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Set by sorear on 25 June 2013.
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BenGoldberg std: sub infix:<oof> is assoc('list') { join ',', @_ }; say [Roof] 1..4 00:22
camelia std 09dda5b: OUTPUT«ok 00:01 131m␤»
BenGoldberg rn: sub infix:<oof> is assoc('list') { join ',', @_ }; say [Roof] 1..4
camelia niecza v24-108-g17d73e4: OUTPUT«Unhandled exception: Excess arguments to ANON, used 2 of 4 positionals␤ at /tmp/d6qf4mFeKO line 0 (ANON @ 1) ␤ at /home/p6eval/niecza/lib/CORE.setting line 2767 (reduceop @ 12) ␤ at /tmp/d6qf4mFeKO line 1 (mainline @ 4) ␤ at /home/p6eval/n…»
..rakudo-parrot a77214: OUTPUT«Too many positional parameters passed; got 4 but expected 2␤ in block at gen/parrot/CORE.setting:16602␤ in sub at gen/parrot/CORE.setting:16709␤ in block at /tmp/NtL5TFV2F5:1␤␤»
..rakudo-jvm a77214: OUTPUT«Too many positional parameters passed; got 4 but expected 2␤␤»
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BenGoldberg r: my @a := gather { .take for ^10 }; say @a.gist 00:28
camelia rakudo-parrot a77214, rakudo-jvm a77214: OUTPUT«0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9␤»
BenGoldberg How do I print @a in a way that doesn't cause it to be reified?
That is, so it simply says that it's an Iterable, or whatever, instead of turning into a list of numbers 0, 1, 2, ... 00:29
Oh, I remember... 00:30
r: my @a := gather { .take for ^10 }; say @a.DUMP
camelia rakudo-jvm a77214: OUTPUT«java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.StackOverflowError␤␤»
..rakudo-parrot a77214: OUTPUT«List<1>(␤ :$!flattens(Mu),␤ :$!items(▶Mu),␤ :$!nextiter(ListIter<3>(␤ :$!list(=List<1>),␤ :$!reified(▶Mu),␤ :$!nextiter(▶Mu),␤ :$!rest(QRPA<4>(GatherIter<5>(␤ :$!reified(▶Any),␤ …»
BenGoldberg :( 00:31
Why did jakudo stack overflow?
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lue r: say (^10).WHAT 01:08
camelia rakudo-parrot a77214, rakudo-jvm a77214: OUTPUT«(Range)␤»
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torbjorn whats that weird char after (Range) ? 01:12
in cameila's output
TimToady NL meaning 'newline'
torbjorn oh ok. thanks
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.oO( In the year 2424 ♫ )
torbjorn are there Test:: modules for perl6? (or similar functionality) 01:29
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lichtkind i have a prob with packages 01:31
japhb torbjorn: What are you looking for, besides the core Test.pm? (Which IIRC is approximately at the level of Test::More in Perl 5 land, plus some free improvements from Perl 6's stronger type system, .perl, and so forth.) 01:38
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japhb lichtkind: What problem, and what kind of packages? 01:39
lichtkind i made in a script a normal package and than used one sub of it and bang got error i cant understand 01:40
its not the signatures not the name of subs no nothing 01:42
juct cant use the package
torbjorn core Test is more than i need, thanks
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lichtkind i got a "could not find symbol" at runtime 02:14
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lichtkind same problem when making seperate module 02:19
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japhb lichtkind: Did you add "is export" to each sub declaration that you wanted to use from the importing script? 05:42
[Coke] aw, the moar test run died because of an ssh timeout. whoops. 05:51
[Coke] kicks off another run. 05:52
lots of segfaults. 06:07
42 as of S03-operators/lcm.t 06:08
oh. Also, Happy 2014~
BenGoldberg 4Happy new years1! 06:09
rn: my @H = "Happy New Year, everybody!".comb; for ( (0..255).pick(*) ) { my $f = $_ +> 4; my $b = $_ +& 15; next if $f == $b; print "$f,$b", @H.shift; last unless @H } 06:14
camelia rakudo-parrot a77214: OUTPUT«7,1H5,10a13,12p4,12p8,15y7,12 7,6N9,1e0,6w12,14 6,2Y14,3e2,13a1,11r8,0,10,3 11,6e2,11v3,0e12,2r9,2y15,14b14,15o2,14d5,8y0,12!»
