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Set by sorear on 4 February 2011.
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lichtkind yeah all entries have anchors 00:38
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timotimo is there some sql or ORM for perl6 yet? 01:59
perl6-sqlite! cute
Could not find SQLite3:from<parrot> in any of: lib <- so, how do i install sqlite3 "into" parrot? 02:00
masak: can you tell me how? it's your library. maybe because it's been untouched for 3 years, it's just not up to date? 02:02
tadzik I don't think there's any ORM available
timotimo: you may want to use MiniDBI
ISTR it's working
timotimo oh, actually Tene owns the repo. you awake? 02:03
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Tene I'm awake. 02:04
What do I own?
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timotimo Tene: the repository for perl6-sqlite 02:04
Tene timotimo: sqlite used to be included in the parrot repo, but isn't any more 02:05
dunno where it went
timotimo ok 02:06
no worries then, i don't really need it, just looking around what there is to see
you might want to add a README to your repo stating that, though
sorear timotimo: :from<parrot> does not exist in current versions of Rakudo
Tene that too, but I didn't want to get into that. 02:08
timotimo i'll go to bed then, see what amazing things happen tomorrow
Tene timotimo: I'll give you commit privs; you can do it.
timotimo gack. all right
Tene github id?
timo? 02:09
yeah, that's you
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Tene r: [*] 0, 0 ... * 02:23
p6eval rakudo 8ead1e: OUTPUT«(timeout)»
Tene aww 02:24
;) 02:25
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lichtkind tadzik: > $*OSNAME is gone? 02:36
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lichtkind itlooks liek but i found an artefakt 02:39
tadzik lichtkind: no idea
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lichtkind in the syn $*Kernerl is reference as os name 02:40
tadzik lichtkind: there's $*OS
lichtkind kernel
tadzik r: say $*OS
p6eval rakudo 8ead1e: OUTPUT«linux␤»
lichtkind but according to spec it should be at least $*OSNAME 02:41
i now it was once $*OS
r: say $*KERNEL
p6eval rakudo 8ead1e: OUTPUT«Dynamic variable $*KERNEL not found␤ in method gist at src/gen/CORE.setting:8199␤ in sub say at src/gen/CORE.setting:6244␤ in block <anon> at /tmp/ZgjMipDT7m:1␤␤»
lichtkind r: say $*OSNAME 02:42
p6eval rakudo 8ead1e: OUTPUT«Dynamic variable $*OSNAME not found␤ in method gist at src/gen/CORE.setting:8199␤ in sub say at src/gen/CORE.setting:6244␤ in block <anon> at /tmp/XfEpk1wWxd:1␤␤»
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lichtkind phenny: say moritz "s28 say its $*KERNEL even there is an $*OSNAME artefact but rakudo still does $*OS" 02:43
phenny: hallo
dalek 02:44
sorear phenny: tell moritz 19:43 < lichtkind> phenny: say moritz "s28 say its $*KERNEL even there is an $*OSNAME artefact but rakudo still does $*OS"
phenny sorear: I'll pass that on when moritz is around.
lichtkind thanks sorear
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lichtkind phenny: tell moritz what is the right var vor the os name, i suspect *KERNEL and *DISTRO are recent 02:48
phenny lichtkind: I'll pass that on when moritz is around.
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lichtkind good night 02:50
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moritz o/ 05:06
phenny moritz: 02:44Z <sorear> tell moritz 19:43 < lichtkind> phenny: say moritz "s28 say its $*KERNEL even there is an $*OSNAME artefact but rakudo still does $*OS"
moritz: 02:48Z <lichtkind> tell moritz what is the right var vor the os name, i suspect *KERNEL and *DISTRO are recent
geekosaur ...do those have sane meanings on nonlinux? nonunix? 05:07
moritz I have no idea 05:08
sorear geekosaur: No 05:09
It's S28, it's not supposed to be sane.
