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Set by moritz on 22 December 2015.
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psch m: my @a[1;1]; my @b := @a; say @b.shape 00:02
camelia rakudo-moar 4abc28: OUTPUT«(1 1)␤»
psch m: my @a[1;1]; sub f(@a is raw) { say @a.shape }; f @a
camelia rakudo-moar 4abc28: OUTPUT«(1 1)␤»
psch m: my @a[1;1]; sub f(@a) { say @a.shape }; f @a
camelia rakudo-moar 4abc28: OUTPUT«(1 1)␤»
psch m: my @a[1;1]; sub f(@a where .shape eqv (1,1)) { say @a.shape }; f @a 00:03
camelia rakudo-moar 4abc28: OUTPUT«(1 1)␤»
gfldex if it's Array of Array would it not be all(@a) ~~ Positional?
psch well, if it was Array of Array :(Array @a) would match
but i guess it's probably not nominally Array of Array, just practically
but yes, if all elements are Arrays it should be &all 00:04
seatek I *love* that you can assign default values to a method's signature variables, from the class attributes. So handy. 00:05
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seatek weird about this though: Class.new(myVar => 'thisVal').iNeedThatVal -- method iNeedThatVal would not have the value in the class yet though. All the little things to learn. 00:09
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psch m: class A { has $.myVar; method iNeedThatVal { $.myVar } }; say A.new(myVar => 'thisVal').iNeedThatVal 00:10
camelia rakudo-moar 4abc28: OUTPUT«thisVal␤»
psch seatek: uh..? :)
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psch oh, probably about the parameter thing too? 00:11
seatek psch: maybe i'm crazy!
let me try again in a minute
psch m: class A { has $.myVar; method iNeedThatVal($myVar = $.myVar) { $myVar } }; say A.new(myVar => 'thisVal').iNeedThatVal
camelia rakudo-moar 4abc28: OUTPUT«thisVal␤»
psch nope, also works vOv
seatek well, it must have just started working then... ;) ;) (oops :) ) 00:14
psch probably TimToady++ again with his time machine :)
seatek yeah it does work. i must have been doing something else wrong at the time
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seatek I had to coerce a unix time into an integer for DateTime.new to accept it without an error. 00:23
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seatek the timestamp value came out of a split 00:23
but there was no explicit typing going on 00:24
psch m: use NativeCall; my $a = cglobal('c', 'time', int32); say $a # booo 00:27
camelia rakudo-moar 4abc28: OUTPUT«Cannot locate native library 'libc.so': /usr/lib64/libc.so: invalid ELF header␤ in block at /home/camelia/rakudo-m-inst-1/share/perl6/sources/24DD121B5B4774C04A7084827BFAD92199756E03 (NativeCall) line 422␤ in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1␤␤»
psch probably some guesswork going wrong there
i mean, i know we default to libc for native subs that we don't give a libname for
seatek m: my $ts = "1475362095"; say DateTime.new($ts) 00:28
camelia rakudo-moar 4abc28: OUTPUT«Invalid DateTime string '1475362095'; use an ISO 8601 timestamp (yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ssZ or yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss+01:00) instead␤ in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1␤␤»
psch might be neat if we had something similar for cglobals, if that's possible
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seatek m: my $ts = "1475362095"; say DateTime.new($ts.Int) 00:28
camelia rakudo-moar 4abc28: OUTPUT«2016-10-01T22:48:15Z␤»
seatek m: my $ts = 1475362095; say DateTime.new($ts)
camelia rakudo-moar 4abc28: OUTPUT«2016-10-01T22:48:15Z␤»
psch m: say DateTime.can('new').candidates>>.signature 00:29
camelia rakudo-moar 4abc28: OUTPUT«No such method 'candidates' for invocant of type 'List'␤ in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1␤␤»
psch m: say DateTime.can('new')>>.signature
camelia rakudo-moar 4abc28: OUTPUT«((DateTime $: | is raw) (Mu $: | is raw))␤»
psch m: say DateTime.can('new')[0].candidates>>.signature
