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Set by sorear on 25 June 2013.
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timotimo seems like i'll have to re-run rakudo-moar/2014.07 00:02
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timotimo and possibly also nqp-moar/2014-07, that seems to be missing a bunch 00:10
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timotimo .tell japhb_ if you look at t.h8.lv/p6bench/2014-08-01-moar.html ... what could be the reason two implementations are missing in all (?) graphs? 00:22
yoleaux timotimo: I'll pass your message to japhb_.
btyler is there a good pattern for delegating to a member object? right now I'm futzing with add_fallback, but it feels a bit like a dead end 00:23
timotimo yeah
you should be using "handles" instead :)
btyler ah ha
timotimo m: class Foo { has Str $.text handles <lc uc tc> }; Foo.new(:text("Hi there, how are you")).lc.say
camelia rakudo-moar 89c8e4: OUTPUT«hi there, how are you␤»
timotimo m: class Foo { has Str $.text handles <lc uc tc> }; Foo.new(:text("Hi there, how are you")).uc.say 00:24
camelia rakudo-moar 89c8e4: OUTPUT«HI THERE, HOW ARE YOU␤»
btyler lovely
I made it here before feeling like there must be a nicer way: ' $object, $name { $object.json.^methods.grep({ $name })[0] }'
timotimo blushes
btyler (the second clause of add_fallback)
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timotimo jnthn: t.h8.lv/p6bench/2014-08-01-moar_redone.html - less broken now 00:46
btyler: i'm glad to hear you're progressing :)
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timotimo jnthn: it seems like we regressed for loop performance 00:51
btyler yep. current thorn: what does it take to implement roles like Associative or Positional? provide a few methods with the right names, a-la python magic methods?
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btyler or is "implement" the wrong way to think about them (given that they're not interfaces) 00:51
timotimo thorn as in: can't figure it out or as in: the documentation doesn't say?
btyler can't find it in the docs, examples in rakudo source seem thin on the ground since it's apparently taken care of in bootstrap 00:52
jnthn timotimo: Ah, good to know. Remind me tomorrow, I'll bet the improved sink context stuff knocked the analysis off.
timotimo ah!
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timotimo that seems like a good indication 00:52
btyler: not in bootstrap; look at Any.pm 00:53
dalek kudo/nom: 3618990 | jnthn++ | src/Perl6/Optimizer.nqp:
Make Junction optimization less costly.

This refactor splits analysis and transform, decreasing the cost of the common case when we just analyze and realise we're not looking at a Junction.
kudo/nom: 9d6c19c | jnthn++ | src/Perl6/Optimizer.nqp:
Refactor visit_op in optimizer.

This not only makes it a good bit cleaner, but also reduces the cost.
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timotimo aye, the tree looks significantly different now 00:56
it starts with a bind to an inline arg, binds the number that came before the ^ there, then comes a decontrv ... and the inside of the prefix:<^> operator i believe 00:57
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timotimo maybe it'd be enough to signalize not to inline the .. operator and its variants %) 00:59
jnthn Well, sleep time for me...'night
timotimo good night, jnthn!
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colomon o/ from Newfoundland! 01:46
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dalek ast/S26-WHY: 2eb4bd7 | (Rob Hoelz)++ | S26-documentation/why-leading.t:
Use a variable to track POD contents
ast/S26-WHY: a370b4f | (Rob Hoelz)++ | S26-TODO.md:
More TODOs
ast/S26-WHY: 01725c6 | (Rob Hoelz)++ | S26-documentation/why-leading.t:
Check WHEREFOREs in leading test
ast/S26-WHY: 503754b | (Rob Hoelz)++ | S26-documentation/why-trailing.t:
Check $=pod for trailing comments
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japhb botsnack 02:33
yoleaux 31 Jul 2014 19:54Z <timotimo> japhb: i really ought to pay close attention to the flags for the test runner when i do jvm benchmarks ... i should let it do fewer tests in a row or something ... or could we perhaps have an option that allows us to scale two steps at a time?
