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Set by moritz on 22 December 2015.
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haxmeister learned simple subs, file IO and some methods, regex implementation... I'm liking it so far 00:00
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AlexDaniel haxmeister: does not look bad at all 00:01
haxmeister it works.. I'm gonna add some stuff to it
I need it to not look in certain directories there.. will need to figure out the method for figuring out the folder name 00:02
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haxmeister does .basename return the folder if it's not a file? 00:03
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nadim Hi, just got the latest rakudo, I was 571 commits back, 00:05
I have ::("Terminal::ANSIColor::EXPORT::ALL::&color") fail when it worked before, what has changed
AlexDaniel nadim: maybe this? rakudo.org/2017/03/18/lexical-requi...rade-info/ 00:08
timotimo timo@schmand ~> perl6 -e 'require ::("Terminal::ANSIColor"); say ::("Terminal::ANSIColor::EXPORT::ALL::&color")' 00:14
sub color (Str $what) { #`(Sub|77895256) ... }
this is on my latest rakudo right now 00:15
nadim that also works for me, and the version I have is 2 hours old 00:16
timotimo hm, so we'll need to look at a bit more context for the case where it doesn't work
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gfldex haxmeister: that's how I would write it: gist.github.com/gfldex/9bf8ed50c2c...6cbef83f9c 00:17
nadim nopaste.linux-dev.org/?1123980 00:18
timotimo haxmeister: doing regex matches for a very simple thing like "ends in .log" is a whole lot of unnecessary overhead; try something like $thepath ~~ *.ends-with(".log") instead
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timotimo well, yeah, that can't work 00:19
didn't i have a pull request for you a couple days ago? where did that disappear to ...
nadim I merged it manually 00:20
timotimo okay, then you missed the most important bit
nadim lol!
timotimo yes, indeed
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nadim the if (try require ::Terminal::ANSIColor) !=== Nil { $is_ansi = True } is certainly your 00:20
timotimo when you require ::Terminal::ANSIColor like that in method new, it'll only be visible inside the new method 00:21
that's why i stashed away the &color sub in an attribute
if you apply that part of my patch again, things should work again
i think i'll go to bed now 00:22
have a good one!
nadim I found what I did here: * 7ba0dd8 FIXED: lexical require, patch by timo (3 weeks ago, Nadim Khemir) but since it was by hand I probably missed a bit as you said
timotimo yeah, i looked at that
nadim I guess I will find it in your repo od Data::Dump::Tree 00:23
timotimo by moving the self.bless at the end my patch also enables us to turn &.ansicolor into &!ansicolor so it's no longer visible to the outside. that'll require a submethod TWEAK(:&!ansicolor) { } though
that was my patch
why it's inside nkh/P6-Data-Dump-Tree instead of my own fork of it i'm not sure 00:24
nadim thanks and good night :)
timotimo you're welcome :)
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gfldex brrt++ # brrt-to-the-future.blogspot.de/2017...-mean.html 00:30
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Zoffix haxmeister: your script has a bug. You're not exhausing output of `dir` call before recursing into other dirs, so it'll crash when you recurse over enough dirs to reach maximum per-process open files. gfldex's version has it as well, except it hides the bug behind the `try` 01:04
haxmeister: the docs have an example of recursive search without that bug. Note how it's pushing all the dirs to look at into an array instead; this lets it open and close each dir 1 at a atime: docs.perl6.org/routine/dir 01:05
haxmeister: better yet, just use File::Find module. It can take a regex for the filename to look for: github.com/tadzik/File-Find 01:06
haxmeister tyvm Zoffix .. hopefully the page doesn't have features I haven't learned yet 01:07
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samcv in grammars, is there a method that gets hit at the very end of parsing? 01:07
and only hit once
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samcv action classes i mean 01:09
AlexDaniel samcv: what about using method TOP? :) 01:10
samcv it gets hit many times 01:11
AlexDaniel wonders under what conditions this could happen 01:12
samcv i thkn
maybe. hm
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Geth doc: c991862cf9 | (Zoffix Znet)++ | doc/Type/IO/Path.pod6
[io grant] Add warning to dir about...

