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Set by Zoffix on 25 May 2018.
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Xliff \o 01:27
yoleaux 13 May 2018 11:55Z <Zoffix> Xliff: flatmap is slated for removal in 6.e, with deprecation in 6.d, so what it should do is moot. But with other routines, we generally don't add a Whatever or argless candidate unless the default is very clear. We aren't Perl 5.
13 May 2018 12:41Z <Zoffix> Xliff: P.S.: the no-op map would be `{$_}`, not `*.self`, as the latter will blow up any unhandled Failures.
Xliff Zoffix++
I'm bored. Will p6 for cookies. 01:28
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Xliff Figgers. It's FRYday. 01:29
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dominix hi proficient perl6 gurus 01:56
I would like to be able to use commnd line ARGS the same way as in perl5
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dominix but that does works 01:56
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dominix perl6 permute.p6 ralu 01:57
echo ralu | perl6 permute.p6
#! env perl6 -n for @*ARGS -> $a { for $a.comb.permutations { $_.join.say } } 01:58
Juerd Could you share the equivalent Perl 5 construct? Because I can't think of anything that takes either a string (not filename) from @ARGV or STDIN 01:59
There's the magic ARGV filehandle, that's used with <> or readline ARGV, but that takes filenames on the command line, and returns the lines from the file(s) 02:00
The equivalent of 'ARGV' is '$*ARGFILES', the equivalent of '<>' is just 'get' (which is short for get($*ARGFILES) or $*ARGFILES.get) 02:03
Or actually, <<>>, the secure and saner version of <>. 02:04
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Xliff Aaand... more minor additions to my SQL parser. 02:20
Xliff drops mic.
dominix does it work even if ARGS are not files ? 02:34
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Zoffix dominix: yeah, $*ARGFILES is just an IO::CatHandle and it can work with any collection of IO::Handle or IO::Pipe objects 02:41
So I just built rakudo on Raspberri Pi B+. I was kinda expecting this to take several hours based on descriptions of people saying that it takes ages, but it actually got done in 25 minutes. 02:42
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dominix ARGFILE try to open a file on a command line, but I want to just use the name provided on the command line 02:49
Zoffix dominix: use how? 02:50
dominix for @*ARGS -> $a { for $a.comb.permutations { $_.join.say }
Zoffix dominix: OK. So that works, right? 02:51
dominix it works if I call perl6 permute.p6 tru lol
Zoffix dominix: so what's the problem? 02:52
dominix but it doesn't if I cal echo tru lol |perl6 permute.p6
I want both possibility
Zoffix dominix: and what happens in `echo tru lol |perl6 permute.p6 true lol` case? 02:53
dominix I ended with if @*ARGS { ...} else { for $*ARGFILES.lines -> $a ...
but it is not nice
Zoffix You can write it as `for @*ARGS || $*ARGFILES.lines -> $a { ... }` 02:54
geekosaur most things optimize the files-or-stdin case, not the argstrings-or-stdin case
Zoffix You can write it as `for @*ARGS || lines() -> $a { ... }` 02:55
lucs echo tru lol | xargs perl6 permute.p6 # Maybe?
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dominix this doesnt work # echo one two three |perl6 -e 'say $_ for reverse @*ARGS' 02:55
Zoffix dominix: that's because you're confusing STDIN and command line arguments 02:56
dominix this doesnt work # echo one two three |perl6 -e 'say $_ for reverse @*ARGFILES'
Zoffix dominix: that's because it's $*ARGFILES, not @*ARGFILES
dominix perl6 -e '.say for $*ARGFILES.lines;' ral lar arl 02:57
this produce error
Zoffix dominix: that's because you're telling it to open `ral lar arl` as files
dominix Failed to open file /home/dominix/src/perl6/ral: No such file or directory
Zoffix dominix: echo one two three |perl6 -e 'say $_ for reverse @*ARGS || words' 02:58
@*ARGS are command line arguments, $*ARGFILES takes them and opens them as files or uses $*IN if they're not specified.
