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Set by moritz on 22 December 2015.
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Xliff hoelzro++ 00:31
Nice article. 00:32
Xliff grabs jq
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teatime yar, +1 for uniprops command 00:43
Xliff Hmm.... what package is uniprops in? 00:47
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dalek c: b6ce6ba | coke++ | htmlify.p6:
We aren't using pack, so don't use it
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[Coke] Xliff: it's core 00:52
... or so I thought. one sec.
er, "uniprop" is core. 00:53
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teatime [Coke]: we're talking about a CLI tool 01:03
Xliff: article says Unicode::Tussle 01:04
kalkin- who do i have to ping here to get the blessing for a PR adding a module to ecosystem?
hoelzro kalkin-: I can help! 01:05
Xliff: thanks! glad you liked it
kalkin- hoelzro: this would be great! :)
dalek osystem: 3eda843 | (Bahtiar `kalkin-` Gadimov)++ | META.list:
Add Hashids to ecosystem

See github.com/kalkin/perl6-hashids
osystem: 18e665e | hoelzro++ | META.list:
Merge pull request #213 from kalkin/master

Add Hashids to ecosystem
hoelzro kalkin-++
kalkin- hoelzro: Thank you! :) 01:07
hoelzro happy to be of service!
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Xliff hoelzro++, now see? THAT is service! ;) 01:13
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PerlJam nine++ Just saw your GPW talk. Very nice! 03:53
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azawawi pasteboard.co/1lKrDoSB.png # GTK::Scintilla: Zoom and long lines API :) 04:57
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nine PerlJam: thanks :) 05:25
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RabidGravy boom 09:20
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Zoffix .ask TimToady would you have time to offer a ruling on what the default tolerance to is-approx in Test.pm6 should be? Is it relative or absolute, and what value? My ideal choice would be absolute with $*TOLERANCE to match ≅. The specs/docs use absolute at 1e-5. And current impl uses relative at 1e-6. My more detailed plan for rewrite of is-approx: github.com/zoffixznet/debug/blob/m...-rework.md 10:21
yoleaux Zoffix: I'll pass your message to TimToady.
Zoffix yoleaux, join #perl6-dev
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Zoffix .tell TimToady sorry, ≅ uses relative tolerance, not absolute, but my ideal choice would still be to match it. 10:31
yoleaux Zoffix: I'll pass your message to TimToady.
Zoffix That or change it to absolute :P Why is it relative? I thought it was at 1e-15 to get rid of Num fuzziness 10:33
(change it on ≅)
m: say 3e20 ≅ 3e20+100000 10:34
camelia rakudo-moar 33ab86: OUTPUT«True␤»
Zoffix m: say 3e20 ≅ 3e20+1000000
camelia rakudo-moar 33ab86: OUTPUT«False␤»
Zoffix m: say &[≅](”Your mamma so fat”) 10:41
camelia rakudo-moar 33ab86: OUTPUT«True␤»
grondilu (well that's a weird string fill-in) 10:50
Zoffix ≅ should also use <= and not < methinks 10:52
m: my $*TOLERANCE = 0; say 24 ≅ 24
camelia rakudo-moar 33ab86: OUTPUT«False␤»
Zoffix Maybe I'll file a bug report to find out why from Sam why I'm wrong.... 10:53
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azawawi hi 10:55
Zoffix \o 10:56
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azawawi RabidGravy: ping 11:06
Zoffix: :)
Zoffix: i need menubar wrapped in GTK::Simple (github.com/perl6/gtk-simple/tree/m...TK/Simple) 11:07
pasteboard.co/1lKrDoSB.png # GTK::Scintilla demo should have a menu bar
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RabidGravy boom 11:18
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RabidGravy azawawi, the only thing that is preventing me from implementing menus there is that there is just so much to implement 11:21
azawawi link it plz 11:22
RabidGravy developer.gnome.org/gtk3/stable/GtkMenuBar.html 11:26
I haven't made anything yet 11:27
azawawi zetcode.com/gui/gtk2/menusandtoolbars/ ? 11:28
so basically wrap GTK::MenuBar and GTK::Menu and GTK::MenuItem ? 11:30
RabidGravy yeah 11:31
