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Set by moritz on 22 December 2015.
buggable 🎺🎺🎺 It's time for the monthly Accidental /win Lottery 😍😍😍 We have 1 ballots submitted by 1 users! DRUM ROLL PLEASE!... 00:00
And the winning number is 99! Congratulations to samcv! You win a can of WD40!
samcv yay 00:02
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Perl6 Happy new Year everyone! 00:17
And good night :) 00:18
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Herby_ I'm teaching myself a little bit about SQL and am stumped on an example 00:26
I have a table with two columns: FilmName, FilmProfit
I'd like to return a count of films with FilmProfit > 500000000, and count of < 500000000 00:27
Ven`` happy new year :)
Herby_ I'd like to start using actual databases for my programs instead of text files
Ven``: you too! 00:28
Ven`` Herby_: what's the issue you're having?
Herby_ Teaching myself SQL and stumped on an exercise 00:29
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comborico1611 Heh. I'm just starting on MySQL 00:31
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Herby_ o/ \o 00:35
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Herby_ got it figured out: stackoverflow.com/questions/127893...-sql-query 00:38
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AlexDaniel Herby_: fwiw sql and database management systems are cool, but for simple programs using files is just fine 01:00
timotimo IMO, sqlite is a nice replacement for "just use a text file"
(i have heard often "sqlite is not a replacement for mysql/postgresql/mssql, but a replacement for fopen". i like that sentiment) 01:01
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comborico1611 It's cold out here in Texas, boys. 01:06
geekosaur "cold" 01:07
(single digits Fahrenheit here, likely to bottom out around -5Β°F overnight, or lower if the clouds stay away long enough.) 01:08
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Herby_ AlexDaniel: thanks 01:44
comborico1611: its a little chilly in Colorado too
TimToady in Mountain View, we're gonna go all the way down to 44℉ :) 01:46
(currently 54℉ though) 01:47
poor us :)
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timotimo .tell moritz quotable6 can't grab irc data right now because irclog.perlgeek.de/p6dev/2017-12-31 gives a 500 internal server error if Accept: application/json is set :( 02:28
yoleaux timotimo: I'll pass your message to moritz.
buggable New CPAN upload: JSON-Fast-0.9.9.tar.gz by TIMOTIMO cpan.metacpan.org/authors/id/T/TI/...9.9.tar.gz
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Herby_ timotimo++ 02:30
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Zoffix m: my \test = *.say; test(42) 03:16
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Variable '&test' is not declared
at <tmp>:1
------> 3my \test = *.say; 7⏏5test(42)
Zoffix boo
m: my \test = *.say; test.(42)
camelia 42
Zoffix Ah
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Zoffix m: "/tmp".IO.mkdir(0).say 04:05
camelia "/tmp".IO
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Zoffix m: "/tmp".IO.mkdir(0).mode.say 04:05
camelia 1777
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Zoffix sucks this got missed during IO grant >_< 04:05
"foo/bar/ber".IO.mkdir(0).say is even worse. Makes `foo` and can't make `bar` but doesn't complain about that 04:08
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Kaiepi happy new year!! 04:11
Zoffix Kaiepi: HNY! 04:12
R#1357 04:25
synopsebot R#1357 [open]: github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/1357 IO::Path.mkdir's behaviour poorly defined / routine doesn't fail when it should
Zoffix Made a spec proposal to clarify the behaviour of mkdir
well, of IO::Path.mkdir; &mkdir remains the same and will just return a list of paths that did not fail
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Zoffix ZofBot: HAPPY NEW YEAR BRUH!!!! 05:00
ZofBot Zoffix, 11? I asked becuase fpm (what I use to generate pkgs) is broken on alpine so I went into the rabbit hole to create the pkg manually using the tools (that downloads and compiles the stuff for you) you can get a package, but you loose a lot of flexibility I don't want to figure out how patches work on
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buggable New CPAN upload: PDF-Font-Loader-0.1.9.tar.gz by WARRINGD cpan.metacpan.org/authors/id/W/WA/...1.9.tar.gz 05:58
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Zoffix Looks like throws-like() is warty too. While it checks for throwage, it does so while enabling `use fatal` and probably sinking result too, so deliberly explodes Failures that the user of the routine might wish to not have 06:29
A couple of roast tests hid the bug due to this 06:30
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Geth doc: ccafec86af | (Zoffix Znet)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | doc/Language/testing.pod6
Document `throws-like` LTAness with Failures
synopsebot Link: doc.perl6.org/language/testing
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travis-ci Doc build errored. Zoffix Znet 'Document `throws-like` LTAness with Failures' 06:48
travis-ci.org/perl6/doc/builds/323725927 github.com/perl6/doc/compare/cd221...afec86aff6
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buggable [travis build above] ☠ Did not recognize some failures. Check results manually. 06:48
Zoffix "oci runtime error: exec failed: container_linux.go:265: starting container process caused "could not create session key: disk quota exceeded""
I guess that'll resolve itself, no? 06:49
ZofBot: it's Y2K18 BUG!
