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Set by moritz on 22 December 2015.
flussence ! 00:00
Skarsnik It should be in the next release
ShimmerFairy m: say Perl.new
camelia rakudo-moar 2ae0df: OUTPUT«Perl 6 (6.c)␤»
masak m: say Perl.old
camelia rakudo-moar 2ae0df: OUTPUT«Method 'old' not found for invocant of class 'Perl'␤ in block <unit> at /tmp/Bb0QZUlVkM line 1␤␤»
masak aww :)
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flussence goes off to fix up a few now-dead SSL certs on my LAN because I'm really lazy with specifying dates... 00:05
gfldex is there introspection for nodal-ness?
m: say .name, ' ', .?nodal for List.^methods 00:08
camelia rakudo-moar 2ae0df: OUTPUT«from-iterator Nil␤from-slurpy Nil␤from-slurpy-onearg Nil␤from-slurpy-flat Nil␤new Nil␤to Nil␤from Nil␤sum Nil␤fmt Nil␤reification-target Nil␤iterator Nil␤Seq True␤sink Nil␤STORE Nil␤eager Nil␤Capture Nil␤FLATTENABLE_LIST Nil…»
gfldex there is :)
[Coke] RT: 1,147; JVM: 44; weird: 13; nom: 34; glr: 6 00:10
ZoffixWin How do I represent the "null character" in a regex? <[\0]> ain't it 00:12
RabidGravy Happy new year fromGMT+0.0001 :)
ZoffixWin m: say '0' ~~ /<[\0]>/ 00:13
camelia rakudo-moar 2ae0df: OUTPUT«「0」␤»
grondilu Happy new year guys (France here, 1am)
ZoffixWin m: say '0' ~~ /<[\[0]]>/
camelia rakudo-moar 2ae0df: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling /tmp/uDj_0AwG2k␤Unable to parse expression in metachar:sym<assert>; couldn't find final '>' ␤at /tmp/uDj_0AwG2k:1␤------> 3say '0' ~~ /<[\[0]7⏏5]>/␤ expecting any of:␤ term␤»
ZoffixWin -_-
RabidGravy, HNY
[Coke] m: say "\0" ~~ / "\0" /
camelia rakudo-moar 2ae0df: OUTPUT«「␀」␤»
[Coke] ^^
ZoffixWin m: say "\0" ~~ / <-["\0"]> / 00:14
camelia rakudo-moar 2ae0df: OUTPUT«Potential difficulties:␤ Quotes are not metacharacters in character classes␤ at /tmp/PFSqEC6CRH:1␤ ------> 3say "\0" ~~ / <-["\7⏏050"]> /␤ Repeated character (") unexpectedly found in character class␤ at /tmp/PFSqEC6CRH:1␤ …»
ZoffixWin [Coke], I need to do a <-[\0\n\r]> where \0 is the null byte
ShimmerFairy m: say "\0" ~~ / < \0 > /
camelia rakudo-moar 2ae0df: OUTPUT«Nil␤»
ShimmerFairy m: say "\0" ~~ / <[\c@]> / 00:15
camelia rakudo-moar 2ae0df: OUTPUT«「␀」␤»
ZoffixWin :o
ShimmerFairy ZoffixWin: ^^^ looks like you can use \c@ , at least :)
ZoffixWin ShimmerFairy, what sorcery is that?
ShimmerFairy m: say "\0" ~~ / \0 /
camelia rakudo-moar 2ae0df: OUTPUT«「␀」␤»
RabidGravy being about five miles east of Greenwich and all
ShimmerFairy Looks like \0 only doesn't work in character classes, who knows why.
timotimo \x00?