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dalek k-simple: 7791648 | azawawi++ | README.md:
Make AppVeyor CI badge work
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kyrose Hi, I am new to Perl language (both 5 and 6). I wanted to know, should I learn perl 5 first and then move to perl 6? 11:47
RabidGravy Thinking of using martinfowler.com/apsupp/recurring.pdf as a basis for a high level scheduling thingy, is there any other useful reading on the matter
kyrose, well a lot of the Perl 5 knowledge will be transferrable to Perl 6, but it's not required 11:48
ilmari if you don't already know Perl 5, trying to learn both at the same time could get confusing 11:49
RabidGravy if you're doing it just for more knowledge I would leap in to 6, if you're doing it for more pragmatic reasons (such as work) then I'd start with 5
ilmari like trying to learn e.g. spanish and italian at the same time
kyrose I just wanted to learn for fun. I like the C-syntax style of this high level language, but also wanted to learn perl 6 for production(maybe) 11:50
ilmari in that case I'd go straight for perl 6
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RabidGravy yeah, 6 11:50
kyrose thanks. Ermm, also, is Perl 6 got an official forum and somehow the infamous CPAN? 11:51
ilmari there's modules.perl6.org/ 11:52
RabidGravy well there are a fraction of the number of modules, but modules.perl6.org/
at some point it will be folded into the architecture that underlies CPAN 11:53
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kyrose Ty. So, how about perl 5, will it stay version 5 forever? The website says 'perl 6 and perl 5 is a different language'? 11:54
RabidGravy yeah, the sub-version will monotonously increase forever
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DrForr It should really be considered 'perl5' version 24, at the moment. 11:54
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RabidGravy yeah, it's significantly different to the 5.000m that I first used 11:56
kyrose I see
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kyrose Oh I just realized travis-ci build for github do support Perl 6. This is very useful. 11:58
RabidGravy yeah, most of the module developers use it
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kyrose I hope perl will be supported more soon. I always see 'perl is dead, perl is ugly, perl is this perl is that', even looking for tutorial :(. And a web dev told me to not use Perl. 12:00
RabidGravy Well Perl is most definitely not dead, it's just not quite as fashionable as some languages 12:01
teatime yeah, that has become the fashionable opinion
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teatime but it's so undeserved :( 12:02
DrForr It's fashionable for Python users to slag it for no good reason.
kyrose Yeah true. I tried perl 5 for my sysadmin task, even I'm very new at it, I can do much useful stuff in 2 lines.
RabidGravy that's been true since the late 90s
anyhow, I've got to go out and buy a garden fork as the previous one self destructed on Monday 12:03
kyrose Bye. Anyway, I'm kyrose, I think I wanna familiarize myself with Perl 6 community. Nice to meet you guys. 12:05
DrForr Check out perl6.org for starters.
kyrose Thanks for the reference. 12:07
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literal m: my $foo = <foo bar>.SetHash; say $foo.WHAT 12:10
camelia rakudo-moar 725054: OUTPUT«(SetHash)␤»
literal m: my %foo = <foo bar>.SetHash; say %foo.WHAT
camelia rakudo-moar 725054: OUTPUT«(Hash)␤»
literal why is the latter not a SetHash?
jnthn Because assignment is *into* the thing on the left 12:11
So you have a Hash (resulting from `my %foo`) and you're assigning the values from the SetHash into it 12:12
m: my %foo := <foo bar>.SetHash; say %foo.WHAT
camelia rakudo-moar 725054: OUTPUT«(SetHash)␤»
jnthn Binding is what's wanted in this case
literal I was under the impression that the % sigil could be used for many 'hashy' types, not just Hash. Is that incorrect?
jnthn It can, but you need to bind
literal ok, so with assignment @ and % are always Array and Hash ?
