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Set by sorear on 25 June 2013.
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TimToady r: say ([[1,2,3],[4,5,6],[7,8,9]]»[1]).perl 00:21
camelia rakudo-parrot da53ec, rakudo-jvm da53ec, rakudo-moar da53ec: OUTPUT«(2, 5, 8)␤» 00:22
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TimToady r: say (-»[[1,2,3],[4,5,6],[7,8,9]]»[1]).perl 00:22
camelia rakudo-parrot da53ec, rakudo-jvm da53ec, rakudo-moar da53ec: OUTPUT«===SORRY!=== Error while compiling /tmp/tmpfile␤Preceding context expects a term, but found infix - instead␤at /tmp/tmpfile:1␤------> say (-⏏»[[1,2,3],[4,5,6],[7,8,9]]»[1])…»
TimToady r: say (-«[[1,2,3],[4,5,6],[7,8,9]]»[1]).perl
camelia rakudo-parrot da53ec, rakudo-jvm da53ec, rakudo-moar da53ec: OUTPUT«(-2, -5, -8)␤»
TimToady heh 00:23
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TimToady r: say ([[1,2,3],[4,5,6],[7,8,9]]».&prefix:<->).perl 00:25
camelia rakudo-parrot da53ec, rakudo-jvm da53ec, rakudo-moar da53ec: OUTPUT«(-3, -3, -3)␤»
TimToady (doesn't know about nodal yet)
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TimToady the codepoints actually start to get off after 0x33ff, so it's also a problem in the BMP 02:48
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TimToady m: say "\c[HEXAGRAM FOR THE CREATIVE HEAVEN]".ord.base(16) 02:49
camelia rakudo-moar da53ec: OUTPUT«4DCA␤»
TimToady that should be 4DC0
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TimToady r: say "\c[CUNEIFORM SIGN AB2]" 06:06
camelia rakudo-moar da53ec: OUTPUT«𠥒␤»
..rakudo-jvm da53ec: OUTPUT«===SORRY!=== Error while compiling /tmp/tmpfile␤Unrecognized character name CUNEIFORM SIGN AB2␤at /tmp/tmpfile:1␤------> say "\c[CUNEIFORM SIGN AB2⏏]"␤»
..rakudo-parrot da53ec: OUTPUT«𒀖␤»
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TimToady I suspect that camelia is running with a detached head or an otherwise obsolete version of MoarVM (and maybe nqp too) 06:11
lue TimToady: is there a known pattern to moar's wrongness, aside from it starting with U+3400 ?
TimToady after futzing with it all afternoon, I discovered if I switched branches to master, it works right
trouble is, you need --gen-moar=master and --gen-nqp=master or you get detached heads, apparently 06:12
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TimToady I was like 70 some patches behind on moar :/ 06:14
lue I have moar on the flatten_fastpath branch (or whatever its precise name is), and I get 0x020952 from that CUNEIFORM SIGN. I assume this was fixed very recently then?
TimToady dunno 06:15
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TimToady doing a complete rebuild on my other machine to verify 06:20
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TimToady huh, works on one of my machines, but not the other 06:30
huh, that other machine used a headless nqp, despite removing reconfiguring with a --gen-nqp=master 06:32
TimToady doesn't get it
trying again after forcing nqp branch to master 06:33
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TimToady wow, amazing how much cleaner the spectest is with working unicode... 06:45
the parsing CORE on moar seems to be running considerably slower though on master than on my detached head 06:49
from 78 seconds to 113
huh, still fails on my other machine :/ 06:52
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TimToady the unicode.c files are identical, so that's not the problem 06:54
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TimToady both machines are 64-bit Linux 06:57
oh, I think I'm running with a libmoar.so that's from when I was experimenting with turning off unicode compression 07:02
drat 07:05
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TimToady so is it worth blowing up libmoar.so from 3meg to 8meg just to get unicode to work temporarily? 07:11
could conceivably explain the slower compile too 07:12
maybe I should just find the bug...
