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Set by sorear on 25 June 2013.
timotimo do you want to dive into the CORE.setting? :) 00:00
psch uhm, sure? 00:01
i mean, how much worse than the optimizer can it be?
timotimo well, it's mostly pure-perl6
but with the occasional nqp op
maybe you can come up with an interesting module
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psch i did have a look at the perl6-most-wanted, but there wasn't really anything i'd consider myself well capable of 00:04
timotimo well, then optimize for fun :) 00:05
i made the ADT module for fun, for example 00:07
i don't think anybody uses it, though
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vendethiel timotimo: just linked it to some of my friends. That + subsets are changing what they think of perl6 :p 00:10
timotimo oh god what have i done =o
psch oh no! timotimo++ is indirectly promoting use of perl6! 00:11
what's gonna happen to the validity of uneducated_{f,p}oo's criticism?
that aside, i had been looking at RT #92826 recently, and i remember having partly solved it but not getting it quite to spec 00:12
synopsebot Link: rt.perl.org/rt3//Public/Bug/Displa...l?id=92826
psch which is probably because i don't really grok the grammar at all
timotimo unspace are cool to have
but apparently not so easy to have in the grammar :P
psch m: "5"\ .\ say 00:13
camelia rakudo-moar 257e61: OUTPUT«===SORRY!=== Error while compiling /tmp/KStfdHmjNC␤Confused␤at /tmp/KStfdHmjNC:1␤------> "5"\ .\ ⏏say␤ expecting any of:␤ unspace␤ horizontal whitespace␤»
psch iirc i had that case working
timotimo hah, "expecting any of: unspace" 00:14
psch but there was another case that didn't work; i forgot the details and i probably trashed what i had
yeah that's another RT ticket
timotimo i wonder why it does that
psch it expects an unspace after the unspace, curiously
timotimo but i'm not sure i want to dive in
do you have a line number for me?
psch note the $eject it's before the say
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timotimo ah, indeed 00:14
that's pretty bad :)
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timotimo is that inside token methodop? 00:16
psch i *think* adding a non-capturing optional unsp before the non-capturing group in token methodop (line 4289) solved that case
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timotimo do you know how to trace the grammar yet? 00:16
psch no 00:17
i hardly know anything haha :)
i'm mostly blindly stumbling through and trying things
i do know about --ll-exception
timotimo usually it should be enough to --rxtrace
but that only traces into compunit and then a different grammar class takes over
so you'll need to put a Perl6::Grammar.trace-on(Perl6::Grammar) somewhere before the parse happens 00:18
psch oh, ok 00:20
what does that actually mean?
timotimo er, i forgot to put the .HOW in between
github.com/perl6/nqp/blob/master/s...W.nqp#L805 that's where it leads 00:21
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TimToady std: "5"\ .\ say 00:25
camelia std 09dda5b: OUTPUT«ok 00:01 121m␤»
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timotimo in nqp, can a knowhow not get native attributes? 00:25
nqp: knowhow foobar { has int $!bar } 00:27
camelia ( no output )
timotimo nqp: class foobar { has int $!bar }
camelia ( no output )
timotimo that's weird o_O
turning some of the attributes of NQPClassHow into native attributes gives a parsefail 00:28
oh well. can't fix all the things :\ 00:29
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psch timotimo: i don't understand how to use your information wrt trace-on 00:35
timotimo you could slap it into Perl6/Compiler.nqp
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psch okay. the .HOW goes before trace-on? i.e. Perl6::Grammar.HOW.trace-on(Perl6::Grammar) 00:36
timotimo i think so 00:37
psch add i just add that somewhere in command_eval?
