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Set by masak on 12 May 2015.
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tadzik domm++'s blogpost (domm.plix.at/perl/2015_05_a_very_si...ript.html) makes me happy 02:49
It even features two of my creations :)
But it carries such a positive message, awesome
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RabidGravy morning 07:46
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tadzik Hello RabidGravy 07:48
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DrForr #125299 is a bit embarrassing :) 07:59
synbot6 Link: rt.perl.org/rt3/Public/Bug/Display...?id=125299
lizmat Good *, #perl6! 08:01
DrForr: I think that is actually a NYI, but I'm not 100% sure
DrForr Nod. I just keep seemingly running across these things at random. 08:02
lizmat DrForr: please, continue doing so :-) 08:03
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DrForr Incidentally "porting" Debugger::UI::CommandLine to use Readline (in a very basic sense) took all of 15 minutes. 08:04
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DrForr m: my %x;%x<a>=\%x;say %x; # No progress here? 08:10
FROGGS_ m: say "#={ 42 }" # DrForr: your ticket is invalid
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«(timeout)»
rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«#=42␤»
FROGGS m: "#={"
camelia: ?
DrForr: me thinks your ticket is invalid
$ perl6 -e '"#={"'
===SORRY!=== Error while compiling -e
$ perl6 -e '"#={ say 42 }"'
curlies get interpolated
that shows it better:
$ perl6 -e 'say "#={ 42 }"'
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camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling /tmp/jyPduEBqzV␤Unable to parse expression in double quotes; couldn't find final '"' ␤at /tmp/jyPduEBqzV:1␤------> 3"#={"7⏏5<EOL>␤ expecting any of:␤ double quotes␤ term␤» 08:10
FROGGS_ .perl and .gist do not handle recursive structures yet
bad FROGGS! 08:11
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FROGGS DrForr: I am closing your ticket now 08:11
DrForr The error was about the closing quotes, not the interpolation.
FROGGS DrForr: you mean that '"' is mentioned in the error message? 08:12
DrForr Yes.
FROGGS adds that to the ticket
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DrForr Inasmuch as I'd probably have caught it myself if it had said "Unable to parse interpolated expression at ..{..". The "double quotes" led me to believe that it simply interpreted '#' inside the string as a comment. 08:17
FROGGS star-m: "#={" 08:19
camelia star-m 2015.03: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling /tmp/TivVUqk0iM␤Unable to parse expression in double quotes; couldn't find final '"' ␤at /tmp/TivVUqk0iM:1␤------> 3"#={"7⏏5<EOL>␤ expecting any of:␤ prefix or term␤ double quotes␤»
FROGGS std: "#={"
camelia std 28329a7: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5===␤Unable to parse double quotes at /tmp/KAmngcQcqe line 1:␤------> 3"#={7⏏5"␤Couldn't find final '"'; gave up at /tmp/KAmngcQcqe line 1 (EOF):␤------> 3"#={"7⏏5<EOL>␤Parse failed␤FAILED 00:00 134m␤»
lizmat packing it in and moving out& 08:20
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grondilu m: say '"#={"' 08:23
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«"#={"␤»
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RabidGravy something weird may have happened to the testers.perl6.org in the last few days: 08:56
"==> Test report submitted as: testers.perl6.org/reports/</html>.html"
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FROGGS uff 09:12
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kev-the-hasty Hello. Can anyone help me wiht some object.clone issues 09:14
FROGGS the last report is from 2015-05-29T18:43:02Z 09:15
kev-the-hasty: hi
kev-the-hasty: what's the issue?
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kev-the-hasty I have been struggling with deeper cloning of objects. 09:16
I discovered that objects with the .clone method only shallow copy.
But trying to work out syntax for deeper copying is strange. 09:17
I have found a roast test failing too.