japhb_ botsnack
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yoleaux 00:22Z <timotimo> japhb_: if you look at t.h8.lv/p6bench/2014-08-01-moar.html ... what could be the reason two implementations are missing in all (?) graphs? 02:33
japhb_ Oy, that's annoying
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japhb .tell timotimo Reason for some implementations to be missing from most graphs: having run a limited test with some of the implementations and not the others. The default behavior is that running a new set of tests for a given compiler checkout will overwrite the timings for that compiler checkout, not combine with previously existing runs. This is because combining could too easily result in nonsense. 02:36
yoleaux japhb: I'll pass your message to timotimo.
japhb .tell timotimo So if your most recent run for each of the compared compiler builds did not specify the same tests, you're going to find that some/most of the plots will be missing some lines. You can see this if you do a simple text mode comparison; you'll see a lot of missing data. 02:38
yoleaux japhb: I'll pass your message to timotimo.
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timotimo hey japhb 02:40
yoleaux 02:36Z <japhb> timotimo: Reason for some implementations to be missing from most graphs: having run a limited test with some of the implementations and not the others. The default behavior is that running a new set of tests for a given compiler checkout will overwrite the timings for that compiler checkout, not combine with previously existing runs. This is because combining could too easily result in nonsense.
02:38Z <japhb> timotimo: So if your most recent run for each of the compared compiler builds did not specify the same tests, you're going to find that some/most of the plots will be missing some lines. You can see this if you do a simple text mode comparison; you'll see a lot of missing data.
timotimo i'm up way past my bedtime 02:41
japhb Ah, I understand your concern with the JVM testing time. Hmmm, I need to think about that.
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japhb timotimo: So sleep! :-) 02:41
timotimo you "understand my concern"?
have you actually tried it?
hold on, let me get my timings
japhb Yes. I don't test with the JVM backend anymore. I don't have the time for it, NPI.
It's all death by startup time. 02:42
timotimo at almost exactly 1800 i started my benchmarks
yes, it is
at 0100 it wasn't finished yet.
i ran nqp-moar, nqp-parrot, nqp-jvm, rakudo-moar, rakudo-parrot, rakudo-jim 02:43
japhb I've several times tuned bits of timeall to try to get valid data while forcing fewer actual test runs, so that JVM would be less painful. And then we collectively more than made up for it with new tests and the minimum-three-data-points rule. :-(
timotimo well, actually, at about 0000 +/- 0030 i got to rakudo-jvm, which was followed by nqp-jvm, which was the last one
japhb "It's Rakudo, Jim. But not as we know it ..."
timotimo japhb: have you seen how close we are to the nqp timings with rakudo?! 02:44
japhb Where's your most recent plot data?
timotimo t.h8.lv/p6bench/2014-08-01-moar_redone.html 02:45
if you like line soup: t.h8.lv/p6bench/2014-08-01-three_backends.html
i think i should re-gen these graphs, too
F5 for a few more lines 02:46
jnthn said he'd put a few tricks we learnt on moarvm to good use on rakudo-jvm 02:47
when that happens, i would expect the rakudo-jvm line to approach the nqp-jvm line in a drastic way
japhb Hmmm, In some tests Rakudo is quite close to NQP, and in a few others still quite a bit behind -- but not nearly as bad as last year.
timotimo yes 02:48
btyler I've noticed the recent bench runs have tended to not include perl 5. time saving measure, too many unimplemented benchmarks, or just not what's being measured atm? 02:49
timotimo oh
i can run a perl5 benchmark, too
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btyler I guess "or just forgot" should have been part of the question :) 02:49
timotimo i have to build a perl5 first :)
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timotimo i hope chatting on irc via ssh won't disturb my cpu too much to get acceptable benchmark timings 02:50
japhb timotimo: just keep a perl5 build around. It's not like we need to follow blead. :-)
timotimo perl5 will be too good in all the benchmarks anyway :)
japhb Wow, as long as you avoid a couple big issues (concat, push), nqp-jvm is wicked fast when it gets going. I mean, DAMN. 02:51
timotimo yes
it doesn't get going during compilation, sadly
.o( though if we used the evalserver for that ... )
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japhb Too much risk of contamination between runs to use the same process space for more than one run. :-( 02:52
timotimo for compilation?
