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Set by sorear on 4 February 2011.
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pmichaud Rakudo star released. 00:19
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sorear Sat Sep 1 00:19:37 UTC 2012 :D 00:19
colomon pmichaud++ 00:20
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pmichaud I actually had the release done before 00:00; just didn't mention it here until 00:19 00:49
I was busy testing the .msi
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MikeFair Hello #perl6 00:51
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TimToady o/ 00:51
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sorear Hello MikeFair 00:53
MikeFair So I think I discovered something for my self today 00:54
It's something pretty basic to most of you I'm sure, but I think I discovered that the named matches from Grammar.pm become function calls not only in Actions.pm when a match is made, but also in Grammar.pm to be evaluated 00:55
sorear yes. 00:56
MikeFair So I was wondering, are the "rule" and "token" lines the same things as functions? I mean could I put any kind of code in there that results in the right return response? 00:57
sorear Yes.
MikeFair So is the response an array or a hash of strings? 00:58
sorear n: grammar G { method foo { return self.cursor(3); } ; token TOP { <.foo> abc } }; say G.parse('123abc')
p6eval niecza v21-1-ga8aa70b: OUTPUT«#<match from(0) to(6) text(123abc) pos([].list) named({}.hash)>␤»
sorear n: grammar G { method foo { return self.cursor(3); } ; token TOP { <.foo> abc } }; say G.parse('1234abc')
p6eval niecza v21-1-ga8aa70b: OUTPUT«Match()␤»
sorear MikeFair: in Niecza the expected response is a single Cursor/Match object or a (possibly lazy) list thereof 00:59
MikeFair stares at self.cursor(3) and tries to interpret it. 01:00
sorear Cursors are a little bit lighter but are only useful with non-capturing forms
self.cursor(3) creates a clone of the current Cursor object and sets its position to 3
the API of cursor objects is not defined by the spec, Rakudo and Niecza do things differently 01:01
MikeFair So what did it match? The third position of the cursor clone?
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sorear It didn't "match" anything, it caused <TOP> to skip to character #3 01:02
MikeFair So "self" contains a cursor that was automagically passed to method "foo", what's in $_? 01:03
or @_ more specifically --- 01:04
MikeFair goes to his own command line. :) 01:05
bbiaw 01:09
flussence has run() changed in rakudo the last few months? I'm trying to get some old code working and every run returns exit code 255... 01:11
oh, it has. Duh. 01:13
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flussence now I'm stuck. MAIN(*@slurpy) doesn't seem to work... 01:31
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japhb flussence, can you gist a golfed version of the problem? 01:34
flussence no need, it'll fit here 01:35
sub MAIN(Bool :$switch, *@slurpy) {}; # perl6 test.p6 --something
outputs the default built in help
changing it to *% doesn't work either :(
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japhb flussence, sorry that I got pulled away right after my last message; looking now 02:22
flussence, switches need to be before positionals on the command line 02:23
And of course the name of the switch and the named argument need to match. :-)
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flussence how do I get `perl6 test.p6 --switch --something` to work? 02:25
japhb What are you expecting to show up in the slurpy if you only give it options? 02:26
(named options and slurpy args will be handled separately)
Now, with the MAIN you showed above, I'd expect 02:27
`perl6 test.p6 --switch something some-other-thing stuff` to work
flussence let me rephrase - how do I get cmdline params that aren't hardcoded in the signature to show up in a *%/*@ variable?
japhb It sounds like you want both *% and *@ -- or to just process the @*ARGS yourself 02:28
FWIW, the parser is in src/core/Main.pm
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japhb flussence, look for 'sub process-cmd-args' in that file 02:30
flussence looks like it should work with a *%var, but it isn't... ends up at line 145 02:34
japhb hmmm 02:35
Oh now that's interesting 02:36
Ah. It appears that at some point someone added the has-unexpected-named-arguments filter, and that function doesn't notice slurpy args 02:39
OK, give me a few minutes to make the change and rebuild, and see if it fixes it.
