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Set by sorear on 25 June 2013.
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japhb r-m freezes trying to 'panda install p6doc' at: Compiling lib/Perl6/TypeGraph/Viz.pm to mbc 00:56
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timotimo is experimenting with docker 02:03
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japhb r: say "$_" for < a b >; say "{$_}" for < c d >; 02:04
camelia rakudo-parrot 358582: OUTPUT«a␤b␤c␤d␤»
..rakudo-jvm 358582, rakudo-moar 358582: OUTPUT«a␤b␤␤␤»
japhb ^^ Why the difference here? 02:05
timotimo oh yikes
japhb Yeah, that led to a rather strange bug, let me tell you. 02:06
timotimo i can imagine
but i don't have time to hunt that right now :\
japhb .tell jnthn Two r-m bugs: irclog.perlgeek.de/perl6/2014-04-02#i_8527156 and irclog.perlgeek.de/perl6/2014-04-02#i_8527351 02:07
yoleaux japhb: I'll pass your message to jnthn.
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japhb timotimo: Understood. 02:07
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japhb .tell moritz Since I wasn't around when you announced it, congrats re: irclog.perlgeek.de/perl6/2014-03-31#i_8519218 :-) 02:14
yoleaux japhb: I'll pass your message to moritz.
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japhb .tell jnthn On a positive note, your r-j hang-on-exit fix did indeed work for me. :-) 02:26
yoleaux japhb: I'll pass your message to jnthn.
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moritz japhb: thanks 05:55
yoleaux 02:14Z <japhb> moritz: Since I wasn't around when you announced it, congrats re: irclog.perlgeek.de/perl6/2014-03-31#i_8519218 :-)
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lizmat oohh, wow, congrats moritz++ and mom! 05:59
moritz lizmat: thanks 06:02
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lizmat decommute& 06:13
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arnsholt o/ 07:01
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FROGGS morning 07:45
arnsholt Moin
nwc10 \o/ 07:46
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jnthn morning o/ 08:40
yoleaux 02:07Z <japhb> jnthn: Two r-m bugs: irclog.perlgeek.de/perl6/2014-04-02#i_8527156 and irclog.perlgeek.de/perl6/2014-04-02#i_8527351
02:26Z <japhb> jnthn: On a positive note, your r-j hang-on-exit fix did indeed work for me. :-)
jnthn .tell japhb yes, the panda p6doc thing is known to fail install on both JVM and MoarVM. It's not entirely clear why yet, but the failures are likely related. 08:41
yoleaux jnthn: I'll pass your message to japhb.
jnthn I'm surprised the other one didn't trigger a spectest... 08:42
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dalek ar: d381a68 | (Tobias Leich)++ | modules/ (2 files):
update submodules to newer revision
ar: f9a0c4c | (Tobias Leich)++ | tools/star/release-guide.pod:
no special handling needed, PR got applied
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FROGGS TheDamian++ # www.infoq.com/interviews/conway-perl 12:26
seems to be more than a year old, but is still very very good 12:27
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Ven r: FROGGS "“Isn’t Pearl dead?” - What do you answer to that?" erm :( 12:39
camelia rakudo-parrot 358582, rakudo-jvm 358582, rakudo-moar 358582: OUTPUT«===SORRY!=== Error while compiling /tmp/tmpfile␤Two terms in a row␤at /tmp/tmpfile:1␤------> l dead?” - What do you answer to that?" ⏏erm :(␤ expecting any of:␤ …»
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moritz Ven: Mu 12:39
Ven Seems like my brain is thinking "this is #perl6, I need to prefix my message with r:" sorry moritz 12:40
but yeah, that typo is slightly annoying
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moritz Ven: I actually meant that 'Mu' is a good answer to such a question 12:41
Ven moritz: Then I'll just keep on wondering what that means
moritz compare en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mu_%28negative%29
in particular en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mu_%28negativ...e_question 12:42
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Ven moritz: I'm only talking about the typo, I don't care about the question haha ... Didn't realize that's what you were talking about 12:43
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[Coke] FROGGS: I think the typo is intentional. "this user knows so little about perl they misspell it" 12:48
sorry, I meant PERL, of course.
That's a shibboleth for me when looking at resumes. we don't perl here, but I don't want people who claim to have PERL'ed.
FROGGS yeah, that might be true 12:49
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Ven "no system is as good as Haskell’s type system, but also unlike Haskell’s type system, ordinary human beings can understand it" I get sad when I read that 12:51
[Coke] booking.com++ # perl5 core maint fund
Ven [Coke]: might be, yeah
[Coke] Ven: I loved that quote!
also, if you speak haskell, do you want to try to get pugs back up on crutches?