..niecza v24-108-g17d73e4: OUTPUT«2,15H3,4a2,1p2,5p14,3y10,1 1,6N14,15e12,15w12,2 8,15Y9,8e6,13a3,5r4,12,0,15 8,13e5,9v6,5e2,6r0,2y7,1b11,2o12,13d7,5y11,6!»
..rakudo-jvm a77214: OUTPUT«3,5H4,10a8,7p4,5p9,3y5,6 13,5N13,15e7,5w4,11 13,6Y6,1e8,15a9,10r0,4,12,15 11,4e5,4v1,6e1,7r2,7y15,8b5,2o6,10d11,8y2,4!»
BenGoldberg :)
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BenGoldberg Is it currently possible to embed perl6 into another program? Or at least, how hard is it? 06:17
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BenGoldberg just installed perl4mirc, and it seems to work ok. 06:17
BenGoldberg would like to have some sort of perl64mirc, cause it would be pretty darn cool. 06:18
lue You mean in a plugin sense? I wouldn't know. Using nativecall on a C-based plugin API is one possibility...
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BenGoldberg Well, with perl4mirc installed, I can type "/perl print for sort qw(5 3 1 4 2 9)" and it's run just like a regular irc command. 06:26
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BenGoldberg 5 06:40
lue r: my @a = 0,5,10; say @a X* 1/* 06:44
camelia rakudo-jvm a77214: OUTPUT«Cannot call 'Numeric'; none of these signatures match:␤:(Mu:U \v: Mu *%_)␤ in any at gen/jvm/BOOTSTRAP.nqp:1201␤ in block at gen/jvm/CORE.setting:16340␤ in block at gen/jvm/CORE.setting:7485␤ in block at gen/jvm/CORE.setting:7210␤ in bl…»
..rakudo-parrot a77214: OUTPUT«Cannot call 'Numeric'; none of these signatures match:␤:(Mu:U \v: Mu *%_)␤ in any at gen/parrot/BOOTSTRAP.nqp:1218␤ in any at gen/parrot/BOOTSTRAP.nqp:1209␤ in method Numeric at gen/parrot/CORE.setting:997␤ in sub infix:<*> at gen/parrot/…»
lue n: my @a = 0,5,10; say @a X* 1/* 06:45
camelia niecza v24-108-g17d73e4: OUTPUT«{ ... }␤»
lue :/
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grondilu n: sub infix:<o>($x, &f) { f($x) }; my @a = 1, 5, 10; say @a Xo 1/*; 07:49
camelia niecza v24-108-g17d73e4: OUTPUT«{ ... }␤»
grondilu r: sub infix:<o>($x, &f) { f($x) }; my @a = 1, 5, 10; say @a Xo 1/*; 07:50
camelia rakudo-parrot a77214, rakudo-jvm a77214: OUTPUT«1 0.2 0.1␤»
grondilu n: say "hi"
camelia niecza v24-108-g17d73e4: OUTPUT«hi␤»
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dalek kudo/moar-support: d3c4a7b | (Tobias Leich)++ | src/vm/moar/ops/perl6_ops.c:
removed leftover cruft, sorry
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[Coke] moar: "total", 17247, 10877, 285, 790, 28855, 28494? 09:43
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[Coke] feather.perl6.nl/~coke/moar.out 09:44
bibifuc do you mean moar pass rate is about 60%? 10:07
timotimo there's lots of false positive passing TODOs, though 10:08
FROGGS the fact that we are running these tests is moar important to me :o) 10:09
because that means that we can fiddle with the details 10:10
timotimo yes!
exciting times :)
bibifuc for sure :)
FROGGS yes :o)
masak .oO( may you live in exciting times ) 10:39
moritz welcome to the 2014 hunger games. May the odds always be in your favor 10:45
moritz a bit cynical
trying to build build nqp-m, I get
Unhandled exception: Bytecode validation error at offset 24, instruction 4:
operand type 32 does not match register type 64
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FROGGS moritz: lue gets the same :/ 10:47
masak moritz: there was talk on #moarvm about an i32/i64 patch jnthn didn't apply.