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tadzik something's very wrong with feather's connection 08:38
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moritz there's something wrong with connectivity in the state of Denmar^Wthe Netherlands? :-) 08:39
tadzik :) 08:40
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moritz will be offline most of today and tomorrow 08:54
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timotimo o/ 09:34
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timotimo the end of the month nears and no star releaser has stepped up, to my knowledge :| 09:40
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timotimo gist.github.com/timo/8f9a5591cdb48dcd0ab1 :\ 09:57
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masak I like how the passing test before that is called "we didn't segfault" 09:59
famous last words.
"phew! that was a tought one... but we survived!" *death*
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timotimo :) 10:00
also: 1 megabyte lost all in all, that's a lot :| 10:01
jnthn timotimo: The work sharing code in parallel GC hasn't been exercised on a real workload until now. 10:04
timotimo: It'd be more surprising if we didn't find bugs.
timotimo jnthn: so, should i assume my changes aren't to blame? this is with the string_pressure branch 10:05
jnthn timotimo: Oh. Hm. 10:06
timotimo: *Probably* not. Probably you just changed when GC happens.
I'll try and find time to review that branch (which I'd like to do before it gets merged)
timotimo sure, the change to gc_status is potentially dangerous 10:07
so you're definitely right to want to review it before merging
FROGGS timotimo: what test file is this? 10:10
timotimo threads.rakudo.moar.t
FROGGS k 10:11
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atroxaper Good morning, #perl6 ! 10:12
FROGGS hi atroxaper
atroxaper FROGGS: Hi!
timotimo hi there :) 10:13
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atroxaper I have a bussiness trip to Paris for two months from my Siberia.) 10:14
timotimo: Hi!
Paris is really nice) 10:15
FROGGS I'll just see Paris's airport in march 10:16
jnthn Hm, iirc I've been in Siberia more recently than I've been in Paris :) 10:17
atroxaper jnthn: where in Siberia? 10:19
masak morning, atroxaper. 10:22
atroxaper: I can tell you're from Russia, because you close your parens but you do not open them :P
jnthn atroxaper: Novosibirsk last time, but I also have in my life done Trans-Sib railway ))
masak .oO( Russians only open parens when they're sad )
jnthn atroxaper: So been many places. 10:23
atroxaper jnthn: I live in Novodibirsk. Tell me if you are going to visit it again. 10:24
masak: Is only russians do so? 10:26
masak: nice note. I'll remember it. ')' 10:27
masak atroxaper: yeah, it seems to be a Russian/slavic thing to not include the eyes of the smiley. 10:28
atroxaper: I still think it's reasonably avant-garde to get rid of the nose :)
jnthn atroxaper: Seen it used by Ukrainians also... It just doesn't surprise me any more... ) But masak seems creeped out by the eyelessness ;)
masak atroxaper: but you people go one step further!
not creeped out. just amused )))) 10:29
masak gives atroxaper and jnthn some spare sets of eyes ::::::::::
jnthn uses them to prevent backtracking in his regexes instead
FROGGS bah! :o(
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atroxaper We not include eyes because multi parens for noting a grade of smile. Maybe ':)))' does't look well. On the other hand ':):):)' takes too many time. 10:37
Some people write '(:'. That really weird for me. 10:38
timotimo 10:39
tadzik ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
jnthn I have to backtrack to parse (:. I parse it as sad on the first char, then have to re-parse it as happy... :) 10:40
tadzik r: "( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)".chars.say
camelia rakudo-parrot da53ec, rakudo-jvm da53ec, rakudo-moar da53ec: OUTPUT«11␤»
tadzik hmm, I count 8
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masak tadzik: me too. 10:46
tadzik: submit it!
