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Set by sorear on 25 June 2013.
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gtodd except ... the aliens abduct all the ways of building software: auto-%@$, CMake ,rake, scons, waf, ant, ninja ... Inf 01:42
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firefish5000 m: class Person { has $.Is=$0 if "very sensable" ~~ m{(.+)}; has $.IsNot=$0 if "Insane" ~~ m{(.+)}; }; my $FireFish = Person.new(); say "I am {$FireFish.Is}"; 05:06
camelia rakudo-moar b5032f: OUTPUT«(timeout)» 05:07
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vendethiel o/, #perl6 05:37
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ingy \/\/\o vendethiel! 05:53
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moritz \o 06:51
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_slade_ oハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ 06:52
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dalek href="https://modules.perl6.org:">modules.perl6.org: 24e8143 | raydiak++ | web/index.tmpl:
Re-enable js search w/less truncation. See issue 5
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moritz raydiak++ 07:51
raydiak :) thanks...doesn't fix the dt/dd issue, but I figured it's better than a broken search box (or none at all) 07:53
nwc10 timotimo: Elizabeth has just spotted the Camelia on the APW site - "wow - that's very nice" 07:55
TimToady: Elizabeth has just spotted the Camelia on the APW site - "wow - that's very nice" 07:56
timotimo: that might also be intersting to you, but it's probably more amusing to him
FROGGS nwc10: I like the shirt design very much btw :o) 07:59
nwc10 FROGGS: I don't think that the designer will be in Salzburg, but you'll probably see her friend/our contact at the same time as me, so you could pass that on directly. 08:01
FROGGS nwc10: will do that :o) 08:02
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dalek href="https://modules.perl6.org:">modules.perl6.org: fd86dda | moritz++ | web/lib/P6Project/Hosts/Github.pm:
Fix error reporting on older Mojolicious versions
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Ven what's the last date for registering a talk to apw2014? 08:16
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moritz modules.perl6.org now all fixed, and 90% awesome 08:18
FROGGS Ven: perhaps ask nwc10 directly 08:20
Ven nwc10: ping :)
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nwc10 Ven: hi. I might vanish without notice 08:21
Ven nwc10: hi. what's the last date for submitting a talk (apw2014)?
nwc10 Ven: other than lightning talks, it may well have passed. The schedule is already very full 08:22
I have actually lost track of what the revised date was
I'm on holiday (or is that "holiday") and I'm really not in a position to work anything out 08:23
Ven ha, because the form is still available
nwc10 if you have sufficient abstract ready that it's a copy-paste job, then you're welcome to submit a talk, but the others might have to reject it because it won't fit 08:24
Ven: that wouldn't surprise me
Ven eh
raydiak moritz++ # un-breaking things
nwc10 Ven: I've not been looking after the site, nor dealing with the talks 08:25
moritz raydiak: I also broke it in the first place :-)
Ven nwc10: alright. Next one: do you need to submit your real name in order to do a talk?
nwc10 Ven: I don't think so. Zefram often doesn't use his real name, nor does chromatic 08:26
raydiak moritz: you wouldn't have broken it if you weren't improving it in the zeroth place :)
moritz I think of "chromatic" as chromatic's real name. It's very real to me, even it's not his legal name
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Ven Well, I guess I'll submit "Perl 6 and the other cheek" 08:27
raydiak sleep time...good morning and good night #perl6 o/ 08:31
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Ven well, submitted a 20min talk, I hope it'll go in :( 08:36
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timotimo is it that x creates strings and xx creates lists because a string is one thing and a list is many things? 09:20
(very roughly)
moritz yes 09:21
timotimo cute 09:22
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dalek kudo/nom: e4adb29 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/IO/Spec/Unix.pm:
Remove my @ sillyness, any Iterative will do
ast: d8a8632 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S32-io/io-spec-unix.t:
Make IO::Spec::Unix.path tests more sensible
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dalek ecs: b89831b | (L. Grondin)++ | S32-setting-library/IO.pod:
fix minor syntax error
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dalek ecs: 66edfbe | (L. Grondin)++ | S32-setting-library/IO.pod:
adding missing =over
ast: fc2dbbe | usev6++ | S04-declarations/multiple.t:
Add ticket number RT #83430 to existing test
synopsebot Link: rt.perl.org/rt3//Public/Bug/Displa...l?id=83430
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lizmat errands& 12:02
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timotimo it's been a month since the first batch of videos of yapceu has been released; i wonder what's keeping them and if we can do anything to help? 12:30
.o( or even obtain raw videos for the talks i'm interested in :P )
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dalek kudo-star-daily: b746522 | coke++ | log/MoarVM-version.log:
today (automated commit)
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dalek rl6-roast-data: c8f369f | coke++ | / (5 files):
today (automated commit)
rl6-roast-data: b535377 | coke++ | bin/ (2 files):
Remove rakudo.jvm from the daily runs

it's taking over 24 hours to run rakudo with moar,moar-jit,parrot & jvm. Nearly all the time is spent on rakudo.jvm. - this is a performance regression in the past 2-3 days.