japhb Oh, I thought you mean the startup compile time for each test. 02:53
timotimo no
not for benchmarks
oh, another thing
how hard would it be to "transpose" perl6-bench
japhb Which actually is probably getting better with jnthn++'s general closure and dynlex reduction work
timotimo as in: test different implementations of the same code with the same implementation
back when i wrote the junction optimization code i wasn't aware of the performance ramifications of nested subs 02:54
japhb I think you're talking about a feature I was thinking of overlaying plots
timotimo that would certainly be useful
though i'd also imagine you'd have one graph for each implementation, showing all "versions" of the benchmark in one graph
btw, can we somehow put an installation for Data::Alias into the automatic build process of perl5 in perl6-bench? 02:55
japhb We really need to have a doc that has rules of thumb about what to do or avoid in performance-critical code. Because trawling through commit logs -- or even more verbose, #perl6 -- isn't tenable.
timotimo number one rule really is: measure, measure, measure 02:56
japhb timotimo: yeah, post-build module installation has been on my list for a while. Just haven't had tuits for it. I want to have it for all compilers that have a module ecosystem, so we can e.g. test performance of things from the panda ecosystem.
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japhb timotimo: well yeah, sure. But I'm talking general things that have unexpectedly large cost, like creating a closure inside an inner loop. 02:57
Things that are only obvious in retrospect.
.oO( ... in introspect? )
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japhb Oh, and I think I can reasonably claim to be the last person that needs to be told to measure performance. :-) 02:59
timotimo hahah :D
sorry, you're right of course
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timotimo hopefully in the future we'll have some great tooling to get a good look at performance vitals of both user code and compiler internals 02:59
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japhb Yeah, quite. I'm salivating over the idea of having profile flame plots in r-m 03:00
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timotimo how woud that look? highlight lines with their time cost? 03:01
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timotimo t.h8.lv/p6bench/2014-08-01-three_backends.html - updated with perl5 - t.h8.lv/p6bench/2014-08-01-three_backends.html 03:01
japhb Gah, bus stop. Will have to pick this up later. 03:02
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timotimo but ... you just sent me to bed! :P 03:02
japhb I'll .tell you 03:03
timotimo but i enjoy interacting with you :\
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btyler holy cow, thanks timo 03:03
timotimo wow. what. in postwhile_nil_native, rakudo-moar is actually faster than nqp-moar? that's gotta be wrong %)
it could quite possibly be that nqp::list is more expensive than a WVal to grab the Nil that we have in the perl6 code 03:05
btyler this is really cool -- puts 'nqp-jvm is damn fast' into much better perspective
timotimo i wonder why jvm tanks so hard in the concat tests
yes, the int2str_concat performance puzzles me 03:06
maybe our numification is just ridiculously underperformant?
it would make a whole lot of sense if perl5 was crazy fast at that 03:07
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btyler yeah 03:08
timotimo when we get the for optimization back into rakudo, we should see much better results for the "for" benchmarks, too 03:09
like, there was a 3x performance drop on moar; the same problem probably exists on all backends
it is to be expected that our performance post-regression-fix comes out a bit higher than it was in the 2014.07 release 03:10
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btyler I wonder what ruby's performance was like compared to p5 when it was first starting to become popular 03:13
timotimo perhaps the most amazing thing about the performance graphs is how strong the difference is between the jvm rakudos on the normal and the native variants of benchmarks 03:14
visit_2d_indices_loop for example
106x slower than fastest ← non-native rakudo-jvm
btyler the general impression I have is "slow", but it'd be interesting to have a more concrete idea. rakudo being within 20x of perl5 for lots of workloads is probably starting to edge into the same mult as ruby originally had vs perl5
timotimo 30x slower than fastest ← perl5 vs native rakudo-jvm
btyler yeah, I noticed that as well
timotimo (or 15x if you count that at the same x position) 03:15
it amazes me especially much how good we perform at rational numbers (i think these tests test fatrats) 03:16
anyway, ought to go to bed now :) 03:19
btyler night!