jnthn Yes 12:13
literal alright
jnthn Unless you bind something else
Or use `is`
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jnthn m: my %foo is SetHash = <foo bar>; say %foo.WHAT 12:13
camelia rakudo-moar 725054: OUTPUT«Cannot modify an immutable SetHash␤ in block <unit> at /tmp/UGhEW5ZIwo line 1␤␤»
jnthn Ah, but SetHash has not STORE method I guess
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jnthn So yeah, use the binding thing I mentioned above 12:14
literal yeah
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El_Che wouldn't be a good idea to add "rakudobrew build zef" to trakudo.org/how-to-get-rakudo/#Insta...akudobrew? Now it only mentions panda 12:16
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ZoffixW kyrose, you can use most of Perl 5's modules (metacpan.org/) from Perl 6. See Inline::Perl5 . Talk for the module: www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEs1g94qNs...e=youtu.be 12:28
hugTABTAB.,.. damn you bot :(
kyrose Thanks ZoffixW
timotimo i'm surprised synopsebot6 is still up :P
kyrose allisonrandal.com/2013/03/31/mythb...love-perl/ - Whoa! Perl philosophy makes the devs so different in expressing their thought! 12:30
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ZoffixW Yey.. 10th time the charm it seems. 12:31
huggable, Inline::Perl5
huggable ZoffixW, nothing found
ZoffixW huggable, module Inline::Perl5
huggable ZoffixW, nothing found
ZoffixW Ah, right. I never reimplemented that feature after the time I wiped the server... 12:32
kyrose can I ask. what is huggable? Is that bot command?
ZoffixW kyrose, yes, huggable is a Perl 6 IRC robot 12:33
There's a major bug that prevents it from joining half the time that I'm yet to find time to fix :P
kyrose wait, you're the bot developer?
ZoffixW huggable, Inline::Perl5 :is: Inline::Perl5 lets you use most of Perl 5's CPAN from Perl 6. See modules.perl6.org/repo/Inline::Perl5 and the talk about the module www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEs1g94qNso
huggable ZoffixW, Added Inline::Perl5 as Inline::Perl5 lets you use most of Perl 5's CPAN from Perl 6. See modules.perl6.org/repo/Inline::Perl5 and the talk about the module www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEs1g94qNso
ZoffixW kyrose, I guess :) 12:34
kyrose ZoffixW, cool!
perlpilot buenos dias señors y señoras 12:36
DrForr ?Que tal? 12:38
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perlpilot good this morning so far 12:39
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[Coke] Many eyes make light work. 13:00
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grondilu hello. Question : in linear algebra we often see expressions like transpose(A)*M*A. Do you think it's possible to define a ternary operator a*b*c in order to optimize this kind of expression? 13:03
of course a, b and c would have constraints. 13:04
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perlpilot grondilu: Almost all "is it possible" type questions have an answer of "yes" in Perl 6 ;) 13:05
grondilu I'm not sure there is a syntax for ternary operator though 13:06
m: sub ternary:<§ §>($, $, $) {...}
camelia rakudo-moar 725054: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling /tmp/p6LhJIsk7i␤Cannot add tokens of category 'ternary'␤at /tmp/p6LhJIsk7i:1␤------> 3sub ternary:<§ §>7⏏5($, $, $) {...}␤»
timotimo we currently implement the ?? !! with a special grammar rule in the perl6 grammar
grondilu timotimo: yeah that's what I thought
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grondilu though I suppose I could mix the output of a*b with a role used as a constraint for the second multiplication. 13:07
though it'd be pretty ugly, especially since I want the constraint on c depending on a. 13:09
like where c == transpose(a) for instance.
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perlpilot grondilu: I think it was brrt that was saying the other day that there wasn't going to be enough pressure to make "PDL in Perl6" because why not just use PDL or NumPy or R or etc. Whatever you're doing ... keep doing it :) 13:10
grondilu truly it's not for linear algebra that I'm considering it, rather for my Clifford module. But the linalg exemple makes things simpler to explain. 13:11
