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Set by moritz on 22 December 2015.
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ugexe install of perl6 module from jdv's metacpan clone: gist.github.com/ugexe/9f382c8595226aa9bae0 00:25
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ZoffixWin w00t! awesome :D 00:42
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AlexDaniel “Internal error: zeroed target thread ID in work pass” hmm 01:13
geekosaur we already have a few reports of that? 01:20
AlexDaniel geekosaur: ah, ok then 01:30
I just ran it again and it worked. Weird thing 01:31
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ugexe i get them randomly too. usually related to run() 01:40
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ely-se .tell masak I started working on the type concatenative thing again, got the arity part of type inference working now: gist.github.com/rightfold/9e9ba03a...js-L38-L53 01:55
yoleaux ely-se: I'll pass your message to masak.
ely-se .botsnack
yoleaux :D
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ely-se .tell masak well, to some extent :p 02:04
yoleaux ely-se: I'll pass your message to masak.
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timotimo here's a fun bug for you: 02:56
m: my Int:D @foo; say @foo[1]
camelia rakudo-moar a5fe34: OUTPUT«Method 'shortname' not found for invocant of class 'Perl6::Metamodel::DefiniteHOW'␤ in block <unit> at /tmp/iofmqLuglf line 1␤␤»
timotimo whoever wants to can file that in RT
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azawawi good morning #perl6 02:58
pasteboard.co/1dCMZs5g.png # More image effects implemented 02:59
AlexDaniel azawawi: nice. What's the module? 03:09
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azawawi github.com/azawawi/perl6-magickwan...ffects.pl6 # MagickWand 03:10
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AlexDaniel azawawi++ 03:12
azawawi: thanks
azawawi thx
AlexDaniel azawawi: what is $o in in $o.cleanup example? 03:13
in README.md
was it meant to be $wand ?
azawawi think of it as a handle to an image 03:14
or multiple images
because you could for example add multiple images and then create an animated gif 03:15
or an AVI or MP4 movie via ffmpeg
it is really a powerful api 03:16
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AlexDaniel azawawi: I'm not sure if I'm folliwing it. Should the example actually show something that does not compile? 03:17
or perhaps consider adding a comment like # $o is a handle to some image 03:18
azawawi sure i will update it
i will add a user guide after finishing 02-effects.pl6 03:19
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AlexDaniel azawawi: why nobody made it earlier? 03:22
azawawi AlexDaniel: i see what you mean... yes $o.cleanup should be $wand.cleanup
AlexDaniel: help is welcome :) 03:24
AlexDaniel: i started this project like 10 days ago
AlexDaniel azawawi: yeah, I see. Well, earlier I was doing that kind of stuff through 「run」 and command line tools, so… as soon as I rewrite my code you'll possibly see some bug reports. But that takes time :) 03:26
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MadcapJake Anyone interested in joining (i.e., helping grow) the Perl 6 Slack community? Get an invite here: perl6.bestforever.com/ 03:28
azawawi im learning imagemagick as i wrap more OO sugar around it :)
MadcapJake: what's that?
MadcapJake: and hi :)
MadcapJake hi!
It's a new communication tool that some other languages/devs use: slack.com 03:29
llfourn m: say :("foo") ~~ :("bar") 03:30
camelia rakudo-moar a5fe34: OUTPUT«True␤»
llfourn :S
MadcapJake I created one for Perl 6 as a community to grow adoption and it really has some cool features (unfortunately no Slack evalbot yet) 03:31
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AlexDaniel MadcapJake: if you bridge it to IRC then perhaps you can filter messages with m: and other commands 03:32
MadcapJake: this way camelia will reply to your bot
Hotkeys is there a hash type in which order matters?
MadcapJake AlexDaniel: yeah I can, I'll need to make a bot for that too, so I was thinking making a server app that does both
plus current evalbot is written in Perl 5 :) 03:33
AlexDaniel MadcapJake: that would mean rewriting camelia, which is probably not cool
azawawi MadcapJake: joined 03:34
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MadcapJake azawawi++ 03:34
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MadcapJake AlexDaniel: yeah it would be, but I was thinking I'd write it in Perl 6 and using supplies and taps. Zoffix wrote an irc bot tutorial that will help too. 03:36
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danzulla oh perl6 is actually working nowadays? 03:37
sortiz timotimo, The bug reduces to "<Type>:U.gist" or "<Type>:D.gist", will give a try.