  ...exhausting open files limit due to not exhausing the
iterator of the Seq the routine returns.
haxmeister ugh 01:14
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haxmeister so I should push what I get from dir() into an array and iterate the array because dir() holds the directory open wating for the recursive call? 01:16
and gfldex I have no idea what .&?ROUTINE is yet..lol 01:17
gfldex haxmeister: &?ROUTINE referes to the current sub (or method) 01:19
haxmeister: and .& means $_.&(some-sub-or-method-here) 01:20
haxmeister that's hard to remember
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haxmeister but I have difficulty with understanding when we are not addressing $_ explicitly.. took me a minute looking at yours to get it 01:22
AlexDaniel haxmeister: wait, what's hard to remember? 01:24
haxmeister gfldex: could you have put parenthesis in your logic ... (.f) && (.basename ~~ $build-log-regex) ?
AlexDaniel: .&?ROUTINE 01:25
AlexDaniel haxmeister: well, $_. can always be shortened to .
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AlexDaniel but to be honest it's the first time I see &?ROUTINE :D 01:26
haxmeister AlexDaniel: maybe I should just make an explicit call for now.. lol
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haxmeister when I'm a perl6 badass.. then I'll do .&?ROUTINE ..lol 01:27
AlexDaniel haxmeister: sure, why not. You'll quickly get tired of it anyway :P
gfldex for advanced players, there is &?BLOCK
haxmeister AlexDaniel: yeah but by that time I won't be trying to remember all kinds of other new stuff in my head
gfldex see docs.perl6.org/language/variables#...26%3FBLOCK 01:28
AlexDaniel gfldex: interestingly, &?ROUTINE is broken
gfldex: oops, in the docs I mean
it points here docs.perl6.org/syntax/&?ROUTINE but it is 404
it should probably point here docs.perl6.org/language/variables#&?ROUTINE
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samcv AlexDaniel, nope top is being called twice 01:29
i wasn't crazy
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AlexDaniel samcv: alright. Why? 01:30
samcv: I mean, that would mean that TOP actually matched twice
samcv the cations class
actions class
i don't mean the grammar
AlexDaniel yes?
samcv it gets hit three times 01:31
and it's messing things up
i need something that's only called once at the end not 3 times
gist.github.com/c9ffe206206648e7e9...ffae69a37b 01:32
three times :(
AlexDaniel well, do you match TOP recursively?
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AlexDaniel hm… probably not… 01:33
samcv how would i do that
AlexDaniel like rule TOP { <TOP> } 01:34
samcv nope
AlexDaniel code? 01:35
samcv ok it's not doing it i forget what i changed. trying something else here 01:39
not sure what was going on. but. will get back to you
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samcv oh ok changing TOP from regex to a token makes it only run once 01:52
but also breaks the world
Geth Swapped META.info → META6.json in 1 dists in github.com/perl6/ecosystem/commit/ce13941798 01:57
samcv i'm trying to get this code to only run once github.com/samcv/SPDX-Parser/blob/...m6#L78-L84
and only at the end of it. if there aren't any $<compound-expression> matches found in the grammar 01:58
then i need to make sure to push the <simple-expression> matches since they won't be pushed inside the complex expression ones
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moritz \o 05:19
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sammers hi moritz 05:39
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samcv \o 05:56
sena_kun o/ 05:57
samcv anybody can help me? 05:58
TOP is called multiple times in the action class for my grammar and i need a method called on the
sena_kun samcv, don't ask to ask. :) It depends on your problem.
samcv only once and at the end
sena_kun hmmm. it is too complex to phasers as it seems. 06:00
FIRST and LAST works only on loops, afaik.