clearly we should have a ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) in RT :D
jnthn Need Flippin' Graphemes 10:47
masak those graphemes, how they flip. 10:48
tadzik n: "( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)".chars.say 10:49
camelia niecza v24-109-g48a8de3: OUTPUT«11␤»
tadzik ha!
oh, no-ha 10:50
so maybe it's not wrong after all
masak I'd say it is.
if by .chars we mean "graphs".
timotimo wishes to tackle questhub.io/realm/perl/quest/52d6a...441a000089 today
masak which I *think* we do. 10:51
jnthn By default .chars means .graphs, I believe.
tadzik reported 10:52
masak tadzik++ 10:55
let's see what RT does with those characters :P
tadzik I'm mildly amused by my choice of words :)
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masak RT++ # renders the face quite nicely 10:58
tadzik just noticed he bought a concert tickets for one of the PLPW days 11:01
timotimo maybe i'll think about how breakpoints for the "target code" could be implemented in the gdb support for moarvm 11:06
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FROGGS tadzik: can you have a look at that PR? 11:17
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tadzik FROGGS: oh, by all means 11:23
FROGGS humm?
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tadzik yes, I can have a look :) 11:23
FROGGS ossum *g* 11:24
#69 would be important to merge also
tadzik I have mixed feelings about #69 11:26
it looks like a workaround of sorts, for something I don't understand
FROGGS I think I can explain
it is the same problem as like pushing to an array you are iterating lazily over 11:27
so in this can we create a .work dir in cwd, and then interating over cwd and the stuff that we created in that run
so fetching the dir list eagerly before we write to that dir seems very very sane 11:28
we should perhaps add a comment that says "eager evaluation needed here because we write to that directory"
tadzik ah! 11:31
of course
tell me: in moar-support, is compsuffix() used for anything?
since Builder moved to comptarget 11:32
ah, I see it now
you pass --target=mbc, but what you get out if .moarvm
is that so?
target is mbc but fileext is moarvm
tadzik that's weird
FROGGS but not my fault :o) 11:33
tadzik I know :)
timotimo well, we don't want to call it "moarvm byte code file"
because that's not really what it is
but --target=moarvm is even more confusing
tadzik maybe comptarget could be: if 'moar' { 'mbc' } else { compsuffix(@_) } 11:34
less code duplication
timotimo hoelzro: do you know of any way to make vim cleverer about syntax highlighting beginning in the middle of a file? 11:35
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FROGGS tadzik: that sounds good 11:40
timotimo / jnthn: perl6-m t/spec/S17-concurrency/thread.rakudo.jvm passes on my box 11:41
timotimo rakudo.jvm? :)
FROGGS timotimo: so I don't have to fudge it :o) 11:42
the last three are skipped though 11:43
timotimo of course
hm. 11:44
how do i work a suggestion a la "the routine xx doesn't exist, but an infix operator xx does. maybe you need to add () before it?" into the X::Undeclared::Symbols?
maybe we could have a role "Suggestions" that would add any string to an exception's message? 11:45
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timotimo gist.github.com/timo/ae5b88787b04aae3aa49 12:06
maybe this error could be tackled from the other direction 12:09
"parsed a term with arguments that doesn't take arguments"?