camelia rakudo-moar 4abc28: OUTPUT«((DateTime $: \y, \mo, \d, \h, \mi, \s, :$timezone = 0, :&formatter, *%_) (DateTime $: :$year!, :$month = 1, :$day = 1, :$hour = 0, :$minute = 0, :$second = 0, :$timezone = 0, :&formatter, *%_) (DateTime $: Date:D :$date!, *%_) (DateTime $: Instant:D $i, :…»
psch feh
timotimo it's too candid 00:33
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grondilu (candid and candidate probably have a common ethymology. Never thought of that) 00:37
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psch anyway, yeah, probably could solve that problem with a Int(Cool) coercer on the appropiate params 00:38
Zoffix Happy Hacktoberfest! It's an event where you can get a l33t shirt by sending 4 PRs to any repos on GitHub (see hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com/ ). We have many Perl 6 organization issues ready for Hacktober Hacking! Get fame and profit by helping us out: github.com/issues?utf8=%E2%9C%93&a...ktoberfest
psch wooo
tushar I am trying to remove elements from an array by preserving the indexes. Meaning if I delete first element, rest of the elements hold their original position. I wrote a function for it and you can find it here pastebin.com/Rfc32sh5 . I am just curious, is there any better way of doing this because Perl 6 is very rich in features and shortcuts. 00:39
psch m: my @a = 1,2,3,4; @a:delete(2); say @a.perl
camelia rakudo-moar 4abc28: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>␤Variable '@a:delete<2>' is not declared␤at <tmp>:1␤------> 3my @a = 1,2,3,4; 7⏏5@a:delete(2); say @a.perl␤»
psch erg
m: my @a = 1,2,3,4; @a[2]:delete; say @a.perl
camelia rakudo-moar 4abc28: OUTPUT«[1, 2, Any, 4]␤»
psch tushar: ^^^ that maybe?
tushar hmm.. 00:41
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Zoffix m: my @a = 1,2,3,4; my @indx = 1, 3; @a[@indx]:delete; say @a.perl 00:42
camelia rakudo-moar 4abc28: OUTPUT«[1, Any, 3]␤»
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tushar psch and Zoffix thanks. But I do not want Any object in the output. 00:46
psch tushar: what do you want instead?
tushar for your example code, I want 1,2,4; 00:47
psch tushar: oh, so you *don't* want the gap
tushar: that's not "hold their original position"
tushar: if i have @a = 1,2,3; and i remove the 1, then either 2,3 move up or you get a hole at the start 00:48
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tushar yes. That's why I wrought a solution. Did you check that? My solution might be lengthy. 00:48
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psch i don't get the solution 00:49
tushar For the same reason, I can not use splice either.
I provided a pastebin link
here it is again pastebin.com/Rfc32sh5
psch yes, i don't understand it :P
not your fault, probably
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psch m: my @a = [[1,2,3],[4,5,6]]; @a[0] = @a[0].splice(1); say @a.perl 00:53
camelia rakudo-moar 4abc28: OUTPUT«[[2, 3], [4, 5, 6]]␤»
psch why does something like that not work?
geekosaur what might have helped is some examples of using it, both inputs and outputs 00:54
psch geekosaur++
psch probably needs to get to bed anyway o/
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tushar I can provide explanation. My function accepts two array -- one array holds the data which can be an array or array of arrays and another array holds the indexes. I convert the data array into hash key and value. I am using hash keys as indexes and removing them. Then I am looping through remaining hash keys and pushing their values to a new array. Replace old array with new array and return it. 00:57
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tushar geekosaur: pastebin already has an example. 01:04
do you prefer more?
timotimo i wonder if you can just @incoming_array[@my_list_of_key-lists]:kv:delete 01:05
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tushar m: my @a = [[1..4],[5..8],[9..12],[13..17]]; @a[0,2]:kv:delete; @a.say; 01:08
camelia rakudo-moar 4abc28: OUTPUT«[(Any) [5 6 7 8] (Any) [13 14 15 16 17]]␤»
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timotimo don't forget to say the result of @a[0,2]:... 01:08
tushar timotimo: it keep the gaps. I don't want them.
