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Set by moritz on 22 December 2015.
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timotimo Could not find Bailador::Template::Mojo::Extended at line 4 in: 00:04
Xliff_ ZoffixLappy, that cat GIF trips me out every time I load it.
timotimo Could not find Bailador::Plugin::AssetPack::SASS at line 5 in: 00:05
all the missing dependencies
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timotimo LoadError: cannot load such file -- rb-inotify 00:07
NoMethodError: undefined method `join' for nil:NilClass 00:08
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ZoffixLappy :/ stupid Freenode 00:09
hotel .seen
yoleaux Ask me when I last saw a user speaking
hotel oh
ZoffixLappy <ZoffixLappy> 2 posts (2 markdown files). 3.33 seconds per request from local host :( gist.github.com/zoffixznet/af44d9a...68422f0792
<ZoffixLappy> 3 posts = 4.288s per request :)
<ZoffixLappy> Time to switch for a DB based system with pre-parsed posts methinks :P
timotimo, you need to run panda update or zef update for those missing deps. 00:10
timotimo ah
ZoffixLappy Unsure what the rb-notify stuff is all about tho
timotimo had to install a rubygem-rb-inotify from dnf
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timotimo it seems like you've put a bunch of blah.foo~ files into your git repo 00:11
ZoffixLappy Um... yeah.. KDevelop-- 00:12
plugh22 m: class A { submethod BUILD ($a?, :$b) {} }; A.new( 'A' ); 00:13
camelia rakudo-moar d065ba: OUTPUT«Default constructor for 'A' only takes named arguments␤ in block <unit> at /tmp/wgmkKQKkZP line 1␤␤»
timotimo rendering the template is the slowest part by far, it seems like
plugh22: you're getting a method "new" from Any, which will not pass $a as a positional parameter for you 00:14
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timotimo you probably want your own method new instead that takes a positional parameter and a named one and passes them as two named parameters to sumbethod BUILD; and you'll want to declare those attributes so that they'll be assigned by the default submethod BUILD you'll get 00:14
ZoffixLappy timotimo, how do you figure that? Did --profile work for you?
timotimo no 00:15
note statements
plugh22 timotimo: ok, thanks.
ZoffixLappy Ah
timotimo could it be you're re-parsing the template on every page serve?
ZoffixLappy I am, yes
timotimo bad idea :)
ZoffixLappy TWO templates, really. The "layout" and the "page" :/
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ZoffixLappy Basically every page load involves like 6 file slurps 00:16
timotimo there's probably some performance gains to be found in Mojo
slurp isn't expensive, i don't think
do i look at Template::Mojo, or do i look at Mojo::Extended to find the code that's likely slow? 00:18
ZoffixLappy I'd say Template::Mojo. All ::Extended really does is process two Template::Mojo templates. 00:19
timotimo OK
anyone want to write a readme for Template::Mojo that has a "how do i invoke this?!?" section?
mspo oh did you guys port ep? 00:20
ZoffixLappy I think it has decent docs in POD: github.com/tadzik/Template-Mojo/bl...te/Mojo.pm
mspo, far from it.
timotimo OK
the synopsis doesn't use the from-file method
which template should i use for profiling purposes? index.tt? post.tt? 00:21
ZoffixLappy timotimo, umm... index.tt, I guess. ::Extended actually takes index.tt and plugs it into layouts/default.tt (the TWO templates I mentioned). 00:23
timotimo ah 00:24
well, index.tt won't work with just Template::Mojo
teatime I've seen attribute syntax like "has $.bar does SomeRole", but I haven't happened across the description of how it behaves yet. any pointers?
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timotimo and default.tt also doesn't work with just Template::Mojo 00:24
teatime: i don't think we actually have "does" for attributes. we do have "is", however 00:25
"is default", "is rw", "is required", ...