12:10 gfldex_ is now known as gfldex
timotimo that's probably pretty fragile. 12:12
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grondilu check out my rewrite of rosettacode.org/wiki/One-dimensiona...ata#Perl_6 guys. I gotta say I'm kind of proud of it. 12:31
timotimo hm. the artistic license 2 is kind of long
it seems like a very sensible license 12:36
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atroxaper i've been waiting to ask why the main branch of Rakudo names 'nom'? 12:56
timotimo it's named after the "new object model" 12:59
which refers to 6model
atroxaper masak: one more thing about russian people. Often we write 'i' instead of 'I' becouse in russian language we should write 'You' instead of 'you' (with respect to somebody). And don't use single quotes at all :) 13:00
timotimo the I vs You thing is a thing in german as well :) 13:01
Ven r: class A { has @.stuff; }; my A $a .= new(:stuff(<a b c lel e f>)); sub doom(A $a (:stuff [$first, *@rest])) { say :rest($a).perl; }; doom($a);
camelia rakudo-parrot da53ec, rakudo-jvm da53ec, rakudo-moar da53ec: OUTPUT«===SORRY!=== Error while compiling /tmp/tmpfile␤Malformed parameter␤at /tmp/tmpfile:1␤------> stuff(<a b c lel e f>)); sub doom(A $a (⏏:stuff [$first, *@rest])) { say :rest($…»
Ven r: class A { has @.stuff; }; my A $a .= new(stuff => <a b c lel e f>); sub doom(A $a (:stuff [$first, *@rest])) { say :rest($a).perl; }; doom($a); 13:04
camelia rakudo-parrot da53ec, rakudo-jvm da53ec, rakudo-moar da53ec: OUTPUT«===SORRY!=== Error while compiling /tmp/tmpfile␤Malformed parameter␤at /tmp/tmpfile:1␤------> uff => <a b c lel e f>); sub doom(A $a (⏏:stuff [$first, *@rest])) { say :rest($…» 13:05
Ven r: class A { has @.stuff; }; my A $a .= new(:stuff(<a b c lel e f>)); sub doom(A $a ( :stuff [$first, *@rest] ) ) { say :rest($a).perl; }; doom($a); 13:06
camelia rakudo-parrot da53ec, rakudo-jvm da53ec, rakudo-moar da53ec: OUTPUT«===SORRY!=== Error while compiling /tmp/tmpfile␤Malformed parameter␤at /tmp/tmpfile:1␤------> tuff(<a b c lel e f>)); sub doom(A $a ( ⏏:stuff [$first, *@rest] ) ) { say :rest…»
Ven err.
jnthn :stuff isn't a valid named param decl; needs to be :$stuff 13:08
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timotimo :\stuff could also work if you want it to be called just "stuff" 13:09
Ven jnthn: perlcabal.org/syn/S06.html#Unpackin...parameters is where I'm taking that from
r: class A { has @.stuff; }; my A $a .= new(:$stuff(<a b c lel e f>)); sub doom(A $a ( :stuff [$first, *@rest] ) ) { say :rest($a).perl; }; doom($a); 13:10
camelia rakudo-parrot da53ec, rakudo-jvm da53ec, rakudo-moar da53ec: OUTPUT«===SORRY!=== Error while compiling /tmp/tmpfile␤Variable '$stuff' is not declared␤at /tmp/tmpfile:1␤------> { has @.stuff; }; my A $a .= new(:$stuff⏏(<a b c lel e f>)); sub d…»
masak atroxaper: yes, the 'You' thing is widespread in many languages.
atroxaper: only the British and US tribes are self-centered enough to capitalize 'I' instead :P
timotimo %)
Ven jnthn: not sure I get what you mean 13:11
colomon grondilu: your code seems elegant, but is about 75% mystifying to me. 13:13
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jnthn Ven: I said parameter, not argument... :) 13:15
13:15 pmurias joined
timotimo Ven: let's sing the doom song! 13:15
pmurias timotimo: re suggestion error message, wouldn't it make sense to mix in a suggestion role of sorts?
