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Set by moritz on 22 December 2015.
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AlexDaniel tbrowder: I don't think it worked: docs.perl6.org/language/operators#..._Operators 00:31
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tbrowder nope, i'll remove X for now 00:33
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samcv candidate emoji: Face With Open Mouth Vomiting 00:38
🤯 Shocked Face With Exploding Head
🤪 Grinning Face With Crazy Eyes
also Breast-Feeding 00:39
i want to know if that will be usable with ZWJ sequences
so you can have like a whole family breastfeeding of whatever genders and skin color you want
dalek c: dcf1498 | (Tom Browder)++ | doc/Language/operators.pod6:
try just one X
synopsebot6 Link: doc.perl6.org/language/operators
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samcv they're adding merperson. wow 00:41
child and adult. interesting
not sure how that's different from the man emoji or woman emoji. but who doesn't love more unicode characters am i right 00:42
samcv checks to see if they are adding any more matching brackets
AlexDaniel samcv: or rather… breastfeeding with exploding head
samcv well so far they don't have like emotion cambiners
AlexDaniel samcv: where's the list?
samcv unicode.org/emoji/charts/emoji-candidates.html 00:43
AlexDaniel samcv: huh? Isn't it what ZWJ is for?
samcv well. i mean they _could_ add that in the future
but there are defined combinations, like doctor, whatever firefighter maybe something
and then use ZWJ to do gender and or skin color
they adding dinosaur emoji nice 00:44
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AlexDaniel “merperson” xD 00:44
timotimo with feathers or without?
AlexDaniel timotimo: font authors decide
samcv yep
timotimo i hope they decide right.
samcv the only reason they have pictures on the site for emoji 00:45
is so people don't all implement it totally differently
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timotimo hmm 00:45
samcv i think companies stopped them adding the rifle emoji
rightfold Is there a nice way to do lcfirst?
samcv i remember microsoft turned the pistol into a ray gun
AlexDaniel m: say ‘hello’.tc
camelia rakudo-moar d7cd5d: OUTPUT«Hello␤»
samcv which is retarded. could cause like. miscommunication
it's a gun. not a toy
rightfold AlexDaniel: that's like ucfirst 00:46
AlexDaniel oh…
… lcfirst? :o
.oO( whhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? )
rightfold I want to lowercase the first letter of a string. 00:47
samcv oh AlexDaniel looks like you can combine crying face with baby. to make crying baby
samcv doesn't see it on the zwj emoji list
AlexDaniel samcv: yea, I know! There are other combinations too! 00:48
samcv should still be fine if you check the Grapheme_Cluster_Break property tho
timotimo "unicode first"
samcv: i didn't realize babies come in non-crying variants
samcv also country flags can be three characters with no ZWJ
also need to somehow magically be able to be able to use \c[ ] with ZWJ 00:49
AlexDaniel m: my $x = ‘HELLO’; say $x.substr-rw(0,1) = $x.substr(0, 1).lc; say $x
camelia rakudo-moar d7cd5d: OUTPUT«h␤hELLO␤»
samcv gonna be crazy
AlexDaniel m: my $x = ‘HELLO’; $x.substr-rw(0,1) = $x.substr(0, 1).lc; say $x
camelia rakudo-moar d7cd5d: OUTPUT«hELLO␤»
samcv tho i'm not looking forward to implementation at all
m: "🤹🏿‍♀️".uniname 00:50
camelia ( no output )
samcv m: "🤹🏿‍♀️".uniname.say
camelia rakudo-moar d7cd5d: OUTPUT«JUGGLING␤»
AlexDaniel samcv: there's a ticket for ZWJ though
samcv for which part of support
grapheme count and character counting? or like
geekosaur rightfold, afaik there is no special localization needed for initial lowercase, so it doesn't need a special method (yes, there are locales where initial capital is not the same as just uppercasing the first character)
samcv \c[ ] whatever
AlexDaniel samcv: RT #127048
synopsebot6 Link: rt.perl.org/rt3//Public/Bug/Displa...?id=127048
samcv initial lowercase? 1st character or what geekosaur 00:51
AlexDaniel m: my $x = ‘HELLO’; $_ = .lc with $x.substr-rw(0, 1); say $x 00:52
camelia rakudo-moar d7cd5d: OUTPUT«hELLO␤»
AlexDaniel that's the shortest one I can come up with
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samcv also geekosaur that is not true 00:54
