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Set by sorear on 4 February 2011.
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FordPhoenix perl6: fork while fork 00:11
p6eval niecza v12-2-geb42dfa: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤␤Undeclared routine:␤ 'fork' used at line 1,1␤␤Unhandled exception: Check failed␤␤ at /home/p6eval/niecza/boot/lib/CORE.setting line 880 (die @ 2) ␤ at /home/p6eval/niecza/src/STD.pm6 line 1139 (P6.comp_unit @ 32) ␤ at /hom… 00:12
..rakudo 2b3135: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤CHECK FAILED:␤Undefined routine '&fork' called (lines 1, 1)␤»
..pugs b927740: OUTPUT«*** Unsafe function 'fork' called under safe mode␤ at /tmp/dmTte77WmZ line 1, column 12 - line 2, column 1␤»
FordPhoenix perl6: `rm -rf /`
p6eval pugs b927740: OUTPUT«*** Unsafe function 'Pugs::Internals::runShellCommand' called under safe mode␤ at /tmp/3RmdQHlQRd line 1, column 1 - line 2, column 1␤»
..niecza v12-2-geb42dfa: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤␤Bogus statement at /tmp/ZYi4tyWl2H line 1:␤------> <BOL>⏏`rm -rf /`␤␤Parse failed␤␤»
..rakudo 2b3135: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Confused at line 1, near "`rm -rf /`"␤»
diakopter FordPhoenix: please stop :/
FordPhoenix my frand told me 2 sry 00:13
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FordPhoenix say hi 2 omgle vido chat =]!! 00:14
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sorear Could you try correct spelling and grammar? I can't understand you. 00:15
tadzik <obligatory "what if your friend told you to smack your head with a hammer"> 00:16
FordPhoenix i rpbly wuld
it sound rly fun
b r b smaking hed with hamrr
i showing it 2 my frand on omgle [= 00:17
diakopter I assume you mean the anonymous video chat site omegle 00:18
FordPhoenix ya
tadzik omg
FordPhoenix [O]h [M]y [G]öÐ 00:19
jnthn .u öÐ
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FordPhoenix ⓗⓐⓗⓐⓗⓐⓗⓐⓗⓐⓗⓐ 00:20
diakopter I tire of you
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FordPhoenix diakopter: ¯¯¯º [£]àuGhz [O]u+ [L]oÙÐ º¯¯¯ 00:22
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jnthn aol. 00:23
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sorear FordPhoenix: That kind of behavior is not welcome here. 00:25
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jnthn 'night, #perl6 00:30
cotto 'night 00:31
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shinobicl_ hi.... i am running a test on a module i'm doing... but something weird happens. My test ends with a segmentation fault at the 3rd test. But, when i add a 'say "1"' to the most called function, it fails but this time at the 89th test... 02:31
s/it fails/ends with a segmentation fault/ 02:32
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colomon shinobicl_: what compiler? 02:41
shinobicl_ i compiled rakudo just yesterday 02:42
perl6 -v does not seem to work
so i will say that is the latest version 02:43
colomon try perl6 --version 02:44
shinobicl_ "This is perl6 version 2011.11-65-ga8dfd47 built on parrot 3.10.0 revision RELEASE_3_10_0-30-ga8cb7da"
colomon okays, that's real recent. 02:45
it's a literal segmentation fault?
shinobicl_ yes, it's literally a "segmentation fault" 02:46
i'll try to upload my code to github.... please give me a few minutes 02:47
colomon no worries.
shinobicl_ there is the .t file 02:57
this is the module
im uploading the "calendar" files used for testing 02:58
colomon okay, I've cloned the github repo 03:00
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shinobicl_ github.com/shinobi/TaskScheduler/t...ster/t/res 03:02
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shinobicl_ on WorkdayCalendar.pm, look for the lines 'say "step 1"' and 'say "step 2"'. If you remove them, the test dies much earlier 03:04
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colomon works with ufo? 03:04
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shinobicl_ ehmmm.. "ufo"? 03:05
colomon standard makefile generator
shinobicl_ no, not yet 03:06
i started from scratch many months ago. I had stopped because my VPS didn't have enough memoty to compile newer versions of rakudo.. until yesterday when i upgraded it to 1GB of RAM :) 03:07
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colomon apparently you don't need it with your test files anyway. :) 03:08
okay, t/WorkdayCalendar.t actually runs without crashing for me 03:09
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shinobicl_ and if you remove "say "step 1"' and 'say "step 2"' ???? 03:10
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colomon trying... 03:11
Bus error, yup
shinobicl_ mmm sorry... "bus error"? what does that mean? 03:12
sorear segmentation fault and bus error are two possible errors from bad pointer use 03:13
there are others
the set of possible errors depends on CPU; when using a portable OS, some information is sometimes lost 03:14
colomon yeah, it's a form of a seg fault on a mac.
