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Set by moritz on 29 April 2013.
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labster timotimo: can I request nqp::readlink while you're there? 00:10
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dalek kudo/nom: d2af402 | pmichaud++ | tools/build/NQP_REVISION:
Bump NQP_REVISION to get ?-quantifier update and is-prime fixes.
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timotimo labster: i was going to make as many as i can until i fall over into a bed of some sort :) 00:30
labster it's a new feature, though 00:31
it looks like Files.readSymbolicLink is the thing, though
timotimo it's new? 00:32
well, i guess i can implement it for both VMs. except i really don't know how to implement it for parrot yet. i will investigate, though
labster There's no readlink op in Parrot. Though I am bugging them for one.
timotimo right. you expect readline to return a new path? 00:33
as a string, i suppose
labster yes, so then we can pass it to our own version of Path later. 00:34
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labster github.com/parrot/parrot/issues/967 Honestly, I have no idea how to respond to dukeleto here... I'm not a parrot dev. 00:36
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pmichaud labster/timotimo: just implement the readlink op as nqp_readlink in the nqp repository 01:29
much easier than waiting for Parrot to do it :)
assuming it needs to be an op, that is. 01:31
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pmichaud checks 01:32
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labster I need it for IO::Path.resolve. Though I imagine it would be useful elsewhere. 01:34
pmichaud no, Parrot has it implemented as a method on the OS object.
so, it should likely be implemented that way
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labster does it? I can't read parrot's source at all. 01:35
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pmichaud sorry, I was being confusing above. 01:36
Parrot's symlink operation is written as a PCC method on the OS PMC type.
github.com/parrot/parrot/blob/mast...s.pmc#L243 01:37
Parrot doesn't yet support a readlink operation.
If it's to get one, it should likely be written as a PCC method on the OS PMC type as well -- i.e,. as part of os.pmc
and to be fully consistent, should probably write Parrot_file_readlink in the same place that Parrot_file_symlink is written. 01:38
labster can you comment here for me then? github.com/parrot/parrot/issues/967 please?
pmichaud I'll try. Not sure I'll have much more success than you've had :) 01:40
labster "Waiting for Parrot" would make a good play. 01:41
dalek rl6-roast-data: e7df8e9 | coke++ | / (3 files):
today (automated commit)
rl6-roast-data: e3d56af | coke++ | / (3 files):
today (automated commit)
pmichaud added comment as github.com/parrot/parrot/issues/96...t-17264702 01:46
labster Thanks much. Let's hope it works. 01:48
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colomon nr: say "1,3..5,6".eval.perl 02:41
camelia rakudo d2af40, niecza v24-37-gf9c8fc2: OUTPUT«(1, 3..5, 6)␤»
colomon nr: my @a = "1,3..5,6".eval; say @a.perl 02:42
camelia rakudo d2af40: OUTPUT«Array.new(1, 3, 4, 5, 6)␤»
..niecza v24-37-gf9c8fc2: OUTPUT«[1, 3, 4, 5, 6].list␤»
colomon n: say [(+)] set(1,2, 5); 02:45
camelia niecza v24-37-gf9c8fc2: OUTPUT«Unhandled exception: No value for parameter '$b' in 'infix:<(+)>'␤ at /home/p6eval/niecza/lib/CORE.setting line 0 (infix:<(+)> @ 1) ␤ at /home/p6eval/niecza/lib/CORE.setting line 2630 (reduceop @ 12) ␤ at /tmp/TWPQ9U446Y line 1 (mainline @ 4) ␤ at /hom…
colomon whoops 02:46
n: say [+] 2 02:47
camelia niecza v24-37-gf9c8fc2: OUTPUT«2␤»
colomon just tried using Set in the ABC module, and is finding oodles of Set bugs as a results... 02:57
n: say Rat 02:58
camelia niecza v24-37-gf9c8fc2: OUTPUT«(Rat)␤»
colomon rn: say Set 03:01
camelia niecza v24-37-gf9c8fc2: OUTPUT«Unhandled exception: Parameter '' in 'Set.gist' requires a defined argument␤ at /home/p6eval/niecza/lib/CORE.setting line 0 (Set.gist @ 1) ␤ at /home/p6eval/niecza/lib/CORE.setting line 1362 (ANON @ 3) ␤ at /home/p6eval/niecza/lib/CORE.setting line 1364…
..rakudo d2af40: OUTPUT«(Set)␤»
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colomon trying to debug your code AND your perl6 implementation at the same time is a pain. 03:05
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moritz_ \o 05:10
pmichaud moritz_: \o 05:11
perigrin o/
diakopter perigrin: O_O 05:12
moritz_ status update: I've ordered a VPS at my $work; today is a holiday, I hope it's ready tomorrow; then I'll set up the IRC logs and other stuff again 05:13
diakopter moritz_: did you have a backup?