if you mean lowercasing the first character. not true
Introduce an explicit dot above when lowercasing capital I's and J's
# whenever there are more accents above.
rightfold I'll go with $name.substr(0, 1).lc ~ $name.substr(1), thanks
geekosaur in that case maybe we do need an lcfirst type method 00:55
...shoulda known. l10n is /o\
samcv do we though
i mean. lithuanian and some other languages have special rules but we don't have any localized casing changes implemented 00:56
but adding lcfirst would be fine i guess
m: 0x0130.chr.lc.ord.base(16).say 00:57
camelia rakudo-moar d7cd5d: OUTPUT«69␤»
samcv m: say "I\x[0x0307]".ords.say 00:58
camelia rakudo-moar d7cd5d: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>␤Unrecognized backslash sequence: '\x'␤at <tmp>:1␤------> 3say "I\x[07⏏5x0307]".ords.say␤ expecting any of:␤ argument list␤ double quotes␤ hex character␤ ter…»
samcv m: say "I\x[0x0307]".ords
camelia rakudo-moar d7cd5d: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>␤Unrecognized backslash sequence: '\x'␤at <tmp>:1␤------> 3say "I\x[07⏏5x0307]".ords␤ expecting any of:␤ argument list␤ double quotes␤ hex character␤ term␤»
samcv m: say "I\x[0307]".ords
camelia rakudo-moar d7cd5d: OUTPUT«(304)␤»
samcv m: say "I\x[0307]".lc.ords 00:59
camelia rakudo-moar d7cd5d: OUTPUT«(105 775)␤»
samcv yeah that is incorrect for turkish
AlexDaniel “I LOVE YOU HAND SIGN” ooooh…
that's how it looks like?
timotimo clearly we need q:turkish"..."
psch_ .u "\x0307"
yoleaux U+0022 QUOTATION MARK [Po] (")
U+0030 DIGIT ZERO [Nd] (0)
samcv looks like an error AlexDaniel ?
yoleaux U+0033 DIGIT THREE [Nd] (3)
psch_ oh phooey
samcv yes timotimo quite 01:00
AlexDaniel u: U+0307
unicodable6 AlexDaniel, U+0307 COMBINING DOT ABOVE [Mn] (◌̇)
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AlexDaniel hmm I wonder if they have any justification for adding an orange heart 01:01
psch samcv: so what would be correct for turkish?
samcv the dot should be removed
AlexDaniel u: HEART
unicodable6 AlexDaniel, U+2619 REVERSED ROTATED FLORAL HEART BULLET [So] (☙)
AlexDaniel, U+2661 WHITE HEART SUIT [So] (♡)
AlexDaniel, U+2665 BLACK HEART SUIT [So] (♥)
samcv cause 'i' is already dotted
unicodable6 AlexDaniel, gist.github.com/5d4e285646bad95ad0...4ec9288e01
samcv so just a plain letter i
İ => i
psch samcv: i don't see how that's specific to turkish? or is "I".lc that one "i" without the dot..? 01:02
samcv unicode says it is
timotimo did you hear about german getting an actual upper case sharp s to be used in common practice now?
psch oh, okay. i'm not aware of any locale specific parts of unicode
(or much of unicode itself either, tbqh)
AlexDaniel timotimo: is there any character for it? 01:03
timotimo yes
samcv timotimo, like not SS anymore?
timotimo ß vs ẞ
psch AlexDaniel: the new bit is just that the capital sz is orthogonally correct now
or, well, whenever that bit passes whatever it has to pass i suppose
timotimo yes we no longer have to turn ß into SS when uppercasing
... or Ss? 01:04
like, i have no clue. it's terrible anyway
psch the wicked part was how they tried to remove it completely and then backpedaled, imo
like, *why*
samcv also unicode specifically says unless it's turkish to keep the dot
because idk they are pretty smart though. when it comes to anticipates problems
psch samcv: right, that means we need some locale mechanism i guess? not sure that shouldn't be module space though
AlexDaniel u: ßẞ 01:05
unicodable6 AlexDaniel, U+1E9E LATIN CAPITAL LETTER SHARP S [Lu] (ẞ)
samcv naw module sounds horrible
we can and should do it in moarvvm
ack imagining a module to do that. horrible.