MadcapJake o_0
danzulla i used to learn perl5 with chatbots, years ago. i loved it.
MadcapJake it might be slow, but won't know unless i try xD
AlexDaniel danzulla: by “actually working” you mean? 03:38
danzulla i got rakudo and some CPAN stuff that claimed to implement perl6. it never seemed to be "official"
AlexDaniel danzulla: because to me it was “actually working” for a few years now
danzulla but i might have been just a stupid slave to perl online marketing
MadcapJake danzulla: have you used panda yet? 03:39
danzulla nope
what's panda?
MadcapJake oh then you are definitely out of date
panda is the current defacto module installer for rakudo
rakudobrew is the easiest method atm to install a full working suite of moarvm,nqp,rakudo,panda,Task::Star (that last one is a collection of useful modules to get you started) 03:40
danzulla did you guys write anything meaningful in perl6? i'd love to take a look.
MadcapJake modules.perl6.org/ 03:41
danzulla hah
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Juerd danzulla: Yes, I write several kinds of one-off scripts in Perl 6 now. Mostly just to figure out how everything works. 03:41
danzulla: Eventually I expect to use Perl 6 in production, and I want to get to know the language well before that :) 03:42
One issue for me is that we tend to run high traffic web stuff on small and cheap virtual servers, and Perl 6 is still rather memory hungry and slowish. But it's improving. 03:43
danzulla It'd be interesting to see some Perl6 job offerings.
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Juerd A simple script taking 300 MB of memory is a problem for me, given that most of the "machines" I work with, have 512 MB of RAM :) 03:44
danzulla @Juerd: Is Perl6 JIT or is there an Ahead of Time compiler as in Google Go already?
Or is somebody working on it?
That's what I really like about Go. 03:45
Juerd danzulla: I'm not familiar with the details but I believe Perl 6 has a JIT.
AlexDaniel it has JIT, but a bunch of optimizations are done without JIT :) 03:46
danzulla @Juerd: Seems like you have some experience with Perl6 on VMs. Which is useful.
Juerd danzulla: Not really, I've only used Perl 6 on my own computer so far
AlexDaniel danzulla: that being said, some things are relatively slow right now. 2016 is supposed to be a big year for Perl 6 speed 03:47
danzulla: earlier efforts were focused on other things
e.g. getting things to work correctly
Juerd Or getting things to work at all :)
Good night everyone :) 03:48
z &
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sortiz m: Int:D.gist 04:03
camelia rakudo-moar a5fe34: OUTPUT«Method 'shortname' not found for invocant of class 'Perl6::Metamodel::DefiniteHOW'␤ in block <unit> at /tmp/3vJXmqV_i_ line 1␤␤»
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llfourn sortiz: mmm probably worth RTing 04:07
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geekosaur I thought that was in response to the earlier RT 04:08
llfourn I havae no idea
sortiz llfourn, I have a proposed patch, PRing :)
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llfourn sortiz: nice! 04:09
geekosaur mm, no, that was in here, not an RT
so it probably should be
danzulla, brrt has been working on JIT for moarvm
sortiz llfourn, Now in PR#701 04:12
llfourn sortiz: you might want to write a test or two like is Str:D.gist,'Str:D' in roast 04:13
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sortiz llfourn, I'll search for the proper place. 04:15
skids BTW, anyone know how to send a PR when you have write access? Sometimes I don't want to push roast tests just leave a PR to accompany the rakudo PR. 04:17
Hotkeys is there a better way to write this i.imgur.com/85ap9tV.png
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Hotkeys er 04:17
pretend that's a hash
llfourn skids: same as usual just push to your roast branch 04:18
your roast fork*
skids Last time I tried that I think it auto-merged the PR when I made it. Maybe I a miremembering. 04:19
llfourn sortiz: I think S04-declrations/smiley.t is a good place
skids m: if 42 -> $a { say $a }
camelia rakudo-moar a5fe34: OUTPUT«42␤»
skids Hotkeys: ^^
llfourn skids: well I have write and I do it all the time :) github.com/perl6/roast/pull/100
skids Maybe I'll try again sometime with something harmless 04:22
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llfourn after googling it looks like there is no automerging feature maybe someone just had a trigger merge finger 04:24
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Hotkeys skids: I decided to do it this way, is this reasonable i.imgur.com/GEk2H4i.png 04:26
skids Hotkeys: sure, if die is what you want. You'd use the if block if you anticipate wanting to edit before/after the call to yaml2qtree while still knowing it is defined. 04:29
Hotkeys die is what I want I'd say, this is just a script that takes a yaml file formatted a certain way 04:30
so if it isn't formatted right it might as well die
formatted right -> isn't a tree
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Hotkeys er 04:34
is a tree
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Hotkeys any idea what might be going on here i.imgur.com/mPWbcd1.png 04:50
I feel like one of the signatures totally matches 04:51
skids The signature :(Hash %h) means a Hash of Hashes. 04:53
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Hotkeys oh 04:53
how do I do a hash of anythings
skids Do you really care that it is a Hash, or will any Associative do?
