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Set by moritz on 22 December 2015.
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zengargoyle Shanta: 1 cd rakudo-2017.06; 2 PATH=$PWD/share/perl5/site/bin:$PWD/bin:$PATH; 3 perl6 -v; (should be 2017.06-SOMETHING); 4 cd to zef dir; 5 perl6 -Ilib ./bin/zef install .; 6 profit! 00:14
but really, make sure you remove the old package you installed. then install as El_Che described. :) 00:15
Shanta I used apt-get and it says it dose not exist. 00:16
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zengargoyle and thats /shar/perl6/site/ my fingers type perl5 automagically. 00:16
apt list rakudo* 00:17
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zengargoyle not sure if Ubuntu uses apt vs apt-get.... 00:18
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Shanta zengargoyle Finnely got the old perl 6 off the machine. When all else fails use synatic. 00:26
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zengargoyle cool, make sure you have no perl6 and then it's probably best to follow El_Che's link to install up-to-date packages, it will probably work. 00:29
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zengargoyle or you can try my thing with the manual PATH setting. the `make install` really just installs perl6 into the ./install directory from where you ran the make command (it doesn't put it in /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin or anything like that) 00:31
you want to be able to `perl6 --version` and see 2017.06 ... 00:32
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zengargoyle just now notices it's PATH=$PWD/install/share/perl6/site/bin:$PWD/install/bin:$PATH 00:49
.tell El_Che you might want to add at least the site directory to PATH so that scripts intalled by zef can be found. 00:52
yoleaux zengargoyle: I'll pass your message to El_Che.
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zengargoyle .ask El_Che do you want 2 different install_zef scripts? 01:20
yoleaux zengargoyle: I'll pass your message to El_Che.
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zengargoyle does p6 have the p5-like INSTALLSCRIPT thing where you tell the installer to put scripts in a certain location? 01:26
zengargoyle assuming things will end up in site/bin vendor/bin ~/.perl6/bin 01:27
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ugexe well... the bin scripts get installed alongside other non-bin scripts. site/bin vendor/bin etc get *wrappers* 02:36
and a single wrapper may point to multiple versions and/or auths 02:37
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rouking is a copy created when passing an array to a sub? 02:42
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ugexe m: sub foo1(@a) { say @a.WHICH }; sub foo2(@a is copy) { say @a.WHICH }; my @a = 1..3; foo1(@a); foo2(@a); say @a.WHICH 02:59
camelia Array|59257944
ugexe rouking: ^ 03:00
zengargoyle ugexe: ok, i thought only rakudobrew did the wrapper thing. 03:01
ugexe if you're using rakudobrew you go through 2 wrappers
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zengargoyle that's cool, but a bit weird too. :) 03:03
i'm sure i have site in my bin for some reason. maybe pre-zef? 03:04
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ugexe its a tad faster to use zef via `perl6 -MZef::CLI -e '' --help` than `zef --help` 03:04
you point at site/bin if you don't use rakudobrew 03:05
zengargoyle right, which is El_Che's rakudobrew .deb/.rpm/whatever that install to /opt/rakudobrew 03:06
frak /opt/rakudo
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zengargoyle i assume it's just like a make install --previx=/opt/rakudo, no rakudobrew magic... 03:07
rouking ugexe: thanks -- didn't know about WHICH or I would've tested it myself :P 03:08
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ugexe ok to be more precise: you should not have site/bin in your PATH if you also have a rakudobrew/bin in your PATH 03:08
maybe he is using rakudobrew for a single install only, and maps the rest of the PATH stuff to that installation and not the rakudobrew shim directories 03:09
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zengargoyle ugexe: yeah, it's late and i'm tired. :) El_Che's .deb/.rpm packages are not 'rakudobrew' and probably need site, vendor, ~/.perl6/bin in path or some things will not be found. 03:10
assuming zef doesn't auto-wrap and move things to the base perl/bin 03:11
i.e. i'm talking about making perl6 yourself, or using a package, not rakudobrew. 03:12
ugexe zef doesn't wrap anything. by default it'll install to site/ or ~/.perl6 if thats not available, but they could have configured it to install to, say, vendor/ 03:13
zengargoyle yeah, but El_Che's docs don't include either site or vendor in the "set your path to this" part. 03:15
it's a really nice start, but it's my nature to complain. :P 03:16
but it's still in the more for personal use stage where the default is going to be ~/.perl6 03:17
vs an actual distro package.