sorear Unix only has SIGBUS and SIGSEGV, so only two kinds of memory error can be reported
shinobicl_ i'm using a OpenVZ virtual machine... Debian i386
sorry.. i686 03:15
sorear Windows can report more kinds of errors since it was designed to work with the x86
general protection faults, unresolved page faults, stack faults, etc all map to SIGSEGV on Linux/i386 but are different error codes on Windows 03:16
I don'
colomon shinobicl_: looks like you've definitely got a legit nom bug
sorear I don't think Linux/i386 uses SIGBUS at all
Linux/ppc uses SIGBUS for unaligned memory access exceptions
shinobicl_ oh.. well, i'll keep those "say" too
also, i got another issue, on WorkdayCalendar.t 03:17
give a minute please
sorear traditionally, SIGSEGV comes from hardware memory protection, while SIGBUS is signalled by hardware faults
colomon shinobicl_: sure, though I'm trying to see if I can get more info on your seg fault first. ;)
sorear e.g. many old mc68k systems will signal the BERR# pin if you try to access a physical address which no device answers to 03:21
shinobicl_ no problem :) anyway, i think it might be the same issue.
sorear I conjecture that SIGSEGV and SIGBUS were introduced during the period of Unix history when it mostly ran on mc68k systems
colomon phenny: tell jnthn gist.github.com/1413232 summarizes how I duplicated shinobicl_'s seg fault, and the backtrace from the crash point. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help track it down. 03:22
phenny colomon: I'll pass that on when jnthn is around.
colomon okay, second problem? :) 03:23
shinobicl_ int the test file.... commenting or uncommenting the lien with "diag "-----------------";" also seems to "change" the point where the test segfaults 03:24
colomon shinobicl_: I get the same error either way. 03:27
shinobicl_ mmmm 03:30
colomon anyway, hopefully the backtrace will be a good start for jnthn++ to figure out what is going wrong. 03:31
shinobicl_ look for "my $test_list ="
the followwin text uses single quotes
changing it to double quotes also changes the behavior
colomon got it
again the same. 03:32
shinobicl_ oh well... maybe it's an issue in my VPS
colomon Sure looks like some sort of memory error. Changing the code changes when it happens, that's all. 03:33
I ran into a couple of garbage collection errors yesterday.
I suspect nom is slightly less stable than we would really like it to be at the moment.
shinobicl_ thank you very much for your help, colomon
colomon you're welcome. thank you for stressing rakudo, it's a great way to help find where the compiler still needs work 03:34
shinobicl_ oh, no problem.. i'll stress it a lot, specially in the part of overloaded operators :) 03:35
colomon \o/
afk # bedtime
shinobicl_ ok, good night, and thanks again! 03:36
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[Coke] does t/spec/S03-operators/overflow.t require a bigint lib? 03:46
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moritz [Coke]: erm, rakudo has a bigint lib, bundled with nqp :-) 06:34
dalek kudo/nom: 6006bc7 | moritz++ | src/core/IO/Socket/INET.pm:
fix get() in Socket::INET to chomp the right delimiter
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Woodi moritz: if I use: get-recv-get sequence then second get see flushed socket. not checked Perl5 behaviour on that yet but it at least unconvenient... 06:46
*is... 06:47
moritz what does "see flushed socket" means?
Woodi eg: connect-port-80; $s.put("GET \ ...); $s.get; $s.recv(10); $s.get(); 06:49
second get blocks
moritz all requests block, we don't have non-blocking IO yet.
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Woodi but it shouldnt't 06:50
moritz what do you mean by "blocks"?
Woodi just recv read everything, and return 10 bytes as sked.
