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Set by sorear on 4 February 2011.
soh_cah_toa yeah, parrot needs a good `git gc` 00:00
[Coke] it is teh awesome. (now that I'm coming at it from git-think instead of svn-think)
sorear benabik: I wonder if git gc would improve that.
[Coke] soh_cah_toa: can you do that on the server side?
benabik sorear: That's post-gc.
sorear ah.
soh_cah_toa [Coke]: i think so. i can't imagine why not
[Coke] ask dukeleto, I'm sure he'll hook you up.
flussence [Coke]: I've used it too, but it doesn't seem to play nice with our ridiculously outdated servers hosting the svn repos... it got corrupted after a few commits one time and I had to fix the metadata by hand. Not fun 00:01
diakopter [Coke]: trac.parrot.org/parrot/ticket/2196 00:04
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[Coke] flussence: I'm using it against svn 1.4 at work. 00:10
flussence I don't remember what ours is offhand, but it predates fsfs 00:11
diakopter [Coke]: it might be a cygwin/Win7 local problem
[Coke]: did a rebaseall; trying again 00:14
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jlaire I used to get errors like that with cygwin/Win7 00:20
it broke after some cygwin update failed, iirc 00:21
I just tried building rakudo with --gen-parrot on cygwin and got a weird error, pasting..
[Coke] rakudo: enum A <b cq>; enum A <b d>; print d; print q
p6eval rakudo ebd4d8: OUTPUT«d»
[Coke] rakudo: enum A <b q>; enum A <b d>; print d; print q
p6eval rakudo ebd4d8: OUTPUT«d»
[Coke] rakudo: my %h; sub h { say "srsly wtf" }; enum Foo %h; 00:23
p6eval rakudo ebd4d8: OUTPUT«Could not find sub &Foo␤ in block <anon> at /tmp/vKPCKgfUY8:1␤ in <anon> at /tmp/vKPCKgfUY8:1␤␤»
diakopter [Coke]: didn't help :(
jlaire I got this error: gist.github.com/5e37af95acebab9d3941
[Coke] rakudo: "/etc/services".IO.WHAT.say # bug?
p6eval rakudo ebd4d8: OUTPUT«Cannot access attributes in a type object␤ in method print at src/gen/CORE.setting:5038␤ in method say at src/gen/CORE.setting:5046␤ in block <anon> at /tmp/AHHucfspN8:1␤ in <anon> at /tmp/AHHucfspN8:1␤␤»
jlaire seems to be at the same point as your error 00:24
diakopter jlaire: yeah
[Coke] rakudo: NaN.Rat.print
p6eval rakudo ebd4d8: OUTPUT«Method 'print' not found for invocant of class 'Rat'␤ in block <anon> at /tmp/IeHlMZa5uE:1␤ in <anon> at /tmp/IeHlMZa5uE:1␤␤»
[Coke] rakudo: NaN.Rat.say 00:25
p6eval rakudo ebd4d8: OUTPUT«-9.22337203685478e+18␤»
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[Coke] rakudo: say ~<a b>.[^10] 00:26
p6eval rakudo ebd4d8: OUTPUT«a b␤»
[Coke] rakudo: say &print does Callable 00:27
p6eval rakudo ebd4d8: OUTPUT«print␤»
[Coke] rakudo: sub foo {}; say &foo does Callable 00:28
p6eval rakudo ebd4d8: OUTPUT«foo␤»
[Coke] wonders when rt.perl.org will update to rt4. 00:30
phenny: ask moritz if RT #77220 is closable. 00:31
phenny [Coke]: I'll pass that on when moritz is around.
