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Set by masak on 12 May 2015.
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tadzik Hm, I would've used espeak 00:32
It works.pretty much like say, as long as QA hackathons go 00:33
Both allow you to have synthesized voice go “carrot carrot carrot carrot carrot carrot carrot carrot carrot carrot carrot carrot carrot” over the entire room :) 00:34
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timotimo send-more-money-loops has reached this value now: JIT-Compiled Frames 01:23
95.03% (30138714)
didn't get much faster, though 01:24
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timotimo i really wonder why neither &next nor &THROW-NIL gets inlined :\ 01:25
neither by the static optimizer nor by spesh
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timotimo i'd be glad if people could build a rakudo wih the jit_throw_ops branch of MoarVM and check spec tests and some modules if things are really correct; i'm not 100% sure of the jit implementation of some of these new ops ... 01:33
with that, i'll probably go towards bed
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timotimo .tell tony-o_ in general i'm okay with being pm'd by anyone at any time :) 02:11
yoleaux timotimo: I'll pass your message to tony-o_.
timotimo .tell tony-o in general i'm okay with being pm'd by anyone at any time :)
yoleaux timotimo: I'll pass your message to tony-o.
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zengargoyle hehe, on the `say done` thing, wondering if Coke has figured out that `... ; say done` is preferable to `... && say done`. 03:21
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zengargoyle has a remote-notify-send command and a port forwarding daemon so that `ssh example.com 'long_job; remote-notify-send done'` works 03:24
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zostay m: my $t = ($*SPEC.tmpdir ~ "test"); $t.IO.spurt("test"); my $h = $t.IO.open(:r); $h.read(2); say $h.tell; $h.seek(0, 0); say $h.tell; 03:39
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«Failed to open file /tmptest: permission denied␤ in block <unit> at /tmp/MG8WLOyWTe:1␤␤»
zostay m: my $t = ($*SPEC.tmpdir ~ "/test"); $t.IO.spurt("test"); my $h = $t.IO.open(:r); $h.read(2); say $h.tell; $h.seek(0, 0); say $h.tell; 03:40
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«2␤0␤»
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zostay m: my $t = ($*SPEC.tmpdir ~ "/test"); $t.IO.spurt("test"); { my $h = $t.IO.open(:r); LEAVE { $h.seek(0, 0); say $h.tell }; $h.read(2); say $h.tell } 03:43
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«2␤0␤»
zostay m: my $t = ($*SPEC.tmpdir ~ "/test"); $t.IO.spurt("test"); if True { my $h = $t.IO.open(:r); LEAVE { $h.seek(0, 0); say $h.tell }; $h.read(2); say $h.tell } 03:45
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«2␤0␤»
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zostay m: sub foo { sub bar($s) { $s x 2 } }; say foo("test") 03:50
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling /tmp/56FKdpz7Dz␤Calling foo(str) will never work with declared signature ()␤at /tmp/56FKdpz7Dz:1␤------> 3sub foo { sub bar($s) { $s x 2 } }; say 7⏏5foo("test")␤»
zostay m: sub foo() { sub bar($s) { $s x 2 } }; say foo("test")
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling /tmp/h8jjRdfhw4␤Calling foo(str) will never work with declared signature ()␤at /tmp/h8jjRdfhw4:1␤------> 3b foo() { sub bar($s) { $s x 2 } }; say 7⏏5foo("test")␤»
zostay m: sub foo() { sub bar($s) { $s x 2 } }; say foo()("test")
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«testtest␤»
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ugexe i dont think theres much reason to use $*SPEC.tmpdir over $*TMPDIR is there? 04:32
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zostay only because i didn't know there was a $*TMPDIR 04:58
m: class X is Excpeption { }; die X.new; 04:59
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«X<140648842773536>␤ in block <unit> at /tmp/y5uA2qAI7H:1␤␤»
zostay m: class X is Exception { }; die X.new;
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«Unhandled exception: concatenate requires a concrete string, but got null␤ at <unknown>:1 (/home/camelia/rakudo-inst-2/share/perl6/runtime/CORE.setting.moarvm:print_exception:4294967295)␤ from src/gen/m-CORE.setting:15058 (/home/camelia/rakudo-inst…»
zostay seems like there could be a nicer error like "Exception is missing method message()" or something rather than that mess 05:00
or just provide a default that returns "Bad Stuff" ;) 05:01
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masak morning, #perl6 05:42
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masak tadzik: thanks to you, I just had my laptop say 'carrot carrot carrot carrot carrot carrot carrot carrot carrot carrot carrot carrot' to the whole room ;) 05:47
though the room is empty apart from me... :)
oh, and a symlink later, now I have it as `say` :) 05:48
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masak lizmat: `[:a]` triggers the reduce action at Actions.nqp:5811. `[:a,]` doesn't, nor `[(:a)]`. 05:59
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tadzik masak: there's more when it comes from :) Try hhhhhhhh, wwwwwwww similar :) The more the funnier 06:01
masak :D 06:02
lizmat: ah. 06:09
lizmat: the parser gets stuck in this adverb-handling logic: github.com/rakudo/rakudo/commit/52d708
it makes a sick, twisted kind of sense. operator adverbs, such as `3 + 4 :gently`, happen in "infix position" -- that is, when the parser has just seen a term and is ready to see another infix. 06:10
but in the case of `[:a]` (or any kind of reduce op), an adverb in that position doesn't make any sense. there's no previous operator to modify after the `[` 06:11
so the short-term fix could be to not consider that case if we're in a 'red'... 06:12
masak tries that
yep, that fixes it. 06:14
- | <colonpair> <fake_infix> { $*OPER := $<fake_infix> } 06:15
+ | <!{ $*IN_REDUCE }> <colonpair> <fake_infix> { $*OPER := $<fake_infix> }
masak makes spectest
dalek ast: f7a1b9c | lizmat++ | S02-types/WHICH.t:
Obsolete is no more
ast: 7d6a177 | lizmat++ | S02-types/deprecations.t:
Merge *OS/*OSVER test now they're compile time
lizmat morning masak! :-) 06:17
masak lizmat: morning! fixed that for you! :D
well, spectesting a fix now...
let's not get ahead of ourselves (like the parser) :P 06:18
basically, this was yet another "Leaky Unification" 06:19
amazingly, we've had this code path (and presumably the `[:a]` bug) since Nov 7, 2012.
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masak yeah, nothing in the spectests looks like my doing. 06:20
dalek kudo/nom: 37e2c9c | (Carl Masak)++ | src/Perl6/Grammar.nqp:
Don't consider op adverbs inside of reduce metaop

