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Set by moritz on 3 May 2013.
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[Coke] Any issues with me borrowing some of rakudo's build infrastructure for another nqp-targeting language 01:51
diakopter o_O 01:52
I can't imagine anyone..
Timbus i think most people would be thrilled
[Coke] it's also artistic 2.0, even.
Timbus holy carp moarvm 01:53
what is this some kind of christmas
[Coke] some kind. 01:54
Timbus oh i see :I 01:55
diakopter what :)
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Teratogen d 02:09
eternaleye Timbus: I don't think it's quite *the* Christmas yet, but there's definitely some nice presents showing up :P 02:12
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[Coke] nqp error: STable conflict detected during deserialization. 02:24
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lizmat goodnight #perl6! 06:22
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FROGGS[mobile] morning 06:40
diakopter yo 06:42
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tadzik hello 07:12
labster good moarning 07:13
masak hello hello 07:14
masak .oO( so yesterday wasn't all a dream! ) 07:15
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FROGGS[mobile] *g* 07:18
labster Actually, I just like the word 'moar'. I've used it enough in text messages that my iPhone helpfully suggests it when I misspell it. 07:22
tadzik it's a nice pun too 07:24
masak .oO( a... pun? ) :P
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trexy I'm preparing a presentation today and I've got a couple of questions ... anyone about? 07:26
tadzik Parrot wanted to run moar dynamic languages, moar is trying to parrot the way it runs rakudo 07:27
masak trexy: we're about. ask away.
trexy Hey Masak - cool
masak tadzik: I doubt anyone thought of it that way. your brain is a pretzel :P
trexy i'd like to cite this example in a presentation - I'd like to understand what is going on first - rosettacode.org/wiki/Inverted_index#Perl_6 07:28
tadzik masak: is it good or bad? :)
masak tadzik: depends, I guess, (a) if you like pretzels, and (b) if you're a zombie. 07:30
FROGGS[mobile] tadzik: if you are rolling (?) the r in parrot like in "that parrot is dead" then it will be good :p
trexy so - *@files in MAIN - how do you read that? - slurp in a list of files from the command line into the @files list
masak trexy: yeah.
trexy and the Whatever *?
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masak in a signature, the * means "slurp". 07:32
that is "put as many arguments as you have into this parameter".
trexy great - that makes sense
masak \o/
FROGGS[mobile] perl6 implicit understanding... 07:33
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trexy ok so - it then iterates through each file - slurping in the full contents of each file and lowercasing everything 07:34
where "words" is tokenising the input? 07:35
masak yeah.
.words does .comb(/\S+/)
trexy ah ok cool
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trexy now -- the big question ... 07:35
masak (you saved the big question?) :P
trexy haha ... now the metaoperator X 07:36
applied to =>
what's going on there?
masak oh, that one's pretty nice. 07:37
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masak "kay $file aganst all individual words as values". 07:37
r: my $file = "foo"; my @words = <a b c d>; say ($file X=> @words).perl 07:38
camelia rakudo cd5ca7: OUTPUT«("foo" => "a", "foo" => "b", "foo" => "c", "foo" => "d").list␤»
trexy cool - I thought it was doing something like that
can't run this example as I'm on a prehistoric version of rakudo
Timbus hm 07:39
r: my $file = "foo"; my @words = <a b c d>; say ($file >>=>>> @words).perl
camelia rakudo cd5ca7: OUTPUT«("foo" => "a",).list␤»
Timbus aw
r: my $file = "foo"; my @words = <a b c d>; say ($file >>=><< @words).perl
camelia rakudo cd5ca7: OUTPUT«Lists on both side of non-dwimmy hyperop of infix:<=>> are not of the same length␤left: 1 elements, right: 4 elements␤ in sub hyper at src/gen/CORE.setting:14093␤ in sub hyper at src/gen/CORE.setting:14081␤ in block at src/gen/CORE.setting:14072␤ in block at …
masak Timbus: try turning both outwards.