Ven [Coke]: I'm not sure it's even kinda up-to-date enough for it not to blow up with recent ghc updates 12:52
also, I'm not smart enough
Ven notes - that looks like a really neat project to have, though ... 12:54
[Coke] ven - if you speak haskell, you're already a step ahead of me. 12:55
let me grab a snapshot of what the issue looks like here.
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FROGGS Ven: I tried to fix a bug in pugs like two months ago, and I was able to build it but was not able to fix the bug 13:01
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Ven FROGGS: well, I'm just waiting for the day to end anyway, do you remember what the bug was ? 13:05
FROGGS ohh, now I remember...
it wasn't even a bug, I wanted to change sub "eval" to "EVAL"
but [Coke] has the problem that his pugs installation does not run the spectests... 13:06
so I dunno what is the problem there
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Ven FROGGS: you mean it refuses to *run* the spectests themselves? 13:07
[Coke] I'm getting the build output, one sec. 13:08
no, it runs them, they just nearly all fail.
FROGGS Impl date percentage roast sha1 pass fail todo skip plan spec notes 13:09
pugs 2014-04-01 00.06% 2f754e1 19 14733 0 1 14753 28848
pugs 2014-02-03 21.86% a4574df 6331 4691 2884 856 14762 28451
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FROGGS so, it passes >6k at one point 13:09
Ven 20% for an implementation that's been dead since 2009 seems good ;o)
(not really sure about the date, sry)
FROGGS I have heard about 2007, but that was way before my time here :o) 13:11
[Coke] lots of deprecation warnings...
FROGGS it passed 9.1k tests in may 2012
Ven (I actually work on an altJS where au is a contrib, though)
That's still cool 13:12
"it will probably be based on ideas from languages like Erlang" mmh ? 13:13
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[Coke] "this version of PCRE compiled without utf8 support" is oft-repeated. 13:14
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[Coke] assumes he hasn't gone back and tried to fix this lately. 13:17
Util r: my @x = [<a b>], [<c d>]; say .perl for [@x.list], [@x.flat], [@x>>.flat], [@x>>.list]; 13:18
camelia rakudo-parrot 358582, rakudo-jvm 358582, rakudo-moar 358582: OUTPUT«[["a", "b"], ["c", "d"]]␤[["a", "b"], ["c", "d"]]␤["a", "b", "c", "d"]␤["a", "b", "c", "d"]␤»
Util How can I flatten @x into <a b c d> ?
I have tried .list and .flat as methods and hyper-methods.
TimToady it appears the latter two worked, but you put an extra [] around them after 13:21
Ven also, @x.list returns an array ?
r: say [].^HOW.name;
camelia rakudo-parrot 358582, rakudo-jvm 358582, rakudo-moar 358582: OUTPUT«===SORRY!=== Error while compiling /tmp/tmpfile␤Cannot use .^ on a non-identifier method call␤at /tmp/tmpfile:1␤------> say [].^HOW⏏.name;␤ expecting any of:␤ …» 13:22
TimToady HOW is already ^-ish
doesn't need ^
Ven r: say ([1]).HOW.name;
camelia rakudo-moar 358582: OUTPUT«Not enough positional parameters passed; got 1 but expected 2␤ in any name at src/gen/m-Metamodel.nqp:69␤ in block at /tmp/tmpfile:1␤␤»
..rakudo-jvm 358582: OUTPUT«Wrong number of arguments passed; expected 2..2, but got 1␤ in block at /tmp/tmpfile:1␤␤»
..rakudo-parrot 358582: OUTPUT«too few positional arguments: 1 passed, 2 (or more) expected␤ in any name at gen/parrot/Metamodel.nqp:66␤ in block at /tmp/tmpfile:1␤␤»
Util TimToady: Thanks! (/me needs to `git pull` and re-make) 13:23
TimToady say [1].^name
r: say [1].^name
camelia rakudo-parrot 358582, rakudo-jvm 358582, rakudo-moar 358582: OUTPUT«Array␤»
Ven ;( thanks
r: [1].list.^name
r: say [1].list.^name 13:24
camelia ( no output )
rakudo-parrot 358582, rakudo-jvm 358582, rakudo-moar 358582: OUTPUT«Array␤»
TimToady r: say [1].list.WHAT
Ven Looks weird to me,though
camelia rakudo-parrot 358582, rakudo-jvm 358582, rakudo-moar 358582: OUTPUT«(Array)␤»
Util I was working from local: Jan 20 12:54 perl6-p
TimToady that's like...ancient... 13:25
[Coke] Ven: feather.perl6.nl/~coke/PUGS_BUILD.txt 13:26
the PCRE bug is the most obvious issue, googling.. 13:27
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arnsholtAtHome o/ 13:27
[Coke] I don't see how to have cabal tell me what versions I have installed locally. :P 13:29
ven: any any tips on how to diagnose that issue? 13:33
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FROGGS hi arnsholtAtHome 13:45
[Coke] (or anyone)
.seen au?