ZoffixWin m: say "\0" ~~ / <-[\x00]> /
camelia rakudo-moar 2ae0df: OUTPUT«Nil␤»
ZoffixWin m: say "f" ~~ / <-[\x00]> / 00:16
camelia rakudo-moar 2ae0df: OUTPUT«「f」␤»
ZoffixWin timotimo++
ShimmerFairy ZoffixWin: \c followed by a single character is like the ^J syntax you see in terminals, e.g. \cJ -> ^J -> LF . No clue why I reached for that first, instead of \x00 :P
hobbs H^@e^@l^@l^@o^@ ^@f^@r^@o^@m^@ ^@W^@i^@n^@d^@o^@w^@s ^@N^@T^@ 00:18
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ShimmerFairy (worth noting that \c[ doesn't work to get \e, since the left bracket will be seen as introducing something long to \c, e.g. \c[13,10] or \c[DIGIT ZERO] ) 00:20
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Quety Hello #perl6, happy new year ! 00:30
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Quety I've a little question : what's your IDE for Perl6 on Linux ? 00:31
ZoffixWin Quety, Atom
I'm hoping Sublime Text 2 will eventually get a proper highlighter, because I hate Atom
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Quety I'm in the same case that you ZoffixWin : I like Sublime but the highlight for perl6 is just horrible 00:32
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masak guess you have to lobby the Sublime Text people somehow 00:33
must be hard, this liking-closed-source-editors thing :P
ZoffixWin I don't think the P6 highligher is written as them
And that part *is* opensource. I just don't wanna fix it :P 00:34
masak I can sort of understand that
so... maybe 2016 is the year of vim, too? :D
'night, #perl6
ZoffixWin night
vim is for masochists :) 00:35
Quety Gute nacht masak ! :)
hobbs every year is the year of vim. 00:37
RabidGravy Quety, my IDE is Linux ;-)
hobbs 2016 might be the year of neovim :) 00:38
ShimmerFairy We really need some kind of editor that's like emacs, but Perl 6 instead of elisp :D
hobbs pmac6.
RabidGravy ZoffixWin, I've used vi for thirty years I can't fix how my brain works now
Hotkeys I use atom cause it's pretty decent and I'm a windows pleb 00:39
Quety Or there is Padre...
RabidGravy look forward to a working perl 6 port
Hotkeys is there a perl 6 linter yet for atom
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ShimmerFairy Quety: true, but I vastly prefer "text editors" over fancy IDE-ish things; I also would like to see an editor as extensible as emacs, but with a different language. (If I were crazy enough...) :) 00:41
blub i cant wait for guilemacs on hurd 00:43
RabidGravy you see I've been exposed to emacs almost as long as vi but I never cleaved to it, don't know why, maybe in a hundred years someone will right a paper on it
geekosaur they exist, or existed. most of the ones I know of went commercial and died
(brief/crisp, epsilon, some editor that borland bought) 00:44
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geekosaur the 00:45
Hotkeys I tried to use vim when I had my brief affair with linux
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geekosaur (still around although who knows how maintained it is. also, probably only of interest to a certain class of geek >.> ) 00:45
Hotkeys but then I went back to windows because I was using arch and arch is annoying
RabidGravy there was an editor with the old commercial watcom C distribution that did vi/emacs personalities died twenty years ago 00:46
ShimmerFairy RabidGravy: I use vim for quick in-terminal edits of stuff, but I can't imagine using it for serious editing :P 00:47
Hotkeys vim is good for serious editing especially if you make it all fancy-like
add the nerd tree 00:48
get powerline up in there
or not
if you like plain vim
ShimmerFairy I dunno, the fact that a text editor needs to be put in a special mode to edit text makes me doubtful... :P
lucs ShimmerFairy: For me, what you said, but s/vim/vi/ and s/it for/anything but Vim for/ 00:49
RabidGravy I'm quite happy with a plain old vi if it isn't the sun one
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lucs (my Vim is kinda very very customized after 15 years of tweaking) 00:50
ShimmerFairy Really, I like emacs (and I like lisp languages too!), it's just that I suspect a really good Perl 6 major mode needs a P6 parser to be really good :)
(also, it'd be incredibly interesting to see how P6 handles in a situation like "be a text editor") 00:51
TimToady > p6 'say so "\0" ~~ /<[\0]>/'
was an nqp bug 00:52
ShimmerFairy TimToady: ah, I had a feeling it was a bug, since it was only character classes that didn't like it :)
geekosaur (I should install THE for old times' sake, unfortunately my rexx has probably bitrotted beyond usefulness)
ShimmerFairy ZoffixWin: ^^^ turns out you should've been able to use \0 :)
TimToady spectesting before committing though 00:53
TimToady hopes nobody put in a test for the faulty behavior... 00:54
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.oO(if TimToady is always right (Rule #1), and roast is _the_ definition of v6.c, what happens when they disagree?)