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dalek rl6-roast-data: 800882f | coke++ | perl6_pass_rates.csv:
annotate last 2 jvm runs.
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grondilu timotimo: no P6-related videos yet indeed. It's almost as if they were censored or something. 12:50
timotimo i find that highly unlikely
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grondilu what's the explanation then? It's not like posting video on YouTube takes a month, is it? 12:51
timotimo could be anything, really 12:52
the person who was supposed to cut the videos may be on vacation/sick
computer dead
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timotimo trouble extracting the raw video from the cameras? 12:52
backup tapes can't be located?
grondilu if there was a technical incident it would be mentioned somewhere, wouldn't it? 12:53
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jkg I tend to assume "volunteers running out of spare time" 12:53
yeahnoob where's the video? 12:54
timotimo www.youtube.com/user/yapceu/videos 12:55
[Coke] never assume malice where life is a probably cause.
*probable. (arglebargle!)
yeahnoob Maybe i can Translate&Add Chinese language subtitle for it. if it's not too long. 12:56
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timotimo is someone in a yapceu channel or something and can ask what's up? 12:59
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grondilu can tweet them 13:02
timotimo that would be interesting
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grondilu not sure I still quite understand how twitter works but here is my attempt: twitter.com/grondilu/status/517298929965477888 13:06
timotimo that sounds a bit more like "fuck you, give me the videos", whereas i would have suggested something more like "can we help get this out faster?"
grondilu yeah with hindsight that was not very diplomatic 13:08
timotimo they are not our enemy, using the word "diplomatic" is also undiplomatic in this situation :P
yeahnoob " 25/08/14 Lost laptop Guys, we have lost one of the conference laptops. A metallic Asus Zenbook. If anyone have found it. Please contact me."
grondilu it's a good thing I can remove tweets
yeahnoob from act.yapc.eu/ye2014/. Is that the lost video in the ladtop? 13:09
timotimo yeahnoob: look a line above that: NB: talks from the main room Vitosha will take a little longer, as they had a much more complicated setup. We'll post here and on twitter as soon as they're ready!
sounds like the videos wouldn't be on that laptop
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nine It's quite common for converence videos to take even a couple of months to show up online. 13:12
grondilu That's quite difficult to believe, but I guess in these matters there are factors I'm totally oblivious of. 13:14
timotimo unless you've contracted NextDayVideo
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PerlJam wonders how complicated the setup was for Vitosha that it's taking so long ... the videos for the other rooms were up in just a couple of weeks. 13:20
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nine Volunteer organized conference: lots of work, getting more and more stressful the closer the conference is, followed by a couple of extremely intense days with even more work and stress. Then it's finally over. You need some time to relax. Then some time to follow up on lots of stuff you pushed out because you were busy with the conference. Good that the conference is over. Oh I forgot, there's some videos to upload. Not much motivation because there's no deadline 13:30
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nine Also the complicated setup could be that video and audio were not recorded on the same device. So they'll have to cut and sync them again. Tedious work. 13:33
PerlJam aye. 13:36
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gtodd nine: hmm if only ACT included a builtin perl/jscript based video web app that could grab footage from laptop onboard cams .. :-) 13:55
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moritz that would be aweful quality 13:57
gtodd heh 13:58
nine Better wait for a few months than hardly understanding a word due to low audio quality ;) 13:59
gtodd hehe yeah but in those scifi futures in the movies automagically streaming recording, editing, subtitlling, translating and mixing randomly errm "supplied" video streams is trivial .... 14:00
because in the future they have p6 :-)
moritz I'm mostly amazed that in scifi movies, they can immediately decode any incoming video stream 14:04
nine moritz: they obviously just use mplayer
moritz no missing codecs or unknown streaming formats etc.
nine: :-)
gtodd nine: :-D 14:08
in the future you never have upgrade "Adobe Flash Player" 14:09
(which always makes me think "Adobe bought Flash? Oh yeah ...")
