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dalek pan style="color: #395be5">perl6-examples: 68f6bb0 | paultcochrane++ | categories/cookbook/04arrays/04-0 (2 files):
[cookbook] indent code consistently
pan style="color: #395be5">perl6-examples: b9b413d | paultcochrane++ | t/categories/cookbook/04arrays.t:
[cookbook] add tests for 04arrays examples
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sjn arnsholt, jnthn, pmichaud: We have a room at Teknologihuset for some hacking, from 09:30 today 06:59
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FROGGS morning #perl6 07:05
ohh, I wish a lot of fun at Teknologihuset 07:06
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moritz sounds like a fun place to be 07:08
masak morning, #perl6 07:09
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moritz \o masak, FROGGS, sjn, * 07:11
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lizmat so, I'm the only one having this slowdown?? 07:37
lizmat nukes install and starts from scratch
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FROGGS lizmat: seems so... I have no slowdown 07:42
sjn lizmat: we have the room at teknologihuset today, btw :) 07:44
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FROGGS sjn: is tadzik also at your place? 07:47
RabidGravy marnin' 07:49
tadzik FROGGS: I was not
and I
'm now aboard flytoget to OSL
masak flytoget! with free wifi! \o/ 07:51
tadzik yes :)
also the interfaceless ticket buying
1) swipe your card 2) get on train
what a time to be alive 07:52
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lizmat sjn: on our way now 07:57
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Ven today's masak's autopun. twitter.com/kmett/status/596472641894129664 07:59
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Ven also, o/ #perl6 07:59
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sjn pmichaud, jnthn, arnsholt: I'm at teknologihuset now, in the boardroom two stairs up. Espen (the host) will show you the way 08:06
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lizmat after an install nuke, all back to normal :-) 08:11
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FROGGS phew :o) 08:19
pmichaud good morning, #perl6
FROGGS morning pmichaud
masak morning, pmichaud!
arnsholt o/ 08:20
FROGGS hopes that pmichaud slept more than what FROGGS has heard on other conferences/workshops
pmichaud I did finally start to catch up on sleep last night, yes. 08:22
sjn is afraid he may have kept jnthn up for too long last night. 08:23
the beer was good though
masak this is the first time I see POD (in Perl 5) being written exclusively on lines prefixed '#pod ': metacpan.org/source/DAGOLDEN/Hash-...Ordered.pm 08:27
is that a new thing in Perl 5? or have I simply missed it for a very long time?
DrForr Maybe a release tool gone wrong? 08:28
masak oh! possible.
nope. api.metacpan.org/source/DAGOLDEN/H...Ordered.pm
or, at least not unless I misunderstand your question.
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DrForr I was just thinking that he might have an editor that skips '#pod' marked lines and normally removes the #pod markers before publishing. 08:31
Which is admittedly a stretch.
masak well, weak evidence against that is the fact that the module renders properly :) 08:35
dalek kudo/nom: 92bbf5c | arnsholt++ | t/04-nativecall/04-pointers.c:
Fix C issue in NativeCall tests.

One of the pointer tests returned a pointer to astack allocated string outside of the function, which is not very safe. Replace it with a strdup()ed string that's freed on verification.
masak metacpan.org/pod/Hash::Ordered
`perldoc perlpod` doesn't seem to mention this at all. 08:37
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FROGGS arnsholt++ 08:49
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dalek kudo/nom: 16847e6 | lizmat++ | src/core/CompUnit.pm:
Let CompUnit.precomp fail verbosely when needed
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raydiak :q 09:07
erm...gnight #perl6
lizmat gnight raydiak 09:08
masak raydiak has quit the vim of daytime. 09:09
FROGGS gnight raydiak
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nwc10 good *, * 09:18
.oO( Whatever :-)
nwc10 yeah, whatever.
