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Set by moritz on 22 December 2015.
buggable 🎺🎺🎺 It's time for the monthly Accidental /win Lottery 😍😍😍 We have 4 ballots submitted by 3 users! DRUM ROLL PLEASE!... 00:00
And the winning number is 28! Congratulations to jnthn! You win a roll of duck tape!
AlexDaniel XD
zengargoyle FML - "thanks @zengargoyle ! been looking for a replacement for something like FocusMe on win/mac, this is the closest iv'e found so far so will continue giving it a shot" 00:12
zengargoyle expects i will have to write a non-gui version. this person listened to my non-documented hack-arounds, isn't afraid of the Terminal and sudo and editing YAML files and still wants that thing i made on a whim in response to some random post on a Q&A site. 00:18
zengargoyle that i never actually used myself because knowing how it works negates the reason for it's existance. aaarrrrggghhh. 00:20
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ugexe m: class Foo { has %.hash handles <AT-KEY>; multi method AT-KEY($key where {$_ eq 'foo'}) { say "Got foo"; nextsame(); }; } 01:17
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Package 'Foo' already has a method 'AT-KEY' (did you mean to declare a multi-method?)
at <tmp>:1
ugexe is there a way to make the handles play nice with the multi? 01:18
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geekosaur I don't think that does what you want 01:32
"handles" trait defines AT-KEY in Foo to do AT-KEY in %.hash 01:33
oh, I see, you want overrideable. I think you have to do that by hand
just as you would have to define your own accessors instead of somehow modifying the autogenerated ones with has $.whatever 01:34
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Geth DBIish: d9378416c0 | (Alexey Melezhik)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | README.pod
An example how to pass dbname as file for qqlite

I took me some time to understand how can I do this.
DBIish: c46dfe5821 | (Alexey Melezhik)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | README.pod
Fix typo
DBIish: e658df8846 | (Salvador Ortiz)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | README.pod
Merge pull request #94 from melezhik/master

An example how to pass dbname as file for sqlite
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Geth doc: f682cd6abb | (Jan-Olof Hendig)++ | doc/Language/io-guide.pod6
Indentation fixes
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baar hello all. One question about sigils: 10:40
in Python I can create class with methofs typical for some containers. But without to extend base container type 10:41
for example iterable but without setting. Or with indexable getter but without setting and other combinations
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baar This mean that I can not say what is it: list, hash or something else. So if I can do the same in Perl, what sigil I should use for such instances? How to select sigil? 10:43
I mean Perl6 sure
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jnthn You can put anything in a $ so that's always an option. 10:46
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jnthn @ means "I can index into it like @a[...]"; you don't have to subclass anything, just do the Positional role. The role for % is associative and means "I can index into it like %h{...}" 10:47
m: my %h is BagHash # an example of an Associative built-in that's not Hash 10:48
camelia ( no output )
jnthn m: say BagHash ~~ Hash
camelia False
jnthn docs.perl6.org/language/subscripts#Custom_types may be useful also 10:49
timotimo hmm, if BagHash isn't Hash, maybe it should be called something different. maybe HashyBag :D 10:50
llfourn m: say BagHash ~~ Map
camelia False
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travis-ci Doc build passed. Jan-Olof Hendig 'Indentation fixes' 10:52
travis-ci.org/perl6/doc/builds/249069522 github.com/perl6/doc/compare/e2754...82cd6abb90
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lizmat m: say BagHash ~~ QuantHash # timotimo 11:18
camelia True
.oO(maybe it should be called QuantHashy)Oo
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timotimo :) 11:24
.oO( QuantyHash )
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timotimo HantyQuash 11:34
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sacomo hi #perl6 13:39
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rindolf sacomo: moose! 13:48
sacomo: sup? 13:49
sacomo ola
looks like everyone is sleeping
lucasb yo
sacomo konbanwa
are either of you familiar with match? 13:50
when I return a list of matches the results are wrapped in 「」 brackets 13:51
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lucasb you want just the string matched, not the match object? 13:52
sacomo is the best way to get thos to Str to just use .Str?
yeah, is there a better way? like some option I can pass to match?
