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Set by masak on 12 May 2015.
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TimToady .tell jnthn I think it would be sanest if submethods do not compose like methods, but have some mechanism for getting themselves all called at the same time as the corresponding class submethod in either build-ish or destroy-ish order as pseudo-parents located between this class and its actuall parents 00:19
yoleaux TimToady: I'll pass your message to jnthn.
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ugexe my $proc = Proc::Async.new("echo","foo","bar"); $proc.stdout.tap(-> $v { print "Output: $v" }); say "Starting..."; my $promise = $proc.start; await $promise; say "Done"; 01:40
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ugexe a recent change appears to make that stuck in await 01:41
in the last 24-36 hours i would guess 01:42
zostay is there a way to interrupt a thread in P6? say to cause a long running operation to timeout? 01:43
as you might do with a SIGALRM in P5 01:44
TimToady ugexe: Proc::Async has been unstable for a long time, but a recent change to avoid spinlocks has exposed some failure modes 01:45
ugexe ah. im not sure what a failure mode is, but it looks like the Promise just stays as Planned 01:47
TimToady zostay: we don't actually deal directly with threads much in P6; work gets assigned to worker threads as needed; if you want to interrupt the execution of a promise, you can interrogate a supply (such as the Signal supply) for async events 01:48
well, "interrogate" is the wrong word...
ugexe: otoh, the restart-concurrent test seems to be hanging consistently now, so maybe you're onto something... 01:50
zostay ok... i think what i want to know is if i can cause a blocking read to exit with EINTR
TimToady dinner & 01:51
zostay (or blocking write or whatever system like call)
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gagalicious hi i'm a hard core perl5 programmer. is there anything i u guys would like to tell me what i am missing here on perl6 which i cant do on perl5? 02:08
skids gagalicious: are you a Moo/Moose user in P5? 02:12
gagalicious nope
what's that?
skids It's a module that adds a lot of OO niceness. 02:13
So you are mostly a perl5 core user, then, right?
TimToady what kind of data do you deal with, mostly?
certain kinds of math are a lot nicer in P6 02:14
m: say 1, 1, *+* ... *
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89 144 233 377 610 987 1597 2584 4181 6765 10946 17711 28657 46368 75025 121393 196418 317811 514229 832040 1346269 2178309 3524578 5702887 9227465 14930352 24157817 39088169 63245986 102334155 165580141 267914296 433494437 70140873…»
TimToady like there's a fibonacci series
m: say [*] 1..10 02:15
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«3628800␤»
TimToady there's 10 factorial
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TimToady p6 arguably has better Unicode support now, if you're into text processing 02:15
skids There are better control structures and loop handling. 02:16
gagalicious yeah perl5 me
TimToady there's more "everything is an object", if you're into OO, and if you're not into OO, you can still pretend numbers aren't objects :)
it's also easier to do functional programming, if you're into that 02:17
gagalicious better unicode? i havent come across any major issues in perl5
i dont really like the reliance on object too much.. not everything for sure. 02:18
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TimToady well, the main thing is the runtime is never confused about whether a string is text or binary in p6 02:18
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TimToady whereas p5 can get confused about that 02:18
but p6 also has better support for languages that use lots of diacritics 02:19
this shows up more outside the typical latin-1 langauges though
skids m: for flat ^5 Z "a".."d" -> $a, $b { "$a $b".say }; # multiple loop control variables are easy 02:20
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«0 a␤1 b␤2 c␤3 d␤»
TimToady and most USians say "What's with these fancy accents? Why can't people just ASCII like normal people?"