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timotimo is there a way to put an operator declaration that takes the class i'm in as first argument into the class body? 06:58
class Dog { method infix:<+>($o) { say "woof $o"; } }; my $d = Dog.new(); say $d + 4;
p6: class Dog { method infix:<+>($o) { say "woof $o"; } }; my $d = Dog.new(); say $d + 4;
p6eval rakudo 8ead1e: OUTPUT«Cannot call 'Numeric'; none of these signatures match:␤:(Mu:U \$v, Mu %_!)␤␤ in method Numeric at src/gen/CORE.setting:644␤ in sub infix:<+> at src/gen/CORE.setting:2292␤ in block <anon> at /tmp/aIEkZ4MrLZ:1␤␤» 06:59
..niecza v16-17-g648c49b: OUTPUT«Unhandled exception: Cannot use value like Dog as a number␤ at <unknown> line 0 (ExitRunloop @ 0) ␤ at /home/p6eval/niecza/lib/CORE.setting line 261 (Any.Numeric @ 5) ␤ at <unknown> line 0 (ExitRunloop @ 0) ␤ at /tmp/n3Dj4jzo0K line 1 (mainline @ 4) ␤ …
..pugs: OUTPUT«*** Cannot cast from VObject (MkObject {objType = (mkType "Dog"), objAttrs = <Hash:0x7f65e3159219>, objOpaque = Nothing, objId = MkObjectId {unObjectId = 3}}) to Double (VNum)␤ at /tmp/Wc8Vl6jrMP line 1, column 79-85␤»
moritz timotimo: I believe we've discussed that yesterday. There are mechanisms, but NYI 07:12
timotimo neat, thanks 07:13
moritz r: import (package A { sub f() is export { say 'in f' } }); f 07:15
p6eval rakudo 8ead1e: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤CHECK FAILED:␤Undefined routine '&import' called (line 1)␤Undefined routine '&f' called (line 1)␤»
timotimo can i quote a couple of lines and remove either (the first line (must be empty) and common leading whitespace from all lines) or (common leading whitespace from the second and all following lines)? 07:19
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moritz I guess that's roughly what .indent(*) is supposed to do 07:21
but it hasn't been ported to nom yet :(
timotimo :(
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timotimo so rakudo doesn't implement heredoc quoting yet? 07:31
moritz nope
timotimo ok. how do i write multiline strings?
moritz my $x = 'foo
or you can use my $x = q[foo 07:32
timotimo okay. little bit trickier: multiple multiline strings in a list? i seem to only get Confused for all my attempts
moritz r: say 1 07:33
timotimo oh, it was just a missing semicolon. now i get: Method 'STORE' not found for invocant of class 'Any'
p6eval rakudo 8ead1e: OUTPUT«1␤»
moritz r: my @a = q[a␤b], q[c␤d]; say @a.perl
p6eval rakudo 8ead1e: OUTPUT«Array.new("a\nb", "c\nd")␤»
moritz timotimo: are you using an our-scoped variable? 07:34
timotimo you used say 1 to copypaste the nl character? :)
yes, i am
moritz yes
don't do that, there's a known bug :(
r: our @a = 1, 2;
p6eval rakudo 8ead1e: OUTPUT«Method 'STORE' not found for invocant of class 'Any'␤ in block <anon> at /tmp/3dVh4swma6:1␤␤»
timotimo ok
moritz it fails to initialize @a and %h
timotimo can i export it to other modules somehow? maybe with a simple sub that only returns that?
moritz yes 07:35
timotimo ok
well, it's rather like raw data anyways, it'd go through some thorough working first
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timotimo (i could do that at compile time! hooray for perl6!) 07:35
moritz if you want to allow assignment to it from other packages, you need to write something like my @a; sub myvar() is rw is export { @a }
timotimo you know, this is my second attempt to do this exact thing. the first one was in c++. it was maddening - i'm quite not good at c++ any more
moritz timotimo: what are you writing? 07:37
timotimo i want to experiment with dungeon crawling a bit - the idea is to make the player feel disoriented by making curved paths appear straight and extremely silly things like "portals" essentially 07:39
so for instance you'd go east from a room and end up entering the same room from the south side - now everything would be rotated
the code itself should allow for a direct connection of one of the walls to another - but the random dungeon generator should never do that 07:40
moritz just make sure it doesn't confuse you while debugging :-)
timotimo other things include two parallel paths from one room to another with one being longer than the other
that will be quite a bit harder :)
moritz well, if you store the stuff in a graph, you get no geometry by default
timotimo is there any library that's useful for event handling and positional output in terminals?
it's going to be graph-based all right 07:41
that was already in the "original design", but the execution was lacking :)
[==] (minmax $str.lines».chars).bounds 07:45
is this very perl6y for "are all lines equally long"?