FROGGS what exactly does "StopIteration" as an error message mean? 10:52
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masak means that some internals leaked out, likely to do with lazy lists. 10:56
FROGGS I am about to implement P5's each, works well for Hashes but explodes for lists 10:57
I guess I am re-binding the iterator wrong-ish
ohh, now it does something 10:58
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grondilu FROGGS++ for his work on v5 ;-) 11:17
FROGGS :o) 11:18
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dagurval rp: EVAL 'my $a; my $a;'; say "everything is ok" 11:27
camelia rakudo-parrot a77214: OUTPUT«Potential difficulties:␤ Redeclaration of symbol $a␤ at eval_0:1␤ ------> my $a; my $a⏏;␤everything is ok␤»
dagurval is there any way to check if my EVAL produced that warning? 11:28
FROGGS rp: EVAL 'my $a; my $a;'; say $!
camelia rakudo-parrot a77214: OUTPUT«Potential difficulties:␤ Redeclaration of symbol $a␤ at eval_0:1␤ ------> my $a; my $a⏏;␤Nil␤»
ahh, this is just a warning from the grammar... 11:30
rp: EVAL 'my $a; my $a;'; say @*SORROWS 11:31
camelia rakudo-parrot a77214: OUTPUT«Potential difficulties:␤ Redeclaration of symbol $a␤ at eval_0:1␤ ------> my $a; my $a⏏;␤Dynamic variable @*SORROWS not found␤ in method gist at gen/parrot/CORE.setting:12119␤ in method gist at gen/parrot/CORE.…»
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FROGGS rp: my @*WORRIES; EVAL 'my $a; my $a;'; say +@*WORRIES # no chance 11:33
camelia rakudo-parrot a77214: OUTPUT«Potential difficulties:␤ Redeclaration of symbol $a␤ at eval_0:1␤ ------> my $a; my $a⏏;␤0␤»
dagurval nice try 11:34
tadzik happpy new year, #perl6!
dagurval I would find it useful to pick up that warning. Perhaps its a spec thingy if #perl6 agrees 11:35
happy new year!
FROGGS happy tadzik, new year!
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tadzik nothing says "happy new year" like getting shot in a face by a rogue firework 11:38
timotimo had a near face experience
tadzik: you are well?
tadzik yeah, nothing serious happened, I just have a red bruise on my cheek 11:39
but I was pretty shocked, and scared of explosives for the rest of the night
idiots with homemade explosives :/
FROGGS ohh wow 11:40
good that this is not allowed here :o)
tadzik I'm pretty sure it's not allowed here either
timotimo wow
tadzik I called the police right away
timotimo in our case it wasn't even a home-made one
tadzik what happened? 11:41
timotimo dagurval: you can catch warnings with a CONTROL block
tadzik: we were on the 5th floor (which is the 6th floor in some counting systems)
we were on the balcony
FROGGS thing is that the police will get you... my wife's brother once had explosives from Czech Republic, and they were there within a few minutes and he had to pay more that 500 euros 11:42
tadzik ouch
timotimo one fly-up-and-then-explode-into-happy-colors projectile decided the optimum height to deploy happy colors was ... there
nobody was hurt, no hair was burnt and no clothes damaged, fortunately
but we were all ... excited :)
tadzik here I was walking to the party, and right next to some gogo club I saw a petard (is that a word?) thrown, exploding, and then something hit my face 11:43
I was like 10 meters away
could've been a nearby rock for all I know
dagurval timotimo: ok thanks for the hint, I'll look into it 11:44
tadzik pretty scary
timotimo wow
BinGOs petard is a word.
tadzik thanks, I hope it's not a false friend then :) 11:45
BinGOs en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petard
masak .oO( stop throwing rocks at me, you petard! )
tadzik: glad you made it relatively unscathed. 11:47
tadzik: I've always been of the opinion that fireworks are stupid and dangerous.
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FROGGS masak: and expensive 12:07
and then there is all that waste...
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masak for those of you who didn't see it yet: alexgaynor.net/2013/dec/30/about-python-3/ 13:24
and corresponding HN discussion: news.ycombinator.com/item?id=6985207
FROGGS looks 13:25
masak what scares me is this: Perl 6 *is not even there yet*, at the point of the problem Python 3 is having. 13:26
I mean, once Perl 6 implementations are fast enough, and technologically superior to Perl 5 in enough ways and enough interesting ways, we *still* can't tell the community "it's time to use this now". 13:27
(I mean, we can tell them, but nothing will happen)
FROGGS masak: maybe we will be in a better position because Perl6 is totally something else as Perl5? 13:28
masak The Law of Community Upgrades: you can release new better sofware, but you can't upgrade the community.