dominix ok, do do I proceed to get the name provided on command line with both "echo name| perl 6 prog" and "perl6 prog name" 02:59
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dominix how 02:59
Zoffix dominix: echo one two three |perl6 -e 'say $_ for reverse @*ARGS || words'
dominix nice 03:00
Zoffix dominix: or `lines` instead of `words` or some more complex parsing, depending on how you want STDIN to be processed
dominix $*ARGFILES was just a wrong use of this
Zoffix Yup
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dominix thanks Zoffix: 03:29
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Zoffix Any time. 03:41
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Xliff Use of uninitialized value $repo-id of type Any in string context. 04:02
Methods .^name, .perl, .gist, or .say can be used to stringify it to something meaningful.
That was during compile.
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Xliff Why am I getting this when I am trying to use a Grammar => "Too many positionals passed; expected 1 argument but got 2" 04:13
Please note, this is the Grammar, not the Action class.
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Xliff Hello. Is anyone around? 04:55
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Summertime is there much mechanism to create your own repl, in the standard library? 05:50
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araraloren Xliff hi 06:30
Summertime REPL ? I have a module maybe help you, not in stdlib 06:31
Xliff araraloren: Hi! 06:33
araraloren: Do you have any experience with Grammars?
araraloren yeah, a little
Xliff If not, if you have a problem you want another pair of eyes on, then let me know.
araraloren: Do you know why I am getting the following error when trying to use a token in a rule? 06:34
"Too many positionals passed; expected 1 argument but got 2
jmerelo Xliff: Can we see the code?
araraloren Xliff in my memory, maybe the token name
Xliff Key thing here. I am trying to use one grammar as a subclass of another. 06:35
araraloren Xliff I face that problem serval times
but you better post your code here
or gist
jmerelo Xliff: or post it to StackOverflow _and_ also here.
Xliff jmerelo: github.com/Xliff/perl6-Parser-Sql/....pm6#L1090
The <CREATE> triggers the errors, but it is a method of Tokens, so it should inherit, right? 06:36
araraloren wow, a huage file
jmerelo Xliff: oh, wow
araraloren: I see like 10 different rules/tokens there. Every time you do |, you might want to create a separate token 06:37
Xliff: what's the whole error?
araraloren Can I get the error run your project ? 06:38
jmerelo Xliff: there's also Grammar::Debugger and Grammar::Tracer. It will help you showing what's going on there...
Xliff If you want to check out the error, clone the project.
Then run the following from the cloned directory: 06:39
perl6 -Ilib scripts/grammarTest.pl6
jmerelo: Already ahead of you. See ^^
jmerelo: I am trying not to have too many one-off tokens. 06:40
jmerelo Xliff: that leads to too many difficult to debug errors
Xliff I'm beginning to wonder if that's the problem I am running into. However, that's just a guess.
jmerelo: This is an SQL parser. I am expecting difficult.
What I am not expecting, are misleading errors. 06:41
It is saying it is getting 2 positionals, however... to my knowledge... tokens and rules don't TAKE any unless you specify it in the sig.
So.... token CREATE { 'CREATE' } should just match 'CREATE' 06:42
jmerelo Xliff: token and rules are just routines
Xliff I know
Which is why this is so frustrating. 06:43
I am hoping this is not some under-the-hood thing...
But I am thinking the inherited tokens are breaking.
jmerelo Xliff: I have cloned your repo. However, it does not have a META6.json file so I can't install dependencies easily
Xliff No. It really doesn't have any.
This is NOT ready-to-distribute code in ANY way. 06:44
jmerelo: If you would like to send a PR for a META6.json, I'd really appreciate it.
araraloren Xliff I figure out, it's the token name problem
jmerelo XLiff: It does. Grammar::Tracer. If it's not maybe it's better if you don't tell people to clone it in order to see the error. Just post the error.
araraloren you better change CREATE to something other
the token name 06:45
Xliff *headdesk*
Are you kidding me?
Reserved word conflict?
araraloren yeah, I think it is
I already told you, I face this problem serval times 06:46
Xliff Thank you!
araraloren It's not any syntax error obviously
Xliff bearhugs araraloren!
