT«Rebuild in progress␤»
pmichaud (we need a faster rebuild :) 05:31
(or a more patient hacker :)
nom: say ((1,2) X (3,4)).perl
p6eval nom: OUTPUT«Rebuild in progress␤»
pmichaud :(
nom: say ((1,2) X (3,4)).perl 05:32
p6eval nom: OUTPUT«Rebuild in progress␤»
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pmichaud nom: say ((1,2) X (3,4)).perl 05:33
p6eval nom: OUTPUT«Rebuild in progress␤»
jnthn grrr
pmichaud (sigh)
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pmichaud maybe it rebuilds from scratch each time :) 05:33
nom: say ((1,2) X (3,4)).perl 05:34
p6eval nom: OUTPUT«((1, 3), (1, 4), (2, 3), (2, 4)).list␤»
jnthn oh wow, we have LoL working :)
pmichaud Ding!
nom: say ((1,2) X (3,4) X (5,6)).perl
p6eval nom: OUTPUT«((1, 3, 5), (1, 3, 6), (1, 4, 5), (1, 4, 6), (2, 3, 5), (2, 3, 6), (2, 4, 5), (2, 4, 6)).list␤»
pmichaud Ding!!
nom: say ((1,2) X~ (3,4) X~ (5,6)).perl
p6eval nom: OUTPUT«('135', '136', '145', '146', '235', '236', '245', '246').list␤»
pmichaud Ding!!!
jnthn :D
pmichaud nom: say ((1,2) Z~ (3,4) Z~ (5,6)).perl
p6eval nom: OUTPUT«('135', '246').list␤»
jnthn pmichaud++
pmichaud Ding!!!!
nom: say ((1,2) Z~ (3) Z~ (5,6)).perl
p6eval nom: OUTPUT«('135',).list␤» 05:35
pmichaud Ding!!!!!
nom: say ((1,2) Z~ () Z~ (5,6)).perl
p6eval nom: OUTPUT«().list␤»
pmichaud Ding!!!!!!
jnthn wow
again, pmichaud++
This is really nice to have.
pmichaud nom: say ((1,2) Z+ (3,4) Z+ (5,6)).perl
p6eval nom: OUTPUT«(9, 12).list␤»
pmichaud nom: say ((1,2) Z+ 3..* Z+ 5..*).perl 05:36
uh oh
p6eval nom: OUTPUT«(timeout)»
jnthn nom: say ((1,2) Z- (3,4) Z- (5,6)).perl
p6eval nom: OUTPUT«(-7, -8).list␤»
jnthn nom: say ((1,2) ZR- (3,4) ZR- (5,6)).perl
p6eval nom: OUTPUT«(3, 4).list␤»
jnthn \o/
pmichaud not sure what happened with the infinite lists.. that really should've worked. must be some eagerness in there somewhere
jnthn nom: my @a = (1,2) Z+ 3..* Z+ 5..*; say @a[^10] 05:37
p6eval nom: OUTPUT«(timeout)»
pmichaud it's probably eagerness internal to Z that is the issue.
jnthn (just checking issue isn't in the .perl)
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jnthn ooh, I should get lunch before $lunch-place shuts 05:38
pmichaud I'll probably head to sleep soon
been a long day :)
jnthn productive day though :)
sleep well, if I don't catch you again :)
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masak LoL is working? oh wow oh wow 06:38
TimToady, colomon: of course it should be $Δx et al. I'll make the change. 06:39
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jnthn masak. He feareth not the unicodez. 06:44
06:45 benabik joined
masak not when there's an _actual_ symbol, well-established within the mathematical community, for a whole word. 06:46
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thou masak: do you know the current status of november wiki code? is there any that works w/ current rakudo? or is anyone working on that? 06:52
masak thou: it's not actively developed, no. 06:53
thou masak: maybe i made a mistake, but working with the "nomish" branch there are lots of test failures
masak: i'm interested in getting it running 06:54
masak last thing I did with it was this: strangelyconsistent.org/blog/novemb...with-style
thou: oh! that's great news!
thou: I'd recommend starting with getting the tests to run/pass.