This feels like a stopgap solution, in the sense of plugging the one gap that we know about in this case. A more unified approach would be welcome.
This fixes RT #125289.
synbot6 Link: rt.perl.org/rt3/Public/Bug/Display...?id=125289
masak the thing that feels uneasy about the solution is that it breaks separation of concerns a little.
but that kind of breakage happens quite a bit in the Perl 6 grammar, sending signals all over the place with contextuals. 06:24
so maybe that's nothing to worry about. 06:25
but it could be that there's a cuter, more long-term solution.
breakfast & 06:27
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lizmat ditto& 06:32
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dalek ast: c2effba | lizmat++ | S03-metaops/reduce.t:
Add some tests for #125289, masak++
synbot6 Link: rt.perl.org/rt3/Public/Bug/Display...?id=125289
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masak lizmat++ 08:28
dalek kudo/nom: 2976e70 | lizmat++ | src/Perl6/Grammar.nqp:
Remove whitespace at EOL

git diff --ignore-space-at-eol is clean
kudo/nom: e9265ae | lizmat++ | src/Perl6/Actions.nqp:
Remove whitespace at EOL

git diff --ignore-space-at-eol is clean
kudo/nom: 3f510ca | lizmat++ | src/Perl6/World.nqp:
Remove whitespace at EOL

git diff --ignore-space-at-eol is clean
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dalek kudo/nom: 94eed8f | lizmat++ | src/core/ (6 files):
Remove whitespace at EOL