Fails on 2015.05 and 2015.04 tests 15 and 17
FROGGS hmmm 09:18
deep cloning is not yet implemented I think
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kev-the-hasty specifically I am trying to write a chess program in perl6. I need to keep a multidimensional array for white/black and then a list of indexes to another array. 09:18
I also discovered that sub's with copy are doing the shallow clone (what I would expect) but subs without rw are mutable 09:19
I have a test program to illustrate - not sure how to show it here 09:20
I understand deep cloning not implimented. Not sure how to work around. but I suspect shallow cloning is a bit broken. 09:21
Ven kev-the-hasty: you can use a gist here, IIRC
kev-the-hasty ok. hang on a tick 09:22
FROGGS gist or another pastebin will do, aye
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FROGGS RabidGravy: problem should be fixed now 09:22
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kev-the-hasty gist.github.com/kevincolyer/7aad41...beb1eb75cd 09:28
Hmmm. Just switched machines and struggling to get it to compile now. Let me know if problems. 09:29
FROGGS kev-the-hasty: remove the second param from sub immutable 09:30
kev-the-hasty: and spell it 'use Test;' in line 63
and btw, arrays and hashes are mutable without 'is rw' 09:31
kev-the-hasty Ha! runs now. Thjanks
So how do I create a deep clone of an object then? Can't do a recursion without it and I need a lot of that sort of thing in evaluation functions in chess engine 09:34
RabidGravy FROGGS++ # cheers 09:38
FROGGS, yeah all worky again 09:39
FROGGS \o/ 09:40
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kev-the-hasty Been working at it some more and updated gist. gist.github.com/kevincolyer/7aad41...beb1eb75cd 09:46
Can't seem to clone attributes in. Am I missing some syntax - keeps copying a reference to $a.deep I think. 09:47
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kev-the-hasty Driving me a little bonkers! 09:57
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kev-the-hasty Could anyone advise on gist.github.com/kevincolyer/7aad41...beb1eb75cd 10:14
A workaround would be most helpful until deep cloning is working. 10:15
smls kev-the-hasty: Couldn't you give your class a copy method like this: gist.github.com/smls/7a005bcc3716e993ae09 10:16
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smls Alternatively, you could try to restructure your algorithm so it becomes more functional and doesn't require modifying data structures in-place. 10:17
Although I realize that may not be a very good answer. 10:18
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smls As for automatic deep cloning of arbitrary objects, I don't think it exists. 10:20
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kev-the-hasty @smls that looks interesting. I guess deepmap descends and maps using *.clone to copy? 10:22
smls it descends into iterable data structures, yes 10:23
see design.perl6.org/S32/Containers.html#line_392 10:26
kev-the-hasty @smls as to my algorithm. I'm writing a chess program that has an object representing the current position of a games. I understand I am using an object to represent it, but I could use a hoaoa or something! To deeply search for new positions I need to duplicate the position and to make moves etc. Would be frustrating to go to a hash. Will look into your gist some more!
smls kev-the-hasty: The problem with deepmap is that it does not descend into the value of Pair's, so you would need special handling for a hash-of-hash or hash-of-arrays 10:30
andreoss design.perl6.org is searchble now. good 10:31
may be some one will fix wiki.perl6.org too 10:32
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kev-the-hasty @smls I think I am getting it working now. Thanks so much. I'll let you know how I get on! 10:35
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smls Actually, .deepmap *does* properly recurse into the keys of associative data structures like hashes. Updated the gist to show it. 10:58
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masak good afternoon, #perl6 11:01
smls g'day 11:02
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nwc10 good heresy, masak 11:05
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liztormato waves to masak from the terrace, waiting for a taxi 11:09
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FROGGS o/ 11:13
FROGGS is going to be more active here starting this evening
liztormato ++FROGGS ! 11:14
nwc10 I hope that this is for good reasons.
FROGGS $dayjob was just a bit too much for the last week (including weekend) 11:15
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masak FROGGS: I know what you mean. 11:16
well, not weekend, which was lovely.
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FROGGS masak: my weekend *was* lovely... the current project is quite fun 11:17
masak oh, good for you.
as long as you can keep it from being too much, at least.
FROGGS true 11:18
this is the project I want to turn into Perl 6 at some point...
masak \o/ 11:19
let's bring that point about! :D
FROGGS though I cannot do this now since it uses quite some deps and it is a multithreaded middleware service including a frontend for tickets for technicians
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cschwenz Good * #perl6 :-) 11:25
Why does .print use .Str while .say uses .gist? 11:26
masak cschwenz: I ask myself that almost every day >:( 11:27
smls I guess those were deemed the most useful combinations, and having separate functions for *all* combinations would have been excessive :) 11:28
masak cschwenz: the reason is something like, `print` is more low-level, for file handles and the like.
smls but yeah, I'm not a big fan of that situation either.
masak smls: I think we have too many stringification methods.
one or two too many.
cschwenz :-(
masak why does .Str absolutely have to be distinct from .gist, for example? 11:29
cschwenz thanks for the answers. :-)
smls maybe .gist should be relegated to dd() and be 100% optimized for debugging, while all the "normal" printing functions get to use .Str
masak yeah, something like that.