masak m: say "$_." for <what ever> 09:19
camelia rakudo-moar 92bbf5: OUTPUT«what.␤ever.␤»
masak m: say Bool.pick ?? "{uc $_}." !! "$_." for <what ever>
camelia rakudo-moar 16847e: OUTPUT«WHAT.␤EVER.␤»
masak m: say Bool.pick ?? "{uc $_}." !! "$_." for <what ever>
camelia rakudo-moar 16847e: OUTPUT«WHAT.␤EVER.␤»
masak hm.
m: say Bool.pick ?? "{uc $_}." !! "$_." for <what ever>
camelia rakudo-moar 16847e: OUTPUT«what.␤EVER.␤»
masak oh, good. :)
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RabidGravy The S29 says several times "The NameServices role in S16 covers most of these." but no such is mentioned or even eluded to in S16, is it just somewhere I failed to noticed it or just not specced at all? 09:34
masak alluded* :) 09:35
lizmat_ m: say ."{<uc lc>[Bool.pick]}"() for <what ever> # masak
camelia rakudo-moar 16847e: OUTPUT«what␤ever␤»
lizmat_ m: say ."{<uc lc>[Bool.pick]}"() for <what ever> # masak
camelia rakudo-moar 16847e: OUTPUT«what␤ever␤»
masak lizmat_: nice :)
lizmat_ m: say ."{<uc lc>[Bool.pick]}"() for <what ever> # masak
camelia rakudo-moar 16847e: OUTPUT«WHAT␤EVER␤»
masak except the reliance on Bool's numification ;) 09:36
lizmat_ why is that a bad thing ?
masak damn you RandalSwartz, now I'm getting allergic to it too :)
lizmat_: no reason, nvm 09:37
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RabidGravy masak, quite. I think having a La Trappe dubbel before bedtime last night may have broken my brain. 09:40
pmichaud RabidGravy: iiuc, S29 is fairly old and may contain many fossils. It's never really been accepted anyway. 09:41
masak lizmat: he once said in a p6l email (I think it was) that +Bool::True ought to be 42 just to teach people not to rely on it being 1... :)
RabidGravy: that's a good beer.
DrForr I have a 1l bottle of Westmalle trippel left over from FOSDEM.
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Su-Shee good morning 09:41
RabidGravy pmichaud, right.
masak morning, Su-Shee! 09:42
RabidGravy masak, it is indeed. I sensibly eschewed the Quadrupel however.
Su-Shee jnthn: see msg for the book :)
masak: why did I not see you in oslo? ;)
masak RabidGravy: maybe if you had that one you'd have typed "olooded" instead :P 09:43
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masak Su-Shee: because timing was extremely unfortunate with @family stuff. 09:43
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masak comforting to hear I was missed, though... :> 09:43
RabidGravy masak, I think it would have been more: "like, you know, sorta kinda not thinged ...." ;-) 09:44
Su-Shee masak: oh, I see. it was extremely lovely. very .. family like :) and oslo is really nice, imho.
masak agreed.
I'll really really try to make it to YAPC::EU this year.
beyond that, not much is guaranteed. :/ 09:45
Su-Shee masak: yes, please. I think the spaniards are trying to make it extra-nice.
masak: also, I promised the program commitee to kick all of your perl6 butts for talks.
masak: so you have no choice.
"I am the borg. resistance is futile." <-- my management style. 09:46
FROGGS is it really "I am the borg" in English?
masak understood.
Su-Shee FROGGS: yes, the borg queen says it.
masak ok, #perl6 channel -- what should I talk about this year at YAPC::EU?
FROGGS Su-Shee: ahh, yeah 09:47
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pmichaud Should I talk about something? 09:47
masak YES
Su-Shee masak: I would love to emphasis real world perl6 so to speak, so it would be awesome to show off common problems
pmichaud the timing would be very good for a discussion of language spec.
update/reprise of my FOSDEM talk, I suspect.
masak Su-Shee: ok, good angle. I do have a lot of real world Perl 6 code.
lizmat Missing test file: t/spec/S05-modifier/ignorecase-and-ignoremark.t # did someone forget to git add ?
pmichaud jnthn++'s perl 6 for beginners session yesterday went really well. A lot of excitement and enthusiasm among the participants. 09:48
masak \o/
virtualsue i was sorry to miss that
FROGGS ohh dang
lizmat: wait a sec
masak was it filmed?
