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Set by moritz on 22 December 2015.
AlexDaniel m: :(42) .say 00:00
camelia rakudo-moar 103781: OUTPUT«(Int $ where { ... })␤»
sortiz bbrk, till 13 without problems, need more? 00:01
bbkr sortiz: no, thanks for testing. looks like it is something OS X specific. 00:02
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bbkr sortiz: got this bug when I was trying to fix Net::ZMQ NativeCall warnings. so I just have to fix everything at once to avoid having multiple invalid signatures that leads to this compile time lock. that's motivation :) 00:05
sortiz :P 00:06
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sortiz bbkr, yep working with NC requires, sometime, lots of motivation ;-) 00:07
Skarsnik true x) 00:08
sortiz \o Skarsnik!
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AlexDaniel m: {[~] |S/' '/_/.comb(/\D/)».&{(.lc,.uc).pick},|.comb(/\d/)}(‘pa55 w0rd’).say 00:15
camelia rakudo-moar 103781: OUTPUT«pA_WRD550␤»
AlexDaniel Hotkeys: ↑
Xliff psch, thanks! 00:16
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AlexDaniel m: say [~|] ‘_’, ‘w’ # what's that? 00:26
camelia rakudo-moar 103781: OUTPUT«^H␤»
diakopter hunh 00:27
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AlexDaniel m: say [~|] ‘x’, ‘a’; 00:28
camelia rakudo-moar 103781: OUTPUT«y␤»
sortiz m: say (0x5f +| 0x7f).base(16) 00:29
camelia rakudo-moar 103781: OUTPUT«7F␤»
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AlexDaniel so it is just a stringy or? 00:29
sortiz Yep 00:30
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AlexDaniel Hotkeys: that's kinda it, I'm out of ideas now :) 00:35
m: $_ = ‘hello world’; say S:s/o w/ow/ 00:36
camelia rakudo-moar 103781: OUTPUT«helloworld␤»
AlexDaniel m: $_ = ‘hello world’; say S:s/ /_/
camelia rakudo-moar 103781: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling /tmp/DcUqHw5_zv␤Null regex not allowed␤at /tmp/DcUqHw5_zv:1␤------> 3$_ = ‘hello world’; say S:s/ 7⏏5/_/␤»
AlexDaniel is it a bug?
it is definitely not what I meant, but is there any reason for this behavior? 00:37
m: $_ = ‘hello world’; say S:s/o /o/
camelia rakudo-moar 103781: OUTPUT«helloworld␤»
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sortiz m: $_ = ‘hello world’; say S:s/' '/_/ # For the record only 00:41
camelia rakudo-moar 103781: OUTPUT«Cannot unbox a type object␤ in block <unit> at /tmp/jXKGp7N7bp line 1␤␤»
AlexDaniel sortiz: well, you don't need :s for that 00:42
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sortiz AlexDaniel, I know 00:43
AlexDaniel m: $_ = ‘hello world’; say Ss/o /o/
camelia rakudo-moar 103781: OUTPUT«helloworld␤»
Hotkeys AlexDaniel: what the heck is this |S/' '/_/
what is capital S///
AlexDaniel Hotkeys: just like s but not in-place 00:44
Hotkeys: | is just to slip it, so that [~] works
Hotkeys so you can .method on S///
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Hotkeys for the record I did try to do that, but it was with s/// 00:44
didn't know S/// existed
AlexDaniel m: $_ = ‘hello world’; S/hello/noo/; say $_ 00:45
camelia rakudo-moar 103781: OUTPUT«hello world␤»
AlexDaniel m: $_ = ‘hello world’; s/hello/noo/; say $_
camelia rakudo-moar 103781: OUTPUT«noo world␤»
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sortiz Hotkeys, S is the 'general' form, like Q for quotes. 00:45
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Hotkeys wtb documentation 00:45
AlexDaniel sortiz: how do you make S act like s?