zengargoyle just sets /path/to/rakudo to root:bin and rwxrwsr-x and adds myself to group bin to avoid the hassle and let other users get my stuff. :P 03:20
~.perl6 is a PITA 03:21
anyways, bedtime. 03:22
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seatek done-testing : Useless use of subtraction (-) in void context -- I must be punch-drunk, because that just made me laugh far too much 05:47
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andrzejku hey x) 06:42
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stmuk_ msg? 07:07
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andrzejku do you know if someone already started to write perl6 vm in c++? 07:13
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bioexpress Hello! If I have 2 modules which have a subroutine with the same name: does for Perl6 exist the possibility to write some sort of fully qualified subroutine name, like "module::subroutine" in Perl5? 08:08
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tadzik yeah, exactly like you wrote 08:17
has to be an "our sub" though 08:18
andrzejku: moarvm is written in C, I guess that's close enough :)
andrzejku tadzik okay thats I know
tadzik priv?:D 08:19
tadzik go ahead
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bioexpress should this work with NativeCall subroutines too? 08:34
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tadzik absolutely 08:37
on the Perl level, they're just Perl subroutines
bioexpress ok, when I write our sub it works 08:38
andrzejku emm Num $a = 2.1 08:39
bioexpress How would I solve this problem, if it were not my modules and the subs are not our subs? 08:40
andrzejku the compiler warn me that I try to use Rat type
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glauschwuffel Hi there! I'm fairly new to Perl6 and experiencing problems installing an application called "uzu" via zef. Is this the right place to ask questions about the tool chain? 08:46
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andrzejku glauschwuffel module? 08:47
you can run zef list find explicit uzu name
and then zef install <modulename>
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glauschwuffel uzu (gitlab.com/samcns/uzu) 08:48
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glauschwuffel I did what the installation docs are saying, and get this error: "Probable version skew in pre-compiled ... (Log::Any::Filter) (cause: no object at index 1044)". Is there any way to tell zef or perl6 not to use the precompiled version? 08:50
parv Numeric is wider than Real & Rat. so why is there a warning re "Sat.1 22:39:50 <andrzejku> emm Num $a = 2.1"?
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parv type relation: docs.perl6.org/images/type-graph-Rat.svg 08:52
wrong imgae. The Num: docs.perl6.org/images/type-graph-Num.svg 08:54
and i take back my comment about Num being wider than Real (was reading something else) in light of docs.perl6.org/type/Num 08:56
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parv gah! I meant Numeric not Num, and then comment does not make sense. BAKA! 09:03
time to go ...
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Geth doc: f8d9acad27 | (Jan-Olof Hendig)++ | 2 files
A few additional formatting fixes
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leont I seemed to have solved my zef issue by upgrading, but my rakudo was only from March, wasn't expecting that to be tricky 09:24
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Geth doc: 20fe051092 | (Jan-Olof Hendig)++ | doc/Type/Parameter.pod6
Added additional example to the 'raw' method
leont I'm getting a «No such symbol 'Basic'» warning (via a Failure) when doing a «require ::($name)», but everything works otherwise. I'm confused. 09:33
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Geth doc: c8ff69fbe5 | (Jan-Olof Hendig)++ | doc/Type/Parameter.pod6
Changed confusing parameter names
leont Ah, it seems to happen the second time I load a module 09:56
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rightfold Naughty Jan! 10:47
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Geth doc: 53c193e81b | (Zoffix Znet)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | doc/Language/unicode_texas.pod6
Move info about `Since` column to where it belongs

The data in the table is actually not accurate since some of these symbols aren't part of 6.c language and only will become part of 6.d
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Geth doc: d7ef195600 | (Zoffix Znet)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | doc/Language/unicode_texas.pod6
Add explanation why name "Texas"
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moritz "DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Cannot load from mysql.proc. The table is probably corrupted" 14:30
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moritz that's why the IRC logger won't stay up :( 14:30
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moritz sorry for the join spam; should be stable-ish now 14:35
FROGGS_ moritz++
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araraloren How using perl6 determine whether a file is block or socket file or not? 15:15
moritz how would you do it in C, or in Perl 5? 15:16
araraloren In C I will use fstat 15:17
I don't know in perl5
moritz then it's probably easiest to use NativeCall and fstat 15:18
araraloren I thought IO::Path or IO::Spec::Unix have method for that.. 15:21
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araraloren haha.. 15:22
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leont $filename.IO.f 15:33
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leont Hmmm, seems there is no .b or .S 15:35
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timotimo perl6 shies away from putting posixy things in core 15:55
Lambd0x Hi there. I have a situation which is this: I developed an app in perl6 which runs ok in Linux. However, I'm also testing it to run with Windows, after stalling the last .msi Rakudo Star I needed to solve a dep for my app so I went to use zef and initially wasn't working because it needed git, after getting it one error to install the module used in my app still remained. It looks for a file in C:\Users\your-user\.zef\store\projects.json which doesn't
exists, but in the same dir there exits a file named packages.json. My question is, how can I get to fix this and install the module I need.