you can recognize first method call with inner state variable, but I am not sure you can guess where the last call would be. 06:01
if you don't want to explicity call it from TOP, perhaps there are some magical grammar methods that can be overloaded. 06:05
samcv hm 06:09
i need a like DONE method or something
to be called at the very end of the action parse
sena_kun as an ugly alternative, cannot you wrap(change?) your result up(if you want to do it) outside of `parse`? I mean, after `parse` you get a tree and you can customize it by hands in the worst case. 06:11
moritz samcv: you can do something like regex TOP { your regex goes here <.finish_marker> } 06:12
samcv ooo
moritz samcv: token finish_marker { <?> }
samcv and have it be zero width?
thank you moritz :)
moritz method TOP { return unless $<finish_marker> } 06:13
or if TOP is supposed to match the whole string, you can do return unless $/.to == $/.orig.chars;
samcv also how to call the autogenerated USAGE sub 06:16
yourself i mean
USAGE() isn't working
moritz m: sub MAIN() { say $?USAGE } 06:21
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Variable '$?USAGE' is not declared
at <tmp>:1
------> 3sub MAIN() { say 7⏏5$?USAGE }
moritz :(
m: sub MAIN() { &::('USAGE')() } 06:22
camelia No such symbol ''
in sub MAIN at <tmp> line 1
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1

Actually thrown at:
in sub MAIN at <tmp> line 1
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
samcv hm
moritz looking at src/core/Main.pm, it looks like USAGE is pretty well encapsulated 06:23
samcv :(
moritz and the specced ways to access it aren't implemented
samcv suprised there's not a USAGE you can call
that's what i assumed. and that you would override it if you defined it yourself
moritz, the finish_marker gets called first 06:48
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Geth Inline-Perl5: f1594f9fb6 | (Stefan Seifert)++ | META6.json
Fix installed Inline::Perl5 not finding all the sub-modules

Add missing keys in "provides" in META.json
samcv making major progress now on SPDX parser 08:13
not bug free. but over a lot of the issues 08:14
weird error though 08:15
Cannot find method 'has_compile_time_value' on object of type NQPMu
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pmurias do we want nqp::sprintf("%d", ["not a number"]) to work? 09:20
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samcv hmm pmurias not sure but if a string has a number in it. hm 09:28
maybe that's why it works?
a bit odd though. but
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[Coke] $dayjob question - anyone ever have to provide proof of relationship for medical benefits? (US or not) 13:23
(I have to dig up the marriage & birth certs for new job) 13:24
colomon I’m on my wife’s benefits, and I don’t remember providing proof
only changed a couple of years ago 13:25
Voldenet [Coke]: Well, you have to provide it now, so yes, but I don't remember providing anything like that in Poland
perl6-related question: what's the best way to say "the argument $x needs to have method y" in a signature? 13:26
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timotimo m: say Str.^can("uc") 13:27
camelia (uc uc)
timotimo m: say Str.^can("not_this_though")
camelia ()
timotimo so you could 'where *.^can("methodname")'
DrForr That's no guarantee though that the method is going to do what you expect when you call it, though. Maybe you're after a class instead? 13:28
Voldenet m: sub do-stuff($x where { $x.^can("u"); }) { say $x.u; }; do-stuff(class { method u {} }.new()) 13:31
camelia Nil
Voldenet m: sub do-stuff($x where { $x.^can("u"); }) { say $x.u; }; do-stuff(class { }.new())
camelia Constraint type check failed in binding to parameter '$x'; expected anonymous constraint to be met but got <anon|51954672> (<anon|51954672>.new)
in sub do-stuff at <tmp> line 1
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
Voldenet Perfect.
DrForr class MyStr is Str { method do-stuff { } }; my $x = MyStr.new; sub foo( MyStr $x ) { }
Voldenet but then your object must be of type MyStr 13:32
Basically, though I want to pass an implementation to the given protocol (java style anonymous class)
DrForr True, but you also know that the do-stuff() method accepts the arguments you want because you created it that way. And it's also still a Str.
Voldenet is there any better way to do what I want?