lucasb yes, I would guess calling .Str on it is the way to go 13:53
jnthn Can also stringify them with the ~ prefix operator, or if you just use them in a context that wants a Str then you'll get that
fwiw, in Perl 6 a Match is an object (and nested matches form a tree) 13:54
sacomo ok, thanks.
jnthn And it's the .gist method that does the formatted output (which is used by `say`) 13:55
If using, for example, `put` instead of `say`, which just outputs the string value, then you'd also get them without that
sacomo the ~ prefix is simple 13:56
ok, that is good to know
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sacomo m: say "the quick brown fox".match(/ 'quick'|'brown' /, :g).map({.Str}); 13:58
camelia (quick brown)
sacomo m: say "the quick brown fox".match(/ 'quick'|'brown' /, :g).map({~$_}); 13:59
camelia (quick brown)
jnthn m: say ~<< "the quick brown fox".match(/ 'quick'|'brown' /, :g) 14:00
camelia (quick brown)
sacomo ooh 14:01
I like that
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araraloren I want make a clone method for my class. Should I clone the parent class first or after child class ? 14:49
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araraloren :) 15:31
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timotimo the built-in clone doesn't do what you need it to? you need deep cloning semantics? 16:12
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FROGGS araraloren: usually you care about dependencies first (in a recursive manner)... but I dunno what your use-case is, and whet difference there is 16:13
araraloren timotimo, yeah right, I want a deep clone
timotimo with a clone you won't likely have any inter-attribute dependencies? 16:14
you just set all the attributes?
araraloren I want figure out what is the right way to do it . 16:15
m: class B { has $.s; method clone(*%_) { self.bless(s => %_<s> // $!s.clone); } }; class A is B { has @.a; method clone(*%_) { self.bless(a => %_<a> // @!a.clone()); }; }; my $a = A.new(a => [1, 2, 3], s => 8); my $b = $a.clone(); $a.a.push(23);say $b; 16:16
camelia A.new(a => [1, 2, 3], s => Any)
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araraloren m: class B { has $.s; method clone(*%_) { self.bless(s => %_<s> // $!s.clone); } }; class A is B { has @.a; method clone(*%_) { self.bless(a => %_<a> // @!a.clone()); nextwith(|%_); }; }; my $a = A.new(a => [1, 2, 3], s => 8); my $b = $a.clone(); $a.a.push(23);say $b; 16:17
camelia A.new(a => [], s => 8)
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BenGoldberg What's the syntax for declaring a C struct with a fixed-length array embeded in it? my class Foo is repr('CStruct') { HAS ... } 16:36
timotimo we don't have that yet :( 16:37
zengargoyle m: my %h = <foo bar>; %h{*}.[0]
camelia ( no output )
zengargoyle m: my %h = <foo bar>; %h{}.[0]
camelia ( no output )
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zengargoyle m: my %h = <foo bar>; %h{*}.[0].say 16:37
camelia bar
zengargoyle m: my %h = <foo bar>; %h{}.[0].say
camelia {foo => bar}
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zengargoyle jnthn: «make ($<style1> // $<style2> // $<style3>).ast» -- once upon a time... i did «make $/{*}.[0].made» for the same sort of thing. decent approach or not? 16:40
guess now that would be $/{*}.first.made. :) 16:42
timotimo yeah, or [//] @$/{*} 16:44
zengargoyle tots wishes i had remembered this before now. guess that will go into plan-e of my `at` parser. :P
in grammar, only one thing will be there.... 16:45
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zengargoyle you just don't know which one thing you got... 16:46
timotimo the thing is that to get the .made you'd need to put parens around
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timotimo "made [//] @$/{*}:" 16:46
okay, so how about this, though:
m: my %result = :99style2; say %result{*}:kv:value.perl; 16:47
camelia Failure.new(exception => X::Adverb.new(what => "slice", source => "\%result", unexpected => ["value"], nogo => ["kv"]), backtrace => Backtrace.new)
timotimo whoops?
m: my %result = :99style2; say %result{*}:pair:value.perl;
camelia Unexpected named argument 'pair' passed
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
timotimo m: my %result = :99style2; say %result{*}:pairs:value.perl;
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camelia Unexpected named argument 'pairs' passed
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
timotimo m: my %result = :99style2; say %result{*}:p:value.perl;
camelia Failure.new(exception => X::Adverb.new(what => "slice", source => "\%result", unexpected => ["value"], nogo => ["p"]), backtrace => Backtrace.new)
zengargoyle :" -- ? i don't get this...