many .Str methods delegate to .gist anyway
smls true
The worst part is imo that .gist tries to be both useful for debugging and for machine-/end-user-readable output, and thus excels at neither. 11:33
But .perl is not great for debugging either, especially for regex matches where it is much too verbose.
it's like all of them are missing a clear singular purpose :P 11:34
masak aye 11:35
Python seems to nail this one, and quite effortlessly somehow. 11:36
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DrForr Maybe I should try .gist in my debugging tests for comparison, but the presence of the full string in every submatch when I'm debugging a grammar simply overwhelms me with noise. 11:38
Sorry, that could be better phrased.
masak yeah, I never print match objects, not even when I'm debugging. 11:39
maybe that's the reason :)
DrForr Maybe .gist would be a quieter way to debug my issues. When I've simply dumped the Match object in the past, the presence of the enire string repeated throughout the submatches makes it too noisy.
.perl output with just a *bit* more formatting would be ideal. I understand that .perl should be dense, I've got no issue with that. 11:40
It's why in my test suites I go to the trouble of writing out the *entire* nested structure longhand, rather than do is-deeply() on a substructure right off the bat. 11:41
masak m: given 5 { when 5 { proceed; say "!" }; say "OH HAI" }
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«OH HAI␤»
masak thought so
smls DrForr: Yeah, .gist is currently best you to print match objects for debugging purposes. 11:47
Although when your data structure contains *both* nesting *and* match objects, you're screwed.
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DrForr silently points to a grammar with 5 levels of nesting. 11:49
|Tux| does p6 have a similar call for "select STDERR" as in "all default out goes to STDERR from now on"
RabidGravy what's the rationale behind "Cannot put a type constraint on an 'our'-scoped variable" is it by design or just that it's difficult to implement?
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smls m: our Str $foo 11:50
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling /tmp/bbH4a4toUx␤Cannot put a type constraint on an 'our'-scoped variable␤at /tmp/bbH4a4toUx:1␤------> 3our Str $foo7⏏5<EOL>␤ expecting any of:␤ constraint␤»
smls huh
|Tux|: Simply doing $*OUT = $*ERR; seems to work. 11:52
$ 6 '$*OUT = $*ERR; say "yay"' >&-
|Tux| yiacks. that looks destructive! local $*OUT = $*ERR would work too? 11:53
FROGGS or 'my $*OUT'
smls I guess that would be called temp $*OUT = $*ERR
|Tux| both are ugly to rewrite from «$error and select STDERR;» 11:54
but I get the general direction 11:55
smls m: say (await do for ^10 { start { $_ ** 2 } }).perl 11:57
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«(0, 1, 4, 9, 16, 25, 36, 49, 64, 81)␤»
smls ^^ I ran this one-liner on my computer ten times in a row, and...
- 7 times is ran normally
- 2 times it crashed with "===SORRY!=== Cannot invoke this object (REPR: Null)"
- 1 time it hung seemingly indefinitely (had to CTRL+C it)
Is there something wrong with that code, or is concurrency support in r-m still this buggy?
moritz code looks fine to me :/ 11:59
smls :(
moritz m: for ^20 { await do for ^10 { start { $_ ** 2 } } } 12:00
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«Memory allocation failed; could not allocate 656 bytes␤»
moritz m: for ^10 { await do for ^10 { start { $_ ** 2 } } }
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«Memory allocation failed; could not allocate 656 bytes␤»
moritz m: for ^5 { await do for ^10 { start { $_ ** 2 } } }
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«Memory allocation failed; could not allocate 656 bytes␤»
moritz m: for ^2 { await do for ^10 { start { $_ ** 2 } } }
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«Memory allocation failed; could not allocate 656 bytes␤»
moritz m: for ^1 { await do for ^10 { start { $_ ** 2 } } }
camelia ( no output )
moritz m: for ^2 { await do for ^5 { start { $_ ** 2 } } }
camelia ( no output )
moritz m: for ^3 { await do for ^5 { start { $_ ** 2 } } } 12:01
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«Memory allocation failed; could not allocate 656 bytes␤»
smls looks like camelia may have bigger problems, if she can't allocate a mere 656 bytes :P 12:03
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timotimo smls: if you run with a more recent MoarVM than the NQP_REVISION and MOAR_REVISION require, you're going to be running a build where concurrency problems are brought to the front more readily 12:17
smls how come?