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gtodd camelia: m: say "jubilation"; 14:47
camelia gtodd: rakudo-moar e4adb2: OUTPUT«jubilation␤»
gtodd speedy
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japhb botsnack 15:32
yoleaux 30 Sep 2014 19:08Z <timotimo> japhb: the only relevant thing i see is --skip-incomplete, but it doesn't change anything :(
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japhb timotimo: OK, back. So ... are you running `bench compare` or `bench history`? 15:33
timotimo: Also, pretty please p6weekly? It's may main source of #perl6 goings on these days. :-)
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timotimo japhb: this was bench history 16:47
also ... oh yeah the weekly :S
gtodd heh 16:50
timotimo my energy levels seem to be far from over 9000 these days
gtodd could change the name to p6timely
and or weekly could be read as a range ... 16:51
38 .. 41
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dalek rlito: b0e7ab7 | (Flavio S. Glock)++ | Makefile:
Perlito5 - use 'nodejs' in Makefile
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dalek rlito: 6f48b7a | (Flavio S. Glock)++ | / (3 files):
Perlito5 - fix associativity of && and ||
grondilu m: multi f($a, $b where $a|$b == 0) { 0 }; multi f($a, $b where $a == $b) { "==" }; say f(0, 0); # can I rely on this behavior? (higher priority for junctions or something? 17:02
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camelia rakudo-moar e4adb2: OUTPUT«0␤» 17:02
timotimo that junction isn't visible to the multi dispatch
it's part of an opaque "where block" type of thing
grondilu doesn't understand 17:03
timotimo the multiple dispatch code doesn't see a difference between the $a|$b == 0 and the $a == $b things 17:04
grondilu then why does he pick one?
vendethiel first one?
tries to match it, it does, yay
grondilu I would have expected an "ambiguous" error or something 17:05
vendethiel it's not ambigous
ambiguous*. Not really.
It's very useful to have "cascading matches"
grondilu m: multi f($ where * %% 2) { 2 }; multi f($a where * %% 3) { 3 }; say f(6); # indeed it picks the first one 17:06
camelia rakudo-moar e4adb2: OUTPUT«2␤»
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grondilu I don't quite understand how I managed to get an "ambiguous call" error once. (in a very different code, though) 17:07
grondilu doesn't remember the exact phrasing of the error
grondilu looks in rakudo's code 17:08
grondilu finds X::Multi::Ambiguous
grondilu then wonders when exactly X::Multi::Ambiguous is raised 17:09
timotimo m: multi f(Int $a, Cool $b) { 1 }; multi f (Cool $a, Int $b) { 2 }; f(1, 1);
camelia rakudo-moar e4adb2: OUTPUT«Ambiguous call to 'f'; these signatures all match:␤:(Int $a, Cool $b)␤:(Cool $a, Int $b)␤ in sub f at /tmp/1MmXiAF4nW:1␤ in block <unit> at /tmp/1MmXiAF4nW:1␤␤»
grondilu ok
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grondilu m: grep { ($_ == 5) ff ($_ == 7) }, 3, 4, 5, 2, 7, 9, 5; # is there a more concise way to write this? 17:33
camelia ( no output )
grondilu m: say grep { ($_ == 5) ff ($_ == 7) }, 3, 4, 5, 2, 7, 9, 5; # is there a more concise way to write this?
camelia rakudo-moar e4adb2: OUTPUT«5 2 7 5␤»
timotimo m: say grep { 5 ff 7 }, 3, 4, 5, 2, 7, 9, 5 17:34
camelia rakudo-moar e4adb2: OUTPUT«3 4 5 2 7 9 5␤»
timotimo ah, not quite
m: say grep { $_ ~~ (5 ff 7) }, 3, 4, 5, 2, 7, 9, 5 17:35
camelia rakudo-moar e4adb2: OUTPUT«␤»
timotimo also not quite that
how do i ff.
grondilu m: say grep { /5/ ff /7/ }, 3, 4, 5, 2, 7, 9, 5
camelia rakudo-moar e4adb2: OUTPUT«5 2 7 5␤»
grondilu ^this would work but I'd like to keep it numeric
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dalek href="https://perl6.org:">perl6.org: ab6916b | raydiak++ | source/compilers/index.html:
Un-break box styling on the Compilers page
timotimo yay
spider-mario: do you have time to build a rakudo-star 2014.09 package on aur soon? 17:41
raydiak o/ afternoon all 17:42
17:45 gfldex joined
timotimo how are you doing, raydiak? :) 17:45
spider-mario oh, sorry, I was going to but I forgot
(school, etc.)