DrForr If you can accept it being that generic, then I'd go for it. Otherwise I'd probably have to see the code and scratch my head for a bit. 13:33
[Coke] use a role, but also allow specific core classes that you know do what you want? 13:34
DrForr I would've suggested a role as well but I wasn't sure if those would play well with whatever hierarchy that he's established. 13:35
I do something similar in Perl6::Parser, a combination of roles to restrict the things classes can do, and a simple, nearly empty class hierarchy that people can do ~~ conparisons on. 13:36
Voldenet m: role Anon { method u { ... } }; sub do-stuff(Anon $x) { $x.u; }; do-stuff(class X does Anon { method u {} }.new()) 13:37
camelia ( no output )
Voldenet m: role Anon { method u { ... } }; sub do-stuff(Anon $x) { $x.u; }; do-stuff(class X does Anon { }.new())
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Method 'u' must be implemented by X because it is required by roles: Anon.
at <tmp>:1
Voldenet Yeah, the error message is a lot better. 13:38
+ it's compile-time
DrForr You can also declare method foo {!!!} to state that the method must exist in child classes. 13:39
Voldenet I wish I could get rid of class name inside of "do-stuff(class X does Anon { }.new)" though, hm 13:40
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Voldenet m: role Anon { method u { !!! } }; sub do-stuff(Anon $x) { $x.u; }; do-stuff(class { also does Anon; method u {} }.new) 13:42
camelia ( no output )
timotimo but then your objects have to cooperate 13:43
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MasterDuke_ m: role Anon { method u { ... } }; sub do-stuff(Anon $x) { $x.u; }; do-stuff(class :: does Anon { }.new()) 13:44
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Method 'u' must be implemented by <anon|54615424> because it is required by roles: Anon.
at <tmp>:1
Voldenet that looks... better :) 13:45
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haxmeister can't figure out why I get an error on my while loop.. pastebin.com/G8gX8uDX 13:55
says missing block while ⏏@listing { 13:56
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AlexDaniel haxmeister: did you mean for ? 13:58
ah no, probably not 13:59
haxmeister was trying to change to push and pop.. the example uses while
don't want to use the example.. want to understand the example
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AlexDaniel e: pastebin.com/raw/G8gX8uDX 13:59
evalable6 AlexDaniel, Successfully fetched the code from the provided URL.
(exit code 1) 04===SORRY!04=== Error while compiling /tmp/GGd2uf91Kv
Missing block
at /tmp/GGd2uf91Kv:17
------> 03␉while 08⏏04@listing {
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AlexDaniel c: HEAD pastebin.com/raw/G8gX8uDX 14:00
committable6 AlexDaniel, Successfully fetched the code from the provided URL.
AlexDaniel, ¦HEAD(eb1ce41): «04===SORRY!04=== Error while compiling /tmp/3MrG7lPnwC␤Missing block␤at /tmp/3MrG7lPnwC:17␤------> 03␉while 08⏏04@listing { «exit code = 1»»
AlexDaniel haxmeister: probably needs a space after dir($start-dir) 14:01
haxmeister that was it 14:04
dug out a few other errors.. but now the proggy runs with no response
AlexDaniel \o/
haxmeister the error messages are tricky sometimes..lol
AlexDaniel haxmeister: mostly, we consider less than awesome error messages as bugs, so feel free to submit tickets 14:05
haxmeister ah man.. I dunno I'm pretty noobish, that might get irritating sorting through my tickets to find the ones that are not just my ignorance 14:07
AlexDaniel haxmeister: I doubt that would be a problem 14:10
and you can always ask here beforehand ;)
you'll have to golf it down to 1-2 lines of code though
haxmeister where is the bug reporting page at? 14:12
MasterDuke_ huggable: rakudobug 14:17
huggable MasterDuke_, Report bugs by emailing to [email@hidden.address]
MasterDuke_ haxmeister: ^^^
haxmeister kk 14:18
now I have no errors but my code seems to loop infinitely without producing anything..lol 14:20
MasterDuke_ this isn't the problem, but you could simplify `my @listing; for dir($start-dir) {@listing.push($_);}` to just `my @listing = dir($start-dir)` 14:25
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haxmeister yes MasterDuke_ that is how I had it before.. I changed it to long hand while trying to root out an error I had.. thank you for the advice 14:27
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haxmeister I just am not seeing how this isn't working.. I feel so noobish lol, I would have nailed it the first time in lisp ;-P 14:29
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MasterDuke_ you're popping@listing, but if $item is a directory that doesn't match the regex, you're putting it right back in @listing 14:31
Geth ecosystem: bfec6ee8e3 | (Stefan Seifert)++ | META.list
Switch to versioned releases on CPAN for Inline::Perl5
MasterDuke_ haxmeister: i.e., it's just testing the same directory over and over again 14:33
pmurias Voldenet: re java style anonymous class, you are aware that Perl 6 has closures?