ZoffixLappy It's kinda weird: index.tt looks up $posts.all and renders them in the main box and the side box. post.tt still looks up $posts.all, but only renders them in the side box, while also looking up a given post and rendering it in the main box... YET, post.tt takes 1.2s, while index.tt takes 3.4s on my lappy :/
You can just copy paste index.tt into default.tt, while moving the %% lines at the top to the top of default.tt 00:26
teatime this was definitely 'does'... but perhaps it is another idea that didn't get implemented but continues to haunt dark corners of docs/specs :)
ZoffixLappy If you're feeling adventurous, that is. I don't expect you to be figuring out why my code is slow :P
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timotimo by kicking out the sass thing, profile no longer segfaults 00:28
but now i don't have a way to shut down the server, so it ends up never outputting the profile code
ZoffixLappy Oh. It may be due to Proc::Async
Just shove start { sleep 3; exit } at the end of get '/' => sub {... } ? 00:29
timotimo oh crap 00:30
ZoffixLappy ?
timotimo i added a /exit handler and it caused "invalid gc status observed"
ZoffixLappy has no idea what that means :)
timotimo memory corruption of some kind 00:31
ZoffixLappy :o
mst it means "you're hosed"
timotimo yup
and with perl6-gdb-m i get Detaching after fork from child process 27570. and nothing happens after that 00:32
ZoffixLappy With start{ sleep } I get "Invalid GC status observed; aborting" :)
timotimo oof 00:33
now how do you golf that ... 00:34
i'm out of energy for today; the flu is taking its toll
teatime ohhh... timotimo: maybe it was 'handles' not 'does.
timotimo ah, that could be, yeah
that'll install methods that redirect to method calls on your attributes' values for you
ZoffixLappy Ohh... adding that actually made the request take 6.7s, so it exited before the request finished. I made it sleep for 10 seconds and it wrote a profile
teatime and I found the docs for it. yar.
timotimo oh, huh 00:35
gimme that profile? :)
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ZoffixLappy xtatik.org/temp/profile.html 00:36
timotimo the routines tab there is pretty much completely useless 00:37
the whole profile is, really
because multi-threading :P
our output routine doesn't know how to handle it yet
ZoffixLappy Yeah. It looks like it's just showing the thread where I slept for 10 seconds
timotimo yeah :)
i wonder why. i always thought it'd only output the first thread 00:38
bailador could get a quit-switch
it'd be neat if you could do that locally 00:43
hm, HTTP::PSGI::Easy doesn't do any concurrency, right? 00:44
[Coke] github question with PRs. If I have a fork where I've done some PRs and had them accepted upstream already, and I merge those upstream commits back to my master... on my next pull request, I see that there are multiple commits, including the upstream merges. Do I need to do something to clean this up? or will those merge commits be ignored if that next pull request is used? 00:46
ZoffixLappy Well, crap... This debugging change of hardcoding what I'd normally get from parsing posts is now resulting in random crash with the "Invalid GC ..." stuff, after a couple of requests: github.com/zoffixznet/perl6.party/...sts.pm6#L7 :/
And it's still slow as hell, suggesting switching to a PG backend won't help :( 00:47
I guess back to P5's Mojolicious for me for this project :'(
[Coke] smls: [CONC] if we have more than one ticket, sure. it's just a way to group things for (basically) jnthn to find.
timotimo well ... profile can very strongly impact your performance depending on what kind of stuff your program is doing
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Herby__ o/ 00:48
ZoffixLappy \o 00:49
teatime [Coke]: maybe you want to pull --rebase ?
[Coke]: those actual commits won't usually be a problem, but I'm unclear on when/if they can be 00:50
ZoffixLappy Oh, never mind. I still had the start { sleep 10; } in my code :P 00:51
ZoffixLappy blushes
Herby__ what you sleepin
teatime I usually make every PR a branch (could really be a tag, I guess), so I end up pulling upstream/master into my local master not back into the branch where the PR work was done, but I don't think this is generally necessary.
heh would be easier to draw. 00:52
timotimo [Coke]: your own fork's master shouldn't contain the changes that you've pull-requested; at least that's how i do it
[Coke]: then you can just fast-forward your own forks' master branch to the origin's master branch 00:53
teatime [Coke]: at any rate, you can make the attempt and see what happens, and rollback if it blows up
[Coke] teatime;i did a merge from upstreamm, not a pull. i'll try that, should be cleaner.
teatime but yeah, generally I do exactly what timotimo describes
timotimo well, pull is just fetch + merge
teatime [Coke]: was it a fast-forward merge, or are you mid-merge as we speak?
[Coke] I'll try a pull --rebase, then.