diakopter jlaire: open a ticket I guess; email [email@hidden.address] 00:33
[Coke] rakudo: class A { multi method a() { }; multi method a() { } } 00:35
p6eval rakudo ebd4d8: ( no output )
[Coke] perl6: _~*.A 00:36
p6eval niecza v10-18-g5be99bf: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤␤Undeclared name:␤ '_' used at line 1␤␤␤Unhandled Exception: Check failed␤␤ at /home/p6eval/niecza/boot/lib/CORE.setting line 766 (CORE die @ 2) ␤ at /home/p6eval/niecza/src/STD.pm6 line 1136 (STD P6.comp_unit @ 36) ␤ at /…
..rakudo ebd4d8: ( no output )
..pugs: OUTPUT«*** No such subroutine: "&_"␤ at /tmp/f9HF46XuIf line 1, column 1 - line 2, column 1␤»
[Coke] std: _~*.A
p6eval std 8b331d2: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Undeclared name:␤ '_' used at line 1␤Check failed␤FAILED 00:01 120m␤»
[Coke] std, rakudo: 01 00:37
std: 01
rakudo: 01
p6eval std 8b331d2: OUTPUT«Potential difficulties:␤ Leading 0 does not indicate octal in Perl 6; please use 0o1 if you mean that at /tmp/caCAh2Lkb5 line 1:␤------> 01⏏<EOL>␤ok 00:01 118m␤»
rakudo ebd4d8: ( no output )
sorear [Coke]: Rakudo is lazy about undefined names
perl6: if 0 { moo; }
[Coke] rakudo: say "a" ~~ m:nth(Mu)/a/ 00:38
p6eval pugs, rakudo ebd4d8: ( no output )
..niecza v10-18-g5be99bf: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤␤Undeclared routine:␤ 'moo' used at line 1␤␤␤Unhandled Exception: Check failed␤␤ at /home/p6eval/niecza/boot/lib/CORE.setting line 766 (CORE die @ 2) ␤ at /home/p6eval/niecza/src/STD.pm6 line 1136 (STD P6.comp_unit @ 36) ␤ …
rakudo ebd4d8: OUTPUT«=> <a>␤␤»
[Coke] sorear: I'm just testing snippets from tickets.
rakudo: my %foo XX= 1; 00:42
evalbot? 00:43
$ ./perl6 -e 'multi a (Str $a, Str $b) { [+$a, +$b] }; multi a (Array $a,$b where "+") { [+] @($a) }; say ("1", "2", "+").reduce: &a;' 00:45
can only reduce with arity 2 for now
in method reduce at src/gen/CORE.setting:4207
in method reduce at src/gen/CORE.setting:1029
rakudo: multi sub postfiz:<!>($a) { [*] 1..$a }
p6eval rakudo ebd4d8: ( no output )
[Coke] thinks 24 tickets is a nice round number. 00:53
benabik [Coke]: In octal, sure.
[Coke] ugh. the tests needed report doesn't tell you how many tickets it found. 00:54
Everything's rounder in octal. 00:55
39 tickets closable with tests.
arnsholt [Coke]: I want a big birthday party for my thirty-second =) 00:58
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colomon [Coke]++ 01:40
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dalek ecza/serialize: 8579c2d | sorear++ | / (4 files):
Implement method definition, stubbing of packages
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moritz good morning 06:02
phenny moritz: 00:31Z <[Coke]> ask moritz if RT #77220 is closable.
moritz \o/ < 800 tickets!!
mberends \o/ 06:03
guten moritz morgen
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sorear good morning moritz 06:04
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moritz rakudo: sub foo { say "bar" }; my $x = 'foo'; ::$x() 06:11
p6eval rakudo ebd4d8: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Cannot look up empty name␤»
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sorear sleep 06:41
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masak goot mornink, #perl6. 07:58
< 800 !? wow! 07:59
[Coke]++ moritz++
still, it's at 797. I just need to find three bugs... :P 08:00
eiro :)) 08:06
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masak here's another way to implement permutations, courtesy of D. E. Knuth: 08:37
nom: sub ix($n) { !$n && [0] || map { [$^a, @^b] }, (0..$n X [ix $n-1]) }; sub perms(@a) { map { my $c = +@a; splice my @p, @^i[--$c], 0, $_ for reverse @a; [@p] }, ix @a-1 }; .join.say for perms <a b c>
p6eval nom ebd4d8: OUTPUT«Could not find sub &splice␤ in block <anon> at /tmp/wbpfmhnxhp:1␤ in method reify at src/gen/CORE.setting:3747␤ in method reify at src/gen/CORE.setting:3652␤ in method reify at src/gen/CORE.setting:3652␤ in method gimme at src/gen/CORE.setting:3989␤ in method ea…
masak oops.