moritz_ diakopter: yes
diakopter <whew!>
moritz_ nightly dumped into dropbox 05:14
diakopter nice.
is it a bad sign that my mailman-generated parrot-dev password is a bad word? 05:15
moritz_ and ilbot_bck runs on feather now to gather logs until the new host is up
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dalek ar: efbe3ad | pmichaud++ | modules/ (13 files):
Bring modules up-to-date for 2013.04 release.
ar: e050eea | pmichaud++ | / (3 files):
Add draft 2013.04 announcement.
ar: baae3b6 | pmichaud++ | docs/announce/2013.03.md:
Remove 2013.03 draft announcement -- there was no 2013.03 Star release.
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dalek p: 3d5e761 | pmichaud++ | src/vm/parrot/stage0/ (9 files):
Update parrot bootstrap with ?-quantifier changes.
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dalek ar: 8763435 | pmichaud++ | / (2 files):
Update release number.
d: 316b40b | pmichaud++ | STD.pm6:
Add some explanation for :iffy and :diffy.
moritz_ pure doesn't seem to be checked during the parse 06:51
so it's probably pure in the sense it's used in functional programming (side effect free, reproducible) 06:52
dalek p: 1b11be1 | pmichaud++ | src/QRegex/Cursor.nqp:
Convert NQPRegex.ACCEPTS to be multimethods based on concrete-ness.
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pmichaud rakudo star release candidate at pmichaud.com/sandbox/rakudo-star-20...rc1.tar.gz 07:10
moritz_ can sombody explain to me why commit 16fa719ecaa655688a37e5942eeadc96b18e3a30 in nqp was necessary?
is it because otherwise no space for the result is allocated on the stack, with some compilers? 07:11
pmichaud the candidate gives me a large number of errors when running "make modules-test" -- see gist.github.com/pmichaud/5494118
FROGGS morning 07:12
nwc10 moritz_: what is the type of $1? If it's not the same size as int, then you can't (correctly) pass a pointer to the wrong-sized thing
there was a chunk of code in the perl 5 core over a decade ago that did that sort of cast on pointers, which had to be fixed 07:13
Jarkko tended to find most of them first, because he was using Alphas
moritz_ nwc10: ah, I don't really what the type of $1; might well have been wrong 07:14
pmichaud moritz_: my best guess is that on some systems, INTVAL != int
moritz_ from pmichaud's gist: Could not find file 'rfc3896IETF::RFC_Grammar::URI' for module rfc3896IETF::RFC_Grammar::URI
pmichaud (INTVAL is Parrot's notion of what goes in an integer register, which might not be the same as the compiler's notion of the 'int' type)
moritz_ uhm, copy&paste gone wrong 07:15
there seems to be a tab character in the error message
which suggest that there's something funny going on in require
FROGGS moritz: Could not find *file* ... for .... 07:16
it thinks it is a file, rather than a module
that is because there is a: use 'Module::Name' or require 'Module::Name', which is wrong
moritz_ so it needs to be fixed to use ::($modulename) ?
moritz_ and Bailador seems to be missing PSGI as a prerequisite 07:17
same for jsonrpc
FROGGS or better: ModuleName:file($modulename)
err, scratch that
pmichaud bedtime here; leave suggestions for star fixes in backscroll... I'll try to look them over tomorrow morning 07:19
(which is really "later this morning" for most of us) 07:20
FROGGS sleep well
moritz_ 1) add PSGI to star 2) fix the require(s) in URI 07:22
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dalek /cool: a59247e | (Tobias Leich)++ | lib/Perl6/P5Grammar.pm:
I hope that fixes \x...