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perlpilot grondilu: for that particular example, it seems like you'd want a binary op on A and M that would do transpose(A)*M*A 13:16
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ZoffixW m: class MyTernaryFalse {}; class MyTernaryTrue { has $.value }; sub infix:<§> { ($^a ~~ MyTernaryFalse) ?? $^b !! ($^a ~~ MyTernaryTrue) ?? $^a.value !! $^a ?? MyTernaryTrue.new(:value($^b)) !! MyTernaryFalse.new }; say 0 § "a" § "b"; say 1 § "a" § "b" 13:21
camelia rakudo-moar ef376d: OUTPUT«b␤a␤»
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DrForr I still want to see § as a sigil for sets :) 13:23
ZoffixW .u §
yoleaux U+00A7 SECTION SIGN [Po] (§)
ZoffixW m: 1 ~~ Illegal ?? 2 !! 3; class Illegal {} 13:24
camelia rakudo-moar ef376d: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling /tmp/vPjLothpBE␤Expected a term, but found either infix ?? or redundant prefix ?␤ (to suppress this message, please use a space like ? ?)␤at /tmp/vPjLothpBE:1␤------> 031 ~~ Illegal ??7⏏5 2 !! 3; class…»
ZoffixW ^ LTA error
m: (1 ~~ Illegal) ?? 2 !! 3; class Illegal {}
camelia rakudo-moar ef376d: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling /tmp/53guuJnmev␤Illegally post-declared type:␤ Illegal used at line 1␤␤»
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ZoffixW m: wat ?? 2 !! 3; 13:26
camelia rakudo-moar ef376d: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling /tmp/rz9bTxDv4M␤Expected a term, but found either infix ?? or redundant prefix ?␤ (to suppress this message, please use a space like ? ?)␤at /tmp/rz9bTxDv4M:1␤------> 3wat ??7⏏5 2 !! 3;␤»
ZoffixW m: (wat) ?? 2 !! 3;
camelia rakudo-moar ef376d: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling /tmp/7MWXNvY9ts␤Undeclared routine:␤ wat used at line 1. Did you mean 'WHAT'?␤␤»
kyrose Hi, is this a good way to write simple perl class - pastebin.com/Zu42sb99
grondilu perlpilot: I don't want to introduce an other symbol. I'd like the optimization to be invisible. 13:27
ZoffixW kyrose, that looks good to me
Though, I'd pic FtoF as method name
kyrose ZoffixW: thanks ^_^ 13:28
ZoffixW kyrose, and you ought to make ℃ and ℉ as postfix ops :P 13:29
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ZoffixW I had a plan to release a module like that at the back of my mind for awhile 13:29
kyrose ah 13:30
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timotimo ℉ ought to give a syntax error immediately 13:30
ZoffixW Why?
timotimo because, ugh, fahrenheit 13:31
please autodefenestrate if you want to use fahrenheit for anything :P
kyrose I'm happy to try to make a module now! ^^
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[Coke] timotimo: hey, some of us are stuck with it. :| 13:32
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timotimo be the change i want to see in the world! ;) 13:33
ZoffixW m: sub postfix:<℃> ($c) { class :: { method to-f { $c * 9/5 + 32 } }.new }; say 100℃.to-f 13:34
camelia rakudo-moar ef376d: OUTPUT«212␤»
geekosaur thinks both of those should produce Kelvin
DrForr Rankine FTW :) 13:35
kyrose <> <- what is that called? 13:36
ZoffixW m: sub postfix:<℃> ($c) { my $z = class :: {}.new; $z.^add_method('℉', { $c * 9/5 + 32 } ); $z }; say 100℃."℉"()
camelia rakudo-moar ef376d: OUTPUT«212␤»
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ZoffixW kyrose, wordspace or something like that 13:37
m: say <blah blah blah and more blah>.join: '|'
camelia rakudo-moar ef376d: OUTPUT«blah|blah|blah|and|more|blah␤»
RabidGravy qw
ZoffixW Saves you from typing 'blah', 'blah', 'blah', 'and', 'more', 'blah',
quote words
kyrose ZoffixW, oh you mean like <dog cat chicken> instead of ("dog", "cat", "chicken")? 13:38
ZoffixW right 13:39
kyrose oh, so it's more like a symbol?
and how do you use that compiler XD
*camelia bot
ZoffixW m: code to execute
camelia rakudo-moar ef376d: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling /tmp/zXs7XKu99Z␤Undeclared routines:␤ code used at line 1␤ execute used at line 1␤ to used at line 1. Did you mean 'so', 'tc'?␤␤»
ZoffixW or m: URL to a gist
kyrose m: print "Hello world\n"; 13:40
camelia rakudo-moar ef376d: OUTPUT«Hello world␤»
kyrose oh I see now
Man, I'm such a noob. I need to learn a lot!
ZoffixW kyrose, I feel the same... and I wrote my first program 16 years ago :P
DrForr So do I :) 13:41
Only 16? Wowsers.
kyrose 16 years?! You guys are perl hackers it seems.