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timotimo .o( perl5.20 is exactly as fast at rc-mandelbrot as the recent rakudo-moar's ) 03:20
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btyler lots more to do, but if anyone has a need for speedy JSON parsing (no encoding yet), I'd appreciate feedback: github.com/kanatohodets/p6-json-jansson 04:12
also - is there any standard in p6 land for module installation scripts? it'd be nice to check for NativeCall and jansson on install 04:14
gtodd heh I think FROGGS_wanted some JSON workers :-) 04:17
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gtodd m: my %x; %x{1}=[<a b c d e>]; say "alpha hash time" if "a" ~~ %x{1} ; 04:34
camelia ( no output )
TimToady this is not Perl 5, and there are no impicit 'any' semantics on smartmatching lists 04:36
m: my %x; %x{1}=[<a b c d e>]; say "alpha hash time" if "a" ~~ %x{1}.any
camelia rakudo-moar 89c8e4: OUTPUT«alpha hash time␤»
TimToady *plicit
m: my %x; %x{1} = any <a b c d e>; say "alpha hash time" if "a" ~~ %x{1} 04:37
camelia rakudo-moar 89c8e4: OUTPUT«alpha hash time␤»
TimToady though that works
m: my %x; %x{1} = set <a b c d e>; say "alpha hash time" if "a" ∈ %x{1} 04:38
camelia rakudo-moar 89c8e4: OUTPUT«alpha hash time␤»
TimToady so does that
avuserow btyler: you should be able to depend on NativeCall since it's in the p6 ecosystem
TimToady m: my %x; %x{1} = set <a b c d e>; say "alpha hash time" if x{1}<a> 04:39
camelia rakudo-moar 89c8e4: OUTPUT«===SORRY!=== Error while compiling /tmp/XOOtufo24w␤Undeclared routine:␤ x used at line 1␤␤»
TimToady m: my %x; %x{1} = set <a b c d e>; say "alpha hash time" if %x{1}<a>
camelia rakudo-moar 89c8e4: OUTPUT«alpha hash time␤»
avuserow btyler: that is, once you make your module installable by panda
TimToady or even that
gtodd: ^^
avuserow btyler: not sure how one goes about detecting and gracefully requiring a native library, if that's even possible at present. I'd love to know for my own modules. 04:40
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btyler avuserow: I was thinking of just running a script with nativecall that tried to call one of the methods, then catching the error it generates if it can't find the lib 05:02
*one of the methods of the native lib 05:03
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dalek ast/S26-WHY: 623f1f5 | duff++ | S26-documentation/why-leading.t:
Add leading tests for role, submethod, grammar, rule, token and regex
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sergot o/ 06:18
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grondilu failed to compile rakudo on moarvm: paste.siduction.org/20140801062936 06:30
Stage optimize : Cannot find method 'orig'
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grondilu cleans up his install and nqp directory and retries 06:34
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grondilu failed again 07:07
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masak morning, #perl6 07:47
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moritz idly wonders if any company has a clean solution for aggregating accounting data, matching it with product definitions and generating invoices out of them 07:52
at $work, this is a regular pain point, and my searches for existing solutions only brought up very specialized solutions (like, for telephony) 07:53
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xiaomiao moritz: that smells like ERP, and it's a quicksand trap I refuse to go near while sober 08:08
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moritz xiaomiao: yes, but not quite ERP 08:17
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nwc10 \o 08:50
masak p6: say DateTime.now ~~ Date.today 08:55
camelia rakudo-{parrot,moar} 89c8e4: OUTPUT«True␤»
..niecza v24-109-g48a8de3: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤␤Undeclared name:␤ 'Date' used at line 1␤␤Unhandled exception: Check failed␤␤ at /home/p6eval/niecza/boot/lib/CORE.setting line 1502 (die @ 5) ␤ at /home/p6eval/niecza/src/STD.pm6 line 1147 (P6.comp_uni…»
..rakudo-jvm 89c8e4: OUTPUT«Unhandled exception: java.lang.RuntimeException: Missing or wrong version of dependency 'src/Perl6/Grammar.nqp'␤ in (gen/jvm/main.nqp)␤␤»
masak \o/
pm: say DateTime.now ~~ Date.today 08:56
m: say DateTime.now ~~ Date.today
camelia rakudo-moar 89c8e4: OUTPUT«True␤»
masak p: say DateTime.now ~~ Date.today
camelia rakudo-parrot 89c8e4: OUTPUT«True␤»
masak r: say now ~~ Date.today
camelia rakudo-{parrot,moar} 89c8e4: OUTPUT«False␤»
..rakudo-jvm 89c8e4: OUTPUT«Unhandled exception: java.lang.RuntimeException: Missing or wrong version of dependency 'src/Perl6/Grammar.nqp'␤ in (gen/jvm/main.nqp)␤␤»
masak I'm wondering if that shouldn't work too...