timotimo i don't recall other good examples of things not in core, though
you don't require git to install stuff with zef if you grab things from cpan or by giving it download links for github's zip files 15:56
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Lambd0x timotimo, I chose to install it. But it ain't the problem :D 15:57
araraloren How you install git for win ? 15:59
Lambd0x with an git installer for windows. It was ok. The problem was really the remainder error.
When it starts the downloads of the deps for the modules, zef looks for a file in the dir I described above. 16:00
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Lambd0x Hence it doesn't find it, it quits the download of the module. 16:01
araraloren You can try run `zef update` first 16:03
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Lambd0x same problem 16:05
araraloren Can you paste report of zef to somewhere ? 16:06
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Lambd0x I'm actually trying. I'll have to write manually the contents of the image since the pastbin client for windows doesn't allows for pastebin images 16:09
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araraloren Quick question: is the right way to do interpolate in regex `/<$var>/` ? 16:11
`/<{$var}>/` 16:12
m: my $regex = "abc.*"; say "abcd" ~~ /<{$regex}>/;
camelia 「abcd」
araraloren m: my $regex = "abc.*"; say "abcd" ~~ /{$regex}/;
camelia 「」
araraloren m: my $regex = "abc.*"; say "abcd" ~~ /<$regex>/;
camelia 「abcd」
araraloren m: my $regex = "abc.*"; say "abcd" ~~ /$regex/;
camelia Nil
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Lambd0x araraloren, pastebin.com/d94wGZ4a 16:13
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andrzejku hi people 16:14
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araraloren Lambd0x, that file exists ? 16:17
Yeah , `/<$regex>/` is the right way to do interpolate in regex 16:19
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Lambd0x araraloren, Nops, what does exists as I stated earlier is the file called packages.json and packages.json.bak 16:20
I tried creating the filename, but don't work. I'm running cmd.exe with admin access btw. 16:21
araraloren I check on my pc, it was exists
IDK, maybe you can ask zef's author 16:22
Lambd0x which version of rakudo star you have, my friend? 16:23
araraloren I think packages.json would be exists in sub directory of **store/**
Lambd0x I'm using the one of two months ago (latest release)
araraloren I manual install from rakudo source 16:24
Lambd0x I see.
araraloren Maybe you can reinstall zef by yourself
only zef
Lambd0x I guess. Will get a terminal emulator running for that purpose then.
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araraloren my version is old too, it was version 2017.02 16:25
Lambd0x :)
araraloren Lambd0x, I use bash on win10, it was cool, for me
Lambd0x Yeah, but I'm still with 8.1 here 16:26
will upgrade as soon as possible.
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pmurias how should I parse a .pod6 file? 16:27
araraloren Em, good luck, I gotta go to sleep now
Lambd0x araraloren, thanks a lot.
good sleep.