ZofBot Zoffix, Couldn't do enough for me for a while
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travis-ci Doc build errored. Zoffix Znet 'Document `throws-like` LTAness with Failures' 06:52
travis-ci.org/perl6/doc/builds/323725927 github.com/perl6/doc/compare/cd221...afec86aff6
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buggable [travis build above] ☠ Did not recognize some failures. Check results manually. 06:52
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Zoffix m: -> Int() $x { dd $x }.signature.params.head.constraints.say 10:04
camelia ( no output )
Zoffix ^ interesting side effect of making Junctions work with output routines. There exist values on which calling .say produces no output, so it doesn't always print "\n" :) 10:05
m: say all()
camelia ( no output )
Zoffix wc
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jdv79 kool 13:29
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mspo man another one 14:18
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stmuk_ a hangover and I see "fruit salad" on the channel .. at least it doesn't blink 15:05
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Perl6 Hey guys when I try to use zef it says command not found 15:06
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stmuk Perl6: its probably either not installed or not in your PATH? 15:10
Perl6 stmuk: It's definitely installed, and I think it's in the right place 15:21
stmuk: I know because if I try to install it again it says "All candidates already installed. No reason to proceed" 15:22
Oh wait how do I access my PATH? 15:25
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stmuk which directory did you install perl6 under? 15:26
Perl6 stmuk: I think it's /home/user/zef
stmuk: Oh wait perl6, sorry, one second. :P Oops 15:28
It's in /home/user
stmuk ls -l /home/user/share/perl6/site/bin 15:29
do you see zef there?
Perl6 No such file or folder 15:31
stmuk what does "type perl6" say? 15:33
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Perl6 perl6 is /home/user/rakudo-star-2017.07/perl6 15:40
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stmuk export PATH=$PATH:/home/user/rakudo-star-2017.07/share/perl6/site/bin 15:41
Perl6 I am afraid this will break my perl 6 command lol 15:42
stmuk the rakudo star installation process would have told you that :)
Perl6 Okay, I entered the command
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Perl6 Now type perl6 returns (/home/user/rakudo-star-2017.07/perl6) 15:43
stmuk zef should work now
Perl6 Hmm doesn't seem to. Maybe I should restart my PC? 15:44
stmuk you probably mistyped the PATH
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gfldex Perl6: if restarting your PC helps you to understand the problem… 15:47
Perl6 gfldex: lol 15:48
gfldex Perl6: see if the following is revealing: ls -la $HOME/.perl6/ 15:52
Perl6 That gives me a whole bunch of information 15:53
gfldex Perl6: try find $HOME -name zef 15:54
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Perl6 Okay, that returns /home/user : is a folder 16:00
stmuk "locate zef"
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comborico1611_ You know whats weird? 16:01
what's 16:02
Question! what is the combiner x called (trying to read docs; there are many links in search)
Perl6 Locate zef game a massive amount of folders, mostly /home/user/zef/morepaths/... 16:03
comborico1611_ Ex. my $var = " " x $other-var;
Perl6 There are a few in /opt/rakudo-star... too
Herby_ comborico1611: cross operator? 16:04
comborico1611_ You sound unsure. :)
I'll check. Thanks!