Now I need to see why the match still fails.
araraloren yeah, good luck
Xliff Yeah. Grammar::Tracer isn't much help, here. 06:47
araraloren I think this trap should documents in `traps` 06:49
jmerelo do you know where I can report this trap ?
jmerelo araraloren: maybe perl6/doc and rakudo/rakudo, both 06:50
perl6/doc for the trap, rakudo/rakudo for issuing a meaningful error
araraloren ok 06:51
Xliff Hmmm... why aren't Grammar::Tracer or Grammar::Debugger working? 06:52
araraloren IDK, not know that module
I am using `use trace` for debug sometimes
Xliff OK. You've been a big help nonetheless. 06:53
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jmerelo Xliff: I'm changing CREATE to CREATE and that fixes the initial error. But there are others... 06:57
Xliff: No such method 'table_ident' for invocant of type 'DDLGrammar'
Xliff: Grammar::Tracer does not work because it does not really start to parse anything. The error prevents it from starting to work. 06:58
Sorry, that above was CREATE → KREATE
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Xliff I've fixed the error and Grammar::Trace is never invoked. 07:02
You need to move table_ident to line 638.
That will fix that error.
jmerelo araraloren: thanks 07:07
araraloren welcome :) 07:08
Xliff OK. Got Grammar::Tracer to finally fire. (cursed lexicals) 07:10
Only to get yet another weird error.
I don't want to commit changes because it breaks everything, but....
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Xliff OK, I've updated git. If you all can figure out the problem now, I will owe you massive amounts of BEER! 07:15
But for now, I am going to wind it down. Thank you both for your help.
jmerelo Xliff: you should try and create proper tests for every part of the grammar. Unit tests really help debug this kind of problems. 07:18
Xliff *cries* 07:19
Do you know how many tests I would need to write?
jmerelo Xliff: right now it's failing in if_not_exists. It's probably due to backtracking, because the previous token is probably gobbling up what if_not_exists needs 07:20
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Xliff No. That's SUPPOSED to happen. 07:20
jmerelo Xliff: 10 minutes writing a test saves you 10 hours debugging
Xliff (well, that's true. :P)
But it is not failing in if_not_exists.
Look at the create statement being tested. It's not there. That fail is SUPPOSED to happen, but it is not supposed to kill the entire rule. 07:21
Because it is OPTIONAL
What bothers me is the VMNull error.
(But yes, I will start writing unit tests for tokens.)
jmerelo Xliff: that's because it's not doing backtraking 07:22
It does not find if, should backtrack, it's not doing it, it fails...
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jmerelo Xliff: you can also use regexes in grammars, which will really backtrack. But also, as said above, using smaller and unit-tested token and rules (and regexes) might help you find those errors. 07:25
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Xliff jmerelo: So that should be regex and not rule... but that will make everything sllooooow 07:29
jmerelo Xliff: you want it fast or you want it good?
Xliff (and yes, you've won on unit testing... help me write them!!!!)
jmerelo WINS!
Now. Start with Tokens.pm6! =) 07:30
jmerelo Xliff: tell you want. You help me solve #114 issue and a few more in perl6/doc and I'll help you write those tests...
Xliff "Cannot invoke this object (REPR: Null; VMNull)" <--- but that still bothers me.
jmerelo (I meant tell you what)
Xliff: yep, sometimes error messages are less than awesome... It's telling you there's an object it's using a Null representation, and it's gone all the way down to the virtual machine 07:31
Xliff Yes. I know that. :P :>
It shouldn't be there.
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Xliff jmerelo: You don't ask for much, do you. 07:32
#114 is an entire book.
jmerelo Xliff: ;-) 07:33
jmerelo: You might understand why I don't want to get involved in other things. But you start to write tests and I can help you if you bump into problems.
Xliff k
But I am reading. Will see if I can help anywhere. 07:34
Probably tomorrow.
jmerelo Xliff: you might want to create them automatically, from every token, for instance.
Xliff: great. Thanks!