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japhb Man I want a faster build box. :-/ 02:44
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sorear MikeFair: there are no other arguments besides 'self'. 03:00
dalek kudo/nom: b8c0683 | (Geoffrey Broadwell)++ | src/core/Main.pm:
Fix has-unexpected-named-arguments() to notice that named arguments cannot be unexpected if there is a slurpy named parameter
japhb flussence, try that ^^
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flussence compiles 03:04
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flussence it works \o/ 03:16
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japhb excellent! 03:18
japhb wonders why has-unexpected-named-arguments was added in the first place. Perhaps trying to work around a limitation in the candidates-matching API? 03:19
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flussence it looks like without it the code would spit out a missing multi candidate error instead of &USAGE 03:21
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japhb flussence: Hmmm. I know that it worked without it when I initially wrote that code. :-) 03:44
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MikeFair sorear: Thanks for the "self is the only argument" comment 05:24
So in a grammar when calling a function to make a match, can I backtrack to find a match?
Take this: I want to match a block by the word "end" with optional tags 05:26
like this: [someword] stuffgoeshere end [someword]?
the first someword is option too 05:27
stuffgoeshere <statementList> 05:28
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MikeFair So my initial thoughts are that my Grammar would be rule findBlock { end <someword> } 05:31
method <someword> <---- Backtrack to see if I can find the matching occurence of someword 05:32
Otherwise it's an anonymous block
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moritz \o 05:45
sorear MikeFair: I don't completely understand you 05:49
but I will say: token element { '<' (\w+) '>' <element>* '</' $0 '>' }
MikeFair Right, the <> are to call the "keywords" function 05:51
or if not an exiting keyword to add it to the existing set of keywords 05:52
existing not exiting
if something then
end if
sorear still not quite following 05:53
MikeFair Well if .... end if is a block
repeat ... end repeat is the same
anyword ... end anyword creates a new kind of block called "anyword" that will be added by the end user at runtime 05:54
The end user will publish a function called "anyword" that will get called then 05:55
sorear role userblock { <ident> <block> 'end' $<ident> }
couldn't be simpler
s/role/rule/ 05:56
MikeFair Do I need to distinguish userblock from <block>
is it ok to be recursive
So that does the match, but how do I turn "<ident>" into a function call with the value of <ident> 05:57
I assume it's { <bock_id> <block> 'end $<block_id> } token block_id { <ident> } <--- Do something else if this matches? 05:59
And technically <ident> is optional, but if present must be evenly paired ( I know theres a rule that makes this easy I just haven't mastered regexes beyond relatively simple pattern testing ) 06:01
MikeFair just stares in awe and wonder for a moment at just how amazing that little but of text is. 06:05
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MikeFair Is the Perl6 HOW concept a difficult things to implement? It's EXACTLY how I'd like types in safire to work 06:41
How much of that is Rakudo specific code versus Parrot's PMC concept 06:42
moritz it doesn't use PMCs much at all 06:46
basically only as the interface to the garbage collector
src/Perl6/Metamodel/ has most of the interesting bits 06:47
MikeFair I'm almost of the mind that I want to write my compiler/interpretter in Perl6 and not Parrot.... 06:49
My language has almsot all the exact same semantics, just a different syntax for it 06:50
sorear MikeFair: if you target parrot it will only run on the parrot VM, if you target perl 6 it will be more flexible 06:54
MikeFair nods. 06:55
Honestly it seems I'm going to be redoing a lot of the same work perl6 has already worked out, like the HOW concept -- it's what I wouldn't I just didn't exactly know how to describe it yet 06:56
While I haven't examined them at all yet, the name Role could imply a couple of the other concepts I was wanting to try and create 06:57
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MikeFair Will this match what I think it will: 07:03
rule import { <start_import> <block_id> <block> [. \n <stop_import> $<block_id> ]? }
sorear i'm curious what you intend the . to match there 07:05
MikeFair look for <start_import> match followed by a <block_id> match followed by a block, followed by an optional at least one newline with a <stop_using> and corresponding $<block_id>, but do not consume the stop using line
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MikeFair The . is supposed to be the "don't consume the stuff matched in this part" 07:05
sorear ...no. 07:06
moritz no
it means "don't record the match in $/"
sorear the . means "match and discard any single character"
MikeFair Does . always mean that but (.) means record?
or is record and save as an array element different things 07:07
moritz oh, /me ws in the wrong context 07:08
sorear MikeFair: /<.foo>/ /./ 1.0 $foo.bar $.quux 2 .. 5 the . means many different things in Perl 6 07:10
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MikeFair hehe -- point taken 07:11
MikeFair reads through "perlreintro" again. :)
sorear you're confusing the <.foo> period
MikeFair nods. 07:12
sorear which means "don't create $<foo>"
MikeFair yep sure was
sorear if you don't inspect the resulting Match object, <foo> and <.foo> have identical behavior
MikeFair nods.