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timotimo remember how moar used up 100% of a core whenever you used something event-loopy? 12:21
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RabidGravy smashing 12:29
timotimo oh, i wanted to explain a bit more
well, that part got fixed and that caused racy behavior to happen more readily, as the core wasn't busy busy-waiting 12:30
smls ok 12:32
timotimo but if you just "rakudobrew install" or something, you'll get a version that uses the alot of cpu, but doesn't race as heavily 12:33
but yeah, sadly we have stability issues at the moment with multi-threading
DrForr m:=end FOO 12:36
Hrm, not sure how the bot's parser would handle that :)
moritz m: my $x␤=begin foo 12:48
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling /tmp/5cnrzTGBLT␤Undeclared routines:␤ begin used at line 2␤ foo used at line 2␤␤»
moritz m: my $x;␤=begin foo
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling /tmp/rEfcaf4geA␤Preceding context expects a term, but found infix = instead␤at /tmp/rEfcaf4geA:2␤------> 3=begin 7⏏5foo␤»
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|Tux| mutters that to-json should *also* be a Str method 13:30
easier to switch between .gist .to-json and .perl
brrt disagrees because he still (naively maybe) thinks that json will die in a few decades time 13:34
json is not *really* a good serialisation format, and we should not necessarily prefer one format over another, anyway 13:35
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cognominal we need a p6on :) 13:37
FROGGS ohh please dont
|Tux| everything that is printable but not always visible is lost in .gist (\t) but overly quoted in .perl
huf what's wrong with json? apart from no support for any complex datatype and inconsistent float handling? :)
and some unicode-related inconsistencies with javascript, iirc. 13:38
|Tux| I still want x[00a0] to show as \x[a0] or somesuch
brrt anyway, huf, that's precisely what's wrong with it :-P 13:39
|Tux| " being special in the default available methods. it doesn't need escaping to show it's specialness, but because to-json and .perl use " to quote the whole string it is escaped
huf brrt: yes yes but apart from _all_ that :)
it's a great config file syntax! it has no support for comments at all :) 13:40
the only reason json caught on is because it's not xml.
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brrt :-P please encode for me, in a way that everybody understands: a): a complex number, b): a geographic coordinate, c): a timestamp with a tiemzone information 13:41
moritz and because it's possible to implement json (de)serialization in an afternoon
brrt but yeah
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brrt d): binary data 13:42
huf moritz: okay, yeah, that was important too
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huf brrt: luckily, json has strings. and you can serialize _anything_ into strings :) 13:42
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dalek kudo-star-daily: 43c9e46 | coke++ | log/ (2 files):
today (automated commit)
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cognominal what is the way to wait until all the started Proc::Async have existed? 14:32
timotimo collect the promises returned by .start and await that list 14:33
cognominal thx 14:34
works great indeed 14:35
timotimo :)
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cognominal Need to reread S17 and watch jnthn++ talks to get the most of Perl 6 asynchrony 14:38
timotimo a good plan 14:39
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cschwenz cognominal: do you have links to said talks? 14:39
timotimo some things were renamed since the last available recorder jnthn asynchrony talk, iirc
cognominal cschwenz, www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBHsdc0IVI...u.be&a 14:40
cschwenz awesome! thanks. :-D 14:41
cognominal In fact, he has done that talks many times, and each times it gets better
cschwenz, www.jnthn.net/papers/2014-apw-objec...rrency.pdf these are the slides from a previous version of the talk 14:42
cschwenz \o/ 14:43
cognominal cschwenz, and the code for extensions used in the examples github.com/jnthn/oo-monitors/ github.com/jnthn/oo-actors/
timotimo well, the talk about oo-monitors and oo-actors isn't the one about asynchrony i was thinking about 14:44
cognominal like I said the talk has mutated, or there are altogether different talks and I am confused. 14:45
Another one about reactive programming www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VdIQTtRkb8 14:47
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rjbs If I'm writing a class or module, is p6 in a stricter mode than the main program, in some way? 15:01
timotimo hm? what do you mean? 15:02
rjbs I don't know. A discussion of p6 from 2006 says:
"Perl6 will turn it up for you a little by default--if you write a module or class, it'll automatically default to a stricter mode than it uses for your main program." 15:03
the "it" is "the strictness knob"
[Coke] Who said that? (even if it's TT, I don't think that's a true thing)
rjbs It was. 15:04
That's fine, things change in 9 years. :) I was just wondering if it was true, because I didn't know of it being true.