Xliff Xliff needs sleep...badly!
jmerelo Xliff: you do that. Take care :-)
Xliff jmerelo: You read my mind. This means MOP
araraloren :) afternoon here 07:36
Xliff jmerelo: Are you using this as a task list?
Structures, Iterating, Data Structures and Hashmaps?
jmerelo Xliff: right, pretty much
I'm now working on hashmaps. The rest has been outlined, but is still TBD. 07:37
Xliff Iterating is going to be interesting.
araraloren great!
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Xliff Poke me tomorrow. I will be on later. And let's talk about how Iterators should be described. 07:37
jmerelo Xliff: OK 07:38
Xliff :)
jmerelo araraloren: where are you? It's morning here in sunny Granada, Spain.
araraloren here is China
Xliff jmerelo: Spain. Now I'm jealous.
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araraloren andrzejku what's going on ? 07:38
07:38 Xliff is now known as Xliff_Zzzzzzz__X 07:39 Xliff_Zzzzzzz__X is now known as Xliff_Zzzzzzz___
andrzejku araraloren: fine :) 07:39
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andrzejku araraloren: what are you doing today? 07:39
araraloren oh, do some working for my customer, fix some issue of my module 07:40
andrzejku araraloren: for Perl6?
araraloren andrzejku you are working the Compile ?
yeah, Perl 6
andrzejku araraloren: not anymore
araraloren andrzejku some spider script 07:41
andrzejku araraloren: nice
araraloren: I am working currently at my work with C and somehow started to dislike C++ :P 07:42
araraloren they use that for grab data from some library
andrzejku araraloren: how they react that you want to do that in Perl6?
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araraloren they not care about what language using in most case 07:43
andrzejku :)
araraloren and they have interest to Perl 6, using Perl 6 would better than Python 07:44
they want learn Perl 6 too
andrzejku araraloren: they really good news
is it China customer?
araraloren yeah
andrzejku nice 07:45
araraloren When using Perl 6 you are learning it
and you would find issue to help them improve the language
It's enough 07:46
andrzejku araraloren: ya I know it
araraloren I think
andrzejku I think in China it is much more easier for work then here
araraloren honest, I am not have much ability to do great things
andrzejku we have only some very popular languages here 07:47
araraloren andrzejku, maybe haha
Java is popular here, I am using C for working, and Perl 6 for my own
andrzejku araraloren: hah thats nearly as me 07:48
araraloren they are like Java/PHP/Go/JavaScript
and also Python
andrzejku araraloren: I have C90 at work, C++ but very few and Perl 6 as a hobby from time to time
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araraloren oh, great! 07:49
andrzejku araraloren: last time I have done some exercises with Rust
araraloren I think Rust is a little suck
andrzejku araraloren: and it looks a little bit easier then C++ and baremetal language
araraloren: it's extremly safety, you have to remmember some rules there like ownership 07:50
but it really looks modern and clear for me
araraloren hmm 07:51
andrzejku comparing to C of course
araraloren I have been learned Rust
andrzejku what about Go
andrzejku araraloren: I am trying to not touch corporate languages as they are too dangerous 07:52
araraloren how popular in your working place
andrzejku araraloren: what do you mean?