*use ASCII
so we wouldn't tend to notice the internationalization support 02:21
gagalicious: you also don't have to memorize so many things, like which functions take $_ for a default 02:22
skids m: say gather while (++$ < 4) { "HERE".say; take 42; "THERE".say }; # You can take results from the middle of loops like this 02:23
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«HERE␤THERE␤HERE␤THERE␤HERE␤THERE␤42 42 42␤»
TimToady p5 has 15 or so magical symbols like STDOUT that span all packages
in p6 global symbols are specially marked 02:24
$*OUT instead of STDOUT
so that's another list you don't have to remember
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TimToady p6 also tends to have better error messages, generally 02:25
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raydiak don't forget the way more awesomer regexes 02:25
skids m: say <jack queen king> X~ "of" X~ <diamonds hearts> # it is very easy to generate all sorts of things
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«jackofdiamonds jackofhearts queenofdiamonds queenofhearts kingofdiamonds kingofhearts␤»
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TimToady raydiak: that too :) 02:25
raydiak and grammars
TimToady p6 has better extensibility 02:26
m: sub postfix:<!>($x) { [*] 2..$x }; say 42! 02:27
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«1405006117752879898543142606244511569936384000000000␤»
TimToady so it's easy to write your own operators, like factorial there
and you'll notice the precision doesn't max out at 32 or 64 bits
decommute & 02:28
skids m: multi sub f ( $x where * > 5 ) { "LOTS".say }; multi sub f ($x where 1 < *) { $x.say }; f(6); f(4); f(0); # you can separate up those subs that do different things based on input, and also get good error messages for out-of-domain arguments 02:32
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«LOTS␤4␤Cannot call f(0); none of these signatures match:␤ (Any $x where { ... })␤ (Any $x where { ... })␤ in block <unit> at /tmp/5vQilEsxZS:1␤␤»
skids gagalicious: you can use as much or as little type-checking as you want for you particular purpose 02:33
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gagalicious i thought type check is supposed to speed up an app... but i heard perl6 is slower than perl5. is that right/ 02:35
i like perl5 coz there's no type checking in the first place... if only perl6 built in a type check optimizer.. that'll make it better. 02:36
skids gagalicious: Currently perl6 is slower than perl5 but faster mostly than perl5+Moose so it depends what features you need. P6 is much faster than it was a month ago and keeps getting faster. Some of that is because the type-checking optimizations are starting to get impleented. 02:38
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skids gagalicious: one of the first things new P6 users notice is much better error messages that help you correct mistakes faster. 02:40
m: sub foobar { 1 }; fooobar(); 02:41
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling /tmp/ZCULqCYlKQ␤Undeclared routine:␤ fooobar used at line 1. Did you mean 'foobar'?␤␤»
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skids And you can use type checking to help you find errors before the code is actually run, if you like. 02:44
m: sub do_dangerous_thing( Int $x ) { say "DANGER!" }; do_dangerous_thing("foo");
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling /tmp/C1YqEaP_Od␤Calling do_dangerous_thing(str) will never work with declared signature (Int $x)␤at /tmp/C1YqEaP_Od:1␤------> 3rous_thing( Int $x ) { say "DANGER!" }; 7⏏5do_dangerous_thing("foo");␤»
tony-o_ is that color stuff new? 02:47
skids Not super-new, did you change terminals/irc clients? 02:48
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zostay m: Buf.new(0x31 .. 0x34) ~~ /2/ 03:26
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«Cannot use a Buf as a string, but you called the Str method on it␤ in block <unit> at /tmp/pM4HwHFEjs:1␤␤»
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zostay m: Buf.new(0x31 .. 0x34).decode('ascii') ~~ /2/ 03:43
camelia ( no output )
zostay m: (Buf.new(0x31 .. 0x34).decode('ascii') ~~ /2/).perl.say
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«Match.new(ast => Any, list => (), hash => EnumMap.new(), orig => "1234", to => 2, from => 1)␤»
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masak morning, #perl6 06:23
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itz www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4sZYSiXSgI 06:26
hi 06:27
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masak m: my $n = 1e0; $n /= 2 for ^1075; say $n 06:30
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«0␤»
masak m: my $n = -1e0; $n /= 2 for ^1075; say $n
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«-0␤»
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masak underflow. this is a good way to explain why -0e0 can be useful. 06:30
m: my $x = 0e0; my $y = 0e0; say -($x - $y); say $y - $x # cannot assume -($x - $y)can be optimized to $y - $x, because of -0e0 06:34
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«-0␤0␤»
masak m: say sqrt -0e0 06:35
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«-0␤»
meis hum, morning :) 06:38
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masak \o 06:38
meis do you guys know how to generate a .class for jvm from perl6 in rakudo?
i'm feeling silly, but I can't figure out how to do it..
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masak m: say sign NaN 06:42
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«1␤»
masak submits rakudobug
things you find from playing around :P
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FROGGS meis: are you talking about a .class file? 07:12
meis FROGGS: yes, sorry, a .class file 07:14
FROGGS meis: perl6-j --target=jar --output=foo.jar foo.pm
though, it's a .jar then :o)
meis oh
a jart works nice for me
thank you, I'll try later! 07:15
FROGGS meis: if you need more information about Java interop please look at the tests in rakudo/t/03-jvm or ask psch
meis I'll do, thanks for the tip 07:16
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FROGGS rjbs: s/so maybe of of those/so maybe one of those/ 07:17
[Tux] Inline::Perl5 IO is now broken (it worked yesterday): 07:18
csv-ip5xsio Cannot invoke null object
in method invoke at lib/Inline/Perl5.pm6:479
in method invoke at lib/Inline/Perl5.pm6:471
in block at lib/Inline/Perl5.pm6:753
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FROGGS rjbs++ # very good post 07:22
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FROGGS [Tux]: what exactly do you mean by IO? 07:24
[Tux] pass an IO object to perl5
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RabidGravy morning 07:34
Ven \o 07:35
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FROGGS morning 07:40
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brrt morning 07:43
dalek ake: ed35790 | arnsholt++ | t/def.t:
Add test exercising default arguments.