timotimo doesn't sound so terrible to me, honestly? 01:06
rightfold More PureScript preprocessors :) glot.io/snippets/elreyb4mfl
samcv i mean we already hold special cases
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samcv it would be easy to define a locale conditional to check if the locale is set 01:06
AlexDaniel m: say ‘ß’.uc; say ‘ß’.tc; say ‘ẞ’.lc; say ‘ẞ’.tc
camelia rakudo-moar d7cd5d: OUTPUT«SS␤Ss␤ß␤ẞ␤» 01:07
samcv so i don't see why we shouldn't add it, since moarvm is already the unicode database
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timotimo i can imagine having a system locale setting change what I will lc to and what i will uc to in anything perl6 does 01:07
samcv anything? 01:08
why not per string or set to the scope?
timotimo oh 01:11
well that'd be possible
psch a pragma (or module) sounds saner to me, fwiw
timotimo i misread your suggestion with the "locale conditional" to mean system locale setting
psch although i guess q:locale<foo>// is probably workable as well 01:12
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timotimo it might be as easy as mixing in a role that uses different lc and uc and other methods 01:13
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pmurias system locale changing how .tc works seems horrible 01:25
psch pmurias+ 01:26
psch sighs
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pjablonski Strange question, that I feel like I've had before. What would cause the REPL to silently fail? As in, $ perl6 just hangs forever until it gets ^C, without printing anything 01:39
Running source files still works beautifully though, so my build should be fine
AlexDaniel pjablonski: how long have you been waiting? :) 01:40
pjablonski: I know it's a weird question, but this got me a few times
pjablonski: it takes some time for some stuff to precompile I think, so the first run on my slow pc actually took enough time for me to ^C it 01:41
pjablonski That's... strange, I suppose. You're right, of course, leaving it up for a solid 3 minutes caused it to work 01:42
I mean, other than it whining about ReadLine, but that's par for the course
AlexDaniel but next time you do it it should be fast
pjablonski Every time I update things with rakudobrew, something gets squirrely :). At least it works! 01:44
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timotimo it can hang because of a repository being locked while it's trying to load a file 01:46
that especially happens when you "panda look"
samcv ok so somebody tell me if this seems okay github.com/MoarVM/MoarVM/pull/477 01:47
as in does it sound sane the return values
psch samcv: you probably want to .tell that to jnthn 01:48
samcv yeah
curious what people think though
i want to make sure I think of everything before i like fully settle on the return valuse
psch thinks "gee i wish i knew unicode enough to have a meaningful opinion about collation"
samcv heh
psch, in Latin, primary is alphabetic, secondary is diacritic, and tetriary is case 01:49
it is different in other scripts though
psch samcv: right, that's too disjunct for me to apply immediately, actually
samcv i'm trying to cover everything i can initially. like codifying iso standardsn for country ISO numbers and language identifiers when we implement that down the road 01:51
so as to be unchanging with time (the country codes and the language 3/2 letter identifiers for ISO)
specified we will use the ISO country number code, not the name, since countries can get renamed
but their number won't change, so that is more dependable to not get changed 01:52
exceptions being if the country splits in two, usually one gets a new number and the other keeps the old
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samcv so we should be able to have casless or cased sorting as well as being able to ignore diacritics 01:52
which is kind of nice 01:53
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samcv i still need to think about how to request to ignore the codeponts and only sort by collation weights 01:53
which may be wanted in some cases, and will return 0 for cases which the weights are equal 01:54
psch samcv: sorry for not being actively helpful. all i can say is "jnthn probably has ideas about this" :/
samcv .tell jnthn new PR github.com/MoarVM/MoarVM/pull/477 want your input on the return values and if they seem sane 01:55
yoleaux samcv: I'll pass your message to jnthn.
samcv hmm now that that's done, need to try and get the (almost last) unicode 9.0 grapheme break thing we don't support, the Extend property added in 9.0 01:56
which is different from all the rest because the combining characer comes BEFORE the base, which never happened in unicode before
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samcv .tell jnthn when you get around to it, need some help properly iterating over the codepoints (NFC codepoints) in unicmp_s 01:57
yoleaux samcv: I'll pass your message to jnthn.