jnthn Ven: You need the $ in the signature
timotimo pmurias: isn't that exactly what i suggested? :) 13:16
Ven r: class A { has @.stuff; }; my A $a .= new(:stuff(<a b c lel e f>)); sub doom(A $a ( :$stuff [$first, *@rest] ) ) { say :rest($a).perl; }; doom($a);
camelia rakudo-parrot da53ec, rakudo-jvm da53ec, rakudo-moar da53ec: OUTPUT«"rest" => A.new(stuff => Array.new("a", "b", "c", "lel", "e", "f"))␤»
pmurias timotimo: just noticed that ;)
timotimo okay :)
glad to see you
how's life? :)
Ven r: class A { has @.stuff; }; my A $a .= new(:stuff(<a b c lel e f>)); sub doom(A $a ( :@stuff [$first, *@rest] ) ) { say :rest($a).perl; }; doom($a);
camelia rakudo-parrot da53ec, rakudo-jvm da53ec, rakudo-moar da53ec: OUTPUT«"rest" => A.new(stuff => Array.new("a", "b", "c", "lel", "e", "f"))␤»
Ven r: class A { has @.stuff; }; my A $a .= new(:stuff(<a b c lel e f>)); sub doom(A $a ( :@stuff [$first, *@rest] ) ) { say @rest.perl; }; doom($a);
camelia rakudo-parrot da53ec, rakudo-jvm da53ec, rakudo-moar da53ec: OUTPUT«Array.new("b", "c", "lel", "e", "f")␤»
Ven ok, that seems to be what I wanted indeed 13:17
timotimo holy crap
that's a really cool way to output the name and value of a variable
like, for debugging purposes
Ven jnthn: I believe this needs fixing perlcabal.org/syn/S06.html#Unpackin...parameters <= here, right ? 13:18
it's missing the $
docs too long for github PR
timotimo oh, looks like a good catch! 13:19
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colomon grondilu: ah, figured it out 13:20
Ven timotimo: might miss a @ instead, though 13:21
r: class A { has @.stuff; }; my A $a .= new(:stuff(<a b c lel e f>)); sub doom(A $a ( :$stuff [$first, *@rest] ) ) { say @rest.perl; }; doom($a);
camelia rakudo-parrot da53ec, rakudo-jvm da53ec, rakudo-moar da53ec: OUTPUT«Array.new("b", "c", "lel", "e", "f")␤»
Ven meh, that's the same
pmurias timotimo: just started a new semester, I still have to finish some $other perl5 stuff before resuming work on rakudo-js 13:23
timotimo that's fine :) 13:24
Ven pmurias: is rakudo-js on github ? 13:25
FROGGS Ven: yes, see github.com/pmurias/rakudo-js 13:28
Ven I should've guessed :). ++>>[ FROGGS , pmurias ]
timotimo why is that ++>> and not ++<< ?
FROGGS m: constant FROGGS = 1; constant pmurias = 1; ++>>[ FROGGS , pmurias ] 13:29
camelia rakudo-moar da53ec: OUTPUT«===SORRY!=== Error while compiling /tmp/4YYAiHpm0p␤Preceding context expects a term, but found infix + instead␤at /tmp/4YYAiHpm0p:1␤------> ant FROGGS = 1; constant pmurias = 1; ++⏏>>[ FROGGS , pmurias ]␤»
FROGGS well, does not make much sense with constants anyway >.<
timotimo has been digging into the qt-creator source and asking questions on #qt-creator 13:30
FROGGS m: my \FROGGS = 1; my \pmurias = 1; say ++<<[ FROGGS , pmurias ]
camelia rakudo-moar da53ec: OUTPUT«2 2␤»
timotimo the architecture and design of the thing is a work of art
FROGGS timotimo: in a good way?
timotimo yes
FROGGS: don't be so humble, you're at least 10! and pmurials, too
FROGGS timotimo: I am just one :o) 13:31
Ven timotimo: because I'm tired ! eh 13:32
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Ven r: sub a($n) { $n so true; }; a(1); 13:39
camelia rakudo-parrot da53ec, rakudo-jvm da53ec, rakudo-moar da53ec: OUTPUT«===SORRY!=== Error while compiling /tmp/tmpfile␤Two terms in a row␤at /tmp/tmpfile:1␤------> sub a($n) { $n ⏏so true; }; a(1);␤ expecting any of:␤ postfix…»
Ven I remember seeing that, though. I'll need to find it again ...