Timbus man i forget which way every time
masak :)
Timbus r: my $file = "foo"; my @words = <a b c d>; say ($file <<=>>> @words).perl 07:40
camelia rakudo cd5ca7: OUTPUT«("foo" => "a", "foo" => "b", "foo" => "c", "foo" => "d").list␤»
trexy ok - so this is hash is then returned from the the "do" and pushed onto results
Timbus there we go. much uglier
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trexy hmm - not getting what is happening here: 07:41
(my %norm).push: do for @files -> $file {
masak "create a hash, push these pairs into it". 07:44
now, .push to a hash has a bit special semantics, that's what the code is after.
...but I've gotta run to an airplane; someone else better take over the explanation ;)
moritz note that a for loop returns a list of values that the block returned
trexy thanks Masak - safe flight 07:45
ok Moritz - got it I think
Timbus Hash.push is one of my most favoritest things
trexy OK - almost there now 07:46
the for loop is returning a list of pairs
the each pairs is pushed onto the hash 07:47
.push: <- what is going on with the colon
moritz it says "what follows are arguments for the method" 07:48
trexy yep - ok thought so
and the first argument to push is a list - generated by the for loop 07:49
masak &
trexy hmmm or the do?
moritz generated by the do for 07:51
'for' normally is a statement; 'do' turns it into an expression 07:52
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tadzik flies 07:53
trexy ok so when you see a "do" in this context - how do you read in your mind? 07:57
Timbus 'do this, give result' 07:59
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trexy thanks Timbus 08:03
makes sense
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FROGGS[mobile] gorram it, I hate waiting at the airport 08:33
I guess it's too late to ask tadzik if he is flying via NY 08:34
diakopter he is :) 08:38
FROGGS[mobile] cool, then it is pretty possible we meet there 08:40
diakopter he'll be there from 4:30 to 8:30 p.m. 08:41
FROGGS[mobile] I'm there from five to seven or so 08:42
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tadzik FROGGS[mobile]: I am 09:56
I'll be there in about 11 hours
10:45 from now, according to schedule 09:57
FROGGS[mobile] I am there in about 13 hours 09:58
tadzik I'll spend 4 hours on the airport
FROGGS[mobile] I am wearing a light blue yapc shirt
tadzik I have a PLPW t-shirt
FROGGS[mobile] I just two or so
tadzik from where you're flying?
FROGGS[mobile] *nerds* *g*
tadzik I can wait at the exits
FROGGS[mobile] berlin 09:59
tadzik okay
You're to arrive in Austin at like, 11:50 pm?
FROGGS[mobile] ab7248
no, more like 9pm
tadzik hmm. You'll arrive 2 hours later than me, leave 2 hours earlier. What sorcery is this 10:00
FROGGS[mobile] i am arriving 15:45
at the jfk airport
tadzik jfk time, I assume
FROGGS[mobile] yes 10:01
tadzik landing: 40:40p
er, 4:40p
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FROGGS[mobile] and then ckeck in is 16:50 10:01
tadzik heh
FROGGS[mobile] ohh
tadzik minimal chance to meet then :)
FROGGS[mobile] damn 10:02
tadzik the beginning of checkin?
FROGGS[mobile] yes
tadzik well, better not wait for me
I'm flying the virgin flight of the new Dreamliner
I seat near the emergency exit, Justin Case
FROGGS[mobile] were do you stay this night?
tadzik in austin
timotimo sadfaces, that X.method doesn't work 10:03
FROGGS[mobile] in austin? really? :p
tadzik heh
doubletree, I think
FROGGS[mobile] ahh, k
I'm at the rodeway inn, which is pretty close 10:04
timotimo so, with the newer rakudo, there's no way to make a gather for or gather map lazy? :(
tadzik er, how can gather not be lazy?