git diff --ignore-space-at-eol is clean
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moritz idly wonders why ssh-keygen can generate 4096 bit RSA keys basically in an instant, while gnupg takes several minutes, running out of entropy every so often 09:07
grondilu I have libreadline-dev installed and yet no history or other editing shortcuts in my REPL :( 09:08
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moritz grondilu: did you have it installed when you configured MoarVM? 09:11
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grondilu I think so. I don't remember having installed it myself, so I believe it was installed from scratch. 09:13
masak I would say rt.perl.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=125216 comes down to this: is there a way in C to distinguish 0 and -0 (as n64 numbers)? 09:15
and if there is, (a) could someone point me to how, and (b) will that slow down the comparison for everyone? 09:16
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dalek ecs: df6900d | moritz++ | pod6-files:
Add a file which contains meta information about the pod6 files in this repo

I hope to automatically generate HTML from pod6 for the website.
moritz masak: fwiw I'm vary of breaking the symmetry between == and === on value-type numbers 09:20
masak ok, that is something I'm willing to stop and discuss :) 09:21
moritz: isn't that symmetry already broken (but in "the other way") for NaN?
moritz m: say NaN == NaN, NaN === NaN
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«FalseTrue␤»
moritz masak: right, I didn't consider that 09:22
masak (which I really like)
moritz masak: consider my argument retracted
masak yay
masak won, with LOGIC o/
boolean logic, even
moritz hates people who can't change their minds 09:23
masak I used to think like that... :P
moritz: "strong opinions, weakly held" -- found that phrase recently. really like it.
ok, right now infix:<===> for Nums does exactly the same job as infix:<==> 09:26
but then NaN/NaN is special-cased.
I guess I could solve this with special cases for 0e0/-0e0 and -0e0/0e0 09:27
masak tries that solution
lizmat afk for quite a while& 09:29
moritz masak: do we even generate -0e0 correctly?
m: say -0e0
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«-0␤»
moritz ah yes, we do 09:30
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dalek : 17d94d5 | moritz++ | util/update-design.perl6.org.sh:
Change util/update-design.perl6.org.sh to be run on hack.p6c.org

right now it runs on www.p6c.org, but we do not have a perl6 + Pod::To::HTML installation there, so we cannot easily compile the pod6 files to HTML there.
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dalek : 558293a | moritz++ | util/update-design.perl6.org.sh:
Make DEST_DIR a temporary directory

saves the problem of creating it and/or cleaning it out
: e597d81 | moritz++ | util/update-design.perl6.org.sh:
Only create temp dir if necessary
moritz (passwordless ssh)++
if it didn't exist, it'd need to be invented immediately :-)
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dalek : a0609ab | moritz++ | util/update-design.perl6.org.sh:
Abort on smartlinks.pl error
: f80d1a3 | moritz++ | util/update-design.perl6.org.sh:
Make tempdir world-readable before rsyncing