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pmichaud I'm going to see if it's possible to squeeze in a similar event at yapc::na 09:48
Su-Shee masak: in no special order: things like e.g. streaming, parsing, processing, how to write a perl 6 module (on the plane I thought that maybe whipping up your own json module would illustrate how to make good practical use of grammars), networking up and down would be awesome.. 09:49
pmichaud masak: not filmed, no.
Su-Shee masak: C library bindings.. (I hear it's extra nice and easy)
pmichaud masak: it was more workshop than presentation.
masak pmichaud: aww :) but ok.
Su-Shee: I'm glad I asked. these are all good ideas, but I wouldn't have been able to come up with them myself.
Su-Shee masak: functional perl 6, async perl 6.... 09:50
masak: it's mostly that I ask myself: new language? what do I do with it usally, what are my every day uses?
dalek ast: 948770b | FROGGS++ | S05-modifier/ignorecase-and-ignoremark.t:
add test file for ignorecase+ignoremark
masak I wonder if I could make it along the lines of "Solved in Perl 6", in a near-Q&A style...
FROGGS lizmat: there you go
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Su-Shee masak: I would very much like to skip beginner's perl 6 stuff beyond maybe a day long workshop which would be awesome and make talks be firmly rooted in "now we're really using it for real things" 09:51
FROGGS lizmat: I just pushed the test file
Su-Shee masak: oh now THAT would make an awesome workshop - imagine half a day of "applied problem solving in perl 6 for the dirty, messy world" :) 09:52
nwc10 pmichaud: ++jnthn++'s thing being this 160 minute tutorial? act.osdc.no/osdc2015no/talk/6154
pmichaud nwc10: yes 09:53
masak m: my $jnthn; ++$jnthn++
camelia rakudo-moar 16847e: OUTPUT«Cannot assign to an immutable value␤ in block <unit> at /tmp/Vdues1aIft:1␤␤»
pmichaud it was highly attended
masak read "it was highly attenuated"
Su-Shee masak: and I would very much appreciate if you'd tell me whose butt I should kick as well :)
nwc10 perl6++ # better than ++C++ :-)
RabidGravy speaking of C language bindings is there something that I have missed that does something like metacpan.org/source/JSTOWE/TermRea...nfigure.pm or is it make one myself?
Su-Shee so. MR arnsholt! you are next ;)
DrForr Starting to wish I'd not decided to leave on the 12th :/
masak Su-Shee: jnthn, pmichaud, niner, arnsholt...
Su-Shee: FROGGS 09:54
pmichaud or, I should say, there were far more people present than jnthn (or I) expected.
Su-Shee masak: I just put on my good shoes to kick arnsholt's ;)
FROGGS I'm not coming to Grenada
masak Su-Shee: maybe you could make nwc10 give a p6 talk, I dunno.
Su-Shee FROGGS: that's good because it's in granada ;)
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Su-Shee :) 09:54
FROGGS I'll be at the Swiss Perl Workshop though 09:55
btyler makes a note to submit YAPC::EU talk proposal tonight
DrForr Oh, this is ::EU discussion.