moritz nom: 'foo' ~~ /\w+/; $/.print
masak b: sub ix($n) { !$n && [0] || map { [$^a, @^b] }, (0..$n X [ix $n-1]) }; sub perms(@a) { map { my $c = +@a; splice my @p, @^i[--$c], 0, $_ for reverse @a; [@p] }, ix @a-1 }; .join.say for perms <a b c>
p6eval nom ebd4d8: OUTPUT«Method 'print' not found for invocant of class 'Match'␤ in block <anon> at /tmp/84VOgEB0cY:1␤ in <anon> at /tmp/84VOgEB0cY:1␤␤»
b 1b7dd1: OUTPUT«abc␤acb␤bac␤cab␤bca␤cba␤»
masak submits rakudobug about missing 'splice'
moritz nom: 1.print
p6eval nom ebd4d8: OUTPUT«Method 'print' not found for invocant of class 'Int'␤ in block <anon> at /tmp/LxVuLTY_fS:1␤ in <anon> at /tmp/LxVuLTY_fS:1␤␤»
moritz it's curious that so far, nobody has complained about a missing Any.print or Mu.print :-) 08:38
nom: say 'foo' ~~ /<print>+/
p6eval nom ebd4d8: OUTPUT«Method 'print' not found for invocant of class 'Cursor'␤ in regex <anon> at /tmp/E5Vz9au7CZ:1␤ in method ACCEPTS at src/gen/CORE.setting:6244␤ in block <anon> at /tmp/E5Vz9au7CZ:1␤ in <anon> at /tmp/E5Vz9au7CZ:1␤␤»
masak moritz: well, two things: 'say' is commoner than 'print', and 'print' is commoner than '.print' :)
moritz nom: print 1, 2, 3 08:40
p6eval nom ebd4d8: OUTPUT«123»
moritz nom: say 1, 2, 3
p6eval nom ebd4d8: OUTPUT«123␤»
moritz nom: say (1, 2, 3)
p6eval nom ebd4d8: OUTPUT«1 2 3␤»
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masak nom: say "nebuchadnezzar".comb.sort.join 08:41
p6eval nom ebd4d8: OUTPUT«aabcdeehnnruzz␤»
nebuchadnezzar hello 08:42
masak ehllo :)
nebuchadnezzar erf, you are more up to date than me
masak how so?
nebuchadnezzar the difference between helo and EHLO ;-) 08:43
masak actually, I was just giving you an alphabetically sorted greeting :P
nebuchadnezzar masak: ha ok 08:44
updates done, back to work! 08:45
see you
masak o/ 08:47
b: 42.print 08:48
p6eval b 1b7dd1: OUTPUT«42»
masak nom: 42.print
p6eval nom ebd4d8: OUTPUT«Method 'print' not found for invocant of class 'Int'␤ in block <anon> at /tmp/MpLbDODRFu:1␤ in <anon> at /tmp/MpLbDODRFu:1␤␤»
masak submits rakudobug about missint .print
...crediting moritz++ with the find.
moritz rakudo: sub foo { "OH NOES" }; constant foo = 5; say foo 08:53
p6eval rakudo ebd4d8: OUTPUT«5␤»
moritz rakudo: sub foo { "OH NOES" }; constant foo = 5; say foo()
p6eval rakudo ebd4d8: OUTPUT«OH NOES␤»
moritz rakudo: constant foo = 5; sub foo { "OH NOES" }; say foo
p6eval rakudo ebd4d8: OUTPUT«5␤»
moritz rakudo: constant foo = 5; sub foo { "OH NOES" }; say foo()
p6eval rakudo ebd4d8: OUTPUT«OH NOES␤»
masak hm :)
moritz std: constant foo = 5; sub foo { "OH NOES" }; say foo()
p6eval std 8b331d2: OUTPUT«ok 00:01 121m␤»
masak looks good to me.