timotimo ah, binding
FROGGS[mobile] timotimo: no idea
timotimo forgot to :
tadzik a list assignment is eager
timotimo yeah. didn't sleep so good i fear 10:05
FROGGS[mobile] how is gulasch going?
timotimo: I hope your bed isnt under water :/ 10:06
timotimo it isn't, but the rest of the city is 10:08
FROGGS[mobile] tadzik: we cant meet at the jfk cause you have to fetch your luggadge when I am alteady boarding
tadzik I have no luggage
besides hand luggage
FROGGS[mobile] k
timotimo the closer i get to my talk, the lamer my slides seem to feel
tadzik hugs timotimo 10:09
FROGGS[mobile] timotimo: yeah, I think I know what you mean
timotimo there's so much stuff i'd love to show, but all i seem to do is show off the most basic stuff that everybody has already seen in other languages 10:10
tadzik what's your talk?
timotimo it'll be 1 hour of semi-unorganised perl6 'goodies' 10:11
tadzik ossum
on monday?
timotimo today at 1800
tadzik ah
timotimo i spent most of my time preparing a framework to do the presentation properly with, but i'm sure it was time well invested. it's quite flashy
FROGGS[mobile] tadzik: he is at the GPN in germany 10:12
tadzik I see 10:13
timotimo wasn't there an amusing recronym of "Cool" at one point?
tadzik there was 10:15
I think it said something about 'object oriented' ;) 10:16
layer? 10:17
timotimo ah, that sounds about right 10:21
Cool Perl 6 Convenient OO Loopbacks 10:22
tadzik :)
close enough
timotimo a class can ~~ a role, even if it doesn't explicitly does/but the exact role in question, is that right?
r: role Tag { method tag() { ... } }; class Flop { method tag() { say "got me!" } }; say Flop ~~ Tag; say Flop.new() ~~ Tag; 10:23
camelia rakudo cd5ca7: OUTPUT«False␤False␤»
timotimo hm.
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spider-mario the debugger in Star 2013.05 fails to build on my machine: 10:34
oh, I might not have the right parrot/nqp in my path 10:35
I’ll try again
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spider-mario it still fails :( 11:00
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timotimo r: my ($cool, $all); for OUTER::OUTER::.kv -> $k, $v { if $k ~~ /^<upper>/ { if $v ~~ Cool { $cool++; @coolclassnames.push: $k; } $all++ } } say "$cool / $all of classes are Cool."; 11:17
can that be right?
camelia rakudo cd5ca7: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Variable '@coolclassnames' is not declared␤at /tmp/k3FrFVBUsZ:1␤------> Cool { $cool++; @coolclassnames.push: $k⏏; } $all++ } } say "$cool / $all of clas␤ expecting any of:␤ postfix␤»
timotimo whoops
r: my ($cool, $all); for OUTER::OUTER::.kv -> $k, $v { if $k ~~ /^<upper>/ { if $v ~~ Cool { $cool++ } $all++ } } say "$cool / $all of classes are Cool.";
camelia rakudo cd5ca7: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Confused␤at /tmp/nFqY7hi0NA:1␤------> /^<upper>/ { if $v ~~ Cool { $cool++ } ⏏$all++ } } say "$cool / $all of classes ␤ expecting any of:␤ postfix␤ statement end␤ statement modifier␤ …
timotimo r: my ($cool, $all); for OUTER::OUTER::.kv -> $k, $v { if $k ~~ /^<upper>/ { if $v ~~ Cool { $cool++ }; $all++ } }; say "$cool / $all of classes are Cool.";
camelia rakudo cd5ca7: OUTPUT«3 / 3 of classes are Cool.␤»
timotimo oh, hehe. wrong number of OUTER for the evalbot it seems 11:18
r: my ($cool, $all); for OUTER::OUTER::OUTER::.kv -> $k, $v { if $k ~~ /^<upper>/ { if $v ~~ Cool { $cool++ }; $all++ } }; say "$cool / $all of classes are Cool.";
camelia rakudo cd5ca7: OUTPUT«use of uninitialized value of type Any in string context in block at /tmp/NOkp8cmeLJ:1␤␤use of uninitialized value of type Any in string context in block at /tmp/NOkp8cmeLJ:1␤␤ / of classes are Cool.␤»
timotimo r: my ($cool, $all); for OUTER::.kv -> $k, $v { if $k ~~ /^<upper>/ { if $v ~~ Cool { $cool++ }; $all++ } }; say "$cool / $all of classes are Cool.";
camelia rakudo cd5ca7: OUTPUT«use of uninitialized value of type Any in string context in block at /tmp/dB3umFfDNM:1␤␤use of uninitialized value of type Any in string context in block at /tmp/dB3umFfDNM:1␤␤ / of classes are Cool.␤»
timotimo hum.