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sortiz AlexDaniel, I don't remember the details now. :( 00:47
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Hotkeys m: {[~] |S/' '/_/.comb(/\D/)».&{(.lc,.uc).pick},|.comb(/\d/)}("hello there jim").say 00:48
camelia rakudo-moar 103781: OUTPUT«hELlo_theRe JIm␤»
Hotkeys m: {[~] |TR/' '/_/.comb(/\D/)».&{(.lc,.uc).pick},|.comb(/\d/)}("hello there jim").say 00:49
camelia rakudo-moar 103781: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling /tmp/yjpza1Rhp_␤Undeclared names:␤ TR used at line 1␤ _ used at line 1␤␤»
Hotkeys m: {[~] |T/' '/_/.comb(/\D/)».&{(.lc,.uc).pick},|.comb(/\d/)}("hello there jim").say
camelia rakudo-moar 103781: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling /tmp/fCeTxXI8NZ␤Undeclared names:␤ T used at line 1␤ _ used at line 1␤␤»
Hotkeys m: {[~] |S:g/' '/_/.comb(/\D/)».&{(.lc,.uc).pick},|.comb(/\d/)}("hello there jim").say
camelia rakudo-moar 103781: OUTPUT«HEllO_therE_jIm␤»
Hotkeys need an extra 2 bytes for global
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gtodd still wants to make a stab at a perl6 version of some of these scripts for reading large files stackoverflow.com/q/36201884/2019415 00:56
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gtodd particularly like the Stream::Reader CPAN module 00:57
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gtodd it was very easy to write a perl6 script that worked with a small file by converting the string to a list (.comb) ... but this doesn't work when the string a a billion characters long 00:58
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BenGoldberg forgets, is .comb lazy? 00:59
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gtodd I'm not sure the string was very small ... I think on a bigger string it was waiting or whatever it does when the list is huge 01:08
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gtodd so .... maybe that means it is :) 01:09
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perlawhirl hrmph 01:17
.seen sortiz
yoleaux I saw sortiz 00:47Z in #perl6: <sortiz> AlexDaniel, I don't remember the details now. :(
perlawhirl anyone online who has admin access to the ecosystem 01:19
sortiz perlawhirl, hi
Can I help you? 01:20
AlexDaniel Hotkeys: right! I forgot about global 01:21
perlawhirl umm, i'm building rakudo on a new box and i can't install my module, wig
the update.log looks ok
and the modules before and after mine are in projects.json, but not mine :~( 01:22
i ran panda update to no avail
sortiz Let me see...
AlexDaniel m: $_ = ‘hello world’; s/o/X/; say $_ 01:23
camelia rakudo-moar 103781: OUTPUT«hellX world␤»
AlexDaniel m: $_ = ‘hello world’; sg/o/X/; say $_
camelia rakudo-moar 103781: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling /tmp/innHOYa2gH␤Missing required term after infix␤at /tmp/innHOYa2gH:1␤------> 3$_ = ‘hello world’; sg/o/X/7⏏5; say $_␤ expecting any of:␤ prefix␤ term␤»
AlexDaniel m: $_ = ‘hello world’; ss/o/X/; say $_
camelia rakudo-moar 103781: OUTPUT«hellX world␤»
AlexDaniel m: $_ = ‘hello world’; ss/o /X/; say $_
camelia rakudo-moar 103781: OUTPUT«hellXworld␤»
AlexDaniel ss is fine but sg is not, hmm… 01:24
perlawhirl sortiz: i manually deleted my projects.json file and ran update
now it's there
i dunno *shrug* 01:25
it was a fresh install so dunno what went wrong
sortiz umm, well, back to work.
perlawhirl yep :D 01:26
weird that panda update didn't resolve it? how does it check for updates? does it do a checksum or just check the last module added? 01:27
i might remove a project in the middle of the projects.json and test it
AlexDaniel Hotkeys: how can I run your .flat.sort.rotor example?