timotimo: yes. it returns key and corresponding values. 01:09
timotimo then i'd go ahead and grep for defined stuff later
tushar m: my @a = [[1..4],[5..8],[9..12],[13..17]]; @a[0,2]:kv:delete.say; @a.say;
camelia rakudo-moar 4abc28: OUTPUT«(0 [1 2 3 4] 2 [9 10 11 12])␤[(Any) [5 6 7 8] (Any) [13 14 15 16 17]]␤»
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tushar m: my @a = [[1..4],[5..8],[9..12],[13..17]]; @a[0,2]:kv:delete; for @a -> $ele { if $ele.defined { $ele.say }}; 01:12
camelia rakudo-moar 4abc28: OUTPUT«[5 6 7 8]␤[13 14 15 16 17]␤»
tushar timotimo: ^^^ like this
timotimo m: my @a = [[1..4],[5..8],[9..12],[13..17]]; @a[0,2]:kv:delete; .say for @a.grep(*.so) 01:13
camelia rakudo-moar 4abc28: OUTPUT«[5 6 7 8]␤[13 14 15 16 17]␤»
tushar timotimo++ 01:14
timotimo: can you provide explanation about ".say for @a.grep(*.so)"? 01:15
timotimo .say is syntactic sugar for "$_.say", a for loop at the end of the statement will just put stuff into $_ for you 01:16
and grep(*.so) will only give you things that return True when you call .so on them
and .so is the boolean coercer (opposite of "not")
tushar timotimo++ 01:17
timotimo: thanks for your explanation.
timotimo no problem at all
i'll be going to bed real soon now
tushar so I am the last luckiest one. :D
timotimo there's enough of me to go around usually ;) 01:18
tushar haha
tbrowder is there a way to get a 01:27
an unreleased module into travis somehow via the .travis.yaml file? 01:28
i'm testing a new module that requires another of my modules that is not yet in the ecosystem 01:30
timotimo just put "panda install ." into the travis.yml
it doesn't have to be in the ecosystem to be installed that way 01:31
tbrowder ok, i assume i can do "panda install <local path to repo> then? thanks, timotimo 01:32
timotimo that's right 01:33
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tushar timotimo: as you are still around. I can little more of your help. I am trying to capture the deleted elements into another array. When I used your solution "@a[0,2]:kv:delete", it returns a list with key and values where keys are the indexes and values are the values that removed. I only want values and not indexes. How can i achieve that? 01:50
tbrowder hm, not working...what is CWD on travis?
tushar m: my @a = [[1..4],[5..8],[9..12],[13..17]]; @a[0,2]:kv:delete.say;
camelia rakudo-moar 4abc28: OUTPUT«(0 [1 2 3 4] 2 [9 10 11 12])␤»
tushar I want only [[1..4], [9..12]].
tbrowder going to read info on travis again... 01:51
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hackedNODE tushar: why'd ya have :kv on it then? :) 02:07
geekosaur because timotimo had it
hackedNODE tsk tsk
geekosaur (we were all still trying to figure out what tushar wanted...) 02:08
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hackedNODE tbrowder: have you seen docs.travis-ci.com/user/languages/perl6 ? 02:10
tbrowder: simple version that'll do it's thing. No ecosystem inclusion needed: github.com/zoffixznet/perl6-IRC-Cl...travis.yml
tbrowder that seems to imply my deps are inside my repo being tested, no. 02:21
in that case i'll have to move some stuff around
i'll experiment some more tomorrow--nite all 02:24
hackedNODE tbrowder: are you deps in the ecosystem? Then it's fine. panda will find them 02:25
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gfldex please keep in mind that changes to modules are delayed by up to 40min in the ecosystem 02:26
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dalek href="https://perl6.org:">perl6.org: 651ab0c | (Jota Sprout)++ | source/documentation/index.html:
Created new section for screencasts

Added YouTube lists and moved current screencasts link.