/cool: 7f24f01 | (Tobias Leich)++ | lib/Perl6/P5Actions.pm:
wrong approach for supporting chop, will be changed
/cool: 311d5e3 | (Tobias Leich)++ | lib/ (3 files):
a try to replace Cool from CORE.setting with our own fivy stuff
: a59247e | (Tobias Leich)++ | lib/Perl6/P5Grammar.pm:
I hope that fixes \x...
: 7f24f01 | (Tobias Leich)++ | lib/Perl6/P5Actions.pm:
wrong approach for supporting chop, will be changed
moritz_ seems that rt.perl.org is down 07:38
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hoelzro ahoy #perl6! 07:44
FROGGS hi hoelzro
sorear o/ 07:47
FROGGS \o 07:50
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rindolf Hi hoelzro, FROGGS 07:59
hoelzro hello rindolf 08:00
FROGGS hi rindolf 08:01
rindolf What's up? 08:02
FROGGS v5-hacking
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rindolf FROGGS: nice. 08:04
masak 8 hours until the #masakism workshop.
hoelzro \o/ 08:05
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FROGGS masak++ 08:10
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FROGGS now it is like 9 hours 08:10
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masak ;) 08:15
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timotimo yaaaaawn 08:21
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FROGGS moin timotimo 08:22
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timotimo hey froggs 08:40
FROGGS o/ 08:41
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jnthn o/ 09:58
FROGGS hi jnthn
jnthn: that is the code with a Cool.pm, and load_module: github.com/rakudo-p5/v5/commit/311d5e3bd0 09:59
timotimo i'm confused. nqp with -e works, but when i type it into stdin nothing happens 10:03
this is known, yes?
lack of readline library?
FROGGS timotimo: nqp on parrot?
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jnthn FROGGS: If you're putting it in a module you need to add "is export" to the lexical classes/subs. 10:04
FROGGS jnthn: hmmm, I had that once.... will retest, thanks!
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FROGGS echo 'say(1)' | nqp 10:04
> 1
timotimo: ^^
timotimo jvm version 10:06
jnthn timotimo: I know the REPL is busted for some reason. I didn't yet have chance to work out why. 10:08
timotimo OK. i'll be continuing to implement file and directory related ops for jvm
they'll be needed eventually anyway, and so i'll bring about a quicker jakudo! yaaaaay
jnthn I doubt it's anything too deep (probably mis-implemented something)
FROGGS jnthn: btw, it would be cool if we had: perl6 -MMyModule:from<nqp> -e 'say something()' 10:11
dunno how well :<> work on the cmdline
okay, : should work everywhere
timotimo java has no portable way to chdir? 10:14
jnthn Um...wow. 10:17
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timotimo it must! i'm just not finding it 10:17
jnthn didn't either on an initial google... 10:18
I just found workarounds
timotimo m(
why not keep a "current directory" in the operations class! that's gotta work!!!!! 10:19
dalek p/rak-jvm-support: 26f19d6 | (Timo Paulssen)++ | src/vm/jvm/ (2 files):
implement unlink, cwd, rename, improve rmdir.
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dalek /rename: 60402f5 | (Tobias Leich)++ | / (11 files):
rename all Perl6::P5... to Perl5::...
p/rak-jvm-support: 6e192ab | (Timo Paulssen)++ | src/vm/jvm/ (2 files):
copy, link and symlink. fix rename.
timotimo that's all of the path related ops, except chdir.