TimToady that's what Rule #2 is for :)
timotimo evening TimToady 00:57
ShimmerFairy :)
timotimo and hi ShimmerFairy
TimToady well, we got through S05, which is a good sign
ShimmerFairy hai timotimo o/
btw, it's incredibly weird that "the test is wrong; just fix it" is no longer an option [without a language update] :) 00:58
RabidGravy you lot are all "west of Greenwich" now right?
timotimo is east of greenwich 00:59
RabidGravy and probably furter than Deptford or Rotherhithe
ShimmerFairy RabidGravy: We're all both, I think, but I'm at least on the west coast of the US :)
RabidGravy timotimo++
timotimo um, why do i get ++'d? 01:00
RabidGravy because
I can take it back if it makes you uncomfortable ;-)
timotimo hah 01:01
no, it's fine
i'm going to do a bit more stuff tonight
likely going to give a reason for ++ing me
dalek ast: 1417783 | TimToady++ | S05-metasyntax/charset.t:
test that \0 works inside cclasses
p: d86a422 | TimToady++ | src/QRegex/P6Regex/ (2 files):
entry for \0 was missing in character classes
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cygx o/ 01:04
so, let's check if we've managed to hit the Ballmer peak today ;) 01:05
RabidGravy timotimo, you're going to sneak in and work out why this gdbm binding is segfaulting? nice one ;-) 01:06
dalek kudo/nom: c6cb07e | TimToady++ | tools/build/NQP_REVISION:
1st NPQ bump ever for official Perl 6 :)
TimToady er, *NQP
RabidGravy cygx, dunno about Ballmer but I shouldn't be allowed anywhere near software 01:07
ZoffixWin TimToady, you had one job!
Happy New Year everyone :D
RabidGravy TimToady :-* 01:08
ZoffixWin, and you :-*
flussence merry christmas to everyone in UTC-192
timotimo RabidGravy: i don't even know what gdbm is 01:09
ShimmerFairy part of me wishes v6.🎄 would be a valid literal Version :P
flussence gdbm is a hash-oriented database thing
RabidGravy it's a thing, store shit on disk at your behest
timotimo ah, hm 01:10
RabidGravy oh what flussence said
flussence tl;dr: disk-backed %es
I might be wrong but I *think* that's why perl5's tying feature exists... 01:11
TimToady m: say so "\0" ~~ /<[\0]>/
camelia rakudo-moar c6cb07: OUTPUT«True␤»
RabidGravy got me totally baffled to the extent I'm ignoring it
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herby__ Good evening, everyone! 01:12
timotimo hello herby__
RabidGravy there's an off by one error in the hash function but I can't work out how I could cause it
herby__ \o 01:13
lichtkind hai herby 01:14
perigrin flussence: I don't think you're wrong. I doubt strongly it exists because "crack" ... which is the only other explanation I have for it. 01:15
RabidGravy flussence, to the extent that it was a generalisation of the earlier (s|g|n)dbm functionality yes - TimToady may remember the history better 01:16
TimToady that was one reason for tie, yes
but I rarely do things for one reason 01:17
it was also to build an OO bridge to traditionally non-OO variables
perigrin puts that deep in the "crack" category and claims he was right. 01:18
RabidGravy and stuff
herby__ anyone doing any html parsing yet with Perl 6?
Skarsnik Yes, with Gumbo and XML
RabidGravy perigrin, where on the Westbrook-Thompson scale though? 01:19
Skarsnik herby_, skarsnik-stuff.blogspot.fr/2015/11/...nt-to.html
and really good night #perl6 this time x)
RabidGravy have fun sweety 01:20
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perigrin RabidGravy: I'm ... not sure. I think it's about a 5 on the Bristol Stool Scale though. 01:21
RabidGravy I'm going around Keith Richards myself 01:22
also it allowed some nut-job to write a Linux filsystem in Perl back when fuse was young and fresh 01:23
perigrin acutally there are still nutjobs who do that. 01:24
RabidGravy cool
perigrin github.com/xantronix/Filesys-POSIX # warning Perl5.
She's one of hte nicer nutjobs I've met.