I have example somewhere, will post later 06:51
moritz Woodi: if you only want to read 10 bytes, use .read instead of .recv 06:52
Woodi hmm :) missed that command somehow .. 06:53
will test
moritz not sure if it's specced
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masak 挨拶, #perl6! 08:12
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moritz \o masak 08:17
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masak goal for the day: blog about progress so far with macros. maybe prepare a blog post for later for perl6advent. 08:22
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moritz moritz.faui2k3.org/tmp/03-binary-io-buf.pod early draft of the advent post for day 3 09:06
it kinda misses a good end 09:07
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masak s/has been solved/has been addressed/ ;) 09:13
also, to my non-native ear "to and fro" indicates an osciallating motion, like weed in the wind. 09:14
"back and forth" is probably what you wanted.
moritz thanks
masak funnily enough, your server delivers that URL as latin-1 (I think), but I see from the mojikabke that it's really UTF-8. 09:16
moritz Content-Type: text/plain
no latin-1, that's your browser's interpretation :-) 09:17
masak could be.
yes, it said it had chosen latin-1. I set it to utf-8, and now I see the møþ :)
snarkyboojum also maybe /do not provide the same level of Unicode support yet as Perl 5 does/do not yet provide the same level of Unicode support as Perl 5/
masak hm, ss/byte values of which/byte values from which/ 09:18
moritz updates 09:19
masak++, snarkyboojum++
masak agree about the ending :) best of luck with it. 09:20
dalek kudo/nom: 7d35796 | moritz++ | src/Perl6/Actions.pm:
special-case 0e<big-exponent> to not perform the 10**<big-exponent> operation
kudo/nom: 8c70898 | moritz++ | lib/Test.pm:
[Test.pm] restore "bad death" in dies_ok, even though we seem to produce far fewer Null PMC Accesses these days
snarkyboojum moritz: you also don't need the "does" there before the comma, but good stuff - moritz++ :D 09:24
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jnthn morning 09:34
phenny jnthn: 03:22Z <colomon> tell jnthn gist.github.com/1413232 summarizes how I duplicated shinobicl_'s seg fault, and the backtrace from the crash point. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help track it down.
jnthn colomon: Thanks for the backtrace. This roaming segfault seems to be claiming a growing number of victims... 09:35
moritz seems to always happen in Rakudo_cont_decontainerize, but of course the real error might be much earlier 09:40
jnthn moritz: Yeah; we often decontainerize. 09:46
So could just be probability 09:48
But worth a closer look
phenny: ask [Coke] if #105018 was tested on Windows. If so, it's a bug with :args['--x'] option handling in the test utility thing, which I didn't manage to figure out yet... 09:51
phenny jnthn: I'll pass that on when [Coke] is around.
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mls morning perl6 09:56
I saw the same segfault when fixing the recursion bug, it seems to be a GC issue
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mls i.e. some write barrier is missing 09:56
sorear sleep 09:57
moritz \o mls
mls it crashed because STABLE(var)->container_spec was 1 09:58
(and 1 is not a good pointer ;) ) 09:59
(Actually I had a "find_in_cache" in the backtrace which is missing in moritz' gist. I suspect it was inlined.) 10:01
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.oO( Image of a giant foam hand with '#1' on it )
Woodi found lastly OOP critiques that method call (message sending in Smalltalk) is synchronous. and realy they are in current OO languages... Actor model look seems to be proposition to make comunication asynchronous... FlowBasedProgramming is nice technology from 1970s :) and Comega from MS uses chords for concurency - sets of async and sync method calls: research.microsoft.com/en-us/um/cam...whatis.htm 10:04
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Woodi and about Flow Based Programming vs OO: www.jpaulmorrison.com/fbp/oops.shtml 10:04
now I kind a understand TimToady silence on concurency topics :) 10:05
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mls I wonder how pc_positionals[i].type == BIND_VAL_OBJ can be true, isn't BIND_VAL_OBJ supposed to be only used in type Rakudo_BindVal and not in Pcc_cell? 10:16
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mls or is that a workaround for a not defined "PMCCELL" (which happens to have the same value)? 10:18
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mls (and shouldn't it only call decontainerize if it is a smo?) 10:21
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jnthn mls: The BIND_VAL_OBJ and friends exactly match the flags used by .type 10:22
mls: Which decontainerize are you looking at? I suspect the answer is "we either coerced to a smo or died by this point" 10:23
mls the one in find_in_cache
called from Rakudo_md_dispatch 10:24
jnthn ...context?
mls: Hm, good point.