Hotkeys: you say that it takes a list of lists, but 01:28
m: {$^a.flat.sort.rotor($a[0])}( ((-36, -18, 0), (8, 99, 112), (14, 6, -12)) ).say
camelia rakudo-moar 103781: OUTPUT«Cannot have elems < 1, did you mean to specify a Pair with => -36?␤ in block <unit> at /tmp/vhaLbwIQHi line 1␤␤»
sortiz perlawhirl, panda guts are a mystery to me, sorry. 01:29
perlawhirl hah, ok well i did that test and it updated just fine, so i'm perplexed, but will leave alone... just another mystery of the universe 01:30
Hotkeys AlexDaniel: oops 01:31
seems I forgot a +
m: {$^a.flat.sort.rotor($a[0])}(((-36, -18, 0), (8, 99, 112), (14, 6, -12))).say
camelia rakudo-moar 103781: OUTPUT«Cannot have elems < 1, did you mean to specify a Pair with => -36?␤ in block <unit> at /tmp/Wx1kWp7glB line 1␤␤»
Hotkeys m: {$^a.flat.sort.rotor(+$a[0])}(((-36, -18, 0), (8, 99, 112), (14, 6, -12))).say
camelia rakudo-moar 103781: OUTPUT«((-36 -18 -12) (0 6 8) (14 99 112))␤» 01:32
Hotkeys m: {.flat.sort.rotor(+.[0])}(((-36, -18, 0), (8, 99, 112), (14, 6, -12))).say 01:34
camelia rakudo-moar 103781: OUTPUT«((-36 -18 -12) (0 6 8) (14 99 112))␤»
Hotkeys nice
AlexDaniel right
Hotkeys that's as short as I can see to get it 01:35
Any ideas for shortening?
AlexDaniel Hotkeys: are you kidding me? :) 01:36
Hotkeys is that a "yes obviously I can shorten it" or "no, that's obviously the shortest it can get" 01:37
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AlexDaniel Hotkeys: no, it's the shortest it can get 01:37
Hotkeys alright
AlexDaniel Hotkeys: one of the ideas is to replace flat with something like |«| or something… 01:38
Hotkeys Yeah
I actually tried that lol
AlexDaniel Hotkeys: but I can't get that to work
Hotkeys i.imgur.com/WZ96Ovu.png
I also tried hoping for deepsort (see: deepmap) but that isn't a thing 01:41
AlexDaniel heh, deepsort
Hotkeys :)
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Herby_ Evening, everyone! 01:50
o/ 01:53
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skids o~ 01:56
AlexDaniel @🐛@ 01:57
Herby_ \o/
AlexDaniel ↑ found that somewhere in the log. Hilarious
skids doesn't render here.
01:58 Actualeyes joined
AlexDaniel .u 🐛 01:59
yoleaux U+1F41B BUG [So] (🐛)
AlexDaniel skids: well, it was supposed to look like camelia, but: files.progarm.org/2016-04-01-04591..._scrot.png
Hotkeys here 02:03
m: sub deepsort (@a) {my @t; @a.deepmap({@t.push: $_}); @t.=sort; @a.deepmap({@t.shift})}; say deepsort [[3, [9, [2, 6], 7], [0, 1, [[[-13, 4], 5], 10], 17, -3], -42], 8]
camelia rakudo-moar 103781: OUTPUT«[[-42 [-13 [-3 0] 1] [2 3 [[[4 5] 6] 7] 8 9] 10] 17]␤»
Hotkeys :D
AlexDaniel Hotkeys: I'm more interested in shortening the password thingy 02:04
Hotkeys I wasn't doing any shortening in deepsort :p
AlexDaniel Hotkeys: if I had a bit more brains maybe I could have shortened it by a character or two
Hotkeys just having fun
AlexDaniel Hotkeys: just saying :)
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MadcapJake what does this error mean: «Cannot look up attributes in a type object»? 02:59
03:00 japhb joined
sortiz MadcapJake, your method is not receiving an instance, i.e. self is undefined 03:00
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MadcapJake I don't understand how it's getting a type though, I use the builtin new method. 03:03
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sortiz The construction (new or BUILD) can be failing. 03:05
MadcapJake yeah it must be inside BUILD 03:06
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sortiz Inside BUILD, self is undefined yet. 03:06
Umm, wait. nop 03:07
In new is undefined. At BUILD should be defined, unless something failed. 03:09
ugexe MadcapJake: are you trying to access any members of the class that would not have been initialized until after BUILDALL? 03:11
m: class Foo { has $.a; method new { say $.a; }; }; Foo.new 03:12
camelia rakudo-moar 103781: OUTPUT«Cannot look up attributes in a type object␤ in method new at /tmp/nf2rM8TaVF line 1␤ in block <unit> at /tmp/nf2rM8TaVF line 1␤␤»
ugexe also 03:16
m: class Foo { has $.a; method bar { 1 }; method new { say self.bar; }; }; Foo.new # self can still be used to do stuff
camelia rakudo-moar 103781: OUTPUT«1␤»
skids Man I wasn't even thinking about smoking until that stupid Truth campaign commercial came on. 03:23
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ugexe the one with the catchy rap hook where they throw money makes smoking look cool as hell 03:25
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skids m: class A { method new { self.perl.say } }; A.new; # in .new, self is just the type object (unless you do something like A.new.new of course) 03:27
camelia rakudo-moar 103781: OUTPUT«A␤»
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skids There are two options, use BUILD directly, or put your own call to bless in .new and work with the object it returned. 03:28