yep I can see that
sorear we use <.ws> because $<ws> values are an extravagant waste of memory
there are a billion of them and we don't need them
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MikeFair AND it looks like [^^ <stop_import> $<block_id> ]? is a cleaner way to say what I meant anyway 07:13
sorear I think what you meant was <?before ^^ <stop_import> $<block_id> > 07:14
MikeFair Well except for the "do not consume" part
sorear <?before STUFF> means "check that STUFF matches, but don't consume it
MikeFair ahh
sorear note that <?before [STUFF]? > is useless. can you guess why?
MikeFair Well it's an empty match 07:15
before nothing is always true
sorear close... can you tell me what [STUFF]? means?
MikeFair Well in perl5 it was S | T | U | F | F, but the [] I think now means match this whole block of 'STUFF' but as the ? indicates, optionally 07:17
whole block = the following specific characters in the order they appear
at least in this case, but could really be any regex 07:18
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MikeFair invents reading <?before as "the following regex comes before this regex" 07:19
GlitchMr perl6: print so 'abc' ~~ /:iabc/ 07:21
p6eval niecza v21-1-ga8aa70b: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤␤Unrecognized regex modifier :iabc at /tmp/9xP9ojlhnt line 1:␤------> print so 'abc' ~~ /:iabc⏏/␤␤Action method mod_internal:oops not yet implemented at /tmp/9xP9ojlhnt line 1:␤------> print so 'abc' ~~…
..rakudo b8c068: OUTPUT«True»
GlitchMr Is it another Rakudo bug?
sorear yes
MikeFair: yes
MikeFair: so [foo]? isn't necessarily an empty match
it first tries foo, and if that doesn't match, it matches nothing 07:22
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sorear perl 6 regular expressions are very operational (except when they aren't) 07:22
MikeFair sorear: So my question then is would <?before <stop_import $<block_id> | $ > be more what I want?
sorear: hehe
sorear MikeFair: more what you want yeah I think 07:23
MikeFair sorear: (with the ^^ in the ?before clause )
sorear MikeFair: why do you have the $ case ?
MikeFair end of file / "string"
sorear MikeFair: also consider the case of begin foo ... end foobar
MikeFair Well this case is a bit different 07:24
sorear well, I guess since you're using a rule it's really $<block_id><.ws>
MikeFair <stop_import> is an optional enclosing line
sorear and there's no ws after foo in foobar
MikeFair So I want to match <start_import> to EOF, unless there's a <stop_import> then stop there, but don't capture it so I can use the <stop_import> Action function to close the block 07:25
sorear the word you want is "consume" 07:26
MikeFair so right
sorear "capture" refers to creating the $<stop_import> variable
MikeFair nods
thanks for keeping me honest! :)
sorear occasionally useful is that <?before captures without consuming 07:27
<?before <foo> > # $<foo> is now valid, even though it's not part of the matched text
MikeFair Yeah, I can see there's a few places I might need that behavior
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MikeFair What does the # do? or # a literal 07:28
GlitchMr # is comment
MikeFair So that will capture foo without consuming the matched <foo>, I see it, though it seems more like an exploited side effect than a by design feature 07:30
GlitchMr But it sort of makes sense 07:31
MikeFair So if I wanted the consumption to stop at <stop_import> $<block_id> or consume to the end, what would I use?
OR, will it call everything in order..... 07:32
So on a successful match, it will first call <start_import> then call everything that happens in <block> then call <stop_import> 07:33
so I can go ahead and consume it right now and everything will be fine
moritz phenny: tell jnthn all spectests pass on rakudo/nqpqast 07:34
phenny moritz: I'll pass that on when jnthn is around.
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GlitchMr perl6: say $*EXECUTABLE_NAME 07:37
p6eval niecza v21-1-ga8aa70b: OUTPUT«/home/p6eval/niecza/run/Niecza.exe␤»
..rakudo b8c068: OUTPUT«./nom-inst/bin/perl6␤»
GlitchMr ok
MikeFair ok and should I replace my token ws override method with <.ws>?