RabidGravy I wrote my first program 38 years ago and I still haven't a clue, obviously not Perl though 13:42
DrForr I've done this (not professionally) for about 36 years myself :)
kyrose I just started 3 hours ago. :O
gtodd I am goofing around with feeds and lists/arrays to see how fast they are compared with last time I checked :) 13:43
DrForr (obviously not all Perl, but ... At least the last ~20 years.)
ZoffixW Sheesh, the argument for Fahreinheit over Celcius is so flimsy www.zmescience.com/other/fahrenheit...after-all/ 13:44
kyrose and you guys still loyal to it by being here.
ZoffixW The author obviously never seen a decimal point.
gtodd some of the "tests" (not really) might have been from pre GLR ... so this is now an error perl6 -e 'my @arr := "/usr/share/dict/web2".IO.slurp.lines(:eager); @arr ==> grep({m/<<zygote>>/}) ==> my $word; say $word'
"expected Positional but got Seq"
ZoffixW kyrose, I'm not loyal :) I use it 'cause I like it and I'll be gone the second something better comes along.
gtodd and this works: perl6 -e 'my @arr = "/usr/share/dict/web2".IO.slurp.lines(:eager); @arr ==> grep({m/<<zygote>>/}) ==> my $word; say $word 13:45
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kyrose ZoffixW: :) 13:45
oh oh, I tried this but doesn't work. hold on
tony-o i like celsius, that's one of the few measurements i like from the metric system 13:46
gtodd I'm assuming that why I needed := (vs. = in current perl6) is "something about GLR, just forget this and move on"
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kyrose m: perl -e 'my $x = 0; while ($x <= 100) { print "The [$x]\n"; $x++}' 13:46
camelia rakudo-moar ef376d: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling /tmp/pCKRwKkOA_␤Two terms in a row␤at /tmp/pCKRwKkOA_:1␤------> 3perl -e7⏏5 'my $x = 0; while ($x <= 100) { print "␤ expecting any of:␤ infix␤ infix stopper␤ postfix␤ …»
ZoffixW m: my $x = 0; while ($x <= 100) { print "The [$x]\n"; $x++} 13:47
camelia rakudo-moar ef376d: OUTPUT«The [0]␤The [1]␤The [2]␤The [3]␤The [4]␤The [5]␤The [6]␤The [7]␤The [8]␤The [9]␤The [10]␤The [11]␤The [12]␤The [13]␤The [14]␤The [15]␤The [16]␤The [17]␤The [18]␤The [19]␤The [20]␤The [21]␤The [22]␤The [23]␤Th…»
ZoffixW Seems to work fine for me
kyrose whot, hmm
ZoffixW m: "The [$x]".say for ^100 13:48
camelia rakudo-moar ef376d: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling /tmp/PATZXYY1Dv␤Variable '$x' is not declared␤at /tmp/PATZXYY1Dv:1␤------> 3"The [7⏏5$x]".say for ^100␤»
ZoffixW m: "The [$_]".say for ^100
camelia rakudo-moar ef376d: OUTPUT«The [0]␤The [1]␤The [2]␤The [3]␤The [4]␤The [5]␤The [6]␤The [7]␤The [8]␤The [9]␤The [10]␤The [11]␤The [12]␤The [13]␤The [14]␤The [15]␤The [16]␤The [17]␤The [18]␤The [19]␤The [20]␤The [21]␤The [22]␤The [23]␤Th…»
kyrose wow, there's more than one way to do it.
gtodd anyway the above used to take 44 seconds and now only takes 29 :-) 13:49
ZoffixW That's the Perl moto
timotimo what? for just 100 ints? :o
gtodd and time perl6 -e 'say "/usr/share/dict/web2".IO.slurp.lines(:eager).grep("zygote");' used to take 61 seconds and now only takes 0.87 seconds 13:50
timotimo oh
ZoffixW gtodd, is your rakudo older than two hours?
gtodd heheh
ZoffixW ?
kyrose ZoffixW: yeah, forgot the philosophy of Perl XD
gtodd the old results were from 9 months ago I think
ZoffixW I think jnthn++ pushed a whole bunch of performance fixes 2 hours ago is why I ask
gtodd Zoffix rakudo from about an hour ago 13:51
ZoffixW: I was just taking a walk down memory/performance lane ...