Hotkeys multi yaml2qtree (Hash %h) { ... } is what the declaration looks like 04:54
I assumed it meant it took a hash
skids just :(%h) will take any Associative, which is probably good enough.
Hotkeys ah
geekosaur % already means hash (or at leasr Associative)
Hotkeys okay
great thanks, all is working now 04:56
skids (Note that Array @a is also an Array of Arrays)
Hotkeys Right I did that too 05:00
i.imgur.com/BRQOTE5.png woo
it isn't much 05:01
but it's the first thing I've actually used perl 6 for besides various programming puzzles etc.
skids congrats :-)
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llfourn does anyone know what this nqp::scwbenable() means? 05:09
skids I am guessing "serialization context write barrier"
llfourn skids: thanks. What's a write barrier? 05:10
skids It's a mechanism to keep data syncronized between threads.
llfourn ah ok. I guess that's all I need to know :) 05:11
Hotkeys skids: yep you're right 05:12
just did a quick scouring of the repo
first to figure out the wb and then the sc 05:13
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azawawi pasteboard.co/1dOtczQb.png # like 95% of the effects done in Perl 6 :) 05:58
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AlexDaniel m: my @l; if True { my @l.push: 42 } 06:27
camelia ( no output )
AlexDaniel just had this in my code…
now I'm wondering, how does it work? 06:28
m: my @l; if True { my @l.push: 42; say @l }; say @l
camelia rakudo-moar a5fe34: OUTPUT«[42]␤[]␤»
AlexDaniel so I can decleare variables like this??
declare* 06:29
m: my @l.push: 42; say @l
camelia rakudo-moar a5fe34: OUTPUT«[42]␤»
llfourn apparently!
AlexDaniel O_o 06:30
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AlexDaniel what's the practical use for this? 06:32
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AlexDaniel “Error in `/home/alex/.rakudobrew/moar-nom/install/bin/moar': double free or corruption (fasttop): 0xec9d8eb0” – woops! 06:38
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sortiz AlexDaniel, A declaration is a term and can be used as such: 06:56
m: say: class A { has $.a; }.new(:a<3>).a
camelia ( no output )
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[Tux] test 22.663 07:17
test-t 12.419
07:21 milwaukee joined
milwaukee o/ all, I must be doing something seriously wrong cause I've run into something I can't find anything about online. 07:24
~/.radukobrew has disappeared from all of my shells. Thunar and Emacs can browse it just fine, but bash and zsh both cannot cd into it for whatever reason. 07:25
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FROGGS o/ 07:46
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FROGGS donaldh++ # rakudo/pull/697 07:53
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ecocode hi. Which module should I use to read/write to a serial device ? I need to be able to specify parity/baudrate.. 08:10
kurahaupo listens intently, wanting an answer to the same question. posix-something.tcsetattr perhaps? 08:12
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cosimo I should think about porting Device::Modem to perl6 perhaps :) 08:13
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ecocode cosimo: that would help me :) 08:59
porting Device::SerialPort would be sufficient though 09:01
masak good antenoon, #perl6 09:02
yoleaux 01:55Z <ely-se> masak: I started working on the type concatenative thing again, got the arity part of type inference working now: gist.github.com/rightfold/9e9ba03a...js-L38-L53
02:04Z <ely-se> masak: well, to some extent :p
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masak ely-se: wow, cool 09:02
cosimo ecocode: of course, Device::SerialPort does the real work there. How could I forget? :)
ecocode I've checked Device::SerialPort and there is some XS code envolved :/ 09:03
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cosimo ecocode: yeah, not the easiest beast to deal with 09:04