If a non-smo is getting in there, it won't be good. 10:25
.oO( The answer to "is 6model stable enough for Parrot yet" is probably "please just do it yesterday!" :) )
mls: Looks like a fix is needed there, anyway. 10:27
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moritz jnthn: I still can't stub X::BufAsStr in the setting :( 10:50
and package X { } is gone
nom: my class A::B { ... }; my class A::C { }; my role A::D { }; my class A::B { } 10:51
p6eval nom 8c7089: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤The following packages were stubbed but not defined:␤ A::B␤␤»
moritz nom: my class A::B { ... }; my class A::C { }; my class A::B { } 10:52
p6eval nom 8c7089: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤The following packages were stubbed but not defined:␤ A::B␤␤»
masak nom: my class A::B { ... }; my class A::B {}
p6eval nom 8c7089: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤The following packages were stubbed but not defined:␤ A::B␤␤»
masak nom: my class A { ... }; my class A {}
p6eval nom 8c7089: ( no output )
jnthn nom: class A::B { ... }; class A::B {}
p6eval nom 8c7089: ( no output )
masak so, necessary components: 'my', and '::' 10:53
moritz I should update the ticket
jnthn moritz: In Grammar.pm, inside package_def 10:54
if $*ST.already_declared($*SCOPE, $*OUTERPACKAGE, $outer, @name) {
Worth knowing if that's returning false in this case
masak jnthn: will we at some point see a rename of $*ST to something like $*W ? 10:56
jnthn moritz: try this totally untested patch: gist.github.com/1415817 10:57
masak: Yes.
masak: There's no reason for it not to have already happened other than it's an internal detail and there's many external details that people finding more interesting. :)
masak \o/ 10:58
moritz don't change it, I'll keep writing $*ST for ages :-) 10:59
jnthn: trying... 11:01
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moritz jnthn: the patch seems to be working 11:18
jnthn nice :)
moritz I'm going to make concatenation of buffer to a string die
masak good. 11:19
moritz it's been one of my least favorite non-errors in p5 for quite some time
nom: say ~Buf.new()
p6eval nom 8c7089: OUTPUT«Buf<-483643341133299054>␤»
moritz I found this not very useful
jnthn Yes, there's no good way to DWIM in that case, so refusal is better.
moritz nom: say Buf.new() ~ ' foo'
p6eval nom 8c7089: OUTPUT«Buf<-7689102089863646801> foo␤»
moritz that's the current behavior, and not useful at all 11:20
jnthn heh
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jnthn yeah, should just not work 11:20
masak why are those arbitrary object IDs so long nowadays? they used to be about half as long.
moritz seems they aren't hex anymore
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moritz $ ./perl6 -e 'try { ~Buf.new }; say $!.WHAT' 11:22
jnthn nice! :) 11:23
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moritz now I just need to spectest 11:24
jnthn Yeah, hope the patch holds up well in the spectests. 11:25
Worth adding a spectest for the issue too.
moritz aye
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bbkr I have a question about warn(). Spec says that it "Throws a resumable warning exception, which is considered a control exception, and hence is invisible to most normal exception handlers.". Does that mean eval_lives_ok should pass on warn or not? 12:04
flussence I think that means CATCH won't catch it, so if eval_lives_ok only uses that then it'll pass it on 12:05
jnthn nom: { warn "blah"; CATCH { say "I caught something!" } } 12:06
p6eval nom 8c7089: OUTPUT«blah␤»
jnthn nom: { warn "blah"; CONTROL { say "I caught something!" } }
p6eval nom 8c7089: OUTPUT«I caught something!␤blah␤»
bbkr thanks, tagging #77648 as testneeded 12:10
flussence (also I'd like to point out Niecza's Test module has subs to trap any combination of die()/warn()/fail() :) 12:12
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moritz we reallly need better exception catching tests, but I found niecza's approach a bit verbose 12:39
we should also consider typed exceptions
dalek kudo/nom: 17a2356 | moritz++ | src/ (3 files):