moritz masak: yes, another closable ticket :-)
masak dang! :P
perl6: my $a = 1; $a **= 2; say $a 08:56
p6eval pugs, rakudo ebd4d8, niecza v10-18-g5be99bf: OUTPUT«1␤»
masak oh wait :)
perl6: my $a = 2; $a **= 2; say $a
p6eval pugs, rakudo ebd4d8, niecza v10-18-g5be99bf: OUTPUT«4␤»
masak perl6: my $a = 2; for ^16 { say $a; $a **= 2 } 08:57
p6eval niecza v10-18-g5be99bf: OUTPUT«2␤4␤16␤256␤65536␤4294967296␤18446744073709551616␤340282366920938463463374607431768211456␤115792089237316195423570985008687907853269984665640564039457584007913129639936␤1340780792994259709957402499820584612747936582059239337772356144372176403007354697680187…
..rakudo ebd4d8: OUTPUT«2␤4␤16␤256␤65536␤4294967296␤-9223372036854775808␤-9223372036854775808␤-9223372036854775808␤-9223372036854775808␤-9223372036854775808␤-9223372036854775808␤-9223372036854775808␤-9223372036854775808␤-9223372036854775808␤-9223372036854775808␤»…
..pugs: OUTPUT«2␤4␤16␤256␤65536␤4294967296␤18446744073709551616␤340282366920938463463374607431768211456␤115792089237316195423570985008687907853269984665640564039457584007913129639936␤1340780792994259709957402499820584612747936582059239337772356144372176403007354697680187429816690342769003…
masak niecza++ pugs++ rakudo--
dalek ast: 6875b22 | moritz++ | S04-declarations/constant.t:
constants and subs of the same name (RT #69522)
ast: 55356a5 | moritz++ | S06-signature/slurpy-params.t:
remove outdated test
snarkyboojum karma rakudo 09:03
aloha rakudo has karma of 25.
masak nom: class A { role B {} }; A::B.new; say "alive"
p6eval nom ebd4d8: OUTPUT«alive␤»
snarkyboojum surely that should be higher :)
masak nom: role A { role B {} }; A::B.new; say "alive"
p6eval nom ebd4d8: OUTPUT«Could not find symbol 'A::&B'␤ in sub die at src/gen/CORE.setting:416␤ in block <anon> at /tmp/2v9vPOjw0d:1␤ in <anon> at /tmp/2v9vPOjw0d:1␤␤»
masak submits rakudobug
snarkyboojum karma std
aloha std has karma of 5.
snarkyboojum karma niecza
aloha niecza has karma of 37.
snarkyboojum :O
masak niecza++
snarkyboojum hehe 09:04
std++ # for rocking, generally
rakudo++ # for being my current Perl 6 implementation of choice :D 09:05
masak having used Niecza actively for the past few weeks, I sincerely believe it should be more people's implementation of choice. 09:06
the missing features aren't as many as you'd think, and the bug turnaround is fantastic! :) 09:07
flussence I've been trying to make Text::Wrap work in it, it supports the one bit of regex I needed to make the code less horrible :D 09:08
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flussence (it also currently outputs nothing but \n characters there... I'll have to figure that one out) 09:11
snarkyboojum masak: Niecza rocks, but everytime I've tried to use it in anger it's missing stuff I expect to have, more so than Rakudo
perhaps that's changing :)
masak I think so. 09:12
just look at perl6.org/compilers/features :)
snarkyboojum the list of features comparison certainly shows it's close
yeah that
and sorear++ is very responsive - no doubt about it, and scarily prolific :) 09:13
masak close in some places, tied in some, more advanced in others.
mberends has a Niecza Notepad under construction :) 09:15
snarkyboojum yeah.. looking at that high level list, it's definitely catching up :)
masak mberends: wow!
snarkyboojum pity I can't run gtk niecza stuff on my mac :| 09:16
tadzik good morning 09:19
mberends snarkyboojum: colomon++ does, maybe he can help you
snarkyboojum mberends: really! I thought it flat out wasn't supported 09:20
mberends snarkyboojum: bbkr++ as well 09:21
snarkyboojum maybe I should try harder at some point :) 09:22
dalek kudo/nom: fb48457 | moritz++ | src/core/ (2 files):
restrain IO.print and say to defined invocants; add a Mu.print
mberends snarkyboojum: yes, definitely worth the effort :) 09:24
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snarkyboojum colomon: so…. :) 09:25
dalek ast: a7cc650 | moritz++ | S03-junctions/autothreading.t:
autothreading over named params (RT #69863)
moritz rakudo: 'a' ~~ /a/; say ($/.orig).rindex('a', 1) 09:26
p6eval rakudo ebd4d8: OUTPUT«substring not found␤ in method rindex at src/gen/CORE.setting:1544␤ in block <anon> at /tmp/LFU_1b9s_x:1␤ in <anon> at /tmp/LFU_1b9s_x:1␤␤»
moritz rakudo: 'a' ~~ /a/; say ($/.orig).rindex('a')
p6eval rakudo ebd4d8: OUTPUT«0␤»
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dalek ast: 01db9ce | moritz++ | S05-match/capturing-contexts.t:
correct and unfudge tests for RT #70003
moritz nom: say 'aa' ~~ /(.)$1/ 09:30
p6eval nom ebd4d8: OUTPUT«=> <a>␤ 0 => <a>␤␤»
moritz this... shouldn't match
nom: my $a; say so 'aaa' ~~ /$a/
p6eval nom ebd4d8: OUTPUT«Use of uninitialized value in string context␤Use of uninitialized value in string context␤Bool::True␤»
moritz RONG
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masak submits rakudobug 09:38
awesomest presentation I've seen in quite a while: www.jamisbuck.org/presentations/rub...index.html
this guy is more into labyrinth-making algorithms than I am! 09:39
masak slightly jealous :)
tadzik oh, this one is nice
masak yes! very good use of medium.