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[Coke] the merge is long done, I have a new branch already that I tried to make a new pr for. 00:54
timotimo with a pull --rebase, you'll end up with any commits that aren't in the origin "in front", as in "newer", compared to what the upstream has
teatime pull --rebase is for when you have local commits that are logically 'on top of'/'forked from' the upstream, and you want them to stay on-top-of after you bring in the newest changes from upstream
[Coke] yup, I just did that on my forked master and my pr'd branch, all fine now, thanks! 00:56
first time using a forked repo for anything other than a single one off PR
teatime I also find it helps keep me straight to delete unused branches from my fork-repo and local dev repo. like, I'll have master and upstream/master but I usually have no use for origin/master so I delete it. 00:57
probably 'cause I'm a n00b though.
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teatime remembers he really needs to script github-clone + checkout + setup origin/upstream remotes, w/ correct git vs. ssh vs. https protocols etc., for quicker turnaround on random PRs 00:59
mst teatime: or install ingy's 'git hub' 01:00
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mst teatime: github.com/ingydotnet/git-hub/ 01:00
teatime that looks very handy, thanks.
AlexDaniel mst: what's the difference between that and this github.com/sociomantic-tsunami/git-hub 01:02
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AlexDaniel there's also git-spindle 01:04
ugexe Hey Mark
I talked to the consulting firm I'd need to go through today and he is going to get the ball rolling on whatever stuff he needs to do. At this point it's probably best to disclose I have conviction from breaking into a shed 10 years ago. For such a large company I realize policy may already dictate my disqualification; It should be noted however that this conviction did not involve bodily injury, dishonesty,
or a breach of trust. In my defense I was a stupid bored kid then (a sucker to peer pressure), and my open source work and background since have proven exemplary. No hard feelings if this is unacceptable... qx and your stack piqued my interest the most, but I admittedly have other offers. 01:05
mst ugexe: dude!
ugexe uh, oops
mst sorry, wasn't quite quick enough to kick you
AlexDaniel: ingy's doesn't require python, and seems more complete
01:05 cdg left
teatime ouch 01:06
ZoffixLappy Well, if we ever have trouble with bikeshedding, ugexe is our person to break it up :P 01:07
AlexDaniel huggable: no bikeshedding please 01:08
huggable AlexDaniel, 🚳
teatime huggable is going to leave me hanging.
mst capital punishment for bikeshedding seems completely reasonable 01:09
geekosaur .u 🚳
yoleaux U+1F6B3 NO BICYCLES [So] (🚳)
ugexe i havent cringed that hard since middle school 01:11
mst I think you'll find that in here, 'epic failure to care' is going to be the response to your accidental disclosure
you might, however, want to suggest to moritz that he tweaks that part of the publically googlable logs 01:12
ugexe good idea 01:13
AlexDaniel wonders if it is possible to turn off clipboard on his system completely
ZoffixLappy Clipboard?
AlexDaniel that's how it is called?
ZoffixLappy is on his nth beer... never mind me\\\\\\\o/ 01:14
AlexDaniel ZoffixLappy: how did you call it then?
ZoffixLappy Not. Sure. 01:15
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ZoffixLappy I guess clipboard... but it sounds so weird to me now, because clipboards are those wooden things with metal clips at the top lol :D 01:16
teatime X11 calls it selection or selection buffers or something 01:17
but one of them is CLIPBOARD.
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AlexDaniel archwiki says “Despite the naming, all three are basically "clipboards"” 01:18
I am actually using PRIMARY more than CLIPBOARD, it is pretty cool 01:19
teatime apparently PRIMARY and CLIPBOARD are selections, per-app, and cease to exist along with their app. and CUT_BUFFER* are global. I don't think SECONDARY is still implemented.
mst ZoffixLappy: which of course was the original metaphor 01:20
but, yeah
teatime yes, I love X-style copy/paste... sorely miss it if I get stuck on windows.
AlexDaniel it also makes sure that I have some kind of trash in it and not some private email that I copied
ugexe oddly enough weechat asked me if i wanted to really paste 3 lines after having already sent them
[Coke] also "pasteboard" 01:21
teatime AlexDaniel: you're right, I think, to consider the clipboard/whatever as a serious security concern. you could have something over-write them regularly, I guess... I don't think you can hide them from specific apps etc. you may want to make sure your terminal emulator doesn't answer to the "what's on your clipboard?" escape code 01:22
urxvt has defaulted to not for a long time, xterm recently changed to default to not; I don't know about others.