timotimo command_eval may be too late
i think you can put it in the outermost scope
where it adds the stages and such
i'm leaving now. good luck! 00:38
psch thanks and bye 00:39
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psch i don't think i'll get anywhere with this information today though... timotimo++ # things to revise tomorrow 00:41
psch & 00:42
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colomon "When pre-compiling a module, its dependencies must be pre-compiled first." 01:06
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TimToady rosettacode.org/wiki/Casting_out_nines#Perl_6 01:49
colomon pandabrew not working for me today? 01:51
Cannot call 'postcircumfix:<{ }>'; none of these signatures match:
in any at gen/parrot/BOOTSTRAP.nqp:1219
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colomon hmmm, $p.name is Miu 02:11
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smls TimToady: Why do you use those ghastly naked backslash-variables so much... 02:18
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smls :) 02:24
TimToady to indicate that they're "constant" over the life of the block 02:26
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TimToady and so that the compiler can do SSA optimization more easily 02:27
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raydiak am I the only one who gets warm fuzzy feelings from memories of childhood BASIC adventures when looking at those? 02:29
smls raydiak: nope :) 02:30
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TimToady (which is, by the way, the main reason the = is required) 02:32
(or an argument/default in the case of a parameter)
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lue colomon: I get the same thing with just panda. 03:09
colomon: look anything like this? gist.github.com/lue/1029c4d379bb8143b8f3
colomon yeah, I got basically all that.
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lue Glad to see I'm not the only one after all :) 03:10
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colomon lue: absolutely is panda for me too, pandabrew is calling it. 03:11
lue I figured that's what it was.
r: my $a = Hash[Mu,Int].new(1,2); say $a{1}; 03:17
camelia rakudo-parrot dc42ad, rakudo-jvm dc42ad, rakudo-moar dc42ad: OUTPUT«2␤»
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lue r: my $a = Hash[Mu,Int].new(1,2); say $a{Mu}; 03:17
camelia rakudo-moar dc42ad: OUTPUT«Cannot call 'postcircumfix:<{ }>'; none of these signatures match:␤:(Any \SELF, Any $key)␤:(Any \SELF, Any $key, :BIND($BIND)!)␤:(Any \SELF, Any $key, Any :SINK($SINK)!, *%other)␤:(Any \SELF, Any $key, Any :delete($delete)!, *%other)␤:(Any \SELF,…»
..rakudo-parrot dc42ad: OUTPUT«Cannot call 'postcircumfix:<{ }>'; none of these signatures match:␤:(Any \SELF, Any $key)␤:(Any \SELF, Any $key, :BIND($BIND)!)␤:(Any \SELF, Any $key, Any :SINK($SINK)!, *%other)␤:(Any \SELF, Any $key, Any :delete($delete)!, *%other)␤:(Any \SEL…»
..rakudo-jvm dc42ad: OUTPUT«Cannot call 'postcircumfix:<{ }>'; none of these signatures match:␤:(Any \SELF, Any $key)␤:(Any \SELF, Any $key, :BIND($BIND)!)␤:(Any \SELF, Any $key, Any :SINK($SINK)!, *%other)␤:(Any \SELF, Any $key, Any :delete($delete)!, *%other)␤:(Any \SELF, …»
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[Coke] I just saw 6gvts.wordpress.com/2014/01/24/janu...much-more/ ... mmmhehehehe 05:30
atroxaper What is that?! 05:32
[Coke] I have no idea, but it's hilarious. :) 05:33
atroxaper If you has haters - you are best! :) 05:34
[Coke] "submitted by educated_poo". that sounds familiar. 05:36
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[Coke] ~~ zzz 05:39
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nwc10 moritz: yes, "tomorrow" is starting at 23:00 07:56
replace MySQL with a real database?
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FROGGS_ MySQL is not that bad... I am working about 10 years with MySQL and there was never an issue that could not be solved 07:59
and this issue sounds rather solvable
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diakopter I'm pretty sure it's using pg 08:07
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moritz nwc10: oh noez 08:50
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moritz ilbot support pg now, but I don't have a migration script that can clean up the character encoding mess that's in mysql right now 08:50
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moritz *supports 08:51
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diakopter sounds like a smopp 08:53
moritz depends on the quality of the result that I try to achieve 08:54
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moritz doesn't help that there are 8.6mio rows to migrate 08:59
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timotimo o/ from over here 09:04
moritz \o from there 09:05
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raydiak within a redefinition of postcircumfix:<[ ]>, how do I call the un-overloaded version of [] instead of recursively calling the routine I'm inside of? 09:54
(or otherwise index into the object without [] )
moritz raydiak: are you sure you actually need to overload postcircumfix:<[ ]> ?