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samcv u: { .uniprop('Extend') } 02:04
unicodable6 samcv, U+0000 NULL [Cc] (control character)
samcv, U+0002 START OF TEXT [Cc] (control character)
samcv, U+0001 START OF HEADING [Cc] (control character)
samcv what
u: { .uniprop('Grapheme_Cluster_Break') == 'Extend' } 02:05
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samcv why is it so slow :( 02:05
m: 0x0.uniprop('Extend').say 02:06
camelia rakudo-moar d7cd5d: OUTPUT«Other␤»
samcv m: 0x0.uniprop('Grapheme_Cluster_Break').say
camelia rakudo-moar d7cd5d: OUTPUT«Control␤»
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AlexDaniel samcv: because, well, you just gave it something that's always true 02:13
samcv u: { .uniprop('Grapheme_Cluster_Break') == 'Extend' } 02:14
unicodable6 samcv, gist.github.com/11c51272df1ff730a2...60322095a3
samcv this isn't though
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timotimo don't use ==, use eq 02:14
samcv what
oh yes
AlexDaniel samcv: it was trying to gist a file with the whole unicode range in it
I know, I know, I should do something about it 02:15
but there are also 47 other issues there :) github.com/perl6/whateverable/issues
samcv u: { .uniprop('Grapheme_Cluster_Break') eq 'Extend' }
have you switched back to json fast?
unicodable6 samcv, U+0300 COMBINING GRAVE ACCENT [Mn] (◌̀) 02:16
samcv, U+0301 COMBINING ACUTE ACCENT [Mn] (◌́)
samcv, gist.github.com/334d5fc408d91c09bb...be967a9dd6
samcv m: '◌̀'.uniprop('NFG_QC')
camelia ( no output )
samcv m: '◌̀'.uniprop('NFG_QC').say
camelia rakudo-moar d7cd5d: OUTPUT«Y␤»
AlexDaniel I have been using JSON::Fast all the time 02:17
samcv ugh so many moarvm branches 02:18
so little time
AlexDaniel hmmmmmmm 02:20
‘Function 'BEFORE' needs parens to avoid gobbling block’
does this sound familiar to anybody using zef?
ok found it github.com/ugexe/zef/commit/1d8079...2506ae941d
psch is BEFORE a phaser i didn't catch..? 02:21
samcv oh i'm an idiot
u: { .uniprop('GCB') eq 'Prepend' }
unicodable6 samcv, U+0600 ARABIC NUMBER SIGN [Cf] (؀)
samcv, U+0602 ARABIC FOOTNOTE MARKER [Cf] (؂)
samcv, U+0601 ARABIC SIGN SANAH [Cf] (؁)
samcv, gist.github.com/d434f5d7ba39876e73...f356443bf9
samcv m: '؀'.uniprop('NFG_QC').say 02:22
camelia rakudo-moar d7cd5d: OUTPUT«Y␤»
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webstrand To confirm; I'm seeing a seg-fault in Inline::Python's test suite, and was told to submit to rakudobugs. Shouldn't the bug be submitted against Inline::Python? 02:30
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psch webstrand: it depends on the nature of the bug, actually 02:31