yoleaux I haven't seen au? around.
[Coke] .seen au
yoleaux I haven't seen au around.
[Coke] yoleaux: help
FROGGS TimToady: I've heard you are/were travelling around and give talks... are any of them recorded? 13:46
[Coke] .mangle is perl six the best perl?
yoleaux River, Pearl used?
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TimToady FROGGS: they had a camera there, dunno anything else 13:47
FROGGS hmmm... do they have a website? :o)
nvm, I've seen a website... I was just not able to read it 13:48
[Coke] .gcs "perl" "perl 5" "perl 6" 13:49
yoleaux [site] "perl" (32,000,000), "perl 6" (872,000), "perl 5" (366,000)
[Coke] .gcs "rakudo"
yoleaux [site] "rakudo" (186,000)
FROGGS .gcs "peril" 13:50
yoleaux [site] "peril" (6,930,000)
[Coke] we can't search that, it's too dangerous.
dalek kudo-star-daily: 7718ffb | coke++ | log/ (5 files):
today (automated commit)
kudo-star-daily: 9937ef2 | coke++ | log/ (5 files):
today (automated commit)
FROGGS +Makefile:45: *** missing separator. Stop. 13:52
Woodi hi + :) 13:53
FROGGS hi Woodi 13:54
Woodi new R* ! I was missing it for some time... but it's just emotions :) 13:55
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Woodi I hope OpenLDAP bindings would work via NativeCalls 13:57
and can we have { ... } are export sugar ? 13:58
FROGGS ++Woodi # I'd like to be your tester!
hmmm, we have nothing like that atm... so I'd say not in the near future 13:59
ahh, btw:
Woodi brave FROGGS :) Just yesterday I realy understand programming is not realy for me :)
FROGGS TimToady: when we autogenerate a proto because we just declare a multi, should the proto inherit some of the traits?
TimToady: I am think of "is hidden_from_backtrace" for example 14:00
Woodi: bah... don't you give up! :o)
Util TimToady: `perl6-p` updated from git HEAD; problem resolved. Thanks! 14:04
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Woodi FROGGS: and few days before my brain decided: "C++ ! this is the language ! why so furiously stick to C ? with C++ all GUI frameworks can be used ! even Perl6 should be done in C++ !" 14:06
FROGGS ohh noes!
Woodi but I try and now trying WxPerl with some success :) 14:07
Perl - it's so nice and easy language :)
FROGGS btw, do we meet in Poznan in may?
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Woodi hmm, probably not if you ask Woodi :) 14:09
FROGGS Woodi: why not?
ascent_ what's in Poznan in May?
retupmoca on rakudo-moar, $?FILE is a relative path. Is there a way to get the absolute path to the current file? 14:10
FROGGS ascent_: the polish perl workshop
retupmoca IO::Path.absolute just gets me $*CWD ~ $?FILE
Woodi I didn't know that
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Woodi now I will try to mess a bit there :) 14:10
jnthn hasn't been to Poznan before. :) 14:11
FROGGS me neither :o)
I was in Poland once but just because I was driving wrongish
Woodi heh :) 14:12
jnthn Driving wrongish isn't allowed in Germany, so you went to Poland to do it instead? :P
camelia rakudo-moar 358582: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Dynamic variable $*PROGRAM not found␤»
Woodi we are allowed to drive limit+10km/h unofficially :) 14:13
retupmoca My use case: I want to load a library.so file that's in the same directory as the installed library.pm6
camelia rakudo-moar 358582: OUTPUT«/tmp/Rr4xo9uSSC␤»
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FROGGS m: say $*PROGRAM_NAME.path.directory # retupmoca> 14:14
camelia rakudo-moar 358582: OUTPUT«/tmp␤»
FROGGS dunno what that does in a .pm though
jnthn Same; it's about the original program 14:15
FROGGS it perhaps gives you still the script that invoked it
jnthn Is there a %*INC for "hwere did modules we used come from"?