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moritz raydiak: the usual method to overload indexing is by providing a method at_pos, which is called by .[] 09:55
*is to
raydiak moritz: absolutely not sure, but that's as a good a reason to try it out as to not, if you ask me :)
moritz m: class A { method at_pos($idx) { 5 * $idx } }; say A.new[12]
camelia rakudo-moar dc42ad: OUTPUT«60␤» 09:56
moritz m: class A { method at_pos($idx) { 5 * $idx } }; say A.new[12..14]
camelia rakudo-moar dc42ad: OUTPUT«60 65 70␤»
moritz raydiak: that might be a much nicer interface for you; the .[] already resolves slices and all, and at_pos only needs to providing indexing for a single integer
raydiak that'd be great for most cases of my question...but I specifically wanted to return a slice from a single index in this case 09:57
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timotimo you can still return a slice from at_pos :P 09:58
kind of like an array of arrays
raydiak oh, okay, great then
moritz m: class A { method at_pos($idx) { $idx..($idx + 3) } }; say A.new[12]
camelia rakudo-moar dc42ad: OUTPUT«12..15␤»
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moritz m: class A { method at_pos($idx) { ($idx..($idx + 3)).list } }; say A.new[12] 09:58
camelia rakudo-moar dc42ad: OUTPUT«12 13 14 15␤»
raydiak great, thanks as always moritz++ 09:59
moritz if you do want to overload .[] (which I don't recommend, if you can avoid it) you can use $array.at_pos to get low-level access to the array
raydiak: you're welcome
timotimo we do have some syntax specced to get at individual candidates, don't we? 10:00
the difficult thing is that values rather than just types can determine what candidates gets the job
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raydiak I'm just messing around, but got it in my head to try a 2D matrix class as a single array 10:01
timotimo that's sensible 10:02
personally, i'd back that with a nqp::list_n bound to a private var for a bit less overhead
but i'm an internals hacker :P
raydiak nqp is rakudo-only and entirely outside of the spec, correct? 10:03
moritz yes
timotimo yes
there still needs to be a nice mechanism for plopping in backend-specific and backend-agnostic implementations 10:04
raydiak it's certainly a thought when it's closer to working and ready to worry about working faster 10:05
timotimo yeah, fair enough
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raydiak \o/ it works...so the generator I wrote for vector operations might be easily reusable to write the matrix operations 10:12
if this things gets much more flexible, it's going to be another new module, too 10:13
FROGGS masak: when do we want to do our RT hackathon? next weekend? 10:16
timotimo something a little similar to NumPy for perl6 will be very important in the long run
but we really, really need native arrays
raydiak yes, I spent days trying to figure out how to fit like 0.5 megapixels in under 2 gigs :) 10:18
timotimo yeah :(
with low-level operations on nqp::list_* you can get pretty close to a sensible memory usage 10:19
but that's no replacement for a correct implementation of native arrays
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raydiak jnthn++ mentioned it was high up on his list when he takes a break from moar 10:22
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timotimo yes 10:22
i'm glad that the same thing will also cause native variables work better as lvalues
as in my int $foo; $foo++ 10:23
r: my int $foo = 10; $foo++; say $foo;
camelia rakudo-jvm dc42ad: OUTPUT«Cannot modify an immutable value␤ in sub postfix:<++> at gen/jvm/CORE.setting:4349␤ in sub postfix:<++> at gen/jvm/CORE.setting:1763␤ in block at /tmp/tmpfile:1␤␤»
..rakudo-parrot dc42ad: OUTPUT«Cannot modify an immutable value␤ in sub postfix:<++> at gen/parrot/CORE.setting:4353␤ in sub postfix:<++> at gen/parrot/CORE.setting:1767␤ in block at /tmp/tmpfile:1␤␤»
..rakudo-moar dc42ad: OUTPUT«No such method 'STORE' for invocant of type 'Int'␤ in sub postfix:<++> at src/gen/m-CORE.setting:4349␤ in sub postfix:<++> at src/gen/m-CORE.setting:1763␤ in block at /tmp/tmpfile:1␤␤»
moritz regarding ilbot mysql -> pg conversion, there are 120 lines of non-UTF8 in the mysql database that need to be manually fixed up
diakopter wat
timotimo manually? o_O
diakopter wat to moar above
timotimo er 10:24
how does it have an Int in there?