FROGGS so there would be a bigger benefit to migrators
masak FROGGS: no, I think that will make fewer people switch.
FROGGS: maybe it will make more people polyglots, though.
but I doubt that.
FROGGS well, then just let us attract new ppl :o) 13:29
arnsholt masak: Yeah, that's a concern
OTOH, there are more incentives to move to Perl 6 than Perl 5
masak how do you mean? 13:30
arnsholt New features and such
masak or did you mean "...than Python 3"?
timotimo there's incentives to move to Perl6 from other languages
arnsholt More incentives to move from Perl 5 to 6, than from Python 2 to 3 I meant, yeah
masak timotimo: as long as it's fast, well-documented, and reliable. which it often isn't. 13:31
arnsholt Of course, the distance you move is further as well, so it's hard to say
timotimo it's dynamic, possibly fast, runs (will run) on lots of platforms, has a kick-ass C interop, very powerful parsing, much simplified, unified, unWATified syntax, ...
FROGGS "Second, I think there's been little uptake because Python 3 is fundamentally unexciting"
masak *nod*
FROGGS we can scratch this one for us
masak "The divergent paths of Python 2 and Python 3 have been bad for our community. We need to bring them back together." -- whoa. 13:32
Perl and Python communities, Y U so alike?
Python community: "at least we didn't get stuck in second system hell, like those Perl 6 people" 13:33
Perl 6 community: "at least we have a language worthy of upgrading/sidegrading to, unlike those Python 3 people"
Rotwang [;
masak later, Python community: "we need to bring py2 and py3 back together"
timotimo :D
masak Perl community: "we need to bring Perl 5 and Perl 6 back together" 13:34
Python community: "really, those people are libertarian hippie anarchists"
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masak Perl community: "whoa, those people need to loosen their tie and get some more curly braces" 13:35
Perl: "...unless you count all those other ways."
Python: "batteries included"
Perl: "man, I love my cpanm"
timotimo to be fair, the batteries that are included in py's stdlib are rotten in big parts :P 13:37
Rotwang it somehow reminds me of: s2.blomedia.pl/komorkomania.pl/imag...154796.jpg
masak Python: "we're all adults here" (re OO privacy)
Rotwang but who would be the ie, ruby? [;
masak Perl: "...because you're not invited, not because I have a shotgun"
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lizmat assumes it is safe now to wish everybody a happy 2014 14:06
FROGGS lizmat: happy new year to you too :o) 14:07
masak lizmat: happy/safe 2014! 14:30
diakopter also 2015 14:32
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jnthn Happy New Year, #perl6 folks :) 14:42
preflex jnthn: you have 1 new message. '/msg preflex messages' to read it.
FROGGS happy new year jnthn :o) 14:43
jnthn japhb: Not right at the top, but the only other thing that really competes with them for importance in the async/conc stuff is working on cancellation. 14:45
japhb: If you are running into a lack of them, that motivates me more. :)
FROGGS jnthn: are you still considering to come to the gpw2014 in march? pmichaud does not know where to go in march yet, and it looks like your choice could have an influence :o) 14:46
jnthn: do you have time for talking about slangs this month?
jnthn FROGGS: I've got some time for gpw reserved in my schedule. I *may* miss the Wed and only make the Thu/Fri. But could happily hang around on the Sat for further hacking. 14:48
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FROGGS cool, that sounds awesome :o) 14:48
jnthn ooh, so Rakudo on Moar now builds on the auto-roast box :) 14:52
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jnthn Well, the Coke-roast box :) 14:52
masak jnthn! \o/ 14:54
jnthn: hoppy new year!
jnthn Anyone getting "operand type 32 does not match register type 64" - build yourselves a new NQP from master :) 14:55
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jnthn masak: samma :) 15:00
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moritz that is an nqp from master 15:15
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FROGGS that built on my box 15:20
moritz tries again
jnthn It probably wants at least a make clean in NQP... 15:21
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moritz oh yes, seems to work 15:21
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[Coke] wakes up 15:56
colomon Happy New year! 15:57
[Coke] ~~
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[Coke] hopefully the daily run will work just fine (that was a one off). 15:59
FROGGS I hope so too 16:00
[Coke] And I imagine a lot of the failures are "tests tht would have worked otherwise except for the explosion"
jnthn [Coke]: Did you push the yesterday results with the Moar result in it? 16:02
jnthn sees last results were from 2 days ago...