FROGGS there was some thinking that if you write a class, then some sort of baby talk will be disabled or so...
that statement is not true anymore
[Coke] looks like it's from earlier: interviews.slashdot.org/story/02/09...ligion-and
rjbs oops, misread the dates 15:05
[Coke] 2002, so even more suspect. :)
rjbs YYMMDD. Honestly!
Thanks for the check.
literal nowadays by default -e is loose and everything else is strict, right?
rjbs That's my understanding.
cognominal how usable is the newIO branch? I need to set up pipes. And it seems it could be there because IO::Pipe is missing from master. Well it is an empty placeholder. 15:07
FROGGS literal: correct 15:08
that the REPL was lax for almost a year was due to an error...
cognominal: you can use pipe()... and I think newio does not offer much functionality wrt pipes compared to nom 15:09
RabidGravy m: say Regex.new(pattern => "hshss"); # I know this falls into the making shit up and expecting it work category but hey 15:10
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«(signal SEGV)»
RabidGravy somewhat LTA
FROGGS aye 15:16
please RT it
|Tux| was trying to use __END__ => *DATA blocks in p6
so I used =begin DATA and =end DATA and $=data 15:17
Pod variables other than $=pod not yet implemented. Sorry.
what is the mode-du-jour to use trailing data?
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RabidGravy FROGGS, done #125302 15:23
synbot6 Link: rt.perl.org/rt3/Public/Bug/Display...?id=125302
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FROGGS RabidGravy++ 15:25
smls |Tux|: I guess there isn't a good Perl 6 replacement for __DATA__ and __END__ yet (which is a shame). 15:26
|Tux| I can use «sub MAIN (*@ARGV) {», but is there also a global @ARGV if I do not have a MAIN? 15:28
moritz @*ARGS
|Tux| top! another example finished 15:29
FROGGS there is $*pod and $*finish btw 15:31
err, $=finish
and $=pod 15:32
|Tux| if the error message would have hinted me to $=finish, I would not have asked a single question :)
Pod variables other than $=pod an $=finish not yet implemented. Sorry. 15:33
FROGGS std: __END__ blub
camelia std 28329a7: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5===␤Undeclared name:␤ '__END__' used at line 1␤Undeclared routine:␤ 'blub' used at line 1␤Check failed␤FAILED 00:00 135m␤»
FROGGS std: __END__␤blub␤
camelia std 28329a7: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5===␤Undeclared name:␤ '__END__' used at line 1␤Undeclared routine:␤ 'blub' used at line 2␤Check failed␤FAILED 00:00 135m␤»
FROGGS std: __DATA__␤blub␤
camelia std 28329a7: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5===␤Undeclared name:␤ '__DATA__' used at line 1␤Undeclared routine:␤ 'blub' used at line 2␤Check failed␤FAILED 00:00 135m␤»
|Tux| FROGGS, $=finish has not yet been implemented 15:35
FROGGS O.o 15:37
m: say 42␤=finish␤say 21␤
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«42␤»
moritz m: say =begin END␤say 21␤ 15:38
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling /tmp/7kxFZy1b11␤Preceding context expects a term, but found infix = instead␤at /tmp/7kxFZy1b11:1␤------> 3say =7⏏5begin END␤»
moritz m: =begin END␤say 21␤
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling /tmp/PzZTY8L9pK␤'=begin' not terminated by matching '=end END'␤at /tmp/PzZTY8L9pK:3␤------> 3<BOL>7⏏5<EOL>␤ expecting any of:␤ horizontal whitespace␤ whitespace␤»
FROGGS m: =begin␤say 21␤
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling /tmp/PeN9bUGIN2␤=begin must be followed by an identifier; (did you mean "=begin pod"?)␤at /tmp/PeN9bUGIN2:1␤------> 3=begin7⏏5<EOL>␤»
|Tux| m: say $=finish;␤␤=finish␤DATA
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling /tmp/swIlXp765G␤Pod variables other than $=pod not yet implemented. Sorry. ␤at /tmp/swIlXp765G:1␤------> 3say $=finish7⏏5;␤»
FROGGS m: =flubber␤say 'not here' 15:39
camelia ( no output )
FROGGS so, everything besides =pod and =begin can act like __END__
moritz erm, no
|Tux| =finish === __END__ 15:40
moritz it's just that if there is no newlline after an abbreviated pod form, stuff after it counts as a continuation of the pod block