RabidGravy I think I may be in a position to start on making a p6 version of Term::ReadKey this week
masak m: say ((&lc, &uc).pick)($_) for <grenada granada what ever>
camelia rakudo-moar 16847e: OUTPUT«grenada␤granada␤what␤ever␤»
masak m: say ((&lc, &uc).pick)($_) for <grenada granada what ever>
camelia rakudo-moar 16847e: OUTPUT«grenada␤GRANADA␤what␤ever␤»
masak lizmat_: that's how to do it, btw. obviously ;)
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Su-Shee arnsholt: I would very much like to order a yapc::eu talk from you which centers around languages, encoding and such. not too academic. maybe internationalized regex stuff for example and how to deal with mixed language environment - e.g. you process a text containing greek and latin.. 09:55
pmichaud DrForr: I did throw in a ::NA note above :) 09:56
RabidGravy I haven't been to a YAPC::EU (or any perl conference for that matter,) since 2006
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virtualsue i remember that! you did some of the best talks too 09:56
FROGGS RabidGravy: we have LibraryMake
RabidGravy ;-)
Su-Shee btyler: what are you thinking about as a subject?
masak Su-Shee++ # your kicking butt is amazing to behold! 09:57
btyler Su-Shee: something like "distributed systems for poets and perl hackers"
Su-Shee nwc10: I'm supposed to make you give a talk. what does it take? cookies or violence?
DrForr Violent cookies.
arnsholt Su-Shee: I must confess that I know more about languages than about how to encode them =) 09:58
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Su-Shee btyler: distributed systems is awesome. 09:58
nwc10 Su-Shee: an alpha release.
FROGGS you can throw cookies for sure
Su-Shee arnsholt: IT'S TIME TO LEARN IT THEN? ;)
nwc10 at which point, I might have a plan.
pmichaud for the last couple of days I've been unable to access yapcna.org -- anyone else able to reach it?
masak in some cultures, throwing a cookie is a great insult.
nwc10 pmichaud: I can access it from work
FROGGS pmichaud: I can't
DrForr Problem here too.
nwc10 and from a machine in the UK 09:59
RabidGravy FROGGS, yeah I'm thinking it's probably extend LibraryMake to do anything else that might be needed, the P5 Term::ReadKey actually writes some of its own C code depending on what it finds - I'm looking for something like autoconf but not so shit
arnsholt Su-Shee: If you write my PhD thesis for me, sure O=)
Su-Shee arnsholt: well I still would like a nice talk about language processing, not too academic. maybe we can whip up a couple of real world-ish practical uses of NLP?
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FROGGS RabidGravy: "no so shit" :P 09:59
RabidGravy: IMO you can only create another kind of shit when you wanna do something autoconfy 10:00
lizmat FROGGS++
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RabidGravy yeah it's just the M4yness of autoconf that I don't like, I mean that was fine twenty years ago and all 10:01
Su-Shee pmichaud: after our short discussion I would love anything from a lightning talk to more along the lines of "cool shit of perl6", you know everything ranging from the "no floating point trap" to this "many versions next to each other" and "strings done right" and all the other things nobody knows ;) 10:02
dalek ast: 6085e09 | FROGGS++ | S29-type/declarations.t:
remove outdates Perl 6 types tests

There are better tests in S02-types/declare.t
Su-Shee pmichaud: and after you mentioned you need an audience: "24 year old non-academic javascript hipster hacker" ;)
dalek kudo/nom: 2e8f308 | FROGGS++ | t/spectest.data:
remove removed test file
RabidGravy :)
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masak Su-Shee: one surprising thing about Perl 6 in the real world is that I almost never use junctions. or if I do, I don't think much of it. 10:05
pmichaud Su-Shee: I think I might come up with a series of 1-minute summaries of cool perl 6 features. Then my lightning talks can be a sampling of 5 from that series. :)
Su-Shee pmichaud: *hihi* "..and now the 38753 lightning talks by patrick michaud.." ;) 10:06
pmichaud: but that would be most lovely. and my promise to write it up as a more advertising paper holds. 10:07
pmichaud yeah, I'm thinking I could even do a @talks.pick(5) at the beginning of the talk and that determines what we hear about. :)
Su-Shee masak: I don't even remember what junctions are and why I would want them.