araraloren I mean golang, how popular in your working place
andrzejku araraloren: at all
araraloren: in my company there are only C/C++,Python(testing),Java and probably Javascript 07:53
araraloren oh
andrzejku but you can find a few Golang jobs
araraloren yeah, here is similar 07:54
andrzejku however here is a complete desert for Perl/Perl6 and Rust
araraloren yeah, here too
Somebody learn Rust, but not any company using it 07:55
andrzejku araraloren: ya I said we should set our own company =D
araraloren yeah 07:56
andrzejku araraloren: I was reading even articles about flat structure in company
so we can save money for managers :D
araraloren haha
andrzejku araraloren: it looks like it is possible
araraloren what ? 07:57
andrzejku company without management
kind of self organized
araraloren haha
andrzejku I am talking here about really large companies 07:58
araraloren oh, that's hard to imagine
andrzejku I read that it already exist somewhere in US 07:59
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araraloren not got it 08:00
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Geth doc: 08864e4493 | (JJ Merelo)++ | doc/Language/classtut.pod6
Adds indexing for ! as prefix for private methods
doc: 38b9e761eb | (JJ Merelo)++ | doc/Language/classtut.pod6
Adds indexing for ! as prefix for private methods without errors
synopsebot Link: doc.perl6.org/language/classtut
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Geth doc: 55831467a4 | (JJ Merelo)++ | 2 files
Updates Associative, closes #2062
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Geth doc: 162efc4ffe | (JJ Merelo)++ | 2 files
Improves even more Associative refs #2062
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Geth doc: 630ecc724a | (JJ Merelo)++ | doc/Language/hashmap.pod6
Completed hashmap page

This closes #1682. Also advances towards the end of #114, which seems closer and closer.
synopsebot Link: doc.perl6.org/language/hashmap
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El_Che new updated rakudo 2018.05 packages (and repos): nxadm.github.io/rakudo-pkg/ github.com/nxadm/rakudo-pkg/releases 10:34
jmerelo El_Che++
El_Che my ubuntu had it when apt-get update'ing it :) 10:35
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El_Che notable6: weekly new updated rakudo 2018.05 packages (and repos): nxadm.github.io/rakudo-pkg/ github.com/nxadm/rakudo-pkg/releases 10:38
notable6 El_Che, Noted!
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Geth doc: 7c9c259eaf | (JJ Merelo)++ | doc/Language/hashmap.pod6
Clarifies redefinition of hash funcs refs #1682
synopsebot Link: doc.perl6.org/language/hashmap
tbrowder_ ref unicode code points: is there any way in p6 to get any alias names for them? 11:33
jmerelo tbrowder_: you mean get from the number to the name? Or aliases to the name 11:34
tbrowder_ i can go from number to uniname (the official name) but i would like to see the alias names such as for the :C (control) property chars. 11:36
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tyil is there an easy way to convert the character "1" to the name of the character, in this case "one"? 11:40
I was thinking there's surely some unicode property that calls it a "one", but I'm not well versed in unicode magic
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lizmat m: say "1".uniname # tyil 11:46
camelia DIGIT ONE
tyil neat
thanks lizmat
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tyil now to make it more interesting, would it be doable with "10" -> "ten" as well? 11:47
m: say "10".uniname
camelia DIGIT ONE
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lizmat m: m: say "10".uninames 11:54
lizmat m: dd "10".uninames
camelia ("DIGIT ONE", "DIGIT ZERO").Seq
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Geth doc: 41da79c870 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | doc/Language/5to6-perlfunc.pod6
Better/More links to ecosystem modules

  - many of them did not have a link yet
  - some others did not have a reference to the ecosystem at all
  - some minor rewording
synopsebot Link: doc.perl6.org/language/5to6-perlfunc
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Geth doc: 956dc7f089 | (Zoffix Znet)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | doc/Language/5to6-perlfunc.pod6
Use HTTPS URLs wherever available
synopsebot Link: doc.perl6.org/language/5to6-perlfunc
lizmat Zoffix++ 13:54
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Luneburg Is there an easy way to replace one letter (e.g. all "A") with another (e.g. "D") in a string? 14:43
I mean all instances of that one letter
timotimo yup, you probably want the .trans method 14:44
or the tr/// operator
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Luneburg timotimo: Thanks :D 14:45
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Geth doc: bfbb0c1bde | (JJ Merelo)++ | doc/Language/typesystem.pod6
Minor reorganization of sectioning

Upgraded a level 4 section to level 3, since it was the only one and there was no more text. Refs #2063.