p6: [==] (minmax "aaa␤bbb␤ccc".lines».chars).bounds 07:46
p6eval rakudo 8ead1e, niecza v16-17-g648c49b: ( no output )
..pugs: OUTPUT«*** No such subroutine: "&minmax"␤ at /tmp/WMsgC3CUfj line 1, column 7 - line 3, column 18␤»
timotimo oh but of course.
p6: say [==] (minmax "aaa␤bbb␤ccc".lines».chars).bounds
p6eval pugs: OUTPUT«*** No such subroutine: "&minmax"␤ at /tmp/ONpOhPcwWt line 1, column 11 - line 3, column 18␤»
..rakudo 8ead1e, niecza v16-17-g648c49b: OUTPUT«True␤»
moritz r: say [==] "aaa\nbbb\nccc".lines>>.chars
p6eval rakudo 8ead1e: OUTPUT«True␤»
moritz r: say [==] "aaa\nbbb\nccdc".lines>>.chars 07:47
p6eval rakudo 8ead1e: OUTPUT«False␤»
timotimo even better
moritz aye :-)
timotimo so, a PRE block in a function would be called before every call to the function and if the last statement in it doesn't return something that smartmatches with True, an exception is thrown?
moritz yes (but it's about boolification, not smarmatching) 07:48
timotimo OK
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timotimo boolification is what i get when i prepend something with a &, or was that a "?"? 07:48
echo9 hi all
moritz timotimo: ? 07:49
echo9: hello
timotimo r: say ? "yes"
p6eval rakudo 8ead1e: OUTPUT«True␤»
echo9 here just for some headsup
timotimo thanks
moritz \o/
timotimo mhhh, tasty headsoup
can i easily set a message for the exception when the PRE block fails?
echo9 :P umm.. I want to know like whats really perl6 is for?
am a newbie to perl world* 07:50
moritz timotimo: no. If you want that, you just write die "yourmessage" unless $expression;
timotimo mhm.
moritz echo9: Perl 6 is a general-purpose programming language
echo9 am an advanced c++/.net programmer just want to learn something new so that it can really add up to my resume :D
moritz echo9: so it's really used for "everything"
timotimo can preconditions and postconditions be turned off globally somehow?
moritz echo9: though is compilers aren't as mature as C++ and C# compilers yet, it's still much a work in progress 07:51
echo9 general pupose? does that mean full code navigation control? loop structs etc.?
moritz timotimo: no. But we might want such an option eventually
timotimo good to know
echo9 I have one of my friends whos working on perl5 07:52
moritz echo9: yes. It has eerything you exepct from a programming language, and more
echo9 and he suggested me to go for it :D
moritz echo9: we have all sorts of control flow, object orientation, functional features, regexes and grammars for parsing, exceptions and so on
echo9 Thanks moritz :) and what about platform dependency? (perl5 is fine with that I guess? )
moritz echo9: well, that depends more on the compilers than on the language... 07:53
echo9 threads? parallel programming?
moritz echo9: we currently have two compilers that work on windows, linux and macos
echo9 linux would be my choice (always :D)
timotimo perl6 has an implementation that runs on microsoft .net and mono, that one's called "niecza". the other one, "rakudo", uses the parrot virtual machine. it works on linux at least, i have no idea about windows, but probably there, too
moritz echo9: those are in planning; not much implemented yet in terms of threads and concurrency 07:54
echo9 rakudo hmm.. yeah read some articles on that (still confused o_O )
moritz echo9: well, C++ also has several different compilers
echo9 yep
well time for me to go (at my work place now ;) ) 07:56
moritz have fun, and come back :-)
echo9 thanks moritz and timotimo :)
timotimo you're welcome!
echo9 sure :D
c yall 07:57
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timotimo how come this works: my @lines = $str.lines.grep *.trim; but this doesn't: my @lines = $str.lines.grep { .trim }; 08:08
it would say "couldn't parse blockoid. couldn't find }"
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moritz needs to be grep: { .trim } 08:09
or grep({.trim})
geekosaur so LTA message
moritz if you put neither : nor ( after a method call, Perl assumes that you don't pass an argument to it
so you get two terms in a row
timotimo that's what the : is there? i see.
moritz std: .grep { .foo }
p6eval std 5740094: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Unexpected block in infix position (method call needs colon or parens to take arguments) at /tmp/nalD1H0Ihq line 1:␤------> .grep ⏏{ .foo }␤ expecting infix or meta-infix␤Parse failed␤FAILED 00:01 109m␤»…
timotimo how come Sorry messages often give so little information about the context? 08:12
no file or line number?