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[Coke] jnthn: the moar result on feather was a one off. 16:33
jnthn [Coke]: ah, ok
[Coke] not part of the daily run. (but also, I forgot a push) 16:34
TimToady blinks at the new year
dalek kudo-star-daily: a76b1b3 | coke++ | log/ (5 files):
today (automated commit)
rl6-roast-data: 16ab612 | coke++ | / (6 files):
today (automated commit)
[Coke] still counts for the new year, however. ;)
jnthn Why on earth has Rakudo JVM dropped so much in that run? :S 16:35
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FROGGS rakudo.jvm_summary.out 2724 additions, 383 deletions not shown 16:41
ahh, "Please use 'EVAL' instead."
we should fix niecza/pugs and then roast me thinks 16:42
dalek kudo/moar-support: 9c76f05 | jonathan++ | src/Perl6/Metamodel/BOOTSTRAP.nqp:
Fix over-decontainerization.
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FROGGS about jvm tests, I guess that is new: S32-str/sprintf.rakudo.jvm aborted 143 test(s) 16:47
S32-num/complex.t aborted 470 test(s)
so, maybe the eval-server terminated?
timotimo greetings, jnthn :) 16:50
[Coke] FROGGS: I don't use the eval server, because it always terminates. 16:52
timotimo FROGGS: where and how expensive will gpw be?
jnthn I think location is Hannover 16:55
moritz aye
and price is typically betwen 50€ and 100€
and free for speakers
timotimo i should speak, then :)
jnthn Give a talk. Attend free!
moritz act.yapc.eu/gpw2014/preise.html 16:56
na, it's still 40€ for speakers
jnthn aww
timotimo that's a managable price, though :) 16:57
jnthn True :)
moritz much less than accomodation and travel, most likely
timotimo probably, yes 16:58
hannover isn't that prohibitive, though :)
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jnthn is wondering if he can manage to get a $dayjob assignment in Germany in the same week 16:58
FROGGS getting an affordable room could become a problem
jnthn Which makes travel to Germany cheaper (for me :-)).
FROGGS hmmm, we have an office in hannover :o) 16:59
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masak TimToady: <blink>-y new year! ;) 17:00
TimToady Are we there yet?
[Coke] jussssst a little further.
masak we are "there" yet, but not for your value of "there". 17:01
arnsholt We're somewhere, but it might not be where you wanted to go =) 17:02
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[Coke] ah. some of these segfaults may be due to loops that timed out, then segfaulted on exit when they were killed. 17:06
r-m: my $a is dynamic; say $a.VAR.dynamic; 17:10
jnthn No r-m yet... 17:13
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[Coke] aw... 17:14
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moritz we'll get that once moar-support is merged into nom 17:16
without too much extra effort
[Coke]: locally I get Segmentation fault (core dumped) 17:17
and for just $a.VAR I get Unhandled exception: Invocant requires an instance, but a type object was passed 17:18
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[Coke] moritz: ayup. was hoping to be able to show the segfault here. (more from the one off run going into #moarvm 17:19
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colomon is attempting to make potsticker wrappers by hand for the first time in a half decade or so... 17:27
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dalek kudo/moar-support: 886a34c | jonathan++ | src/Perl6/Metamodel/BOOTSTRAP.nqp:
Fix reporting of anon var bind errors.
kudo/moar-support: 9b113a3 | jonathan++ | src/Perl6/Metamodel/BOOTSTRAP.nqp:
Hopefully fix many .VAR-using tests.