any votes for or against? 08:57
moritz +1 for it 08:58
masak the ones I see making sense (and not always returning False) are DateTime ~~ Date (fixed already, PerlJam++), Instant ~~ Date, Instant ~~ DateTime, and DateTime ~~ Instant. 09:04
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moritz I'm not really up to date (sic) wrt datetime and instant 09:05
can those always be round-tripped?
or does one of the require extra time zone information, for example? 09:06
masak I'm not sure roundtripping is required for smartmatching to make sense.
only that a given datetime unambiguously stands for a given instant.
(and I'm holding my breath instaad of saying "...and vice versa", because it's not 1-to-1, thanks to timezones and other stuff) 09:07
moritz but then only one of those smartmatchings makes sense, no?
ah, no
never mind
masak no, I think both do.
they both ask sensible questions. 09:08
moritz and instance can be represented as several DateTimes with different time zones
masak aye :)
moritz but you can still query the correspondence
moritz feels he understood something
masak and there are "illegal" DateTimes which, (if you could create them) don't have a corresponding Instant.
and there are "double" DateTimes which happily match two Instants. thanks, DST, you jerk. 09:09
moritz (and now you also know why I implemented only Date, and left DateTime to somebody else :-)
masak :D 09:10
Temporal, the way it eventually turned out, was a wonderfully successful case of "I'll leave this to someone else" :)
and we managed to do it without having any Discordian Hexagonal Klingon Swatch time left in the spec :P
I still think there's room for something like DateTime::Interval. but it can easily be mapped out in module-land first. 09:12
with minimal duck punching.
m: say $*TZ 09:15
camelia rakudo-moar 89c8e4: OUTPUT«0␤»
masak ...isn't camelia running in .nl ? shouldn't that be 7200, then? 09:16
it's 7200 locally.
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moritz camelia isn't running on feather anymore 09:25
masak is it running in a 0-offset timezone?
moritz it's running on the internet :-) 09:26
moritz@host07:~$ date
Fri Aug 1 09:26:17 UTC 2014
it's timezone is configured to be UTC
masak oki
that explains it.
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lizmat good *, #perl6! 09:49
hmmm... I can't get rakudo to build on Moar atm 09:50
Stage optimize : Cannot find method 'orig' 09:51
at src/Perl6/Optimizer.nqp:353 (blib/Perl6/Optimizer.moarvm:add_memo:19)
from src/Perl6/Optimizer.nqp:348 (blib/Perl6/Optimizer.moarvm:add_worry:19)
looks like it is jnthn's last commit 09:52
jnthn wtf
Works here
lizmat want me to give you the full stacktrace ?
jnthn oh 09:53
Maybe I shoulda bumped NQP_REVISION...
oh, and MOAR_REVISION even more so given there's bug fixes. 09:55
dalek p: 4c90808 | jnthn++ | tools/build/MOAR_REVISION:
Get various MoarVM improvements.
kudo/nom: 4024362 | jnthn++ | tools/build/NQP_REVISION:
FROGGS[mobile] jnthn: we really need to fix parrot :/
jnthn FROGGS[mobile]: I can't actually build nqp-p at the moment due to link errors. :/ 09:57
lizmat rebuilding and spectesting...