ecocode I wish I had the knowledge to port it
RabidGravy ecocode, gwan do it, saves me from doing it 09:06
ecocode I wrote a perl5 app to scrape info from the net and from custom serial devices. I used anyevent for the event loop, but perl6 promises looks so much nicier to handle async
hmmm.. Device::SerialPort isn't listed on github.com/perl6/perl6-most-wanted...modules.md ! 09:08
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RabidGravy a lot of the XS in Device::SerialPort is just a wrapper to deal with certain cross platform issues, however because Perl 6 doesn't have fcntl, ioctl or a raw open there would be more NativeCall code 09:09
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RabidGravy still, not too difficult if one is sufficiently motivated 09:11
ecocode :)
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pmurias hi 10:06
my JavaScript backend for Rakudo grant application is up for community review: [Act: 1] 10:07
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llfourn pmurias: another one? 10:08
arnsholt No, another compiler 10:09
AFAIK pmurias has been working on a JS backend for NQP only so far
FROGGS "Improve the JavaScript backend from handling NQP (Not Quite Perl) to full Perl 6." 10:11
El_Che can someone point to the latest rakudo rc?
llfourn anyway ++ from me, I wasn't sure because I thought I saw one like this a month ago
FROGGS El_Che: rakudo.org/downloads/rakudo/ 10:13
El_Che ah, ok, I was under the impression that there was a RC2 10:17
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FROGGS El_Che: I did a rakudo star RC2 10:25
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pmurias llfourn: you might have seen a pre-submission draft of the grant proposal ;) 10:28
llfourn pmurias: ah that explains it. Anyway this time I will read it. pmurias++ 10:29
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iH2O great room lol 11:02
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iH2O :) 11:08
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RabidGravy What is "No concretization found for Foo" trying to tell me? 11:47
El_Che my $p = run 'false'; say $p.exitcode; $p = run 'false', :out; say $p.exitcode 11:48
m: my $p = run 'false'; say $p.exitcode; $p = run 'false', :out; say $p.exitcode
camelia rakudo-moar a5fe34: OUTPUT«run is disallowed in restricted setting␤ in sub restricted at src/RESTRICTED.setting line 1␤ in sub run at src/RESTRICTED.setting line 14␤ in block <unit> at /tmp/OHwB4sTs5s line 1␤␤»
El_Che ok
it output 1 and 0
donaldh pwd
moritz El_Che: at the very least you must close $p.out
donaldh ahem
El_Che moritz: sure, if you like explosions 11:49
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El_Che $p = run 'false', :out; $p.out.close -> boom 11:49
The spawned process exited unsuccessfully (exit code: 1)
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El_Che that seems to be by design, but it results in a chicken-and-egg problem: no way to check the exitcode 11:51
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ely-se hello world 11:52
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jnthn ely-se: And if you try $p.out.close, then look at $p.exitcode? 11:54
El_Che: ^^
El_Che jnthn: boom
jnthn The try fails to catch the exception?
El_Che now building rc1, but I don't think it has changed
in summary: an run fail (non zero) will: 11:55
- closing out: boom
- checking exitcode without closing out == 0
of course you can wrap stuff with try-catch blocks, but you will never be able to get the correct exitcode 11:56
(in case the application uses relevant exitcode, pretty common in unix)
jnthn El_Che: You still don't seem to have tried why I suggested. 11:57
El_Che ok, rereading what you wrote
RabidGravy it does fail irrespective of a try 11:58
jnthn OK, that's very odd.
What is $p.out.close doing that's not catchable?!