FROGGS if we had CompUnitRepos in nom you could query that :o)
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retupmoca if we had $?RESOURCES in nom/panda master I could use that instead :) 14:16
jnthn FROGGS: How far off are having CompUnitRepos in nom? :) 14:18
retupmoca yeah, it looks like $*PROGRAM_NAME just gives the .pl file 14:19
even when used in a .pm
jnthn $* means dynamically coped
retupmoca yeah, that's what I expected
jnthn So not so surprising.
FROGGS jnthn: we would need to discuss its "design" 14:21
and then do some testing, but there is not that much left to do for it 14:22
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Woodi btw. R* is annoingly long... IMO "Pleas note..." and all below should be refactored to separate "todo" page... 14:22
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Woodi /R\*/R* release text/ 14:23
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Ven [Coke]: I'm back -- sorry ! Looking at it right now 14:24
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Ven Lots and lots of deprecation warning, uh 14:28
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retupmoca so, I can scan @*INC to find the .so file 14:30
next problem: is native($path-to-library) gets compiled in staticly
so I get "Cannot locate native library '.../.work/1396448921_1/blib/lib/...' 14:31
Ven Never seen that "this version of PCRE is compiled without UTF support". Google results blame apache but that's with php so meh
retupmoca even when $path-to-library is completely different
Woodi R* README: "To build R* you need at least a C compiler, a 'make' utility, and Perl 6.1.0 or newer." Hmm ? 5.16 ? 14:32
Woodi: that was me
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FROGGS there was a 5.9.0 before and that was the Parrot revision we had in the past... 14:33
dalek ar: 0757d26 | (Tobias Leich)++ | README:
fixed thinko in version bump, Woodi++
Woodi also no MoarVM mentioning in README
can I run R* on Moar now ? 14:35
FROGGS if you wait a minute, I fix a vcs conflict in the makefile 14:39
Woodi: a few modules will fail tests though
and one module (something::graphviz::something) will hang when you build it, just ctrl+c it 14:40
dalek ar: f79eaed | (Tobias Leich)++ | tools/build/Makefile.in:
fix VCS conflict
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FROGGS Woodi: let me give you a release tarball where you can build moar... 14:41
Woodi there is INSTALL.txt in rakudo/ 14:42
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Woodi FROGGS: I wgetted one from rakudo.org... 14:42
FROGGS Woodi: this one does not build for moarvm
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FROGGS I've just made a release tarball that contains MoarVM/nqp/rakudo HEAD as of now 14:44
there are quite some fixes since 2014.03
Woodi I see rakudo/src/vm/ but it will not build ?
FROGGS Woodi: you are able to build the compiler, but not the modules I think 14:45
Woodi means: not automatically/via panda or at all ? 14:46
FROGGS Woodi: it does not use panda, no
that tarball I created will not build rakudo, because of an outdated MANIFEST :/ 14:47
Woodi upload the .patch :)
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jnthn train & 14:50
Ven [Coke]: Seems like its' missing that HsBridge.pm, though. (even if you have some custom code to deal with it) 14:52
[Coke] s/you/pugs/ :) 14:53
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Ven [Coke]: haha yeah, that's what I mean : `unshift @INC, '/home/coke/.cabal/share/Pugs-';` 14:54
[Coke] *blank stare* Ok. 14:58
Woodi actually I would be happy to just have the list of 3 or 4 urls to parot/moar/nqp/rakudo .tgz files and build them as usual on *nix systems... Packaging R* could have such nice side effect, declaration: "R vX recuires: Parrot vY, Moar vZ and NQP vAA" 14:59
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FROGGS moarvm.org/releases/MoarVM-2014.03.tar.gz 15:01
rakudo.org/downloads/nqp/nqp-2014.03.tar.gz 15:02
ftp.parrot.org/releases/all/6.1.0/p...1.0.tar.gz 15:03
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FROGGS Woodi: and finally: froggs.de/perl6/rakudo-star-2014-04...IAL.tar.gz 15:05
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FROGGS bbiab 15:06
15:06 FROGGS left, colomon joined
Ven [Coke]: I'll try to understand why that error pops up, though I can't say anything atm :( 15:07
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Util moritz++ (quite literally!) # irclog.perlgeek.de/perl6/2014-03-31#i_8519218 15:11
Ven thanks FROGGS 15:17
moritz thanks Util :-) 15:18
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btyler one of the things TheDamien mentions in the interview linked earlier is something like "my Str $foo where length > 20"; does that (or something like that) actually exist in rakudo? 16:05
FROGGS[mobile] it would be chars instead of length, but I've not seen it 16:09
m: my Str $foo where chars > 20 16:10
camelia rakudo-moar 358582: OUTPUT«===SORRY!=== Error while compiling /tmp/UMpCNXHQmn␤Preceding context expects a term, but found infix > instead␤at /tmp/UMpCNXHQmn:1␤------> my Str $foo where chars >⏏ 20␤»
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FROGGS[mobile] m: my Str $foo where { *.chars > 20} 16:11
camelia ( no output )
Ven m: my Str $foo where .chars > 20 # should work ?