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jercos r: {my$p=(3-.bytes)%3;.list.push(0 xx$p).map(->$a,$b,$c{('A'..'Z','a'..'z',0..9,<+ />)[$a+>2,$a+<4+&0x30+|$b+>4,$b+<2+&0x3C+|$c+>6,$c+&0x3F]}).join.substr(0,*-$p)~"="x$p}("any carnal pleasure.".encode) 11:30
camelia rakudo cd5ca7: ( no output )
jercos r: {my$p=(3-.bytes)%3;.list.push(0 xx$p).map(->$a,$b,$c{('A'..'Z','a'..'z',0..9,<+ />)[$a+>2,$a+<4+&0x30+|$b+>4,$b+<2+&0x3C+|$c+>6,$c+&0x3F]}).join.substr(0,*-$p)~"="x$p}("any carnal pleasure.".encode).say
camelia rakudo cd5ca7: OUTPUT«YW55IGNhcm5hbCBwbGVhc3VyZS4=␤»
jercos r: {Buf.new(.comb(/. ** 4/).map({pack("N",('A'..'Z','a'..'z',0..9,<+ />).pairs.map(*.invert).hash.push("=",[]).{.comb}.reduce((*+<6)+|*)).[1..(3-($_~~/\=\=?/).chars)]}))}("YW55IGNhcm5hbCBwbGVhc3VyZS4=").decode.say 11:31
camelia rakudo cd5ca7: OUTPUT«any carnal pleasure.␤»
jercos well that was fun :3
side note: MIME::Base64 working with strings is, in my mind, rather silly given base64 is a mapping of a string of bytes to a string of characters, not of characters to characters. 11:32
jercos would personally expect to, as above, get a Buf back from a base64_decode, and feed a buf into a base64_encode 11:33
moritz that's probably the sanest factoring, yes 11:36
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colomon +1 11:55
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spider-mario building the perl6 debugger appears to work when star is already installed system-wide, which suggests a path problem to me 12:10
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Ulti is going to a talk titled "Perl 6 ... Am I Bovvered?" 12:27
perl monger in Bristol, UK is giving a talk to all the local techy people
from the blurb it looks like they are "bovvered" too
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ztt_ Array has .each method is convenient if 12:47
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moritz can't parse that statement 12:51
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colomon needs to get packing 13:14
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pmichaud good morning, #perl6 13:23
huf mood gorning, serl pix 13:24
lizmat morning pmichaud, huf 13:25
pmichaud time to read backlog 13:26
colomon o/ 13:28
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pmichaud heh 13:32
ubuntu marked bug #1 as resolved. 13:33
colomon what was it? I've been ignoring that story on hacker news for a week... ;)
pmichaud bug #1 was that microsoft dominated with a majority of market share.