otherwise Apache will not be able to read the generated files
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moritz \o/ we now have a design.perl6.org/S15.html 10:01
on the downside, one of the tables is rendered completely bonkers 10:02
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moritz and now the pod6 files are converted to HTML from a cron job too 10:04
smls What's the Perl 6 way of having a "state" variable shared by two subroutines? 10:06
The P5 idiom won't work anymore because subs are lexical:
BEGIN { my $state = ...; sub a {...}; sub b {...} }
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smls I suppose I'll have to replace the variable with a sub of the form sub mystate($new?) { state $x; defined($new) ?? $x = $new !! $x } 10:10
timotimo moritz: awesome work!
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smls m: sub a { return-rw (state $x) }; a() = 4; say $a 10:15
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling /tmp/zs4DPdUXS4␤Variable '$a' is not declared. Did you mean '&a'?␤at /tmp/zs4DPdUXS4:1␤------> 3 { return-rw (state $x) }; a() = 4; say 7⏏5$a␤»
smls m: sub a { return-rw (state $x) }; a() = 4; say a() 10:16
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«4␤»
smls nice
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grondilu m: sub a is rw { state $ }; a() = 5; say a(); 10:37
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«5␤»
vendethiel m: sub a is rw { $ }; a() = 5; say a; # :P 10:38
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«5␤»
smls :)
m: my $a = 5; say ($a += 6) 10:39
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«11␤»
smls ^^ are += and similar operators guaranteed to return the new value *after* the assignment?
grondilu expects them to 10:40
vendethiel smls: it seems so design.perl6.org/S03.html#Assignment_operators 10:41
smls ok
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DrForr They should get rewritten to $a.+=(6); #notionally, likely does not correspond to real Perl6 code.) so I'd assume so 11:51
Damn, now I need curry for dinner :)
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llfourn how to do equiv of $obj->$method_in_var in p6? 15:15
timotimo you mean $method_in_var contains the method name or a method object? 15:16
llfourn name :)
timotimo ok
llfourn ahhh ofc thanks 15:17
timotimo you're welcome :)
llfourn btw I have got the -> thing working!
the slang -- thanks for the help yesterday
timotimo cool :) 15:18
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moritz \o 15:27
any objections to moving docs/feather/syn_index.html in the mu repo to specs/index.html? 15:28
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hoelzro [Coke]: is there a ticket open for that blocking-leading.t stuff? 15:28
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dalek ecs: 9c0d37f | moritz++ | index.html:
Import index.html from mu:docs/feather/syn_index.html
ecs: 4dda21f | moritz++ | html/ (4 files):
Import some more auxilliary files from mu:/docs/feather/
: 2b903d2 | moritz++ | util/update-design.perl6.org.sh:
Adjust paths for synopses HTML generation
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dalek ecs: d736df3 | moritz++ | / (2 files):
index.html cleanup

  * delete accidentally duplicated index.html
  * remove passages that aren't true anymore
  * more "specification" -> "design doc" wording changes
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dalek ecs: 19928e3 | moritz++ | html/ (2 files):
index.html: get rid of a column

instead of heaving a name/description, and a separate "Synopsis" column as a link, make the name/description the link to the HTML version of the synopsis.
I hope this makes it clearer that the synopsis is the most interesting of these documents, and the "default" thing to go to
moritz feedback on the new design.perl6.org/ front page welcome 16:10
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RabidGravy anyone more familiar with python than I am explain why you might do "xdg_data_dirs = [x for x in xdg_data_dirs if x]"? 16:11
looks pointless to me
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moritz RabidGravy: it removes false entries from xdg_data_dirs 16:13
(None, empty list, 0)
RabidGravy ah okay, my brane was parsing it wrong 16:14
moritz yes, the placement of the "if" is weird 16:19
it actually applies inside the loop
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timotimo moritz: i welcome that change very much 16:25
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ugexe seems odd it needs javascript enabled to view proper alignment 16:55
moritz ugexe: huh? 17:01
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moritz without javascript, more text is shown by default 17:01
with javascript, it's behind a [read more] link
but I don't see any alignm difference 17:02
ugexe if i have javascript enabled, the links in the first column are center aligned in the column and the non-links are left aligned
er, if i have js disabled^
if i have js enabled, they are all left aligned
moritz ugexe: try a ctrl+shift+r to reload the CSS?
ugexe ah foolish me 17:03
moritz the synopsis links are now inside <th> elements, which are center-aligned by default, but the new CSS should left-align them
ugexe can a grammar read a stream of data? like the theoretical `~=` here: `while my $r = $sock.recv { $grammar.parse ~= $r }` such that the match would be froze when it reaches the end (assuming it has not failed yet) and wait for more input? 17:07
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timotimo we want something like that at some point, yeah 17:09
ugexe ah. its nice i can emit data out of the grammar before its finished... just need to emit data into it now :) 17:10
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TimToady m: BEGIN (my $state = 0; sub a {say ++$state}; sub b {say --$state}); a;a;a;b;b 17:40
yoleaux 29 May 2015 21:46Z <japhb> TimToady: Why doesn't '*@foo!' in a signature mean "slurp one or more"? Was that a conscious decision or just not yet defined to have a meaning?
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«1␤2␤3␤2␤1␤»
TimToady .tell smls see irclog.perlgeek.de/perl6/2015-05-31#i_10681349 17:41
yoleaux TimToady: I'll pass your message to smls.
TimToady japhb: I'd much rather see +@foo than *@foo!
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rindolf Hi all. Sup? 18:09
rindolf is psyched about perl-5.22.0.
sjn is psyched about perl6-1.0.0. 18:10
or something :)
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dalek rl6-roast-data: 20624b8 | coke++ | / (9 files):
today (automated commit)
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DrForr m: my %x; %x<a> = \%x; say %x 18:42
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«(timeout)»
DrForr That bug's still there, eh. 18:43
dalek ecs: 92fb08d | (Anthony Parsons)++ | html/perl.css:
Shuffle colours around for accessibility