moritz r: .grep { 1 }
p6eval rakudo 8ead1e: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Confused␤at /tmp/l91QmN6BNZ:1␤»
moritz timotimo: example?
timotimo: in general the answer is "because we haven't fixed it yet" 08:13
timotimo ===SORRY!=== Not enough positional parameters passed; got 1 but expected 2 ... if i knew where it happens exactly, i could tell you ;)
moritz that's likely an internal error somewhere
running with --ll-exception might give more information
timotimo r: r: say "oh my\noh my my".lines.grep *.trim; 08:14
p6eval rakudo 8ead1e: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Confused␤at /tmp/qJQk_8fsaa:1␤»
timotimo nope.
r: say "oh my\noh my my".lines.grep *.trim;
p6eval rakudo 8ead1e: OUTPUT«Not enough positional parameters passed; got 1 but expected 2␤ in method grep at src/gen/CORE.setting:1045␤ in block <anon> at /tmp/lFvquhLpEu:1␤␤»
timotimo but i suppose that's because there has to be a : or { .. }?
moritz it parses as (.lines.grep()) * ($_.trim) 08:15
so you get a runtime error about .grep not getting a matcher
timotimo right
that makes sense
what could cause Method 'gimme' not found for invocant of class 'Str'? 08:16
moritz r: gather loop { take 1 } 08:17
p6eval rakudo 8ead1e: ( no output )
moritz r: eager gather loop { take 1 }
p6eval rakudo 8ead1e: OUTPUT«(timeout)»
moritz r: my @a = gather loop { take 1; last }
p6eval rakudo 8ead1e: OUTPUT«Method 'eager' not found for invocant of class 'Integer'␤ in sub coro at src/gen/CORE.setting:4805␤ in method reify at src/gen/CORE.setting:4786␤ in method reify at src/gen/CORE.setting:4557␤ in method reify at src/gen/CORE.setting:4557␤ in method gimme at src…
moritz timotimo: likely another rakudobug :(
timotimo: you seem to discover quite a number of rakudo limitations and bugs today :/
timotimo oh my, sorry about that ;) 08:19
it's obviously the case that most rakudo users try to tread softly whereas i'm doing the elephant in the porcelain store
... thing ...
so anyway. i was trying to map over the lines and cut off the first N characters for each line. the code looks something like this now: @lines.map({ $_[$init_spaces..*] }).join("\n"); 08:20
moritz timotimo: just make sure to reduce the newly found bugs to something small, and submit them
timotimo r: my $init_spaces = 3; say " foo\n bar\n baz".lines.map({ $_[$init_spaces..*] }).join("\n"); 08:21
p6eval rakudo 8ead1e: OUTPUT«Method 'gimme' not found for invocant of class 'Str'␤ in method postcircumfix:<[ ]> at src/gen/CORE.setting:1147␤ in block <anon> at /tmp/xoO2TzGDMW:1␤␤»
moritz uhm
timotimo is that completely wrong?
moritz you try to .[]-index strings
that's wrong
timotimo oh, that's not how i would slice strings?
moritz use .substr($startpos) instead
timotimo hm, ok
moritz r: my $init_spaces = 3; say " foo\n bar\n baz".lines.map(*.substr($init_spaces).join("\n") 08:22
p6eval rakudo 8ead1e: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Unable to parse postcircumfix:sym<( )>, couldn't find final ')' at line 2␤»
moritz r: my $init_spaces = 3; say " foo\n bar\n baz".lines.map(*.substr($init_spaces)).join("\n")
p6eval rakudo 8ead1e: OUTPUT«foo␤bar␤ baz␤»
moritz r: say "foo"[0] 08:23
p6eval rakudo 8ead1e: OUTPUT«foo␤»
moritz r: say "foo"[1]
p6eval rakudo 8ead1e: OUTPUT«.[1] out of range for type "foo"␤ in method gist at src/gen/CORE.setting:8199␤ in sub say at src/gen/CORE.setting:6244␤ in block <anon> at /tmp/aU4e0RIjup:1␤␤»
moritz r: say "foo"[1..4]
p6eval rakudo 8ead1e: OUTPUT«.[1] out of range for type "foo"␤ in method gist at src/gen/CORE.setting:8199␤ in method gist at src/gen/CORE.setting:4201␤ in sub say at src/gen/CORE.setting:6244␤ in block <anon> at /tmp/7I2GjCOvTG:1␤␤»
timotimo r: say "foo"[1..*]
p6eval rakudo 8ead1e: OUTPUT«Method 'gimme' not found for invocant of class 'Str'␤ in method postcircumfix:<[ ]> at src/gen/CORE.setting:1147␤ in block <anon> at /tmp/1ZiRf7yMZW:1␤␤»
timotimo there it is
moritz timotimo++
moritz submits rakudobug
timotimo r: my $init_spaces = 3; my @l = " foo\n bar\n baz".lines; @l .= map({ $_[$init_spaces..*] }).join("\n"); 08:26
p6eval rakudo 8ead1e: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Confused␤at /tmp/a2CKJ8COjI:1␤»
timotimo um, excuse me
r: my $init_spaces = 3; my @l = " foo\n bar\n baz".lines; @l .= map(*.substr($init_spaces)).join("\n"); 08:27
p6eval rakudo 8ead1e: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Confused␤at /tmp/2_Qzeg0YYv:1␤»
timotimo that's different from what i had locally, wait.