GlitchMr So, Niecza is in this directory
MikeFair hmm, that won't work 07:38
MikeFair wonders if there's a way to redefine the "rule" to use <.ws> instead of <ws> 07:39
sorear huh? 07:40
GlitchMr So probably I can do something like alias niecza='env PATH=/home/p6eval/niecza/run /home/p6eval/niecza/run/Niecza.exe'
sorear "rule" always uses <.ws>
GlitchMr: you don't evn need the PATH setting, alias niecza=/path/to/Niecza.exe will be enough 07:41
(if you have binfmt_misc, anyway)
MikeFair sorear: ok thanks, then why did my whitespace usage seem to raise a red flag? 07:42
sorear what red flag?
GlitchMr oh nice
It seems to work. I find it weird that it didn't worked on my PC 07:43
sorear Not all Linux systems can just run "/path/to/Niecza.exe myfile.p6" 07:44
GlitchMr What is binfmt_misc anyways?
Kernel module?
sorear it depends on the availability of the "binfmt_misc" kernel module which recognizes CLR executables and redirects them to Mono
GlitchMr Well, I can do ./Niecza.exe 07:45
sorear also you need to have binfmt_misc configured
ok, then you have that set up
GlitchMr oh, it works
glitchmr@strawberry ~> git/niecza/run/Niecza.exe
It's probably a good thing
sorear so, what doesn't work and how does it fail?
sleep& 08:01
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GlitchMr sorear: it wasn't working before... but it seems that newest Niecza works 08:52
It made error messages 08:54
jnthn morning o/ 09:02
phenny jnthn: 07:34Z <moritz> tell jnthn all spectests pass on rakudo/nqpqast
jnthn moritz: Great, thanks. 09:05
A modules test run would be awesome, whenever somebody can get to it :)
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dalek p/toqast: 8b9e991 | jnthn++ | src/ (4 files):
Optimize away control exception handlers in while/unit/repeat loops that don't need them.
p/toqast: 794021e | jnthn++ | src/ (3 files):
Optimize away unrequired control exception handlers in for loops.
jnthn er, *until
spider-mario hi 10:34
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spider-mario I’m reading the R* 2012.08 announcement and I think there is a <…> that has not been properly escaped 10:35
“Leading whitespace in rules and under :sigspace will no longer be converted to <.ws> . For existing regexes that expect this conversion, add a in front of leading whitespace to make it meta again.”
“add a in front”
the HTML code of the page contains <?> 10:36
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spider-mario it should probably have been &lt;?&gt; 10:36
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GlitchMr niecza> use Threads 10:45
Potential difficulties:
Unsupported use of \ with sigil; nowadays please use \ without sigil at /home/p6eval/niecza/lib/Threads.pm6 line 161:
------> sub infix:« <== »(\$output⏏, @input) is Niecza::absprec<f=> is expo
I'm not sure, but importing module which is part of Niecza shouldn't make warnings?
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dalek p: a6b22f6 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | / (3 files):
Eradicate pir::chopn__Ssi from source, replace by nqp::substring/nqp::chars
p: 77c5c40 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | / (2 files):
Eradicated pir::push__vPi from source, replaced by nqp::push_i
p: 8086f7f | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | / (2 files):
Eradciated pir::setattribute__vppsp, replaced by nqp::bindattr
colomon Is that Liz? 11:24
lizmat yes 11:25
this is some of the grunt work jnthn and pm though I could do to get started
colomon lizmat++
jnthn yay :) 11:28
lizmat please note that last 2 commits were for commented out code already 11:30
but I thought I do them nonetheless for consistency / future uncommenting
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dalek p: 994418f | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | / (2 files):
Eradicated pir::getattribute__(ppp|PPP)s, replaced by nqp::getattr
lizmat another comment only change 11:33
moritz comments also need maintenance 11:35
GlitchMr perl6: my &reval = &eval; { my $a = "a"; my $b = "b"; print eval '$a'; print reval '$b' }
p6eval niecza v21-1-ga8aa70b: OUTPUT«Potential difficulties:␤ $a is declared but not used at /tmp/f1g12_4_lR line 1:␤------> my &reval = &eval; { my ⏏$a = "a"; my $b = "b"; print eval '$a'; ␤ $b is declared but not used at /tmp/f1g12_4_lR line 1:␤------> my &reval = &…
..rakudo b8c068: OUTPUT«ab»
GlitchMr n: my &reval = &eval; { my $a = "a"; my $b = "b"; print eval '$a'; print reval '$b' } # OK not used 11:36
p6eval niecza v21-1-ga8aa70b: OUTPUT«Potential difficulties:␤ $a is declared but not used at /tmp/N9iyomeggJ line 1:␤------> my &reval = &eval; { my ⏏$a = "a"; my $b = "b"; print eval '$a'; ␤ $b is declared but not used at /tmp/N9iyomeggJ line 1:␤------> my &reval = &…
GlitchMr n: my &reval = &eval; { my $a = "a"; my $b = "b"; $a; $b; print eval '$a'; print reval '$b' } 11:37
p6eval niecza v21-1-ga8aa70b: OUTPUT«ab»
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lizmat perl6: my $a= "a"; print eval '$a' 11:37
p6eval niecza v21-1-ga8aa70b: OUTPUT«Potential difficulties:␤ $a is declared but not used at /tmp/FS5V9jsqIk line 1:␤------> my ⏏$a= "a"; print eval '$a'␤␤a»
..rakudo b8c068: OUTPUT«a»
GlitchMr declared but not used but used
lizmat eval being runtime?