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dalek p: 72df616 | (Timo Paulssen)++ | README (2 files):
let github render the readme prettily
/rename: 4e98e51 | (Tobias Leich)++ | rakudo.patch:
push rakudo changes
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dalek /rename: bfce05c | (Tobias Leich)++ | lib/Perl5.pm:
remove .pm
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sergot hi! o/ 11:12
tadzik o/ 11:14
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masak sergocie! \o/ 11:26
sergot: 4.5 hours to #masakism! :)
colomon Ah, so it's during bell rehearsal. :( 11:29
sergot \o/ 11:30
colomon guess I can have my computer log it so I can backlog...
sergot masak: how would it look like? 11:32
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masak sergot: I guess we're all wondering that :) 11:32
sergot masak: ok! :) 11:33
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sergot good ;) 11:34
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masak sergot: short answer: I have some material, text and exercises. I expect some people to follow that in some manner, and some people to ad-lib and do their own thing and explore and improvise. 11:34
sergot sounds good 11:35
Util moritz: My last comment in the ticket explains my thinking on 16fa719. 11:46
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colomon rn: say set(1).perl 12:02
camelia rakudo d2af40, niecza v24-37-gf9c8fc2: OUTPUT«set("1")␤»
masak :/ 12:07
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masak walk & 12:09
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dalek ar: 1456211 | pmichaud++ | / (3 files):
Added PSGI to installed modules.
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colomon rn: say set(1).WHAT 12:28
camelia niecza v24-37-gf9c8fc2: OUTPUT«Unhandled exception: Parameter '' in 'Set.gist' requires a defined argument␤ at /home/p6eval/niecza/lib/CORE.setting line 0 (Set.gist @ 1) ␤ at /home/p6eval/niecza/lib/CORE.setting line 1362 (ANON @ 3) ␤ at /home/p6eval/niecza/lib/CORE.setting line 1364…
..rakudo d2af40: OUTPUT«(Set)␤»
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colomon already has fixing that on his to-do list 12:31
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dalek ar: a944018 | pmichaud++ | modules/MODULES.txt:
Add note about jsonrpc dependency with PSGI.
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pmichaud not sure what to do about the URI problems for Star :-| 12:39
oh 12:40
looks like what I have now isn't the current head for uri 12:41
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dalek ar: 8b4cf2d | pmichaud++ | / (2 files):
Update URI to point to new location.
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dalek ast: 4f47ca9 | moritz++ | S16-filehandles/filestat.t:
skip platform dependent tests
moritz_ [Coke]: at your convenience, please check if this makes the failure from rt.perl.org/rt3/Ticket/Display.html?id=117685 go away
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timotimo i'd like to get a bit of guidance with regard to my file operations. there may be some decisions that i made that aren't useful for nqp 13:21
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dalek /rename: dd4090f | (Tobias Leich)++ | Makefile:
clean up the right dir
/rename: 159f214 | (Tobias Leich)++ | / (2 files):
add the alien-statementlist at the end

So every module that changes $*MAIN, will trigger nibbling to this statementlist.
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dalek /experimental: dd4090f | (Tobias Leich)++ | Makefile:
clean up the right dir
/experimental: 159f214 | (Tobias Leich)++ | / (2 files):
add the alien-statementlist at the end

So every module that changes $*MAIN, will trigger nibbling to this statementlist.
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LlamaRider Hm, did the rakudo implementation of "dir" change intentionally? 14:28
my @tests = dir 't/data', test => /'.txt' $$/;
this guy used to return the bare filenames, now it also returns the 't/data/' prefix with them 14:29
moritz_ LlamaRider: it returns an IO::Path object, and did so before; it's just the default stringification of IO::Path that has changed
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moritz_ LlamaRider: use .basename if you just want the file name 14:30
LlamaRider mkay, if it's intentional, I will refactor my test files.