RabidGravy the looniest are the nicest 01:26
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timotimo is rewriting the hyper/race code to be a bit less convoluted 01:32
so the fix can actually perhaps land this time :)
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RabidGravy as far as I'm concerbed the hyper/race stuff is in got sacrificing territory so you're cool 01:34
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timotimo :) 01:38
yeah, i guess i'm cool
i wouldn't mind if compiling rakudo would become 2x faster again :) 01:39
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RabidGravy just doing a half hour of seventies disco music then bed 01:47
timotimo heh. 01:48
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RabidGravy actually no I'm thoroughly ratted, catch you all later. TimToady++ # for superhuman engagement. Love you all. 01:51
timotimo gnite RabidGravy :)
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herby__ Any recommended reading on creating simple parsers? I'd like to create a simple (if there is such a thing) HTML parser 01:55
I have a basic grasp on programming
and I know thats a very broad question :)
I'm just not sure where to start
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timotimo hm 01:58
have you ever worked with PEG parsers or something? 01:59
or perl6 grammars/rules and such?
herby__ nope. I've lightly touched on grammars. Maybe I should start on a simpler parser than HTML?
I'm just trying to think of a simple, useful project to tackle with Perl 6
beyond hello world
i guess I could take a look at some popular Perl 5 modules, and try to recreate in Perl 6? 02:00
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cygx night o/ 02:08
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[Coke] herby_: there's a list of wanted modules if you're looking to re-create something. 02:11
timotimo the re-write attempt failed
y'know ... the code isn't *that* terrible 02:12
i'll just merge it
.oO( famous last words... )
oh that reminds me, I better go test that libuv 1.8 branch for brrt++
timotimo that'd be nice, yeah :)
flussence "bash: ./Configure.pl: perl: bad interpreter: No such file or directory" -- what the fffffff... 02:14
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flussence oh, it doesn't like it when I do ./Configure.pl, wants perl Configure.pl... 02:14
zacts now that Perl6 and Rakudo christmas are out, what are the current target goals or major areas being focused on with Rakudo? 02:19
timotimo ------> llable ?? $op !! try EVAL "&infix:<$op>"⏏ -> $matcher {
getting this problem while bootstrapping panda
==> Testing File::Find
how come that isn't fixed already? i thought others were using panda successfully? 02:20
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timotimo oh, i might need to nuke my install/ 02:22
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dalek kudo/nom: 20c796c | timotimo++ | src/core/HyperSeq.pm:
hyper now cares about sequence numbers of work

this code wants to get a bit cleaned up. i'm sure the control flow could be a bit less convoluted.
timotimo yes, nuking install helped 02:26
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ZoffixWin zacts, my wild guess would be bug fixes and optimization. 02:46
zacts, the .hyper is buggy and I believe >> operator still doesn't thread
ZoffixWin feels a deja vu seeing "this code wants to get a bit cleaned up." in a commit message -_- 02:47
Seems this line could just read `last unless ...` github.com/rakudo/rakudo/commit/20...f00956R182
With the if {} condition following it 02:48
zacts oh cool, thanks ZoffixWin
ZoffixWin BTW, my New Years bot crapped out and was reporting wrong times. But it got fixed after I simply restarted it. My slight worry is there might be something wrong with Promises set to execute several hours in the future :( 02:49
(that'd be fun to debug) 02:50
timotimo who's good with graphviz here?
Error: bad label format <0> r2(1) <op> const_s | <1> lits($*CTXSAVE)
^- i'm not sure why this is problematic?
ugexe class Foo { method cache { state %bar }; }; # is there anything wrong with supplying a state variable between all class instances like this? getting a segfault on a longer running process and trying to narrow down the cause 02:51
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timotimo you're not doing threads, are you? 02:52
ugexe no
02:53 kid51 left
timotimo :| 02:54
if you perl6-gdb-m, you should be able to find a frame that has a tc in it and print MVM_dump_backtrace(tc)
that ought to be able to find where that is
also, please try disabling JIT and maybe also spesh 02:55
disabling JIT will give you usable stack traces in gdb
the problem with that label was that a | had gone missing because of a missing | 02:59
... 03:00
because of a missing "flat"
cdn.rawgit.com/mountainstorm/jquer.../demo.html pretty! 03:02
github.com/mountainstorm/jquery.graphviz.svg - this is what it belongs to
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lucs I named a sub in my code "run"; how can I call the P6 'run' from within it? 03:10
timotimo CORE::<&run> for example
lucs Aha, thanks. 03:11
timotimo m: say &CORE::('run')()
camelia rakudo-moar 20c796: OUTPUT«Too few positionals passed; expected at least 1 argument but got only 0 in sub-signature of parameter @args␤ in block <unit> at /tmp/UjwWaF6zkZ line 1␤␤»
timotimo m: say &CORE::('run')(1)
camelia rakudo-moar 20c796: OUTPUT«Proc.new(in => IO::Pipe, out => IO::Pipe, err => IO::Pipe, exitcode => -1, pid => Any, signal => 254)␤»
timotimo m: run(1)
camelia rakudo-moar 20c796: OUTPUT«run is disallowed in restricted setting␤ in sub restricted at src/RESTRICTED.setting line 1␤ in sub run at src/RESTRICTED.setting line 14␤ in block <unit> at /tmp/IS31QSRzby line 1␤␤»
timotimo oh ... crap :)
restricted setting, you're so weak
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timotimo otherwise, OUTER:: would probably be less presumptuous 03:14
lucs timotimo: Gotcha (reading up in S02). Thanks. 03:15
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ugexe you could also `sub run(|c) { say "xxx"; Proc.new.spawn(|c); }; run("ls");` 03:23
i guess that doesnt set all the parameters though 03:25
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timotimo rc-forest-fire-stringify 103/s 44/s 03:28
1.0x 2.4x
reduce_range 51537997/s 24658809/s
1.0x 2.1x
slowdowns from 2015.11 to 2015.12
i wonder what that could be caused by
SUMMARY SCORE 100.0 95.3 03:29
deep_scan_for_interpolated_string_var 1412/s 1206/s
1.0x 1.2x
also perhaps interesting?