(and be sure to return that object)
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skids That campaign is mendaciously deceptive and makes kids stupider. I have to say as a smoker, the campaign with the wife-beater-wearing "bully" cigarette is both funny and discourages me from smoking, a very tiny bit, and to top it off doesn't tell lies. 03:32
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MadcapJake the call that has a probem is @!tickets.push($ticket) in a separate method. I have a Ticket:D constraint on the ticket coming in, then I just push it to a constrained «has Ticket @!tickets» array, and that's where the error happens, any ideas? 03:34
I've got all the guards up, so-to-speak, but for some reason this strange type object error 03:35
03:35 tardisx left
MadcapJake actually, before entering this add-to-array method, I tried $ticket.WHAT.say and I get the same error but from within the gist method?? o_O 03:38
huh, didn't realize WHAT calls gist 03:39
tony-o do you have a gist or something somewhere MadcapJake ?
MadcapJake yeah
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MadcapJake gah, I really am stumped 03:42
removing that gist method gives me (Ticket) but that doesn't really help me solve this, now back to the same error but inside the add-to-array method :S 03:43
anyone want to take a gander? github.com/MadcapJake/sixbug/blob/...#L179-L182 03:46
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skids m: class B { }; class A { has B @!b; method foo(B:D $b) { @!b.append($b); @!b.say; self; } }; A.new.foo(B.new).perl.say; 04:01
camelia rakudo-moar 103781: OUTPUT«[B.new]␤A.new␤»
skids "RT.add($ticket);" is calling .add on the type object of RT which does not have a @!tickets. 04:03
MadcapJake skids: doh! thanks so much! totally missed that 04:04
skids Would've been nice if the error message said which type object you tried to look up an attribute in, for sure.
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MadcapJake yeah agreed that is definitely a LTA error message 04:05
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perlawhirl MadcapJake: Not sure if you saw it, but it lives: github.com/0racle/p6-wig 04:24
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MadcapJake perlawhirl: sweet! any word from TimToady on it? 05:13
so i'm converting a big list of hashes into json, would it make sense to use .race and call to-json on each hash? I'm curious if that would actually get me a speed increase (currently to-json on the whole array is quite expensive) 05:15
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MadcapJake hmm not sure that's where the bottleneck is actually 05:34
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MadcapJake lol, sooo my request to rt for tickets takes 43 seconds, building json for it takes 58 seconds! altogether a 2 minute wait to load the page! 05:41
needless to say, I am now caching the tickets and the json :P
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perlawhirl MadcapJake: I haven't asked him... don't think anyone has 05:48
i dunno what the ettiquette is :S 05:49
MadcapJake hrmm 05:53
using race shaved 20 seconds off that big to-json op :D
but now I think I'm just gonna build the json myself (it's very regular)
perlawhirl i find race inconsistent, but then again, i'm on a 32-bit machine, so things are slower in general 05:55
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MadcapJake I'm on a six core machine! OH YEAH! ;) 05:57
05:57 _nadim joined
MadcapJake well either way, converting all this to-json stuff to simple string concat should help speed things up 05:57
I wonder if race actually degrades performance on single-core machines 05:58
but wrt "where" I think your proposal (was you, right?) was really well written and compelling, I'd just message him on IRC and ask if he'd read it and whether he'd be open for it. 05:59
oh yeah! raw to-json: 58 seconds, .race to-json: 38 seconds, string ops + race: 1.5 seconds (priceless) 06:00
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perlawhirl something also about rakudo doesn't do some JIT stuff on 32-bit... someone said in passing (probably jnthn) that flew over my head 06:01
1.5 seconds! nice
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MadcapJake perlawhirl: oi that's a bummer! it's surprising to me that JIT could optimize differently based on sizes of addresses, but pretty much everything suprises me about JIT :) 06:02
perlawhirl it will be nice when rakudo does things the obvious way quickly, rather than having to refactor around the slow parts
MadcapJake agreed! TBH, I find that often I reach for to-json when really the data is regular enough that I don't need it. 06:03
perlawhirl have you seen the Scientist module. How does it differ from your Test-Lab ?