never mind.
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timotimo what's the best way to break out of two for loops from the innermost position? 08:48
i did a (gather for { for { } })[0] now, but that seems ugly
Teratogen last LABEL 08:52
oh wait that's perl 5 =/
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timotimo i believe perl6 has that label thing, too. i don't know how to apply a label to a for, though 08:52
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timotimo now i'm pretty confused. say $startx.WHAT; say $starty.WHAT; my $startpos = XYZ.new(:x<$startx>, :y<$starty>); gives Int()\nInt()\nType check failed in assignment to '$!x'; expected 'Int' but got 'Str' 08:54
Teratogen I don't do Perl 6 yet 08:55
timotimo oh, the < > make it a string?
Teratogen is a Perl 6 beginner
timotimo yup, that was it
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timotimo i'm a perl6 beginner, too. can you tell? :) 08:55
moritz timotimo: rakudo doesn't implement labels either :/ 08:59
timotimo OK
moritz the usual workaround is to use subroutines and return
timotimo right.
turns out i need all the values anyway, in a hash from x/y coordinate to value. is take ($col, $line) => $value; a good way to get this? flattening seems to do weird things to me 09:00
(0, 0) turns into "0 0" instead, for instance 09:01
moritz hash keys are strings by default 09:05
timotimo well, that's sensible 09:06
which was the function one should override to make classes work well in that regard?
what would produce "XYZ<8816625325255736383>" at the moment.
moritz my %h{Any};
but that will surprise your for non-value-types 09:07
timotimo i can see how
moritz it's probably better to go to two levels, %h{$col} //= {}; %h{$col}{$line} = $value;
timotimo my XYZ class is supposed to be an immutable class. i should be able to make that work well, right? 09:08
moritz yes 09:09
timotimo what's the secret trick? :)
moritz provide a method WHICH which only depends on the attributes, not on the memory address
timotimo ah, WHICH, that one i was looking for
moritz grep for 'method WHICH' in src/core/
timotimo not sure what those mean ... would mine look something like "multi method WHICH(XYZ:U:) { "some string" } ? 09:13
moritz multi method WHICH(XYZ:D:) { nqp::box_s("some string that depends on the attributes", ObjAt) } 09:14
there's a multi for the type object already
timotimo interesting. why would i need to do nqp things in my perl6 code?
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moritz because we don't yet have primitives for boxing something into a type that's not the default 09:15
maybe in future you can write ObjAt('the string here')
in fact I should implement that
timotimo mhm
in the output i still get ("XYZ<-4306223074760605769>" => " ", "XYZ<-4306223074756436050>" => " ", ...).hash, though. some other method i need to implement? 09:16
and what's that XYZ:D: thing in the signature?