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Su-Shee pmichaud: excellent. 10:07
FROGGS I did a lightning talk on Thursday, starting with subroutine signatures, over sub MAIN to multi MAIN where one had a where clause checking for the existence of the pfovided file... 10:08
RabidGravy gwoovy
FROGGS provided*
Su-Shee I mean, it's kind of really necessary to actually show things and talk about things and talk about it massively NOW shortly before the release which is perceived as 2the real one" is upon you..
masak Su-Shee: junctions are `if $value == 1 | 2 | 3` 10:10
FROGGS btw, the atmosphere at the GPW was quite nice P6 wise... I got many ppl asking for details because they tried stuff and of course used P5isms
Su-Shee oh! oh! and I want VERY MUCH a talk about the jvm backend in terms of "and like in clojure you just bind this stuff here and load it there and then suddenly your java things works perfectly.."
masak: ah those :)
masak right.
they look very cool on paper.
FROGGS ahh, and my lightning talk actually stated with: "Now you all go to perl6.org, click the download button and follow these instructions." :o)
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Su-Shee now I have a cat on my ketboard... 10:11
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pmichaud I wonder who/how I should contact about the yapcna.org site being inaccessible. 10:18
nwc10 pmichaud: for you, at what level does it fail? Can you traceroute to the machine? 10:19
pmichaud nwc10: I'm unable to telnet to port 80 on the machine.
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nwc10 pmichaud: Oh odd. 10:20
DrForr traceroute fails at cpanel.net.
pmichaud I can try it from my home machine, though. just a sec.
Su-Shee it's www.yapcna.org - ypacna.org doesn't work. 10:21
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Su-Shee err yapcna of course 10:21
pmichaud ah. Google search results return "yapcna.org"
nwc10 ahaa.a
I guess my browser is "helpfully" adding the www and I'm too, er, $impolite-word to notice that
Su-Shee I just tried both. 10:22
pmichaud I did Google search for "yapc na 2015", then clicked the first result, and no response.
nwc10 and then, fool that I am, I copied the URL from the desktop browser (at work) to the remote machine
pmichaud okay, that helps. Now I at least have a contact address. 10:23
DrForr Because every website must have www. .
Su-Shee I always wonder how non-technical people manage when we already fail so often.
DrForr: you just configure it properly so it doesn't matter...
DrForr goes back to working on docker configs. 10:24
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nwc10 pmichaud: I don't know who [email@hidden.address] or [email@hidden.address] are 10:24
(listed in the whois for
lizmat jnthn has entered the building
nwc10 but they are screwed, as the DNS says that:yapcna.org mail is handled by 0 yapcna.org. 10:25
and the host is down
so mail is going to be bounced after 5 days
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jnthn afternoon, #perl6 10:28
masak jnthn! \o/ 10:29
jnthn: time to submit a talk for YAPC::EU! :D
nwc10 heresy!
jnthn masak: When's the deadline? :)
dalek kudo/nom: 438274c | lizmat++ | src/Perl6/ModuleLoader.nqp:
Make module loading fail list better
masak jnthn: the deadline is Su-Shee is gonna badger you until you do! :D 10:30
Su-Shee I'm not worried about jnthn ;)
masak haha :) 10:31
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RabidGravy scrolls back a bit 10:38
10:38 lizmat left, lizmat___ is now known as lizmat
lizmat (switch from flaky wifi to hopefully not so flaky 3G) 10:38
RabidGravy DrForr: fancy writing a p6 version of "fig" or "docker-compose" or whatever it's called these days? It's on my TODO list, but keeps getting pre-empted 10:39
10:40 lizmat_ left
DrForr Maybe. I need to get what I've got off my plate... 10:40
RabidGravy I think the only particular yak that may need shaving is the http on unix domain sockets thing 10:41
10:41 lizmat__ left
DrForr RabidGravy: Specifically getting ReadLine documented so we can merge it :) 10:44
RabidGravy :) 10:49
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dalek ast: 7afaea0 | lizmat++ | S10-packages/precompilation.t:
Just try to unlink, don't create a race
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pmichaud .u 1f37b 11:06
yoleaux U+1F37B CLINKING BEER MUGS [So] (🍻)
pmichaud .u 1f37a
yoleaux U+1F37A BEER MUG [So] (🍺)
pmichaud r: my $beer = "\C[BEER MUG]"; say unicode $beer; 11:07
camelia ( no output ) 11:08