camelia ( no output )
FROGGS[mobile] can you assign something?
it is hard to type on a phone :o) 16:12
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Ven m: my Str $foo where .chars > 20; my $foo = "abc; say "alive"; my $foo = "x" x 50; say "alive"; # should work ? 16:12
btyler m: my Str $foo where .chars < 5; $foo = 'abc';
camelia rakudo-moar 358582: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Two terms in a row␤at /tmp/v3HNxstdST:1␤------> where .chars > 20; my $foo = "abc; say "⏏alive"; my $foo = "x" x 50; say "alive";␤ expecting any of:␤ postfix␤ infix stopper␤…»
( no output )
Ven m: my Str $foo where .chars > 20; my $foo = "abc"; say "alive"; my $foo = "x" x 50; say "alive"; # should work ?
camelia rakudo-moar 358582: OUTPUT«Potential difficulties:␤ Redeclaration of symbol $foo␤ at /tmp/jmly5TGVk_:1␤ ------> my Str $foo where .chars > 20; my $foo ⏏= "abc"; say "alive"; my $foo = "x" x 50␤ Redeclaration of symbol $foo␤ at /tmp/jmly5…»
Ven m: my Str $foo where .chars > 20; $foo = "abc"; say "alive"; $foo = "x" x 50; say "alive"; # ;_; 16:13
camelia rakudo-moar 358582: OUTPUT«alive␤alive␤»
Ven m: my Str $foo where .chars > 20; $foo = "abc"; say "alive - $foo.chars()"; $foo = "x" x 50; say "alive - $foo.chars()"; # let's see
camelia rakudo-moar 358582: OUTPUT«alive - 3␤alive - 50␤»
Ven FROGGS[mobile]: apparently doesn't check
FROGGS[mobile] perhaps that only works in sub or method calls 16:14
Ven m: sub a(Str where .chars > 20); a('a'); say "alive"; a('a' x 50); say 'alive';
camelia rakudo-moar 358582: OUTPUT«===SORRY!=== Error while compiling /tmp/WOAv1Nj6kA␤Cannot do non-typename cases of type_constraint yet␤at /tmp/WOAv1Nj6kA:1␤------> sub a(Str where .chars > 20⏏); a('a'); say "alive"; a('a' x 50); say␤ expe…»
Ven m: sub a(Str $foo where { *.chars > 20}) {}; a('a'); say "alive"; a('a' x 50); say 'alive';
camelia rakudo-moar 358582: OUTPUT«alive␤alive␤»
Ven FROGGS[mobile]: apparently no 16:15
FROGGS[mobile] someone needs to implement that then :o) 16:17
btyler I saw that in the interview and thought "wait whaaaaaat. that is too cool!" 16:19
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FROGGS[mobile] m: sub a($foo where {$_.chars > 20} ) {}; a "bar" 16:21
camelia rakudo-moar 358582: OUTPUT«Constraint type check failed for parameter '$foo'␤ in sub a at /tmp/n7UVxcehma:1␤ in block at /tmp/n7UVxcehma:1␤␤»
FROGGS[mobile] \o/
note: no whatever star in a block
sub a($foo where *.chars > 20) {}; a "foo" 16:22
damn -.- 16:23
can somebody paste that to a m: ?
lizmat m: sub a($foo where *.chars > 20) {}; a "foo"
camelia rakudo-moar 358582: OUTPUT«Constraint type check failed for parameter '$foo'␤ in sub a at /tmp/vB_KHslriv:1␤ in block at /tmp/vB_KHslriv:1␤␤»
lizmat cycling&
FROGGS[mobile] thanks!