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moritz_ sorry for the inconencience; the previous version was a hack to preserve backwards compatibility 14:31
LlamaRider no worries :) 14:32
PerlJam good $localtime all 14:36
jnthn timotimo: What do you want some guidance with? :)
jnthn may be able to help
LlamaRider So, Lingua::EN::Sentence installs with panda flawlessly again, moritz++ thanks for the quick response. 14:38
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timotimo just see if what i did is okay. maybe a hint for chdir would be great ;) 14:45
moritz_ LlamaRider++ # fixing Lingua::EN::Sentence 14:47
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GlitchMr One hour to workshop in #masakism. Just mentioning. 15:03
geekosaur considers auditing... assuming something doesn't explode in his face (mmm, sev1s) 15:04
jnthn timotimo: I can take a look at the patch you have 15:06
timotimo: There is some user.dir thing, but it seems hacky
timotimo: But it may be enough for now
timotimo these "patches" are already in nqp/rak-jvm-support. i have nothing else 15:09
jnthn timotimo: oh, you already pushed them 15:10
timotimo: OK, then will review soon :)
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masak three minutes until #masakism. 15:57
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colomon masak++ 16:02
16:03 frdmn joined
masak ...and we're off. 16:07
man, that channel came alive.
sjn yep :) 16:08
cognominal :) 16:09
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gtodd :) 16:18
16:20 xinming joined
gtodd ... if a piece of code walked through listed all the methods/functions available for every module in @INC 16:21
would that be exercising anything in rakudo that would show some useful improvement in speed performance? 16:23
flussence the parser maybe 16:24
pmichaud another rc candidate tarball for R* 2013.04: pmichaud.com/sandbox/rakudo-star-20...rc2.tar.gz 16:25
It still has errors in LWP::Simple and File::Tools
if anyone wants to suggest fixes, let me know and I'll work on them. (I know a lot of folks are playing in #masakism now. :-) 16:26
Util labster: ping 16:31
gtodd are: print $("reHTona tsuj".flip.tclc, Mu.^methods.grep(/p.**2l$/).tclc, "hacker\n");
labster ahoy Util
gtodd r: print $("reHTona tsuj".flip.tclc, Mu.^methods.grep(/p.**2l$/).tclc, "hacker\n");
camelia rakudo d2af40: OUTPUT«Just another Perl hacker␤»
hoelzro can you bind a RHS Pair to two variables on the LHS?
ex. my ( $first, $second ) := $pair? 16:32
Util labster: Would a Parrot implementation of readlink() satisfy your needs, if it did not work (yet) on Win32? 16:33
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PerlJam hoelzro: why? 16:48
hoelzro: seems like an odd thing to want. (why binding and not just assignment?)
dalek nqp/rak-jvm-support: 66ea32d | pmichaud++ | src/ (4 files):
nqp/rak-jvm-support: "Temporarily" convert ?-quantified captures to use **0..1 instead.
nqp/rak-jvm-support: This is in preparation for bringing the ?-quantifier in line with
nqp/rak-jvm-support: S05, such that ? is an "item quantifier" instead of a "list quantifier".
labster Util: sure, for now.
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Util labster: Good, for I wrote one last night :) 16:49
labster Sorry, I'm a bit distracted by the #masakism class, y'know.
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labster In any case, it's part of the solution 16:49
Util labster: predictable, given that moshpit :)
labster Which is good, so Util++
Util Polishing and tesing now. I expect to push within 70 min. 16:50
pmichaud Util++
I really need to figure out how to get multiple windows to work in irssi... 16:51
Util Written according to pmichaud's analysis (I was just typing), so pmichaud++ too!
pmichaud: I will be glad to help. On my Mac, ssh'ed into Feather (and using Screen, but that is irrelevant I think), Esc+4 switches me to session 4, which is #parrot. 16:52
hoelzro PerlJam: I have a list of Pairs 16:53
and I would like to do for @pairs -> ( $first, $second )
Util Esc+Q switches to session 11 (the 11th channel I joined), which is #perl6, etc.
pmichaud Util: oh, I can already switch between channels; I'm wanting multiple channels to appear at the same time
i.e., using /window show #n 16:54
PerlJam hoelzro: oh! for @pairs -> [ $first, $second ] { ... } # IIRC
hoelzro why [ ... ]?
Util pmichaud: Oh, I have not done that, but I know that you can.