timotimo what's that one called again
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timotimo oh, that's the indirect method call syntax 16:47
it's for people who really want to write "new MyClass: 1, 2, 3" 16:48
m: my %result = :99style2; say %result{*}:value;
camelia Unexpected named argument 'value' passed
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
timotimo m: my %result = :99style2; say %result{*}:values;
camelia Unexpected named argument 'values' passed
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
timotimo there totally was an adverb like that 16:49
i have no idea what it was
m: my %result = :99style2; say %result{*}:v;
camelia (99)
timotimo actually, when you have {*} :v makes no sense because you already only get that
zengargoyle if you match and hit the action, you're going to have a $/ with a $/<something> = Match
timotimo the stuff that didn't go into the match don't even end up in the match object
instead of $/{*}.[0] you can also $/.values.head 16:50
zengargoyle m: my %result = :99style2; say %result{*};
camelia (99)
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zengargoyle {*} gives you values, {} gives you pairs.... 16:50
timotimo did you want the name of the thing matched? 16:51
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zengargoyle no, just the thing... the $whatever.made is the only really important part in this case. 16:51
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timotimo right, so %result.values.head.made? 16:52
hm, i wonder
zengargoyle yeah, or %result{*}.first.made
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timotimo m: my %result = :99foo; say head values %result::: 16:52
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Undeclared routine:
head used at line 1
timotimo m: my %result = :99foo; say (head (values %result:):): 16:53
camelia 99
timotimo :) :)
zengargoyle (that's pretty much what i did recently before i remembered the {*}.[0] thing....
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zengargoyle m: my %h = <foo bar>; for %h{}.[0].kv -> $k, $v { say "$k -> $v" } 16:57
camelia foo -> bar
zengargoyle m: my %h = <foo bar>; for %h{}.[0] -> $p { say "$p.key() -> $p.value()" } 17:00
camelia foo -> bar
zengargoyle howto -> $k, $v { ... }
timotimo how do you mean? 17:01
zengargoyle m: my %h = <foo bar>; for %h{}.[0] -> $k, $v { say "$k -> $v" } 17:02
camelia Too few positionals passed; expected 2 arguments but got 1
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
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zengargoyle m: my %h = <foo bar>; for %h{}.[0] -> $k => $v { say "$k -> $v" } 17:02
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Preceding context expects a term, but found infix > instead
at <tmp>:1
------> 3my %h = <foo bar>; for %h{}.[0] -> $k =>7⏏5 $v { say "$k -> $v" }
zengargoyle m: my %h = <foo bar>; for %h{}.[0] -> ($k, $v){ say "$k -> $v" }
camelia Too few positionals passed to ''; expected 2 arguments but got 0 in sub-signature
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
zengargoyle m: my %h = <foo bar>; for %h{}.[0] -> ($k => $v){ say "$k -> $v" }
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Preceding context expects a term, but found infix > instead
at <tmp>:1
------> 3y %h = <foo bar>; for %h{}.[0] -> ($k =>7⏏5 $v){ say "$k -> $v" }
timotimo m: my %h = <foo bar>; say %h{}.perl
camelia {:foo("bar")}
zengargoyle sorta like that
timotimo looks like %h{} just returns %h
a zen-slice, like @foo[] 17:03
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zengargoyle ah 17:03
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timotimo m: my %h = <foo bar>; my ($k, $v) = %h.kv; say $k.perl; say $v.perl 17:05
camelia "foo"
araraloren so, There is no pretty way to do a clone for a child class ? 17:06
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araraloren github.com/araraloren/perl6-termin...ng.pm6#L22 17:06
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timotimo in that clone method you have there the result of self.bless is unused and just thrown away 17:06
araraloren Look at this String, it inherit from Str, also I know that clone maybe wrong. 17:07
Yeah, so what should I do..
timotimo i'd my $theclone = callsame; $theclone.style = $theclone.style.clone
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timotimo of course you'll have to have accessors for $!style 17:08
araraloren I also have read some rakudo source code, but found no way.