"Cross operator" is not showing up in search results. 16:05
stmuk hmmm sounds like you have multiple installations .. Star would have put it under its own directory plus "share/perl6/site/bin/zef"
Herby_ comborico1611: i'm seeing stuff referring to it as a metaoperator
comborico1611_ Thanks!
Herby_ or infix cross operator 16:06
comborico1611_ I see it in Docs. The search will not show cross operator, but it will meta operator 16:07
stmuk Perl6: it might be easier to install Rakudo Star 2017.10 anyway and take note of the paths displayed at the last step of the install
comborico1611_ I forgot how to submit a complaint.
Perl6 stmuk: Yeah, probably :P Thanks for your help 16:08
comborico1611_ I too had trouble installing Rakudo Perl 6. Eventually, I just typed in "perl6" into Bash.
Then the prompt said to install this type "blah blah blah".
Blah blah blah = sudo apt install rakudo 16:09
Something like that.
The official installation instructions were not good. 16:10
Herby_: Nope. It's not Infix Cross Operator. 16:11
I tried a capital x in the code, and it threw an error.
Herby_ then I'll have to defer to one of the brighter minds lounging around here :) 16:12
gfldex m: say "many" x 10;
camelia manymanymanymanymanymanymanymanymanymany
gfldex this ^^^ one?
comborico1611_ Ahh
Herby_ m: say "Happy New Year" x 3
camelia Happy New YearHappy New YearHappy New Year
comborico1611_ No problems, Herb. Thanks for the help! 16:13
A clue!
Yeah, it's that.
Now, what is its name? Haha.
And, what does infix mean? 16:14
Dictionary and Docs didn't help.
Herby_ infix operator: characterized by the placement of operators between operands
essentially the operator is in the middle 16:15
2 + 3
5 * 8
"hello" x 5
versus postfix: $number++ 16:16
versus prefix: ++$number
comborico1611_ Thanks! 16:17
Strange that the normal setup of operator and operands needs a name.
So the categories again are infix, postfix, and prefix, right? 16:18
Herby_ docs.perl6.org/language/operators
comborico1611_ Thanks!
Herby_ take a peek there. looks like there are quite a bit of categories that i've never heard of
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comborico1611_ Whoa. Thats a bunch of operators, let alone categories. 16:20
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gfldex comborico1611_: please note we got a few more in docs.perl6.org/language/setbagmix 16:24
Herby_ holy canoli!
:) 16:25
Perl6 wow
comborico1611_ No offense, dear perl6ers, but I think this is how perl gets a reputation for unreadable.
16:25 geospeck joined
gfldex any language you don't know is unreadable 16:26
comborico1611_ There are so many operators that one can be good with perl6, but still not understand some things because of the copious operators.
Yes, I get that.
timotimo there are more operators compared to, for example, python, but one operator only means ~one thing in perl6 whereas it can mean ~many things in, for example, python 16:27
comborico1611_ I'm just giving an honest opinion of what seems to be obvious to me. But I don't know any programming language well, but I am familiar with 3 others, and this one by-far has the most operators.
Geth doc: f80757f9d3 | (Jeremy Studer)++ | doc/Language/quoting.pod6
Indicate that Β« Β» is equivalent to qq:ww:v

And link to the adverbs anchor on page.
Also move the indices for the quoting adverbs above the table's introductory statement, so that the anchors are created above it and it is visible (and provides context) upon linking.
synopsebot Link: doc.perl6.org/language/quoting
timotimo yeah, perl is definitely operator-rich 16:28
comborico1611_ But you know, I get these feeling Larry Wall really knows what he is doing. And that's why I'm here.
gfldex operators are easy to search for. If you got a method call on an object, you first need to find the type of that object, before you can even start to look the method up.
comborico1611_ these=this
timotimo but we tend to think putting the information of what an operator does into the operator rather than the types you pass it is a good idea
Herby_ Is there a Perl 6 style/formatting guide floating around somewhere? I find that would help newcomers/beginners manage better 16:29
i include myself in that crowd
comborico1611_ What does this mean at the top of a program? use v6; 16:33
gfldex Herby_: we don't got any that I know of. You may want to read code by jnthn if you want to see beauty.
comborico1611_ I took it out, and it didnt' crash the program.