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pmichaud that works but there's no divider bar between the windows, which makes it hard for me to see where one window begins and another ends 16:54
flussence the problem with irssi's split windows is you only get one statusbar for the lot, and then you have to pay attention to it all the time to make sure you're sending to the right channel... 16:55
pmichaud flussence: I've seen pictures on the web where people have multiple statusbars 16:56
benabik pmichaud: I *think* `/statusbar prompt type window` is what you're looking for. 16:57
pmichaud and even with only one statusbar, if I just had a divider I'd be okay
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pmichaud I'm opening up another irssi session now so I can experiment there without losing threads in my active irssi session :) 16:57
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flussence hm, maybe I'm misremembering... 16:57
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.oO( would be nice if irssi was a client-server thing so all the windowy stuff could be done by tmux/screen... )
PerlJam hoelzro: I was thinking about signature unpacking, but what I gave you doesn't work with Pairs apparently (just tried it)
hoelzro: maybe for @p -> $p[:key($f), :value($s)] { ... } # ?? 17:01
hoelzro =( 17:02
PerlJam aye, it's unweildy
jnthn You don't need to take the $p, and you probably want (...) instead of [...]
TimToady also want a space between 17:03
(if you have the $p)
otherwise it's gonna try to parse a subscript spec
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jnthn ah, and that :) 17:03
PerlJam sorry, my brain isn't in the Perl 6 zone right now :)
(I was secretly hoping you guys would chime in with the simpler syntax that looked something like for @p -> [$f,$s] { ... } ) 17:06
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Util TimToady: I wish that for @pairs -> [ $first, $second ] { ... } worked as an alternative syntax to the proper (:key($f), :value($s)) syntax. 17:06
TimToady @pairs».kv -> $first, $second might work 17:07
r: say :foo.kv
Util s/wish/have wished/; # While working on RC
camelia rakudo d2af40: OUTPUT«foo True␤»
Util TimToady: Noted. Thanks! 17:08
jnthn oh, that's cute :)
TimToady well, it's also ugly 17:09
one would like a better pair unpacker
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dalek Heuristic branch merge: pushed 17 commits to rakudo/jvm-support by jnthn 17:10
TimToady maybe [$first => $second] could be forced to work
PerlJam Seems like it could be generalized such that "unpackers" could be defined in user space too (so that custom objects could unpack nicely)
jnthn PerlJam: You define a method Capture on the object to say how the object coerces to a capture.
PerlJam for @points -> ($x,$y,$x) { ... } # comes to mind immediately.
pmichaud for @pairs { my ($first, $second) = .kv; ... } # not too bad
TimToady well, we're getting dangerously close to ADTs there... :) 17:11
PerlJam er, $z
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TimToady but a special [$key => $value] syntax would be relative self documenting, if not terribly generalizable 17:12
PerlJam aye
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cognominal is github slow or is this just for me? 17:21
diakopter #masakism is slowing it down 17:24
cognominal :)
tadzik heh 17:25
PerlJam TimToady: maybe {$k => $v} instead of [] since pairs are more aligned with hashes? (something just bugs me about [$k=>$v] ) 17:27
TimToady imagines an inside @array.kv expresses as {@keys => @values} 17:29
sergot n: my $s = "start\nsomething\nanything\nend"; for $s.split("\n") { $p = m:i/^start$/ ?? 1 !! m:i/^end$/ ?? 0 !! $_; .say if $p != 1|0; } 17:31
camelia niecza v24-37-gf9c8fc2: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤␤Variable $p is not predeclared at /tmp/OOgQPqYyny line 1:␤------> g\nanything\nend"; for $s.split("\n") { ⏏$p = m:i/^start$/ ?? 1 !! m:i/^end$/ ?? ␤␤Variable $p is not predeclared at /tmp/OOgQPqYyny line 1…
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sergot r: my $s = "start\nsomething\nanything\nend"; my $p = 0; for $s.split("\n") { $p = m:i/^start$/ ?? 1 !! m:i/^end$/ ?? 0 !! $_; .say if $p != 1|0; } 17:31