so it works as it should in subs 16:24
btyler hm, so it works in sub parameter checks, but not for regular declarations
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FROGGS m: :($foo where *.chars > 20); $foo = "abc" 16:30
camelia rakudo-moar 358582: OUTPUT«===SORRY!=== Error while compiling /tmp/s43Y15YPnD␤Variable '$foo' is not declared␤at /tmp/s43Y15YPnD:1␤------> :($foo where *.chars > 20); $foo⏏ = "abc"␤ expecting any of:␤ postfix␤»
FROGGS :/ 16:31
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Ven FROGGS: uuh, matching signatures with blocks gotta be nasty 16:55
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dalek rl6-roast-data: 7752803 | coke++ | / (6 files):
today (automated commit)
[Coke] yay, no more hangs. If someone is bored, they could add the ulimit stuff to the harnesses for the remaining implementations. 17:41
r.j - 3 fails, r.m - 5 fails, r.p - 179 fails. 17:42
All the r.p fails are aborts in the concurrency tests.
can probably fudge those to skip all if r.p
pugs refuses to die at 00.06% 17:43
colomon \o/ 17:45
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FROGGS [Coke]: btw, your star tests should run tomorrow again 17:48
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[Coke] FROGGS: they run every day? 17:48
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[Coke] I can do another run today if that bug is fixed. 17:49
FROGGS [Coke]: "rakudo-star-daily" implies every day, no? :o) 17:50
but yeah, the bug is fixed
[Coke] oh, I see. you meant "should run and work this time"
I gets it now. 17:51
[Coke] I kicked off a run right now, will post results when it finishes. 17:52
FROGGS cool!
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retupmoca jnthn: I posted a PR for NativeCall when you get a chance 18:02
vendethiel opens [Coke]'s log to try and look what's going on for pugs now that he's home 18:03
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dalek osystem: e8dd3c5 | (Andrew Egeler)++ | META.list:
Add LibraryMake

An attempt to simplify native compilation
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dalek kudo-star-daily: b55e7d5 | coke++ | log/ (5 files):
today (automated commit)

second run to grab bugfix.
FROGGS nice, all module pass 18:32
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hoelzro FROGGS: on which backend? 18:34
FROGGS parrot 18:35
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hoelzro I figured =/ 18:36
MIME::Base64 just stopped working for me on moar
FROGGS hmmm, but it should work... I works on my boc
it* 18:37
hoelzro curious
I'll try it at home
when I get there =/
timotimo i like the sound of "LibraryMake" 18:45
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retupmoca timotimo: github.com/retupmoca/P6-Auth-PAM-Simple for usage example 18:48
(needs a NativeCall patch to actually install that library, though) 18:49
timotimo oh cool, pam authentication 18:50
hm, would we need one module for each PAM method, like fingerprint, smartcard, ldap, ... ? 18:51
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retupmoca well, Auth::PAM::Simple has an arg for the pam service to auth against 18:51
but honestly I have only a vaguely understand PAM. I just copy-pasted some C code so I could auth against the 'login' service 18:52
s/have only a/only/
timotimo oh, i didn't know you could re-route the library name of a sub at run-time 18:54
that's cool
retupmoca timotimo: that's a NativeCall PR I have up
doesn't work with HEAD yet
timotimo ah 18:55
yeah, i like that
retupmoca and after the PR is merged, doing &sub.libname = '...'; after you call it won't do anything
because the library has already been loaded
but this is my plan for fixing Imlib2 18:56
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timotimo fair enough 19:00
how exactly does it have to be fixed?
retupmoca need to remove the existing Makefile and Build.pm and replace it with stuff that uses LibraryMake 19:01
then just need to add code to find the native library like Auth::PAM::Simple uses 19:02
there could be issues with the module itself, but this will get the native library compiled and loaded anyway
which is where it's breaking right now
timotimo well, i'm very glad you've created this 19:03
retupmoca LibraryMake.pm6 needs a couple of patches for parrot and JVM if you want to help (I'm not sure how to get the config for '-l' for them) 19:04
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timotimo i haven't looked at that part of the whole thing yet :( 19:04
retupmoca for moar it's $*VM<config><ldusr>, and then strip out the %s
timotimo other than "inspect $*VM<config>", no clue
retupmoca gotcha
I may have to actually install rakudo-j and -p then
timotimo fortunately it's easy :) 19:05
you can get the output of that right here on the channel
retupmoca oh, right
p: for $*VM<config>.kv -> $k, $v { if $v ~~ /\-l/ { say "$k: $v" } } 19:06