webstrand: if the trace points at rakudo sources it's more likely that that's what has to be fixed
(assuming there is a trace, that is)
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webstrand The backtrace looks good: dpaste.com/13QHARH 02:34
dugword m: my $listen = IO::Socket::INET.new(:listen,:family(2),:localhost<localhost:3000>);
camelia rakudo-moar d7cd5d: OUTPUT«IO::Socket::INET is disallowed in restricted setting␤ in sub restricted at src/RESTRICTED.setting line 1␤ in method new at src/RESTRICTED.setting line 32␤ in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1␤␤»
webstrand Err posted the wrong trace
Here's the correct trace: dpaste.com/3XA4C4W
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psch webstrand: is there a rakudo-level trace? and what's the code you're running to get the error? 02:35
webstrand How do I obtain a rakudo trace? 02:36
github.com/niner/Inline-Python/blo...all_back.t is the test 02:37
specifically, it fails when python tries to call obj.ok(1) on line 14
samcv holy shit guys
I did it
SmokeMachine I'm sorry, but what's wrong with indir? 02:38
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psch webstrand: at a guess i'd assume you have an insufficient version of python running. i don't think i have enough of an idea about Inline::Python to give better guesses though 02:38
samcv er wait nope 02:39
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SmokeMachine I continued reading and got it... 02:44
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dalek c: 6455268 | (Tom Browder)++ | doc/Language/operators.pod6:
remove ineffective X
synopsebot6 Link: doc.perl6.org/language/operators
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notviki Is there a way to dump NQPMatch from nqp land? 03:21
I wanna see what structure it has 03:22
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samcv u: zero width 04:00
unicodable6 samcv, U+200B ZERO WIDTH SPACE [Cf] (​)
samcv, U+200C ZERO WIDTH NON-JOINER [Cf] (‌)
samcv, U+200D ZERO WIDTH JOINER [Cf] (‍)
samcv, gist.github.com/53e2c895fb873d95db...ea43aea492
samcv oh also fun. is proposed new character is invisible letter
err that's the name of the character 'invisible letter'. you can put combining marks on it, even though it is invisible
geekosaur makes sense, actually. someone was failing to parse an irc log in JSON format because it contained a string starting with combiners and parsed the combiners as going on the quote 04:02
having something official to attach them to makes things like that easier to deal with 04:03
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samcv yeah 04:06