buubot_backup lizmat: ERROR: Search pattern not terminated or ternary operator parsed as search pattern at (eval 20) line 1. 11:38
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moritz rakudo simply never warns about unused variables 11:38
lizmat: correct
GlitchMr But well, when you have eval, you cannot expect anything
dalek p: 8681f37 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | / (2 files):
Eradicated pir::set_who__vPP, replaced by nqp::setwho
GlitchMr perl6: { my $val = 42; sub reval { eval '$val' } }; say reval
p6eval niecza v21-1-ga8aa70b: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤␤Undeclared routine:␤ 'reval' used at line 1␤␤Potential difficulties:␤ $val is declared but not used at /tmp/wRZ1qk2kh2 line 1:␤------> { my ⏏$val = 42; sub reval { eval '$val' } }; ␤ &reval is declared bu…
..rakudo b8c068: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤CHECK FAILED:␤Undefined routine '&reval' called (line 1)␤»
GlitchMr perl6: sub reval { state $val = 42; eval '$val' }; say reval 11:40
p6eval niecza v21-1-ga8aa70b: OUTPUT«Potential difficulties:␤ $val is declared but not used at /tmp/I3Xe_9p2Ox line 1:␤------> sub reval { state ⏏$val = 42; eval '$val' }; say reval␤␤42␤»
..rakudo b8c068: OUTPUT«42␤»
GlitchMr eval: use v5.010; sub reval { state $val = 42; eval '$val' }; say reval
buubot_backup GlitchMr: 42 1
GlitchMr ok
eval: use v5.010; { my $val = 42; sub reval { eval '$val' } }; say reval
buubot_backup GlitchMr: 1
GlitchMr eval: use v5.010; { my $val = 42; sub reval { $val; eval '$val' } }; say reval 11:41
buubot_backup GlitchMr: 42 1
lizmat $ perl -wE 'my $c= "c"; say eval q($c)'
seems not to warn in Perl 5 either
GlitchMr Lexical variables never warn in Perl 5 11:42
It's unimplemented feature as far I know
sergot hi! o/ 11:43
GlitchMr glitchmr@feather ~> perl -wE '$c = "Hello, world!\n"; print eval(q[$c])'
Name "main::c" used only once: possible typo at -e line 1.
Hello, world!
This unimplemented feature is mentioned in perltodo 11:44
Also, rt.perl.org/rt3/Public/Bug/Display.html?id=5087 11:45
lizmat jnthn: Unrecognized nqp:: opcode 'nqp::who'
should be the replacement of pir::get_who__PP , but apparently doesn't exist (yet) ? 11:46
GlitchMr Apperently there is CPAN module which implements this: search.cpan.org/dist/warnings-unuse.../unused.pm 11:47
But it's not part of core
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lizmat according to docs/nqp-opcode.txt it should exist (or as nqp::getwho) but apparently something's amiss here 11:48
skipping pir::get_who__PP, continuing with pir::does 11:49
jnthn lizmat: That's one of the ones that needs the toqast branch merge to happen. 11:52
lizmat ack, moving it to that todo list
does the same apply to nqp::islist and nqp::ishash? 11:54
jnthn Think islist is already in place
ishash ain't
lizmat ack
jnthn Of course, you could always just do this in the branch :)
I expect it to merge soon though. 11:55
If the module space tests look good
lizmat I'll keep it on the todo
don't want to add any variables to your tests
there is no rush
jnthn good point
moritz oh, modules 11:58
I could smoke those 11:59
dalek p: fd53616 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | / (5 files):
Eradicated pir::does(...,'array'), replaced by nqp::islist
lizmat this concludes the low hanging fruit for today
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arnsholt Apparently Rakudo has sprouted a new warning since last I did stuff 12:40
What's the "Obsolete use of | or \ with sigil on param" warning mean?