will also do parrot and jvm this time
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jnthn FROGGS[mobile]: Is it just the inexplicable fallout of the junctions related patch I did that's at issue? 09:58
cognominal r: my @a = "a\n\n\nb\n \nc".split: /[\h*\n]{2..Inf}/; say @a.perl 09:59
FROGGS[mobile] jnthn: seems like, aye
camelia rakudo-{parrot,moar} 89c8e4: OUTPUT«Array.new("a", "", "", "b", "", "c")␤»
..rakudo-jvm 89c8e4: OUTPUT«Unhandled exception: java.lang.RuntimeException: Missing or wrong version of dependency 'src/Perl6/Grammar.nqp'␤ in (gen/jvm/main.nqp)␤␤»
cognominal oops 10:00
r: my @a = "a\n\n\nb\n \nc".split: /[\h*\n]**{2..Inf}/; say @a.perl
camelia rakudo-{parrot,moar} 89c8e4: OUTPUT«Array.new("a", "b", "c")␤»
..rakudo-jvm 89c8e4: OUTPUT«Unhandled exception: java.lang.RuntimeException: Missing or wrong version of dependency 'src/Perl6/Grammar.nqp'␤ in (gen/jvm/main.nqp)␤␤»
cognominal that's better
masak moritz: speaking of time zones: www.commitstrip.com/en/page/20/ 10:08
dalek ast: 2073365 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S06-routine-modifiers/lvalue-subroutines.t:
Another fudge for (probably) #122448
synopsebot Link: rt.perl.org/rt3//Public/Bug/Displa...?id=122448
lizmat on Moar: All tests successful. 10:18
Files=908, Tests=31977, 226 wallclock secs ( 9.09 usr 4.02 sys + 1420.95 cusr 173.06 csys = 1607.12 CPU)
jnthn can't remember the last lizmat measurement 10:19
lizmat well, it was about the same, but with fewer tests
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moritz masak: :-) 10:38
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lizmat hmmm... quite severe breakage on parrot indeed 10:49
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lizmat gist.github.com/lizmat/72dc142c2aac6b402b64 # failures on parrot 10:50
masak has anyone bisected it? is there a likely culprit commit? 10:51
jnthn Yes, we know which commit did it.
masak ah.
jnthn Well, provided that one is the only issue
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masak is it possible to revert it and see if everything rebuilds fine? 10:52
jnthn But (a) it makes no sense it should cause this kind of failure, and (b) latest nqp-p doesn't build on Windows, meaning it's a yak shave for me to go hunt it
masak *nod*
lizmat imgur.com/86npB1j # wonder what Perl 6 will be :-)
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masak Perl 6 does the same, but the 2012 version is 10 cm high, and the 2014 version is 50 cm high :) 10:54
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nwc10 the Perl 5 truck is old and ugly, and the snowplough is clearly hacked together and welded onto the front. 10:56
masak still, it gets things done. 10:57
nwc10 yes, sorry, forgot that that doesn't go without saying
masak it puts food on a lot of people's families every day.
nwc10 for some reason it's put too much food on the table here at work today 10:58
(catering oversupply)
must be Perl's fault.
masak well, you saw the utter efficiency of Perl in that gif :P
no wonder there's a lot of food.
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Woodi hallo today :) 11:02
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masak cześć, Woodi 11:03
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Woodi moritz: I think double accounting is general cure and solid base for such cases. but it's a overkill, it's so solid that ppls don't like it :) 11:09
moritz Woodi: this is not about the actual accounting/bookkeeping 11:10
Woodi: but about collecting your customer's user data, and using that to generate invoices
Woodi it's very interdisciplinary problem :) I like put users personal data into LDAP and have automatic balances from double accounting system :) 11:12
btw. I do not have such system :)
masak moritz: your desired system sounds interesting. unfortunately, I don't know about any prior art. 11:13
Woodi requirements, details, analysis, specifications, lot's of work :) 11:14
moritz I found blog.plover.com/prog/Moonpig.html quite interesting, and it solves part of the problem (the billing), but with quite different constraints than ours 11:18
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Woodi I think mjd is proud of quality in moonpig project :) but I also got impression it is crafted for theirs needs... 11:23
I 11:24
... still hope mjd disagree with my impression :)
moritz wy wouldn't it be craftef for their needs? 11:25
Woodi it was internal project for some mail company and lot's of code there is for theirs ways of calculating receivables... it's possible project is written with general case in mind but probably I need some training to see this 11:28
and it have all web interface ! somehow I hate this... keyboard presses lag, all that infrastructure between... when you have, let's say 100 invoices to put into system (per day or week) you realy want curses-like app responsibility 11:33
nwc10 I have just found that this exists and it it pleases me that it is so: www.swearemipsum.com/ 11:35
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dalek p: 6923af7 | jnthn++ | src/vm/moar/QAST/QAST (2 files):
Assorted small optimizations to QAST -> MAST.