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TimToady notviki: I think at least note($m.CURSOR.dump) might work anyway 04:32
notviki tries 04:33
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notviki ===SORRY!=== 04:37
Cannot find method 'dump' on object of type Perl6::Grammar
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TimToady in that case it would look like it has not be instantianted into a Cursor of some sort 05:08
since the dump method is defined in QRegex/Cursor.nqp 05:09
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notviki heh... it's ironic www.eeemo.net/ can't handle Unicode text. 05:13
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samcv but. it's only 9:20pm :( 05:21
notviki Sun Jan 1 00:22:03 EST 2017 05:22
samcv m: "T͉̘̥͕͔o􏿽xCD􏿽xA2􏿽xCC􏿽xBC􏿽xCC􏿽xA5􏿽xCC􏿽xAA􏿽xCC􏿽x96􏿽xCD􏿽x87􏿽xCC􏿽xBA i͉̖̣̥̼͔n̲͓̪̹v􏿽xCC􏿽xA3􏿽xCC􏿽x9F􏿽xCC􏿽xAA􏿽xCC􏿽xBA􏿽xCC􏿽xB1o҉k􏿽xCC􏿽xB6􏿽xCD􏿽x85􏿽xCC􏿽xA5e̦͓͍̥̖̯̮ t̷h̸̳̫e̥͚͉̹̺͈ 􏿽xCD􏿽x80􏿽xCC􏿽xAD􏿽xCC􏿽xA0􏿽xCC􏿽xA9􏿽xCD􏿽x94􏿽xCC􏿽xB1􏿽xCC􏿽xBC􏿽xCC􏿽x9Dh͞i̞͍͓v̞̹̰̯̳e-􏿽xCD􏿽x80􏿽xCD􏿽x94􏿽xCC􏿽xA5m̟i̤n􏿽xCD􏿽xA2􏿽xCC􏿽xAF􏿽xCC􏿽x96􏿽xCD􏿽x9Ad􏿽xCD􏿽x85􏿽xCD􏿽x87􏿽xCD􏿽x93􏿽xCC􏿽xAF􏿽xCC􏿽x9C􏿽xCC􏿽xB3􏿽xCC􏿽x9E ̪͙̗̳̮̹r􏿽xCD􏿽x9C􏿽xCD􏿽x94􏿽xCC􏿽xAB􏿽xCC􏿽x9D􏿽xCD􏿽x99e͎̝̬̬̻p̢̤͚̠̺̠r̟̤̖̘̫e􏿽xCC􏿽x97􏿽xCC􏿽x98􏿽xCD􏿽x88􏿽xCD􏿽x85􏿽xCD􏿽x85􏿽xCD􏿽x89􏿽xCC􏿽xA6s̰̰͙͖̯e􏿽xCD􏿽xA2􏿽xCC􏿽xAE􏿽xCD􏿽x96􏿽xCC􏿽xA0􏿽xCC􏿽xB3􏿽xCC􏿽xAC􏿽xCD􏿽x87􏿽xCC􏿽xB2n􏿽xCD􏿽x98􏿽xCC􏿽x9E􏿽xCC􏿽xA9􏿽xCC􏿽x9F􏿽xCC􏿽x9D􏿽xCD􏿽x87t͖̜̙̭͙i􏿽xCD􏿽xA2􏿽xCC􏿽xBA􏿽xCC􏿽x9F􏿽xCC􏿽x9En̡̩̜̤̳͖͚g̫͓͈̤ 􏿽xCD􏿽x9D􏿽xCD􏿽x85􏿽xCC􏿽xB2c̵̞̤̜̰h̵͓̮͔̱̰a̬͔̘o̡̼̫̰s􏿽xCD􏿽x9F􏿽xCD􏿽x95􏿽xCD􏿽x89􏿽xCC􏿽xAB􏿽xCD􏿽x96􏿽xCC􏿽x9F􏿽xCC􏿽x98.􏿽xCD􏿽x98􏿽xCD􏿽x94􏿽xCD􏿽x8D􏿽xCC􏿽xB0􏿽xCC􏿽xB2􏿽xCC􏿽xAE􏿽xCC􏿽x9D􏿽xCD􏿽x95
camelia rakudo-moar 3d3e7e: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>␤Unable to parse expression in double quotes; couldn't find final '"' ␤at <tmp>:1␤------> 3i͉̖̣̥̼͔n̲͓̪̹ṿ̟̪̺̱o҉k̶̥ͅe̦͓͍̥̖̯̮ t̷h̸̳̫e̥͚͉̹̺͈ ̭̠̩͔̱̼̝̀h͞i̞͍͓…»
samcv I􏿽xCD􏿽x9D􏿽xCC􏿽xB9􏿽xCD􏿽x99􏿽xCC􏿽xAD􏿽xCC􏿽xBB􏿽xCC􏿽xAB􏿽xCD􏿽x88n􏿽xCD􏿽x85􏿽xCC􏿽x9D􏿽xCD􏿽x94􏿽xCC􏿽xB9􏿽xCC􏿽xA4􏿽xCD􏿽x94􏿽xCC􏿽xA6v􏿽xCD􏿽xA2􏿽xCD􏿽x93􏿽xCC􏿽x99􏿽xCC􏿽x9F􏿽xCD􏿽x95􏿽xCC􏿽xB3o􏿽xCD􏿽x9E􏿽xCC􏿽x9F􏿽xCD􏿽x8Ek̺̘̙̲̤i􏿽xCC􏿽xB0􏿽xCC􏿽xA4􏿽xCC􏿽xB0􏿽xCC􏿽xB9􏿽xCC􏿽xB2􏿽xCD􏿽x9A􏿽xCC􏿽xB2n̬̬g̯̘̩̲ ̢̼̩̥̦̝̖̘t̨h􏿽xCD􏿽xA0􏿽xCC􏿽xAE􏿽xCC􏿽xBC􏿽xCC􏿽xB9e􏿽xCC􏿽xA3􏿽xCD􏿽x95􏿽xCD􏿽x9A􏿽xCD􏿽x99􏿽xCC􏿽xAF􏿽xCD􏿽x87􏿽xCD􏿽x95 f􏿽xCD􏿽x9C􏿽xCC􏿽xA9􏿽xCC􏿽x9D􏿽xCC􏿽xAF􏿽xCC􏿽xB1e̳e􏿽xCC􏿽xAB􏿽xCC􏿽xA0􏿽xCD􏿽x85􏿽xCC􏿽xA5􏿽xCC􏿽xA5l̢̳̮̥̖i̺̞̯̬̜̜n̬͍̬̥g̘̻̠̟̪͎ ̙̻̰̳͈o􏿽xCD􏿽x9C􏿽xCD􏿽x96􏿽xCC􏿽xB1􏿽xCD􏿽x95􏿽xCC􏿽xB2f̣̦͈ ͝c̗̫̩̦̪̱h̦a̼o̧͖̭͖̲ͅs􏿽xCD􏿽x9C􏿽xCD􏿽x96􏿽xCC􏿽xA3􏿽xCC􏿽x9F􏿽xCC􏿽xAB.̧̼
􏿽xCD􏿽x9D􏿽xCC􏿽xBB􏿽xCC􏿽x9DW̩̫̳i̢̭̫t̛h􏿽xCC􏿽xA7􏿽xCD􏿽x87􏿽xCC􏿽xAD􏿽xCC􏿽xA5􏿽xCC􏿽x9C􏿽xCC􏿽xAA ͖̘̠o̭̝̤͉̻u҉̭͔͚̟̙t̻ ̧̗o̢̳͉̙͍̞̰r̭͍̫̣de̷̝̝͎̟r̤.̝̲