synopsebot Link: doc.perl6.org/language/typesystem
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Geth doc: 9dbf1ef52f | (JJ Merelo)++ | doc/Type/Attribute.pod6
Minor changes and reflow; clarifies example
synopsebot Link: doc.perl6.org/type/Attribute
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Zoffix ZofBot: did the robot invasion begin? 17:02
Man, this building's alarm system is holding me hostage :}
m: say (DateTime.new("2018-05-28T08:03:18.627107-04:00") - DateTime.now.in-timezone(-4*60))/60/60 17:04
camelia 42.981730015866326
Zoffix I guess I can go on a 42-hour perl 6 hacking marathon until I'm rescued.... 17:05
moritz sound like taustation private shuttle repair times :) 17:10
Geth doc: 32e87c4ac8 | 陈梓立++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | README.zh.md
jmerelo dials for having pizza sent to Zoffix 17:16
timotimo i'm not sure if zoffix can receive pizza if the security system isn't letting him out, though? 17:18
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Xliff_Zzzz___X_X \o 17:21
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Xliff Is ModuleHOW documented anywhere? 17:21
Zoffix I got rescued :P 17:22
El_Che hi 17:23
timotimo yay
moritz o/
Xliff OK, lets try a different tack. How can I get a list of subs in a module? Is that possible through the metamodel? 17:26
I'm still debating whether this should be a module or a class.
Zoffix m: use Test; say Test::.keys 17:27
camelia (EXPORT &output &todo_output &failure_output)
Zoffix m: use Test; say Test::EXPORT::.keys'
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Two terms in a row
at <tmp>:1
------> 3use Test; say Test::EXPORT::.keys7⏏5'
expecting any of:
infix stopper
statement end
Zoffix m: use Test; say Test::EXPORT::.keys
camelia (DEFAULT ALL)
Zoffix m: use Test; say Test::EXPORT::DEFAULT::.keys
camelia (&is &can-ok &is-approx &flunk &fails-like &dies-ok &plan &nok &eval-dies-ok &subtest &does-ok &diag &cmp-ok &skip-rest &skip &lives-ok &is_approx &done-testing &use-ok &ok &like &isa-ok &eval-lives-ok &bail-out &MONKEY-SEE-NO-EVAL &unlike &todo &pass…
Zoffix Xliff: so the first one is the `our` stuff that isn't necessarily exported, but you can use it like `Test::todo_output`. The second one lists available export tags, and last one shows the symboles exported by a tag (the "DEFAULT" one in the eval above) 17:28
timotimo instead of using the metamodel, you just use the package interface, i.o.w. the .WHO of the thing
Xliff Ah. Metamodel is then for classes. 17:29
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Geth doc: 7ed2b2fc95 | (JJ Merelo)++ | doc/Language/functions.pod6
Some reflow and example addition
doc: 8a10fbd34e | (JJ Merelo)++ | 2 files
Adds rule/token/regex name trap closes #2061
synopsebot Link: doc.perl6.org/language/functions
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Geth doc: 6b90a78600 | (JJ Merelo)++ | doc/Language/traps.pod6
REflow and clarification
synopsebot Link: doc.perl6.org/language/traps
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Xliff m: my token d { \d+ }; say "102342" ~~ /<d>/ 17:41
camelia 「102342」
d => 「102342」
Xliff Is there a way I can make "<d>" dynamic?
m: my token d { \d+ }; my $d = 'd'; say "102342" ~~ /<$d>/ 17:42
camelia Nil
timotimo m: my token d { \d+ }; my $d = 'd'; say "102342" ~~ /<"<$d>">/
camelia 5===SORRY!5===
Unrecognized regex metacharacter < (must be quoted to match literally)
at <tmp>:1
------> 3{ \d+ }; my $d = 'd'; say "102342" ~~ /<7⏏5"<$d>">/
Unrecognized regex metacharacter " (must be quoted to match literally)
timotimo m: my token d { \d+ }; my $d = 'd'; say "102342" ~~ /<{"<$d>"}>/
camelia 「102342」
timotimo there we go
Xliff LOL!
timotimo alternatively 17:43
Xliff But I note that $/<d> isn't there anymore
timotimo m: my token d { \d+ }; my $d = 'd'; say "102342" ~~ ::($d)
camelia False
timotimo m: my token d { \d+ }; my $d = '&d'; say "102342" ~~ ::($d)