thanks for reminding me 17:46
timotimo that's all right :)
it's just i talked about perl6 with an arch user yesterday
so i noticed the version is behind a month
which is pretty fantastic compared to some other packagings we've had in the past
spider-mario I also provide a binary repo, but I’m not sure many people know about it 17:47
it has little visibility
wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Unoff...ies#rakudo 17:48
timotimo that looks pretty hidden, aye
raydiak timotimo: eh, this is not a good year for me so far...but un-breaking things is theraputic :) how are you? 17:49
timotimo i'm okay. currently in a writer's block / low energy mode kind of phase :\ 17:50
raydiak do season changes do that to you? 17:51
timotimo i'm not sure
17:52 xfix joined
timotimo i don't remember such a phase from last year 17:52
xfix Hello.
raydiak o/ xfix
timotimo ohai xfix!
dalek href="https://perl6.org:">perl6.org: d2b09dd | (Konrad Borowski)++ | README.md:
Testing site under IE6 and IE7 is unnecessary.

Who uses that, anyway? XP is not supported anymore, anyway.
xfix How is Perl 6 going? The Blogs link on Perl 6 page is dead. 17:55
17:55 molaf left
timotimo ah, yes, planetaria :( 17:55
planetaria kinda died
xfix I see.
timotimo pl6anet.org/ 17:56
when did you last check in?
xfix Long time ago.
Perhaps a few months before.
timotimo so you missed moarvm getting a jit?
xfix No.
I come here very rarely, however.
timotimo OK
jnthn grondilu: "where" clauses in multi-dispatch work like smart-match (they actually do .ACCEPTS on the thing you supply, even), meaning whichever matches first wins. I did try and get it to be ambiguous instead, but TimToady won that one, and these days I think it was probably the right call.
xfix timotimo: Do you think perl6.org should be changed to include pl6anet instead?
timotimo did you notice Inline::Perl5 getting up? 17:57
xfix Yes.
jnthn made it home
And oh wow...it's SO quiet.
timotimo hey jnthn!
glad to see you :)
jnthn Almost unnervingly quiet.
jnthn notes he has been awake > 20 hours by now, so should not be asked anything important this evening ;) 17:58
timotimo is P == NP?
jnthn I did read lots of papers on the plane, and get some decent thinking/design time, though :)
timotimo oh awesome
i guess it was a high percentage of escape analysis related stuff?
xfix timotimo: That still wasn't solved (unless Perl 6 solved it while I was away) :-). 17:59
jnthn timotimo: Yes, if the constant factors are infinite... :P
vendethiel xfix: xp is actually still supported ;-)
timotimo xfix: what is "that"?
xfix Yeah, I know, this Microsoft update for security issue.
timotimo: P == NP.
However, moritz pushed the version to care about from IE6 to IE8, but didn't update the IE5.5 below. 18:00
jnthn timotimo: No, though masak and I did a couple of esc patches at BJ airport today...will push them from my laptop later...or tomorrow...
timotimo oh, cool :) 18:01
xfix And to be honest, I don't think this site works under IE6 anyway. Not that it has to. If somebody still uses IE6, the chance that this someone is interested in Perl 6 is close to 0 (if you still keep this old program...).
jnthn timotimo: Was more pondering native arrays, and parametricity in general...
timotimo that sounds great
jnthn Well, I might have come up with something that solves a bunch of problems at once... :) We'll see. I'll need a day or two to get it down coherently. :)
raydiak is the moar jit enabled by default yet? 18:02
nine jnthn: and probably a night or two to recover ;)
timotimo raydiak: we want that, but i don't know if anyone patched it yet
raydiak so it's pretty much stable? 18:04
timotimo we hope so :) 18:05
worst case we turn the default around before the next release
we want to at least get it tested more heavily from now on
nine Seems like parsing an 11000 lines file with a grammar is a bit too ambitious
jnthn nine: We parse a 20,000+ line one every single Rakudo build... 18:06
timotimo did you see how big the core setting is? we parse that in 25 seconds on moar nowadays
however, that's with a grammar built in nqp
raydiak cool, thanks for the info timotimo++
timotimo and action methods in nqp
which is known to be faster than perl6 in many cases
.oO( nqp-ing is overrated )
jnthn True, there's still some gap to close...