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Ven r: sub b($v) { say $v.perl; }; sub a($n) { b so true; }; a(1); 13:43
camelia rakudo-parrot da53ec, rakudo-jvm da53ec, rakudo-moar da53ec: OUTPUT«===SORRY!=== Error while compiling /tmp/tmpfile␤Undeclared routine:␤ true used at line 1␤␤»
Ven r: sub b($v) { say $v.perl; }; sub a($n) { b so 1; }; a(1);
camelia rakudo-parrot da53ec, rakudo-jvm da53ec, rakudo-moar da53ec: OUTPUT«Bool::True␤»
Ven That might
That might've been it, wouldn't make sense otherwise
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hoelzro timotimo: there's a way, but I've never learned enough to make it work right 14:48
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hoelzro dammit, another thing to support: github.com/atom 14:52
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geekosaur another text editor? *baps github* 15:00
you fools want I should learn *another* editor? 15:01
rindolf geekosaur: what?
geekosaur [27 14:52] <hoelzro> dammit, another thing to support: github.com/atom
rindolf geekosaur: ah, yes, I heard about it. 15:02
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rindolf I was told there were some heated threads about it on reddit. 15:02
geekosaur (also referencing an old comic that I can't find any more about the zen master and the grasshopper who wants to solve the editor wars by building an editor combining both...)
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[Coke] still no daily runs. 15:23
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[Coke] There is already a ticket that .chars doesn't mean .graphs. 15:24
nwc10 merge! child? 15:26
things RT can do.
(which I think you already know)
[Coke] Yes. I'm mentioning it here to let someone who actually understands the -contents- of the tickets to chime in, then I can do the dirty bugadmin work. 15:27
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masak merges #121338 into #65170 15:31
synopsebot Link: rt.perl.org/rt3//Public/Bug/Displa...?id=121338
masak [Coke]++
synopsebot: heh, you realize that was two RT references, right? :) 15:32
not that it matters in this case, since I merged them :P
[Coke] masak++ #thanks 15:33
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moritz back 15:42
hoelzro hmm 15:46
apparently you can fairly easily convert a Textmate bundle to support Atom
timotimo that sounds good
hoelzro well, we can kill two birds with one stone =) 15:47
oh, I didn't know TM was OS X only 15:49
now there's no hope of me working on it =/
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hoelzro I just saw this in Grammar.pm: 15:50
for $<module_name>
how could that ever work?
shouldn't that be for $<module_name>.list? 15:51
moritz remember that Grammar.pm is NQP code
hoelzro ahhhh
so that's different in NQP?
moritz yes
there is no flattening in NQP
hoelzro ah, I keep forgetting that
moritz and 'for' always iterates over an array
and there's no distinction between itemized arrays and "flat" arrays 15:52
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hoelzro ok 15:52
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timotimo do we have e standard for what an "app" package should look like? 16:05
lib/ folder with lib/App/Programname/* and bin/ folder with the runnable in it?
FROGGS yes, that is it mostly 16:11
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timotimo sounds good. 16:17
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timotimo is there something like perl6 -Mfoobar that will run the given module and any MAIN if there is one? 16:29
there's -M to load a module "prior to running the program" which doesn't seem to be exactly what i mean?
PerlJam perl6 Module.pm6 will run any MAIN if there is one 16:30
well, any that matches the appropriate sig
timotimo ah, good. 16:32
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FROGGS perl6 -Mfoobar will just run the repl with that module loaded 16:36
timotimo mhm
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hoelzro it would be nice to combine the running MAIN of perl6 Module.pm6 with the search through @*INC 16:42
but then again, can't you just distribute a small script that invokes your module?