flussence goes to figure out how hard it'd be to make a half-decent --setting=SANDBOX using seccomp
dalek rl6-bench: 60ee6e4 | timotimo++ | bench:
exploded timings have to be appended, not pushed
autarch the doc site is all static HTML so why is it so slow to return pages? 03:31
sometimes it takes a second or two to return a page which seems really odd
is this running on a Raspberry Pi in TimToady's basement?
flussence they're all loading in ~500ms for me
timotimo autarch: it's our new donated p6c.org server 03:32
it should be rather snappy
autarch I think this should be snappy on a tiny VM machine too
timotimo damn
hack.p6c.org seems rather busy
collect.p6c.org/ 03:33
autarch it's not all the time, but sometimes it really is remarkably sluggish
does the site generation run on the same system?
timotimo jdv79: you had a job installing a v5 that had about 300 cpu-hours accumulated apparently 03:34
it's one host that hosts a bunch of virtual machines
ugexe wonder if thats why his hack.p6c.org:5000/ went down 03:35
autarch ah, so maybe stuff on another VM is causing the problem sometimes - that'd make snes
timotimo i love the SNES
hum. i have to reset my password on hack.p6c.org; i can't sudo :(
03:38 yqt left
timotimo .tell jdv79 please look into that process that's trying to install v5 and somehow eating 100% cpu 03:38
yoleaux timotimo: I'll pass your message to jdv79.
timotimo feels so powerless 03:39
03:40 FROGGS left
flussence is curious what the large network IO spikes every ten minutes mean 03:40
timotimo something rsyncing perhaps 03:41
flussence er, *5 minutes
timotimo i need rest. 03:42
flussence o/
ehh, it's a server. 40 megs every 5 minutes is nothing
ugexe after installing a module Foo which gets precompiled, a subsequent `perl6 -e 'use Foo'` takes twice as long as running it subsequently again any number of times. why?
flussence is it making a .precomp relative to $CWD because it thinks your -e script is "there"? 03:44
autarch has there been any discussion about changing how the core Test module works? Specifically, I'd really like to see something like p5's Test::Stream - rather than just printing to stdout, emit events to 1+ listeners - the default could of course be to just turn events into prints to stdout 03:45
ugexe no
autarch is at least 4 modules down the stack from where he started earlier this week
ugexe it looks like testing precompiles a dist once, installation compiles it again, and then using a module precompiles it a third time 03:46
03:46 FROGGS joined
autarch I was trying to write Test::Class but neither Test nor Test::Builder are a good thing to build it on top of - and I was trying to write Test::Class to make it easier to test Dist::Wocky, which I was writing to make it easier to manage the other modules I started writing 03:46
03:46 anaeem1 joined
hobbs yaaaaaaaaaaaks. 03:49
03:50 SwellJoe joined 03:51 skyl4rk left
autarch I will shave all of the yaks! Or more like I'm partially shaving each of a succession of nested russian doll yaks. 03:53
once I shave the infinitessimally tiny yak at the center I can start shaving the bigger ones and so one 03:54
perigrin you're starting to sound like yenzie 03:55
if you take up knitting I'll be ... well impressed frankly.