..rakudo-moar 438274: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5===␤Unrecognized backslash sequence: '\C'␤at /tmp/tmpfile:1␤------> 3my $beer = "\7⏏5C[BEER MUG]"; say unicode $beer;␤Undeclared routine:␤ unicode used at line 1␤␤␤»
lizmat m: say "🍺".succ
camelia rakudo-moar 438274: OUTPUT«🍺␤»
pmichaud r: my $beer = "\c[BEER MUG]"; say unicode $beer;
camelia rakudo-jvm 438274: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling /tmp/tmpfile␤Unrecognized character name BEER MUG␤at /tmp/tmpfile:1␤------> 3my $beer = "\c[BEER MUG7⏏5]"; say unicode $beer;␤»
..rakudo-moar 438274: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling /tmp/tmpfile␤Undeclared routine:␤ unicode used at line 1␤␤»
pmichaud r: my $beer = "\c[BEER MUG]"; say uniname $beer;
camelia rakudo-moar 438274: OUTPUT«BEER MUG␤»
..rakudo-jvm 438274: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling /tmp/tmpfile␤Unrecognized character name BEER MUG␤at /tmp/tmpfile:1␤------> 3my $beer = "\c[BEER MUG7⏏5]"; say uniname $beer;␤»
pmichaud m: my $beer = "\c[BEER MUG]"; say uniname $beer; $beer++; say uniname $beer; 11:09
camelia rakudo-moar 438274: OUTPUT«BEER MUG␤BEER MUG␤»
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masak like with infinity, incrementing beer mug just results in beer mug. 11:20
brrt \o 11:21
DrForr This is amusing. =begin Documentation .. =end Documentation throws "=begin not terminated by matching '=end pod'." Edit '=end Documentation' to '=end pod', guess what error I get? 11:22
Yep, "=begin not terminated by matching '=end Documentation'."
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masak DrForr: provide some minimal inputs to demonstrate this, and you have yourself a rakudobug ;) 11:26
DrForr In a moment. it's probably *actually* bad documentation :) 11:27
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DrForr mispeling. 11:29
masak well, that saves some paperwork :) 11:30
DrForr Actually it may be a bug still, testing.
'=begin pod\n=begin Documentation\n=en Documentation' exhibits this behavior. I think it's still a bug as it's not picking up the misbalanced =begin..=end pairs. 11:33
masak DrForr: is there a typo ('=en') in what you just wrote? 11:36
or is it deliberate? 11:37
DrForr On channel, yes, I tyoped. Let me put it in a gist.
masak ah, good.
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DrForr gist.github.com/drforr/3e789b78897759d6cc28 11:39
Now of course the real problem is that these aren't properly nested. 11:40
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DrForr A better error would be "=begin at line 1 has no matching =end"? 11:43
To be fair, if you pick up on the fact that the line in the *second* error isn't actually in the file, you can figure out what's going on, but it's hard to spot. And if you've been doign this for years you'll assume that the compiler simply got the line wrong :) 11:49
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pmichaud would it be at all difficult to change the error message to read "=begin at line 3 not terminated by matching '=end Documentation'" ? 11:52
(i.e., adding "at line 3" to the message)
FROGGS I believe we have that for another message already 11:53
pmichaud or, perhaps better: '=begin Documentation' at line 3 not terminated by matching '=end Documentation'
FROGGS something about a block starting at an earlier line... TimToady++ might remember
11:53 virtualsue left, virtualsue_ is now known as virtualsue
DrForr pmichaud: That'd work as well. 11:54
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DrForr Should I file a bug? 11:57
dalek kudo/nom: f9c9822 | FROGGS++ | t/spectest.data:
run test (where all tests are skipped)
ufobat Another Question, i've got anouther Task::Star test error. I guess its also regarding the change to Nil, like it was before with URI.pm 11:58
==> Testing Bailador 11:59
# Failed test 'route GET /foo exists'
# at t/01-route-existance.t line 13
# expected: [200, [:Content-Type("text/html")]]
# got: [200, [:Content-Type("text/html")], Any]
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moritz yes, looks like it 12:02
moritz waits for the question 12:03
either open an issue for Bailador, or send a pull request that fixes it :-)
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dalek ast: 21024b0 | lizmat++ | S10-packages/precompilation.t:
Some more sanity and better layout
12:11 domidumont left, Alina-malina joined 12:14 silug joined
dalek ast: a5a4fc2 | lizmat++ | S32-exceptions/misc.t:
Fix too specific test for Exception
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Su-Shee tadzik: you did panda, didn't you? 12:32
pmichaud DrForr: Yes, file a bug if you haven't done so already. Thanks. 12:33
DrForr Will do so.