haxmeister MasterDuke_: having to stare at it a minute.. I'm not seeing it yet 14:35
pmurias Voldenet: so that you can do something like $foo.foo(-> {"do some stuff here"}) 14:36
haxmeister MasterDuke_: if it's a directory who's basename is not "work".. push it back on the stack.. that's what I'm intending
I've never used a while loop on a stack that while block is changing.. that's different to me 14:38
MasterDuke_ m: my @a = <a b c>; while @a { my $i = @a.pop; say $i; if $i ne "c" { @a.push($i) }; }
camelia (timeout)c
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haxmeister lol 14:39
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MasterDuke_ that's what's happening 14:40
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Voldenet pmurias: but the interface looking like that: (&fn1, &fn2, &fn3) isn't very descriptive when you're reading code 14:41
erm, sub (&fn1, &fn2, &fn3)
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Geth Inline-Perl5/release-0.26: aa06e66e93 | (Stefan Seifert)++ | META6.json
Point to the source tar ball in META6.json
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pmurias Voldenet: you can pass named arguments 14:49
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Geth ecosystem: eeac110f08 | (Stefan Seifert)++ | META.list
Fix Inline::Perl5 versioned releases

Thanks to ugexe++ for explaining, how this is supposed to work.
Voldenet pmurias: ah, right, hm, I might reconsider 14:51
pmurias there is nothing wrong with requiring a role and passing an class instance that's implement it btw 14:52
but from my limited java experience they use anonymous class with a method or two mostly to make up for the lack of closures 14:53
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Voldenet pmurias: yes, however more modern java has the option to "autoimplement" the anonymous inner class with a lambda, which pretty much does the same 15:11
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Voldenet except the consumer can think of interfaces, still 15:11
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stmuk_ rakudo.org/2017/05/01/announce-raku...e-2017-04/ 15:35
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Geth perl6.org: 8580a455a8 | (Steve Mynott)++ | source/downloads/index.html
R* 2017.04
nadim_ hi all, I'd rather not optimize code like an idiot, but I also prefer to not have completely silly code. I am trying to make Data::Dump::Tree better but speed is still a problem. I have profiles it (and not got must smarter in the move) done reviews. .. now I am asking if there is someone who would like to have a look at it. Maybe I am missing something or I am using something that I should not. Help pointing at what to do is appreciated. 15:47
haxmeister MasterDuke_: got it working.. so happy.. works plus I understand it with my limited syntax knowledge 15:49
MasterDuke_: thanks for help
MasterDuke_ np 15:50
haxmeister MasterDuke_:this does prevent dir() from remaining open on recursion as far as I can tell pastebin.com/5d89hbxF 15:51
MasterDuke_ haxmeister: fyi, `for dir($listing) { @stack.push($_); }` could be `@stack.append(dir($listing))` 15:53
haxmeister append would put it on bottom right? 15:55
more appropriate on bottom actually 15:56
makes me wonder why the loop doesn't stop prematurely when I'm pushing on top
MasterDuke_ append is the same as push, but it essentially flattens what it's pushing 15:57
m: my @a = <a b c>; my @b = <d e f>; @a.append: @b; say @a; my @c = <a b c>; @c.push: @bl say @c 15:59
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Variable '@bl' is not declared
at <tmp>:1
------> 3 @b; say @a; my @c = <a b c>; @c.push: 7⏏5@bl say @c
haxmeister so append could prevent me from accidentally putting the whole list in a single stack item 16:00
MasterDuke_ m: my @a = <a b c>; my @b = <d e f>; @a.append: @b; say @a; my @c = <a b c>; @c.push: @b; say @c
camelia [a b c d e f]
[a b c [d e f]]
MasterDuke_ exactly
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haxmeister in the case of what I have written.. I avoided the problem by chance yeah? 16:00
MasterDuke_ kind of. depends if you knew how push treats lists as arguments 16:01
if you're familiar with Perl 5, it automatically flattens much of the time. Perl 6 usually treats them as single entities, and you have to explicitly flatten them if you want that 16:02
s/flattens/flattens lists/
haxmeister I don't honestly.. but from now on when I want to be sure to extend the stack, I will use append so as not to get lost in my own logic 16:03