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jnthn On JIT by default, I think I said I was fine wiht it, somebody could patch it, or I'd do it once I was back in action :) 18:07
timotimo gist.github.com/timo/fa6d113e897c9f1e1905 - does this seem sane?
xfix My personal opinion is that P == NP, however, you need infinite-length data structures to actually solve NP problems in P time. Not that this is useful in practice, however. 18:09
nine 7 minutes and 2.6 GiB RAM and still running. Is there anything obvious to keep in mind/avoid when writing such a grammar? 18:10
moritz nine: don't use left-recursion
timotimo do you have only a grammar or are you also building stuff with your actions?
moritz nine: also, don't quantify a rule that might match zero characters 18:11
timotimo (like <ws>)
nine timotimo: no actions yet
timotimo hm, interesting 18:12
xfix / ''* / # will always cause an infinite loop with current implementations (in future, Perl 6 implementation may notice this, but don't expect more than exception)
timotimo can you get a shorter input file and run a --profile with your moarvm?
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timotimo also, putting some debug say statements at the end of some complex rules or something ... 18:14
or maybe you're trying to print the result of the matching, which may take a loooong time trying to concatenate lots of strings ...
xfix I think that Rakudo debugger supports regexes. 18:15
jnthn timotimo: Yes, though it's more about whether to build the JIT than enable/disable
nine oh indeed
I am printing the results
timotimo jnthn: oh? 18:16
jnthn --no-jit would match better with existing options we have
timotimo: You can disable it with MVM_JIT_DISABLE even if it's built
timotimo oh
well, i can rename them
jnthn timotimo: The command line flag means "don't even try building it"
timotimo but the change makes the previous behavior of --enable-jit the default 18:17
jnthn --no-jit works for me
Right, agree it does the right thing
timotimo or --without-jit
jnthn But no other option we have is called --without
We should at least pretend to believe in consistency... :)
timotimo OK
i must be AFK soon, so not sure if i'll fix up the patch soon 18:18
jnthn should go buy some food :)
timotimo and i still have to write the weekly ...
bon appetit :)
jnthn I'll probably eat something, write a "yes I got home safely don't worry about me" mail, and sleep... :)
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jnthn bbl, or bbt... :) 18:19
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xfix On sidenote, how fast Perl 6 boot time is now (on MoarVM, let's say)? 18:23
Is it faster than Perl 5 with Moose?
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grondilu it was said to be so indeed 18:24
timotimo 15% less time than perl5 with moose
xfix Sounds great.
Last time I was here, it was slower than Moose.
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PerlJam Though they're both moving targets as Moose gets improved too 18:25
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xfix Moose was there for a while, it doesn't change that much, does it? 18:25
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psch hi #perl6 18:27
xfix Hi, psch.
psch tr/// adverbs are confusing
(also i was apparently too slow to quit irssi and stick it into a screen)
bloomberg timotimo: yeah, the weekly. I've been waiting for that
psch Str.trans adverb are similarly confusing, of course
especially as neither 1) are implemented or 2) specced 18:28
xfix Well, tr/// works like tr in UNIX shell (and y/// in sed, of course).
psch xfix: neither of those have :squash or :complement, afaik
PerlJam xfix: I dunno ... ether did a Moose release 5 days ago.
psch i guess i'll spec them according to what i think the spectest means they mean
xfix Oh right. Well, I personally don't use those flags. 18:29
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psch although short forms should probably not be confuseable with other short forms for s/// 18:29
xfix (they exist for compatibility with Perl 5, I believe)
perldoc.perl.org/perlop.html#tr/SEA...TLIST/cdsr 18:30
Perl 5 has documentation for these, but it's rather confusing.
PerlJam what's confusing about it? :)
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psch xfix: thanks, i hadn't looked there. i guess i don't need to spec them, iff our spec still is "if it's not described, it's as it is in p5" 18:31
xfix The behavior of /c, /s, and /d.
psch where the last not-quoted 'is' is "behaves as", or some such :)
xfix I can see how tr may provide performance enhancements in rare situations, but that doesn't change that its behaviour is rather strange, especially with options. 18:33
flussence for the sake of people's sanity, the spec should probably specify "same as p5" means v5.8.8 (if it doesn't already)
PerlJam xfix: How is its behavior strange? It's always seemed straight-forward to me. 18:34
xfix I just don't get how it works. And why actually use those options.