href="https://perl6.org:">perl6.org: 45cd8db | (Zoffix Znet)++ | source/documentation/index.html:
Merge pull request #58 from jotasprout/master

Created new section for screencasts
href="https://perl6.org:">perl6.org: d373b31 | (Zoffix Znet)++ | source/documentation/index.html:
Fix typo
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andrzejku hey, need help with 9 english senteces to fix them 07:45
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moritz andrzejku: I'm not a native speaker, but I can try 08:20
andrzejku moritz, already fixed in perl chat but thanks :P 08:21
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FROGGS o/ 08:54
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moritz \o 08:58
raydiak o/
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pmurias hi, rakudo doesn't support the -i flag? 09:43
yoleaux 1 Oct 2016 17:18Z <grondilu> pmurias: you're right, passing text between stages is not the way to go.
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tbrowder .tell hackedNODE: no they're not, but i'm going to try to fake it with some sym linking 09:54
yoleaux tbrowder: What kind of a name is "hackedNODE:"?!
tbrowder .tell hackedNODE no they're not but i'm trying to fake it with some sym linking 09:55
yoleaux tbrowder: I'll pass your message to hackedNODE.
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tbrowder not that sym linking doesn't work in git, had to cp -r from the other repo lib dir and temp add it to the repo i'm trying to test with an out-of-the ecosystem module; maybe a travis yml before_install cmd can do the trick? will check later if this works 10:12
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tbrowder hm, travis build is stuck, cannot cancel, back to drawing board... 10:52
has anyone used travis cache successfully. 10:53
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tbrowder has anyone used cache successfully with a travis build? did it speed up the build? 10:56
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grondilu hello #perl6 11:42
FROGGS hi grondilu
tbrowder no one on #perl6-toolchain now, can anyone here talk about travis and p6 tool chain? 11:43
hi grondilu
for instance, using travis on github what is $HOME to travis for a github repo? 11:47
if so, then any scripting, etc., used in the yml file must be relative to that, but maybe github locations need to be by html link? 11:50
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dalek c: c04988c | titsuki++ | doc/Language/typesystem.pod6:
Add indexes for both :ver and :auth
c: da5ad5b | titsuki++ | doc/Language/typesystem.pod6:
Merge pull request #932 from titsuki/add-ver-n-auth-index

Add indexes for both :ver and :auth
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perlawhirl .tell tushar like this? gist.github.com/0racle/abbc0d2f7c7...7aacc7a5f8 12:31
yoleaux perlawhirl: I'll pass your message to tushar.
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spebern does anyone have any idea on the issue why panda's bootstrap.pl exits withot installing panda? 13:02
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spebern I'm on arch, default login shell is zsh and I am using perlbrew for perl5 13:03
I have tried rakudobrew and rakudo-star-2016.07 13:07
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SmokeMachine____ FROGGS: I didn't understand the problem you was trying to solve, but some one sad that a solver could help. So, do you think that this (github.com/FCO/ProblemSolver) could help? 13:20
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timotimo spebern: does it give any output that looks like errors? did you add the path it mentions at the end to your PATH? 13:24
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grondilu in src/Perl6/Grammar.nqp line 2750 I see the rule param_sep beginning with an empty string C<''>. Is that a hack or something? 13:25
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grondilu what I mean is does an empty string have any effect in a regex? 13:26
timotimo "rule" is for - among other things - sigspace 13:27
so i expect it's there to allow sigspace at the beginning
grondilu as with :s ? 13:29
timotimo yes
andrzejku hi :) 13:35
stmuk_ timotimo: I think spebern is suffering the dreaded *BSD crash on linux 13:40
timotimo damn it :( 13:41
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stmuk_ it may affect linux more on newer processors due to an Intel processor bug but I've seen something v similar on lower spec processors 13:49
timotimo that's the microcode problem with lock elision? 13:50
stmuk_ yes 13:51
timotimo foams a little at the mouth
stmuk_ but a N2840 probably doesnt have HLE 13:52
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dalek c: be918cf | titsuki++ | doc/Language/typesystem.pod6:
Fix a typo
c: 3a88e95 | titsuki++ | doc/Language/typesystem.pod6:
Merge pull request #933 from titsuki/fix-grammar-typo

Fix a typo
rosso Hi there
timotimo greetings rosso
14:05 rosso is now known as Guest82778 14:06 AlexDaniel joined
Guest82778 which perl6 or perl 5 ? 14:06
moritz Guest82778: for what?