perl having lists and arrays both is interesting to me, but at the same time can be confusing when it's not apparent what the functional differences might be
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haxmeister at first I thought it was irritating that dir() returned IO objects.. but now I love it.. absolutely well thought out 16:27
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haxmeister so this will always flatten properl? my @stack = dir($start); 16:33
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moritz yes 16:50
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poohman hello was playing with win32 api native calling today and came across a function to get the machine name. It was returned in a pointer. Can I access the name using the pointer or can only use pointers to pass to other functions say as handles? 17:54
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awwaiid poohman: is it a pointer to a string? It might work like magic to say it is an Str 17:59
poohman: link us to the function call definition
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poohman2 will switch over to pc - give me a moment 18:04
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poohman_ BOOL WINAPI GetComputerName( 18:07
_Out_ LPTSTR lpBuffer,
_Inout_ LPDWORD lpnSize
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poohman_ sorry had to switch over from mobile to laptop - for example - if I want to dereference lpBuffer and get the name - how can I do it? 18:08
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moritz what's LPTSTR? 18:10
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poohman_ lpBuffer [out] 18:11
A pointer to a buffer that receives the computer name or the cluster virtual server name. The buffer size should be large enough to contain MAX_COMPUTERNAME_LENGTH + 1 characters.
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moritz so a char* ? 18:12
poohman_ ja
moritz then just declare it as "returns Str", and it should work 18:13
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moritz sub GetComputerName(uint16) returns Str is encoded('utf8') is native('yourlibrary'); 18:15
something like that
poohman_ hmmm ok will try it tomorrow in my windows machine - but why do you expect it to dereference it considerings its an opaquepointer - because its a String?? 18:16
moritz well, if it's a char*, you can just declare it as Str, no need to treat it like an opaque pointer 18:17
geekosaur isn't it utf16? 18:18
jnthn Hm, but BOOL is the return type, and LPTSTR is a pointer to a string
And a string is already a pointer
moritz oh
so it's Str $out is rw?
jnthn If that works, then yes :)
And also the second parameter would be Int $foo is rw
Otherwise there's the good old CArray of length 1 trick :-)
Uh, not Int, but int32 18:19
Since it seems it takes the buffer length and then updates it with how much stuff is in the buffer after
poohman_ its LPTSTR it says in the documentation
jnthn Yeah, I think that means "long pointer to string" or some such :) 18:20
geekosaur I was thinking that means you need a preallocated Buf?
jnthn Right :-)
And then to decode it yourself
I'm rusty on Win32 API but my guess is there's a GetComputerNameW that returns wide (utf-16) 18:21
And GetComputerName would return...something but not likely utf-8 on Windows. :) 18:22
poohman_ if tis utf-8 then can get it directly as Str but not if utf-16 - have I understood that correctly? 18:23
geekosaur windows doesn't do utf8, at least not in its APIs 18:24
poohman_ ok
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geekosaur normally the answer would be "code page" but Windows is usually pretty good about making that specifically an I/O device attribute 18:25
mscha It would be nice if the Windows version of Rakudo Star 2017.04 would work if you're not called “Steve”. 😋
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mscha perl6.bat: @ "C:\Users\steve\temp\rakudo-star-2017.04\install\bin\moar" ... 18:25
geekosaur loooovely 18:28
"NetBIOS names consist of up to 15 bytes of OEM characters including letters, digits, hyphens, and periods. Some characters are specific to the character set. NetBIOS names are typically represented in the OEM character set. The OEM character set depends on the locale. Some OEM character sets represent certain characters as two bytes. NetBIOS names, by convention, are represented in uppercase where the translation algorithm from lowercase to uppe
rcase is OEM character set dependent."