gfldex comborico1611_: it's a hint to the compiler. A perl5 compiler should complain. 16:34
Herby_ gfldex: thanks
comborico1611_ gfldex, oh yeah? I'll need to look at that. Thank!
gfldex in the future we can use that to tell the compiler it should compile for an older verion of perl6
16:35 Perl6 left
comborico1611_ I see. Rosenfeld needs to include this info with the sample code. Geez. 16:35
gfldex Herby_: that's a good start: github.com/croservices/cro
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Herby_ gfldex: i'll give it a look, thanks 16:45
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comborico1611_ I just discovered personally that Firefox Find In Page is better than Opera's. 16:48
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travis-ci Doc build passed. Jeremy Studer 'Indicate that Β« Β» is equivalent to qq:ww:v 16:53
travis-ci.org/perl6/doc/builds/323808129 github.com/perl6/doc/compare/ccafe...0757f9d35d
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Herby_ what are people's go to option when trying to pretty print json to see whats going on? 16:59
16:59 Ven`` joined
gfldex Herby_: see packages.debian.org/stretch/jq 17:00
TEttinger I convert the JSON to XML then UML then tie a noose just in case. happy new year!
Herby_ gfldex: I'm on Windows 10
maybe I should have said pretty print data structures
gfldex Herby_: good luck to you then :->
Herby_ doesnt have to be json
gfldex jq should compile in cygwin 17:01
Herby_ do you use pretty::printer or data::dump?
TEttinger jq is that language that always "beats" perl 6 in code length competitions, right?
"beats" in quotes because it's complete gibberish when it does
gfldex no, jq is kind of css selectors on the CLI 17:02
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TEttinger is it a different jq? 17:05
gfldex seams so
Herby_ i think its just J
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TEttinger ah, it's Jelly I was thinking of 17:14
codegolf.stackexchange.com/questio...rray/71183 17:15
jq is used in an answer here, not the best (6 bytes!)
perigrin I don't think you're ready for that Jelly.
Herby_ i'll stick to Jam 17:16
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AlexDaniel squashable6: next 18:37
squashable6 AlexDaniel, βš πŸ• Next SQUASHathon in 3 days and β‰ˆ15 hours (2018-01-06 UTC-12⌁UTC+14). See github.com/rakudo/rakudo/wiki/Mont...Squash-Day
AlexDaniel oh wow, so soon!
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AlexDaniel lizmat: ↑ maybe 19:07
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Herby_ I wonder if Laurent Rosenfeld should submit his book here: devfreebooks.github.io/ 19:08
Think Perl 6 that is
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AlexDaniel lizmat: blah, wrong channel. ↑ was meant to be in #perl6-dev 19:41
lizmat assume it was about the next Squashathon ? 19:42
any special attention area for it ?
AlexDaniel lizmat: no I was thinking about the December report: github.com/rakudo/rakudo/wiki/Ticket-updates 19:48
but squashathon too, please
lizmat could you generate a report about the whole of 2017? would like to add that to the Statistics item of the P6W I'm working on 19:49
AlexDaniel lizmat: :( can't 19:56
no data was gathered back then, unfortunately
it should be possible, in theory, but reportable6 does not work like that 19:57
lizmat AlexDaniel: ok, too bad, next year then :-) 19:58
AlexDaniel yes, definitely!
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El_Che ok, failing "t/02-rakudo/08-repeat.t" is not docker related. Just tried to build in on my linux machine (not in a container) and it still fails 20:45
b2gills It was cold here in Iowa for new years celebrations, the temp was around -15Β°F.