throw typed exceptions when Buf is misused as a string

Contains a patch by jnthn++ that fixes RT #104760
masak ooh! I just know of another thing to advent blog about :) 12:44
masak adds it to the list 12:45
dalek : c9e8134 | (Carl Mäsak)++ | misc/perl6advent-2011/topic-brainstorming:
added two new potential topics
ast: c3f2a9e | moritz++ | S32-io/IO-Socket-INET.t:
unfudge passing tests for rakudo
ast: f7eced4 | moritz++ | S10-packages/joined-namespaces.t:
RT #104760, stubbing of joined namespaces
moritz nom: try { Buf.new().Str }; say $!.WHAT 13:06
p6eval nom 8c7089: OUTPUT«Mu()␤»
moritz hrmpf 13:07
evalbot rebuild nom 13:09
p6eval OK (started asynchronously)
moritz turned out we still rebuilt rakudo twice an hour, and nom once per hour 13:14
jnthn oh :) 13:16
masak old habits and cronjobs die hard :) 13:19
moritz jnthn: I'm at the point now where I'd like to start throwing typed exceptions from the Actions.pm 13:20
or maybe catch them in &eval, and re-throw as typed
what do you think would be the best approach? 13:21
I could do something like 13:22
13:22 am0c left
moritz $*ST.find_symbol(['X', 'SomeException']).new(...) and handle the case when it can't be found somehow 13:22
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jnthn moritz: That probably works, modulo when we're compiling the setting :) 13:32
moritz jnthn: yes, I need to be a bit careful not to produce too sucky errors in that case :-) 13:34
jnthn moritz: Dunno if it's possible to factor it out in some way.
moritz jnthn: it probably is
jnthn moritz: And then handle the "not found" case with an immediate panic or some such. 13:35
Note that find_symbol throws if it cannot find what you ask it for
moritz I think for Actions.pm we need a wrapper that calls find_symbol, and throws a still helpful error message if find_symbol fails 13:36
masak sounds reasonable.
jnthn try_or_be_sorry { ... } # :-) 13:37
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moritz jnthn: in the case of $/.CURSOR.panic(...), where is the line number taken from? 13:38
jnthn moritz: CURSOR has a position and the original text
moritz: I think HLL::Compiler.lineof is passed those 13:39
moritz: And it computes the line number based on that
moritz nom: CATCH {}; CATCH {}
p6eval nom 17a235: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤only one CATCH block allowed at line 1, near ""␤»
jnthn fwiw, the "near" may want to look at the cursor's from rather than it's pos...maybe. 13:40
moritz we also need a way to access the file name that is currently being compiled
jnthn should already be available
moritz current compile-time errors are missing that
jnthn see Actions.pm
in TOP or comp_unit
It sets a .file annotations 13:41
moritz ah, right
my $file := pir::find_call_lex__ps('$?FILES')
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moritz nqp: my $a := try { 1 + 1 }; say($a) 13:49
p6eval nqp: OUTPUT«Can't exec "./nqp": No such file or directory at lib/EvalbotExecuter.pm line 192.␤exec (./nqp /tmp/ny337SVQJV) failed: No such file or directory␤»
moritz eh?
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[Coke] moritz: (bundled) ok. wasn't sure if it required extra configurating. I get test failures in that file. 13:52
phenny [Coke]: 09:51Z <jnthn> ask [Coke] if #105018 was tested on Windows. If so, it's a bug with :args['--x'] option handling in the test utility thing, which I didn't manage to figure out yet...
[Coke] (t/spec/S03-operators/overflow.t, since this was from last night.) 13:53
moritz [Coke]: could you please nopaste the test output?
[Coke] jnthn: 105018 was on linux.
moritz: momentito. 13:54
moritz: feather.perl6.nl/~coke/overflow.out 13:56
fails 28/97
moritz [Coke]: thanks. Curious 13:57
[Coke] this with a vanilla build on feather.
moritz two possibilities
either another bigint error
[Coke] phenny: tell jnthn 105018 was on linux (vanilla build on feather)
phenny [Coke]: I'll pass that on when jnthn is around.
moritz or the usage of an int, where a bigint should have been used
[Coke] moritz: and I assume you're not seeing those errors? 13:58
moritz [Coke]: correct
[Coke] k. let me know if I should open a ticket.