camelia rakudo d2af40: OUTPUT«Cannot convert string to number: base-10 number must begin with valid digits or '.' in '⏏something' (indicated by ⏏)␤ in method Numeric at src/gen/CORE.setting:10830␤ in sub infix:<==> at src/gen/CORE.setting:3008␤ in sub infix:<==> at src/gen/CORE.setting:3006␤…
diakopter toddr: all the action is in #masakism 17:42
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Util labster: readlink() for Parrot committed, and your ticket updated. 18:05
labster thanks much, Util++
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Util labster: You are very welcome. 18:09
dvj r: (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10) >> say 18:11
camelia rakudo d2af40: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Unsupported use of >> to do right shift; in Perl 6 please use +> or ~>␤at /tmp/I7gwhpGqUm:1␤------> (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10) >>⏏ say␤»
dvj r: (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10) >>.say
camelia rakudo d2af40: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Preceding context expects a term, but found infix > instead␤at /tmp/pdmZc6aMc_:1␤------> (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10) >>⏏.say␤»
dvj r: (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10) >>.say 18:12
camelia rakudo d2af40: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Preceding context expects a term, but found infix > instead␤at /tmp/SDdjtUOnn5:1␤------> (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10) >>⏏.say␤»
dvj r: (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10)>>.say
camelia rakudo d2af40: OUTPUT«10␤4␤2␤5␤3␤1␤»
dvj r: (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10)>>.print
camelia rakudo d2af40: OUTPUT«1042531»
dvj r: (1..10)>>.print
camelia rakudo d2af40: OUTPUT«10864297531»
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TimToady dvj: you shouldn't rely on the ordering of >> for things with side effects 18:16
(like say or print)
since hyper operators specifically promise you don't care, so it can do them in parallel 18:17
r: .say for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 18:18
dvj oh oops, I was just testing. Mixed windows with private chat with camelia
camelia rakudo d2af40: OUTPUT«1␤2␤3␤4␤5␤10␤»
TimToady is how we usually get around that
dvj :) 18:19
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skids marvels that there are no less than 5 overloaded compsci expansions for "ADT" 18:47
.oO(this acronym is now officially closed for new meanings)
.oO( Apparently Delightful TLA )
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.oO( Already Did That )
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dalek rl6-roast-data: 4d55267 | coke++ | / (4 files):
today (automated commit)
ast: 27ead91 | pmichaud++ | S05-match/ (3 files):
Result of a failed regex match is now Nil; add test for it and
kudo/nom: 5edb135 | pmichaud++ | src/core/Cursor.pm:
Failed regex matches should return Nil.
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FROGGS kids are in bed \o/ 19:28
tadzik \o/
...for now... :>
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FROGGS *g* 19:30
timotimo hm, i'd love to get EXPORT sub support into rakudo before the next star, so i can make ADT super shiny and suggest it be included in R* :) 19:31
grondilu failed to install LWP::Simple 19:32
FROGGS r: sub test($s = CALLER::<$_> is rw) { $s.chop }; $_ = "abc"; test() 19:34
camelia rakudo d2af40: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Missing block␤at /tmp/4aBP1urjlL:1␤------> sub test($s = CALLER::<$_> ⏏is rw) { $s.chop }; $_ = "abc"; test()␤ expecting any of:␤ postfix␤ infix stopper␤ infix or meta-infix␤»…
FROGGS TimToady: is that supposed to work?
std: sub test($s = CALLER::<$_> is rw) { $s.chop }; $_ = "abc"; test()
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camelia std 316b40b: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Default expression must come last at /tmp/EkpsxexFb6 line 1:␤------> sub test($s = CALLER::<$_> ⏏is rw) { $s.chop }; $_ = "abc"; test()␤Unable to parse signature at /tmp/EkpsxexFb6 line 1:␤------> sub test⏏… 19:34
FROGGS std: sub test($s is rw = CALLER::<$_>) { $s.chop }; $_ = "abc"; test()
camelia std 316b40b: OUTPUT«ok 00:00 46m␤»
FROGGS ahh, cool 19:35
r: sub test($s is rw = CALLER::<$_>) { $s.chop }; $_ = "abc"; test()
camelia rakudo d2af40: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Cannot use 'is rw' on an optional parameter␤at /tmp/1OYwe2nb08:1␤------> ␤»
FROGGS is sad