Sure, you can write tr/a-zA-Z/ /cs. But so you can write s/[^a-zA-Z]+/ /g, which is more readable in my opinion (but to be honest, you should use Unicode letters meta character). 18:35
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dalek rl6-roast-data: 07d545b | coke++ | / (4 files):
today (automated commit)
[Coke] ^^ no jvm runs because too slow.
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PerlJam xfix: sounds like you're saying, because this more powerful thing exists that can do the same job, we don't need the special-purpose tool. 18:37
[Coke] Please let me know if moar-jit becomes the default. 18:38
moritz [Coke]: jnthn++ plans to make it the default, if nobody objects 18:39
xfix I just think that tr/// looks like an old feature that maps just exists here to make moving from sed to Perl easier.
[Coke] I assume that some platforms JIT will not occur, so I'll still need to test the non jit version with an env. variable...
xfix that just exists here*
PerlJam moar-jit default +1
xfix: maybe I've just got a soft spot for tr/// since I've used it so long :) 18:40
xfix That makes sense.
[Coke] does anyone have bench runs with recent commits of rakudo.jvm ? 18:41
xfix I just don't see how it's useful, unless you do something really special. I cannot think of examples that wouldn't be contrived, however.
[Coke] btw, rakudo.moar & parrot all test clean.
moritz [Coke]: fwiw I'm installing the oracle java 8 package right now 18:42
PerlJam xfix: flip side ... I just don't see why I should fire up the regex engine just to do some simple character replacements. :) 18:43
xfix That makes sense.
But well, I personally don't care about micro-optimisation. 18:44
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PerlJam xfix: sometimes it's about optimization, but often it's also about saying what you mean. 18:44
vendethiel a.replace(from.split X=> to.split) :D
xfix One of contrived examples is tr/234/122/s which replaces all instances of 2 with 1, and all instances of 3 and 4 with 2 while squashing replacements.
I also don't really like thinking about characters. Usually a single character in a string doesn't matter. Entire strings are manipulated. substr is very rare. 18:46
brrt wonders if we're going to see a new flurry of JIT bugs if it will become default 18:48
timotimo m: token word { \w+ }; rule phrase { <word> [ \, <word> ]* \. }; if "hey, there\n" ~~ / <phrase> \n / { say "yay" } 18:49
camelia rakudo-moar e4adb2: OUTPUT«Useless declaration of a has-scoped method in mainline (did you mean 'my token word'?)␤Useless declaration of a has-scoped method in mainline (did you mean 'my rule phrase'?)␤No such method 'phrase' for invocant of type 'Cursor'␤ in method ACCEPTS a…»
vendethiel brrt: computers might break down,yes 18:50
timotimo m: my token word { \w+ }; my rule phrase { <word> [ \, <word> ]* \. }; if "hey, there\n" ~~ / <phrase> \n / { say "yay" }
camelia ( no output )
timotimo m: my token word { \w+ }; my rule phrase { <word> [ \, <word> ]* \. }; if "hey, there.\n" ~~ / <phrase> \n / { say "yay" }
camelia ( no output )
.oO( that's why we need continuations : ATNs ! )
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timotimo what are ATNs? 18:53
also, who knows what's wrong with my matching up there?
it seems to match fine up until the . and then maybe gets confused by the \n? 18:54
vendethiel timotimo: augmented transition network
timotimo m: my token word { \w+ }; my rule phrase { <word> [ \, <word> ]* \. }; if "hey, there." ~~ / <phrase> / { say "yay" } 18:55
vendethiel (tended to be used for sentence parsing)
camelia rakudo-moar e4adb2: OUTPUT«yay␤»
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vendethiel \n is "n"? 18:55
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vendethiel (in the regexp, that is.) 18:55
timotimo i don't think so :S 18:56
m: say "\n" ~~ / \n /
camelia rakudo-moar e4adb2: OUTPUT«「␤」␤␤»
vendethiel fair enough
timotimo m: say "hello\n" ~~ / \w+ \n /
camelia rakudo-moar e4adb2: OUTPUT«「hello␤」␤␤»
timotimo m: say "hello.\n" ~~ / \w+ \. \n /
camelia rakudo-moar e4adb2: OUTPUT«「hello.␤」␤␤»
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grondilu good to know : using a double entry cache is much slower than concatenating the keys: 18:59
(my %){rand}{rand} = rand for ^100_000; # ~ 22s on my machine
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grondilu (my %){rand ~ "|" ~ rand} = rand for ^100_000; # less than 10s 19:00