Some LHF - the page was assuming nobody would ever change their browser default text colour from black, and most of these are redundant hard-coded declarations of default-defaults anyway.
flussence (I'm scared to do anything more with that file... the first line says it's for modern browsers and the second mentions netscape 4) 18:46
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moritz flussence: feel free to completely redo it :-) 18:51
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moritz flussence: afaict it was copied from perl.org before the last redesign 18:52
and no, we don't need IE7 support
flussence heh :)
moritz I guess dropping IE8 support would be fine too (as long as it's not rendered completely bonkers with IE8)
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smls good evening 18:54
yoleaux 17:41Z <TimToady> smls: see irclog.perlgeek.de/perl6/2015-05-31#i_10681349
smls :P
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smls TimToady: re "I'd much rather see +@foo than *@foo!", the problem with +@foo is that unlike *@foo it already has a commonly used meaning outside of signatures, which could make it confusing. 18:57
Why is "*@arg" using a prefix but "$arg!" a postfix, anyway? 18:58
.oO( and why aren't the + and * postfix, like they are in regex? )
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smls yeahm, $foo? @foo* @foo+ could really push the analogy with regexes to the limit ;) 18:59
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flussence oh, I totally forgot about ?... and it's already used that way! 19:00
smls yeah
flussence +1 to that, as long as we don't start allowing things like @var+? in the middle of signatures :) 19:01
smls there's probably some reason for the way things are, though
probably something involving low-level parsing issues that only TimToady understands ;) 19:03
timotimo i finally got to see The Princess Bride
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ugexe im sorry 19:05
timotimo hm? 19:06
ugexe could have seen the new mad max instead 19:07
smls m: my sub aaa (*$a) { say $a.perl }; aaa 19:11
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling /tmp/YyUSkyi6OU␤Calling aaa() will never work with declared signature (Any $a)␤at /tmp/YyUSkyi6OU:1␤------> 3my sub aaa (*$a) { say $a.perl }; 7⏏5aaa␤»
smls ^^ Looks like the * is silently ignored there.
moritz yes
vendethiel I think we know we don't know what that's supposed to do, right? 19:14
timotimo ugexe: i'd rather watch "Mario Kart: Fury Road" 19:17
ugexe ill watch if they put the speaker truck + flamethrower guitar shtick in it 19:18
DrForr King Koopa needs a soundtrack. 19:19
As long as he's voiced by Anthony Hopkins :) 19:20
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[Coke] hoelzro: no ticket yet, sorry. 19:30
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japhb timotimo: "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." 19:57
"Iocaine powder. I'd bet my life on it."
Oh dangit, now I got started ....
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japhb Does anyone happen to know where jnthn put the event processing framework he wrote for the "objects intersect concurrency" talk? He's got GitHub repos for OO::Monitors and OO::Actors, but I didn't see one for the last framework. 20:05
I wonder if $jnthn.marriage has already happened ... 20:06
timotimo japhb: i found that line about the powder quite amusing myself
japhb timotimo: One of the things I love about that film is that if you stop to think about almost any line in the movie, you'll realize there's a joke in it. "Now where is that secret knot? It's impossible to find ...." *immediately finds it* 20:09
dalek ecs: aac6f72 | (Anthony Parsons)++ | html/ (2 files):
Give the index page a facelift