timotimo oh
how about this
nextwith(|(%_, {style => self.style.clone}))
araraloren em, I will try 17:09
timotimo m: my %foo = :1bar, :2baz; sub sayparams(*%_) { say %_.perl }; sayparams(|(%foo, {style => 99}))
camelia Too many positionals passed; expected 0 arguments but got 2
in sub sayparams at <tmp> line 1
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
timotimo m: my %foo = :1bar, :2baz; sub sayparams(*%_) { say %_.perl }; sayparams(|%(%foo, {style => 99}))
camelia {:bar(1), :baz(2), :style(99)}
timotimo there we go
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zengargoyle sould have said make a .perl and EVAL. :) method clone() { return EVAL self.perl } -- like. 17:11
araraloren timotimo, seems like you code is right, I will make more test 17:12
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araraloren s/you/your/ 17:13
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zengargoyle m: my %h = <foo bar>; given %h.first -> (:key($k), :value($v)) { say "$k -> $v" } 17:37
camelia foo -> bar
zengargoyle that's what i was looking for. 17:38
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jnthn zengargoyle: Hm, that's cute. %().first.made may also work (iirc %() is short for %($/)) 17:59
zengargoyle m: grammar D { rule TOP { a+ | b+ { say "in TOP" } } }; say so D.parse("aaa"); 18:06
camelia True
zengargoyle where's my "in TOP" ?
18:07 grumble joined
zengargoyle m: grammar D { rule TOP { a+ | b+ { make "in TOP" } } }; say D.parse("aaa").made; 18:08
camelia No such method 'gist' for invocant of type 'NQPMu'. Did you mean 'isa'?
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
zengargoyle m: grammar D { rule TOP { a+ | b+ { make "in TOP" } } }; say D.parse("bbb").made; 18:10
camelia in TOP
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zengargoyle frell 18:10
m: grammar D { rule TOP { [ a+ | b+ ] { make "in TOP" } } }; say D.parse("aaa").made;
camelia in TOP
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Geth ecosystem: d22b30e8ea | loren++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | META.list
Update Terminal::Table version

fix clone method
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zengargoyle m: my grammar D { token a { a+ }; token b { b+ }; rule TOP { [ <a> | <b> ] { given %().kv -> ($k,$v) { make [ $k, $v ] } } }; }; say so D.parse("aaaa"); say D.parse("aaaa").made; 18:21
camelia True
[a 「aaaa」]
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Geth doc: 64a0330591 | (Jan-Olof Hendig)++ | doc/Type/IO/CatHandle.pod6
Formatting fixes
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zengargoyle m: my grammar D { token a { a+ }; token b { b+ }; rule TOP { [ <a> | <b> ] { make %().kv } }; }; say so D.parse("aaaa"); say D.parse("aaaa").made; 18:36
camelia True
(a 「aaaa」)
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Geth doc: 33a6888252 | (Tom Browder)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | doc/Language/quoting.pod6
show the example as described
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sjn how does one introspect the signature of the method you're currently in? (I'm thinking of calling .signature on something similar to Perl5's __SUB__) 19:16
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travis-ci Doc build errored. Jan-Olof Hendig 'Formatting fixes' 19:16
travis-ci.org/perl6/doc/builds/249162155 github.com/perl6/doc/compare/f682c...a0330591a5
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geekosaur m: class A { method a { dd &?ROUTINE.signature } }; A.new.a 19:29
camelia :(A $: *%_)
geekosaur sjn ^^
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tbrowder hi, how can i get the number of bytes in a Str? i can get graphemes, but i haven't been able to convert to a Buf to get bytes. 19:32
geekosaur you need to specify an encoding 19:34
tbrowder never mind, looks like Str encode method is the route to go, thnx
geekosaur m: say "Åä".encode('UTF-8').bytes 19:35
camelia 4
geekosaur yes
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travis-ci Doc build errored. Tom Browder 'show the example as described' 19:38
travis-ci.org/perl6/doc/builds/249166391 github.com/perl6/doc/compare/64a03...a68882521e
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Shanta Hi I am new to perl 6 in the process of installing zef using. 2 git clone github.com/ugexe/zef.git 3 cd zef 4 perl6 -Ilib bin/zef install zef 19:57
Too few positionals passed; expected 2 arguments but got 1 in code at /home/shanta/zef/lib/Zef/Repository/LocalCache.pm6 (Zef::Repository::LocalCache) line 90 in method slurp-package-list at /home/shanta/zef/lib/Zef/Repository/LocalCache 19:58
What am I missing? 19:59
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user3 how do I get the symmetric difference between 2 hash variables %h1 and %h2 20:20
%h1 is a proper superset of %h2 20:23
moritz Shanta: what's your version of Perl 6? 20:25
yoleaux 30 Jun 2017 22:01Z <AlexDaniel> moritz: clog handles unicode rather poorly nowadays… ¦ appears as ¦ and I don't think this issue existed previously
moritz perl6 --version
zengargoyle Shanta: try: perl6 -I. ./bin/zef install .