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gtodd ZoffixW: there was a "naïve benchmark" I'd always try: www.perlmonks.org/?node_id=1099617 13:56
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ZoffixW Calling it naive is giving it too much credit :P 13:59
gtodd ZoffixW: the difference is still large but on my system I think perl5 is around 0.5 second and perl6 is around 20 seconds on a log file with 500k+ lines so massive speed up by perl6
ZoffixW Which perl5 version?
gtodd ZoffixW: well you'd have to write it differently now anyway doesn't ~~ m/ / give an error in perl6 ? 14:00
perl5 is 5.22 I think
ZoffixW m: say 'foo' ~~ m/'f'/
camelia rakudo-moar ef376d: OUTPUT«「f」␤»
DrForr 5.24.0 is current. 14:02
gtodd hrrm yes: as written on the perlmonks node perl6 -n -e 'say $0 if ~~ m/(<<\w**5>>)/' logs.txt gives me an error about terms 14:03
perlpilot "if ~~ m//" doesn't make any sense 14:04
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gtodd yeah I guess it used to work anyhway I changed it to: if m// 14:05
heheh look away :) perl6 -n -e 'say $/.Str if /(<<\w**5>>)/' logs.txt 14:06
anyway that node is notorious :)
perlpilot why does the P6 put the word boundaries within the parens, but the P5 puts them outside? 14:09
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perlpilot time perl -n -E 'say $1 if /\b(\w{5})\b/;' /usr/share/dict/words >/dev/null --> real0m0.296s 14:12
time perl6 -n -e 'say ~$0 if m/<< (\w**5) >>/;' /usr/share/dict/words >/dev/null --> real0m56.632s
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gtodd perlpilot: time perl6 -n -e 'say $/.Str if m/<<\w**5>>/;' /usr/share/dict/web2 .... works without the parens and is faster for me so I don't know :-D 14:19
kyrose I don't know why, but class for perl 6 really make my eye seeing perl code easier. I can track where object and output goes now.
RabidGravy yeah 14:21
gtodd perlpilot: although still 25 seconds versus 0.24
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kyrose Okay. I gtg. Bye! 14:28
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gtodd perlpilot: anyway I think the word boundary stuff in perl5 is more part of the regex "sub language" ?? with perl6 there is a :P5 modifier for matching using the RE syntax ... it slows things down a bit AFAICT 14:32
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kyrose Hi, I see there are Int, Str, but is there Float? Or how to make like 'my Float $e = 90.2; say $e;' 14:43
timotimo we have Num for that
but when you write 90.2 you get a Rat instead 14:44
kyrose oh
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perlpilot kyrose: you really want to use Rat if you can. 14:45
kyrose I'll see what I can do perlpilot 14:46
ZoffixW There's Numeric too, if you don't care what type of number it is
Or you can omit a type entirely. Gradual Typing, baby <3
sena_kun hi, folks. Please, check out new PR to ecosystem. 14:47
ZoffixW perl6.party/post/Perl-6-Types--Made-for-Humans
dalek osystem: 927ec76 | Altai-man++ | META.list:
Add WWW::DuckDuckGo to the ecosystem
osystem: 1b73f40 | (Zoffix Znet)++ | META.list:
Merge pull request #214 from Altai-man/master

Add WWW::DuckDuckGo to the ecosystem
sena_kun thanks.
perlpilot heh, ZoffixW++ you're too fast.
As I was looking at it, the PR changed before my eyes as if by magic ;) 14:48
ZoffixW :)
gregf_ /aws
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gregf_ :/ sorry 14:49
kyrose m: my $tenth = 1/10; say $tenth.WHAT; 14:51
camelia rakudo-moar ef376d: OUTPUT«(Rat)␤»
timotimo m: say 0.1e0.WHAT 14:52
camelia rakudo-moar ef376d: OUTPUT«(Num)␤»
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kyrose weird..my rakudo didn't compile above code with perl -e 14:52
[Coke] jezu, I'm coming up on 40 years here.
ZoffixW m: my $tenth = 1/10; say $tenth.nude;
camelia rakudo-moar ef376d: OUTPUT«(1 10)␤»
timotimo well, yeah, you need perl6 -e instead :)
[Coke] (in time from first program from backscroll) 14:53
kyrose well, yeah, you need perl6 -e instead :), I just realized I use perl5. Thanks Errgh. (annoying when 2 version of perl installed in the same machine) 14:54
ZoffixW kyrose, use camelia via /msg instead of perl6 -e '...'