MadcapJake (the real question is, is this valid json?) 06:04
perlawhirl i just noticed today there were 2 similar modules and wondered if one was better
it's ok, you can say yours is better :D
MadcapJake hehe, mine is a bit more DSL-like whereas lancew's is more perl6-ish
06:05 lizmat_ is now known as lizmat
MadcapJake I tried to mix the rubyishness of Scientist's origin with some of the cool features that Perl 6 supplies but I didn't want to do named arguments because two things, (1) you lose some of the flexibility of manipulating the experiment as you're now constrained to the named arguments provided and (2) the code to implement an experiment as named arguments (in 06:06
terms of the original Scientist API) would be much larger (and perhaps flakier) than just letting the user do it.
moritz \o 06:07
ZoffixWin++'s "Wow, Perl 6" presentation is currently No. 5 on hackernews
MadcapJake woah!
it's quite a good presentation, he hits a lot of cool points
MadcapJake goes to contribute his ▲ 06:08
lizmat commute to NLPW&
06:08 lizmat left
moritz news.ycombinator.com/item?id=11401330 06:09
MadcapJake perlawhirl: also, I implement the entirety of github's Scientist API, including every single test, it's almost an exact translation into Perl 6 06:10
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MadcapJake is nearing completion of the Issue Submitter 06:11
everyone hold all issues until I get this up and running! ;) 06:12
perlawhirl wow, not too much hate on HN comments. still sad that people dismiss perl off-hand for reasons that are isolated to their own prejudices 06:17
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MadcapJake perlawhirl: I've noticed that Perl 6 goes over quite well on HN, really poorly on Slashdot and mixed on Reddit :) 06:18
perlawhirl fair enough... i don't really visit them... reddit a tiny bit 06:19
how can you dislike a language that makes things this easy!!: say "These are my things: @things.join(', ')." 06:20
who needs printf anymore :D
MadcapJake yeah a few people were saying the ole lisper-line "why have operators when you can have a huge wall of parenthesis and function names" ugh x_x 06:22
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remmie is there perl6 syntax highlighting for sublime anywhere? 06:50
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sortiz "Bytecode validation error at offset 522, instruction 78: operand type 160 does not match register type 152" when using a 'uint32' constrained named argument in a method call. Without the constraint the problem vanishes. 07:26
07:26 labster joined
moritz sortiz: please submit as a bug 07:28
07:28 ufobat joined
ufobat good morning guys 07:29
07:30 RabidGravy joined, ely-se joined 07:34 abraxxa joined, leont joined
leont How do I do conditional matching in rules? 07:34
I'm trying to use multi-rules, it parses fine but doesn't seem to work 07:35
07:36 ely-se left
ufobat i think the problem is that rules and tokens dont backtrack 07:37
leont ?
sortiz moritz, Done: RT#127813
ufobat so if one is matching (but not complete) the other will not work anymore, since you have "consumed" parts of your string
07:39 fireartist joined
leont I'm not sure I understand 07:47
I'm using multi-rules on arguments (my grammar is context-sensitive like that)
07:48 zakharyas joined
timotimo oh no, is the tpm2016.zoffix.com page down? :( 07:49
ZoffixWin: It's not just you! tpm2016.zoffix.com looks down from here. 07:50
RabidGravy it appears to be the DNS 07:51
ufobat leont, i am to much of a greenhorn to help you. sorry
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timotimo leont: have you tried Grammar::Tracer yet? 08:12
08:13 rindolf joined 08:15 darutoko joined 08:18 donaldh joined
RabidGravy I find it really useful as I am totally crap with regex 08:20
timotimo also, the debugger lets you run code - including regexes! - in its own REPL 08:27
08:27 lizmat joined
lizmat greets from the NLPW 08:27
RabidGravy is it possible to use "zef" and "panda" interchangeably? That is if I use one am I asking for trouble using the other on the same installation?