I should draw by hand and scan more. the result can be very nice. 09:40
and then integrated JS in the presentation is really nice, too.
snarkyboojum mberends: can't find any reference to colomon++ getting gtk and Niecza going on OS X - he's doing lots of trig stuff it seems - help me out? :D
masak moritz: ooc, how do you expect an undefined interpolated value to match? 09:42
moritz: always fail? 09:43
mberends snarkyboojum: all I know is colomon uses OS X all the time, and he has run all the Niecza Gtk examples. Furthermore, he's planning to do some bitmap graphics himself. I'll do a little search. irclog.perlgeek.de/perl6/2011-09-28#i_4494221 09:46
snarkyboojum mberends: great - cheers - will quiz him when he's around
mberends snarkyboojum: don't say you never found these: mjhutchinson.com/journal/2010/01/25...cation_mac gtk-osx.sourceforge.net/ live.gnome.org/GTK%2B/OSX/Integration 09:50
snarkyboojum mberends: I must have stopped when I came across a page which said "OS X not supported". Lazy me ;) 09:51
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mberends snarkyboojum: that might have been an *old* page. Those still keep turning up :) 09:51
snarkyboojum mberends: yeah, I'm normally more thorough :) Thanks for the links.. will check it out 09:52
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moritz masak: always fail 09:54
masak: we had a long discussion about that some months or years ago
rakudo: "foo" ~ my $a = "bar" 09:55
p6eval rakudo ebd4d8: OUTPUT«Use of uninitialized value in string context␤Cannot assign to a non-container␤ in block <anon> at /tmp/9JKRw8W1SH:1␤ in <anon> at /tmp/9JKRw8W1SH:1␤␤»
snarkyboojum mberends: oh that's right, it's all coming back to me. It had something to do with the monodevelop site taking me in circles when trying to d/l the GTK# package for OS X :D 09:57
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snarkyboojum masak: ah - yes, saw that preso the other day, thought of your algorithmic endeavours :) 10:05
masak it's nice to see others set the bar high :) 10:06
moritz rakudo: class A {}; class B {}; subset C of A & B; say C ~~ A; say B ~~ C 10:10
p6eval rakudo fb4845: OUTPUT«Type check failed in assignment to '$v'; expected 'Mu' but got 'C'␤ in method REIFY at src/gen/CORE.setting:4366␤ in method reify at src/gen/CORE.setting:3653␤ in method reify at src/gen/CORE.setting:3653␤ in method gimme at src/gen/CORE.setting:3990␤ in metho…
moritz rakudo: class A {}; class B {}; subset C of A where B; say C ~~ A; say B ~~ C 10:11
p6eval rakudo fb4845: OUTPUT«Bool::True␤Bool::False␤»
moritz nom: role A { has $.x }; say A("foo").x 10:16
p6eval nom fb4845: OUTPUT«Could not find sub &A␤ in block <anon> at /tmp/gQW_FNtTIA:1␤ in <anon> at /tmp/gQW_FNtTIA:1␤␤»
moritz jnthn: that form is missing in nom, and used quite a bit in the traits tests
dalek ast: 3f79756 | moritz++ | S14-traits/routines.t:
port a few trait tests to the new spec
masak moritz: "that form"? you mean there's wording in the spec allowing explicitly for calling a constructor with one positional argument if the class only has one public attribute? 10:21
moritz masak: s/class/role/ 10:22
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moritz rakudo: ({nextsame})() 10:25
p6eval rakudo fb4845: OUTPUT«No dispatcher in scope␤ in block <anon> at /tmp/UJdC84qM1y:1␤ in block <anon> at /tmp/UJdC84qM1y:1␤ in <anon> at /tmp/UJdC84qM1y:1␤␤»
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masak moritz: oh, right. 10:27
for some reason, I buy that much more easily.