ake: ff21ab1 | arnsholt++ | t/def.t:
Improve slurpy args test a bit.
ake: c66b97e | arnsholt++ | / (3 files):
Implement list comprehensions.
ake: 8c1f4cf | arnsholt++ | src/Snake/Grammar.nqp:
Comments have zero or more characters after #, not one or more.
ake: 8d2ef71 | arnsholt++ | src/ (4 files):
The great object model refactor.

This should bring us a lot closer to the correct way of handling classes and objects than we previously had. I've mostly kept unrelated stuff (like named arguments for nqp::ops) in separate commits, but some unrelated things may have snuck in.
ake: 1c66c8f | arnsholt++ | src/Snake/ (2 files):
Some comment cleanup.
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itz CFT++ # perl6 hacking 08:26
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lizmat good *, #perl6! 08:33
hmmm... see some serious breakage in S17 related tests after MoarVM upgrade
was MoarVM ready to be upgraded for nqp / rakudo?
nwc10 lizmat: there's a bug in MoarVM HEAD to do with async stuff that jnthn is aware of but hasn't fixe yet 08:34
he was busy with something over the weekend, as I understand it.
(have seen a picture)
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lizmat :-) 08:35
yeah, I was aware of his whereabouts last weekend
nwc10 verified in person, as I understand it.
lizmat yes :-) 08:36
dalek kudo/nom: d5d93ad | lizmat++ | src/core/Numeric.pm:
Make sign(NaN) return NaN

Fixes RT's #124813 and #125317
synbot6 Link: rt.perl.org/rt3/Public/Bug/Display...?id=124813
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dalek ast: de33725 | lizmat++ | S32-num/sign.t:
Unfudge now passing test
FROGGS lizmat: eww, I did not know that MoarVM HEAD would cause breakage :o( 08:41
lizmat yes, quite serious
with hangs and zombies
nwc10 test early, test often? 08:42
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moritz you could always revert the faulty commit(s), and move them to a branch 08:45
dalek p: d195a71 | FROGGS++ | tools/build/MOAR_REVISION:
Revert "bump moar (win build fix and nativecall fix)"

MoarVM HEAD introduces problems in S17... rolling back. This reverts commit 07a9dc105e682a14651551fa25e7af11d03faea8.
kudo/nom: 5e72201 | FROGGS++ | tools/build/NQP_REVISION:
require newer nqp that uses older MoarVM
lizmat pulling, building and testing
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lizmat hmmm... looks like it needs a nuke of the install dir :-( 08:54
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FROGGS ohh yeah, nqp wont downgrade moar 09:00
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FROGGS deleting the moar executable would work too 09:01
(and then reconfigure and rebuild)
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moritz .u カスタ 09:02
yoleaux U+30AB KATAKANA LETTER KA [Lo] (カ)
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brrt uhm, hey, anything terrifyingly wrong with moar that we should fix? 09:17
lizmat yes :-)
brrt ok, what is
anything to do with /me merging the throwops 09:18
since when did all go wrong :-)
lizmat no, afaik it's half finished work of jnthn wrt not using 100% CPU in a thread for timer related functions 09:19
hmmm... nuking install dir didn't fix it :-(
FROGGS lizmat: what is your moar --version? 09:20
lizmat nothing anymore, I just nuked nqp dir 09:21
brrt hmm ok. i can see how that is painful
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lizmat hmmm... still breakage ??? 09:27
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lizmat $ install/bin/moar --version 09:29
This is MoarVM version 2015.05-8-g41b5dd2 built with JIT support
FROGGS that's correct
lizmat $ install/bin/nqp-m --version 09:30
This is nqp version 2015.05-4-gd195a71 built on MoarVM version 2015.05-8-g41b5dd2
FROGGS yes, this is what you basically had yesterday
except the nqp revision, which was 2015.05 09:31
but there is nothing in the nqp commits that could hurt
ohh wait... 09:32
maybe the offending patches were in moar 2015.05 .. 2015.05-8-g41b5dd2 ?