moritz user3: sets support difference as an operator, duno if hashes do
zengargoyle and/or the instructions say: perl6 -Ilib bin/zef install . 20:27
it might not be able to install a named module from the internets from it's source dir 'install zef', but should install a directory (itself) with 'install .' 20:28
sjn Shanta: perl6 -v # gives the version you're running now. zef needs a recent version
jnthn m: my %h1 = :a, :b, :c; my %h2 = :c, :d; say %h1 ⊖ %h2 20:30
camelia set(d, b, a)
jnthn m: my %h1 = :a, :b, :c; my %h2 = :c, :d; say %h1 (^) %h2 # ascii
camelia set(d, b, a)
zengargoyle oh, yeah, maybe perl6 version. :) 20:31
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zengargoyle .u ⊖ 20:33
yoleaux U+2296 CIRCLED MINUS [Sm] (⊖)
zengargoyle docs.perl6.org/language/setbagmix#...e_operator 20:36
i think docs.perl6.org/language/glossary#i...s_operator needs a link to docs.perl6.org/language/unicode_texas 20:38
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moritz m: say 42 20:46
camelia 42
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leont My code is doing «my $raw = $optional || %variables{$key}:exists», and the compiler complains about «You can't adverb &infix:<||>», what am I doing wrong? 20:51
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moritz just precedence 20:54
my $raw = $optional || (%variables{$key}:exists);
zengargoyle thinks it's too late in the day to figure out usage of L<> in docs. :)
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Juerd Interesting that adverbs are looser than || 20:58
Does that have use cases?
leont Solved it be switching them around 20:59
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masak Juerd: adverbs don't really participate in the precedence game. they just seek out the highest node in the AST fragment they're in. 20:59
Juerd masak: What's a good strategy for me, as a code reading human, to know what the adverb will be applied to? 21:01
leont ugexe: And now zef doesn't want to do anything. «Too few positionals passed; expected 2 arguments but got 1», Zef::Repository::LocalCache line 90
masak Juerd: it will apply to the loosest operator that precedes it (but no looser than infix:<,>) 21:04
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masak Juerd: so if you have a sense of the order the operators will execute in, you can form an intuition of what the adverb will bind to 21:05
Juerd masak: Oh, so in %foo{$key}:exists it applies to the operator {}, rather than the hash?
masak aye
Juerd I should read up on adverbs. I understand very little about them.
masak %foo is a term, not an operator :)
Juerd Good point, but I find this syntax rather alien :)
masak but with `+%foo{$key} :exists`, it applies to the prefix:<+>; probably not intended 21:06
Juerd Ahh
masak because prefix:<+> is very loose
Juerd Thanks, this clears up a lot of the fog in my mind, regarding adverbs
masak the one that always bites me is the `||` above. or `&&`
basically, I find (for me) adverbs break a fundamental expectation of refactoring
that subexpressions can be re-arranged according to mathematical laws 21:07
leont I would have expected them to bind on proximity
masak yes, that might have been nice
timotimo maybe it's time for a slang to explore this 21:09
masak \o/
to the slang machine!
timotimo that was not me volunteering
masak history will be the judge of that 21:10
timotimo historians from the future will not be able to retroactively force me to implement this :) 21:11
well, if sufficiently far in the future, it might be possible 21:12
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masak any sufficiently advanced future-historianism is indistinguishable from coercion 21:13
iH2O why doesn't "say;" work to print an empty line? what is the cleanest way to do it? 21:14
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masak m: say "" 21:14
iH2O say ''
masak iH2O: historical reasons.