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geekosaur so, basically undefined as to what it represents 18:29
lizmat starts on the P6W
geekosaur MSDN suggests GetComputerNameEx which handles Unicode, DNS, and other aspects of modern reality
lizmat so let me know if you think I missed something in the past week
geekosaur msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/w...s.85).aspx
("Computer Names" which documents legacy interfaces such as the NetBIOS stuff) 18:30
poohman_ was just going through a win32 api and was trying to get things working in perl6 - will have to try the GetComputerNameEx and see how it goes 18:31
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poohman_ win32 api tutorial I meant 18:31
will try tomorrow and ask for help again if I get stuck 18:32
thanks for the help
goodnight people 18:33
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Geth doc: 80165120fe | (Zoffix Znet)++ | doc/Type/Signature.pod6
Point out difference in where clause...

  ...between block and non-block versions.
RT#131239: rt.perl.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=131239
synopsebot6 Link: rt.perl.org/rt3/Public/Bug/Display...?id=131239
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jaush hi. i just installed rakudo star 2017.04, and there seems to be a problem: perl6.bat starts as follows: 19:07
@ "C:\Users\steve\temp\rakudo-star-2017.04\install\bin\moar"
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[Coke] (I am surprised, as I thought everything was installing into C:\rakudo still) 19:09
TimToady I assume your name is not steve :)
jaush it is not ;) 19:10
by contrast, for 2017.01 the perl6.bat begins: @ "C:\rakudo\bin\moar"
TimToady stmuk_: ^^^ 19:11
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rub_ixCube hey, is it possible to use multiple queries in a when statement, i.e `when "x" "X" { say "x"; }`; 19:13
19:14 Zoffix joined
Zoffix rub_ixCube: \o :) Glad to see you made the right choice (saw your reddit post) :P 19:14
rub_ixCube :) 19:15
Zoffix rub_ixCube: yeah, you can use when "x" | "y" to mean (when x or y)
huggable: Junction
huggable Zoffix, Logical superposition of values: docs.perl6.org/type/Junction
[Coke] oh. maybe steve pushed a test build, oops.
Zoffix rub_ixCube: a post on Junctions: perl6.party/post/Perl-6-Schrodinge...-Junctions
rub_ixCube thnx
Zoffix m: $_ = 'foo'; when { 'foo' or 'bar' } { say "hi!" }
camelia hi!
Zoffix rub_ixCube: or you can use a block (or sub). If it returns a truthy value, the when clause will run 19:16
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Zoffix haxmeister: in `my @stack = dir($start);` there's nothing *to* flatten, as dir returns a flat Seq. 19:18
MasterDuke_ m: $_ = 'abc'; when { 'foo' or 'bar' } { say "hi!" }
camelia hi!
Zoffix haxmeister: the functional difference between Lists and Arrays is Arrays are mutable, while Lists aren't. 19:19
MasterDuke_: ah, right, need an eq there :P
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Zoffix haxmeister: Arrays *are* Lists; they're a subclass. There's also Slip (also a subclass of List) which is like list but automatically flattens into outer iterables. Lastly, there's Seq. It's similar to a List but its point is that it doesn't keep around values it already produced and in many cases it actually failsover to be a List under the hood, caching values it generated. That's pretty much the 4 main Perl 19:21
6 list-like things.
m: $_ = 'abc'; when { $_ ~~ 'foo' | 'bar' } { say "hi!" }
camelia ( no output )
Zoffix m: $_ = 'abc'; when 'foo' | 'bar' { say "hi!" } # same 19:22
camelia ( no output )
Zoffix m: $_ = 'abc'; when -> $v { $v eq 'foo' or $v eq 'bar' } { say "hi!" }