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lizmat ah, yes, the problem was *not* caused by your changes 09:33
just by changes that came along with your bump, afaik
FROGGS excatly
lizmat so maybe we need to revert Moar to 2015.05 ?
FROGGS yes, I think so
hold on
lizmat I think 58226af4aad0d365 in Moar is the problem, really 09:34
dalek p: afc10c9 | FROGGS++ | tools/build/MOAR_REVISION:
roll back to MoarVM 2015.05
kudo/nom: 317d054 | FROGGS++ | tools/build/NQP_REVISION:
require newer nqp that uses older MoarVM
FROGGS lizmat: can yuo now pull, unlink your nqp-m, and reconfigure+rebuild? 09:36
lizmat will do
FROGGS or nuke install if you prefer that
lizmat trying your way first :-)
FROGGS :o) 09:37
lizmat $ install/bin/moar --version
This is MoarVM version 2015.05-8-g41b5dd2 built with JIT support
FROGGS :o( 09:38
I guess it wont reconfigure nqp this way...
lizmat I unlinked moar as well now
trying again
FROGGS gladly it does not take 10+ minutes as it used to take when you had to build parrot 09:39
lizmat $ install/bin/moar --version
This is MoarVM version 2015.05 built with JIT support
FROGGS ohh, good to know 09:40
brrt i'm a bit sorry about this discussion since i had hoped the jit throw ops merge to get some more exposure
possible suggestion 09:41
lizmat brrt: afaik, it's only 58226af4aad0d365 that is causing the problem
FROGGS we can also move that commit to a branch in MoarVM 09:42
lizmat brrt: maybe reverting that for now, will allow us to move forward ?
brrt we revert said commit on master, cherry-pick it onto a separate branch, and continue tracking moar master with nqp and rakudo
consider it done
in five minutes, at least ;-)
FROGGS brrt++
this will also help others, since you cannot downgrade moarvm using MOAR_REVISION 09:43
as it happily accepts newer moars
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lizmat spectest confirmed clean now 09:44
afk for a bit& 09:45
brrt tis done
FROGGS I'll update nqp and rakudo (again :o) 09:46
brrt :-) 09:47
dalek p: 4344303 | FROGGS++ | tools/build/MOAR_REVISION:
bump moar for fixing async stability
kudo/nom: d39fe1c | FROGGS++ | tools/build/NQP_REVISION:
bump nqp/moar for fixing async stability
FROGGS now this should solve problems for all the ppl out there 09:48
brrt hopes it does
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jnthn Note that the patch didn't actually cause problems, it fixed one problem that turned out to make a bunch of others less likely. 09:53
yoleaux 00:19Z <TimToady> jnthn: I think it would be sanest if submethods do not compose like methods, but have some mechanism for getting themselves all called at the same time as the corresponding class submethod in either build-ish or destroy-ish order as pseudo-parents located between this class and its actuall parents
jnthn The things that showed up with it are all possible to produce without it. 09:54
brrt yeah, that's very much true :-) 09:55
the 'problem' - for me at least - was hanging spectests, by the way
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jnthn Yes, agree it created a nuisance. 09:57
lizmat jnthn o/
jnthn I'll try and work on a real fix today
lizmat jnthn: I would suggest you take it easy for a bit more... 09:58
it's safely stashed away in a branch now :-)
we've been living with 100% CPU on a thread for quite some time now, a little more wouldn't hurt
fwiw, spectest confirmed clean on This is MoarVM version 2015.05-35-gc4c7ebd built with JIT support 09:59
really afk for a bit now& 10:00
brrt spectest burns the top of this imac 10:01
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Emeric Hello World ! 10:20
brrt hi Emeric
anything we can help you with :-) 10:23
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Emeric Did you use Perl6 for web projects ? 10:27
DrForr Not sure how much of perl6.org is done in perl6 yet :) 10:28
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brrt web is kind of broad these days. it used to be 'CGI scripts', today it may mean 'i want something like rails' or 'i want something like flask/sinatra', or even 'something like php' 10:30
as far as i know, not a lot of people are using perl6 in any of these capacities yet
moritz {doc,modules}.perl6.org is statically generated pages, and generated by Perl 6 scripts
brrt what people are doing is creating static site generators using perl6
moritz as is strangelyconsistent.org
brrt points out that the first real 'blogging engine' (movable type) in widespread use would now be called a static site generator with a web interface 10:31
anyway, lunch &
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Emeric Thanks for the answer 10:32
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Emeric Sorry, I've may questions... :S Did you often use the OOP with Perl 6 ? 10:47
DrForr Using it right now as it happens.
hahainternet Emeric: can i ask why you're asking these questions? they seem like a survey question more than a practical one
moritz Emeric: Perl 6 is an OO language at its very core
ever non-trivial piece of Perl 6 code that I write is OO 10:48
DrForr And no need to use the past tense, it's very much alive.