RabidGravy the Pipe seems otherwise okay 11:59
El_Che because p6 is still lacking modules, shelling out will be pretty common in the beginning. Hence my whining :)
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nine nine@sunshine:~> perl6 -e 'my $p = run "false", :out; $p.out.close; CATCH { default { say "cought" } }' 12:01
cought 12:02
Looks fine to me?
jnthn nine: Does this work for you: `my $p = run "false", :out; try $p.out.close; say $p.exitcode`
El_Che nine: my point is not that it isn't catchable. But that the exitcode is lost
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RabidGravy the Proc status is set by .close from the return from nqp::closefh_i which appears to crap out in some uncatchable way 12:04
leont is confused, why would it need to throw an exception 12:05
jnthn RabidGravy: Yeah, managed to reproduce that here too
Very odd
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RabidGravy and closefh_i is a straight up moar op so I'll stop looking there 12:08
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Skarsnik Hello 12:09
El_Che \o/ (for the reproducible part) 12:10
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Skarsnik When changing somehting in src/core/ I have to make again? 12:24
FROGGS Skarsnik: just 'make install' 12:25
no configure needed, unless you add files to src/, which also means you need to add stuff to the Makefile.in files for moar and jvm 12:26
Skarsnik I am changing how Usage display stuff for main. Like put the slurpy at the end instead of before the positionnal 12:27
FROGGS yeah, just make install 12:28
Skarsnik because foo --a --b [...slurpy] hello bar
make no sense
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Skarsnik Also I want to change the order of display for the arguments help. it use a hash so it's displayed in a 'random' order. should I sort like by alphebetic order or keep the order in MAIN signature? 12:32
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moritz either makes sense 12:32
and either is better than random ordering 12:33
Skarsnik I should look at the spec x)
perlawhirl El_Che: it's not much consolation for proc that exit without sending anything to stderr... but for ones that do, you catch :err and check for output, ie: run('proc', :out, :err); if $proc.err.lines { ... } 12:35
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perlawhirl thats how i've worked around it. 12:35
st_iron hi
Skarsnik whelp there is nothing x)
gfldex m: say "Hi st_iron!" 12:39
camelia rakudo-moar a5fe34: OUTPUT«Hi st_iron!␤»
Skarsnik ah interesting Pod error? sub MAIN( $hello #= the hello arg the doc get attached to MAIN and not hello 12:40
st_iron m: say "Greetings!"
camelia rakudo-moar a5fe34: OUTPUT«Greetings!␤»
jnthn Skarsnik: What if you put the , after $hello ? 12:41
jnthn vaguely recalls the attachment code being in the actino run when parameter is reduced, but we won't have considered the parameter full parsed at that point.. 12:42
Skarsnik sub MAIN( $hello, #= the hello arg do the same 12:43
If I put on the next line it work
it just surprised me x) 12:44
Usage: testmain.p6 [--all] [--define-enum=<Str>] <header-file> [<gccoptions> ...] Ok that definitly better at least 12:45
jnthn Skarsnik: Yeah. It may be fixable by moving the attachment logic to param_var. hoelzro is probably the person "in the know" about this :) 12:48
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Skarsnik hm, how I can keep a hash (or some an eqv) that keep an ordered based on insertion? 12:52
and my english is aweful today 12:55
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st_iron maybe a stupid idea, but you can put keys in an array 13:00
that's ordered
Skarsnik Yes, actually I can maybe use a array of Pair
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Skarsnik m: my @tab; for ^10 {my $k = ("a".."z").pick; @tab.push($k => $_); say $k }; for @tab -> $v { say $v.key, $v.value} 13:06
camelia rakudo-moar a5fe34: OUTPUT«x␤j␤p␤e␤w␤s␤z␤x␤f␤q␤x0␤j1␤p2␤e3␤w4␤s5␤z6␤x7␤f8␤q9␤»
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hoelzro_ Skarsnik: hmm...interesting bug; I'm surprised roast didn't catch that 13:24
jnthn is right; attaching docs to params is a bit odd
13:24 hoelzro_ is now known as hoelzro
hoelzro has a look 13:24
Skarsnik odd? 13:25
That how the full usage is generated, by using the WHY x) 13:26
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[Coke] . 13:27
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hoelzro it'd odd that the doc is attaching to MAIN, I mean 13:30
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gfldex m: my Int:D @a; say @a[0]; 13:30
camelia rakudo-moar a5fe34: OUTPUT«Method 'shortname' not found for invocant of class 'Perl6::Metamodel::DefiniteHOW'␤ in block <unit> at /tmp/b1rcL3md69 line 1␤␤»
gfldex m: try { my Int:D @a; say @a[0]; CATCH { default { say .^name } } }
camelia rakudo-moar a5fe34: OUTPUT«X::Method::NotFound␤»
gfldex that's LTA 13:31
moritz agreed 13:37
[Coke] if I want to cherry pick 8c406bf, do I also need to cherry pick the merge commit?