masak iH2O: in Perl 5, `say` means `say $_` 21:15
iH2O ok
masak iH2O: and it was decided early on that people who wrote `say;` in Perl 6 would be far too likely to mean `say $_;` (influenced by Perl 5) even though by the logic of Perl 6 it clearly means `say "";` 21:16
timotimo m: put
camelia 5===SORRY!5===
Argument to "put" seems to be malformed
at <tmp>:1
------> 3put7⏏5<EOL>
Other potential difficulties:
Function "put" may not be called without arguments (please use () or whitespace to denote arguments, or &put to r…
timotimo m: put()
timotimo m: say()
timotimo there you go, you can do that, as well
parv m: say put 21:18
yoleaux 30 Jun 2017 10:19Z <HelpBot[perl6]> parv: you should only ever use releases and not "build every day" off a random commit. Non-release commits aren't as thoroughly tested and it isn't uncommon for them to have some regressions. People who build them are like people who do 30 over speed limit: they think they know better and would like to get (bugfixes) fast, but eventually they'll come across a untested pothole that wipes all their data.
camelia 5===SORRY!5===
Argument to "put" seems to be malformed
at <tmp>:1
------> 3say put7⏏5<EOL>
Other potential difficulties:
Function "put" may not be called without arguments (please use () or whitespace to denote arguments, or &put …
masak I've always felt that those of us who don't have a strong Perl 5 lilt have been short-changed by that "potential difficulty" error. `say;` is such a nice, short, clear, straightforward thing to write.
but, on the other hand, I haven't been strongly pushing for a pragma-or-something to turn it off, either, so... :)
parv masak, i won't have minded if Perl 6 would not even bear a passing similarity to Perl 5 (which I have been using for a long time) 21:20
m: say say
camelia 5===SORRY!5===
Argument to "say" seems to be malformed
at <tmp>:1
------> 3say say7⏏5<EOL>
Other potential difficulties:
Unsupported use of bare "say"; in Perl 6 please use .say if you meant to call it as a method on $_, or use an…
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timotimo with slanngs you can make it as outlandish as you like :D 21:24
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Shanta This is Rakudo version 2016.12 built on MoarVM version 2016.12 implementing Perl 6.c. 21:34
timotimo that's rather old 21:35
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Shanta zengargoyle tried yor sugestion shorter error list but same problem 21:38
timotimo Shanta: it's definitely possible that your version of rakudo is too old to install zef 21:44
Shanta Just downloaded from the site. 21:47
timotimo you're on a 32bit windows? 21:51
no, that's 2016.01
Shanta linux
timotimo where did you download it? rakudo.org has 2017.04, or 2016.01, not 2016.12
Shanta yes
I will try again from the tar. 21:52
did the first install from the web page code as shown way above. 21:53
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El_Che Shanta: in case you just want rakudo and want to install modules with zef: github.com/nxadm/rakudo-pkg/releases 21:57
Shanta wget rakudo.perl6.org/downloads/rakudo/....06.tar.gz 3 tar xzf rakudo-2017.06.tar.gz 4 cd rakudo-2017.06/ 5 perl Configure.pl --gen-moar --gen-nqp --backends=moar 6 make 7 make install
timotimo it will not install that rakudo systemwide btw 21:58
Shanta El_Che can't get zef installed yet.
timotimo maybe you have a PATH that points to an older perl6 binary? 21:59
what would "which perl6" say?
El_Che Shanta: the link I gave you are precompiled linux packages that include a script to install zef. 22:00
Shanta I am reading the i should have .06
El_Che rakudo star on linux are: source to compiles with a set of pre-chose modules
Shanta code used to get zef git clone github.com/ugexe/zef.git Cloning into 'zef'... 22:01
timotimo + documentation 22:02
Shanta path seems to be /usr/bin/perl6
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timotimo okay, it wouldn't install that with the commandline you gave above 22:03
so that must be the przoblem
did you try installing a perl6 with your package manager?
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Shanta yes them removed it as it would be too old. 22:03
timotimo hm, but somehow it must have stuck around 22:04
Shanta Maybe I pull a windows to get the path to refresh Primarily flowing Gabor Szabo's new book. 22:07
timotimo oh cool
if there's no perl6 binary at that path, which wouldn't output it and calling perl6 wouldn't try to run it
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