moritz of desktop OS
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colomon any early reports from the hackathon? 14:39
colomon is mostly packed, thanks to his wife's amazing packing skills
arnsholt I'm going there in a little bit, so no report from me yet 14:48
gfldex imagines an ear sticking out of a suitcase
diakopter japhb: ping 14:49
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pmichaud I'm not yet packed. :-/ 14:51
need to pack in the next six hours
current eta in Austin for me is about 21:00-21:30
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sorear good * #perl6 15:20
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sorear o/ colomon 15:26
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GlitchMr It's so fun when your computer explodes. 15:35
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Util colomon: Early report from hackathon = rurban is helping arnsholt with a zavolaj bug, bulk88 is here and catching up with rurban, Michael Hamlin and Sebastian Green-Husted are looking at unmaintained modules to adopt, and dukeleto just walked in. 15:53
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colomon at the airport. 15:57
sorear yay colomon 15:58
me too
colomon sorear! \o/
sorear somehow I don't think we're talking about the same one though
colomon, \o/
nwc10 are you sure - they all look the same :-( 15:59
colomon nwc10: not this one, it's pretty small. MBS
sorear nwc10: I am talking to you from the WORLD'S BUSIEST 1-RUNWAY AIRPORT
colomon I can see 5 of the 6 gates from where I'm sitting.
16:00 spider-mario joined
sorear and the travel channel thinks it's the world's 10th most dangerous, too (mostly for that reason) 16:00
colomon hard to believe it's the *world*'s 10th most dangerous. 16:01
nwc10 curious. Gatwick merrily claims "has the world's busiest single-use runway with up to 53 aircraft movements per hour in late-2012 and a maximum capacity of 55 movements per hour"
that's a different excuse for a stat
colomon realizes belatedly that it is June 16:02
nwc10 European airports usually skew things in their favour by qualifying it as the most X for an international aiport
everyone cheats
sorear colomon: the list was only commercial passenger airports, so no "airstrip outside McMurdo" stuff 16:05
colomon sorear: ah, I was thinking of "third world corrupt dictatorship" airports. ;) 16:06
sorear I think they might have been excluding "management" type issues, iirc it was mostly "really awful terrain for an airport" things 16:07
but it was entertainment TV, not a reliable source anyway :p
colomon ... but ... but ... it's more reliable than the Internet, right?!
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moritz you mean the Internet isn't reliable???? 16:21
nwc10 IP sure isn't reliable, so it might contain lies, but I thought that TCP was reliable, so surely it will be telling the truth :-) 16:22
moritz hey, it's checksummed, so it must be consistent! 16:24
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colomon just realized he has just spent thirty minutes fiddling around instead of getting to actual hacking 16:35
colomon actually, an awful lot of it has been waiting for Quicken to start so he can make a $work invoice 16:42
afk # shutting down in anticipation of boarding starting soon...
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timotimo how would other people like an "is ducky" trait that would cause the optimizer to look at the arguments and make sure that all of them have a type that's known or restricted at compile time? 17:50
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moritz isn't that the opposite of duck typing? 17:56
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avuserow is on the way to YAPC::NA :) 18:16
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dukeleto o/ 18:44
dukeleto is hanging out with Util++ and others at the YAPC::NA hackathon
lizmat being one of the others :-) 18:47
labster I'm heading down to L.A. pretty soon now to catch my flight. 19:00
Though it's an overnight flight, so I thought I'd do some sightseeing first 19:01
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lizmat r: my $a= my %{Any} # sadly, no way to create a nameless typed hash 19:15
camelia rakudo cd5ca7: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Unsupported use of %{Any}; in Perl 6 please use %Any␤at /tmp/1C7NgaIFyY:1␤------> my $a= my %{Any}⏏ # sadly, no way to create a nameless t␤»
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sorear Texas achieved 20:01
moritz \o
pmichaud sorear: Welcome to Texas. 20:05
I'm already in Texas also, but still about 4 hours driving away :)
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sorear currently chillin in DFW... tantalizingly close 20:08
about 2 hours away
pmichaud heh 20:09
oh! then I'm only about 20 miles from you.
sorear so I hear you and/or diakopter will be picking lots of people up?
pmichaud I could practically pick you up from DFW and you could ride with me to AUS :)
sorear If we'd coordinated better ... yeah
pmichaud I'm not slated to pick people up yet, because I don't yet know when I'll be driving to AUS.