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ZoffixLappy FWIW, here's the Template::Mojo profile on a small template that takes 1.3s to render: xtatik.org/temp/profile.html 01:23
grondilu m: use MONKEY-SEE-NO-EVAL; say EVAL '-> $ { }'; 01:24
camelia rakudo-moar d065ba: OUTPUT«-> $ { #`(Block|79840320) ... }␤»
AlexDaniel does anybody remember the times when IE was happily giving away the contents of the clipboard?
grondilu ^the debugger shows me an exception when I try that.
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AlexDaniel IT STILL DOES? 01:25
it asks the user for confirmation, but… 01:26
teatime vaguely related, I was surprised the other week to learn that now X has a local-user xauth method so root or my user on a serial terminal can launch X apps w/ just $DISPLAY, no having to mess w/ magic-cookies/.Xauthority/whatever. and apparently it's been like that for a long time.
hotel "giving away"? 01:27
ZoffixLappy Heh... It's technological survival of the fittest.... Those still using IE for web browsing deserve to get screwed. 01:28
AlexDaniel hotel: as a site owner, you could have been collecting the clipboard contents of all of your visitors
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hotel oh 01:28
grondilu yes xauth is a very old command 01:29
hotel ZoffixLappy++
although sometimes windows randomly opens IE instead of edge
AlexDaniel ZoffixLappy: they're still pushing their “Edge” thingy though
teatime grondilu: it's not quite the same thing.
hotel some programs just don't use environment variables 01:30
ZoffixLappy I don't even know why Microsoft is even trying to push their own browser nowadays.
We have good opensource alternatives. Waste your cash on something else.
hotel it's a nice enough browser
AlexDaniel huggable: dunno :is: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
huggable AlexDaniel, Added dunno as ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
hotel just too young atm 01:31
AlexDaniel what do you mean by “young”? Isn't it the same old IE?
hotel edge?
AlexDaniel yeah
hotel not at all
teatime what would be a good prefix to begin compose sequences for big emoticons and similar strings
hotel emo 01:32
teatime hrm... perhaps ; as in <Compose> ; s h r u g etc.
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teatime or that would work too; can do both. 01:32
01:32 diakopter______ joined
hotel :D 01:32
hotel has no idea what's going on
ZoffixLappy \o/ \o\ /o/
diakopter______ [Coke]: I merged your rakudobrew shite
ZoffixLappy :o 01:33
teatime isn't there mainly one guy that did/does most of the REPL stuff? if so, who
AlexDaniel hoelzro?
[Coke] diakopter______: thanks
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teatime heh, I knew I should have looked as soon as I'd asked; every single commit to REPL.pm has been by [email@hidden.address] 01:35
AlexDaniel: thx
hoelzro teatime: do you have questions about the REPL?
hotel is there an online repl by chance? 01:38
AlexDaniel hotel: I'm still trying to find any facts to be sure that Edge is not IE
01:39 huggable left
hotel AlexDaniel, well for one it's being actively maintained and updated, iirc it uses a new engine, and extension support is coming soon/is now available 01:39
AlexDaniel hotel: you can try glot.io/new/perl6
01:39 huggable joined
hotel danke 01:39
AlexDaniel hotel: you can also write private messages to camelia
geekosaur its own documentation claims that it si a completely new engine
hotel oh yeah I could
AlexDaniel hotel: there's also ideone.com/ but it is full of ads 01:40
geekosaur: sure, but claiming is one thing…
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AlexDaniel hotel: well these are all cool things but I see no reasons why these cannot be built on top of existing IE 01:41
with perhaps some refactored code or something
hotel edge is, well, edgy 01:42
AlexDaniel I've noticed many times on caniuse that some features there were broken in very weird ways in IE are also broken in Edge
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AlexDaniel like caniuse.com/#feat=css-grid 01:47
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AlexDaniel like, you're not going to say that in 2014, for the new browser, they implemented a feature according to the 2011 spec 01:49
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geekosaur except that iirc that was when they started work, or at least announced so, on a replacement for the spyglass engine 01:49
AlexDaniel spyglass? 01:50
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geekosaur spyglass is the browser they bought and turned into IE 01:50
(iirc) 01:51
yep 01:53
sortiz .tell lizmat I found the culprit of my 'Cannot invoke this object'!, 'PROCESS::' is null in the deserialized closure, this workaround survives precompilation "BEGIN { temp PROCESS::; -> { note } }();" 01:54
yoleaux sortiz: I'll pass your message to lizmat.