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Emeric I'm just trying to inform me about what is done with Perl. And sorry, I'dont speak english very well... 10:50
DrForr Plenty of stuff, though if you're looking for large-scale implementation and huge websites, look at perl5.
Emeric And I hope it's still alive !
DrForr At least for the moment :) 10:51
hahainternet Emeric: in my uninformed opinion, Perl 6 currently occupies roughly the niche that Perl 5 does, but it is slowly expanding to support every relatively high-level niche i know of
DrForr Incidentally the perl6 ANTLR -> Perl6 converter is almost done.
hahainternet DrForr: fancy, there's EBNF too isn't there 10:52
that blew my mind
DrForr EBNF, ABNF, C++, Java...
hahainternet 's head explodes
DrForr It mostly won't run without tweaking because ANTLR4 and Perl6 aren't an exact match, but it'll handle most of the constructs. 10:53
hahainternet oh? i don't know the difference, haven't had much p6 time and no ANTLR time 10:54
DrForr ANTLR4 is closer to yacc in that it lets you do code that messes with the parsing stack inline. 10:55
smls_ Is there a way to get the function object &foo from the string "foo" without EVAL?
10:56 smls_ is now known as smls
moritz smls: &::('foo') 10:56
smls oh, right.
DrForr But it'll work well enough that you can take an ANTLR C# grammar, convert it and get something that looks like perl6 without faffing about.
smls does it work with operators too?
m: say &::("infix:<~>") 10:57
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«sub infix:<~> (Any |) { #`(Sub+{<anon>}+{Precedence}|50302512) ... }␤»
smls neat
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smls is .WHY supposed to say something for built-ins? 11:05
m: say &say.WHY
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«(Any)␤»
moritz smls: it would be neat the pod from doc.perl6.org could be made available from the setting somehow 11:07
smls: though including it in the source text of the setting is a no-go
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rjbs FROGGS: glad you liked it :) 11:21
FROGGS rjbs: yes, please keep posting here when you blog
rjbs Well, that post is five years old. I better start posing the rest of my backlog... :-) 11:23
FROGGS it ... is? 11:24
rjbs FROGGS: the follow-up was rjbs.manxome.org/rubric/entry/1865 11:29
FROGGS thanks 11:30
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timotimo o/ 11:36
Ven \o timotimo 11:37
timotimo FROGGS: the dresden.pm video recording of your talk ... the audio recording is ... ...
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AlexDaniel is it possible to define a subroutine that will be visible from the outside? Like: if True { sub Test { say 'hello' } }; Test(); 11:40
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dalek ake: 71b4bd1 | arnsholt++ | src/Snake/Metamodel/ClassHOW.nqp:
Better stringification logic.
ake: a729dc1 | arnsholt++ | src/setting/builtins.py:
Set correct type cache on `type` object.
ake: d8f82f8 | arnsholt++ | src/setting/builtins.py:
Fix braino in MRO passed to ClassHOW.new_type from type().
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moritz AlexDaniel: sub Test is export { ... } 11:40
oh wait, then you still have to import it 11:41
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moritz AlexDaniel: my &Test; if True { &Test := anon sub Test { say 'hello' } } 11:41
the "anon sub Test" construct is a subroutine that isn't automatically installed in the surrounding lexical scope ("anon"), but still knows its own name when introspected 11:42
AlexDaniel m: my &Test; if True { &Test := anon sub Test { say 'hello' } } 11:43
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling /tmp/H3OlSeCCKe␤Cannot use bind operator with this left-hand side␤at /tmp/H3OlSeCCKe:1␤------> 3 &Test := anon sub Test { say 'hello' } 7⏏5}␤»
AlexDaniel moritz: how can I solve that error? 11:44
I don't really get it
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moritz hm 11:46
m: my &Test; if True { &Test = anon sub Test { say 'hello' } }
camelia ( no output )
moritz m: my &Test; if True { &Test = anon sub Test { say 'hello' } }; Test()
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«hello␤»
moritz AlexDaniel: ok, use assignment instead
though the error looks a bit fishy to me. Why shouldn't you be able to bind here?