I'm an unreliable taxi this week. 20:10
sorear well, gdey and me will be landing at 1705
pmichaud once I'm in AUS, I can do some taxiing
I'll probably be departing here around 1705
maybe a bit later
so... I'm guessing you're in Terminal B?
sorear where are you currently? IIRC you live in Corpus Christi? 20:11
pmichaud I used to live in Corpus Christi, a decade ago.
I now live in Plano.
just north of Dallas
sorear I'm sitting 15ft away from Gate C19
pmichaud 30 minutes from my driveway to Terminal C parking :)
I thought about flying DFW->AUS or DAL->AUS, but I like having my car with me in AUS. Plus I can return home whenever I want/need to 20:13
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dalek d: 2504c1a | larry++ | STD.pm6:
don't carp about %{} and such in a declaration
TimToady 1st commit from Austin...
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araujo anybody knows if there exist a perl6 tool to test apps? 21:16
and hi around :)
lizmat TimToady++ :-) 21:22
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tadzik hello #perl6 21:50
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lizmat hi tadzik! 21:56
tadzik waiting at JFK
arnsholt Almost there! 21:57
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lizmat feels for tadzik 21:59
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tadzik which us beer is good? 22:06
budweisser, coors, samuel adams?
lizmat none() 22:07
budweiser and coors are the very big chain beers 22:08
lee__ don't they only drink Lone Star in Austin? :P
lizmat samuel adams I do not know
tadzik is still at JFK :-(
tadzik I took some Magic Hat
its wikipedia picture looked good ;)
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Magic_h...nd_mug.jpg 22:09
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lizmat and when you empty the bottle, and how it upside down, it shows a 6! 22:09
*hold 22:10
tadzik and I get to fly the dreamliner on the back way too! \o/
lizmat way cool! 22:11
tadzik www.lowbird.com/data/images/2011/01...ch-win.jpg
that airplane is friggin awesome
mine was the first one ever to land at JFK, so they used a fire truck to baptise it
lizmat: (shows a 6) cool trick, I have to try that :P 22:12
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timotimo moritz: the person who suggested it clled it "compile time duck typing", which is of course not a sensible term 22:24
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timotimo sadly, i didn't get to mention >>op<< and friends once in my talk. also almost no word no lazy/infinite lists or gather/take, no given/when, not much smartmatch 22:27
i'm kind of sadface. at least my slides were for almost exactly 1hr 22:28
lizmat timotimo++ for getting out the word 22:32
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timotimo from a cursry poll from my audience it seems i wasn't able to bring people to the same excitement as i feel day to day when doing perl 6 23:08
i think i wrote my perl6 too punctuationy for a few of the people 23:09
tadzik timotimo++
if one person got it, it was a success
timotimo i did :P
tadzik awesome :)
timotimo i talked to a perl5 person after my talk and whet his appetite regarding junctions and given/when and wowed him with rakudo::debugger's source code 23:10
lizmat fwiw, I think there are *plenty* of (ex-)Perl5 people out there wanting to come back to something good like Perl 6
tadzik there was an insightful talk the other day 23:11
(the other year, more like)
it went along "I moved from Perl to Ruby because syntax, but now I'm back because MooSex::Declare"
timotimo is moosex::declare the thing that makes classes in perl5 look like in perl6? 23:12
tadzik yeah
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timotimo i wonder if it would be workable to follow the implementation of MoarVM and try to build a as-similar-as-possible system atop pypy 23:13
it would give a GC and JIT for free basically
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TimToady std: my %{Any}; 23:15
camelia std 2504c1a: OUTPUT«ok 00:00 43m␤»
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colomon_phone o/ 23:18
Waiting for shuttle to hotel
Anything exciting happen today?
lizmat Edith Bunker died? 23:19
colomon_phone Really?
I had no idea she was still alive 23:20
lizmat 90 years