diakopter wat
m: my int \foo = 4; foo++ 10:25
camelia rakudo-moar dc42ad: OUTPUT«Type check failed in binding; expected 'Int' but got 'int'␤ in any bind_error at src/vm/moar/Perl6/Ops.nqp:216␤ in block at /tmp/QSnoXuRm9M:1␤␤»
timotimo is that about Want not working?
diakopter *shrug
timotimo if our QAST::Want won't create natives, there's quite a bit of performance to be had
moritz it seems like does create natives 10:26
it just doesn't box correctly
FROGGS - QAST::Want 4 - QAST::WVal(Int) - Ii - QAST::IVal(4)
- QAST::WVal(int)
timotimo hm, okay
... WVal(int) is a thing? 10:27
diakopter m: my int \::foo = 4; foo++ 10:29
camelia rakudo-moar dc42ad: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Type 'int' is not declared. Did you mean 'Int'?␤at /tmp/Dm4g0Udr90:1␤------> my int ⏏\::foo = 4; foo++␤Malformed my␤at /tmp/Dm4g0Udr90:1␤------> my int ⏏\::foo = 4; foo++…»
diakopter o_O
FROGGS std: my int \::foo = 4; foo++ 10:30
camelia std 09dda5b: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Multiple prefix constraints not yet supported at /tmp/Z3Uaf2EI3a line 1:␤------> my int ⏏\::foo = 4; foo++␤Malformed my at /tmp/Z3Uaf2EI3a line 1:␤------> my int ⏏\::foo = 4; foo++…»
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raydiak \o night all 10:37
timotimo gnite raydiak!
moritz moritz.faui2k3.org/tmp/broken-utf8.log those are the lines with non-UTF-8 encoding 10:39
timotimo hah 10:40
one of the early lines is about encoding breakage actually
that amuses me
masak antenoon, #perl6
moritz I wonder if I should just decode them all as ISO-8859-15
moritz -> afk
masak tadzik++ # star 10:41
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nwc10 moritz: well, the first line appears to be Swedish in MacRoman :-) 10:44
I can't work out what the Ât an ÂL are, but the latter I think is trying to be a pound sign 10:45
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sergot o/ 10:51
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tadzik o/ 11:02
FROGGS o/ 11:08
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FROGGS question: to open a pipe we do open( ..., :p ), right? 11:27
why don't I find a single test about that?
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colomon module smoke test blew up last night because panda is broken. :( 12:31
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vendethiel are there splats in perl6? sub second-to-last(*@ [*@, $value, $]) { $value } 12:44
(I know [*@, $a] works but I'm looking for more "advanced" features) 12:45
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vendethiel I can understand why multiple variadics aren't allowed, but `sub some-vals(*@ [$fst, *@, $lst]) { $fst ~ $lst }` seems like a nice feature to have 12:47
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psch hi #perl6 12:52
timotimo hi psch
vendethiel: where does "splat" come from?