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lizmat Su-Shee: tadzik is travelling atm, I think 12:34
I'm looking at panda atm, is there something I can help you with ?
Su-Shee lizmat: no, I was just thinking a talk "how to module in perl6" would maybe be nice.. (creation, deployment, versioning etc etc) 12:35
lizmat: and I somehow saved in my memory that tadzik did a lot of "module"
lizmat he did 12:36
and he knows a lot about it
Su-Shee excellent. will threaten him with invasion if he doesn't comply :)
nwc10 and cake if he does?
12:37 rindolf joined
Su-Shee well I can invade and threaten him with cake, of course :) 12:37
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masak tadzik: I would love a "war stories about making a package manager" talk or something like that. 12:59
12:59 cognominal joined
Su-Shee it's in general not as easy and simple to the uninitiated as people think because it's a rather long chain from opening your editor until upload/release. 12:59
dalek kudo-star-daily: 01c92a1 | coke++ | log/ (2 files):
today (automated commit)
rl6-roast-data: 25827d6 | coke++ | / (9 files):
today (automated commit)
Su-Shee also, a talk from the area "deployment/software management/almost devops" might be nice. 13:01
FROGGS $ perl6-m -e 'say("flubber¼½worms" ~~ /<:Name(/:s LATIN SMALL/)>+/)'
FROGGS loves regexes
Su-Shee regexes are awesome. it was the very first thing I learned when I started "programming" and "computer" 13:02
masak m: .say for "flubber¼½worms".comb: /<:Name(/:s LATIN SMALL/)>+/ 13:10
camelia ( no output )
masak o.O
m: .say for "flubber¼½worms".comb: /r/ 13:11
camelia rakudo-moar f9c982: OUTPUT«r␤r␤»
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masak FROGGS: are you running a version from the future? 13:11
FROGGS masak: fsvo of future, yes 13:14
DrForr "15 minutes into the future." 13:15
ufobat moritz: i just wanted my thought to be confirmed since i have no clue 13:16
zostay what is the :D for in signatures and such?
ufobat but you did, so thanks :)
moritz zostay: it stands for "defined"
arnsholt zostay: :D is defined, :U is undefined, :T is type object (I think)
moritz zostay: that is, Int:D only allows Int instances, not the type object itself 13:17
FROGGS though, :T is not yet implemented and :U does what :T should do
Juerd found :D very ugly in code, but at least it adds a lot of smileys to compensate for the rather sad };
masak Juerd: also, you rarely need }; in Perl 6 code
zostay aha, thanks :D 13:18
masak };
krakan m: say 1 ~~ (1, 2, 3)
camelia rakudo-moar f9c982: OUTPUT«False␤»
Juerd masak: I know, but it feels wrong to leave out the ; after non-builtin-ish things...
ingy what's the general object serialization method in p6?
masak krakan: needs some any() 13:19
Juerd ingy: .perl? ;)
masak m: say 1 ~~ any(1, 2, 3)