timotimo both use the API rakudo offers to do the actual installation 08:28
RabidGravy so "in theory" it should be cool
timotimo i think it ought to be fine. though perhaps they'll get confused about what is installed already and what isn't
dalek osystem: 319caa9 | (James Albert)++ | META.list:
added JSON-WebToken

Repo: github.com/jamesalbert/JSON-WebToken
osystem: 28cd2ce | sylvarant++ | META.list:
Merge pull request #186 from jamesalbert/master

added JSON-WebToken
RabidGravy tries
08:29 perlawhirl left
timotimo i think panda has a state file to remember what's installed and what isn't 08:29
leont I'd need to simplify my use-case first before trying a tracer or debugger 08:30
timotimo i've been dreaming about building a nice little web frontend for introspecting matching process and such 08:31
Xliff regexr.com/ 08:34
It's more a general thing though. It's not up to P6 and grammars, yet.
timotimo neat
Xliff Still. It's useful in general.
RabidGravy another week still no digest authentication module 08:35
Xliff installs Grammar::Tracer
github.com/jnthn/lolsql 08:40
Xliff spits all over his keyboard.
08:40 teatime joined
RabidGravy Oooh, I had inadvertently made a module with a ver of ".0.0.1" which works but can't be uninstalled 08:42
teatime heh
stmuk_ gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc-patches/2016-04...00001.html
timotimo oh, the presentation is back 08:43
Xliff Wow! 08:44
teatime flag_never_gonna_give_you_up
Xliff ^ - This has been more helpful to me in understanding NativeCall than the examples pointed to me, earlier. 08:45
teatime --frickroll-all-loops
Xliff: the implementation code of some NativeCall::______ modules provides examples of doing stuff where the docs for same are TBD. 08:46
Xliff teatime, thanks. I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. 08:47
donaldh ZoffixWin: Your "Wow, Perl6!" talk is trending on HN news.ycombinator.com/item?id=11401330
RabidGravy also more than half the Audio::* modules are native bindings which do amusing and exciting things 08:48
timotimo it seems like some people don't realize it's a presentation and that they're supposed to use spacebar or arrow keys (sideways!) to get through the slides
Xliff ¯_(ツ)_/¯
timotimo reveal.js has the nice feature that it has clickable indicator arrows at the bottom right by default
Xliff RabidGravy, OK cool. I will have to make a note to use those as references. 08:49
RabidGravy and while you're at it can you wrap some Ogg/Vorbis codec library? I get burnout quite quickly when I'm doing those sort of things ;-) 08:50
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Xliff :P 08:54
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Xliff RabidGravy, the amount of boredom I'd have to achieve to do such a thing (at this point) would be legendary. 08:55
You could throw $$$ at me and then I'd do it.
RabidGravy hahahaha
Can we all play that game? I'd like £75,000 for the 47 modules I already wrote 08:56
timotimo i don't have that kind of money :|
Xliff Just out of curiosity, WHICH Ogg/Vorbis codec library are you thinking of.... and how perlish do you want it?
I mean.... I can play the strait 1:1 game if you want.
teatime Gentlemen, do I have one number right? 08:57
Xliff thinks of writing a .h to NativeCall processor.
RabidGravy there is one
Xliff Why does that not surprise me?
RabidGravy skarsnik's most excellent gptrixie
timotimo yeah, gptrixie
Xliff RabidGravy, why don't you use that when the BQ is high?
(for the slower ones here, BQ == Boredom Quotient) 08:58
Is gptrixie in the ecosystem, or do I have to install it via package manager?
timotimo um ... that's not an "or" that goes there :D 08:59
RabidGravy well, it just takes the donkey work out of making the stubs, for most things it doesn't make what I'd call a good interface
timotimo only if it's in the ecosystem, you can install it via package manager. otherwise you'll have to git clone it manually
Xliff ==> Successfully installed App::GPTrixie
timotimo to be fair, you can then use the package manager on that local clone
Xliff Hey. It's a starting point I don't have to monkey with myself! 09:00
RabidGravy, See! That's what I meant by "perlish".