araraloren perl6 --doc ./*.pod
good night
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pmurias I want to get the Pod::* objects not the text form 16:40
moritz pmurias: htmlify.p6 in the perl6/doc repo uses some nasty trick to get the the Pod::* objects 16:41
but I don't remember which one; might need to look into its sources 16:42
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pmurias moritz: thanks, it looks like writing a Pod::To::* module and pluging it into --doc will be enough to extract what I want 16:45
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Geth doc: 49aab84d47 | (Jan-Olof Hendig)++ | doc/Type/Str.pod6
Added docs for method Bool
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travis-ci Doc build errored. Jan-Olof Hendig 'Added docs for method Bool' 17:52
travis-ci.org/perl6/doc/builds/249376186 github.com/perl6/doc/compare/d7ef1...aab84d4782
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BenGoldberg So I'm attempting to implement perl class representing a fixed-length C array, by defining a class with a repr of CStruct, and appropriately large; I do nativecast( CArray[...], self ) for efficient access. *however*, I want to cache the result of the cast, and I'm not sure how to do so. 18:38
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moritz how do you cache something? by assigning it to a variable 19:19
Geth doc: bb96b2bf64 | (Jan-Olof Hendig)++ | doc/Type/Proc.pod6
Added missing method definition
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BenGoldberg And how do I make sure that that variable has the same lifetime as a particular object? 19:27
timotimo make it an attribute :)
BenGoldberg And how do I make it an attribute, when the class I want to make it an attribute *of*, has repr('CStruct')? 19:28
BenGoldberg gives up. I'll just implement PositionalBindFailover, and let the array version get (re)generated on an as-needed basis. Not precisely performant, *shrug* 19:30
timotimo might have to use composition for that 19:31
moritz BenGoldberg: you make a container object that has both the repr('CStruct') as an attribute, and the cached value as another attribute 19:34
timotimo the problem is that you can't just pass that CStruct to native functions/methods
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Geth doc: 28f453651f | (Jan-Olof Hendig)++ | doc/Type/Pod/Block/Comment.pod6
Added docs for Pod comments
dogbert2 moritz: do you think that I could take relevant parts of the material from design.perl6.org/S26.html#Pod_comments and add to the recently commited doc for Pod::Block::Comment? 19:49
BenGoldberg Mostly I want to use this (with "HAS") within other CStructs... think of sockaddr_un, for example. 19:50
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iH2O this doesn't work, won't accept the rw. is there a solution? for 'myfile'.IO.lines -> $line is rw {} 19:53
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mst iH2O: read the file, modify the lines, write the file back out 20:05
iH2O: trying to modify lines-of-a-file on the fly is not generally sane
iH2O: because it means re-writing the entire remainder of the file every time 20:06
which, ew
iH2O I want to modify the lines and write them to a new file 20:09
i can declare a new variable since the block like $myline=$line and modify $myline 20:10
thats patching
mst is there an 'is copy' maybe? 20:11
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iH2O is copy works. thx 20:15
thats good enough
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ufobat is this supposed to work or not? gist.github.com/ufobat/8da682892cb...fc8154ce00 20:18
moritz ufobat: you never initialized $!private 20:24
ufobat: so it remains a type object
ufobat: and you can't access attributes from type objects, so the error looks legit 20:25
m: class A { has $.b = 'secret' }; A.b 20:26
camelia Cannot look up attributes in a A type object
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
moritz same error, golf'ed
ufobat hm :/ 20:32
right, 20:33
thanks 20:35
moritz you're welcome
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ufobat what about this: gist.github.com/ufobat/92a4eead04b...92c44c0276 20:46
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ufobat i find the error No such private method '!!private' strange 20:50
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timotimo yeah, it's somehow derping out. can you get a --target=ast or --target=optimize and find the line where it compiles that call? 21:18
to see if it really thinks it's supposed to call a method named "!!private" or if the error is just being generated wrong?
Geth doc: 0cc0711d27 | (Jan-Olof Hendig)++ | doc/Type/Pod/Heading.pod6
Added doc file for Pod::Heading
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ufobat will do :) 21:33
if i change method set_private(A $a) { self!private ... } to $!private the error changes to
P6opaque: no such attribute '$!private' in type B when trying to get a value
so i guess its not just a wrong error message, isnt it? 21:34
timotimo, gist.github.com/ufobat/92a4eead04b...6#comments <- thats the ast, i dont understand it :/ 21:36
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timotimo the interesting part seems to be missing? 22:02
perhaps it throws an exception for that code immediately 22:03
and tthat's why it doesn't show up? perhaps?
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ufobat ahm? 22:06
there is not really something else :( 22:07
do you want to see the whole output?
or? i dont know what to do :/
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Geth doc: 88421a484b | (Tom Browder)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | doc/Language/unicode.pod6
add example of dec and hex codepoint entry

closes #1402
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timotimo ufobat: i didn't actually see that it was two files, that's why the private method call wasn't in the output 22:37
because the output is onyl for the file you call it with, not any dependencies 22:38
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seatek wow Inline::Perl5 actually works really well! nine++ :) 22:44
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