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moritz exactly what it says :-) 12:41
if you use sub f(|$c) { } you should now write that as sub f(|c) { }
arnsholt Oh, right
And same for method foo(\$arr) 12:42
moritz correct
should i update zavolaj?
arnsholt I can do it 12:43
I'm gonna do some more stuff as well
I found it from my customary pre-hacking make test =)
moritz that's a very good habit 12:44
arnsholt I try to remember to make sure I don't have any weird uncommited changes or happen to have some weird branch checked out 12:45
moritz jnthn: zavolaj fails tests on toqast because it misses nqp commit 384d3c3107 12:46
arnsholt Sometimes I just leave things in a weird intermediate state when I hit a roadblock. Which leads to weirdness when I come back two weeks later
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tadzik good morning #perl6 12:51
12:51 snearch joined
moritz \o tadzik 12:51
moritz.faui2k3.org/tmp/results.json # result of module smoke on rakudo/nqpqast 12:52
jnthn moritz: Huh...r_elems seems to be in there
jnthn merges in latest nqp/master anyway
eek, conflicts 12:53
moritz jnthn: oh, my copy of nqp was out of date
moritz looks at the test output more closely
huh, passes now 12:54
uh, wrong branch 12:55
still passes.
moritz confused 12:56
jnthn moritz: You're building nqp/toqast and rakudo/nqpqast?
moritz aye 12:57
tadzik moritz: so the results are correct? 12:59
locally, Template::Mojo didn't build
moritz tadzik: I have no idea anymore 13:00
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tadzik :) ok 13:01
I'll see if my rakudo is up to date and will rerun themk
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spider-mario I am under the impression that Rakudo Star 2012.08 requires an already installed rakudo to be built 13:02
or even a rakudo star 13:03
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jnthn spider-mario: No, it's the same as any previous release. 13:04
spider-mario ok
jnthn (in terms of build procedure)
13:04 JimmyZ joined
jnthn Well, pmichaud++ did a bunch of improvements. But it doesn't depend on an existing Rakudo. 13:04
spider-mario it seems to use files from it
I had nqp and 2012.0 13:05
I had nqp and rakudo star 2012.07,
I built and installed nqp 2012.08.1 and tried to build rakudo star 2012.08 and it failed with error messages mentionning files from the system-wide rakudo star
so, I’ve rebuilt and installed rakudo star 2012.07 against the new nqp and I am trying to build rakudo star 2012.08 13:06
and so far, it works much better
seemingly, at least
actually, before trying with * 2012.07 rebuilt against nqp 2012.08, I tried with it uninstalled 13:07
and rakudo star 2012.08 reported missing files
I hope I was just unlucky 13:08
maybe there are some weird problems with my environment variables pointing to ~/perl6 or anything 13:09
dalek p/toqast: a6b22f6 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | / (3 files):
Eradicate pir::chopn__Ssi from source, replace by nqp::substring/nqp::chars
p/toqast: 77c5c40 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | / (2 files):
Eradicated pir::push__vPi from source, replaced by nqp::push_i
p/toqast: 8086f7f | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | / (2 files):
Eradciated pir::setattribute__vppsp, replaced by nqp::bindattr
p/toqast: 994418f | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | / (2 files):
Eradicated pir::getattribute__(ppp|PPP)s, replaced by nqp::getattr
p/toqast: 8681f37 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | / (2 files):
Eradicated pir::set_who__vPP, replaced by nqp::setwho
p/toqast: fd53616 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | / (5 files):
Eradicated pir::does(...,'array'), replaced by nqp::islist