03:56 webstrand joined
autarch who's yenzie? 03:58
I think my aunt taught me how to knit when I was a little kid but I never really did any - not my thing
blub knitting is really fun
hobbs autarch: Yanick. 04:00
autarch ah
04:03 _Vi left
webstrand I'm still having trouble packaging panda: RAKUDO_PRECOMP_PREFIX isn't available in rakudo 2015.12. It's the only way I've managed to properly install panda to a custom prefix. Does anyone have a workaround? 04:04
flussence RAKUDO_PRECOMP_PREFIX exists *because* that was impossible in 2015.12... 04:05
you either need to patch that in your rakudo package yourself, or wait for 2015.12.1 04:06
04:07 FROGGS left
webstrand I wish I had control of the rakudo package, or I'd do just that. Guess I'll go contact the maintainer, thanks. 04:09
I was wishing for some kind of monkey patch, to avoid the hassle
04:12 FROGGS joined 04:20 xpen left
ugexe yep its definately precompiling during testing, precompiling during install, and precompiling during its first use after install 04:24
i imagine the last one should not be happening 04:25
04:27 BenGoldberg left
webstrand How can I find the ~/.perl6/{version-number} path programmatically? 04:29
ugexe the last one gets precompiled with FileSystem, although its not logged with RAKUDO_LOG_PRECOMP 04:30
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flussence m: put $*REPO.repo-chain[0] 04:31
camelia rakudo-moar 20c796: OUTPUT«/home/camelia/.perl6/2015.12-67-g20c796c␤»
04:36 bpmedley left 04:40 rickbike left
ugexe i wish this was tested with the raw code instead of with panda. because it only happens if it doesnt install to both home and site 04:49
probably would have solved a lot of the precomp problems 04:51
if its going to be designed around panda then maybe panda should just be merged into core and be done with it 04:52
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dddddf Good morning Perl6! Happy new year. 04:59
Hotkeys just wait a few more seconds
and I can say the same
dddddf I just started playing with perl6 after the christmas release. I have one 'why' question (so far). 05:00
dddddf Why is 'split "I love chocolate" " "' OK, '"I love chocolate".split(" ")', OK, but '"I love chocolate".split " "' not? 05:01
Happy new year EST :-)
Hotkeys welcome to the future everyone 05:02
ugexe `.split: " "`
ZoffixWin \o/
Hotkeys ugexe: ++
m: "I love chocolate".split: " "
camelia ( no output )
Hotkeys well
m: say "I love chocolate".split: " "
camelia rakudo-moar 20c796: OUTPUT«(I love chocolate)␤»
dddddf ugexe, ahh.... cool. I must have missed that.
So that's how to do it... but now why? :-) Why does a method call need a colon? 05:03
05:04 anaeem1 left
ZoffixWin dddddf, it doesn't *need* one... you can write that as .split(" ") 05:04
ugexe to differentiate it from an attribute
ZoffixWin oh
ugexe is my guess
ZoffixWin missed the question
Hotkeys also probably to say "the stuff following this is important too"
rather than perl going 05:05
"hey whats that extra string doing there after that call?
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dddddf thanks all. this new language seems like it's going to be my relaxing away from work coding for this year. :-) 05:07
Hotkeys woo 05:08
ugexe if programming isnt raising your blood pressure you are doing it wrong 05:09
Hotkeys true
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ZoffixWin c'mon :P 05:11
That's often true, but I feel it's true due to lack of planning :P
Unless you're doing web dev work and supporting IE ^_^
ugexe lack of planning by others :P
ZoffixWin heh
awwaiid Ahh 2016. I sense greatness. 05:12
ZoffixWin Yeah, should be a good year for Perl 6.... it got a 6 in the name of the year after all :P 05:13
zacts 2016 will rock for Perl6 I knows it
dddddf s/relax/play/ 05:14
ZoffixWin dddddf, yeah, I feel the same way :)
Though I think were I to get a Perl 6 job, I'd feel like "work" just the same :P 05:15
dddddf ZoffixWin: there's a book "reality is broken", which talks a lot about gaming, and how hard work in the right way is more "fun" and better for us than passive activities. 05:16
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dddddf "the opposite of play isn't work, it's depression" 05:17
ugexe work perl6 is the relaxing part
ZoffixWin dddddf, "hard work" is very different from "coding the same boring shit your boss told you to code" 05:18