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moritz m: say Int:D 13:37
camelia rakudo-moar a5fe34: OUTPUT«Method 'shortname' not found for invocant of class 'Perl6::Metamodel::DefiniteHOW'␤ in block <unit> at /tmp/yr9QJdyGgl line 1␤␤»
moritz golf'd
Skarsnik m: say Int:D.^shortname 13:38
camelia rakudo-moar a5fe34: OUTPUT«Method 'shortname' not found for invocant of class 'Perl6::Metamodel::DefiniteHOW'␤ in block <unit> at /tmp/mhK2uAmgB4 line 1␤␤»
gfldex that still leaves the question how autovivication works with Arrays that don't like undefined values. 13:39
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FROGGS gfldex: there should be an exception talking about a missing initializer I guess 13:40
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gfldex .tell TimToady please have a look at irclog.perlgeek.de/perl6/2016-02-01#i_11972281 13:41
yoleaux gfldex: I'll pass your message to TimToady.
FROGGS there wont be autoviv, because the constructor of the desired type might require some options
[Coke] just skims scrollback 13:43
hoelzro oh, duh. 13:44
Skarsnik's bug isn't actually a bug at all
#= attaches to the first declaration on the most recent line to contain a declaration 13:45
in sub MAIN($hello,
MAIN is the first decl on the line
gfldex is there a 6.d wishlist? 13:47
moritz you mean, besides ponies?
dalek kudo/2016.01-preparation: 8dff411 | (Andy Weidenbaum)++ | tools/lib/NQP/Configure.pm:
fix parse_revision subroutine regex

  - compare release candidate versions, e.g. 2016.01-RC1
  - use extended p5 regex for readability
  - quiet warnings when regex captures undefined
kudo/2016.01-preparation: fb743c6 | coke++ | docs/announce/2016.01.md:
Thank author of last minute commit
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[Coke] (computer mediated communication) (irc ugly) this is why I still use an alternative my classmates at RPI came up with 20+ years ago on a daily basis that doesn't even support latin-1, because it's nicer than IRC. 13:51
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[Coke] (of course, it's only got a relatively tiny community on it.) 13:51
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[Coke] gfldex: no, there is not, but there are already people asking how they can submit their wishlist items. 13:58
I think once jnthn++'s notes on how he thinks releases should be done come out, we can put up a workflow of sorts for what might get included in 6.d and what it'll look like before 6.d is actually released. 13:59
jnthn We could have an RT meta-ticket for the wishlist
13:59 Actualeyes joined
jnthn (Where individual feature requests are RTs) 13:59
[Coke] in the meantime, a discussion on the mailing list might work; a pull request if you've alredy got it mapped out (and we will probably have you change it at some point once we figure out what it should look like)
or an R... what jnthn said.
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jnthn I also found that using a gist as a request for input worked fairly well 14:00
gfldex jnthn: i would prefer a .md in mu on github to keep the wishlist items in one spot. That may help greatly with duplicated items.
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[Coke] Oh. jnthn, we also need to add a version field to the basic info. 14:01
(on RT)
We can add 6.c/6.d for now? Anyone think we need other values, or that it's not worth adding? 14:03
jnthn [Coke]: What's the purpose of it?
(Just want to make sure we're not confusing compiler/language version.)
[Coke] I guess if everything is in the same binary, not much?
jnthn Aye. Having a way to tag tickets with compiler backend/version otoh may help. 14:04
We already have backend iirc
[Coke] but it would give us a way to say "these are issues that need to be fixed in 6.c" vs. "these are for discussion in an upcoming 6.d"
jnthn *nod*
[Coke] jnthn: platform, tag, vm
jnthn is busily working on said verioning/release notes, btw :) 14:05
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tadzik ...am I the only one who completely missed the news about possible gravitation waves discovery? 14:08
nine err....no?
tadzik oh, goood :) 14:09
geekosaur ...nope
nine Well ok, I've read about rumors. But those come and go
[Coke] jnthn: we can always use [**] in a subject line. Or just close more tickets, I guess. :) 14:10
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ZoffixW Is there a way to unflatten this so that the two say()s are the same? 14:28