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hotel learning time -> is Str.chop destructive? 01:55
timotimo m: my $a = "hello"; $a.chop; say $a 01:56
camelia rakudo-moar d065ba: OUTPUT«hello␤»
timotimo usually methods like that aren't
like, only very few methods are mutative
hotel ah that's the word I was looking for
and thanks
hotel realises he can just use substr 01:57
01:57 adu left
timotimo :) 01:57
chop is shorter if you want every char except the last 01:58
plugh22 is there some way I could get behavior of a chunk of code explained to me? about 30 lines. 01:59
hotel I just wanted all the chars in the string separate 02:00
timotimo sure, plugh22, we can try
ZoffixWin plugh22, only one way to find out :) Pastebin it and give us a link :)
timotimo hotel: that sounds exactly like what comb does
AlexDaniel m: say ‘hello’.comb
camelia rakudo-moar d065ba: OUTPUT«(h e l l o)␤»
hotel darn
I knew there was an easier way
ZoffixWin blogs.perl.org/users/zoffix_znet/20...mb-it.html
timotimo perl6 is like that sometimes
plugh22 you'd rather I don't paste it here then? 02:01
timotimo yes, very rather
hotel ?code
plugh22 ok, i'll get that figured out. thanks.
hotel oh you don't have that here?
ZoffixWin plugh22, no, it's hard to follow the code in a constantly-scrolling IRC window. Try gist.github.com/
hotel ^^
geekosaur use a pastebin; generally pasting code directly into irc (more than 1-2 lines) makes life difficult for everyone in channel. especially since either your cloent throttles to 1 line per second or freenode kicks you for flooding
plugh22 ok, thanks.
AlexDaniel camelia supports github gists, bitbucket snippets and gitlab snippets. Choose any 02:02
ZoffixWin Or paste.scsys.co.uk/, if gist. needs a passsword
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timotimo gist doesn't need a password if you paste anonymously 02:02
ZoffixWin k
AlexDaniel does not support no paste yet
hotel I used to be on a channel where the bot would tell people most of that with a command, lol
timotimo and if you try to copy-paste it to a file or terminal to look at or execute locally, you have to edit out timestamps and nicknames and get extra linebreaks
geekosaur I'm in several channe;s whose bots can do that. I don't think either yoleaux or camelia has that though 02:03
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timotimo huggable could do it 02:03
hotel I've been away from irc for too long 02:04
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timotimo we do also have a slack. it's been quite quiet for a while now, though 02:05
AlexDaniel huggable: paste :is: Please do not paste large pieces of code here. camelia supports gist.github.com/ , gitlab.com/snippets and bitbucket.org/snippets 02:07
huggable AlexDaniel, Added paste as Please do not paste large pieces of code here. camelia supports gist.github.com/ , gitlab.com/snippets and bitbucket.org/snippets
teatime hoelzro+=20 for linking me to S99
plugh22 hmm, is pasting in the URL all you need? <script src="gist.github.com/anonymous/64b89fd9...script>
AlexDaniel m: gist.github.com/anonymous/64b89fd9...7e41ec10d8 02:08
camelia rakudo-moar d065ba: OUTPUT«A: (1, 2, 5, 6).Seq␤B: (1, 2, 5, 6).Seq␤␤C: (1, 2, 5, 6).Seq␤D: 1␤D: 2␤D: 5␤D: 6␤»
timotimo why is it a .js file?
AlexDaniel plugh22: ↑ like that
plugh22 ah, I see, thanks.
AlexDaniel plugh22: so what's the question?
plugh22 timo: that's the copy link from the website
timotimo oh, that's for embedding
plugh22 you can see the source code too?
timotimo usually, you'd just copy-paste the URL from the url bar of your browser 02:09
AlexDaniel sure
hotel: by the way, if you want things to mutate…
plugh22 ok. lines 7-10 are almost same as 27-30, but don't produce same output.
geekosaur most of us can just click on the url and it'll load in a browser
AlexDaniel m: my $x = ‘hello’; $x .= chop; say $x
camelia rakudo-moar d065ba: OUTPUT«hell␤»
hotel oh cool 02:10
plugh22 line 8 produces a Seq, line 29 is individual elements (which is what I expect)
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timotimo isn't sure why it won't handle that as one-arg and iterate it 02:15
hotel "Can not convert 0+1i to Int: imaginary part not zero" what
timotimo exactly what it says
hotel wait really?
timotimo Int can't store a complex number
hotel I'm doing something else
plugh22 yah, that's what I expect. and it does outside the 'a' object. 02:16
hotel (generating a lazy list from 0 to length of array?)
geekosaur hotel, what's the code?
timotimo so, like @foo.list?
hotel no, because that would just make sense
timotimo perhaps @foo.Seq actually?