PerlJam Is there a way to skip a positional parameter when calling a subroutine such that it just uses the default? 16:45
moritz maybe passing Nil? 16:46
no idea if rakudo supports that, and if it's specced 16:47
jnthn Generally that means "shoulda used named args" :)
uh, parameters
moritz I agree, but the caller doesn't always have the power to refactor the callee 16:48
jnthn True :)
PerlJam Aye, and I'm wondering about porting Perl 5 code that may use this "feature"
hoelzro Nil as the argument seems to make sense 16:49
timotimo hoelzro: just like some .so files being actually executable (try it!), python has the convention that if you launch a module with python -m foo.bar.baz, it will execute the section that's separated out by the "if __name__ == '__main__'" 16:50
which is kind of meh, but ... whatevs :)
moritz m: sub f($a = 'a', $b = 'b') { say ($a, $b).perl }; f(Nil, 'c')
camelia rakudo-moar da53ec: OUTPUT«(Nil, "c")␤»
hoelzro timotimo: right
I'm just wondering if that idea is Perl6y
moritz well, you can include a MAIN in a module 16:51
hoelzro to me, it's interesting that I can run a script via "script-name", which searches PATH
moritz and it's only executed if you run the module as a script
hoelzro or I can run a module via "perl6 -m ModuleName", which searches @*INC
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hoelzro (theoretical usage, of course) 16:51
moritz but there seems to be no combination of searching in @*INC and executing MAIN
hoelzro moritz: that's what I was getting at with -m 16:52
moritz hoelzro: yes, I understand
hoelzro if I want to run code as an executable, shouldn't I only have to worry about PATH?
why throw more variables into the equation
moritz yes, adding a script in $PATH is certainly the least hacky / most obvious way 16:53
geekosaur shells use $PATH, perl uses @*INC, what's the problem?
perl is not the shell 16:54
C compilers don't search PATH for libraries either
hoelzro right, but it's generally understood (I think?) that one var is for executables, and another is for libraries 16:55
geekosaur my point is, you explicitly said a module, not a script
hoelzro granted, this usage would require the user to say "run this module"
FROGGS perl does not search in PATH for scripts when I do: perl -e foobar.pl
geekosaur system facilities know executables (scripts) not "modules"
hoelzro and they should understand that, I guess 16:56
geekosaur perl defines "module", by its rules
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geekosaur and most modules have no business being on $PATH; "execute a module" is kinda weird on its face 16:56
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hoelzro I'm not saying that adding "search for this module and run it" is a bad idea; I'm more thinking about it =) 16:56
I wouldn't want something to be added just because Python has it 16:57
geekosaur (I used the libraries thing for a reason; a module is more like a library than a program)
PerlJam hoelzro: seems interesting to me. Dunno if there's a real need for it though.
hoelzro I think it's interesting too 16:58
the one instance I found myself wanting something like that in Perl 5 was serving the current directory
in Python, it's something like python -m SimpleHttpServer
but the distributor could always bundle up a script to launch the appropriate module... 16:59
geekosaur note, I'm not saying "execute a module" is *wrong*, just that it's not an obvious normal case. just like on Linux you can execute a shared library (the only one normally provided that *supports* this is libc.so and it just tells you about the libc version etc.)
hoelzro geekosaur: I think we're both just elaborating on the idea =)
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hoelzro how can I list where a module is loaded from? 17:03
(%INC in Perl 6)
er, Perl 5
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hoelzro hmm 17:04
moritz %*INC in rakudo
hoelzro if I use/need a module twice, does it get parsed/compiled twice?
moritz: that didn't work for me
moritz erm 17:05
timotimo i think modules are cached; though if you supply arguments and it has an EXPORT sub, that should be re-run of course
hoelzro interesting...if I delete the precompiled .moarvm file in my module loading test for MoarMoneyMoarProblems, the test passes 17:06
moritz hoelzro: it's stored in a lexical inside Perl6::ModuleLoader
hoelzro also, a say() line in the precompiled module is run twice
this just gets moar and moar interesting.. 17:07
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timotimo hoelzro: what about a BEGIN say? 17:11
hoelzro hmm
I'll try it