moritz it means 'an object of type XYZ, and it must be defined (:D), and it is the invocant (:)"
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timotimo i'll try to get some sleep now 09:29
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moritz nqp: my @a := [1, 2, 3, 4]; nqp::say(@a) 09:36
p6eval nqp: OUTPUT«4␤»
moritz nqp: say(5.sqrt) 09:43
p6eval nqp: OUTPUT«Method 'sqrt' not found for invocant of class 'Integer'␤current instr.: '_block1000' pc 36 ((file unknown):38) (/tmp/t9BOXNpAj1:1)␤»
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cognominal_ TimToady, reading www.foo.be/docs/tpj/issues/vol1_1/t...-0002.html What is Perl 6, Jazz fusion? 10:15
or still some kind or cartoon music? :) 10:16
geekosaur dance. with multiple remixes being the norm... 10:34
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fsergot Hello #perl6 o/ 11:38
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moritz \o fsergot 11:39
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fsergot sleepy day.. :( 12:05
sjn vewy, vewy sweepy day :)
arnsholt sjn: But that's ok. Holiday very soon now =D 12:06
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sjn arnsholt: btw, have you seen this? gist.github.com/1711730 12:08
arnsholt Yes! I intend to attend 12:11
moritz isn't cosimo near there too? 12:13
arnsholt Yeah, he's at Opera in Oslo
moritz cosimo: are you coming too? :-)
arnsholt I talked to him once or twice in the canteen when I interned with them
sjn arnsholt: don't foreget to sign up :) 12:17
and do tell if you can host someone? (are you one the oslo.pm mailing list?)
arnsholt: also, if your employer wants to sponsor, then that would be awesome ;) 12:18
(hint, hint)
(not that we *need* it, it would just be nice to be able to pay dinner for everyone or something like that) 12:19
arnsholt There. Signed up 12:25
No room for guests at my place, unfortunately
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sjn arnsholt: ook 12:29
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arnsholt Whee. The Stanford graphical model course talks about the Ising model 12:55
I'm sure moritz approves =) 12:56
moritz arnsholt: Ising in how many dimensions? :-) 13:00
2D is challenging, but solvable 13:01
sjn is a big fan of 0D 13:02
a.k.a. "Boolean" 13:03
sjn imagines -1D would be a "Maybe" type 13:05
sjn shuts up now and goes back to $work
arnsholt moritz: Only 2D, and not full-on solution. Just used as an example, thankfully 13:06
moritz arnsholt: makes sense 13:08
visualizing an iterative solution, or something?
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arnsholt Not even that, at least not yet 13:08
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arnsholt Just for talking about undirected graphical models and features and such over them 13:09
It might turn up again once the course starts talking about inference and such though
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cosimo moritz: i hope so 13:19
moritz cosimo: that's great. I hope so too :-) 13:20
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[Coke] # 04/02/2012 - rakudo++ ; niecza (97.53%); pugs (39.44%) 13:23
"niecza", 20345, 1, 748, 1531, 22625, 23783
"pugs" , 8229, 0, 3021, 1346, 12596, 23592
"rakudo", 20860, 283, 632, 1895, 23496, 24026
looks like rakudo started failing some tests yesterday.
283, up from 45. 13:24
moritz :(
passes all tests here
[Coke]: are you sure your t/spec/ isn't hung up or so?
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moritz S32-exceptions/misc.rakudo passed 166 unplanned test(s) 13:25
that's weird 13:26
hm, this file doesn't have test plan 13:27
so if it dies, that might be what it reports
dalek ast: 5e0af50 | moritz++ | S32-exceptions/misc.t:
[throws_like] avoid undef warnings for matchers
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tadzik fsergot: sleepy? Speak for yourself, I had a sleepless night :) 13:38
and well, that does make a day a bit sleepy, yes 13:39
[Coke] moritz: perlcabal.org/~coke // *.out 13:42
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[Coke] S26 is failing a lot here. 13:42
moritz [Coke]: which is why I have been wondering if your t/spec/ is out of date 13:43
[Coke]: I've change $=POD to $=pod in both rakudo and t/spec/ 13:44
[Coke]: and it seems to have picked up only the changes from rakudo
dalek ast: dc6ffd8 | coke++ | test_summary:
rakudo, at least, runs S26 tests.
[Coke] the test scripts give each copy of p6 its own t/spec 13:45
... and yes, it's from Mar 7. wtf. 13:46
gist.github.com/1476841#file_spec_r 13:47
that's the "run rakudo" spec test. I am clearly /attempting/ to update t/spec 13:48
moritz I guess 'git rb' is an alias for 'git pull --rebase'?
[Coke]: please cd to rakudo/t/spec and see if 'git status' reports anything interesting 13:49
[Coke] unsaved changes. and yes.
must have used it to poke at something in t/spec and forgot to wipe the slate.
[Coke] suspects colomon will start to cry after today's run. ; 13:50
colomon noooooo!
[Coke] the other 2 repos had no such blockers in t/spec
colomon what's wrong?