psch "splat" is an old berkley name for * isn't it 12:53
should be in esr's jargon file somewhere i think
vendethiel timotimo: ES6 / ruby 12:54
timotimo ah
psch timotimo: i added the .trace-on in main.nqp, which is where the stages are added and the compiler gets build 13:01
unfortunate side-effect: stage parse went up to ~1800 seconds
...but it's for debugging so that's ok-ish, except it takes long :)
it did kill one of my terminals though... 13:02
timotimo wow 13:03
psch about 18 times slower for me, i'm usually at around 100 seconds for jvm and moar each 13:04
colomon vendethiel: I believe the pattern matching you're looking for is available, but you've got the format wrong. but then, I can never remember exactly how to do it. 13:06
timotimo psch: it turns off the method cache, so that could explain it :P 13:07
no, wait
i think it replaces all methods returned with a wrapped method that also prints a little bit 13:08
psch timotimo: the later sounds likely
there was much output
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colomon m: sub first-and-last([$first, *@, $last]) { $fst ~ $lst }; say first-and-last(1 … 10); 13:19
camelia rakudo-moar dc42ad: OUTPUT«===SORRY!=== Error while compiling /tmp/Hh8K3jtNYg␤Cannot put required parameter $last after variadic parameters␤at /tmp/Hh8K3jtNYg:1␤------> sub first-and-last([$first, *@, $last⏏]) { $fst ~ $lst }; say first-and-l…»
colomon p: sub first-and-last([$first, *@, $last]) { $fst ~ $lst }; say first-and-last(1 … 10); 13:20
camelia rakudo-parrot dc42ad: OUTPUT«===SORRY!=== Error while compiling /tmp/4zEgsLKjMi␤Cannot put required parameter $last after variadic parameters␤at /tmp/4zEgsLKjMi:1␤------> sub first-and-last([$first, *@, $last⏏]) { $fst ~ $lst }; say first-and…»
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colomon m: sub first-and-last([$first, *@]) { $first }; say first-and-last(1 … 10); 13:23
camelia rakudo-moar dc42ad: OUTPUT«===SORRY!=== Error while compiling /tmp/RgjmGYmFMI␤Unable to parse expression in argument list; couldn't find final ')' ␤at /tmp/RgjmGYmFMI:1␤------> *@]) { $first }; say first-and-last(1 ⏏… 10);␤ expec…»
colomon m: sub first-and-last([$first, *@rest]) { $first }; say first-and-last(1 … 10); 13:24
camelia rakudo-moar dc42ad: OUTPUT«===SORRY!=== Error while compiling /tmp/nxCS32olCh␤Unable to parse expression in argument list; couldn't find final ')' ␤at /tmp/nxCS32olCh:1␤------> est]) { $first }; say first-and-last(1 ⏏… 10);␤ expec…»
colomon m: sub first-and-last([$first, *@rest]) { $first }; say first-and-last(1…10); 13:25
camelia rakudo-moar dc42ad: OUTPUT«===SORRY!=== Error while compiling /tmp/rKh2Z2jMxy␤Unable to parse expression in argument list; couldn't find final ')' ␤at /tmp/rKh2Z2jMxy:1␤------> @rest]) { $first }; say first-and-last(1⏏…10);␤ expect…»
colomon p: sub first-and-last([$first, *@rest]) { $first }; say first-and-last(1…10);
camelia rakudo-parrot dc42ad: OUTPUT«===SORRY!=== Error while compiling /tmp/WapcSw9t2V␤Unable to parse expression in argument list; couldn't find final ')' ␤at /tmp/WapcSw9t2V:1␤------> @rest]) { $first }; say first-and-last(1⏏…10);␤ expe…»
colomon oh, idiot IRC client
p: sub first-and-last([$first, *@rest]) { $first }; say first-and-last(<a b c>); 13:26
camelia rakudo-parrot dc42ad: OUTPUT«a␤»
psch hrm, my ~40 minute build blew up, turns out moar can't handle .trace-on 13:27
at least that's what i take from this 13:28
(that's not the build of course, but it's the same error)
updated the gist with the actual build error 13:29
oh i found something else i gisted a few days back 13:30
r: True.foo 13:31
camelia rakudo-parrot dc42ad, rakudo-jvm dc42ad, rakudo-moar dc42ad: OUTPUT«No such method 'foo' for invocant of type 'Bool'␤ in block at /tmp/tmpfile:1␤␤»
psch that did blow up in the REPL for moar as well
gist.github.com/peschwa/8697850 # as per here
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colomon gist.github.com/colomon/8752778 # the panda error 14:05
tadzik: ^^
tadzik: sorry I don't have time to debug it here at the moment.