/msg camelia m: 'blah'
kyrose thanks for that info 14:55
ZoffixW kyrose, for scripts, some folks like to plop `use v6` at the start that cries when you run the script with the wrong perl
kyrose so do i need to include that even for one liner?
RabidGravy and indeed modules
no, it's not required
ZoffixW never uses it 14:56
kyrose ^^
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RabidGravy I think I've broken my brane trying to reconcile martinfowler.com/apsupp/recurring.pdf and rrules from www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc5545.txt 15:12
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ZoffixW that looks scary :) 15:14
172 pages... like a small novel
geekosaur horror story, probably 15:15
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titsuki Hi all. I have a question. Is the behavior that the submethod doesn't check its name of the arguments a bug ? 15:30
m: class A { multi submethod BUILD(:%hash) { "hash".say; }; multi submethod(:$text) { "text".say; }; multi submethod BUILD(:@array) { "array".say; }; }; A.new(text => "10");
camelia rakudo-moar 4a2929: OUTPUT«hash␤»
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titsuki I think that it should say "text". 15:31
timotimo hah 15:32
you have a method called "submethod" there
you may want a multi submethod called "BUILD" instead
titsuki sorry 15:33
m: class A { multi submethod BUILD(:%hash) { "hash".say; }; multi submethod BUILD(:$text) { "text".say; }; multi submethod BUILD(:@array) { "array".say; }; }; A.new(text => "10"); 15:34
camelia rakudo-moar 4a2929: OUTPUT«hash␤»
titsuki it still says "hash"
Xliff titsuki: You are getting a hash because that's what you are passing.
m: class A { multi submethod BUILD(:%hash) { "hash".say; }; multi submethod BUILD(:$text) { "text".say; }; multi submethod BUILD(:@array) { "array".say; }; }; A.new(:text("10"));
camelia rakudo-moar 4a2929: OUTPUT«hash␤»
Xliff Technically named parameters are hashes. 15:35
timotimo um, only if you slurp it
psch m: class A { multi submethod BUILD(:$text) { "text".say; }; multi submethod BUILD(:%hash) { "hash".say; }; multi submethod BUILD(:@array) { "array".say; }; }; A.new(:text("10"));
camelia rakudo-moar 4a2929: OUTPUT«text␤»
psch order of declaration
Xliff psch++
ugexe it because you need to mark them required, named arguments are optional
ZoffixW :o 15:36
I didn't know order of declaration mattered.
psch it does for nameds, and optionals in general i think too
jnthn For tie-breaking, yes, and named parameters only ever act as tie-breakers in multi dispatch
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ZoffixW m: class A { multi submethod BUILD(:%hash!) { "hash".say; }; multi submethod BUILD(:$text!) { "text".say; }; multi submethod BUILD(:@array) { "array".say; }; }; A.new(:10text); 15:36
camelia rakudo-moar 4a2929: OUTPUT«text␤»
ZoffixW ugexe++
psch ah, right, it's actually just for tie-breaking. not related to the parameter type 15:37
titsuki ugexe: I see. Thanks !
Xliff I get confused with the (:(val)name) passing method.
psch m: say :("foo")bar # ?
camelia rakudo-moar 4a2929: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling /tmp/oh_N8OS3HN␤Two terms in a row␤at /tmp/oh_N8OS3HN:1␤------> 3say :("foo")7⏏5bar # ?␤ expecting any of:␤ infix␤ infix stopper␤ postfix␤ statement end␤ …»
psch Xliff: not sure what you mean, no such form exists :) 15:38
Xliff In named parameter passing. Look at Zoffy's last example. Particularly the last statement.
ZoffixW :4242foo
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ZoffixW Xliff, if it's digits only, you can write it first and avoid parens 15:38
psch right, but that's explicitly only [ <colon> <numeric> <ident> ]
Xliff ZoffixW, I prefer :foo(4242)
ZoffixW too many parens for my taste :) 15:39
Xliff LOL
I understand that. Really.
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ZoffixW m: say :١١١foo 15:39
camelia rakudo-moar 4a2929: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Error encoding ASCII string: could not encode codepoint 1633␤»
Xliff Except I have a higher tolerance. Now anything LISPy.... that is Too Many Parens.
ZoffixW 0.o