masak submits rakudobug
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ingy o/ 10:43
masak \o 10:59
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tadzik oh, can we merge this funny branch of nqp and target Parrot HEAD now? 11:18
moritz yep
tadzik I'll try it
moritz it's not hard, it merges cleanly :-) 11:19
tadzik nice :) I'll just see if the Parrot master is clean on spectest and such 11:20
moritz rakudo: grammar Integer { rule TOP { x } }; Integer.parse("x") 11:22
p6eval rakudo fb4845: ( no output )
tadzik hmm, doesn't merge cleanly for me
moritz rakudo: grammar Integer { rule TOP { x } }; say Integer.parse("x") 11:23
p6eval rakudo fb4845: OUTPUT«=> <x>␤␤»
moritz tadzik: are you nqp/master ?
tadzik moritz: yep
are you sure you're up to date?
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masak ok, I'm off to the grocery store. but when I come back, my plan is to sit down with the macros branch and do the last bits of work to implement D1. and then I'll push it out to the world. 11:38
tadzik oh oh
masak in my opinion, once it does D1, it can already be merged with the nom branch -- and then you can all play with macros :)
& 11:39
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dalek p: a430d8d | tadzik++ | / (10 files):
Merge branch 'kill-useless-defaults'

Conflicts: src/PAST/NQP.pir tools/build/PARROT_REVISION
kudo: d4cb879 | tadzik++ | tools/build/NQP_REVISION:
tadzik gah, I fell into rakudo-master trap again
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dalek kudo/nom: 4880cea | tadzik++ | tools/build/NQP_REVISION:
tadzik rakudo/master should not be on github, right? 11:45
moritz huh, rakudo/master doesn't even have a NQP_REVISION, I thought? 11:47
tadzik: ah, I've done the merge previously (and undid it) in my local repo, so it had the conflict resolution recorded already
tadzik maybe I accidentally created rakudo/master as a child of nom some time ago, and now accidentally pushed it 11:48
there should be no master on github, si?
moritz 'si'nks so :-) 11:49
tadzik a'right, I'll remove it
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colomon snarkyboojum: I don't know if I have any useful insights on getting the Niecza Gtk stuff to run on OS X, it Just Worked right out of the box for me. 12:09
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moritz the insight is "Just Duckin' Foo it!" :-) 12:19
snarkyboojum colomon: ah - ok. I get errors complaining about not being able to find glibsharpglue dlls or some such 12:21
colomon how did you install mono? 12:22
snarkyboojum colomon: binary package/installer off the website
colomon yeah, okay, that's what I did too. hmm.
snarkyboojum colomon: weird - which version?
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colomon snarkyboojum: Mono JIT compiler version 2.10.2 (tarball Mon Apr 18 09:14:01 MDT 2011) 12:23
snarkyboojum colomon: ah ok - I have Mono JIT compiler version 2.10.5 (tarball Mon Aug 22 20:38:08 EDT 2011)
colomon I have a hard time imagining they just removed Gtk support between versions... 12:24
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moritz maybe there are different packages? like "full" and "bare" or so? 12:26
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snarkyboojum colomon: I'm trying to run mberends' old gtk example mono run/Niecza.exe calculator.pl 12:27
colomon: sane invocation?
no idea about this stuff :D esp publickeytokens and culture crapola :) 12:28
colomon snarkyboojum: I don't have that script, but I've been running things like so: 12:29
mono run/Niecza.exe examples/gtk1.pl
jnthn afternoon, #perl6
phenny jnthn: 30 Sep 23:10Z <[Coke]> tell jnthn I need some guidance on RT67364 - it refers to a 2 year old irc log, says there are examples, I don't see any. You are namedropped.
snarkyboojum colomon: ok - that doesn't work for me either
same issue
meh - should be easier than spending a few hours trying to get it to work :) 12:30
im2ee hello! :)
colomon snarkyboojum: what's the exact error message? that will let me see where the library in question lives on my machine....