AlexDaniel m: gist.github.com/AlexDaniel/0876e6e...f9b05be590
camelia rakudo-moar d065ba: OUTPUT«A: (Seq)␤B: (1, 2, 5, 6).Seq␤␤C: (Str)␤D: 1␤D: 2␤D: 5␤D: 6␤»
hotel .-.
AlexDaniel oops 02:17
m: gist.github.com/AlexDaniel/0876e6e...f9b05be590
camelia rakudo-moar d065ba: OUTPUT«A: (Seq)␤B: (1, 2, 5, 6).Seq␤␤C: (Seq)␤D: 1␤D: 2␤D: 5␤D: 6␤»
timotimo hah, what $foo.per :)
it's potentially about containerness?
which WHAT will not tell you about
plugh22 the "say 'B: ', $c.perl" seems to print "B: (1, 2, 5, 6).Seq"
AlexDaniel what will tell me that then? 02:18
timotimo you can use nqp and then nqp::iscont, i'd think
AlexDaniel umm…
hotel m: my @letters = thread.comb; say @letters.Seq;
camelia rakudo-moar d065ba: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling /tmp/xD9jLiXyFo␤Undeclared routine:␤ thread used at line 1␤␤»
geekosaur hotel, I'm wondering if you have something you intended to be $i and accidentally just wrote i
hotel oops
oh you right
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hotel m: my @letters = 'thread'.comb; say @letters.Seq; 02:19
camelia rakudo-moar d065ba: OUTPUT«(t h r e a d)␤»
hotel well yeah but I need indices
timotimo so just .kv?
hotel .-.
timotimo m: say 'thread'comb.kv
camelia rakudo-moar d065ba: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling /tmp/oSgQJ6mo28␤Two terms in a row␤at /tmp/oSgQJ6mo28:1␤------> 3say 'thread'7⏏5comb.kv␤ expecting any of:␤ infix␤ infix stopper␤ postfix␤ statement end␤ …»
timotimo sorry
m: say 'thread'.comb.kv
camelia rakudo-moar d065ba: OUTPUT«(0 t 1 h 2 r 3 e 4 a 5 d)␤»
timotimo m: say 'thread'.comb.pairs
camelia rakudo-moar d065ba: OUTPUT«(0 => t 1 => h 2 => r 3 => e 4 => a 5 => d)␤»
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hotel ah 02:20
again, no because that would make sense
AlexDaniel m: say ‘hello’.kv
camelia rakudo-moar d065ba: OUTPUT«(0 hello)␤»
sortiz plugh22, in line 7 try 'self.get_flat() -> $c {'
timotimo to make the $ go away?
sortiz Yep. 02:21
02:21 SHODAN joined
timotimo that makes some sense 02:21
even through my flu
AlexDaniel m: gist.github.com/AlexDaniel/0876e6e...f9b05be590
camelia rakudo-moar d065ba: OUTPUT«A: (Seq)␤Method 'get-flat' not found for invocant of class 'Any'␤ in method p at /tmp/VuFbNkflof line 7␤ in block <unit> at /tmp/VuFbNkflof line 24␤␤»
plugh22 yes, that works, sortiz.
AlexDaniel m: gist.github.com/AlexDaniel/0876e6e...f9b05be590
camelia rakudo-moar d065ba: OUTPUT«A: (Seq)␤B: 1␤B: 2␤B: 5␤B: 6␤␤C: (Seq)␤D: 1␤D: 2␤D: 5␤D: 6␤»
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plugh22 why is that necessary? 02:22
AlexDaniel timotimo: I declare myself blind
timotimo it'll give you a scalar container interface when you use $.foo instead of self.foo
sortiz or the alternative: " for @($.get-flat()) -> $c { "
timotimo shouldn't @$.get-flat also do it? 02:23
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timotimo actually ... @.get-flat should also work :) 02:23
plugh22 so 'self' makes it explicitly like line 28
AlexDaniel m: $42
camelia ( no output )
sortiz timotimo, your right. :)
plugh22 correct, timo, it does! 02:24
timotimo what's to my right? :P
sortiz *you are
plugh22 OK, that gives me a bit more insight. thanks very much.
AlexDaniel your right, my left