T􏿽xCC􏿽xAD􏿽xCC􏿽x9C􏿽xCD􏿽x89􏿽xCC􏿽x9C􏿽xCC􏿽xAEh̼e̖ 􏿽xCD􏿽x98􏿽xCC􏿽xAD􏿽xCC􏿽xB2􏿽xCC􏿽xBB􏿽xCC􏿽x96N̫̠e􏿽xCD􏿽x9E􏿽xCD􏿽x99􏿽xCD􏿽x94􏿽xCC􏿽x9E􏿽xCC􏿽xB9􏿽xCC􏿽xA5z̝p􏿽xCD􏿽x81􏿽xCC􏿽xB3e͍̜͇rd̴͈͍̬̘̹͕i􏿽xCD􏿽x9E􏿽xCC􏿽x97􏿽xCD􏿽x85􏿽xCD􏿽x99􏿽xCC􏿽xBA􏿽xCD􏿽x96a̕n҉͈ ̨̻̳̪̼h􏿽xCD􏿽xA1􏿽xCC􏿽x99􏿽xCD􏿽x85􏿽xCD􏿽x9A􏿽xCC􏿽xBC􏿽xCD􏿽x99􏿽xCC􏿽x97iv􏿽xCD􏿽x81e-̤̠m̶̘i􏿽xCD􏿽x9F􏿽xCD􏿽x9A􏿽xCC􏿽xBA􏿽xCC􏿽xAAn͇d҉ ̧̰̭ͅo͉̭̥̲̟f􏿽xCD􏿽xA1􏿽xCC􏿽x98􏿽xCD􏿽x8E􏿽xCC􏿽xA4􏿽xCC􏿽xB3􏿽xCC􏿽xA0 ̪̭c͢ha􏿽xCC􏿽xB5􏿽xCC􏿽xBA􏿽xCD􏿽x87􏿽xCC􏿽xBC􏿽xCC􏿽xB9􏿽xCC􏿽x96􏿽xCD􏿽x85􏿽xCC􏿽xABo􏿽xCC􏿽x9B􏿽xCC􏿽x9F􏿽xCC􏿽xAE􏿽xCD􏿽x95􏿽xCC􏿽xAE􏿽xCD􏿽x94􏿽xCC􏿽xA0􏿽xCC􏿽xA0s􏿽xCD􏿽x85􏿽xCC􏿽xB3􏿽xCC􏿽xA3􏿽xCC􏿽xAF􏿽xCC􏿽x9D􏿽xCD􏿽x9A.̵͔͓̙̮͎̜ ̨Z̞͚̰̲̣̟͕a͙̘͙̙̥l̡g͏̦͓̱̮͚̙̹o􏿽xCC􏿽xA8􏿽xCC􏿽xB0􏿽xCC􏿽x9C􏿽xCD􏿽x95􏿽xCC􏿽xA6.̷̻̲̖
notviki holy fuck
samcv 􏿽xCD􏿽xA2􏿽xCC􏿽xA6H􏿽xCC􏿽xB5􏿽xCC􏿽xA3􏿽xCC􏿽x96􏿽xCD􏿽x85􏿽xCC􏿽xAD􏿽xCC􏿽xBB􏿽xCC􏿽xB9e̯͍̱̼ ̛̙͕̰̲w̦̣͓̤͍h̯̺͚͚͇͔̣o􏿽xCC􏿽xA8􏿽xCC􏿽xAE􏿽xCD􏿽x85􏿽xCD􏿽x89􏿽xCC􏿽xA9􏿽xCC􏿽xAB 􏿽xCD􏿽x9C􏿽xCC􏿽xB2􏿽xCC􏿽xBC􏿽xCC􏿽xB1􏿽xCC􏿽x97􏿽xCC􏿽xBB􏿽xCD􏿽x88W̺̯a̡̫̫̤i􏿽xCC􏿽xA7􏿽xCC􏿽xBC􏿽xCD􏿽x85􏿽xCD􏿽x94t̠̲̗̬͖̗s͏̫̫̲ ͖̭͙͎B̩̪̖̣̭e􏿽xCD􏿽x9D􏿽xCD􏿽x94􏿽xCD􏿽x87􏿽xCC􏿽xB3􏿽xCC􏿽xBAh͍i􏿽xCD􏿽x98􏿽xCC􏿽xA6􏿽xCC􏿽xB1􏿽xCC􏿽x99n̛̳̥̻̱̗̞d̝͕̦͔ 􏿽xCC􏿽xAD􏿽xCD􏿽x85􏿽xCC􏿽xAF􏿽xCC􏿽x9ET􏿽xCD􏿽xA1􏿽xCC􏿽x9C􏿽xCD􏿽x88􏿽xCD􏿽x87􏿽xCC􏿽x9C􏿽xCC􏿽xAC􏿽xCC􏿽xAE􏿽xCC􏿽xA9h̛̥̻e􏿽xCC􏿽x95􏿽xCC􏿽xA9􏿽xCC􏿽xB9􏿽xCD􏿽x93􏿽xCC􏿽x96􏿽xCD􏿽x8E􏿽xCC􏿽x97 ̹̥̣͖̳̫W̻a̗̼̪͔̖͕l͡l􏿽xCC􏿽xAD􏿽xCD􏿽x87.̥
notviki can't see anything
samcv oops
just put combining marks on all characters just for fun
to enhance readability 05:23
05:23 bjz joined
notviki Thanks: temp.perl6.party/s4.png 05:23
05:24 notviki joined
notviki nice 05:24
samcv you feel like you're seeing for the first time right
notviki it stays in the backlog
samcv also that looks kind of awesome
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samcv but bad too 05:24
what terminal are you using? 05:25
Zoffix terminology
samcv oh damn 05:29
\o/ ok only failing 9/775 unicode 9.0 tests! for graphemes
only thing left to implement is 3 character country identifiers \o/ 05:30
happy new year !
Zoffix \o/ 05:31
samcv oh god and one of the tests is for a three letter country sequence antd no spaces after it and a two letter one 05:32
that's brutal
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samcv they really should have used ZWJ for those…… 05:32
but no they have to add a brand new grapheme break property!
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samcv ah so half of the 9 i'm failing weird corner cases with prepend + extend codepoints next to each other, and prepend and some emoji 05:33
the rest are the regional identifiers
samcv would think it would be cool if it said 'implementing Perl 6.c and Unicode 9.0' 05:34
for perl6 --version
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samcv there has got to be a moarvm function to print out to terminal. but i do not know it, so i just used panic to kill it to know which unicode code path it was taking. took a while to nail down the layers there 05:46