14:07 domidumont joined
Guest82778 which perl5 or perl 6 for you 14:08
hey 14:09
can you hear me ? 14:10
andrzejku hello my friends :)
perlawhirl we can. The answer for me is... whichever is more suitable for the task. the answer for you might be different.
mst both 14:13
moritz most likely both, yes
Guest82778 you are bitch 14:15
perlawhirl lovely
Guest82778 I Question not answer
fucking bobs 14:16
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mst wtf 14:17
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pmurias do we have a replacement for -i in rakudo or should I work on implementing it? 14:24
moritz pmurias: I don#t think we have anything set
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moritz *yet 14:24
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lucasb_ just a small nit: see this line here: github.com/rakudo/rakudo/blob/nom/...on.pm#L954 15:01
my $m = "Redeclaration of $.what '$.symbol$.postfix'";
maybe the intention was to write '$.symbol'$.postfix ? 15:05
see these errors: 15:06
m: -> $x { $^x }
camelia rakudo-moar 4abc28: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>␤Redeclaration of symbol '$^x as a placeholder parameter'␤at <tmp>:1␤------> 3-> $x { $^x7⏏5 }␤»
lucasb_ m: sub f(--> Str) returns Int {}
camelia rakudo-moar 4abc28: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>␤Redeclaration of return type for 'f (previous return type was Str)'␤at <tmp>:1␤»
AlexDaniel pmurias, moritz: #124259
synopsebot6 Link: rt.perl.org/rt3//Public/Bug/Displa...?id=124259
lucasb_ I would prefer that the single quotes was only surrounding the symbol, not the explanation 15:07
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moritz lucasb_: open a pull request 15:11
lucasb_ about this -i flag, is the variable $*INPLACE or $*INPLACE-EDIT specced? 15:12
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moritz $ git grep INPLACE 15:12
S28-special-names.pod: $^I $INPLACE_EDIT $*INPLACE_EDIT ...or some such
lucasb_ moritz: oh, right. so this feature was already considered... just NYI. thanks 15:14
15:15 rindolf joined
Juerd uses -i with perl5 a lot 15:19
$^I too
MARTIMM hi, I was wondering if the module info using 'use' would be visible in the module 'use'd 15:21
gfldex MARTIMM: it can be if you provide your own EXPORT see docs.perl6.org/language/modules#in...sub_EXPORT 15:27
MARTIMM gfldex: thanks, I will look into it 15:28
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FROGGS SmokeMachine____: I guess this could be a performance problem... I need to do this in Javascript when object are drawn to the calendar, and when stuff gets moved around 16:01
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pmurias FROGGS: in your calendar problem the start time and and time of the spans are set and just need to assign each timespan a row? 16:32
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FROGGS pmurias: aye 16:36
that's why I think I can just loop over the rows several times and I'm done
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pmurias FROGGS: would sorting the rows on starting time and then inserting them in the row with the biggest ending time they fit it work (and adding a new one if they don't)? 16:44
* they don't fit anywhere 16:45
FROGGS yes, that sounds like what I am up to 16:46
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hackedNODE lucasb_: just checking, will you be submitting a PR for that exception message? 17:12
yoleaux 09:55Z <tbrowder> hackedNODE: no they're not but i'm trying to fake it with some sym linking
lucasb_ hackedNODE: can you do it? :) 17:13
hackedNODE lucasb_: OK
tbrowder hackedNODE: disregard the tell msg, I'm working on modified .travis.yml now to do what I need
lucasb_ when client code instantiates an X::Redeclaration exception, they have to pass the parameter with an leading space 'postfix => " some problem"' 17:14
it would be interesting to pass without space and handle this inside the message method of the X::Redeclaration class
hackedNODE sure
lucasb_ idk, something like: $.postfix.defined ?? " $.postfix" !! '' 17:15
hackedNODE ~ (" $.postfix" if $.postfix})
s/}// 17:16
lucasb_ hackedNODE: yes, works too :)
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timotimo hackedNODE: i just posted a summary of the profile of loading the gigantic repository and my conclusion to the perl6-compiler list 17:37
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hackedNODE cool 17:41
timotimo in short: canonpath is destroying our performance 17:42
slurping and concating is most probably only a percent or three of total run time 17:43
mst which people had already noticed as a bizarre pessimisation IIRC
timotimo the what now?