p: 4b6a4af | jnthn++ | src/how/NQPClassHOW.nqp:
Cheapen late-bound method lookup.
ast/S26-WHY: b6ebef3 | duff++ | S26-TODO.md:
Update S26-TODO.md
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dalek kudo/nom: 5f7eaa6 | jnthn++ | src/Perl6/Optimizer.nqp:
Optimize the optimizer somewhat.

Shaves about a third off its execution time.
kudo/nom: 4d347fd | jnthn++ | src/Perl6/World.nqp:
Cheapen dynamic compilation somewhat.
nwc10 jnthn: I was *joking* about negative parse times in the near future. You weren't supposed to take me seriously :-) 12:04
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jnthn It's still a good bit too positive :P 12:18
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lizmat jnthn: is this a strange error message? postcircumfix:<{ }> binding not defined for type Hash 12:29
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lizmat aha, most definitely 12:30
the error goes away with MVM_SPESH_DISABLE=1 12:31
golfing down
jnthn lizmat: Yeah, that's on my todo list for today; FROGGS ran into it also
lizmat in my case, it comes from a repeated call to $foo<a><b> := $bar 12:32
where <a> and <b> are varying
seems to happen on the 22nd iteration on a given $foo 12:33
Ven is using Perl 6 to parsing some PDF, and it feels good. 12:38
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Ven has no idea what the hell he's doing 12:39
lizmat .o( PDF parsing ? ) 12:40
Ven doesn't look like dwarring++'s library uses `is export` anywhere
well, it's not like there's docs, so I'm trying to read the tests .. 12:42
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Ven well, doesn't seem like it'll quite do what I want it to. Too bad. 12:44
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Ven `say PDF::Grammar::Content.pdf(slurp($f))` => Any :( 12:49
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dalek ast/S26-WHY: fd583ac | (Rob Hoelz)++ | S26-documentation/why-leading.t:
ast/S26-WHY: fad2530 | (Rob Hoelz)++ | S26-documentation/why-leading.t:
Add test names to failing WHEREFORE tests
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Ven why did I even try to parse that pdf ... 3 vim commands and it's done 13:04
lizmat wonders how much can be done in 3 vim commands 13:06
Ven I could've done it in 1, I just didn't know ":v" 13:07
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PerlJam lizmat++ (grant manager for the next attempt to betterify ACT) 13:08
lizmat PerlJam: thank you
let's hope this one will go better than the other grants I've been / am grant manager of
BTW: for which I'm actually quite hopeful :-) 13:09
PerlJam I didn't get a good vibe from the grant application, but with ribasushi and SawyerX chiming in their support and you as grant manager, I feel better about it. 13:11
lizmat in a way, it's the 3rd reboot of Act 13:12
Ven wonders what the topic is 13:15
timotimo wowza, only turning dynamic vars into member vars shaves off a *third* of the execution time 13:16
PerlJam Ven: What ACT is or what the grant is?
timotimo (of the optimizer)
Ven PerlJam: both 13:17
grondilu eventually managed to compile rakudo
jnthn timotimo: No, it's a bit more subtle than that.
timotimo ah? 13:18
jnthn timotimo: It also got rid of a lot of non-flattenable scope entries and switched them over to be native ints.
PerlJam Ven: act.mongueurs.net/ has some links for more info about ACT, and the grant proposal is at news.perlfoundation.org/2014/07/gra...--voy.html
timotimo oh!
yeah, that does sound nice to have :)
jnthn Together, on very hot paths called tens of thousands of times, it adds up.
gtodd TimToady: thanks re: hashes lists and "any" ... I was following along the smart matching examples from the ORA book "Perl6 Essentails" and they weren't working
timotimo gtodd: how recent is that book? 13:19
gtodd pretty old :-)
I see no mention of .any
well not in that section
PerlJam that book is 10 years old.
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gtodd hehhe 13:19
PerlJam A great many things have changed since it was published ;)