should probably be reworked to make more extensive use of grapheme break property at a higher level than the longest code path 05:47
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samcv i wonder the best way to benchmark it though 05:54
need some generator of lots of random things
err i guess i could use the unicode spec test, but make it be actual text reading from a file or something, and copy it a ton of times
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M-Illandan Perl6ers, Happy New Year! :-) 05:59
Zoffix Happy!~ 06:01
timotimo harpy new year 06:02
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samcv u: harp 06:16
unicodable6 samcv, U+00DF LATIN SMALL LETTER SHARP S [Ll] (ß)
samcv, gist.github.com/d7f4af4beead6c1fb3...0c6b341356 06:17
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notviki "I am removing my name as a maintainer. I am no longer maintaining the StrawberryPerl chocolatey package, since I don't use Windows any more." -- Matt 06:31
I wonder if that Matt is mst :P 06:32
M-Illandan notviki: Looks like Alan Stevens. chocolatey.org/profiles/alanstevens 06:33
I followed that page from here: chocolatey.org/packages/StrawberryPerl
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Zoffix That's the new maintainer 06:35
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notviki seems like we could benefit from splitting up Range into subtypes 06:47
The $!is-int is all over the place. 06:48
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samcv damn it i forgot to commit… 07:13
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samcv well. i guess i can re-solve this later or something. 07:37
samcv raises glass.
11:37 here now
notviki, does the new year feel better? fresher? newer?
since you are living in the future 07:38
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notviki Yeah, I have a good feeling about it ;) 07:39
m: say 2017 .is-prime
camelia rakudo-moar 15a2f1: OUTPUT«True␤»
notviki m: say (^2018).grep(*.is-prime)[*-2]
camelia rakudo-moar 15a2f1: OUTPUT«2011␤»
samcv i'm so pissed off i have to fix this again ._. 07:42
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samcv .ask jnthn why is the very important MVM_unicode_normalizer_process_codepoint in normalize.h and not in normalize.c? confused 07:50
yoleaux samcv: I'll pass your message to jnthn.
hobbs inlining opportunity, perhaps? 07:53
Zoffix :o hobbs 07:54
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hobbs 'tis a Zoffix 07:54
Zoffix :)