tadzik colomon: yeah, looking into it
colomon tadzik++
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vendethiel p: sub fst([$fst, *@]) { $fst }; say fst <a b c>; 14:12
camelia rakudo-parrot dc42ad: OUTPUT«a␤»
vendethiel p: sub fst([$fst, $snd, *@]) { $snd }; say fst <a b c>; 14:13
camelia rakudo-parrot dc42ad: OUTPUT«b␤»
vendethiel p: sub fst([$, $snd, *@]) { $snd }; say fst <a b c>;
camelia rakudo-parrot dc42ad: OUTPUT«b␤»
vendethiel p: sub fst([$, $snd, *@, $lst]) { $snd ~ $lst }; say fst <a b c d e>;
camelia rakudo-parrot dc42ad: OUTPUT«===SORRY!=== Error while compiling /tmp/lEZnK856ve␤Cannot put required parameter $lst after variadic parameters␤at /tmp/lEZnK856ve:1␤------> sub fst([$, $snd, *@, $lst⏏]) { $snd ~ $lst }; say fst <a b c d e>;…»
vendethiel ^ colomon: that's why I'd like to do
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psch m: sub fst([$fst, *@tail]) { $fst ~ @tail[*-1] }; say fst <a b c>; # have to deal with @tail directly 14:15
camelia rakudo-moar dc42ad: OUTPUT«ac␤»
tadzik ok, json in somewhat broken on moarvm 14:21
gist.github.com/tadzik/8753025 14:24
gives different results for the panda bootstrap file on parrot and on moar
vendethiel psch: yeah, I guess, not that big of a deal. Is there a reason for that, though ? Some languages implement it 14:25
tadzik moritz: ^^
psch vendethiel: as for reasons, i'm afraid i'm definitely the wrong person to ask; i'd imagine it comes down to optimization concerns 14:26
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FROGGS tadzik: is it possible that the version differs for perl6-p and perl6-m? 14:29
because the latest .ast/make changes could explain the difference
I'd guess you have to itemize hashes (json objects) or so 14:30
tadzik FROGGS: oh! 14:33
FROGGS: yeah, I don't update rakudo-parrot that often
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tadzik FROGGS: hm, but, how do I itemize them, if list repots 18 elements? 15:07
FROGGS I think a "make $( ... )" would do 15:08
tadzik ohh, in JSON code>
I mean, JSON-Tiny's code
FROGGS in the json actions
tadzik so it _is_ brokeN :)
FROGGS hey, I am just guessing :o)
tadzik :P
moritz tadzik: are rakudo-m and rakudo-p on the same revision? to me it looks like before vs. after 8128f6a5 (rakudo commmit) 15:12
tadzik: also updating to newest json in panda should help
tadzik moritz: oh, indeed, that helped 15:15
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tadzik (stupid submodules grumble grumble) 15:15
I have to commit the
* them between pulling and bootstrap.pl, cos bootstrap.pl will reset them to the commited state
(stupid bootstrap.pl grumble) 15:16
moritz :-)
dalek nda: f80ec50 | tadzik++ | ext/JSON__Tiny:
Update JSON::Tiny
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dalek nda: ae6eab5 | (Tobias Leich)++ | lib/Panda/Fetcher.pm:
cleanup path to pass use it in substr

See irclog.perlgeek.de/perl6/2013-11-25#i_7914075
nda: c00f5cf | tadzik++ | lib/Panda/Fetcher.pm:
Merge pull request #62 from FROGGS/patch-1

cleanup path to pass use it in substr
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tadzik yay, I went through all the pull requests 15:36
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moritz tadzik++ 15:43
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timotimo hm. fosdem is going on right now, isn't it? 15:56
moritz does a trial mysql -> pg transition for ilbot on his laptop 15:57
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tadzik timotimo: aye 15:58
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timotimo pages through the perl track 16:00
do i see correctly that there are no live streams?
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dalek nda: adb7195 | tadzik++ | lib/Panda/App.pm:
Make "panda info" output nicer and more useful. Closes #49
psch timotimo: streaming.fosdem.org has a stream for "Stop Building Bridges to Nowhere: Build Bridges to MoarVM instead", but the sound seems broken 16:06
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tadzik I only see a flower 16:09
psch i had video with audio static a moment ago, but it's gone now it seems 16:11
well, the talk is scheduled to be over now 16:12
spider-mario moritz : github.com/rakudo/star/commit/0a16...921d11R167 ← shouldn’t there be brackets? 16:20
(L. 167)
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spider-mario this line results in the following warning: 16:21
Useless use of private hash in void context at Configure.pl line 167.
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moritz spider-mario++ # good catch 16:22
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moritz this whole thing will come crashing down eventually, I fear 16:23
dalek ar: a49cc41 | moritz++ | Configure.pl:
[Configure.pl] properly parentize.