  - 1 fresh stylesheet, perl6.org-flavoured
  - 1 heaped tablespoon of HTML5 semantic good stuff
  (Synopses are still using the original CSS for now)
flussence (now for the "get it to work in IE8" part...) 20:13
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timotimo why do we have "*" and "+" instead of a hoverable piece of text or even -gasp- a symbol? 20:26
moritz flussence++ 20:27
I also wonder if the DRAFT markers should be in a separate "Status" column 20:28
dalek ecs: d04dd72 | (Anthony Parsons)++ | html/index.html:
Add HTML5 hack for IE <= 8 to display correctly
flussence I hope that works, it looks mostly okay for everything else on browsershots.org 20:34
timotimo developers.google.com/speed/pagesp...rl6.org%2F 20:36
flussence timotimo++ # didn't know about that site, neat!
moritz domm.plix.at/perl/2015_05_a_very_si...cript.html 20:37
the error messages really shine 20:42
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timotimo except the "please use :g", which could also mention that it has to go in front or inside 20:43
well, :g probably can't go inside
but the other adverbs can
moritz none of the match adverbs (:g, :x, :ov, :ex) can go inside 20:45
smls Neat, you can use 'when'/'default' directives directly in an 'if' block without wrapping them in a 'given': 20:46
if $foo -> $_ { when "a" {...}; when "b" {...}; default {...} }
timotimo aye
smls I already knew it forked with 'for' blocks; nice to know it's more general than that :P 20:47
timotimo works with any contextualizer 20:49
also does the "skipping" stuff
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smls m: {$_ = 5; when 5 {say "when"}; default {say "default"}} 20:50
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«when␤»
smls it seems the definition of 'contextualizer' is very loose ;)
timotimo any block that sets a $_, or something like that 20:52
well, it gets interesting to see if and how it does the skipping thing
smls skips between all "sibling" when/default blocks I guess?
i.e. ones in the same parent block 20:53
timotimo it skips out of the block when one of the "when" blocks has not specifically "proceed"ed
m: {$_ = 5; 1.say; when 5 {say "when"}; 2.say; default {say "default"}; 3.say;}
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«1␤when␤»
smls m: $_ = 5; when 5 { say "when" }; say "alive" 20:54
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«when␤»
smls :P
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timotimo ok, whatevs :P 20:55
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dalek ecs: 5c624d1 | (Anthony Parsons)++ | html/style.css:
We don't *really* need an explicit font size
ecs: 60c6126 | (Anthony Parsons)++ | html/index.html:
Use HTML5 "hidden" attribute for «Read more» box

Instead of loading all of jQuery to do it.
ecs: 74dc6b0 | (Anthony Parsons)++ | html/ (2 files):
Make index slightly better on phones

As suggested by Google's analysis tools, add a meta[name=viewport] tag and adjust sizes so it doesn't render on phones using microscopic fonts and horizontal scrollbars. The table still scrolls horizontally, but at least the important bits fit on screen now.
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flussence that oughta do it for now 21:14
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dalek ecs: 8bc51ea | (Anthony Parsons)++ | html/index.html:
Make "Read more" button work as intended
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lizmat japhb: $jnthn.marrage 21:32
japhb: $jnthn.marriage ~~ blessed
timotimo yeah, throw out jquery 21:33
dalek ecs: dbb3f62 | (Anthony Parsons)++ | html/style.css:
Need a tiny bit more padding to fit the image in
flussence okay, *now* it's done :)
.oO( time to do the same for the modules page? :)
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RabidGravy why would e,g. $foo.d be false and $foo.Str.IO.d be true where $foo is an IO::Path of a directory I just created? 21:45
very off
very odd
lizmat RabidGravy: that's indeed strange? care to give an example? 21:47
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lizmat good night, #perl6! 21:54
RabidGravy I'll split out in something concise I can test
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dalek href="https://modules.perl6.org:">modules.perl6.org: bc179db | (Anthony Parsons)++ | web/ (2 files):
Move stylesheet into its own file
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flussence ...I think I'll leave that one alone for now, it's harder to hack on than I thought. 22:08
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flussence oh crud, that didn't work how I thought it would... 22:29
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dalek href="https://modules.perl6.org:">modules.perl6.org: 315c5b0 | (Anthony Parsons)++ | web/build-project-list.pl:
Put style.css in the output directory during build

timotimo RabidGravy: we cache stat results, or something like that 22:34
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timotimo you could maybe "strace" to figure out how often stat is being called? 22:37
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