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jnthn bbl 17:41
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timotimo jnthn: do you think we can reasonably get a performance improvement by agressively caching all rules and action methods of a given Grammar.parse once at the beginning and getting - hopefully! - cheaper dispatches during parsing and action method calling? 18:39
jnthn: also, did you backlog and see my comment about trying to compile-time dispatch methods on WVals? 18:40
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[Coke] what's the final word on eval vs. EVAL? 19:02
(rakudo says EVAL, roast says eval)
timotimo we just had a spec change to move to EVAL 19:03
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timotimo github.com/perl6/specs/commit/0b7d...bbfd9de8f6 19:06
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cognominal you say eval and I say EVAL. let's call the whole thing off www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dnf5HnW8C4E 19:12
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dalek ast: 8fa1e64 | moritz++ | / (14 files):
star to switch some eval()s to EVAL
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dalek p: 876d500 | (Tobias Leich)++ | src/vm/moar/ModuleLoader.nqp:
Revert "add nqp language diretory to search path"

This reverts commit 41debf41705d3979edaeffb47b804c1d15a1015e.
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BenGoldberg j: my @a := gather { .take for ^10 }; say @a.DUMP 19:52
camelia rakudo-jvm a77214: OUTPUT«java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.StackOverflowError␤␤»
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lue hello world o/ 20:12
FROGGS_ moritz: you are doing the other evals too? otherwise I'd do it and push a niecza fix
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FROGGS_ hi lue 20:12
lue I get the sense that 2014 is gonna be an awesome year for Perl 6 :)
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FROGGS_ :o) 20:14
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timotimo so it seems like python is very commonly used for hacking tasks such as reverse-engineering hardware you're attached to with some simple serial bus or debugger and similar things 20:23
it would be great to spend a bit of time analysing the specific requirements that make python so popular in that space and see if perl6 has major problems
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dalek ast: 6a9b16f | (Tobias Leich)++ | S01-perl-5-integration/ (13 files):
eval => EVAL in S01
jnthn back 20:32
timotimo i bet one part of why python is popular is the excellent turn-around time during development; our very own rakudo is decent in that regard, except it's either running slow (parrot), starting up slow (jvm) or lacks lots of the new features/syntax/semantics (niecza) 20:36
i think investigating how perl6 currently does with regards to handling binary protocols and data would be an interesting thing 20:37
jnthn japhb++ has been doing work on protobuf which may be informative in that regard
timotimo maybe coming up with artificial (or even real!) hardware reversing/debugging tasks and implementing them elegantly (or failing to do so and coming up with good notes on what has to be improved and how) would be a good topic for a GPW2014 talk actually 20:38
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FROGGS_ humm, this an go now, right? --> #?rakudo skip "multi-dim arrays" 20:41
timotimo we merged that branch?
r: my @a[10][10]; say @a;
camelia rakudo-jvm a77214: OUTPUT«===SORRY!=== Error while compiling /tmp/uXChat3ASy␤Shaped variable declarations not yet implemented. Sorry. ␤at /tmp/uXChat3ASy:1␤------> my @a[10]⏏[10]; say @a;␤»
..rakudo-parrot a77214: OUTPUT«===SORRY!=== Error while compiling /tmp/Ec3pk4IRgm␤Shaped variable declarations not yet implemented. Sorry. ␤at /tmp/Ec3pk4IRgm:1␤------> my @a[10]⏏[10]; say @a;␤»
lue timotimo: there's probably a couple of binary-data utilities I'll end up trying to write, I'll be sure to let you know how that kind of stuff goes.
FROGGS_ p: my @array11; @array11[2;0] = 12 # that is the test 20:42
camelia rakudo-parrot a77214: OUTPUT«WARNINGS:␤Useless use of constant integer 2 in sink context (line 1)␤»
lue (I can tell you right off the bat that properly-implemented native types, e.g. int8, would make things soooo much easier.)
timotimo FROGGS_: doesn't seem to work :P
reminds me of my LoL-slice branch i didn't get to merge yet
maybe i should take up work on that again
FROGGS_ timotimo: we can at least turn it into a todo, rather than a skip... 20:43
timotimo lue: yeah, i bet it would; not being able to $foo++ native types is pretty icky
FROGGS_: sounds good. i hope that test does actually fail rather than just warn?
lue timotimo: not even that.
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timotimo lue: it doesn't stop there, of course :) 20:43
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lue r: my int8 $a = 0x100; say "alive, ", $a; 20:43
camelia rakudo-parrot a77214, rakudo-jvm a77214: OUTPUT«alive, 256␤»
FROGGS_ hmmm, it would even pass...