hackedNODE slurping and concating also has implication for memory use
mst the canonpath()ing lots in various IO handling
timotimo yes, true
i already gave it a nice little optimization path, but that's mostly for very simple paths 17:44
hackedNODE I could have a zillion files in my ~/ and if I include it in lib bad things will happen
So IMO, we shouldn't be slurping random files at all, but I don't know anything about CUR to offer any solutions
timotimo did you see how many entries we have to canonpath? 17:45
that's a little bit bizarre
there's only 4633 files under my mu 17:46
but it's entered 25500 times
hm, well, i guess since we recurse in dir i'd have to factor that in 17:48
hackedNODE m: say 25500 / 4633 17:49
camelia rakudo-moar 28c23a: OUTPUT«5.503993␤»
timotimo 4 is about the average depth directory-wise 17:50
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timotimo huh 17:52
did someone revert my canonpath optimizations?
hackedNODE s: "x".IO, 'canonpath' 17:53
SourceBaby hackedNODE, Something's wrong: ␤ERR: Type check failed in binding to &code; expected Callable but got Nil (Nil)␤ in sub do-sourcery at /home/zoffix/services/lib/CoreHackers-Sourcery/lib/CoreHackers/Sourcery.pm6 (CoreHackers::Sourcery) line 42␤ in sub sourcery at /home/zoffix/services/lib/CoreHackers-Sourcery/lib/CoreHackers/Sourcery.pm6 (CoreHackers::Sourcery) line 33␤ in block <unit> at -e line 6␤␤
hackedNODE s: $*SPEC, 'canonpath'
SourceBaby hackedNODE, Sauce is at github.com/rakudo/rakudo/blob/28c2...Unix.pm#L3
hackedNODE timotimo: they seem to be still there.
timotimo oh lord 17:54
my local rakudo is 4 weeks old
hackedNODE :}
timotimo i'll need to do the profile over ...
lucasb_ when a sub has return type constraints, like sub f(--> Foo) or sub f() returns Foo 17:56
what values/types can bypass this constraint? only Nil and Failure?
hackedNODE Yeah
timotimo those two or anything derived from them
lucasb_ is that intended behaviour, right?
hackedNODE Yes
timotimo yup 17:57
lucasb_ ok, thanks
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optikalmouse raiph, I saw your comments on my article, the perl6 json one. thx for the corrections :D 17:59
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timotimo hackedNODE: followed it up with some new insights 18:11
hopefully that helps someone find the problem
a LHF would be for someone to port github.com/rakudo/rakudo/commit/6e...5e502ecbdd and the three commits before it to the Windows Spec 18:12
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nine I'm moving my root file system to a new disk while playing Diablo II. Linux is just awesome. 18:36
FROGGS heh 18:37
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moritz nine: recently I was burning a CD (old-fasioned, I know) while running an "apt-get dist-upgrade". I know that on Windows, I had to care to not do anything potential harmful while doing that 19:01
because something might interrupt the process, and the CD would be lost 19:02
(ftr I'm burning a CD because my $work workstation can't boot from USB sticks, even though the bios thinks it can)
bioduds I'm thinking ELIZA-like program would work very nicely using Grammars, what do you guys think? 19:03
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awwaiid bioduds: like grammar to extract out keywords? 19:10
bioduds yes 19:11
and process "quantum" style
so to speak
awwaiid I think ELIZA chops into words as it's only parsing
bioduds correct 19:12
perhaps there Markov Chains associated with Grammar Styles might be applicable 19:13
awwaiid that is possibly overkill for grammar then, though maybe you could encode some stemming? hmm
moritz yes, you'd use a p6 grammar to tokenize, not to parse
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bioduds yes 19:14
arnsholt ELIZA only searches for key terms, IIRC
bioduds but then, associate with classes and roles to sort of create personas
arnsholt Regex-based, I think 19:15
awwaiid ah. you're likely going well beyond ELIZA at that point
bioduds have different "ELIZA"s so to speak
also metaprogram its core in order to have ELIZA "learn" and "forget" things. Or rather yet, dinamically build it's core withing certain rules 19:17
awwaiid I guess looking at the __DATA__ in cpansearch.perl.org/src/NEILB/Chatb...t/Eliza.pm I start to imagine what you mean -- use grammars to encode these rules?