snarkyboojum colomon: something like this gist.github.com/1256005 12:33
jnthn phenny: tell [Coke] It appears that the issue being discussed was resolved a different way (required named parameters). And I know that works (we use it in the setting, for one). Overall, traits are much more robust in nom, so I think we can safely close that one. 12:34
phenny jnthn: I'll pass that on when [Coke] is around.
colomon snarkyboojum: I may be getting that from a MacPorts install 12:35
snarkyboojum colomon: sorry... getting what?
colomon: which version of os x?
colomon glibsharpglue-2 12:36
dalek ast: 84330f5 | moritz++ | S05-grammar/parse_and_parsefile.t:
correct and unfudge parse_and_parsefile.t
colomon OS X 10.6.8 12:37
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dalek kudo/nom: 5a38367 | moritz++ | / (2 files):
implement Grammar.parsefile, run a test for it
snarkyboojum colomon: Mmm.. 10.7.1 here
colomon: LD_LIBRARY_PATH set?
colomon I don't believe so. 12:39
snarkyboojum colomon: fun :)
colomon: seems people have had similar issues between versions of mono, albeit several versions ago.. 12:42
who knows - shouldn't be this hard anyway :) 12:43
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jnthn moritz: Are you sure A("foo").x is not spec fossil? The traits tests are *old*. 12:50
I know that $x does SomeRole("foo") should work
But had always considered that one a special syntactic form.
moritz jnthn: I'm only sure about the role form, which nom is missing so far 12:51
klavs hey guys! i am new to perl. how can i read binary data from binary file? 12:54
jnthn moritz: Yeah, I know that bit is still to do. 12:55
Maybe I look at it today. We'll see. :)
ugh :(
Parrot build fails for me :(
src/runcore/subprof.c(152) : error C2054: expected '(' to follow 'inline' 12:56
mberends klavs: this channel is for developing a new version of perl. Try #perlhelp or #perl 12:57
klavs thanks
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downtown a 13:03
jnthn ugh, github's down agan. 13:05
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masak they should invent a way to distribute the version control over all users, circumventing the need for something central altogether... 13:23
jnthn We could call it distributed version control!
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masak .oO( distracted version control ) 13:24
im2ee: hi, how's the Perl 6 going?
im2ee hi masak. I'm training now - so, good at all. :) 13:25
masak yay 13:26
masak imagines im2ee running on a treadmill, coding Perl 6 13:27
flussence imagines gittokenring.com 13:28
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im2ee_ masak, i mean that i'm writing some code! :) 13:29
masak im2ee_: yes, I know. :P
im2ee_: and good for you! 13:30
remember that sharing makes the learning go faster!
flussence (hm, that could be a workable idea. Instead of everything going through one site, it just redirects you to project members' git servers in a round robin) 13:31
masak flussence: patent it!
flussence nah, I'll just be lazy and let someone else make it, then people can point to this as prior art if they try :) 13:32
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masak .oO( "I call it... the gittyloop." ) 13:32
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im2ee_ How to clear out an array? :) 13:39
jnthn @array = (); 13:40
masak im2ee_: but chances are you don't need to, and could write it in a better way. :) 13:41
put differently, clearing out an array is a bit of a code smell. just ever so slightly. 13:42
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im2ee_ Ehh, right (why i'm not thinking :D ? ). Thanks jnthn. 13:43
masak, which better way?
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masak im2ee_: arrays are made for putting things in them. if you're clearing the array, you're doing the *opposite* of what it was meant for. just saying that's not ideal -- without seeing the code I can not suggest a better way. :) 13:46
and the use case may indeed be entirely legitimate, too. it depends.
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masak im2ee_: generally, I've been settling on a style of coding where I don't "overwrite" values in variables. filling up an array is nice, but if I need to take away values, I always consider whether I don't actually need a new array instead. 13:57
im2ee_: it's sort of moving towards a functional programming thinking. 13:58
im2ee_: does that make sense? 14:03
im2ee_ Yes. :) Thank You masak++ 14:09
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masak greetings, GlitchMr and alvis. 14:11
im2ee_ nom: if defined($s) { say 1; }
GlitchMr Hi
p6eval nom 5a3836: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Symbol '$s' not predeclared in <anonymous> (/tmp/TTutkhKj5o:1)␤»
im2ee_ How to check this?