(if there's no extra container level, it should be assignment that's forbidden, not binding) 11:47
AlexDaniel moritz: well, if you think that it's an error than you should probably report it yourself, I don't think that I can phrase what is going on here :) 11:48
moritz AlexDaniel: I probably should
AlexDaniel this is fun, but it does not satisfy my original crazy intent. I'm trying to change the grammar in run-time (have no idea if that is even possible), depending on something that is not available in compile-time. I have no useful intent but I'm just trying to see what is possible, so I took a simple example of sub postfix:<!> { [*] 1..$^n }; and tried placing it into some block after "if", but it seems like it is lexically scoped so it 11:54
does not really do what I want it to do. That anon thing, obviously, is not going to work, as far as I can see. Any ideas?
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FROGGS timotimo: do you have a link? 11:56
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AlexDaniel I'm looking here, for example; github.com/tony-o/perl6-slang-sql/...g/SQL.pm6, but I wonder if there is any simpler example 11:57
FROGGS timotimo: nvm, found it
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FROGGS bbl 11:59
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moritz AlexDaniel: you could try something like: module Foo { multi infix:<!>($x) { [*] 1..$x } }; BEGIN import Foo if True; 12:01
be careful not to introduce a new scope, of course :-)
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dalek kudo-star-daily: 14b6f06 | coke++ | log/ (2 files):
today (automated commit)
AlexDaniel moritz: does not really work, hm 12:20
m: module Foo { sub postfix:<!> { [*] 1..$^n }; }; BEGIN import Foo; say 5!;
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling /tmp/s7c_T4CbPU␤Negation metaoperator not followed by valid infix␤at /tmp/s7c_T4CbPU:1␤------> 3*] 1..$^n }; }; BEGIN import Foo; say 5!7⏏5;␤ expecting any of:␤ infix␤ infix stoppe…»
dalek kudo/nom: 0f627ce | lizmat++ | lib/Test.pm:
Fix #125319
synbot6 Link: rt.perl.org/rt3/Public/Bug/Display...?id=125319
[Coke] good morning, everyone. 12:32
lizmat [Coke] o/ 12:37
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dalek kudo/nom: 276964e | lizmat++ | docs/ChangeLog:
Add some more entries
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jnthn import is already BEGIN time 12:50
But the sub needs marking "is export" for it to work
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lizmat Looking at making start { } take a blorst, but failing: gist.github.com/lizmat/3ad7ce1f0174013ec2eb 12:53
I guess I'm being too KISS :-) suggestions anyone?
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jnthn lizmat: Got 15 mins more of errands to do, then I can take a look. But I was going to do it by calling Promise.start and getting rid of the start function entirely 12:58
lizmat that was my plan also
I just called it START in the interim, so I could compare start and START :-)
hoelzro morning #perl6 13:04
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AlexDaniel m: module Foo { sub postfix:<!> is export { [*] 1..$^n } }; BEGIN import Foo if True; say 5!; 13:06
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«120␤»
AlexDaniel m: module Foo { sub postfix:<!> is export { [*] 1..$^n } }; BEGIN import Foo if False; say 5!;
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«120␤»
AlexDaniel module Foo { sub postfix:<!> is export { [*] 1..$^n } }; import Foo if True; say 5!;
umm 13:07
m: module Foo { sub postfix:<!> is export { [*] 1..$^n } }; import Foo if True; say 5!;
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling /tmp/4bBna1C9Cs␤Missing semicolon␤at /tmp/4bBna1C9Cs:1␤------> 3 export { [*] 1..$^n } }; import Foo if 7⏏5True; say 5!;␤»
smls_ Is there an equivalent of &::($sub-name) for classes and roles? 13:08
i.e. look up a type from a string holding its name
dalek pan style="color: #395be5">perl6-examples: 0c93c1a | paultcochrane++ | t/categories/cookbook/ (2 files):
[cookbook] remove temporary files created from scripts

Some scripts generate temporary files that shouldn't be cleaned up in the script themselves (it wouldn't make sense in the context of the example). Nevertheless, this leaves temporary files lying around on the filesystem after running the test suite, thus the tests now clean these files up.
pan style="color: #395be5">perl6-examples: 713281b | paultcochrane++ | categories/euler/prob032-andreoss.pl:
Purge trailing whitespace
timotimo m: ::('Hash').new.say
camelia rakudo-moar c2a57e: OUTPUT«␤»