|Tux| and if I read correct, $=finish should eventually hold all the data after =finish
FROGGS m: say $=pod; =pod foo␤bar␤baz␤␤
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling /tmp/cljOUjsyGP␤Preceding context expects a term, but found infix = instead␤at /tmp/cljOUjsyGP:1␤------> 3say $=pod; =7⏏5pod foo␤»
FROGGS m: say $=pod; =foo␤bar␤baz␤␤ 15:41
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling /tmp/hTaqgTkRHs␤Preceding context expects a term, but found infix = instead␤at /tmp/hTaqgTkRHs:1␤------> 3say $=pod; =7⏏5foo␤»
FROGGS m: say $=pod; =begin foo␤bar␤baz␤␤
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling /tmp/qHHjFctnfl␤Preceding context expects a term, but found infix = instead␤at /tmp/qHHjFctnfl:1␤------> 3say $=pod; =7⏏5begin foo␤»
|Tux| m: say $=pod;␤␤=finish␤DATA
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«␤»
FROGGS m: say $=pod;␤=pod foo␤bar␤baz␤␤
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«Pod::Block::Named{:name("pod")}<>␤ Pod::Block::Para␤ foo bar baz␤␤»
FROGGS bbl & 15:44
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|Tux| another stupid Q: p5« my @foo = (@bar) x 100; » put 100 copies of @bar in @foo. p6 how? 15:46
other than in a for loop
japhb Anyone happen to know when jnthn will be back? Is he honeymooning?
|Tux|: You need xx to get list multiples 15:47
x is for string multiples
|Tux| thnx. never used it before
japhb Also, xx thunks, if that matters in your actual code.
(Because people expected to be able to do [] xx 100 and get 100 unique arrays.) 15:48
moritz japhb: iirc next week
japhb moritz: Ah, thanks.
|Tux| top! 15:49
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itz Are there any plans for a * release any time soon? 15:57
15:58 kst left
cognominal FROGGS newio setting does not compile yet. Too bad there are a lot of interesting there. lizmat++ 15:59
[Coke] star needs to get its module installation story straight after recent panda changes, IIRC. 16:00
itz yeah there is quite a lot of brokeness 16:01
[Coke] We'd be happy to step you through installing the latest compiler release, though, if you like.
itz is anyone able to merge github.com/tadzik/Bailador/pull/27 ?
I have built the latest
raydiak o/ g'mornin #perl6 16:02
itz also github.com/tadzik/panda/pull/163 16:03
|Tux| tony-o_, Bench is fun: 16:06
Timing 50 iterations of combine 1, combine 10, combine 100, parse 1, parse 10, parse 100...
combine 1: -0.1110 wallclock secs @ -450.6049/s (n=50)
(warning: too few iterations for a reliable count)
tony-o_ |Tux|: there is no lib in p6 yet for me to get CPU seconds
yoleaux 31 May 2015 02:11Z <timotimo> tony-o_: in general i'm okay with being pm'd by anyone at any time :)
|Tux| ah
tony-o_ otherwise, yes, i'd be more than happy to do taht :-) 16:07
16:07 liztormato joined
|Tux| but -0.1 waalclock? 16:07
tony-o_ i started on a nativecall version but got hung up on the windows side
what does your code look like?
|Tux| gist.github.com/Tux/5fd68abcc5f362ede112 16:08
liztormato japhb: the way I understand it, is that jnthn will still be mostly offline for today and tomorrow
16:08 rindolf joined
|Tux| change 100 to 10 16:08
tony-o_, warning: you cannot install Text::CSV with panda. It does install but the installed version will crash 16:09
liztormato About to be airborne again& 16:10
|Tux| that is a difficult bug (RT#124298)
synbot6 Link: rt.perl.org/rt3/Public/Bug/Display...?id=124298
tony-o_ it can be negative too if your system took a long time to initiate the call, bench tries to keep track of how long it takes to start the benchmark
it's modeled after the p5 module
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|Tux| that is why I use it :) 16:10
rewriting all my examples from perl5 to perl6 16:11
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dalek ecs: b413e55 | (Stéphane Payrard)++ | S24-testing.pod:
replaced deprecated underscored sub names by dashed ones
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dalek ecs: 86bb33f | moritz++ | html/index.html:
index page: correct some details about the document generation