I can let you poke around in my rakudo build on feather for a bit, if that helps. 13:59
moritz [Coke]: oh, I know what's going on 14:00
[Coke] moritz: yeeees?
moritz the problem is that literals are polymorphic, and can be Int or int
at least if the literal fits into an int
[Coke] so on feather its fitting into an int and then not changing? 14:01
moritz but that means that <mid-sized-int> * <mid-sized-int> choses the native type int infix:<*>
[Coke] *it's
moritz [Coke]: yes, but the result doesn't fit into an int 14:02
and we don't detect overflow or so
[Coke] seems like we need to be able to say "this is an int because I said so!" and "this is an int because... meh"
(or just always overflow?)
moritz [Coke]: right, we need to be more explicit about int vs. Int 14:03
and that's mostly a spec issue, IMHO
[Coke] you want to open a ticket in the right spot then? ;) 14:04
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moritz [Coke]: that would be appreciated, yes :-) 14:05
[Coke] no, I mean, do *you* ?;)
moritz erm
moritz can't read
yes, I should
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masak same situation could happen with infix:<+>, or infix:<-> 14:08
moritz yes
[Coke] we require a new parrot since yesterday? 14:09
moritz yes
(for socket stuff)
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moritz summary at github.com/perl6/specs/issues/8 14:17
(of the spec issue of int/Int literals) 14:18
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[Coke] added a pointer to the spec test failures. 14:21
nom: say 0xDEADBEEF + 0xFACE / 65536.0; 14:24
p6eval nom 17a235: OUTPUT«3735928559.97971␤»
[Coke] nom: say :16<dead_beef.face>
p6eval nom 17a235: OUTPUT«3735928559.97971␤»
[Coke] nom: say ":16<dead_beef.face> 14:25
p6eval nom 17a235: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Confused at line 1, near "say \":16<d"␤»
[Coke] nom: say ":16<dead_beef.face>"
p6eval nom 17a235: OUTPUT«:16<dead_beef.face>␤»
[Coke] nom: say +":16<dead_beef.face>"
p6eval nom 17a235: OUTPUT«Failure.new()␤»
moritz try without the quotes
oh, you did already :-)
[Coke] that's a regression in the same overflow.t file
moritz I think japhb++ will fix this one
[Coke] see S03-operators/overflow.t:260 14:26
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[Coke] nom: say +"3" 14:26
p6eval nom 17a235: OUTPUT«3␤»
jnthn moritz: (Int vs int) yes, there's certainly some issues there. 14:27
phenny jnthn: 13:57Z <[Coke]> tell jnthn 105018 was on linux (vanilla build on feather)
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jnthn [Coke]: OK, then it's genuine issue then :) 14:28
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[Coke] nom: say +":16<dead_beef>" 14:35
p6eval nom 17a235: OUTPUT«3735928559␤»
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[Coke] 280 more "nom regression" instances to go. ;) 14:45
jnthn guesses they boil down to a smaller number of underlying issues 14:46
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[Coke] we'll find out if we start getting TODOs when you fix the tickets. ;) 14:47
er, TODO passings.
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[Coke] see lue? 14:52
aloha, seen lue?
aloha [Coke]: lue was last seen in #perl6 8 days 13 hours ago saying "right now, I don't think so.".
[Coke] phenny: ask lue what he meant by the comment at the top of S32-list/minmax.t 14:53
phenny [Coke]: I'll pass that on when lue is around.
[Coke] nom: say (-10..10).min: { abs $^a <=> abs $^b } 14:55
p6eval nom 17a235: OUTPUT«Too many positional parameters passed; got 2 but expected 1␤ in method min at src/gen/CORE.setting:1232␤ in block <anon> at /tmp/FOX6arzPat:1␤ in <anon> at /tmp/FOX6arzPat:1␤»
[Coke] nom: say (1,4,-2).min: { abs $^a <=> abs $^b } 14:56
p6eval nom 17a235: OUTPUT«1␤»
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masak [Coke]: I think I know what he means. 14:59
[Coke]: he expects <5 -3 7 0 1 -9> to produce a list of Int, not a list of Str. 15:00
or at least objects that compare like Ints, not like Strs.
colomon That's right by the spec, isn't it? Some sort of hybrid Int/Str is supposed to be produced, as I recall. 15:01
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masak the spec says this should be so: objects of an anonymous subtype of Str with Intish behaviour should be produced. personally, I still feel uneasy about that kind of type hybrids. 15:01
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masak but... it's spec. 15:01
so that's what lue is referring to.
he was probably bitten by the numbers sortign stringishly. 15:02