This is not Perl 6 code. spider-mario++
moritz because parrot and moar have conflicit ideas of what CC, LDFLAGS etc. should be
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moritz so merging it all into a single hash is headed for DOOM anyway 16:24
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benabik "Stage parse: 66865.559", I think that's a new record. 16:36
(Personal record at least.)
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moritz benabik: you ahven't seen paste.scsys.co.uk/297069 :-) 16:38
m: say 1144911.468 / 66865.559
camelia rakudo-moar dc42ad: OUTPUT«17.122588746␤»
moritz benabik: that's from nwc10++ who patched MoarVM locally to do a full GC run after each allocation, or something like that :-) 16:39
benabik moritz: What was that? Mine was just having my computer go to sleep mid-parse.
Ah, GC torture testing... That's slow.
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vendethiel what's the bottom type in perl6 ? 17:18
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psch r: "foo".^mro.say; 5.^mro.say 17:20
camelia rakudo-parrot dc42ad, rakudo-jvm dc42ad, rakudo-moar dc42ad: OUTPUT«(Str) (Cool) (Any) (Mu)␤(Int) (Cool) (Any) (Mu)␤»
psch r: (1|2).^mro.say
camelia rakudo-parrot dc42ad, rakudo-jvm dc42ad, rakudo-moar dc42ad: OUTPUT«(Junction) (Mu)␤»
psch ok, bottom type is not the same as object root 17:21
psch needs to learn more CS terminology
benabik Mu is something of the top type. Anything can be assigned to Mu. I don't know that there is a bottom that can be assigned to anything. (Unless you mean bottom in a different way than type lattices.)
diakopter psch: jnthn is streaming now
psch diakopter: thanks, i'll have a look
vendethiel: from the wikipedia page to bottom type i think Nil might be what you want 17:22
vendethiel psch: thanks
benabik Oooh, Nil. Lack of value, yes.
vendethiel psch: because it's gradually typed, variant type is at the bottom. 17:23
which means casting Nil to something else is an upcast
benabik There is also Failure, but I'm not sure how it interacts with typechecking.
psch m: my Mu $f = Failure.new; my Any $g = Failure.new; my Cool $h = Failure.new
camelia rakudo-moar dc42ad: OUTPUT«Not enough positional parameters passed; got 1 but expected 2␤ in method new at src/gen/m-CORE.setting:12181␤ in block at /tmp/wT8HayeF5o:1␤␤»
benabik m: my Mu $f = Failure.new('Mu'); my Any $g = Failure.new('Any'); my Cool $h = Failure.new('Cool') 17:27
camelia rakudo-moar dc42ad: OUTPUT«No such method 'throw' for invocant of type 'Str'␤ in method sink at src/gen/m-CORE.setting:12212␤ in method BUILDALL at src/gen/m-CORE.setting:923␤ in method bless at src/gen/m-CORE.setting:842␤ in method new at src/gen/m-CORE.setting:827␤ …»
colomon jnthn++ streaming? link?
benabik m: my Mu $f = fail('Mu'); my Any $g = fail('Any'); my Cool $h = fail('Cool') 17:28
camelia rakudo-moar dc42ad: OUTPUT«Unhandled exception: Mu␤ at src/gen/m-CORE.setting:10811 (/home/p6eval/rakudo-inst-2/languages/perl6/runtime/CORE.setting.moarvm:throw:129)␤ from src/gen/m-CORE.setting:12212 (/home/p6eval/rakudo-inst-2/languages/perl6/runtime/CORE.setting.moarvm:s…»
virtualsue there's a live stream of the perl devroom at fosdem: europe1.fosdem.sesse.net/ (room k3.201) if anyone is interested
benabik psch: I suppose it's less type checking failure and more the eagerness with which failure throws. :-/ 17:29
colomon I can hear jnthn! \o/
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benabik ... Missed beginning. What's topic of talk? 17:31
colomon benabik: I have a vague memory it's a generic p6 talk? 17:32
virtualsue what you can do now with perl6
psch "What you can do today" i think
yeah, that
virtualsue snap
fosdem.org/2014/schedule/track/perl/ 17:33
benabik Yeah, the stream list said the room was empty so I was a bit confused.
virtualsue++ # Useful links 17:34
virtualsue no problem
i'm enjoying the talk in person :)