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timotimo wow, that's a wide int8 type! 20:44
it's probably due to the minimum size of an integer datatype being 2 or 4 bytes and there being a lack of masking
lue timotimo: if you need to, say, bit shift something, no matter what type you use right now you'd need a 0xFF..F mask to get rid of extraneous bits. 20:45
r: my int8 $a = 0x1_0000_0000; say "alive, ", $a;
camelia rakudo-parrot a77214, rakudo-jvm a77214: OUTPUT«alive, 4294967296␤»
BenGoldberg heh
timotimo yeah
i don't know where exactly to look :\
FROGGS_ p: say "1".eval
camelia rakudo-parrot a77214: OUTPUT«1␤Saw 1 call to deprecated code during execution.␤================================================================================␤Method eval (from Cool) called at:␤ /tmp/FRJEBABkj4, line 1␤Please use 'EVAL' instead.␤-----------------------…»
FROGGS_ ohh, the method too
BenGoldberg r: say "1".EVAL
camelia rakudo-parrot a77214, rakudo-jvm a77214: OUTPUT«1␤» 20:46
timotimo i'm not sure where exactly to look to figure out where to add these masks ...
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BenGoldberg r: my int16 $a = 1 +< 17; say $a 20:47
camelia rakudo-parrot a77214, rakudo-jvm a77214: OUTPUT«131072␤»
dalek ast: 0bb81f8 | (Tobias Leich)++ | S02- (28 files):
eval => EVAL in S02, take 1
BenGoldberg r: my int32 $a = 1 +< 33; say $a
camelia rakudo-parrot a77214, rakudo-jvm a77214: OUTPUT«8589934592␤»
BenGoldberg r: my int64 $a = 1 +< 65; say $a
camelia rakudo-parrot a77214, rakudo-jvm a77214: OUTPUT«0␤»
BenGoldberg r: my $a = 1 +< 65; say $a
camelia rakudo-parrot a77214, rakudo-jvm a77214: OUTPUT«36893488147419103232␤»
timotimo there's actually masks already in place
BenGoldberg r: my int $a = 1 +< 65; say $a 20:48
camelia rakudo-parrot a77214, rakudo-jvm a77214: OUTPUT«0␤»
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timotimo r: my int8 $a = 10; say $a.WHAT; say $a.^methods; 20:48
camelia rakudo-parrot a77214: OUTPUT«(Int)␤Int Num Rat FatRat abs Bridge chr sqrt base expmod is-prime floor ceiling round lsb msb narrow sign conj rand sin asin cos acos tan atan atan2 sec asec cosec acosec cotan acotan sinh asinh cosh acosh tanh atanh sech asech cosech acosech cotanh ac…» 20:49
..rakudo-jvm a77214: OUTPUT«(Int)␤Int Num Rat FatRat abs Bridge chr sqrt base expmod is-prime floor ceiling round lsb msb narrow atan asin cos acosh acosec conj asec cosec atanh Complex tanh atan2 cis cosech rand acos succ cotan cosh sech acotan roots acosech sinh log log10 sign exp…»
timotimo not that helpful ...
r: my int8 $a = 10; say $a.VAR.WHAT; say $a.VAR.^methods;
camelia rakudo-parrot a77214: OUTPUT«(Int)␤Int Num Rat FatRat abs Bridge chr sqrt base expmod is-prime floor ceiling round lsb msb narrow sign conj rand sin asin cos acos tan atan atan2 sec asec cosec acosec cotan acotan sinh asinh cosh acosh tanh atanh sech asech cosech acosech cotanh ac…»
..rakudo-jvm a77214: OUTPUT«(Int)␤Int Num Rat FatRat abs Bridge chr sqrt base expmod is-prime floor ceiling round lsb msb narrow atan asin cos acosh acosec conj asec cosec atanh Complex tanh atan2 cis cosech rand acos succ cotan cosh sech acotan roots acosech sinh log log10 sign exp…»
BenGoldberg r: my int64 $a = 10. say $a.DUMP
camelia rakudo-parrot a77214: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Decimal point must be followed by digit␤at /tmp/8JCaAHmoSp:1␤------> my int64 $a = 10.⏏ say $a.DUMP␤Decimal point must be followed by digit␤at /tmp/8JCaAHmoSp:1␤------> my int64 $a = 10…»