What kind of interface would you think is "good"?
Would depend partly on each lib's API. 09:01
RabidGravy I'd have to charge you consultancy fees to tell you that
Xliff See, for XQuilla (whenever I can get off my ass to start it), I would probably only have "prepare" and "evaluate" subs to start with. 09:02
Sigh.... why do people have to be difficult with their namings?!? 09:03
It's Xqilla.
WTF did "U" do to them? 09:04
Q's are naked without it!!!
timotimo qeh.
RabidGravy anyway, using panda and zef interchangeably *has* shagged my repository, but I think this is because of the foremention dodgy version
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Xliff RabidGravy, WHAT? You mercenary! You'd charge me money to ask you for suggestions of something you asked me to do?!? 09:04
RabidGravy Xliff, tell that to the Basques
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Xliff boggles! 09:04
o_0 09:05
Xliff flogs RabidGravy with a foam "U"
Aaannnd.... with that, it's probably time for zleep!
RabidGravy nukes the rakudo and rebuilds 09:06
timotimo good night xliff
Xliff RabidGravy, Once I get my XQuery parser project started I may switch gears for the halibut. 09:07
RabidGravy, you'd need to at least suggest a ogg/vorbis library to start with, though.
09:08 Xliff is now known as Xliff_ZZZzzzzz
RabidGravy It appears that I really am doomed to write all the things 09:09
teatime RabidGravy: I'm bored; pick a library and I'll consider it. 09:10
Xliff_ZZZzzzzz teatime, that's what I'm telling him! 09:12
RabidGravy I'm calling this "the first hurdle" ;-p 09:14
Xliff_ZZZzzzzz hurdles RabidGravy 09:15
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gregf_ ]foo[ 09:21
teatime [baz[
timotimo floof 09:22
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RabidGravy tadzik, any chance you could merge github.com/tadzik/JSON-Unmarshal/pull/18 I'd forgotten that something I am doing depends on it 09:57
Also as JSON::Unmarshal has flipped to JSON::Fast I may as well go with it for JSON::Marshall and JSON::Infer now 10:01
tadzik merged :)
RabidGravy you beauty :-*
lizmat will be doing a 20 minute ad-hoc Q&A session at the NLPW this afternoon at 16:00
timotimo i'm glad JSON::Fast gets some love :) 10:02
RabidGravy lizmat, I'd love to say I'll come along but I don't think I'll have time after doing the shopping ;-)
timotimo hm, is its test suite up to snuff? i wonder ...
lizmat RabidGravy: I'm just saying this in the hope that people will come up with some Questions I can Answer there, in case nobody has any Questions at the session itself :-) 10:03
RabidGravy timotimo, don't worry I'm sure some of the things I'm doing with JSON will find any bugs if indeed there are any ;-) 10:06
timotimo i wonder how much faster we could get by not doing stuff recursively 10:12
on the other hand we'll get faster invocation soon anyway
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RabidGravy It's just use the power of Greyskull 10:21
timotimo the force doesn't work like that! 10:22
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RabidGravy well, it should and needs fixing ;-) 10:28
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Guest38483 Trying to clickbait lizmat++ with irclog.perlgeek.de/perl6/2016-03-31#i_12267194 10:31
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perlawhirl Guest38483: certainly looks bug-ish 10:38
:k works, :kv doesn't
lizmat is at NLPW and probably busy. i'm gonna go check out the 'first' method implementation source and see if :kv in there 10:39
RabidGravy arguably a doc bug 10:40
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RabidGravy anyway, the plans for world domination have to go on hold while we go shopping 10:41
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dogbert1 masak and moritz thought that :kv should be added according to the discussion from yesterday 10:43
perlawhirl yeah i don't see a reason why it shouldn't be implemented 10:44
dogbert1 was Guest38483 before my computer decided to reboot on me :-(
perlawhirl fwiw, first calls first-result, which is implemented here: github.com/rakudo/rakudo/blob/6d12...ds.pm#L498
no conditional for %a<kv> 10:45
teatime anything come of the .where() bikeshed yet?
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perlawhirl lolol... no... TimToady answered an unrelated question of mine this morning... 10:45
i was about to ask him to take a gander, but then $day-job got in the way 10:46
dunno whether i should just notify him via yoleaux??