El_Che I don't get how it's not failing for core devs
I'll try it on a mac as well
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lizmat El_Che++ 21:04
lizmat doesn't understand either 21:05
gfldex m: my &code = *.grep(Int).sort[0,*-1]; say code [5, 4, 2, 9, 1, 10, 5]; 21:08
camelia (1 10)
El_Che lizmat: I'll be damned. It passes on macos high sierra
lizmat is glad she's not crazy 21:09
El_Che what we know so far: the dev that added the test uses macos :) 21:10
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Herby_ b2gills: that is a little chilly 21:12
El_Che the question is if the test is broken of if there is something broken on Linux
(probably the biggest target OS)
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Zoffix El_Che: that test passes on rakudo's Linux travis and passes for me on Linux too 21:12
Herby_ Zoffix: o/
Zoffix \o 21:13
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El_Che Zoffix: it fails on my 15 Linux travis builds 21:13
Zoffix El_Che: and on your local Linux too, right? 21:14
El_Che Zoffix: we're talking i386 and amd64 on Debian, Fedora, Centos, Alpine and Ubuntu
Zoffix: yes
Ubuntu amd64 17.10
Zoffix El_Che: passes locally: gist.github.com/zoffixznet/c94ded0...1458e40ebc 21:15
El_Che just built it on local linux and macos
lizmat AlexDaniel: could you add an "all-time" report about tickets, for the time that data was collected ? 21:16
Zoffix El_Che: what's your `ulimit -a`? Mine's gist.github.com/zoffixznet/53873c4...424c94523d
lizmat AlexDaniel: then I could use those numbers for 2017 (indicating that it would only be partial anyway) 21:17
AlexDaniel just use the first and last snapshots?
reportable6: list
reportable6 AlexDaniel, gist.github.com/42ceb156ff84759c72...7c6f899a20
AlexDaniel reportable6: 2017-10-06T02:26:20Z 2018-01-01T18:00:00Z 21:18
reportable6 AlexDaniel, OK, working on it! This may take up to 40 seconds
AlexDaniel like this?
reportable6 AlexDaniel, gist.github.com/78c210faff30fb1234...36fb512821
AlexDaniel reportable6: 2017-10-06T02:26:20Z 2018-01-01T00:00:00Z
reportable6 AlexDaniel, OK, working on it! This may take up to 40 seconds
El_Che Zoffix: gist.github.com/nxadm/1680e0e1483b...7db13d329d 21:19
Zoffix: nothing special there
reportable6 AlexDaniel, gist.github.com/b1661b2879c4e352ab...7d6e0a58ae
Zoffix Yeah.
El_Che: no idea then :S
lizmat www.perl.com/article/a-slow-boat-to-data/ # Nadim++
El_Che Zoffix: specially because the build fails on my local machine in in docker containers run in travis 21:20
Zoffix: some of my values are higher
but I don't recall changing them on that machine 21:21
being higher would mean reaching the danger zone earlier 21:22
Zoffix: are you testing the released tars or something on bleed
timotimo idiom of the day: $foobar = (.IO with %*ENV<PATH_TO_THE_FILE) // $default_value; 21:23
Zoffix El_Che: bleed 21:24
Juerd timotimo: I'd probably use %ENV<PATH>.?IO 21:25
timotimo oh, hm
Zoffix $foobar = %*ENV<PATH_TO_THE_FILE>.?IO // $default_value;
timotimo yeah, that's not bad
Juerd Or to be honest, probably (%ENV<PATH> // $default-path).IO 21:26
But that kinda depends on the rest of the code
Zoffix El_Che: I see some failures on travis on Linux, but I think it's still reverberations from New Years glitch and none of the failures are in the test file you're mentioning: travis-ci.org/rakudo/rakudo/jobs/3...8096#L1480
El_Che Zoffix: travis-ci.org/nxadm/rakudo-pkg/builds/321564136 21:28
timotimo yeah, the other half of the thing was actually $other-thing.add("blah"), so it was already an IO
an extra .IO is of course a no-op on that, but i still wanted it separate
El_Che Zoffix: you'll see they all fail on the same test 21:29
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El_Che I was wondering if rakudo-pkg could be a canary for release candidates. A lot of extra platforms to test. I'll see if I can automate that 21:31
Zoffix El_Che: what does this tell you maximum ram usage is on your linux box where it fails? /usr/bin/time perl6 -e 'say ("a" x 1073741824).chars == 1073741824'
sudo apt-get time; # unless you don't want to install it; in which case, does that code say "True" or does it fail? 21:32