bioduds I'm guessing doing that in c would be a nightmare and in Perl6 would be much closer to something achievable 19:18
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bioduds awwaiid : exaclty 19:19
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bioduds once these rules are encoded into grammars, it becomes much easier to play around with them 19:21
have, say, slightly different sets, introduce perhaps a genetic algorithm to come out with better improved ones 19:22
the idea is exciting, right?
tailgate I'm a little terrified you're going to come up with some therapist that mind-controls its patients 19:24
psch weee machine overlords \o/
bioduds lol 19:25
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nyarmith lol, If it's mutual it's ok right? 19:27
both parties consent to the mind control
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bioduds whereas both minds are in actual change 19:30
influenced by one another
DrForr Hey, have we put up your install script somewhere? (just curious, thinking about it) 19:33
bioduds yes 19:34
DrForr Cool!
bioduds it stands in the git repo waiting to be used in install.perl6.org
this can be directly called already 19:35
but now someone with access to the perl6.org servers and https must carry out
gfldex lolibloggedalittle: gfldex.wordpress.com/2016/10/02/th...e-finding/
bioduds :)
DrForr Cool.
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benjikun I'm running perl6 w/ bailador & http::server::simple; how do I make sure that the web server continues running even if it encounters errors? 19:53
tbrowder hackedNODE: and timotimo: I have a solution to the uninstalled dep problem for Perl 6 modules on gitbub/travis; see gist gist.github.com/tbrowder/a8e416a34...606d6ceb7b
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benjikun preferably without external scripts 19:54
nine Amazing what difference an upgrade of one's SSD can make. From "I cannot use my computer while our CMS' tests are running due to 20 second hangs and stopping mouse cursor" with the Crucial M4 128GB to "I don't notice anything besides the fan spooling up" with the Intel SSD 750 400GB PCIe 19:55
timotimo tbrowder: you don't have to cd into the folder 19:56
before you "panda install .", you just have to "panda install thefolder/"
tbrowder okay, i thought i tried that and it didn't work...i'll mod and try again... 19:57
gfldex benjikun: looking at it (need to read quite a bit code)
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timotimo maybe you didn't make it look like a path enough 20:01
try ./foobarblahblubb
gfldex benjikun: Bailador got a CATCH that should get everything (in /lib/Bailador/App.pm:method dispatch). As I see it, it should not stop on errors in your app, as long as they are no compile time errors. If it causes you problems, you need to file a github-issue on github.com/ufobat/Bailador/issues 20:03
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benjikun Use of uninitialized value of type Any in numeric context 20:05
in block at /root/.rakudobrew/moar-nom/install/share/perl6/site/sources/100A1B43D02574570A9FA5
343A0679EF35FBD229 (HTTP::Easy) line 101
that is the error that is causing the application to quit
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timotimo that's not an error, that's just a warning 20:06
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benjikun it quits whenever that happens though 20:07
I've found another instance of stuff happening that causes it to quit
timotimo right, it could get confused by the value being used being actually 0 instead of something 20:08
benjikun thepb.in/p/y8h6GmPAprPHO
How would I keep the application running even when this happens, or even avoid it completely? 20:09
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tbrowder timotimo: you're correct, at least one slasg is required; travis buld error msg: 20:10
timotimo that's helpful and nice :) 20:11
gfldex benjikun: that's a bug in HTTP::Easy github.com/supernovus/perl6-http-e...y.pm6#L101 20:12