El_Che anyway, if someone knowledgable about the repeat test would ping if it can be ignore or not. So I can release 2017.12 pkgs
Zoffix: gist.github.com/nxadm/9394d5c40be7...9d8d540c84 21:33
Zoffix c: 2016.05 say β€˜a’ x 9999999999999999999
committable6 Zoffix, ¦2016.05: «repeat count (-8446744073709551617) cannot be negative␀ in block <unit> at /tmp/bC90dUu_q3 line 1␀␀ «exit code = 1»»
Zoffix The original test just covered this bug ^
c: 2016.05 say β€˜a’ x 999999999999999999
committable6 Zoffix, ¦2016.05: «repeat count > 1073741824 arbitrarily unsupported...␀ in block <unit> at /tmp/qANaMATiTp line 1␀␀ «exit code = 1»»
Zoffix And this
El_Che: can you pastebin the full output of the failing testfile? ./perl6 t/02-rakudo/08-repeat.t 21:34
El_Che the time output is for 2017.11 already installed
running 21:36
Zoffix It should complete instantly... 21:37
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El_Che gist.github.com/nxadm/207fb12975ef...963b158594 21:37
moarvm panic
Zoffix El_Che: this code panics too, right? perl6 -e 'my $a = "a" x 2**30; my $b = "b" x 2**30; my $c = $a ~ $b; my $d = $b ~ $a; my $e = $c ~ $d;' 21:38
El_Che hungry bastard, 8,5 gb
Zoffix :o 21:39
El_Che running
not panicking yet :)
Zoffix m: my $a = "a" x 2**30; my $b = "b" x 2**30; my $c = $a ~ $b; my $d = $b ~ $a; my $e = $c ~ $d;
camelia Can't concatenate strings, required number of graphemes 4294967296 > max allowed of 4294967295
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
Zoffix It should bail out ^ like that right away
El_Che it did now
took 20 sec or something like that 21:40
identic error
Zoffix why does it take 20sec tho :S 21:41
El_Che first test with correct perl6: gist.github.com/nxadm/52e8e320a92f...2f12c06195
machine has 16gb of ram, mostly not used 21:42
seems fast enough
Zoffix El_Che: what distro are you using there? I'm gonna fire it up in VM to see if I can repro this
El_Che ubuntu 17.10 amd64
but the point is, is that it fails on ALL distros 21:43
(see my travis link)
make it 40 sec
Zoffix El_Che: ok, then lets try something else first. How do you build your rakudos? Perhaps our build steps differ 21:44
$ cd $(mktemp -d); echo -e '#include <stdio.h>\nint main(void) { printf("%lld\\n", 0xFFFFFFFFLL); return 1; }' | gcc -x c -; ./a.out 21:46
4294967295 21:47
Do you get the same number?
geekosaur o.O 21:51
Zoffix lol 21:52
What's wrong? :)
geekosaur that result is correct for (long) and (int). (long long) should be larger unless printf() is broken 21:53
wait, I am misreading, sorry
Zoffix *phew* :)
geekosaur LL suffix should prevent extension of that constant 21:54
although C has some problems even in the standard around that
and, well, printf. even with ll flag (this gets into why the problems extend even into the standard) 21:55
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Zoffix m: -> Int:D('and not just :D but THE :D, please') $x { dd $x }(42) 22:02
camelia 42
Zoffix giggles
lizmat and another Perl 6 Weekly hits the Net: p6weekly.wordpress.com/2018/01/01/...-6-alerts/
Zoffix :o over 10000 commits daum 22:05
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gfldex lizmat: a surprisingly sober weekly :) 22:06
lizmat well, I did have a lot to drink last night and got only out of bed around 3:30pm, almost immediately catching up to work on the P6W 22:07
so... sober? more a bit hangovvery :-) 22:08
Zoffix lizmat++ # good weekly. The Yearly Stats blew my mind 22:10
lizmat hehe... mischief achieved :-) 22:11
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Zoffix for pushing weeklys as info alerts: it's up to you really. If you give me some stable host for your IRC, I can add you to the p6lert bot so you could publish 22:12
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lizmat well, the P6W is not really core now, is it ? 22:14
that would be my reason not to push it as an alert 22:15
Zoffix OK :)
Zoffix goes back to hacking on definiteHOWQ coercers
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jnthn lizmat++ # weekly...especially collecting the stats :) 22:16
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lizmat makes it an early night 22:27
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